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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and bang, the impact was so powerful. if i did not have the one more strap going around my chest, i probably would have hit the ceiling. >> we're getting new details overnight of the terrifying minutes and seconds that led up to the deadly crash at sfo. the head of asiana air spoke out just hours ago and, in part, defended the junior pilot many believe is at fault for the crash. good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we have new images this morning from the ntsb. it is is surreal picture. the remains of asiana flight 214
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strewn all across the tarmac as you see the burnt-out cabin t. investigation is on going which means it could be des before the runway is actually cleared. >> part of the investigation will look into the experience of the pilot who had only 43 hours of experience flying 777s and never landed at sfo. despite that, ash anna air has come out this morning in defense of the pilot. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame with the details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. asiana airlines doesn't believe the fact the piloted only had 43 hours flying the 777, does not believe that was a problem given that the pilot also had time in a simulator and had landed at this airport before, just not in a 777. saturday morning was the first time the pilot had ever attempted the landing at this airport, the ninth landing for him ever in that particular model of aircraft. the airline says he was in training at the time with an
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experienced copilot at his side who had more than 3,000 hours flying 777s. the ntsb said no one in the cockpit realized there was a problem until the final seconds. the pilot gunned the jinx and tried to pull up, but it was too late. the plane slammed the engine into the runway and caught fire. >> the question is based on the information we briefed today, are we finding pilot error? i will tell you the ntsb conducts very thorough vax. we will not determine probable cause in the first few days we're on the accident soovn. we want to make sure we gather all the evidence and the facts early in the investigation. >> reporter: federal law enforcement interviewed the pilots just after the crash. this was on saturday. they determined they did nothing criminal. the ntsb has yet to interview them as part of their investigation as to what went wrong. as for that wreckage there
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behind me on the runway, it's still out there here at srktsfo. the chair of the ntsb told me yesterday morning they didn't have the timeline yet for its removal. >> reporting live in burlingame, bob redell, "today in the bay." two 16-year-old girls died when the 777 crashed on saturday morning but we or just learning from the coroner it may not have been the crash that killed one of the teens. the coroner's office will release findings later today after it speaks to the parents of ye mengyuan and wang linjia. emergency responders raised concerns that one of the girls was possibly run over by an emergency vehicle responding to the crash. the girls were part of a class trip. the parents as well as some of the teens injured are headed for the u.s. early this morning they boarded a bus in southeastern china headed to the shanghai airport. the flight was supposed to leave a few hours ago. the plane was delayed because
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some parents have not received their visas on time. it's not clear at this hour if their plane had left shanghai. chinese state media reports once they land they'll go direct tloi the hospital to see the teens being treated. the students and teachers who are out of the hospital and not hurt are currently staying at a local hotel. some of the victims of that crash was still being treated at san francisco general hospital. that hospital says it's received 53 patients immediately following that crash. half of them adults and half of them children. of those patients, 36 have already been released. 17 still remain hospitalized including six in critical condition. we're learning this morning all seven children taken to lucile packard's children's hospital have been released. they were some of the 55 people rushed to two stanford hospitals saturday. ten adults remain in that hospital at stanford this morning. as for the other local hospitals, st. francis says it
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has one remaining patient, but he or she is not in critical condition. st. mary's has four patients remaining, none in critical condition. we're still waiting to hear more information about what went wrong on the flight. as bob mentioned, it happened in the span of seven seconds. preliminary review of flight data recorders show the plane was approaching the runway well below the recommended target speed seven seconds before the crash. crew members called for an increase in speed. three seconds later a cockpit instrument called the stick shaker gave the crew an audible warning the plane was about to stall. then 1 1/2 seconds prior to the crash, the pilots request add go-around meaning they wanted to circle back and try to landing again. >> at some point the aircraft will get so slow that it will start to drop below the glide path no matter how far you pull the nose up. in fact, pulling the nose up only makes it worse. >> seconds after that the plane crashed on to runway 28-l before
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coming the a stop and bursting into flames. all morning long our team coverage will continue at 5:00 a.m. with what we're learning about the two girls killed in the crash. they, along with a number of classmates, were supposed to be going to southern california for a summer camp. coming up, wheel hear from some of the people involved with that camp. in a separate scene the ntsb send ag crew to alaska this morning to investigate another deadly commercial plane crash. about ten people died when a small commercial plane crashed down yesterday morning. this happened about 150 miles south of anchorage. a tv producer with our nb affiliate was camping near the airport and took these photos of the smoke billowing from the crash site. the pilot and all nine passengers on that fixed-wing aircraft did unfortunately die. the plane is described as an air taxi.
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authorities have not released the identity of the victims. we want to check the forecast for today locally. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura and jon. got to have that day-to-day business. a lot of people headed back to work after a long holiday weekend. good morning to you. winds are a little strong out there this morning in places like fair feed. look at that. 23 miles per hour there. you're out of the northwest about three miles per hour in livermore. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. going to be a little warm. we're done with those triple digits, 56 degrees to start the day in livermore. 59 in oakland, 62 to start in sunnyvale. here is where we're headed. your hour-by-hour forecast works like this, 86 degrees. microclimates making an appearance as of lunchtime. still nice and mild from oakland down to fremont with upper 60s to mid 70s there. we'll round out the day with a couple mid 90s, but not too bad when you compare the triple
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digit-plus heat we had about every single day last week. you might be headed back to work after a long vacation. somebody who had a long vacation. >> i was at a family reunion. thank you for having me back here, folks. we're looking toward the eastshore freeway where we'll have a lot of folks at the berkeley kur v. one east baif spot i did see a lot of slowing. after overnight crash, the solanoing was eastbound 580 around vasco road. it looks like things are cleared out. an earlier hit-and-run crash, no injuries reported, but that car was in the roadway at least half an hour until they got crews to clear it. westbound your commute direction is moving smoothly toward the dublin interchange. the yellow showing up towards 16 miles per hour. i'll check on that to make sure nothing has developed. 4:38.
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closing arguments expected in the trial of two men accused of gang raping a teen outside a school dance. the two men are accused of raping a 16-year-old girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance in 2009. two other men serving long prison sentences. the other two still awaiting trial. redwood city investigators trying to figure out what injuries people and displacing dozens more. it happened at the hallmark place apartments on woodside road. the fire closing woodside road until after 1:00 this morning. more than 100 firefighters responded to the six alarm fire. three firefighters were hurt, fortunately none of the injuries life-threatening. an evacuation center has been set up for any of the 97 displaced residents. it's 4:39. san jose police department is
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adopting new regulations aimed at preventing racial profiling. the policy requires officers to document all stops they make even if there's not an arrest, including the person's race and whether they're told to sit on a curb. the regulations were proposed two years ago by an independent police auditor. they were temporarily suspended earlier this year by the city's ak acting police chief before they were put into practice. the regulations will be phased in through the end of the year. we're expected to learn today whether the new span of the bay bridge will open. the committee oversee construction on the bridge will brief lawmakers on their status today. the new span, we all heard about it, has run into a lot of problems over the recent months. crews still fixing 32 broken steel rods that attach the bridge dick to the supports out there. they're also still gathering test data on the other rods to make sure no more will snap. the committee's recommend will
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be published to the public at noon. it's 4:40. your facebook page is about to change again. the new feature the menlo park company is launching next. plus, congress back in session today and tackling the issue offism grags reform. we'll let you know what it's also doing to try to help out college students. new unrest in egypt this morning as support irs of the deposed president storm a building in cairo. the latest overnight next.
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welcome back everyone. we continue to give you live updated information and pictures this morning. this is a horrible crash that happened at sfo on saturday, the asiana flight that killed two people with so many others in the hospital. we have team coverage this morning covering it all for you. it is 4:44. also in the day's news, google's latest out-of-this-world doodle has people describing it as the best one ever. it's an interactive black and white game. users have to navigate around the alien, around a farm to help find parts of the spaceship. on july 8, 1947 several
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witnesses reported aliens and flying saucers over roswell, nerks, later the airfield announced they recovered a flying disk. the u.s. government put an end to that conspiracy theory by closing the roswell case. as you logon to facebook, you'll notice a band new feature for that and the rest of your news before the bell, let's turn things over to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. happy monday, courtney. >> happy monday to you as well, jon. the markets come off their best week since may following friday's jobs report which showed the economy added 195,000 jobs last month. earning season officially kicks off this afternoon when aluminum giant alcoa reports results. dow rising on friday to 15,136, the nasdaq adding 35 to 3,479.
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facebook wants to make it easier to find people, places and photos on the cited. starting the day the social network is expanding the rollout of its search tool to millions who set their language to u.s. english unlike searches on google. facebook is best at finding information on your social circles. graph search lets you find friends who live in philadelphia, who are vegetarians or friends of friends who live near you and also like your hobbies or restaurants that your friends like and so on and so forth. >> like it or not, everybody is in touch. courtney, thank you very much. 4:46. fire crews in southern california are fighting a wildfire that has grown to 2500 acres today. more than 800 firefighters attacked those flames by ground and air. as of last check they have it somewhat contained. they've been batting the fire near julien since saturday.
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four campgrounds in cleveland national forest have been evacuated. the american red cross set up an evacuation center at a middle school in alpine. 4:47. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren. it's monday, a chance to get our week started. looks like nice temperatures out there. >> it's going to be so nice, especially when you compare it to last week. it was so hot for so long. 4:47 now. refreshing out there. even in the heat of the day, not too hot. i really had a heart for everybody who has to work outdoors. the chances of us getting to another heat wave that strong for that long, actually very slim for the rest of the summertime. right now i can tell you i'm looking out, five, ten, 15 days even, 54 to start in novato, 56 in san francisco. not expecting temperatures much above 95 degrees. we had 110-plus readings here in the bay area last week.
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it's definitely going to feel quite a bit more comfortable out there. winds will play more of a factor just about every day this week. this morning you can see rather calm except for along the east shore. starting to pick up a little bit now in oakland, northwest wind at five miles per hour. it's the west early flow that carries in that beautiful ocean air. we're going to see the microclimates take an impact today especially if you live in the extreme east bay. we won't see that much cooling through the delta. that means if you live by the coast, around the bay, temperatures will be comfortable for you. places like livermore not getting much of an onshore flow. 94 in livermore, verses 81 in fremont. 69 on the way in san francisco. you can hit the beach at 74 degrees. perfection down in santa cruz. let's take you through the next few days. temperatures will be warm for the first part of the week. then we're going to hit that stride of gorgeous weather. seasonal averages all the way from thursday through this upcoming sunday. we have a couple of things to
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talk about. giants forecast coming your way. we'll talk all about that coming up through out the morning. back to you. >> christina, thank you very much. on the international scene, today we could see the beginning of egypt's new government. gunfire in cairo reportedly killing at least 40 people outside a military building. this morning we're getting word egypt's military is trying to turn the country over to an interim government in hopes of stopping some of this violence. egypt's interim president has been meeting with various parties to try and select a new prime minister. leading candidates so far are believed to be a lawyer who is also an economist who did spend time in washington. thai police arrest add taxi driver for stabbing an american to death after an argument of cab fare. the 32-year-old driver confessed to attacking the driver with a machete because the plan refused to pay a $2.00 fare.
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the man is identified as 51-year-old troy plininging ton. the defense will state its case today in the trial of george zimmerman. the prosecution rested on friday after calling a total of 38 witnesses. prosecutors tried to portray zimmerman as an over aggressive neighborhood watch volunteer guilty of second degree murder. zimmerman contends he acted in self-defense. his attorneys right now will try to prove he was protecting his own lifer when he pulled that trigger. jury deliberations could begin this week. secretary of state john kerry's wife is in critical but stable condition. she was flown to massachusetts general hospital overnight after doctors at nantucket cottage hospital stabilized the 74-year-old. she was accompanied by his husband after suffering an unspecified medical condition yesterday afternoon. just moments ago a person in
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close contact with the family told the associated press heinz kerry showed zis symptoms consistent with a seizure. lawyers going back to work after the long holiday weekend on capitol hill. the senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill just last month. but house speaker john boehner says he has absolutely no plans to vote on it. instead, house republicans will come up with their very own bill. meantime federal student loan rates could double, they have doubled because congress failed to meet the july 1st deadline. some of the lawmakers are working on legislation to reverse the rate hike retroactively. the a's aren't happy with the roster for this year's mid summer night's classic. why today could make or break the entire event.
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as you're looking at this live shot for san rafael, you see a few folks on the road, but it will be getting more crowded. a lot of lights on 101. we'll see if it's an issue for you coming up.
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a sad reminder at sfo of this weekend's deadly crash. a 777 touching down in traumatic
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fashion. two 16-year-old girls were killed. we continue our coverage on that. we have reporters on the sne and we will update you as more information continues to come in. it is 4:55. we'll check the morning commute with mike inouye. welcome back, by the way. >> folks, we want to first of all make sure everybody knows that b.a.r.t. came back into service. this morning's commute, we should have no problems. we're looking toward the south bay where we saw a good number of headlights. no slowing. we'll look at the maps in this area. that was 101 at 680. the maps also show no real problems. the yellow, it's toward 16 miles per hour. we have a nice smooth flow as well. both directions of 101 through mountain view and palo alto. just a tiny bit of slowing. construction zone in the area but nothing of concern as far as speeds affected. coming over to the peninsula,
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headlights approaching westbound 92 off the san mateo bridge, high-rise, an easy drive across the san mateo, dunbar ton. we'll see how it affects the commute. this morning the international jury for the america's cup will hear a complaint from one of the teams in the competition. the five-person panel will meet later today to discuss italy's team luna ross is a challenge over the proposed rule changes. team luna rossa decided to sit out yesterday's race protesting the changes made after the death of sailor andrew simpson. the next race is scheduled for tomorrow. a little major league baseball for you. the all-star roster -- the rosters are already set. there is one way to still get your favorite player on that roster. >> voting is still open until
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thursday. fans can vote on >> a's fans may be especially interested in this considering only one of the players is on the current all-star team, that being pitcher bartolo colon. >> as for the giants, madison bum garden will be in the bullpen. >> you have a chance to get in. be active and get your players on that team. 4:57 right now. our coverage of the asiana aircraft continues next. we'll have a look live where ntsb investigators continue to try to figure out exactly what went wrong in this deadly crash. we'll have a live report coming up next. plus the parents of the two young girls killed in that crash are right now on their way to the u.s. as we speak.
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a call from one of the crew members to increase speed. >> we are very, very lucky.
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>> lucky indeed. right now we want to give you a live look at what remains of asiana flight 214 out there. you can just see the top of that plane completely burned out there. two people died when the plane crashed as it tried to land at sfo saturday. amazingly, when you consider everything that happened, it's hard to believe most of the people on board were not seriously hurt. so hard to believe. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. today ntsb investigators will return to the crash scene. this morning families of the victims are on a plane from china headed to the bay area. marla tellez has new information on the two girls who died. christie smith is at san francisco general hospital which is treating the most victims this morning. >> we start things off with bob redell and the latest on that investigation. he's live right by that scene. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura.


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