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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> lucky indeed. right now we want to give you a live look at what remains of asiana flight 214 out there. you can just see the top of that plane completely burned out there. two people died when the plane crashed as it tried to land at sfo saturday. amazingly, when you consider everything that happened, it's hard to believe most of the people on board were not seriously hurt. so hard to believe. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. today ntsb investigators will return to the crash scene. this morning families of the victims are on a plane from china headed to the bay area. marla tellez has new information on the two girls who died. christie smith is at san francisco general hospital which is treating the most victims this morning. >> we start things off with bob redell and the latest on that investigation. he's live right by that scene. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. the ntsb informed me they will
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be hold ag news conference later this morning at 11:30 to update us on the investigation of the crash of asiana flight 214 and perhaps release new details surrounding this horrible accident. the agency has examined the cockpit voice and flight data recorders and come up with a preliminary idea of what was happening in the cockpit during the final moments. when it was on final approach saturday morning, that boeing 777 was flying too low and moving too slow, well below 137 knots or about 158 miles per hour. that's the minimum speed required for a safe landing. seven seconds before impact, the pilots realized this. three seconds later, the flight stick begins to shake to alert the pilots they are about to stall. a second and a half before the crash, they throttled the engines in attempt to go back in the air and abort the landing.
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south korea is announcing its officials will be inspecting the engines and landing equipment on all boeing 777s. those are owned by asiana and korea air. a news conference scheduled for late they are morning at 11:30. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." we have new information in to our newsroom right now. some of the passengers from asiana flight 214 are returning home to seoul, south korea today. we don't know how many survivors were on the return flight. we can tell you a woman was still in a wheelchair. he was later transported to a local hospital where she had to take an ambulance to get home. the parents of two young girls killed in the crash are on their way to san francisco right now. they plan to meet with the san mateo county corn onner.
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marla tellez is live at the core roern's office and joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting to get more answers from the coroner who tells us autopsies are being conducted on both the 16-year-old girls. the coroner out here says, yes, it is a possibility that one of these girls survived the impact of the plane crash only to be hit and killed by an emergency vehicle, a fire truck as she scrambled to get to safety. this is not confirmed. this is a possibility only at this point. i wanted to show you new video we got into the newsroom. it shows the team's parents boarding a bus with a delegation ultimately headed to sfo. the group is flying asiana airlines. the group is not expected to land until later this afternoon. the parents of victims ye mengyuan and wang linjia will
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travel here to learn more about their daughter deaths. one of the girl's body was found near the left wing of the plane and rescuers raised the concerns that they could be to blame for her death. the mayor says this report has not been confirmed. >> i don't have any information with respect to that particular description. i will say that all incidences that happened on the crash site itself are being reviewed. >> reporter: the 16-year-olds were part of a larger group headed to a three-week summer cam at a christian school in the san fernando valley. we can tell you they were close friends, known each other for at least four years. wang linjia excelled in physics
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and calligraphy. i am waiting to hear back to get the latest information. live in san mateo, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> so very sad, marla. thank you very much. some of the victims of the asiana crash are being treated for injuries at several bay area hospitals. a handful right now fighting for their lives. we can also tell you many of them were initially taken to san francisco general. that's where "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with an update on their condition. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. a couple minutes ago a bus pulled up moving people from the hospital. we're trying to get information about whether this might be tied to the flight. what i can tell you is 17 patients, survivors of asiana flight 214 still being treated this morning at sf general hospital. we're getting a clearer picture of the type of injuries they sustained. we know at least two of them are paralyzed, many of them had broken bones and several more had what's described as road
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rash-type burns, many of the survivors coming in and out, too shaken up to relive the horrifying moments. others saying they were bracing for impact because they had a feeling that the flight was going to crash and at the very last minute they heard the pilot trying to get the plane back up and heard the engine revving. the chief of surgery at sf general where 53 patients were treated says first responders did a great job of saving lives, getting the most seriously injured to the hospital first. >> what we did see are patterns of large amounts of abdominal injuries, a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them which include paralysis. we have seen some head trauma and multiple orthopedic injuries. >> reporter: she says the patients who can speak say they were seated in the rear of the plane, that it appears they were restrained. when asked were they in their seats buckled, she says it appears to be of the 17 here,
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six are this critical condition including one child. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." we're also getting updates this morning from other bay area hospitals treating patients. lucile packard children's hospital says all seven children taken there were released last night. ten adults remain hospitalized at stanford this morning. st. francis says it is still treating one patient and st. mary's telling us there are still four patients in their hospital. today we will hear from the responders first on the scene to saturday's crash. san francisco police department and fire officials will be on hand to speak to the media at 11:00 this morning. city's fire chief, airport division chief and incident commander division chief are set to speak at sfo this morning. because of the investigation, one runway at sfo is still closed this morning. that means there will be delays as flights come into and out of the airport.
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we checked this morning and so far there are no reported delays. that is expected to change as the morn gets under way. this is what it looked like when 300 flights were canceled yesterday. a hand. of others were diverted to oakland and mineta san jose. no word on the any flights will be diverted today. we'll keep you updated. be sure to stay with nbc bay area news for the latest on the asiana air crash and get the latest on our website, lots of information still coming in on that one. right now let's get a check on sunny things out there. a great day outside for christina loren, good, comfortable and refreshing. >> good morning to you. 54 degrees. thanks for waking up with us on a monday. you might actually have the day off. today will be a great day to hit the beach. we'll take a look at your beach forecast in a few minutes. we are tracking thick fog developing at the immediate coast and expecting some flight
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delays because of these thicker ceilings starting at about 6:30 this morning. we'll let you know if that's the case. after all it's a back-to-business monday. your futurecast tells the story. it's going to be nice and clear for the greater bay area. before we hit lunchtime, we have a hot day inland. highs at 94, 80 degrees bay side and at the coast 68 degrees. i'll take you through the changes we have headed our way as we head deeper into the workweek. a cooldown. that's the good news. your seven-day forecast is up next. first he's back in business this morning. good morning, mike. >> good morning and probably back to business for much of our commute. lighter flow and, of course, disrupted by the b.a.r.t. strike last week. we have b.a.r.t. back in service this morning. 36 trains back on service, no problems. the eastshore freeway, the eastbound direction is the taillights. reports of some furniture in the roadway, although i scanned it with my camera and didn't see anything blocking the freeway. we'll leave it there until chp
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says all clear. no slowing through the area. we have slowing westbound 580 out of richmond and toward the bridge toll plaza where you have the construction on western as well. you're down to 60. i'm watching the trend and we'll see if that develops. we'll follow the details as they come in from chp. meanwhile we 50e8 look at palo alto farther north. a smooth drive along the peninsula flow. taillights all the way past willow northbound. scott mcgrew is off. but we'll get a check of the markets next. the new details we're learning about the frightening fireworks explosion in south earn california. investigators continue to comb through the wreckage of asiana flight 214, on board a number of teenagers from china headed to a southern california summer camp. we'll hear from the camp that is supposed to open today.
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goods monday morning. it's 5:12. a big hit to the unemployed. we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, courtney. we don't have hear right now. we'll work on gting that live look from cnbc this morning coming up in a bit. 5:13 right now. we can tell you east bay residents can expect longer response times after fire trucks stop rolling out of one of their fire stations, station 87 on west leeland road is shouutting down, days after crews from station 87 knocked down a 50-acre brush fire thursday night. today's closure adding an estimated one minute to response times for crews coming from nearby stations. this marks the fourth fire station closure in that district
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since january all done to help close a budget gap. menlo park has a new interim fire chief as the current chief returns from back surgery from an injury. retired san mateo foster city fire chief daniel belleville will begin his new role. he's the second interim fire chief to lead the district in the last two months. the actual chief is recovering from back surgery after being injured in a fall in may. his date of return has not been set. it's 5:14 right now. christina loren is back, and it is monday. it's tough starting the workweek. the good news is after last week's scorcher, a little relief out there. >> it is. pg&e relief at the very least. it has been so rough for us so far this month. i can tell you right now everything is going to change. instead of heation you up, we're going to drop you off, 57 degrees to start in san francisco. 54 in snap pa. i think a lot of people are
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happy with this news, after all, weather impacts every single one of us. yesterday was beautiful. today will be a little warmer. yesterday was one of the days where it was gorgeous, not just in the east bay all the way to the coast, just perfection. it's the time of year where we get the beautiful weather. get outdoors today. not going to be too hot or too cool out there. we have winds to report out of the west-southwest, about 25 miles per hour in fairfield. you want to hold on to your steering wheel especially through antioch. we'll check on the drive with mike who is back in action this morning. here are your weather headlines. for monday, temperatures will be pretty comfortable. we're expecting to see this big ridge of high pressure amplified as we head throughout the day. you'll notice the biggest impact. the extreme east bay, extreme south bay and the inner bay, beautiful conditions. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, gorgeous conditions today at the coast.
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here are your highs. 94 degrees in livermore, 90 degrees today in concord and 81 in fremont. 86 for wine country. a little mild up there. not too bad at all. wednesday, ocean breeze, 92 degrees. we'll cool you off, mid to low 80s. you can probably give your ac a break today at least as far east of san jose and definitely give it a break thursday and friday. we gave you a break and we want you back. >> welcome folks. good to be with you. north 101 is the concern. around fair oaks off-ramp, there's a big rig on the right shoulder. it might be sticking out into your slow lane as you're reaching the split. we don't see any slowing yet approaching the area past the lawrence expressway. just a heads up you'll see
5:17 am
flashing lights. that is one concern. also over as you're coming the the south bay, we saw a little slowing, creeping um to the upper 50s south of mission boulevard that just popped up. no incidents reported here. that usually clears over the next few minutes. we'll track that, though. a live look will show a nice flow of traffic, here is the southbound direction where we saw the slower sensors, you see good spacing. folks like this truck southbound, there are few cars so the slower truck has a bigger effect. west 580, a smooth drive out of the altamont pass. as you get toward livermore, pleasanton, dublin, not a problem for 580, smooth in your westbound commute direction. no delays south through sunol and northbound through san ramon, i checked those sensors, also reading 58, 59, not a big deal. across the bay, the san mateo bridge moves smoothly, here is westbound your commute. probably back to normal after
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last week's disrupted service and different flow of traffic, we should be back to the typical flow. over toward the peninsula without any delays. the bay bridge toll plaza shows a nice easy build. we'll track it because it could start seeing -- >> good thing b.a.r.t. is running for folks this morning. big hit to the unemployed. for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, courtney reagan is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are higher as the markets come off their best week since may following friday's better-than-expected jobs report which showed the economy added 195,000 jobs last month. investors get data on inflation this week as well as minutes from last month's fed meaning. earning season kicks off this afternoon when aluminum giant alcoa announces results.
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the nation's nearly 12 million unemployed people are starting to get hit by the sequester-related budget cuts. as of july the average weekly jobless benefit of $289 falls for $43 although the actual amount varies by state. the effects appear to have shown up in the government's latest jobs report. the number of people working part time due to economic reasons rose by 322,000 in june. that's the highest level since october. back to you. >> interesting numbers there, thank you very much, courtney. it is 5:19. a total of six people once employed by the san francisco unified school district expected in court this morning accused of misusing millions of dollars in grant funding. prosecutors charging the group with several felonies including grand theft, perjury and forgery. the six now stand accused of misusing 15ds million in grant funding that was intended for student support services. instead that money was allegedly
5:20 am
directed into bonuses,/funds and pay increases. some of the people involved could be facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. 5:20. a memorial service is planned for two women who drawn off a beach nair santa cruz. they were swept out to sea north of santa cruz. their husbands who were brothers were also caught in the waves. they were able to reach rocks until a coast guard helicopter could rescue them. investigators say there was no surf advisory in effect that day but the area is known for its dangerous surf conditions. a former bay area day care provider convicted of killing a toddler and abusing dozens of children is not getting out soon. eleanor nathan was denied parole this month. nathan was originally convicted back in 1983 of first degree murder and 33 counts of child abuse. prosecutors say she ran an
5:21 am
unlicensed day care center in clayton and would take in up to 30 children at a time. nathan will be up for parole once again in five years. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong during paragliding accident that killed a man. firefighters say the paraglider had just taken off at lime ridge open space near walnut creek. his glider collapsed and he crashed into a cliff. a chp helicopter was able to bring the man down to the valley floor. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive his injuries. investigators are still collecting evidence in the massive explosion that injured dozens of people at a southern california fireworks show. it happened when a platform holding the explosives gave way, sending exploding fireworks into the crowd. 41 people were hurt in the blast. some of the injuries had burns
5:22 am
and shrapnel wounds while others were trampled by those trying to escape. along with churning out mitts for screaming young women all over the planet, we'll let you know how a popular boy band is helping out in the fire against bullying this morning.
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good monday morning to you. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. the old span everybody is using right now. we are expecting to learn whether the newest span of the bay bridge will open as planned on labor day weekend. the committee overseeing construction on the bridge will brief lawmakers in sacramento on the status today, something we're continuing to follow. we'll have the latest when it comes out. one of the most popular teen heart throb bands on the planet has a new line of school
5:25 am
supplies supporting anti bullying. that movement there, one drx -- that's quite the shot, releasing a limited collection of notebooks, pens, binders, pads and nail polish. the line will be sold at office depot. that store will donate 15% of the sales from the collection to its anti-bullying campaign. after seeing those pictures, i'll have to put my jonas brothers posters in the garage. i'm going one direction. >> at least they replaced the hanson ones you had before. >> i keep those. those are the classics. um bop. >> new kids on the block, was all about it. good morning to you. a great looking day shaping up. temperature wise today, a little on the warm side. 81 in fremont, 84 in redwood city. a man who has many posters still on his walls, mike inouye.
5:26 am
>> perry como and john denver. i'm eclectic. the southbound compute is building, but the northbound commute is the concern. reports of a jackknifed big rig at todd road is sticking out in the road. no injuries. a nice visual across the golden gate bridge as the sun comes up. you can see the lights all the way across the span. the maps will show you it's an easy drive as well. earlier reports of furniture in lanes still on the reports from chp, we don't have slowing again. i checked with the camera and didn't see any problems with the lanes through the area. here a nice flow over the bay. san mateo and dumbarton bridge moving smoothly without any slowing, 280 of course is clear right now. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:26. the investigation continues this morning into what caused a plane to crash land on the runway at sfo killing two teenage girls. we've got a live look at the
5:27 am
wreckage this morning. the plane still on runway 28l as the ntsb is still gathering data. we'll have live team coverage coming up.
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5:29 am
and bam. the impact was so powerful. if i did not have the one more strap going around my chest, i probably hit the ceiling. >> we're getting new tails overnight of the terrifying minutes and seconds that led up to the deadly crash at sfo. the head of asiana air spoke just moments ago. good morning. it's 5:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. new images from the ntsb, just a surreal picture. even as planes land in the background, you can see the remains of asiana flight 214
5:30 am
strewn all across the tarmac. it could be days before the runway is officially cleared. part of the investigation will look into the experience of the pilot who had only 43 hours of flying 777s and had never landed at sfo. despite that, asiana air has come out in defense of the pilot. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame with the details. >> reporter: good morning. asiana airlines doesn't believe the fact that the pilot only had 43 hours flying time, the equivalent of three to four transatlantic flights, they don't believe that was a problem, given that their pilot also had time in a simulator and had landed at this airport before, just not in a 777. saturday morning was the first time the pilot had ever attempted to land a 777 at this airport, the ninth landing for him in that particular model aircraft. the airline said he was in
5:31 am
training with an experienced copilot with more than 3,000 hours flying 777s. the ntsb says no one in the cockpit realized there was a problem until the final seven seconds of flight with the approach too low and too slow, the pilot gunned the engines and tried to pull up. it was too late. the plane slammed into the runway and caught fire. 43 hours flight time in a 777, the first time he's attempted to land that aircraft at this airport. to the layperson it sounds more like pilot ror. >> we look at not just flight time in this aircraft type, but also overall experience and we look at the crew and the crew working together, make sure we have a good crew pairing, people who have experience. it's always going to be someone's first time to fly in an airplane or first time to land at an airport. we want to make sure that the system is robust enough so it can be done safely, not just the first time, but every time.
5:32 am
>> reporter: the ntsb also telling us this morning typically in these sorts of investigations, what they have found, it's not just one factor that led up to the crash, ie wouldn't just be pilot error, but could be a combination of factors, a chain of events. it's so early in the investigation, they don't have a cause yet. this is something they have found through their experience. the ntsb will be holding a news conference later this morning at 11:30 at a nearby hotel. they are going to update us on the investigation and possibly they say release some new information surrounding this horrible accident. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> appreciate it, bob. we can tell you the parents of the two young girls killed in that crash are right now on their way to san francisco. their flight left from shanghai moments ago. once they land, they are planning to meet with the san mateo county coroner to try to figure out how these young girls were so sadly killed.
5:33 am
we're learning one of them may not have died on impact. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at the coroner's office in san mateo. she joins us now with the latest. >> laura and jon, good morning to you both. within the last 15 minutes we learned the parents of the victims have left china on an asiana airlines flight, essentially the same route that flight 214 took which means they are bound for seoul, south korea and will land at sfo potentially as early as this evening. the first order of business once they arrive is to come to the san mateo county coroner's office. we have new video that shows the teen's parents boarding a bus in china with a delegation ultimately headed here to sfo. the parents of victims wang linjia and ye mengyuan had the best intentions for their daughters, sends them to the u.s. to learn english and
5:34 am
prepare them potentially for an american college education. one of the girls was found near an evacuation slide. rescuers have raised concerns that they could be to blame for her death. >> the airport rescue and firefighting operations deployed 23 responders in nine vehicles after the crash. we will be looking to determine the effectiveness of the response. >> reporter: the 16-year-olds were part of a larger group headed to a three-week summer camp at a christian school at the san fernando valley. they were scheduled to visit stanford university. we can tell you the girls were close friends at least for the last four years. wang linjia loved physics and calligraphy. ye mengyuan recently won a national gymnastics championship and would routinely receive top honors for her school's annual speech contest.
5:35 am
clearly both of these girls absolutely had bright futures that were cut way, way too short. i have a call in to the coroner here. live in san mateo, marla tellez, "today in the bay." also learning all seven children taken to lucile packard children's hospital in stanford have been released. they were some of the 55 people rushed to two stanford hospitals on saturday. ten adults remain in the hospital in stanford this morning. as for the other local hospital, st. francis says they have one remaining patient but he or she is not in critical condition. st. mary's has four patients remaining, non-in critical condition. we are learning details about the crash. our team coverage will continue this morning with what we're learning about the two girls that were killed in the crash. they, along with a number of classmates were supposed to be going to southern california as marla mentioned for a summer camp. coming up, we'll hear from some of the people that were involved with that camp.
5:36 am
in another tragic scene, the ntsb sending a crew to alaska this morning to investigate another deadly commercial plane crash. about ten people died when a small commercial plane crashed yesterday morning. this happened about 150 miles south of anchorage. a tv producer with our nbc affiliate happened to be camping near the airport and took these photos of smoke billowing from the crash site. the pilot and all nine passengers on the fixed wing aircraft died in that crash. the plane described as an air taxi. authorities have not yet released the identity of the victims. a rather rough weekend when it comes to news but a beautiful weekend when it came to the forecast and the weather. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> still beautiful today. good monday morning, back to business. thick low clouds likely to force flight delays out of sfo. they usually register at about
5:37 am
6:30. 55 degrees in san jose, good morning to you. 61 in sunnyvale. we have the coastal fog for your morning drive. give yourself extra time, take it easy. a.m. fog and drizzle and we cool you down. that natural ac kicking into high gear. we'll drop your temperatures from the 90s back to the low 80s. we'll talk about when that comes in. 74 today at about noon inland. 94 degrees to round out the day. 80 degrees bay side. at the coast today 68 degrees, comfortable conditions, especially if you have to do any waiting for the morning drive. a lot of that last week, mike. this week looking much better. >> we're back to monday commute. back from vacation for a lot of folks and also the b.a.r.t. situation should be remedied now. i'll give you the update in a second. right now looking over here toward north 101.
5:38 am
we see a smooth flow of traffic. we're picking up the volume now. this is 101 underneath the 680/280 overpass. a little slowing at alum rock, picking up the volume. speeds coming down just under 60 miles per hour. northbound 101 in the last few minutes, chp cleared the incident at the north fair oaks avenue off-ramp. lanes are cleared. we don't see any major problems. caltrain, smooth ride for the train system. note at the top, b.a.r.t. back in service, typical weekday, at 41 trains and no delays. a krfrnlthsz transit back to the normal week day schedule after trying to pick up some of the slack. we had a disrupted flow of traffic last week. it's back in service. san mateo bridge, a smooth drive. we'll watch to see if is some folks will try a different route than the last couple weeks. if they tried one out during the b.a.r.t. strike, that may change the flow of traffic.
5:39 am
right now the san mateo bridge as well as the bay bridge looking stanford for a monday morning. here are some of your cash lanes starting to back up. fast track, no problems in the eastshore freeway and the maze looking really good. back to you. it is 5:39 right now. we're keeping an eye on the top stories. a list of them this morning. new unrest in egypt as supporters of the deposed president storm a building in cairo. we'll have the latest from overnight coming up next. new details about what may have caused teresa heinz kerry, wife of the secretary of state to be rushed to the hospital. [ wind howling ]
5:40 am
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in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. 5:41. shocking grief this morning at a southern california christian camp where the two girls killed in the asiana air crash at sfo were planning to attend. the teen girls among dozens of chinese students aboard the flight who will not be at the camp. annette areola is at the camp
5:42 am
with a look at what's being done to honor the students. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the entire congregation in shock, 35 chinese students were scheduled to arrive last night and begin their summer camp adventure. this morning that will no longer be the case. it was an emotional service as members gathered at west valley christian church thinking about the two chinese students killed during saturday's plane crash. the girls were both 16 years old. they were going to be spending three weeks out here in sourlth earn california living with host families, working on their english, visiting universities and doing sightseeing on the weekends. according to officials one girl was likely ejected and the other, it's believed she may have been run over by an emergency vehicle responding to the scene. we've also learned the entire trip has been canceled and plans are being made to make sure that those remaining chinese students go back home.
5:43 am
in the meantime the congregation out here will be holding a prayer vigil on thursday evening and will also be planning a fund-raiser to try to help the chinese students replace their luggage and clothing. west hills, california, for "today in the bay," back to you. >> we will have continuing coverage of the asiana air crash at sfo throughout today and the morning and also on the "today" show coming up at 6:00, christie smith talked to the chief of surgery at san francisco general hospital where many of the crash victims were transported. she will have the latest details coming up at 6:00. the situation continues to escalate on the international scene as the muslim brotherhood's political arm is calling on egyptians to rise up against that army, this coming after clashes between the troops and supporters of the ousted president killed at least 40 people. the freedom and justice party is also calling on the international community to stop what it is terming as massacre there is in egypt. meantime, egypt's military
5:44 am
trying to turn that country over to an interim government in hopes of stopping all that violence. egypt's interim president has been meeting with various parties to select a brand new prime minister, the leading candidate believed to be a lawyer and also an economist who spent time in washington. 5:44. thai police arrest add taxi driver for stabbing an american passenger to death after an argument over cab fair. bangkok police say the 32-year-old driver confessed to attacking his passenger with a machete because the man refused to pay a $2.00 fare. the victim is identified as 51-year-old troy plinkington. the defense will start stating its case this morning in the trial of george zimmerman, the man who pleaded not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. the prosecution rested on friday after calling a total of 38 witnesses. prosecutors tried to portray
5:45 am
zimmerman as an overaggressive neighborhood watch volunteer guilty of second degree murder. zimmerman contends he simply acted in self-defense. his attorneys will try to prove he was protecting his own life when he pulled the trigger. jury deliberations could begin by the end of this week. secretary of state john kerry's wife is in critical but stable this morning. teresa heinz kerry was flown to massachusetts general after she was stabilized. she was accompanied by her husband to the hospital after suffering an unspecified medical condition yesterday afternoon. just moments ago a person in close contact with the family told the associated press that heinz kerry showed symptoms consistent with a seizure. lawmakers on capitol hill heading back to work after an extended holiday weekend. on that agenda, immigration reform and student loan rates. the senate passed a bipartisan
5:46 am
immigration bill last month. house speaker john boehner says he has absolute any no plans to vote on this. instead house republicans are coming up with a big on their own. meantime federal student loan rates doubled because congress failed to meet a july 1st deadline. sought of the lawmakers there, they say they're working on legislation that will reverse that rate hike retroactively. fire crews in southern california are fighting a wildfire that has grown to 2500 acres today. more than 800 firefighters attacked those flames by ground and air. as of last check, they have it 20% contained. they've been battling that fire since saturday. four campgrounds in cleveland national forest oovps have been evac eated. the american red cross set up an evacuation center at a middle school in alpine. 5:46. a lot of people recovering after a long holiday weekend. >> the weather going to
5:47 am
accommodate. a lot of sleepy people heading back after the long weekend. 5:46. i have a really cool note to bring to the table. beautiful conditions out here. it looks like this is the wetlands in oakland. not getting a lot of info. what i can tell you, is ships are being urged to slow down right now. this is a warning for all mariners, outside the san francisco bay. the reason why is because the coast guard says there's all kinds of endangered whales feasting on the crill around the fairla fairlawn islands. we've never had a warning like that before. very interesting. 57 degrees in san francisco, 54 in napa. all the animals had to endure that heat wave, the cattle. good news is we don't have a heat wave like that in our near sights. high pressure is in control, bringing micro climb maths clim
5:48 am
effect. 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. temperatures will work out like this, 60s in san francisco, verses the 90s in livermore. getting into the next couple days, temperatures actually stay steady. we're talking about the 80s to return as we get through thursday into friday. a cooldown headed our way. temperatures not exceeding seasonal averages as we head through the end of the week. let's check on the drive and see how we're doing there. by the way, i'll urge that chopper to get a shot of those whales. we'll make sure the chopper hears your message over here. this is the high-rise, as high as the cars are going right now over the bay. san mateo bridge moves smoothly. that is your westbound commute direction. the concern westbound, roadway debris. let me show you what chp reports. it is westbound, your commute direction coming off the hayward side, reports of a truck tire in one of your slower lanes. we see slowing right here toward
5:49 am
my feet -- my feet aren't in the roadway. should be cleared in the next few. no problems over the castro valley y. 880 moving smoothly through san leandro and hayward. across the bay, the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge, 92 and 84 respectively at the limit as you head toward foster city. smooth drive for 101 and 280 alive. here at 92, the speeds coming down into the upper 50s typical through the san mateo hills. the south bay we see a nice smooth flow of traffic. we have seen a burst of traffic hitting the second burst -- first burst as you come toward the morning, 680 toward 880 with speeds coming down into th upper 50s. that should stick around for the next 20 minutes and back again at the 6:20ish. looking toward the tri-valley as well. nice flow of traffic showing slowing toward the dublin interchange and slowing for 84,
5:50 am
gradual build for livermore. folks easing back into the workweek. the bay bridge toll plaza, let's get a look over here. we have the cash lanes showing the backup. the volume of traffic moving smoothly down the eastshore freeway. let's take a look at the metering lights as well. we don't have the metering lights yet. folks moving smoothly. once we see the lights turn on, everybody will be at the gates, the starting ramp of the bay bridge. 5:50 right now. redwood city investigators trying to figure out what smashed an presidentment fire that injured 21 people and displaces dozens more. the fire broke out about 2:00 yesterday morning at the hallmark house apartments located on woodside road. that fire forcing the closure of woodside road until just after 1:00 this morning. more than 100 firefighters were responding to the six-alarm fire. three firefighters, we can tell you, were hurt. fortunately none of those injuries are considered
5:51 am
life-threatening. an evacuation center has been set up at the fair observation community center for any of those 92 displaced residents. it is 5:50. we're expecting to learn whether the new span of the bay bridge will open as planned on labor day weekend. the committee overseeing construction on the bridge will brief lawmakers in sacramento on the status today. the new span has run into several problems in recent months. crews are still fixing 32 broken steel rods that attach the bridge deck to the supports. they're also still gathering test data on the other rods to make sure no others will snap. the committee's recommendation will be published at noon. 5:50 right now. yet another change coming to your facebook page. we'll have all that coming up after this break. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
5:52 am
and then another. and another.
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and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at with welcome back everyone. it is 5:53. scott mcgrew has the week off. we're still keeping an eye on
5:54 am
the markets. friday's better-than-expected jobs report showed the economy added more than 195,000 jobs last month. investors will get data on consumer credit, inflation as well as minutes from last month's fed meeting. earning season kicks off this afternoon when aluminum giant alcoa reports results. facebook making it easier to find people, places and photos. starting this morning, the network expanding the facebook graph search tool to millions of yoursers who set their language to u.s. english, unlike searching on google good for finding specific things, facebook's tool is best at finding information on your social circles. for instance, graph search lets you find friends who live in philadelphia who are vegetarians or friends of friends that live near you that like your hobbies or restaurants that your friends like and so on and so on and
5:55 am
scooby doobie doo. check out the interactive black and white game users have to navigate an alien around a farm to help find parts of a spaceship. after they completed the challenge, google reveals top search terms for ross well ufo incident the roswell army airfield announced they recovered a flying disk, but u.s. government put an end to the conspiracy theories in 1997, for some by closing the roswell case. >> but i will continue to hold out hope that e.t. will phone home. 5:55. christina loren telling us outside going to be a nice one. >> i think they recently had that call in albuquerque. the bay area is looking really good today. 94 degrees inland, 80 degrees
5:56 am
bay side, at the coast 68 degrees. i said that because there's a lot of conspiracy theorists in albuquerque. the drive is looking good. mike inouye is here to presented it to you. >> in the north bay seeing more of a commute, a subtle build southbound with the headlights, north 101 through santa rosa. a note for drivers out there, the big rig crash still going on. sounds like the rig is on its side, but no injuries reported at todd road. here is the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a good number of cars, a few more than we typically see on monday. there's the cash lanes and the map will show you, an easy drive on the maze and the am approach slowing on the upper deck. this morning the international jury for america's cup will hear a complaint from one of the teams in the investigation. the five-person panel will meet to discuss the luna rossa
5:57 am
challenge. they decided to sit out yesterday's race protesting the changes made after the death of sailor andrew simpson. emirates team sailing alone in day one of the america's cup now has one point. the next race is scheduled for tomorrow. vrnlths 5:57 right now. our coverage of the asiana air crash continues. up next, a live look at srktsfo where ntsb investigators continue to try to figure out what went so terribly wrong out there. we'll have the live report on the latest up next, including what we just learned from the chief of surgery at san francisco general. eye u good morning! wow.
5:58 am
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ooh . emergency. asiana 214, heavy, san francisco tower. emergency vehicles responding. we have everyone on their way. >> too low, too slow seven
6:00 am
seconds before impact. >> we're not talking about a few knots here or there. we're talking about a significant amount of speed below 137. >> this morning new details about the pilot at the controls and new stories of survival. >> bang. the impact was so powerful. >> all this as heartbroken parents begin their journey to san francisco to find out the truth about what happened to two teenage girls who lost their lives. we can tell you an ntsb investigation now under way as you take a look at the remains of asiana flight 214 sitting out on the runway this morning, even as other planes take off from three of the four sfo runways that are now open. good morning to one and all, thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning the ntsb is giving us a look inside the plane as craters comb through the


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