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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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boarded a flight bound for sfo. prior to leaving, he told the media in south korea he would personally visit each and every one of those people still in the hospital following saturday's deadly crash. we do continue learning more details and more information about that crash this morning. happy tuesday. thank you for joining us everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. some of the youngest survivors of the asiana air crash are reunited with their parents who arrived in the bay area overnight. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the crowne-plaza in burlingame where students are staying. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, one of the parents told a newspaper in china that he was worried sick about his daughter leaving on that flight and then, of course, word of the tragic crash. now, we're hat a hotel in burlingame. out front you can see there is a sheriff's deputy staying outside the hotel that ye mengyuan and
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wang linjia were seated in the back of the plane when it clipped the seawall and crash landed saturday. both girls just 16 years old were killed. they had come from china to visit google, stanford and attend a camp in southern california for a couple of weeks. another part, though, of all this is whether one of those girls was perhaps hit by a fire rig in the response to that emergency at sfo. the families arrived at the airport late last night and were driven to the hotel here in burlingame. one passenger on this flight says that the plane actually stopped before the gate to let them out. >> rather than let everyone off the plane as they would normally do, they said they were letting off a few different people earlier. so everyone stayed on the plane for a few extra minutes, and a few people i guess got off on some stairway or ladder or something. i didn't really know what was going on at the time. i was just kind of, like,
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chilling. but i guess they were related to the people who died in the plane crash. >> reporter: a little later today the families are expected to meet with the coroner in san mateo county who now says that autopsy results will not be released probably for another two to three weeks until the investigation is totally complete. that, of course, might reveal whether one of these girls was actually killed by that responding fire rig. initially those results were expected in a matter of days. now we're hearing it will be a matter of weeks. live in burlingame, christie smith, "today in the bay." stanford's blood center is calling for more donations to help replenish its supply after the crash. the center says there's an urgent need for type o positive and o negative bloods. stanford hospital and lucile packard children's hospital took in 55 survivors following saturday's crash. the center says supplies were
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already low following the 4th of july holiday. a long list of questions remain about that crash. ntsb investigators right now focusing in on the low speed and the low approach. they're also sifting through what remains of the plane for any clues. they're also talking with all four pilots. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame with what we're learning new this morning. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we spoke with debra hersman, the ntsb chair, saying they only got through interviewing two pilots because of a translation issue from korean to english. the idea is, perhaps this morning, they would interview the other two pilots, one of those pilots being the flying pilot, the pilot that was at the controls when asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo. the safety agency, ntsb, is supposed to be holding a news
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conference later this afternoon and the idea they impart on us some of the information they glean from these interviews. you might recall that the captain was in training, having never landed a 777 at sfo leading to questions of why didn't his copilot who was experienced in the aircraft take over, and if he did, why did the plane crash? we have a better y50id of what the timeline was like. about a minute and 12 auto pilot was disengaged. 34 seconds later, 500 feet, 134 knots, below the 137-knot minimum required for a safe landing. it takes oobt 28 seconds before the crew realizes they have a problem and try to correct. at eight seconds before impact, the plane is now at 112 knots, 125 feet, much lower than that minimum threshold. the lowest speed before impact was 103 knots. just to give you a sense of how
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slow this plane was going, just too slow. investigators are hoping their interviews will give a better sense of what exactly was going on in that cockpit. >> whether they were hand-flying the airplane, whether auto pilot was on, what kind of reliance they might have had on automation in the xok pit and how well they understood the automation and what it was supposed to do. >> there is the wreckage of ace nana flight 214, the boeing 777 that lays burned out on the edge of the runway here at sfo. we asked the ntsb how long will it be before the wreckage was removed. they don't have an exact timeline. all they would say is it moulds most likely be several days. bob redell, "today in the bay." a long and intense investigation. make sure to stay with us for today in the bay.
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go to for the first time we're hearing from the three women held captive inside a cleveland home for a decade. overnight the trio released a video on youtube to thank the public for all their support. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us with a look. it's really a captivating video. >> it is. midnight, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight released this 3:30 video on youtube. this is the first time we've seen the women since they escaped the home of ariel castro. the video starts with amanda berry, you see her here in the middle. she is the one who initiated the escape and has a 6-year-old daughter with castro. >> first and foremost, i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it's been unbelievable. i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal.
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>> berry goes on to ask for continued privacy. with her parents by her side, gina dejesus only speaks one sentence after being asked what she wants to say to those who have donated money. >> i would say thank you for the support. >> reporter: michelle knight who is said to have hearing problems from being beaten so badly by castro talks about bidding a brand new life. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. and my feet firmly on the ground. >> knight is also the one castro allegedly punched so hard which forced her to miss carry on more than one occasion. not once do the women mention castro who is pleading not
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guilty to a 300-count en indictment. you can logon to to check out details. in her own words, what amanda berry says is making hir transition to normalcy a little easier. >> it's amazing, the childhood they lost. >> those three young women have been through so very much. the support will make all the difference. marla, thank you for the insight. want to switch gears and check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at the forecast for today and our temperatures. >> indeed. good morning to you. 57 degrees to start the day in oakland. thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable for your outdoor plans today, especially around the inner bay. even san jose not too bad. 60 to start. by noon, 79 degrees. 86 degrees. at lunchtime today, tuesday, we'll round out the day pretty warm. a toasty day shaping up in livermore. 91 in concord, 69 in san francisco.
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as we head through the next few days, we'll increase the humidity as we get into this weekend and we have a good chances for mountain thunderstorms. i'll show you where we have the best chance in my next report. first let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> good morning, folks. say hello to the bay bridge toll plaza as well. a few minutes ago jon showed you this same shot. there were cars waiting in line just off the hov lane. you see no more cars waiting. what happens early in the morning is a lot of times they don't have the toll lanes open. it's a good note. overnight for the next few weeks, they'll do maintenance work as well. you will find a lane or two closed. prepare for that coming over the oakland side. it's tougher to see coming down the eastshore freeway. this is the view from the rooftop camera at west 80. as you get past university avenue, that's where you see this view here. traffic is moving smoother. clouds are drifting through the area. that shows a smooth drive and
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the maze approaching off the 24. 580 through 880 as well. just kicking off our traffic tuesday, this is antioch, speeds in the upper 50s from lone tree over to loveridge. back to you. we have a little heads up if you're heading through the tunnels at devil's slide this week. brace yourself for a few traffic jams out there. caltrans will implement one-way traffic controls in the area this morning running through friday night. this will give them some time to stripe the pavement. the closures are set to run from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day. a south bay community on edge after a series of coyote attacks. what wildlife experts are doing now to try to keep people there safe. look at 'em.
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this morning yahoo! is saying farewell to alta vista. moments ago the sunnyvale-based company shutting down the popular search engine from the last '90s. now when you visit, you're redirected to yahoo!. the palo alto based company launched three years before google in 1995. then in 2003 yahoo! bought the then failing company. yahoo! announced the shutdown officially on its tumblr page. that happened last month. the creators of the world's most advanced solar plane are ringing in history. solar impulse started its journey taking off from moffett field in early may. this morning pilots and solar impulse co-founders ring the nasdaq opening bell at 6:30 our time. scott mcgrew enjoying a nice week off. we are keeping an eye on the
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markets for you. courtney reagan is live at cnbc world headquarters with a look at how futures are trading. good tuesday morning, courtney. >> happy tuesday morning to you as well, jon. futures are higher after stocks rose for a third straight session on monday. investors looking ahead to the start of earning season which unofficially kicked off last night with alcoa after the bell. it may give markets a boost today. the aluminum giant reported better-than-expected results. the dow rising yesterday to 15,225, the nasdaq adding six to 3,485. barnes & noble ceo resigns as the chain continues to struggle with the money-losing nook tablet business. the company has announced while it will still make the black and white ereader, it won't make the color touch screen version of the nook. back to you. >> we'll check back with you later on. right now we'll check in with meteorologist christina
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loren with a look at the forecast. >> it's going to be such a nice day. 5:14 now. one of those days you don't want to let get past you if you're trying to make plans to hit the beach. temperatures will be hot inland. one of those days, beautiful beach conditions, a little fog and drizzle ourt there to start the day. we are counting on that fog to add to the delays we're expecting out of sfo with one of the runways out of commission. we will let you know as soon as that information is available. we'll keep checking all morning long. we get a beautiful cooling trend as we head deeper into the week. thanks for waking up with us. livermore at 60 degrees. 57 in o town. if you want to get the air moving in your home between about 4:00 and 7:00, it's going to be comfortable enough for you to open the windows and we've got the good air quality for today. here is what we're expecting. temperatures on the warm side,
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81 degrees in fremont. bearable in concord at 91. 85 in san jose. into the end of the week, there's the cooldown. let's take a look at your drive with mike inouye. >> in antioch we saw the slowing earli earlier. i touch it and that's what happens. i'm not going to touch anymore of highway 4. we'll move over towards the walnut creek interchange where we have the eastbound direction, a note there, reports of a pickup truck that went into the center divide. the update was an suv, i should correct myself. you see the slowing showing up as you come over toward that walnut creek interchange out of lafayette for the eastbound, non-commute direction. a little slowing and distraction, we'll track that as well. that's unusual for that transition over towards 680. meanwhile the entire rest of the area moving slowly towards orinda and the bay bridge. westbound at 580 we see slowing into livermore. the bulk of the traffic still over in the altamont pass and
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making its way over towards vasco road. we see the traffic building over toward the dublin interchange as well. north 680 showing slowing through pleasanton. the construction crews through san ramon should be clear. folks heading south into the south bay, 680 and 880 moving smoothly. your northbound commute also very smooth. at the limit pretty much everywhere. we'll jump to the roadways and get a live look, show you the volume of traffic, 101 north. a smooth drive, you see the low clouds. visibility is fine throughout the south bay. watch the santa cruz mountains. coming across the golden gate bridge, we'll check visibility here. it is a bit of an issue. drivers are moving smoothly. keep that in mind. keep this in mind as well. coyotes have people on edge in saratoga this morning. there have been dozens of
5:18 am
complaints around oriole road. vector control has set up traps to try to catch those coyotes. neighbors are hoping they'll work before a person is attacked. >> it scares me. i don't want those little girls hurt down at the end of the street. i don't want people to be afraid to go outside. i know when i come out here at night to do yard work, i'm concerned. >> vector control says it will keep the traps up for a few more weeks. if no coyotes are caught, they say it's a good bet they've moved to another area. students, staff and faculty expected to rally trying to keep california's largest city college from closing its doors, protesting last week's decision to revoke san francisco college's accreditation which would happen at the end of the month. the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges says ccsf didn't do enough to fix financial and educational deficiencies. the march will be held at 4:00
5:19 am
this afternoon in front of the department of education's san francisco office. now a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. early detection of breast cancer saves lives, but what is the best way to do it? some says it's thermography. it's offered at clinics across the bay area and and billed as more accurate than mammograms. the problem is the fda has no evidence to support that claim and says thermography is not an alternative to a mammography. in a hidden camera investigation we found some technicians making exaggerated claims about the test's ability to find cancer. >> it does it's cally as well or better than a mammogram. >> for me it was just catastrophic. >> a breast cancer survivor shares her warning. a full report is tonight at 11:00. the trial is under way for the captain of the cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of italy.
5:20 am
we all remember that one. captain fran chess skoe schettino stands accused of causing the shipwreck which ultimately killed 32 people. he's also accused of abandoning the cruise ship before all the passengers and crew were evacuated safely. this morning nelson mandela began a second month in a south african hospital. messages of support and flowers for the former south african president continue to grow outside the hospital today. the 94-year-old was admitted on june 8th with a recurring lung infection. last week the south african government said he remains in critical but stable condition. the royal baby due any day now. while the sex remains a secret, we do now know what the little one's title will be. the duke and duchess of cambridge's first child will have the title of prince or princess of cambridge. there's some dispute over whether this would be the very first. the daily mail reporting the
5:21 am
last royals to hold the title was king george iii's grandchildren. duchess kate expected to give birth at st. mary's hospital, the same police princess diana gave birth to william. a big story, gambling over there on everything from the name to the date. >> 5:21 right now. the new and improved twinkie. we'll tell you what will be different when the snack food is returning to store shelves this week. [ wind howling ]
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welcome back everyone. a live look outside overlooking the south bay. the sun coming up over the bay area making way for a nice summer day. we'll have a look at your forecast in just a bit. 5:23 right now. the second annual course of the force starts at george lucas's
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skywalker ranch. the eight-day star wars themed relay run will end in san diego two days before comic-con. it not only brings enthusiasts together but raises money for the make-a-wish foundation. last year the race raised $100,000 for that charity. twinkies may have an even longer shelf life when it returns to stores next week. that's right. the spongy yellow treats will be good for up to 45 days, up from the original 26 days. you may remember hostess went bankrupt, pulling the sweet treats off the shelves. the big come bam happens next monday. >> even if you haven't had one, it's huge for people.
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nostalgia. christina loren, we might need some cool refreshments outside, right? >> it's going to be kind of a hot day. temperatures this morning mostly in the 50s, a couple low 60s as we head throughout the day. it's going to be warm. by noon today, 78 degrees in places like fremont. we'll round out the day with plenty of mid 90s like livermore. let's check you drive with mike. >> fremont southbound, a niz easy drive past the truck scales, both the freeways and truck scales getting more light picking up the pace. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. this time the backup at the toll plaza is indeed for some of the folks waiting in the cash laenls. we'll see a little build over the next half hour until you turn the metering lights about 6:00 a.m. show ag smooth flow of traffic, there are low clouds drifting around. it's tough for our camera to see the freeway itself. folks on the freeway are going at the speed limit. chp has not reported issues
5:26 am
there. keep that in mind as you come through the hills in oakland as well. we have a new location, instead of east 24, it is north of 680 approaching 24 where there are reports of an suv that hit the center divide. no injuries reported. we'll continue tracking that and one more shot toward antioch where we can see the continued build for highway 84. 5:26. we continue to get new details about the asiana air crash at san francisco international. the president of the airline is on his way to the bay area as we speak. what he promises to do when it gets here. also family members of some of the people injured during that crash finally arriving right here in the bay area. we'll let you know what's in store for them coming up today. we have team coverage next. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that is a father's anger. we have new anger of the father
5:29 am
of one of the teenage girls killed in the asiana aircraft coming face-to-face with the head of the airline. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the parents al of the surviving children arrived late last night and went straight to the hotel where the students are staying. christie smith joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, laura. one father told a newspaper in china that he was worried sick about his daughter coming on this trip in the first place and then, of course, word of the horrifying crash. as you said, family members are staying here at a hotel in burlingame after making the trip from china. the family of the two 16-year-old girls who died on asiana flight 214 learned of another layer of this investigation. ye mengyuan and wang linjia were seated in the back of the plane
5:30 am
when it crash landed saturday at sfo. there are questions about whether one of the girls may have been hit and killed by a responding fire rig that day. some of the family members took a connecting flitd from l.a. to sfo and boarded a shuttle bus and were escorted back to the hotel where we are. one passenger on the flight said it was handled in a rather unusual way. >> rather than let everyone off the plane as they would normally do, they said they were letting off a few different people earlier. everyone stayed on the plane for a few extra minutes and a few people got off on some stairway or ladder or something. i didn't really know what was going on at the time. i just was kind of like chilling. but i guess they were related to the people who died in the plane crash. >> reporter: the two girls who died had actually come here from china and planned to visit stanford and google and attend a
5:31 am
camp in southern california while learning all about u.s. culture. parents are expected to meet with the coroner today in san mateo county who now says that he'll probably not release the autopsy results for another two to three weeks that will show if one of these girls did indeed die as a result of being hit by a fire rig. initially those results expected to be -- preliminary results expected to be released earlier. now he's saying he wants to wait until a full investigation is completed. reporting live in burlingame, christie smith, "today in the bay." the big part of that story, the president of asiana airlines already on his way to the bay area to meet with the families of the students, scheduled to land at sfo at noon. yesterday he was personally apologizing to the father of one of the girls killed during saturday's crash. you can see no shocker, a very intense and very upset father talking to asiana air's president. just before boarding a plane in seoul this morning he told
5:32 am
the media he'll make a sincere apology to passengers when he arrives and visits people actually still in the hospital. he maintains it's still too early to say if the crash was caused by pilot errors. this morning a long list of questions remaining about the crash. ntsb are focused on the low speed and low approach, trying to sift through whatever remains of the plane and the clues they can find. bob redell live in burlingame. bob, you had a chance to talk to the ntsb chairman. >> reporter: yes, we did, this morning. good morning, jon, about a half hour ago. she did inform us the ntsb has interviewed two of the four pilots on board asiana flight 214. they have yet to interview the actual flying pilot, the pilot at the controls during the time of the crash saturday morning. the plan is for them to conduct the interview some time today, perhaps this morning and release some of the details of that
5:33 am
conversation during a news conference that is scheduled for some time this afternoon. and they hope to glean the kind of information that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders cannot give them. in other words, they're trying to get into the heads of these pilots to figure out exactly what was going on during the final approach. you might recall that the captain was in training. that's the flying pilot i was referring to, having never landed a 777 at sfo before. leading to questions of why didn't his copilot who was experienced with this aircraft take over and if he did, why did the plane crash? the plane was at 500 feet at a speed of 134 knots. it needs to be at 137 knots in order to land safely. it takes another 28 seconds now before the crew realized they are going too low and too slow. they try to correct. at eight seconds before impact,
5:34 am
they're now at 112 knots. again, you can see how slow they are compared to the 137 minimum threshold and about a second and a half out, they tried to abort the landing but clearly failed. >> how is it it took them roughly 28 seconds to realize they were coming in too low and too slow? >> i have to tell you, the cockpit is a very dynamic environment. there's a lot going on. there's a lot of monitoring that's taking place and a lot of communications. we really have to take a look at what they understood about the aircraft, how they communicated and what their procedures were. >> reporter: there were four pilots on this flight. remember this was a transpacific flight. they have a backup crew so one crew can rest while the other is flying the aircraft. the idea was to interview all four pilots yesterday, but the interview took a little bit longer than expected because there's a translation issue of going from korean to english. again, they'll interview the
5:35 am
other two pilots today, perhaps this morning. that would include the flying pilot himself. and they are hoping to release some of the information from those interviews during a news conference scheduled sometime later this afternoon. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." flights in and out of san francisco will experience delays for the foreseeable future. the ntsb says it won't clear the wreckage from the airport's runway until its team completed its investigation into this deadly crash. three of the runways at the airport, however, are open this morning. this was the very same situation yesterday and it caused delays longer than one hour, also canceled 84 flights. we are in contact with sfo, and we will be giving you flight updates as soon as we get them into the newsroom. make sure to stay with us on nbc bay area all morning long. we will be having updates from the hotel in burlingame where the families of some of the
5:36 am
people on asiana flight 214 are staying. plus we'll also bring you the latest word on that investigation from the ntsb. as always, of course, you can get the latest details on our website, at 5:36, we're also learning this morning about a boeing 777 flight that was supposed to land at sfo late yesterday. instead it was diverted hours after takeoff because of a technical problem. the crew on the japanese airlines plane discovered a leak in the hydraulic system that controls the plane's flaps about three hours into the flight yesterday. the plane returned to tokyo's airport without incident. all 236 people on board are okay. the former head of san mateo county probation department expected back in court today. stewart forest is currently charged with two counts of possession of child pornography. he's out on bail this morning. prosecutors say they found dozens of images on his computer, but his attorney says the images were there for legitimate work related purposes.
5:37 am
today's hearing is seen as procedural. dozens of people displaced by a deadly apartment fire in redwood city will be allowed to return home today to pack up belongings. the fire broke out early sunday morning at the hallmark house apartments on woodside road. one person did die, another 21 were injured including three firefighters. in all, a total of 91 people were left homeless by this fire. this morning the red cross opening a support center in redwood city to help provide shelter and other services. it looks like emeritus team new zealand will be sailing alone again today. they were scheduled to race about sweden's team in the afternoon in the louis vuitton cup series. but the swedish team remains out of commission until they rebuild a new boat following the deadly crash that killed crew member andrew simpson. meantime italy's team luna rossa still protesting the recent rule change. their complaint currently under review by the cup's international jury.
5:38 am
if you want to watch the team race solo out there today, you can see all the action live on cozy tv. it all starts at noon. if you're up early with us, you probably missed the end of last night's giant's game. things finally wrapped up just before 1:00 this morning, about five hours after the first pitch. the giants and mets were tied at three ones apiece until the 16th inning. that's when the mets scored and the giants couldn't respond. final score 4-3. two teams will be back at it again tonight at 7:15 at at&t park. tough loss, but the good news is they play 162 games. it is a long season, christina loren, plenty of time to get back ton right track. >> that's right. good morning to you. 57 degrees the to start in oakland. "today in the bay" works like this, about 95 degrees inland, 80 bay side, at the coast 68 degrees. looking pretty comfortable at your beaches today. i want to tell you about something that's really cool that usually doesn't happen here in the bay area.
5:39 am
santa cruz is probably your best beach, not only because temperatures will be nice and warm at about 77 degrees. look at what's happening near the san francisco bay. we still have this morning a warning for mariners, to slow down around the bay where we have a concentration of humpback whales, gray whales, blue whales and fin whales. a lot of sea life out there, mike. what are you tracking on the roads? >> we do have a school of cars over here to the left side just off the hov lanes. it looks like one of those toll lanes, once again, is out. so they're waiting for that to open up. there's a backup in the lanes. lls the backup is forming on both sides of the fast track. even after they open that last lane in the next few minutes, we have the backup going on. it's the build towards 6:00. another look shows how traffic is flowing on the maps. a little slowing up the incline because of the volume of traffic, another clue they'll probably be on schedule for the
5:40 am
metering lights to turn on. 880, we had slowing over the last half hour. north and southbound through downtown, crews should be just about cleared and the freeways are open. a smooth drive here as well as you head toward the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. the sensors not a problem. a quick look at the foster city side, a good volume of traffic westbound with the headlights, no slowing. low clouds as well. we're tracking those as well. back to you. it is 5:40 right now. b.a.r.t. contract talks are stalled this morning. when both sides could be back at the negotiating table once again. for the first time we're hearing from and seeing the women who were held captive in cleveland for ten years . we'll show you the video they released overnight. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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welcome back on a tuesday morning. you can see there still out on the runway at sfo, the wreckage
5:43 am
from ace siana flight 214. our bob redell is out there and has just interviewed the ntsb chairman. more information coming up very soon. it's 5:43. surprising news overnight as the women known as the cleveland three break their silence. the girls release add video overnight to say thank you overnight to their supporters. >> good morning. it's been more than two months since amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle wright escaped the home of ariel castro. up until now we've only seen a couple images of berry. that change at midnight. that's when the women released this 3:30 individuvideo on yout >> i would say thank you for the
5:44 am
support. >> reporter: that right there was gina dejesus. that's all you hear from her on the entire video. her parents speak quite a bit. that was her father. there is her mother. that is the whole point of the entire video, to give thanks to everyone who donated money to the rehabilitation and those who respected their wishes to be left alone. the video starts with amanda berry who has a 6-year-old daughter with castro. she attributes the respect to her transition back to freedom. >> i'm getting stronger each day and i'm having my privacy has helped immensely. i ask that everyone continues to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. "michelle wright wraps up the video. she's said to have hearing problems from being beaten so badly by castro. she talks about building a brand new life. >> i tell you everyone i'm doing just fine. walking hand in hand with my
5:45 am
best friend. i won't let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. >> knight is also the one castro allegedly punched in the stomach so hard forcing her to miscarry more than one time. we posted this entire video on our website for you to take a look at. that's a fund has actually been set up to help all three women. it's amazing, jon, how much money has poured into this fund in the last two months. i'll talk more about that in my next report. >> thank you, marla, very much. this just in on the international scene. this morning a large explosion hitting a hezbollah stronghold in beirut's southern suburbs. reports of at least 18 people wounded during this blast. this hour it's unclear who was behind today's attack. tension has been running high in lebanon ever since the militant group hezbollah began supporting
5:46 am
the forces of syria's president. the attack is the second to hit southern beirut this year. a call for more protests in egypt this morning, a day after a bloody clash between the egyptian military and the muslim brotherhood. members gathering asking for support of what they call an unprovoked attack by the egyptian military against protesters in cairo. they say this video shows members of the military were attacked before these deadly clashes. more than 50 protesters and three members of security forces died during the clashes. president obama says despite all this violence, at this time the u.s. has no plans to withhold the $1.5 billion in aid it sends to egypt. later this morning the u.s. government will offer new details regarding the nsa's secret surveillance programs. an oversight board begins a hearing on that issue. 16 experts are expected to
5:47 am
testify. the oversight board is expected to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the program and produce a public report. the program was exposed last month by former nsa employee edward snowden who is currently hiding out in moscow's airport seeking asylum from about 20 different countries. snowden has a few hours left to decide whether to accept venezuela's offer of asylum. nicaragua and bolivia has also offered asylum. christina loren is back to talk about the weather. it's tuesday, that means one day closer to the weekend. >> and monday, i already forgot about it. it was a rough one for me. i don't know about you. the good news is, it's over with. 5:47. we have a good looking day shaping up. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when it comes to the flight delays, we told you they were likely. we have the official word from the faa. you can check on their site as well. if you're trying to get in or out of sfo, this morning with
5:48 am
one of the runways out of commission, we have fog. starting with two-hour delays. everything trying to get out of town looking pretty good. we had major weather across the northeast yesterday. right now we're looking good for travel trying to get to new york city in particular. it will beezier for you. we eeld keep you updated on that as well. for this morning, this is what we're looking at, the werth headlines tell the story of the day. the delays will ripple throughout the day. i'm with you all the way through 11:30 right here on nbc bay area. keep warm today. it's a little toasty. if you want heat relief, head to the beach where perfect conditions are expected for today. the natural ac will kick in for the entire bay area. 60 degrees in livermore, 60 degrees in san jose. let's take you through your hour by hour changes.
5:49 am
look at san francisco, the low 60s even at lunchtime. that's the place to be if you don't have an air conditioner in your home. temperatures won't even approach records today. we're talking mid 90s. 980 for fremont and 69 on the way to san francisco. good news is we've got a major cooldown headed our way and a major cool guy to tell us about the traffic this morning. it's a traffic tuesday. any headaches out there yet? >> first of all, cool guy. christina, where were you in high school and junior high school, you could have followed me around and pointed to me and said good guy. north and south very easy flow of traffic. it's traffic tuesday, but it's also the summertime. we're seeing a lighter flow than we typically do. no problems northbound, but it is building a tad bit. the tri-valley is building jentdly as you travel westbound,
5:50 am
the commute direction towards the dublin interchange. highway 84 just showing the build now coming down toward vallecitos and these folks will make their wear toward 680. we do have your build up here for highway 4, antioch holding steady. not as bad as we often see heading towards pittsburgh. that's an indicator of a lighter flow of traffic as well. in the north bay, san rafael, an easy drive. we have more folks coming down out of novato. the bay bridge toll plaza not sparse, starting to build. here is the backup in the cash lanes. not a problem for the view. jon, you're also talking about the bay bridge. a major delay in the planned opening of the opening of the bay bridge. caltrans deciding to push the openings day back to december now. that is at the earliest. that means the current bridge will not have to be closed for the labor day weekend.
5:51 am
officials say defective seismic safety bolts have to be reinforced before the span can open. that work is not expected to be completed until december 10th. 5:51, contract talks between b.a.r.t. and its biggest unions have been stalled. both sides have agreed to resume talking on friday. b.a.r.t. will still run this morning despite the breakdown. last week's workers agreed to work for 30 days while negotiations continue. but if an agreement isn't reached by the deadline, workers say they'll strike again. last day's four-day strike snarled traffic across the bay area. we're expecting to learn exactly what investigators found at the home of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. the massachusetts judge ordering all evidence found in the seizure to be made public. hernandez stands accused of orchestrating the execution-style shooting of his friend oden lloyd that happened last month. he's also under investigation right now for his possible
5:52 am
involvement in a double homicide that happened last year. it's 5 skoo 51. shark tank officially getting a new name today. >> we'll also talk about giving out some free apps this morning. you like free? they got it.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:54. new research showing late nights and lax bed times could be the reasons for low test scores for children. researchers studied 11,000 children's sleep patterns and brain power from 3 to 7 years old. the children who did not have a regular bedtime or went to sleep past 9:00 p.m. had lower test scores than their peers for both reading and math. they say the lack of sleep may disrupt not ral body rhythms and impair how well the brain learns new information.
5:55 am
it also disrupts parents' sleep. the bottom line here, children do need a regular sleep pattern. >> look at them sleeping, little angels. 5:54. this morning san jose's ap pavilion renamed the s.a.p. center. today's ceremony will be held at the shark tank at 10:15. as part of the event, s.a.p. and san jose sharks will build bikes for underprivileged families. s.a.p. paid the city of san jose more than $8 million for rights to name the arena for the next five years. for a much lower price this morning, apple's app store giving away free games and free apps to celebrate its fifth anniversary. all week long users have a chance to download five of its most popular apps and games for the low price of free. some of the free apps include the photo editing app, over, tractor dj for the iphone and journal app day one. "where's my water," "bad land"
5:56 am
and "tiny wings" some of the free gamed offered. i've never heard of "tiny wings." sounds cute. the app store turns five tomorrow. you guys are flapping your wings out here. very nice. things you don't get to see. >> it's quite a show. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at our forecast. hey, good morning to you, jon and laura. good morning at home. thanks for waking up with us. a warm day inland, 95 degrees headed your way. 69 degrees today in san francisco. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> "tiny wings" looks like a game. we have the traffic build game. low clouds, but visibility for your drivers are okay. the maps show that 880 traveling off 238 not a problem. 238 itself shows a good build. now, just town into the upper 50s off the castro valley y. we're seeing that build to traffic and that will be an issue coming across the bridges,
5:57 am
san mateo and the dumbarton. 92 and 84 respectively moving smoothly toward 101 without any delays. 280, you're smooth there. 5:57. south bay community on edge after a series of coyote attacks. what wildlife experts are doing to try to keep people safe this morning. a live look at asiana air flight 214 out there, still remaining on the runway at sfo. bob redell spoke moments ago to the chairman of the ntsb. we'll have an update on what he's learning coming up next. look at 'em.
5:58 am
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a grateful reunion for chin these students on board asiana
6:00 am
flight 214 as their families arrive at the hotel where they're staying. the wreckage from the deadly plane crash remains on runway 28l. we give you a live look at investigators discover how far the debris spread when it fell from the sky saturday morning. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. 6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everyone. we can tell you some of the youngest survivors of the asiana crash back with their families. >> families arrived overnight and were shuttled to the crown plaza hotel where the students are staying. that's where "today in the bay's" christie smith is now. >> reporter: good morning, laura and jon. for these families, this had to be the longest flight of their entire lives, many of them brought here to be reunited with loved ones, survivors of that


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