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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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flight 214 as their families arrive at the hotel where they're staying. the wreckage from the deadly plane crash remains on runway 28l. we give you a live look at investigators discover how far the debris spread when it fell from the sky saturday morning. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. 6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everyone. we can tell you some of the youngest survivors of the asiana crash back with their families. >> families arrived overnight and were shuttled to the crown plaza hotel where the students are staying. that's where "today in the bay's" christie smith is now. >> reporter: good morning, laura and jon. for these families, this had to be the longest flight of their entire lives, many of them brought here to be reunited with loved ones, survivors of that
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crash. for two other families, a much more grim task waiting for grim information expected a little later today. they're staying here at the crown plaza hotel after making the trip from china. the family of the two 16-year-old girls who died on asiana flight 214 learning of another layer to this investigation. ye mengyuan and wang linjia were seated in the back of the plane when it crash landed saturday at sfo, and there are questions about whether one of those girls may have been hit and killed by a responding fire rig that day. some of the family members took a connecting flight from los angeles to sfo overnight and then board add shuttle bus and were escorted to a hotel in burlingame. one passenger on the very same flight says it was handled in a rather unusual way. >> rather than let everyone off the plane as they would normally do, they said that they were letting off a few different people like earlier. everyone stayed on the plane for a few extra minutes and a few people, i guess, got off on a
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stairway or ladder or something. i didn't really know what was going on at the time. i just was kind of like chilling. i guess they were related to the people who died in the plane crash. >> reporter: the two girls who died came from china and planned to visit places like google and stanford and attend a camp in southern california while learning all about u.s. culture. parents are expected to meet with a coroner in san mateo county who says he won't release autopsy results for two to three weeks. that would shed light on whether one of the girls did die as a result of being hit by a fire rig. he's saying he wants to wait until an investigation is complete. live in burlingame, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thank you very much. we have new video from south korea where the president and ceo of asiana airlines met the families of the two girls who died as they left for the
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airport. the father of one of the teens was screaming right in the president's face. right now the airline executive is on a flight to san francisco. he did speak before leaving south korea this morning saying he's planning to visit pass sxwrers from asiana flight 214 and offer what he is calling a sincere apology. the airline president is flying the very same route as asiana flight 214 to get to san francisco. he's expected to arrive today at about noon. before the asiana chief boarded that flight for america, he admitted something needs to be done to prevent a similar crash from ever happening again. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame with plans to make pilots better prepared. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, the chief of asiana airlines did say before boarding that flight that they need to beef up their training, specifically their simulator time.
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this comes up because the pilot who is behind the controls of asiana flight 214 when it crashed here saturday morning had only 43 hours of flying time in a boeing 777 which you can see right now is destroyed on the edge of the runway here at sfo. we've spoken with the ntsb this morning. they told us they did speak, interviewed two of the four pilots yesterday. their plan is to interview the other two either this morning or later this afternoon including the pilot who was at the controls of that flight saturday morning. the idea is that by conducting these interviews, they can glean the kind of information that they cannot get from the cockpit voice data recorder. >> those interviews are very helpful to us. we want to make sure we understand what the crew was doing, why they were doing it, what their perceptions are, what they think the required procedures are, how the
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automation works. >> reporter: they'll try to figure out answers to questions like why, if this pilot who never landed in a 777 at sfo, why didn't his copilot who was experienced with the aircraft take over, and if he did, why did the plane crash? about 1:12 before impact auto pilot was disengaged. 34 seconds later the plane was at 500 feet, 134 knots. you might recall you need 137 knots of airspeed. that's the minimum required for a safe landing. it now takes another 28 seconds before the crew tries to correct, realizing they're going too low and slow and eight seconds before impact, only traveling at a speed of 112 knots. just before the impact, they did try to abort the landing by throttling up, pulling up on the nose but that did not do the trick. the airplane crashed, caught fire, killing two people and injuring many more. the investigators plan to speak
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with the pilot who was behind the controls of the aircraft today. they have a news conference scheduled for some time late they are afternoon where they tell us they do plan to share what they learn from that interview with the rest of the world. live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." if you'd like to get involved and help out here, stanford's blood center calling for more dough naxs to replenish its supply after that crash. the center says there is an urgent need for type o positive and o negative blood. stanford hospital and lucile packard children's hospital took in 55 survivors following saturday's crash. the center says supplies were already low following the 4th of july holiday. if you'd like to donate, please call the center to schedule an appointment. stay with "today in the bay" all morning long. we'll have live updates from the hotel in burlingame where the families of some of the people on asiana flight 214 are staying, plus the latest word on
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the investigation from the ntsb. as always, you can get the latest details on our website, for the very first time we're hearing from the three women who were held captive inside a cleveland home for a decade, a home they called the house of horrors. overnight, the trio releasing a video on youtube to thank the public for all their support. "today in the bay's" marla tellez in our newsroom with a look at what's nothing short of captivating video. >> if it's not already, it's likely going to be the most popular video on youtube today. the video is short, it's 3:30. it's simple yet extremely powerful. it starts with amanda berry who initiated the escape from ariel castro's home. she has a 6-year-old daughter with him. >> i want to thank everyone who has help me and my family through this entire ordeal, everyone who has been here to support us, it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kind nsz.
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>> what stands out is not how the girls sound, but also how they look. clearly they've gotten makeovers. gina dejesus and michelle knight had long hair. keep in mind knight is said to have hearing problems from being beaten so badly by castro. >> we have been hurt by people, but we need to rely on god as being the judge. god has a plan for all of us, a plan that he gave me was to help others that have been in the same situations i have been in. >> reporter: knight is also the one castro allegedly punched her in the stomach so hard forcing her to miscarry on more than one occasion. gina dejesus saying just one sentence, thank you for your support. castro is pleading not guilty to a slew of kidnapping and rape charges. you can logon to
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for an update. a fund has been set up to help the women recover. it's called the cleveland courage fund. since may people have donated more than $1 million to all three women. laura and jon. >> that's good to hear. >> takes a lot of strength for them to put that on video and continue to push forward with their lives. 6:09. let's check in with christina loren to find out what's happening outside. >> that is a beautiful, beautiful story. this is a live picture here, the golden gate bridge, lots of fog for commuters. make sure you're ready. this natural coolant will keep temperatures nice and cool around the bay and the immediate coast as we head throughout the day. two-hour flight delays already because of that fog. that's also combined with the fact that you've got one of those runways out of commission. arriving flights already starting the day with two-hour delays. we'll keep you posted. i'm with you all the way through 11:30 right here on nbc bay area.
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good news is no other airports reporting delays. we have a lot of other delays on monday. things looking better in that situation as well. 90 degrees inland, 90 bay side. wait until i show you the seven-day outlook. more of a roller coaster ride. then we'll bring muggy conditions back. let's check the drive with mike. >> looking over here toward the bay bridge with some of the moisture in the air looking at the low clouds. but also the cars, the metering lights turned on just before 6:00 at the bay bridge. that may be partially because of the low clouds drifting across the bridge, becoming an issue for visibility at times. you see the eastshore freeway. we can kind of see it. this is our rooftop camera along the eastshore freeway. you can barely make up the shapes of the cars. you see there's good spacing
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between the cars. that's better news. folks are traveling below the speed limit because visibility is a problem at times. look at the maps, you see a smooth flow. it is slow from richmond to berkeley heading towards treasure island on the upper deck. fog may be an issue. so plan for that. things are smoothed out on 580, into the upper 40s heading north on 238. that's pretty typical on a tuesday, maybe lighter than we often see. but it's the summertime. 84 starting to build, towards 680 through livermore, that's the build for the tri-valley. a look at the peninsula, not a problem for 101 or 280. back to you. >> 6:11 right now. coming up, egypt in turmoil. more than 50 people dead allegedly at the hands of the country's military. we'll let you know how protesters are responding this morning. closer to home, a warning
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for south bay neighborhoods. why people say there's a problem with coyotes. good morning! wow.
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the parents of the two girls killed in the asiana air crash arrived late last night to a hotel near the airport. meantime the ntsb is scheduled to give an update later today. three women held captive in a cleveland home for a fek cade are speaking out for the first time. they thank the public for offering encourage. ariel castro is accused of kidnapping and raping the women. members of the muslim brotherhood calling for more protests in egypt this morning, claiming the military attacked protesters in cairo killing 50
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people the military says its members were attacked before these deadly clashes. coyotes have people on edge. santa clara county vector control says it received dozens of complaints around or ol' road. vector control has set up traps to catch thel coyotes. neighbors are hoping they'll work before a person is attacked. >> it scares me. i don't want those little girls hurt down at the end of the street. i don't want people to be afraid to go outside. i know when i come out here at night to do yard work, i'm concerned. >> vector control says it will keep the traps up for a few more weeks. if no coyotes are caught, they say it's a pretty good bet the coyotes have moved to another area. san jose's hp pavilion will officially be named s.a.p. center this morning. part of the eye vent, s.a.p. and
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the san jose sharks will build bikes for underprivileged kids. s.a.p. paid the city of san jose more than $8 million for rights to name the arena for the next five years. >> have to say it over and over, s.a.p., s.a.p. apple's app store giving away free games and apps celebrating its fifth anniversary. users can download five of its most popular apps games for free. some of the free apps including the photo editing app "over," tractor dj and the urinal app day one. also given away "where is my water,". these are some of the free ones offered. the app store officially turning five tomorrow.
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6:16. you want to spend time outdoors? today will be a fantastic day to do so. i'll start with this live picture from high atop san bruno mountain to give you the idea of the reason why. plenty of low clouds this morning, a thick blanket filling in the valley here, coastal valleys like a bowl of pea soup. this will translate to a comfortable day out there. it's a traffic tuesday. we'll get to mike's report in a minute. temperatures this morning in the 50s and 60s. we have fog and drizzle especially at the immediate coast. we have delays likely throughout the day, two hours now for sfo. that goes for arriving flights. we'll keep you updated on that. as we head throughout the day today, peak warmth, the warmest of the entire extended period, at least the warmest of the next eight days. then we'll turn on the natural ac for everybody across the bay area. not just the beach getting beautiful conditions. santa cruz, what a gorgeous day to be out there.
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we're still giving this warning for mariners out there. we have a very, very rare occurrence. slow down for whales, especially if you're traveling right outside the san francisco bay. below ten knots, about half as fast as you normally go. there's a high concentration of humpback whales, gray whales, blue whales and fin whales. the word on the street is there's an abundance of krill. mike has lit up. maybe he's hungry this morning. that's the reason they're out there. it's great whale watching opportunity. if you have the time off with your kids, what a great thing to check out. 95 degrees today in the inland cities. make sure you're ready for that. elsewhere we'll start to see temperatures6 really drop off friday. 64 degrees at the coast. temperatures are going to be comfortable this weekend for just about anything you want to do, just feels a little sticky out there. i know that krill sounds
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delicio delicious. >> i misheard you. i thought you said grill and i got all excited. everybody has their own cuisine. in the south bay everybody seems to be driving just fine. that's great. a lighter flow. even though it's traffic tuesday, just a little blip, right around 60 miles per hour north of 680 and coming into downtown, 87 starts to show a build, but not a lot of drama in the south bay. we don't need that. a smooth traffic flow right here. west 580 out of dublin. the build gentle. speeds in the 50s towards 680/580. 84 shows the focus at val seat dass and out of pleasanton toward sunol, southbound 680 around the bend, that's not a problem. as you're coming up the bend in toward fremont, folks on the other side of the pass. that could be at issue for visibility. it might be a concern just over
6:20 am
the hill. be careful ourt there. visibility does dull a bit. looking toward the san mateo bridge, it might be the case as well. westbound is your commute direction and a smooth drive off 880, no delays at the toll plaza. you can barely see the high-rise over there. there are low clouds hovering around the area watch as we're crossing there and the bay bridge. eastshore freeway has trouble at times coming out of richmond through berkeley. the metering lights are on and they're a little slow right now, although the volume of traffic not so bad. again, visibility across the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge are an issue. farther north in 101. san rafael, close to the limit. the peninsula, 101 smooth through palo alto and into the south bay. it is 6:20 right now. coming up, round two for a controversial texas bill. we'll tell you about the response as lawmakers take another vote on some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the entire country. new details on nsa leaker
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edward snowden's next step. the clock is ticking as he decides which country he wants to seek asylum in. [ wind howling ]
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register at 6:23. welcome back. the texas house of representatives could vote as early as today on a controversial bill restricting abortions. thousands of people on both sides of this debate rallying ahead of today's special legislative session.
6:24 am
the new legislation would ban g pregnancy, require higher standards for clinics and require doctors performing abortions to have, quote, admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. meantime texas governor rick perry says he will not seek re-election next year for governor. perry has served as the state's governor since 2000 when george w. bush was elected for president. perry did run unsuccessfully for president last year. in a speech to supporters yesterday, perry did not rule out another run for president coming up in 2016. later this morning, the u.s. government will offer new details regarding the nsa's secret surveillance programs. an oversight board will begin a day-long hearing on the issue. 16 experts are expected to testify. the oversight board is expected to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the program and produce a public report. the program was exposed last month by former nsa employee edward snowden currently hiding
6:25 am
out in moscow's airport seeking asylum in about 20 different countries. snowden has just a few hours left to decide whether to accept venezuela's offer of asylum. nicaragua and bolivia have also offered asylum. 6:25. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening on a tuesday. not a bad day out there. >> no. it's happening out there. a beautiful summertime stretch of wealth tore get into. i can tell you right now, we want to make those plans to go camping, hit the beach this weekend fair game for both weatherwise. a little toasty today inland. 80 degrees bay side at the coast, 68 degrees. if you're ready to head out the front door, hold out we're about to get caught about the hot spots. >> we're looking toward -- the low clouds are an issue. our view of the roads, you see a
6:26 am
lytle volume through this grayness, northbound past high street, that's pleasant for 880. we'll show you the slowdown, castro valley west, passing redwood road, north 238, that's where the focus of the slowing is. northbound 238 begins the build and heading south on 880 toward the san mateo bridge. a pretty typical area but lighter than average pattern for a tuesday. the dumbarton bridge not experiencing any problems. the peninsula freeway, 101 and 280, you're at the limit throughout your travel between san francisco and the south bay. your northbound routes show the slowing north 101 towards 680. it's clear by the time you get to the airport. 87 showing the build into downtown. back to you. >> thank you very much. here is something along your lines, if you're heading through the tunnels at devil's slide, brace yourself for traffic jams. caltrans will implement one-way traffic control in the area
6:27 am
starting this morning that will run through friday night. this will give them time to stripe the pavement there. the closure also be running from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day. 6:27. still ahead, we have the latest on the investigation into the asiana flight 214. families of survivors reunited as they arrive at a burlingame hotel overnight. we're there with a live update. plus chaos in egypt. more than 50 people now dead. military officials claiming self-defense. how the u.s. is responding this morning. good morning! wow.
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that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. rallies in egypt this morning after one of the deadliest days yet in that political crisis. now u.s. officials responding to all the violence. we'll let you know what they're
6:30 am
saying coming up. a live look at the nasdaq. the pilots of the solar impulse helping to open the markets this morning. that team just had the cross country journey after departing from moffett field back in may. a lot to celebrate on this tuesday, july 9th. this is "today in the bay." the nasdaq bell a good wayp to generate energy. good morning, happy to have you with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to get updates on the crash of asiana flight 214. we have a live look at sfo where the wreckage of the boeing 777 still strewn across runway 28l. investigators will be out on the scene again today. the question this morning, why did it takea.s so long for the pilot to realize that something was wrong? "today in the bay's" bob redell just got an update from the ntsb and will have a live report in about 15 minutes.
6:31 am
we're also live at the hotel where hours ago some of the chinese students who survived the crash were reunited with their parents. the parents of the two girls who died are also part of that group. christie smith is outside the hotel and will have the latest on their plans. this morning the bauchl administration says lit not stop sending aid to that country even as a situation on the streets of cairo continues to get worse. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has the latest reaction from washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that almost $1.5 billion is safe for now, the obama administration says, because they're trying to sort out what really happened here. there are calls for more protests today. the muslim brotherhood, the group that was pushed out of power after that deadly clash yesterday is calling on people to rebel against the military, and there are two very different stories about what happened outside the republican guard compound yesterday. it's the place where we believe
6:32 am
former president morsi is being held and over 50 people died when security forces clashed with morsi supporters. also today we know that there is a new plan in place from the new interim president. president monsieur saying within a couple of weeks they want to start the pro tess of starting a new constitution for egypt. they hope to hold elections within about seven months. >> tracie potts from d.c., thank you very much. this just in. a large explosion hitting a hezbollah stronghold in beirut's southern suburbs this morning. we're getting reports of at least 18 people wounded in that blast. at this point it's unclear who exactly is behind the attacks today. but tension has been high in lebanon ever since the militant group hezbollah began supporting the forces of syria's president. the attack right now is the second to hit southern beirut this year. closer to home, want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. foggy out there for some flights. >> it is foggy out there.
6:33 am
we also have one of those runways still out of commission. you want to count on the flight delays. we'll keep you updated. i'm right here on "today in the bay" through 11:30. we'll check in every 15 minutes giving the updates. right now the golden gate bridge is socked in with fog. we'll check in on the drive with mike in a moment. fog will likely be a factor for your coastal commute. 62 degrees to start the day. sunnyvale, 61 in san jose. a cool 50 straight up in gilroy. here is where we're headed throughout the day. i stopped the clock at 8:00 a.m., fog over the inner bay. by 11:00 a.m. when we meet back here for the midday broadcast, i can tell you lit be a nice day in san francisco, temperatures approaching just about 70 degrees there, but kind of hot. where you lose the natural cool in places like livermore and antioch. 95 degrees on the way to your irn land cities. this is the peak of it. q muggy conditions and some of the
6:34 am
mountain thunderstorms. we'll talk about when that comes into the mix. it's a traffic tuesday. let's check the drive with mike. >> normally i say "but." but we have a nice+ flow of traffic through fremont. traffic tuesday not quite as strong as we usually see. it's summer. a smooth drive through 880. your northbound routes just starting to show the slowing down north 101, 87 and 280 showing the build as well. that's a great flow of traffic throughout the south bay. through sunol, 680 moving smoothly out of pleasanton. dublin is not a problem. the bulk of the traffic through livermore west 580 and also 84. look at the continued slowing around 40% of your speed limit. as you travel through city streets and toward val seat dass and 680, you are down at times down to the 40s, congested spots
6:35 am
past the ge power plant. a smooth flow of traffic at the golden gate bridge. also across the bay bridge you may get caught with pass patches of fog. the backup is back toward the foot of the maze. 6:35. now a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. early detection of breast cancer saves lives, but what is the best way to do it? some says it's thermography. it's offered at clinics across the bay area and and billed as more accurate than mammograms. the problem is the fda has no evidence to support that claim and says thermography is not an alternative to a mammogram. in a hidden camera investigation we found some technicians making exaggerated claims about the test's ability to find cancer.
6:36 am
>> it does it equally as well or better than a mammogram. >> for me it was just catastrophic. >> a breast cancer survivor shares her warning. a full report is tonight at 11:00. it is 6:36 right now. still ahead, fresh off what happened at sfo, new details on a deadly train crash that led to an explosion in quebec. we'll let you know why officials fear the death toll could climb higher. a key change of course in the trial of george zimmerman. the important piece of evidence a judge has decided to allow next. right now let's take you live out to sfo right now. that is the remaining part of the aircraft from asiana air flight 214. it is shutting down that runway still for a fourth straight day out there. bob redell has been live talking to the ntsb. we'll have reports coming up in a matter of minutes. the thing is bee,
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welcome back everyone. foggy start across the bay area. this is a live look.-=i you can see as far as you can see out there across the san mateo bridge, all the fog causing flight delays, up to 2 1/2 hours. check ahead if you have a flight. also, a runway is still closed after the airline crash over the weekend. keeping tabs on everything, it's 6:39. sad reality here, the death toll expected to rise sharply as
6:40 am
investigators go through the epicenter of a fiery oil train derailment in quebec. 13 people confirmed dead. nearly 40 people still remain missing. the judge in the trial of george zimmerman has ruled that toxicology results on 17-year-old trayvon martin will be permitted in g martin was found to have small amounts of thc in his system, the active ingredient in marijuana. yesterday martin's father took the stand. defense attorneys say he initially said the cries for help on the 911 call were not his son. he denies ever saying that. zimmerman contends he shot the teenager in self-defense. investigators will release new information and new details on the former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. a massachusetts judge ordering all evidence found in hernandez's home to be made public today. hernandez stands accused of orchestrating the
6:41 am
execution-style shooting of his friend oden lloyd that happened last month. he's also under investigation for his possible involvement in a double homicide from last year. 6:41. still ahead, breaking their silence, three cleveland women rescued after a decade in captivity are speaking out in an online video. you'll want to see it. we'll show you what they had to say coming up. families of the survivors of asiana flight 214 arriving in the bay area. we'll let you know as the investigation continues into this deadly crash. today will be the hottest day of the week. then we are headed towards a refreshing july cooldown. we want to help you make those outdoor plans. your seven-day forecast is coming up next. it is a traffic tuesday, the summer edition. we have the build to the bay bridge, the clouds, the fog. now a crash on the eastshore freeway complicating things further. good morning! wow.
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at 6:44, a live look at the wreckage of asiana flight 214 where investigators will spend yet another day trying to figure out exactly what happened in the moments before that plane went down on saturday morning. in the meantime, we have new video this morning from south korea where the president and ceo of asiana airlines met with the families of two girls who died as they left for the bay area. he bowed and apologized to the parents, the father of one of the teens there who started shouting at the president. >> right now the airline executive is on a flight to san francisco. he did speak before leaving south korea this morning saying he plans to visit each and every passenger from asiana flight 214
6:45 am
and offer what he is calling a sincere apology. the airline president flying the very same route asiana 214 did to get to san francisco. he's expected to arrive today around noon. before the?m! asiana airlin chief boarded the flight for america, he admitted something needs to be done to prevent a similar crash from happening again. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame right now with the plans to make pilots better prepared. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. the head of asiana airline making remarks that he perhaps needs more training for his pilots. you may recall the pilot at the controls of asiana flight 214 had never landed a boeing h777 t sfo, leading to questions that why didn't his copilot take over
6:46 am
and if he did, why did the plain crash? they have interviewed two of the four pilots. they conducted those interviews yesterday. they will interview the other two later this morning or sometime this afternoon including the pilot who was behind the controls during that crash. there's a better idea of the timeline leading up to the fina% approach before impact. about 1:12 before impact, auto pilot was disengaged. 34 seconds later the plane was at 500 speed at a speed of 134 knots, that's below the 137 minimum required for a safe landing. it now takes another 28 seconds before the crew tries to correct, where they realize, hey, we're too low, too slow. eight seconds before impact, the plane has now slowed considerably, at 112 knots and 125 feet and just before impact, they did try to abort the landing. clearly they failed. >> how is it it took them
6:47 am
roughly 28 seconds to realize they were coming in too low and too slow? >> i have to tell you the cockpit is a very dynamic environment. there's a lot going on. there's a lot of monitoring taking place and a lot of communications. we really have to take a look at what they understood about the air part, how they communicated and what their procedures were. >> reporter: the ntsb investigators had hoped to interview all four pilots yesterday, but the interviews went a little bit too long because of the translation from korean to english. again, they will have the other two pilots including the pilot at the controls interviewed today, and they plan to release information to us about those interviews during a news conference scheduled for sometime later this afternoon. as for the wreckage of that aircraft that is still on the runway at sfo behind me, they say it could take several days before that is finally removed. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob.
6:48 am
6:47. some of the youngest survivors of the asiana crash are back with pair parents. family members arrived overnight and were shuttled to the crown plaza hotel where the students were staying. that's where "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us with an update. >> reporter: this had to be the longest flight of their lives. of the 291 passengers, 70 were teachers or students from china. many of the families being reunited here in burlingame today at the crown plaza hotel. two other families, just horrifying news. 16-year-old ye mengyuan and wang linjia were killed in the crash on saturday. the girls were heading to a camp to learn all about culture, planning to visit stanford and google. there's another level of investigation in the crash, that
6:49 am
one of the girls may have been run over by a fire truck after the crash. family members arrived flying right over the wreckage. they boarded a shuttle to their hotel. one ps jer on the same flight say it is families were left off first. >> rather than let everyone off the plane as they would normally do, they said they were letting off a few different people, so everyone stayed on the planes for a few extra minutes and a few people got off on some stairway or ladder or something. i didn't really know what was going on at the time. i was just kind of like chilling, but i guess they were related to the people who died in the plane crash. >> reporter: the families are expected to meet with the coroner in san mateo county. that coroner saying autopsy results won't be released for two to three weeks pending the outcome of toxicology and other tests. originally it was thought those results might be released
6:50 am
earlier. that will shed light on whether one of the teens was killed by a truck or from injuries received initially as the plane crashed. live in burlingame, christie smith, "today in the bay." be prepared flights in and out of san francisco international will experience delays pour the near feature. the ntsb saying it won't clear the wreckage from the airport's runway until the team has completely completed its investigation into that deadly crash. three of those runways at the airport are open this morning. it was the very same situation yesterday and caused delays longer than an hour. it also canceled 84 flights. a rough one out there. be sure to stay with nbc bay area news for all the latest details on the asiana air crash. right now on our website we have pictures from inside that wreckage of the jet as well as flight simulation that shows just how low and just how slow that plane was actually flying the moments before the deadly
6:51 am
impact. that is on talking about one of the runways there that is closed, but the fog is causing some delays as well. >> yes, the two koubld together not making for great travel conditions. 2 1/2 hours is for arriving flights. nothing reported so far for departures. we'll let you know throughout the "today" show. it's 6:51 now. i can't believe they're already advertising fall fashions. can you believe that? it's way too soon. don't let the summer get past you. back to school shopping next week. take you outside and show you what's happening right here over san bruno. beautiful day shaping up right here where you can see we're seeing quite a bit of low cloud cover filling in daly city like a bowl of soup this morning. last week i had to bring news of a bum her summer stretch of weather. this week it's the exact opposite. it's one of the weeks where you want to make the outdoor plans. if you want to go camping, this weekend will be phenomenal.
6:52 am
we'll have a big report coming up tomorrow on your camping forecast. 59 in river moore, 61 in san jose. a crisp start in places like gilroy, santa rosa, napa with the low 50s. you don't need the jacket of 70s and 80s. winds will play a factor today. if you want to get that air moving inside your home if you don't have an air conditioner, feel free to do so. air quality is pretty good. good to moderate. microclimates making a big impact. but still enough of an onshore flow for the low clouds to stick to the coast just about all day long, especially the pacific coast side. san francisco socked in with fog all day long. otherwise, a nice day in places like santa cruz, up to 77 degrees there. not the greatest beach day to the north of the golden gate bridge. if you want to hit santa cruz, 75 degrees, down right perfect.4 85 in san jose. 95 on the way topce livermore.
6:53 am
this is the peak of the heat wave. if you're looking for cooler days, we got them starting tomorrow. then back to the 80s as we get through thursday and friday. debby gibson, who else did we have, tiffany. >> a lot of sweater dresses going on. >> leg warmers. >> exactly. we won't talk about my fashion because it could be dangerous.f÷ looking over here toward the bay bridge. the backup by the toll plaza goes back toward west grand avenue. part of the reason why it's slow is because of lower visibility at times across the bay bridge. i can't even show you the eastshore freeway from our live camera because the low clouds are between our camera and the roadway. i'll show you the maps where the speed sensors are telling a tale. a little slowing off the emeryville and berkeley curve area. the folks are held up here coming out of richmond, a new crash westbound 80 as you're approaching cutting boulevard. also debris, earlier debris may
6:54 am
possibly have played a factor in that crash. coming out of hercules, san pablo bogs down the area. the merge off the bridge, the richmond bridge, moving smoothly through that area. upper east shore, that's the concern right there. looking over here toward the castro valley y with more slowing west 580 and north 238. pretty typical a area for a traffic tuesday. overall lighter flow of traffic. 880 maintaining pretty good speeds around 50 miles per hour around the san mateo bridge. r)h at san antonio road, moved quickly toward the shoulder, but there is some slowing. surprising news to tell you about as the women known as the cleveland three break their silence. those women who were held captive for a decade release add video overnight to say thank you to all their supporters.e1 "today in the bay's" marla tellez with a look at some of the riveting clips. >> more than two months since
6:55 am
amanda fw amman the women escaped from the home of ariel castro. the 3:30 video is short and powerful and inspiring. >>xe support. >> that right there is gina dejesus alongside her parents. that's all you'll hear from her on this video. her parents speak quite a bit, also expressing their gratitude. that is the whole point of the video torques give thanks to those who donated to their rehabilitation fund and those who listened to their request to be left alone. that has been key for amanda berry. she is the one who has a child with castro and also the one who initiated their escape. >> i'm getting stronger each day and i'm having my privacy helpedism men'sly. i ask everyone continues to
6:56 am
respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> perhaps hardest to hear from& is michelle knight who has hearing problems and facial injuries from the beatings she endured. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high and my feet firmly on the ground. >> worth noting here, not once do the women mention ariel castro who, by the way, is pleading not guilty to more than 300 counts that, of course, include rape and kidnapping. the video was filmed one week ago on july 2nd and released with the help of the women's attorneys. you can watch the video in its entirety on >> let's hope they can heal. thank you, marla. dozens of people displaced by a deadly apartment fire will be allowed to return home today to
6:57 am
pack up their belongings. that fire broke out early sunday morning at the hallmark house apartments ont( woodside road. one person died and 21 others were injured including three firefighters. 91 people were left homeless by that blaze. this morning the red cross is opening a support center in redwood city to provide shelter and other services. yes, b.a.r.t. worker's may be back on the job, but no closer to zets settling the dispute that sent them out on strike last week. in fact, negotiations for a new contract will not be resuming until friday. if agreement is not reached, it will likely mean another strike coming up in august. this last friday workers did agree to return to work for 30 days while continuing their negotiations. their four-day strike created the huge commute issues and headaches all across the bay area. both sides admit they still remain very far apart on getting a new deal done. students, staff and faculty all set to rally to try to keep california's largest city
6:58 am
college from closing its doors. protesting last week's decision to revoke san francisco college's accreditation which would happen at the end of the month. the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges says ccsf didn't do enough to fix financial and educational deficiencies. the march will be held at 4:00 this afternoon in front of the department of education's san francisco office. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. i think she mentioned it will be the hottest day of the week. >> yes, it will. we will be ready. >> you need wauter? >> he's dehydrated, christina. >> it's understandable. we're back to that dry heat pattern in the bay area. temperatures will be hot today, but nothing like last week. 95 degrees inland, bay side 80, 68 at the coast. he's like a tall drink of water, mike inouye. >> more like a tumbler, a shot glass.
6:59 am
i'm not that tall. looking toward the south bay, traffic builds in the northbound direction, slowly building but it will kick in over the 7:30 to 8:00 hour. looking over here at northbound 101, the crashality san antonio has not moved from the roadway. it's still an issue, northbound out of mountain view it's slowing. as you're approaching san francisco, traffic moving pretty good. a new accident toward the geneva off-ramp. watch for fog in the area as well. >> it is 6:59. time for wurn final check of the day's top stories. the president of asiana airlines heading for sfo. once he lands he'll visit passengers from asiana flight 214 and offer what he is calling a sincere apology. >> meantime the parents of two girls killed in that plane crash are at sfo. they're waking up in the bay area this morning. they arrived late last night at a hotel near the airport. meanwhile the ntsb is scheduled to give an update on the crash investigation later today. that is something that we'll
7:00 am
continue to follow. that's what's happening today in the bay. >> have a great one. enjoy your day. we'll see you tomorrow. good morning. me good morning. messages of thanks. the cleveland kidnapping victims release a video overnight speaking publicly for the first time since being freed from captivity. >> i am strong enough to walk through this with a smile on my face. >> this morning their words to the world and their plea for privacy. >> new this morning, crash investigators now talking to the pilots of asiana airlines flight 214. why did they fail to recognize signs of trouble until it was too late. >> and critical condition, grammy-winning country star randy travis hospitalized with a potentially deadly heart condition. how he's fighting for his life today, tuesday, july 9, 2013. 20.


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