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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 10, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of the suspect. >> the suspect is described as a female african-american 30 to 40 years old. she could possibly be hispanic, as well. medium complexion. she has very long black hair and it is straight. >> reporter: what is strange about this story is the description of the suspect that you just heard came from people who saw a woman matching that description walking down the street with a girl. the little girl was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts and also wearing socks with pink hearts on them. if you have any ideas please let police know. they called in the fbi, two county chef departments. this is where the vehicle was parked. the black suv is where the man parked his car and came back out and his daughter was missing and
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unfortunately the person, the mother in the car unable to really advance the situation for police, unable to really tell them what the person who took the child looked like. they are going with reports from people who saw a woman walking down the street with a little girl and the search is on. a full-court press involving the fbi now. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> let's show you daphne. she was last seen wearing orange pajamas. she has pink hearts on them. now the latest on the asiana crash. we are hearing from the flight attendants. the ntsb is offering critical new details about what happened after the plane hit the run way including problems with the emergency slide and the delay in the evacuation.
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cheryl hurd continues with the latest. it was emotional watching the flight attendants this afternoon. >> reporter: asiana airline passengers starting to leave san francisco. we saw that first-hand when we saw six flight attendants. six crew members making a brief appearance today late this afternoon. one of them was lee. she spoke through an interpreter on behalf of all of her colleagues. lee is being credited with with saving lives. she is the first person to speak to passengers when the plane crash landed on saturday. she was the last one to leave the burning plane. she rescuedy+r a lot of peoplen carrying some on her back. she was very emotional today and didn't know she suffered a broken tail bone until she was examined at the hospital. >> i hope for all the families who have suffered losses to recover as quickly as possible
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and they are all in my prayers. >> reporter: as the flight attendants spoke briefly to reporters the ntsb held the daily briefing at the holiday inner rr. deborah hersman says flight attendants were key. >> the flight crew told not to evacuate. they were communicating with the towerer about the emergency. the lead or the cabin manager made an announcement over the pa for people to stay in their seats and to not evacuate. >> reporter: now, after that another flight attendant made a split decision after he saw smoke to tell everyone to get out of the plane. we will have much more coming up at 6:00. reporting live at the san francisco international airport i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area
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news. >> one of the many difficult parts of the story is the exact cause of death for one of the two teenage girls killed in the crash. officials indicated she might have been run over by a san francisco fire truck after the crash. the coroner has identified the girl as 16-year-old. the coroner spoke to the girl's parents yesterday. an official report is not expected to be released for at least two more weeks. vice president joe biden expressed sadness during opening remarks. >> i want to start by expressing my sadness of quite frankly the american people in the loss of two beautiful young lives, young chinese students in the asiana plane crash on saturday. our sympathies to their families and your country. >> also today that closed run way continues to cause big delays. now we are getting our first
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clear indication of when it might reopen. the airport released this photograph on the twitter account saying airport crews were heading out to begin clearing debris. the ntsb said it would turn over control to airport officials. reopening the run way will be the top priority. however before it can reopen the airport it will have to determine how badly it was damaged by the crash and make any necessary repairs. there are only four injured passengers remaining at stanford hospital. the day of the crash 55 passengers were treated there. it was an active scene inside of that emergency room. tonight we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the e.r. in stanford handled the rush of survivorers. marianne favro joins us. >> reporter: it came down to two things. training and timing. less than three weeks before the crash the emergency department
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had conducted a drill to see how they should handle a massive influx of patients coming in at one time. minutes after asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo the team at stanford hospital began preparing for injured patients. 150 doctors, nurses and anise theanise -- poured in. this is the command center of the hospital. this is what it looked like saturday as 30 people worked to answer critical questions. >> how many ors can we stand up? how many icu beds? blood transfusions? >> reporter: technology played a prominent role in helping prepare for patients. >> we keep getting alerts that updates us on the amount of casualties on scene and how many we should be anticipating. >> reporter: more than an hour after the crash the first
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patients arrived in the er. total of 55 passengers were treated here. the largest volume of patients the e.r. has received at once in more than 20 years. dr. bob norris treated many of them. >> the most severe were severe lacerations, some liver lacerations, spinal trafracture were the worst. >> reporter: he says the drills three weeks before the crash helped the hospitals give injured patients the best and fastest care possible. because this was an international flight the hospital also helped to coordinate efforts with u.s. customs and immigration agents and the patients here. reporting live at stanford, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> interesting to go behind the scenes. four days after the crash people are still having trouble
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getting in and out of sfo. nearly 70 flights were cancelled just today. half departures and half arrivals. that is progress from yesterday. our website is updated around the clock. it is a great resource for the story. you will find more pictures, video and an interview with an attorney investigating seat belt issues. a construction crew may have helped save the life of a south bay man. the workers say they ran into the burning building before firefighters arrived. nbc bay area is live. you spoke to some of the construction workers. >> reporter: i did earlier today. the workers say they saw smoke and flames here behind me. that is when they ran in to help. by that time the home already
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was up in flames. they called three alarm because of the heat, the humidity and the potential for firefighter fatigue under those conditions. before crews arrived several men working across the street said they saw the danger so they burst into action. >> so we ran across the street to make sure everybody was okay. and we found a guy sleeping inside. and we woke him up. the smoke was about five feet high. >> the fire department tells me they were unaware the workers helped the victims. those investigators spoke with the workers after our interview. there were no injuries reported here at the scene. no estimate on the damage caused by the fire and the workers say they do not consider themselves heroes. up next a giants pitcher in
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trouble with the law. what investigators say he did to a woman inside of an emergency room. the new eastern span of the bay bridge could open by labor day after all. i'm jodi hernandez with details. big plans. and good afternoon i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking delays at sfo right now with the closed run way. those delays likely to continue tomorrow with more low clouds. we will show you the clouds filling in across the coast line. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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it may open sooner than later. today we learn the multibillion-dollar project, we are talking about the bay bridge
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being pushed back from mid december could open within a month. jodi hernandez is live at treasure island. you were at today's meeting. what needs to be done to make before december? >> reporter: a lot will need to be done. bridge officials say this is the first time that they learned that the fix is anything more than a concept. they say their team is going to have to fully vet out the plan and that is going to take time. they say they are not yet ready to shift gears. >> the old bridge is on wood piles in the mud. the new bridge is on sturdy concrete and steel foundations. >> reporter: bridge officials reiterated they need until december to fix broken bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge before they open the structure. >> the current plan we have for fabrication and installation is targeted at december 10. >> we have a difference of
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opinion. >> reporter: now an independent team of bridge experts says there is no need to wait. >> this is what needs to be put in. >> reporter: engineers with the seismic safety review committee say they have come up with a temporary fix that involves inserting wedges to stabilize them. >> we believe there is a fix available to get the bridge open for traffic as early as possible. i'm not mentioning any dates but as of right now the proposal is within a month or so. >> reporter: bridge officials seem blind sided. they say they will consider it but aren't close to signing on. >> this new idea might prove out well. if it does i don't think any of us are going to stand in the way of trying to get the bridge open as soon as we can. we also have to have a level of confidence in the idea and in the engineering. today i certainly don't have it.
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>> i don't want to wait any day longer than necessary because we can have an earthquake at any time and the old bridge is not safe. it is that simple. >> reporter: so will it open by labor day or not? that is the question that remains to be answered. bridge officials say they have to fully vet this idea. that is going to take time and right now the target date remains months away. reporting live at treasure island i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the penalty for pg&e is on hold for now. the california public utilities commission was asked to drop the $2 billion fine that stems from the san bruno explosion. lawyers from the safety enforcement division have asked to withdraw the plan and aallow a new proposal by next monday. the problem is whether the penalty punishes pg&e. lawyers discovered the fines would be tax deductible and
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comes with credits and perks. san francisco giants pitcher chad gaudin has been charged with gross lewdness after police say he inappropriately touched a woman at a las vegas hospital. he was apparently drunk and fondled a woman she was on a gurney. attorneys say gaudin was being treated for confusion. he appeared in 29 games this season. a giant of the tech world is dropping anchor. samsung is opening u.s. operations in san jose in a big way. in in the animation video it shows the ten story building. the tech giant already has a small presence in the silicon valley. it only employed a couple
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hundred people. thousands of people are expected to work at this new campus. samsung executives say opening head quarters in san jose was a no brainer. >> if you look at why we chose silicon valley look at the innovation that comes out of the city. samsung has been here for 30 years. it is showing commitment to innovation and job growth in the bay area. >> the building is expected to be completed by 2015. it will cost samsung roughly $3 million. a bittersweet day for apple. on the five-year anniversary of the opening of the app store apple lost a court case involving ebooks. the judge determined they conspired. she urged apple to settle before the trial. she used co founder steve jobs
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words against him. he told the reporter the price was irrelevant because soon all prices would be the seem. apple says it will appeal today's ruling. an unsettling experience overnight for passengers on a delta flight leaving sfo. an airplane tug crashed into the nose gear of the plane as it was leaving the gate. that impact stirred up the passengers and the plane. passengers were evacuated so the plane could be inspected. just days after the asiana accident, the faa is releasing new guidelines for co pilots stemming in part not from the asiana flight but from a commuter flight in new york that killed 50 people in 2009. the faa will require 1,500 hours of flight time for copilots up
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from 250. regulations direct at a congressional mandate. flights to japan got easier. from san jose to tokyo are available seven days a week. beginning today offering daily nonstop flights. previously the flights were only available five days a week. they came back into service last month after being grounded in january due to battery problems. jeff ranieri joins us from the weather center with more on how the day is looking. >> beautiful. if you had a moment to look up towards the sky gorgeous clouds today. we are going to show you that but we had a humid flow producing a few showers. for us mainly cloud cover and a touch of humidity mainly across san jose. at the coast line a wide mix of stuff happening. we had the cool marine air here.
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that is very typical for this time of the year. we had plenty of cool weather. san francisco 60 and bodegga bay with 54 degrees. across the east bay isolated summer sizzleal locked in with one of the warmest walnut creek 93. we did have numbers around the century mark. 91 in lafayette. now as you get a first look at our thursday forecast it is going to start off foggy for everyone at the coast by the bay and low clouds inland. by 11:00 a.m. expecting plenty of sunshine right up near the coast with primarily plenty of 70s. let's get you to the live hd sky camera network. you can see beautiful clouds. a little bit of stratus back there on the lower horizon. off to the north you will see the marine layer. it is a lot stronger than this time yesterday. an indication of more cooling coming our way for tomorrow. up to about 2,000 feet.
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hard to make out the san francisco skyline from emeryville looking towards downtown. your fog factor forecast for tomorrow. we'll have low clouds at the immediate coast line. north bay counties being impacted. back through towards almeida. not expecting too much in san jose. don't worry sphyif you are not fan of the cloud cover fog holding steady. daytime highs for tomorrow going a little cooler with this on shore flow now pretty strong for a second day. 84 in san jose. 87 in morgan hill. it is going to be warm, closer to average in the east bay. 84 in castro valley. going down in livermore with 87 degrees. san francisco 66 and 75 expected in san rafael. we have the tropical low pressure offshore keeping cooler temperatures in place over the next two or three days in the forecast. mid to upper 80s all the way
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through this weekend inland. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and 60s at the coast. tomorrow morning keep our eyes to the sky as the subtropical humid flow to the south. we have a ten percent chance of maybe an isolated thunderstorm. up next americans may be exercising more and living longerer but a new study says americans aren't necessarily healthier. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of oakland. an amber alert issued for a little girl who police say was kidnapped from a family's car.
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in health matters in the biggest survey of its kind shows
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americans are exercising long and living longerer but we are not necessarily healthier. the study shows some cities like new york and san francisco have high life expectancies but some low in some parts because of consumption of food and tobacco. while people are living longer they are afflicted with chronic conditions like diabetes. we have an interactive map showing vital statistics of communities across the country. it is on our website, you might want to check it out. the story is right at the top of our home page. there is trouble on the water. america's cup sponsor louis vuitton wants its money back. it is asking for a $3 million refund because so few race teams
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have entered the event. anywhere from seven to 13 teams have participated in the america's cup. this summer only three teams have entered. emirates, team new zealand. the contract with the race was based on eight teams participating. despite the problem the racing does continue on the bay until labor day weekend. >> no luggage for you. we are back in a moment.
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now to the latest on our developing story. the fbi joining the search for the missing 21-month-old girl abducted in oakland. here is a photo of daphne webb. police say she was taken from a car on international boulevard and 79th avenue not far from the oakland coliseum. her father left her in the car with another family member who is disabled. witnesses say a woman described as black or hispanic with long black hair was seen walking away with the little girl. if you have information you are urged to call 911 immediately. we will continue to stay on the story. >> nightly news is next.
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time since flight 214 slammed into the runway in san francisco. we are hearing from those who went into action during that moment of crisis. the defense rests when george zimmerman deciding not to testify, but not before a dramatic exchange between his attorneys and the judge as this case nears its conclusion. nbc news exclusive tonight. the boston bombing suspect comes face-to-face with survivors in court. our conversation with the man whose rescue made for one of the haunting images from that awful day. the man who knew right away he seen the face of the bomber. and life and death. where you live helps determine how long you live. the results of a major new study of our nation's health. "nightly news" begins now.


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