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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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horrible accident a chance to revisit the crash site. one passenger, ben levy tells us it was emotional, some people crying while others remained silent. the reason for his return, to try to become closer with his fellow survivors. the only people, he says, on the planet who can understand what he experienced when that plane crashed into the runway saturday morning. >> i think we're all connected through the event for life. we'll never forget it. to getting to know a little bit the people on the plane with me i think helps me perhaps deal a little bit better. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilot told the investigators a bright light temporarily blinded him during final approach. this happening about 34 seconds from impact. this is around the same time
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that he realized the plane was flying too low and too slow. the ntsb doesn't know what tlit was, whether it might have been someone slowing a laser at the cockpit. after the plane crashed, the cockpit crew waited 90 seconds before waiting an evacuation of the aircraft. they actually told passengers to remain in their seats as they communicated with the control tower. they didn't initiate the evacuation until a flight attendant informed them that the plane was on fire. reporting live in south san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." we're hearing for the very first time from the flight crew on board asiana flight 214. six of those flight attendants still remain hospitalized. six others did hold a news conference at sfo. the cabin manager spoke through an interpreter. they say she was the first to speak to them after the crash and she was also the last to leave that wreckage. she even managed to carry one
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man off of the plane to safety. >> translator: i hope for all the families who suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible, and they are all in my prayers. >> some of those crew members definitely heroes out there. ntsb investigators say the flight attendants were crucial in just getting everybody safely off the plane. once on the runway, it was just chaos. 911 tapes released late last night giving us new insight into just how long it took for help to arrive and just how scared everybody truly was. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in burlingame right now. she has the 911 tapes. i'm sure it's very dramatic to listen to. >> reporter: it is, jon. good morning to you. listening to the tapes it is amazing to hear some passengers actually remained calm during the 911 calls. others very frantic, understandably so. the common theme we're hearing is that help was not arriving
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fast enough. listen to this woman just trying to keep a fellow passenger alive. >> yes, we just got in a plane crash and there are a bunch of people who still need help. there are not enough medics out here. there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway, who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> we do have help started that way. you said they're there but not enough people, correct? >> yes. she is severely burned, she will probably die soon if we don't get help. >> reporter: now, we cannot tell you the outcome of this particular situation, but we can tell you some survivors telling us that they waited in their estimation about 40 minutes for emergency medical attention. one issue that medics may have had to deal with was the traffic outside sfo. this video right here shot by one of our producers who just happened to be near the scene at the time of the crash. it shows traffic at a crawl
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along 101 outside the airport. again, this is potentially what kept paramedics from arriving to the scene in a fashionable manner, timely manner i should say. new photos into the newsroom from survivors ben levy. you remember him, the 39-year-old san francisco man who literally walked away unhurt from this crash. he's one of the 123 people who did walk away unhurt. you can see passengers idly standing by, some with their luggage as they watched the plane in the background burn. also a look at one of the triage areas, passengers getting treated by emergency personnel. there's at least ten-plus minutes to sift through on the 911 calls. i've been listening to them this morning. coming up in my next report, you'll hear from a caller who clearly is frustrated with the dispatcher on the other end of the line. live from burlingame, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> amazing to listen to. thank you very much. tonight there will be a special
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prayer vigil for the chinese students and chaperones aboard asiana flight 214. west valley christian school holding the vigil starting at 7:00. the students include the two teenagers killed in that crash who were supposed to attend a summer program put on by that school. make sure to stay with us on "today in the bay" for continuing coverage of the asiana air crash. we'll also have more images from ben levy taken moments after he got off that plane. you can see the entire slideshow on our website, you can also hear more of those very dramatic 911 calls. it is 5:05. crews are back out this morning in a desperate search for a toddler thought to be abducted in oakland. 21-month-old daphne viola webb reportedly disappeared from inside a car while her father made a quick stop at a convenience store. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live. she's with police officers outside the family's oakland
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home. >> reporter: good morning to you. oakland police stress that the father is not a suspect, but still a very strong police presence outside of the home where the family stays. there is crime scene tape around one apartment complex and farther around the property there are two other police cars. this as they try to locate a 21-month-old little girl. they're trying to find witnesses who can place the father with the little girl together in recent weeks. john anthony webb says little daphne viola webb was in the back of his black ford suv yesterday morning around 11:00 a.m. he said he drove to get a snack with his mom in the car at 79th and international. he says when he returned from getting that snack, it only took a couple minutes, he says daphne was gone out of the back seat and his 87-year-old mom couldn't help because she has dementia. investigators interviewed webb and the girl's mom, police and the fbi spent hours at the
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family's home searching it, talking with neighbors. an amber alert was issued. they're trying to verify what they're being told. >> in hopes that someone will be able to provide a timeline and say i saw them together on this date or this location at this time. >> reporter: now, police also searched the martin luther king regional shoreline near the airport. they were searching every place that the father and daughter visited recently. we swung by there this morning and there is still crime scene tape up. daphne was wearing an orange two-piece pajama suit. police say it's possible that the little girl was taken by either a black or hispanic woman 30 to 40 years old with the distinct feature that she has very long black hair. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 5:07 right now. the giants' chad go dan will not be able to pitch his way out of this jam. he's been charged with lewdness
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after police say he touched a woman's breast while she was on a gurney at a las vegas hospital back in january. godan's attorney says the athlete was at that hospital because he was experiencing symptoms related to a condition called rab dough my ol sis or rabdo for short, this is a condition where the muscle tissue gets damaged and the tissue particles are released into your body, causing symptoms ranging from muscle aches to confusion and disorientation. it is a condition doctors say is only made worse by alcohol. >> you can have morale ter ration in your mental status b more confused and have more muscle damage, problems with your liver, problems with your kidneys. las vegas police say when they arrested godan, he was confused and he did smell of alcohol. his attorney says his client is cooperating with authorities right now and he has denied doing anything wrong. it is 5:08. a housing facility helping homeless veterans get back on
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their feet opens its doors this morning on the kirk of kirk and alum rock avenues in san jose. the facility is made up of eight buildings with rose gardens and relaxation areas and will provide transitional housing for nearly 150 veterans. mayor chuck reed and santa clara county supervisor dave core taz zi will be on hand for the opening. let's check with christina loren. we see a lot of fog. does that mean it's cooler? >> yes, the natural ac. you can see it. which is great news in the bay area because you wake up and see the full deck of clouds in places like concord and livermore. you know it's not going to be a scorcher. we get concerned about the complete sunshine to start the day. today is not going to be the case. let me show you what's happening just to our south. this is some really cool weather that we have right here right now. look at this. thunderstorms rolling in from the south along the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose. and we're stale fair game for
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that, as i take you into southern california look what's. quite a bit of thunderstorm activity from los angeles through fresno. we have an area of low pressure competing with this big ridge of high pressure. so as we head throughout the morning, we could see some of these showers sneak up. we'll continue to track that for you all morning long, pretty school stuff. the good news is temperatures will be comfortable. 86 in livermore, 75 in fremont, 78 degrees in los gatos. maybe you have the day off tomorrow. we'll help you with your weekend plans and the weather that will cooperate. first let's check the drive. here is mike. >> good morning. here i am. i was riveted by your forecast. looking at a nice flow of track as well. this is the 280/880/17 interchange. the headlights coming toward us -- heading away southbound we see slowdowns.
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i'll rotate the maps. north is the top of the screen. speeds are recovering as those crews that were blocking the roadway overnight have cleared from that interchange. that's great news traveling through san jose. east 84 to south 880, that connector ramp still closed probably about 45 minutes to an hour. we're looking farther north toward the san mateo bridge with an easy flow off the castro valley y. we'll zee look at the peninsula coming off the high-rise, still a pretty easy volume off the bridge. no delays for 92 or across the bay bridge. we'll send it back to you. it is 5:11 right now. the bay area's hewlett packard losing its top spot in the commuter area. we'll let you know who is the new tech giant champion. the car company trying to offer you a more affordable electric car. n source. crystal geyser.
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welcome back everyone. a live look at sfo this morning where they are starting to clear the wreckage of the asiana flight. we've got complete coverage this morning including the 911 calls made from passengers. we'll have those coming up later in this hour. hp no longer at the top of the pc market. quarterly results from pc manufacturers showing lenovo shipped more computers last quarter than hp. hp has been the largest pc maker since at least 2006. an hp spokesperson tells the "mercury news" the company plans to soon be back on top. ford motor company trying to make it easier to get into an electric car. the auto giant offering its all electric focus at a little more affordable price. that always sounds good. courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. she has details on that of course along with her thursday
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look at how the futures are trading. courtney, good morning. >> good morning to you both. futures are sharply higher on the back of comments by fed chairman ben bernanke who says interest rates will likely stay low for a long time. he says the economy still needs its help as unemployment remains high, inflation stays low and growth is held back by budget cuts. stocks ended mixed on wednesday, the dow slipped eight points to 15,291. the nasdaq rising 16 to 3,520. ford is cutting the price on the electric version of the 2014 fort focus by 10%, it's $35,200, about $4,000 less than the 2013 model. the vehicle should be in showrooms in the next few weeks. ford says the move will help keep its first electric passenger car competitive with rivals. back to you. >> courtney, thank you very much. slashing prices never hurts.
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never hurts having a convertible, especially on a day like this. >> just having a car is a good thing. if you wanted to use your legs, get on a bike, the weather will cooperate. today is looking good, even for a hike. 5:16. i want to start with this live picture, fogged in in san francisco. it's that natural ac that we look forward to this time of year because that's what keeps us cool in the heat of the day. it's 5:16. you can make out the commuters on the bay bridge. the fog will continue to lower as we head throughout the next couple hours. let's get right to it this morning. temperatures are comfortable. 56 in livermore, 58 in san jose and 62 in sunnyvale with rain on the radar. take a look at this. lit up like a fire cracker over the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose. that's interesting stuff for us to have the showers coming in at this hour. let me widen out and give you an idea of the setup.
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monsoonal moisture is creeping up from the south competing with an area of low pressure riding in from the north. it depends on where you live today, the microclimates with really make an impact. we're expecting foggy conditions at the coastline, warm conditions inland today. temperatures will be comfortable. we still have the threat of thunderstorms at least until about noon today. you want to keep that in mind. remember, when thunder roars, it's time to get indoors. 75 for fremont, 78 in san jose today and 83 degrees in gilroy. great news is, we'll stay nice and steady. that means comfortable all weekend long. let's check the drive with mike. >> good morning. folks, we'll go to the south bay where we continue to see is sensors right here, 280, 880 and 17, that interchange had overnight construction crews. as the construction vehicles start to move, that skews the data. a smooth drive as far as drivers are concerned. 101, 87 and 85 all moving smoothly through the south bay. in the tri-valley we see in the
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altamont pass, westbound 580 starting to show speeds coming down into the upper 50s. by the time you get into livermore, pazing vasco and north livermore here, a smoother drive. still a tiny dip in speeds from time to time down below the speed limit through the stated areas including into livermore whereas you approach vallecitos you get more company. we're looking over here toward the start of the commute for highway 4 westbound through antioch, your traditional slowing spread out all the way over toward about lone tree way, not unusual here. we did have a closure north 242 coming off the 680 heading toward clayton road. that is scheduled to be cleared. i've heard of no delays. if you need to, pass by and take 680 north over to east highway 4 and that will take you out of the area. construction crews should be clear. a look towards emeryville camera. you see the low clouds cutting off the tops of the bridge, not a problem for drivers. an easy flow southbound 101
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toward the richmond-san rafael bridge. closing arguments continue in the richmond gang rape trial. yesterday defense attorneys argued that he was not a participant in the 2009 attack of a girl outside a dance. prosecutors claim he was actively involved and should be sent to prison for life. attorneys for co-defendant jose montano will make their argument today. fremont police say they caught up with man suspected of stealing a package from somebody's front porch. this is surveillance video from last month capturing the entire scene. police say they were able to use that video to get a license plate number. they traced the car to this man, 27-year-old aldama. police say he's a transient and his last known address was in san jose. officers arrested him in milpitas yesterday. he is now in the santa rita
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jail. san francisco police continue to warn dog owners about poisonous meatballs found on city streets. investigators have found hundreds in the between peaks and diamond heights neighborhoods. just last week a dog became very sick from eeth one of those meatballs. 5:20. the final community meeting to talk about redistricting san mateo county will be held tonight. the committee will consider possible boundary changes to the county's supervisory district. it starts at 6:30 at millbrae community center on lincoln circle. recommended changes are due to the board by early october. the goal is to have the new districts ready for the election next june. we can tell you a bay area city is in the national spotlight this morning. livermore now being featured on the discovery channel's "today in america" program hosted by football hall of famer and
5:21 am
four-time super bowl champ terry bradshaw, showcasing businesses, lifestyle and local government stories. bradshaw, lots of personality. filming took place in several locations earlier this year including the downtown areas, the vineyards and robert livermore community center. if you're curious, it airs on the discovery channel. it's 5:21. nasa's bottle rock music concert headed to court. why some of the suppliers are suing next. [ wind howling ]
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welcome back everyone. giving you a live look outside. looks like people are waking up, getting out and about on this thursday morning. this is the south bay this morning overlooking san jose. 5:23. we'll have a look at the morning commute in a bit. bills from the popular bottle rock festival two months
5:24 am
ago continue to pile up. companies are taking legal october shun. bottle rock organizers facing two lawsuits this morning, one from a shuttle bus company who says it's still owed more than $500,000 for its services at that time festival, another suit for more than $200,000 filed by a company that supplied portable toilets and temporary fencing. several other companies waiting for payment on services including for extra police on the four-day event. if you're looking for gold old-fashioned family friend, how about a movie for free? pleasanton inviting everybody in the community to come out to amador valley community park to watch dr. suess's "the lorax." this event is the first of six free movie nights happening throughout the summer, and to make it even more fun, there will be contests and games, i'm sure a bunch of nice snacks. for the record, don't worry, parents, the movie is rated p
5:25 am
gfrnltgpg. let's talk about the weather with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. thanks for waeging up with us on a thursday. it's going to feel very summer like. we're not talking about a hot summer day. just about perfection for this time of year. we'll hit seasonal averages, 56 in livermore, 58 to start the day in san jose. we're in the mid 50s in san francisco. by noon today temperatures will climb to the mid and upper 70s to low 80s. warm in livermore but not warm enough to where you have to use the ac. we'll see a little breeze pick up later today. that's going to get that wind moving in your home, open up the windows, give the ac a break. we have showers and thunderstorms we're tracking this morning. we'll show you those in my next report. first let's check the drive. it's a thursday, he's in a good mood. >> good morning. i'm knee a good mood. oakland looks nice.
5:26 am
we saw a slight bump in both directions both directions. headlights southbound, taillights northbound past the coliseum at the high street high-rise. we'll look at the maps through the area, and just north of here we saw slowing which started to clear lightly because of, a, the burst of traffic and, b, the construction crews still clearing the area. a smoother drive north 880 and west 580 through the maze. eastshore freeway, no delays, upper deck clear, no metering lights. it's too early for that. san mateo and palo alto moving smoothly through 101. this is a live look at 101 southbound with the headlights toward university. easy sfloe of traffic right now. no delays for 101 or 280. thank you very much. 5:26. a bay area toddler kidnapped overnight in a carjacking. we'll tell you what the criminals did once they realized the child was in the back seat. right now we have a live look at the runway at sfo. you can still see the cab in there from flight 214 asiana
5:27 am
airways. crews spent the night trying to clear parts of the airline off the runway. we have live team coverage including more from those 911 calls.
5:28 am
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new this morning, crews spend the night clearing crash debris at san francisco international airport's runway 28l. in this new video you can see a crane moving that wreckage, but there's still a lot of work to do before the runway can officially be reopened. good morning to you. 5:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. that teardown of asiana flight 214 coming as investigators are revealing details about the pilot. today in the bay's bob redell has that new information from the ntsb chairman. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. we heard from ntsb chair debra hersman.
5:30 am
first with regard to the wreckage, the ntsb did release the runway back to the airport last night so salvage operations can begin. some pieces of the airplane have and will continue to be sent back to washington, d.c. these are probably crucial pieces that are pert meant to the investigation. but majority of the aircraft, the fuselage will stay here in the bay area. lit be removed in sections. 777s are too large to be moved in one piece. it will be taken to a location yet to be announced. when will runway 28l be reopened? that will be a question for the airport itself. they have to remove the debris and resurface some of the runway damaged during saturday morning's crash. the ntsb says the pilot, as we've been reporting this morning, did tell investigate is that a bright light temporarily blinded him during final approach, about 34 seconds out from impact. it was around the same time he realized the plane was flying too low and too slow for a safe landing. the ntsb chairman said they went
5:31 am
back to that pilot and confirmed it was not a laser, it was something else. whatever it was, the temporary blindness that he was blinded and then able to look down at his instruments and see them clearly. after the plane crashed, the cockpit crew waited 90 seconds before ordering an evacuation. they actually told passengers to remain in their seats as they communicated with the control tower.n't initiate the evacuation until they had a conversation with the flight attendant. >> they told the flight attendant not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. the lead or the cabin manager made an announcement over the pa for people to stay in their sea seats. >> reporter: they inash ated the evacuation after a flight
5:32 am
attendant came to the cabin and said the plane was on fire. yesterday survivors of asiana flight 214 were allowed a visit back to the crash site before that mek kaj is removed. buses ferried the passengers and their families to the site yesterday afternoon. one of the survivors, ben levy tells us it was emotional. some people cried while others remained silent. for him the reason to go back was to connect with the survivors, the only people who experienced what he experienced unfortunately saturday morning. reporting live in south san francisco, rob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. there are also patients still in the hospital following the crash. san francisco general still treating eight patients this morning, two of them children. three of those patients are in critical condition. mills-peninsula treating three patients. >> stanford says two patients remain in their hospital, one in critical condition. st. francis still treating one patient. there's also one patient remaining at st. mary's. we're also getting a clearer
5:33 am
picture now this morning about what it was really like for those passengers on the ground a they scrambled around after they've evacuated that plane. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in burlingame with some of the chilling 911 tapes. really fascinating to hear. >> reporter: in my last report i mentioned one of the most unbelievable elements of these tapes is the fact that some passengers actually remained calm right after the crash landing. take a listen for yourself. >> i'm at the san francisco airport and our airplane just crashed upon landing, and i think we need help here. >> reporter: hats off to him for keeping his cool. on the other end of the spectrum there are the more frantic callers. you can understand that, no doubt about that. these callers upset that help was not arriving fast enough. you can really sense this woman's frustration. >> there's been a crash at san francisco airport.
5:34 am
there have people injured -- >> ma'am, we are reports of it. we're aware of the situation. >> there are no ambulances here. we've on the ground 20 minutes. critical injuries. hello? >> yes. i'm still here. >> were you on the plane, ma'am? >> yes, i was on the plane. we've been on the ground 20 minutes, a half hour. there are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries. we're almost losing one here. we're trying to keep her alive. >> reporter: can't even imagine. that woman reporting she was still waiting for help at 20 to 30 minutes post crash landing. we heard from other passengers who say they waited 40 minutes to get medical attention. one of the issues that may have been the problem was traffic outside sfo. one of our producers, caitlin, shot this video outside the airport on saturday. traffic literally at a crawl along 101.
5:35 am
did that prevent emergency crews from arriving fast enough? that is definitely something we are looking into this morning. now, out of the 307 people on board flight 2 14rks you can imagine several calls were placed to 911. we are sifting through the 911 tapes this morning and will have more clips coming up at 6:00. live from burlingame, marla tellez torques day in the bay. >> thank you. stay with "today in the bay" all morning long for continuing coverage of the asiana aircraft and logon to to hear more of those 911 tapes. >> so intriguing as that all continues to roll out. lit be interesting to watch and listen. 5:35 right now. christina loren is back to talk about what we have to look at heading closer to the weekend. >> looking really, really good. good morning to you. 62 degrees down in sunnyvale. so close to the weekend, you're almost there now. it's looking really, really good. we'll take you to some of the destinations across northern
5:36 am
california that you might want to take your family to this weekend because it's going to be nice. once we get rid of this humidity and the thunderstorms that we're tracking this morning on the western-facing slopes. surrounding san jose, kind of sticky out there. this is what we're expecting. fog and drizzle to start. we are expecting the flight delays out of sfo. just every day this week they've been at 2 1/2 hours off the bat. by thursday afternoon, comfortable. temperatures dropping by three to five degrees. we'll keep the thunderstorms in until about noon. as we get into the all-important weekend, looking really good. i'll take you to that forecast next, your seven-day, in my next report. 78 degrees right here in san jose and 63 in san francisco. subtle changes coming up for the weekend. as promised, here is our own mirk inway. some fog out there. >> yes, so be careful. some not-so-subtle backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had early backup, a couple of the lanes overnight were closed
5:37 am
as far as the cash lanes go. still closed right now. you see those are the lanes off the hov los angeles at the bottom of your screen. fast track moves smoothly. the cash lane is backed up to mid parking lot and the lanes off to the left as you approach back toward the 880 over crossing. we're looking over toward the camera. the upper deck moves smoothly. the metering lights are not yet on. we're getting a good flow of traffic. we see the backup at the toll plaza. we'll get a look at the maps as well. this volume not so bad out of the tri-valley and toward the east bay. in the tri-valley itself we see a volume increase coming out of the altamonte pass and through livermore for highway 84, closer to the dublin interchange. a look at the south bay, a live look shows 101 northbound picking up the volume over the last couple minutes as well.
5:38 am
this is the start of the first burst we see in the morning. we'll see a second burst in about 40 minutes. i'll show you the map coming up. thank you very much. it is 5:38 right now. fbi agents and officers in oakland back out in force this morning searching for a missing toddler. the 21-month-old girl was reportedly seen sitting inside her father's car as he made a quick stop to go inside a convenience store. "today in the bay's" christie smith is with police officers right now live outside the family's oakland home. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. it's now been more than 17 hours since daphne webb was first reported missing. oakland police and the fbi have been searching for her at the store where she was reported missing, but also here in this neighborhood in the oakland hills. this is where her dad apparently stays. police say he is not a suspect, but there are four patrol cars this morning, police tape up around the apartment building. we have a picture of the
5:39 am
toddler, daphne viola webb, 21 months old. her father told police he drove to a supermarket on 78th and international in east oakland in his black ford suv yesterday morning with a relative, possibly his 87-year-old mom in the car, little daphne in the back seat. he says he ran in to get an energy drink. when he returned to the car, daphne was gone. apparently the mom couldn't help with the investigation because she has dementia. an amber alert was called and at least eight law enforcement agencies searched the neighborhood, searched the home and they're spending a lot of time trying to verify what they're being told. >> we're providing those pictures to media in hopes that someone will be able to provide a timeline and say i saw them together on this day or this location at this time. that's part of our investigation, to be able to bring factual information and a timeline to when the two of them were last seen together.
5:40 am
>> reporter: oakland police also searched the martin luther king regional shoreline park, an area where the father and daughter had apparently recently visited. daphne was wearing orange pajamas with little pink hearts on them and pink socks. police say it's possible the girl was taken by a woman, a black or hispanic woman about 30 to 40 years old with long black hair. not much activity out here this morning, but police certainly have not moved since we've been here and we've been here for several hours. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." also in oakland, a baby boy is safe and back with his family this morning after he was taken during a carjacking overnight. police say the thieves approached a mother at a gas station near 42nd and foothill, climbed into her van and drove off. the woman's 1 1/2-year-old son was still in the back seat. the thiefs apparently dropped the child off under a tree a few blocks away.
5:41 am
>> left the jackets on top of the baby so i guess they weren't trying to kill the baby or hurt the baby. it was only for the car. >> police are still looking for the suspects and the stolen 2002 honda van. >> a parent's worst nightmare. 5:41 right now. president obama putting on the full-court press. we'll let you know what he's doing to try to get lawmakers to pass immigration reform. plus the move today that could help oakland sweeten the deal and possibly keep the a's in town.
5:42 am
we'll let you know what he's
5:43 am
a court in india finished hearing a case of a teenager, 17 years old at the time of a rape that happened last december. police say he and five other men raped and tortured a woman on a bus and that woman was later
5:44 am
found dead. she died of her injuries. if convicted, that teenager facing a maximum of only three years in juvenile detention. but activists there are calling for a much harsher sentence. the court is expected to rule on this case sometime later this month. we are getting a new look at the boston marathon boston suspect. i don't car tsarnaev appeared in boston federal court yesterday wearing a cast, his face appeared swollen. during his seven-minute hearing he looked at relatives often smilting at them. police lined up across the street to show support for sean collier who police say was shot to death by tsarnaev and his brother. victims of the bombing also attended the hearing. another emotional day for the families and surviving victims of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. to night the committee overseeing the new town sandy hook community foundation is
5:45 am
expected to meet with each family directly affected by the mass shooting. that committee is in charge of distributing the millions of dollars dodo nated to the small community and it will assess each family's individual needs. just last december, adam lanza shot and killed 20 children along with six staff members at sandy hook elementary school before ultimately killing himself. 5:45. closing arguments set to begin in the trial of george zimmerman. the defense wrapping up its case yesterday with no testimony from zimmerman. zimmerman pleaded not guilty to a second degree murder charge claiming he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. those closing arguments are expected to begin this afternoon. president obama and vice president biden will sit down with top republican lead ergs today with hopes of working out a plan for immigration reform. republicans remain split on how to deal with immigration. some are leery of the plan approved by the senate that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers already in
5:46 am
the united states. they want to make border security a top priority. house republicans have said they will not even vote on the senate's immigration plan adding it could be months before they come up with some kind of solution. nice weather on tap for today. >> it's going to be so nice. did you get outdoors yesterday? >> yeah, a little bit. >> you can do it again today. it's 5:46 now. you're so close to the weekend. if you want to make the plans, we'll help you out. 5:46. let's take you outside and show you what you're working with. happy to report temperatures are nice and mild. you don't need the coat this morning. it's going to be kind of a nice day just about everywhere with the exception of those thunderstorms for the first part of this morning only on the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose. a lot of these little spotty cells that you're noticing, that's verga, precipitation that evaporates before it hits the ground. as we head throughout the
5:47 am
morning, this is an indication of how humid it is out there. you can see the showers moving from south to north. that's going to be the case as we head throughout the day today. kind of a muggy start to the day. overall we'll see a nice improvement by the second half of the day with an area of low pressure heading our way. all that monsoonal moisture will retreat to the east. warm inland, cool and foggy at the coastline. as promised, let's talk about what's happening around the bay area as we get into the all important weekend. mike, it's here. it has arrived. 65 degrees at 2:00 p.m., 69 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in santa cruz. great place to take the family. make sure you bring the spf 30 plus. i know mike inouye, he's a cam ng man. maybe not. we'll find out if he likes to camp or staycation. 60s, highs, it's going to be comfortable in tahoe. i want to warn you, poison oak
5:48 am
and also flea and tick season. it can't take the suspense anymore, mime. do you like to camp? >> poison oak, fleas and ticks, part of the reasons we love camping, as far as i'm concerned, anywhere called a hotel. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, these folks are camping out. there's a heavy backup here. an early start to the backup. partially because, look at, this here are the hov lanes, your car pool lanes. these two lanes have been closed overnight as you'll see in many of those lanes overnight, up t two lanes as we have this morning. those are closed. let's look at the next camera. i've turned the emeryville camera toward the toll plaza. you see the blinking yellow lights, those are the hov lanes. here are the fast track lanes in the middle. those are both moving very smoothly. over here the cash lanes, you have half your lanes on the left side. that's why the backup formed quickly toward the 880 over crossing. these cash lanes building as well. we should see those metering lights turned on soon because of
5:49 am
the volume of traffic. on the map we had a crash reported in the toll plaza. we have extensive coverage in the area. there may be activity, maybe a distraction in the parking lot. an easy drive down the eastshore freeway. the volume builds through the tri-valley. the earlier crash we talked about, it's over on the shoulder. that might be enough to kickoff the distraction and slowing. folks looking to see what's going on, slow there as well as livermore. a quick look to san jose where we see 101 has the volume build. that's the only spot for slowing north of 680. over here eastbound across the san mateo bridge as you're heading down the high-rise, we have a stall. i'll track it. no slowing at the scene heading toward the newark and fremont side. back to you. you always have to watch out for cyclists. there are two recovering after collide being a car in newark last night. police say that crash happened at the intersection of newark boulevard and ruschin drive.
5:50 am
dispatchers say there are injuries but not clear how serious they were. police shut down the intersection for several hours. the roads finally reopened about 1:00 this morning. it's that time of year santa clara crews will be fogging for mosquitoes in areas of san jose. the santa clara county vector control district says mosquitos in zip code 95123 and 95136 both testing positive for west nile virus. so be aware of that. fogging will take place in the area roughly bordered by monterey road, blossom avenue, santa teresa and coddle road. this is all set to start tonight at 11:00 p.m. and will last for several hours. we could learn today whether oakland's bid to try and keep the a's will clear a major hurdle. for the fourth time in the last two weeks the city port commission will considering settling a lawsuit filed by one of the port's biggest terminal operators. this proposed settlement would
5:51 am
end operations at howard terminal, freeing up about 50 acres of waterfront land for a brand new ball park. howard terminal is seen at the city's best option right now for a brand new stadium because of its location near jack london square. one side note here. if an agreement is, in fact, reached, other terminal operators, they say that will sue that port in return. >> interesting one to watch. 5:51. google glass in action. the new video one user released this morning. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack.
5:52 am
this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
5:53 am
good old scott mcgrew is off this week, but we are keeping an eye on business headlines for you. experts say the gas prices, they're going to jump. wholesale market is up and they think retail prigss will follow. prices were up as much as 61 cents per gallon because of higher crude prices and it's the peak driving season.
5:54 am
national average for regular unleaded $3.50 according to aaa. san francisco averages $4.05, san jose at $3.94. you probably heard a lot about him. now a new look about what google glass can actually do. the houston zoo one of the first groups to get the glasses. they just posted this video. a first-person view of what it looks like to go inside that leopard pen. the zoo will continue to post videos from the point of view of zoo keepers to test out those cool glasses. today is 7-eleven's unofficial birthday, celebrating by offering free slurpees. there's a key change this time around. it's good, though, slurpees will fw larger, 12 ounces instead of the 7.11 ounces in years past. >> that's a good bump up. >> a lot of people complained
5:55 am
about the mess. moms asked for cups with lids and 7-eleven oblige sgld a lot more freeze on the brain. >> what's your favorite flavor? >> i don't usually do those. i probably would picturery. >> they do. don't act like you don't know. >> what about you christina? >> i certainly am. served at 28 degrees, the slurpee is. it's not as all american as you might think. i did a little research. the hope of the slurpee, where it's most celebrated is actually winnipeg, canada. interesting stuff this morning. what would you do for a klondike bar? that's my question for you. >> i love klondikes and york pepper michbt patties. looking toward the bay bridge
5:56 am
toll plaza. note two cash lanes are closed on the left approach. stay to the right if you can, fast track is your best bet right here. we'll look at the maps and show a smooth drive. there is a crash reported, out of the lanes at the toll plaza. another issue here, volume building for livermore and 580, a second crash report phd the backup from hopyard. looking at a slowdown around the b.a.r.t. station. i'll get updates from chp and hopefully they can clear it quickly. this has been a struggle trying to get to the finish line here. experts saying plans to delay the opening of the bay bridge may put the public's safety at risk. engineers on the seismic safety peer review committee say the old bridge is simply not safe in the event of an earthquake. so the new eastern span should be opened as soon as possible. they've come up with a temporary fix for this one for the broken bolts that could have that span ready to open by labor day.
5:57 am
they propose inserting wedges into the areas of the broken bolts to try to stabilize them. bridge officials are considering the idea but they say this is a concept, not a solution. under the updated plan the span will open mid december at the earliest. it is 5:57 right now. the search is on this morning for a bay area toddler reportedly taken from her father's vehicle. what we're learning from police this morning all in a live report. we're also taking a live look at asiana flight 214 overnight crews working hard to remove some of the wreckage from the runway. why that runway won't be open right away. we'll tell you about that. we have team coverage coming up next. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot!
5:58 am
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filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. 19 hours and still no trace of a missing bay area toddler. what her father is now telling police and why the fbi is getting involved. plus a tearful reunion after
6:00 am
car jackers take off with a baby in the back seat. we'll tell you where police found that child and why the search is still on. plane crash wreckage removed piece by piece. we have a look at what's happening on the sfo runway and we have new details about where the wreckage goes from here. something you might not expect in mid july. we've got showers creeping up from the stouth pushing to the north. we'll show you where those are headed, how long they'll last and more importantly, we have your weekend forecast coming up. plus an early and unusual backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. plus i've got three incidents reported for dublin that's an issue for 580. a live look outside from the south bay, a little foggy, a little hazy out there. but a nice day on tap. it is thursday, july 11. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:00 on the nose.


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