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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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possibly a sun glare but one kó÷ his vision in the. >> he did not think the light affected his vision because he could see the flight control instrument, and he was able to look at the speed at that time. >> the ntsb is not the only agency investigating the crash. the faa has also been assigned to various airlines to do unannounced aircraft checks. three said they have made contact with with the airlines 134 times in the last 18 months and according to one of them, they were no red flags in the last three years he was monitoring the airline. >> it was reported that they had been a quiet operator with no significant issues. >> investigators interviewed five emergency response members yesterday with another 15 interviews to go. one firefighter told them the front and middle of the plane looked pristine and untouched
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before the fire. >> he said it looked like you could fluff the pillows, turn the airplane around and you could go out for the next flight. that there was very minimal damage. >> and ntsb investigators have been investigating the cabin with more than 300 seats and are expected to wrap that up by tonight. at which time a recovery effort begins. that means taking apart the wings. some parts will be sent to d.c. the others will remain at sfo. and that is where at 8:00 tonight house leader nancy pelosi and congresswoman jackie spierer are set to take a tour of the crash site. nbc bay area news. >> it will another active night. from shanghai to seoul, this was obviously a major story. the flight attendants returned home today in seoul. one was in a wheelchair. she was visibly shaken. we know two of the flight
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attendants in the front part of the cabin were pinned by an emergency choout that deployed into the cabin. one broke a leg and the other remains hospitalized here at the bay area. >> and back to the runway. what happened before runway 2al is finally open again? the first step is debris removal which has already happened. once the aircraft is completely removed from the area next to the runway, crews will have final cleanup. for instance, taking pair of jet fuel. crews will work to repair the runway lights and repaint markings and fix the damaged sea wall. the sfo spokesperson tells us getting the last part of the runway back up and running is crucial for the airport and passengers. >> a lot of our airport customers are feeling the effects in the form of flight delays and some cancellations, so we have a real shared goal to get it back in service. >> sfo says damage to the surface of the reasonway appears superficial at this point but that engineers are today
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assessing that. the final step requires the faa to use its own aircraft to test land on the runway before it can be used again. the past few days she's become the most visible woman in the bay area. deborah hersman is not only leading the investigation into the crash, but many political insiders say she's a rising star in washington, d.c. we spent some time with hersman bright and early this morning. the 43-year-old mother of three is also the daughter of an air force fighter pilot. she used to fly herself solo as a teenager. she didn't realize she would be fath following in her father's footsteps. >> when we see you in town, that usually means something has gone wrong. >> i know. i don't want people to think i'm associated with disasters when they see me, but i tell you with what we see in accidents, sometimes we see the very best of communities.
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we see the very best of people in these very difficult circumstances. and i've certainly seen some of that here, whether in san bruno and all of the people. made very good friendships that still exist today. we see good things in people in very difficult times. >> coming up on the 6:00 newscast we go behind the scenes with hersman as she talks about her family, her brief flying career and why she no longer rides a motorcycle. that's tonight at 6:00. now to a developing story we've been following since yesterday. a 21-month-old girl is still missing. yesterday her father told police she was taken from the suv. today her father has been arrested. another twist in a bizarre story. here's where it allegedly began on 79th and international boulevard. not far from the coliseum. jodi hernandez is there with some answers for us tonight.
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jodi? >> reporter: jessica, police have been searching for baby daphne for more than 24 hours. a marine group is on the water here as we speak. you can see another boat, a sheriff eefs department boat just pulled into the parking lot. the girl's father john web has been arrested on child endangerment charges, police say they are still treating this as a kidnapping missing person's case. now oakland police and the coast guard are again on the waters here at the martin luther king regional shoreline. they've also been scouring the area where the girl was last seen on international boulevard where her father john webb says he left the girl in the suv with his 87-year-old mother who suffered from dementia. once he returned to the car the girl was missing. again, police say they are treating this as a top priority.
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they are searching all over town, but so far no signs of the girl. >> the fbi has been extremely instrumental in assisting us. the teams are still with us. they'll continue to stay with us. and we're going back to areas that we have identified, areas of interest where we have reports of either the father has frequented, we have our missing little girl, daphne webb, areas that she and her father frequented. so as far as the end of today concludes we are still asking the public if anyone recognizes the photos of john webb, the father or of the missing little girl. she's 21 months old. her name is daphne viola webb. if anyone recognizes her or him and can provide us with a time line. >> again, police are out in force all over the city.
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they're going to be using a helicopter, we are told, later this evening when the tide occurs to search the areases of the waterway where it's too shallow for the boat to get into and look. they've been passing out hundreds of fliers, searching multiple locations. the girl's father remains in custody tonight. he has been charged with child endangerment. police say they expect him to bail out some time this evening. even though he's been arrested on the charges, they are still treating this as a kidnapping murder case. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> well, the future of the america's cup races became much clearer today. we think. a jury of sailing experts ruled against the race organizer who made dozens of changes after a sailor died during a practice run on the bay.
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the race director threatened to cancel the whole event if the changes were thrown out. what is happening here? is the america's cup on or not? >> oh, it's definitely on. i would highly doubt at this point that the regatta director would try to cancel this. there's been way too much money put ob this. and there's a spin on it here. murray only says he has to bring whatever happened to the jury to the coast guard because that's how the permit is based on the 37 rules changes. he thought all the teams could comply. we can get to details. but it really gets to this. they wanted to reserve the right to be able to protest and say you cannot change the class rules, which means you can't change the way the ac 72 is set up just before the event. when it's all said and done, the coast guard should rubber stamp this. but we don't know. that's uncertain to some degree.
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but right now it does seem that everything is pretty much stabilized here. take a look. >> maybe three or four. >> reporter: this came on the bay for the first race in the cup, one encouraging sign. adding a bit more clarity at the start of the summer in racing. regatta director does not have the authority to make changes regarding the ac-72 without all of those agreeing to the changes. easier said and done with the managing director, grant dalton, out to uphold the letters of the law. murray's actions will now go as follows. >> i have to gather the information from the tapes. i have to inform the coast guard immediately. i have to take the information to the coast guard. >> and now america's cup
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authority ceo can move forward with races that will see two teams going forward head-to-head. >> the good news today is luna rosa is out there. styling around in full compliance with the recommendations and the existing rules. so that is what allows us to continue. tonight we will hear from the teams and the skipper. the managing director of new zo zealand, grant, dalton. this will get going as they look forward to the america's cup in september. until then, let's send it back to you in the studio. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we have cleared out to plenty of sunshine throughout the east bay. lots of blue skies. if you're heading out to the
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womb. doctors say being born premature is the other option. prosecutor's are done. now it's the defense's chance to make the final decision to jurors. the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. jay gray is in sanford, florida, with details inside the courtroom. the jury got special instructions today. >> reporter: well, they agreed on special instructions. but the jury will get them tomorrow. you could have heard a pin drop inside the courtroom as the prosecution began the closing argument. everyone focused if on what the prosecutors were saying as they worked through the case, trying to accuse george zimmerman of lying. of profiling. and that's their words. they will get their chance starting tomorrow morning. they said it will last about three hours.
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the prosecution gets to come back for one final word. that will last about an hour. then the judge gives instructions to the jury. they should begin deliberations tomorrow afternoon. i'm jay gray. back to you now. >> thank you very much, jay. bay area cities in the national spotlight. livermore is being featured on the discovery channel's "today in america" program. it showcases business, lifestyle and government stories. it was filmed in the downtown area and the robert livermore community center. today in america airs on the discovery channel. >> well, ask any new mom or dad about the stresses of the first year of a baby's life and you can expect there's a lot. >> but some start with simply feeding and clothing the baby. we start with an east bay woman
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passionate about helping moms in need. >> reporter: when lisa's first born arrived ten years ago, she left a career in advertising. it was the right choice for her, but she says there was something missing. what she has done since then is tonight's bay area proud. spend just a few minutes wandering through the online bazaar that is craigslist and you'll be amazed at the variety of what you can find. in fact, search long enough and you may just end up finding a purpose in life. at least that's what lisa klein found eight years ago. >> i have goose bumps following it. >> in the days following hurricane katrina. touched, like so many of us were, by the devastation she saw on the evening news, lisa searched for a way to help. searched craigslist new orleans. one posting in particular from a church turned emergency shelter kugt her eye. >> it said we need absolute
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everything. we need blankets, sleeping bags, medicine, baby clothes. that was it. that was what i could do. >> so lisa, a new mother herself at the time, asked for donations for her circle of friends. >> and i received 400 pounds of baby clothes in two days. and the next day i woke up and there was more baby clothes on my porch. the next day more baby clothes. >> from the single posting was born a singular mission. to provide used baby clothing for children whose mothers are unable to provide it themselves. >> i feel like i was put on the earth to do this reuse of baby clothes. >> i could not thank you enough for being here. >> loved twice is the name lisa gave her nonprofit. 20 volunteers for a nearby aaa office have come to help lisa sort some 500 pounds of donated clothes. each box they fill contains enough clothing for a boy or
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girl's first year of life. >> so many people. i could not do this on my own. i think that's one of the reasons it's successful. who does not want to help a homeless baby? >> lisa and her volunteers have created some 8,000 boxes. the boxes are then delivered to social workers across the bay area who in turn give them to mothers in need. >> this is from barbara. >> women lisa never sees but sometimes hears for. >> my husband lost a job as a janitor. >> the letters these often very young women send letting lisa know what they were able to do with the money they didn't have to use for clothes. >> i can't imagine that. to know that we're clothing these babies who were perhaps born into a world they did not choose, i think that's why it's so successful and makes people want to help. >> and if you do want to help, she says the three things everybody needs are volunteers, baby clothes and money money. >> we can help right here.
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you got boxes of baby clothes in the garage. >> you need some time to separate yourself. you look at the boxes and you're like, why do i still have these? >> and that's why she get os many. a lot of people like us who have the stuff. then you finally say i got to do something with these boxes. well, we have a special program to tell you about. it's called 21st century solutions. nonprofits for a total of $400,000. the submissions would be accepted through the end of july. go to and look for 21st century solutions link. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. it's been a challenging week around here. we can expect nice weather over the weekend. >> we have sunshine and comfortable temperatures. we have a strong marine layer at the coastline. that's not going anywhere tonight. it kept us out of the 90-degree
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category, the cooler flow. 86 in south san jose and l los gatos at 83. all of summer has not been easy. one of the hottest summers in years now taking place in east bay. 10 days at 100 degrees or higher in liver more. the last time we saw weather this hot was back in 2009, waited all of summer, 1 days at 100 degrees or more. we could have one of the hottest stretches this season that we have seen in five to eight years. it's definitely something we e will have on the the monitor. let's get a first look at the forecast for friday. also plenty of low clouds by the bay, and interior valleys. by 11:00 a.m. we will warm up. definitely not a hot day with mid 70s expected by 11:00 a.m. let's get you to a live hd sky
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camera network. all the moisture we had is now pushing south. no let of thunderstorms this afternoon. and off to the north in stran the marine layer is ushering back in. two hours of clearing. that's a it. that's all you get. for tomorrow we have all counties highlighted that will be dealing with some sort of low cloud cover. but there is a drizzle and mist expected. by the afternoon we'll see the fog staying at the coast, but plenty of sunshine expected from napa valley right on down to san jose. so let's get you temperatures throughout friday. it's going to be near average for portions of the south bay. looking good in san jose. temperatures in the 70s to mid 80s. 84 also until gilroy. not foo hot, not too cool. the east bay is just right with 83 at walnut creek. 84 in pleasantton. fran at 67.
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go a little bit outside of the city. 73 in san rafael. 80 expected in na pa. we'll keep the area of high pressure offshore. and you can see that depicted here in the seven-day forecast. we'll have 60s at the coastline. mid to upper 80s and 70s by the bay. fog tomorrow morning will mean more airport delays. one to three hours and also low ceilings yet again. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> well, check is this out. can you guess what it is? #
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. as many of you knowb2ñ marre has its ups and downs. but in the south bay today one couple took that challenge literally. there they go. southern california, susan and michael bush turned a whirlwind romance into a whirlwind ceremony today. they said their i dos on a new roller coaster. what's next? a ride on the park's rip roaring rapids. you only wear the dress once. >> this is just the beginning. we wish them the best. it's a notable day for a high profile bay area businesswoman. we'll tell you why next.
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if you recall, plenty of people said it could not be done, but we're coming up on the turnaround. >> much of the credit goes to marissa meyer who has been on the job for a year. we found out what yahoo employees think of meyer. >> the employees think meyers is doing a good job. the recent purchase of tumblr rang the bell to open the nasdaq. it's been a while since they were a stock market darling, but things have changed a lot. in one year she bought several start-ups, boosted the share price by 70% and according to
5:29 pm she pulled in an 87% approval rating at yo hoo employees. >> it rivals the very globally iconic tech ceos. >> zuckerberg and tim cook are in the 90s. myers sufrs a bit from her decision to ban workg from home. we asked if she would like to talk about the first year. day declineded. the stock price hasn't been this high in more than five years. clearly she is bringing enthusiasm as well as new employees. >> 70% in a year. >> that's got to play the employees happy, too. >> brian williams is next. hope to see you back here at 6:00. >> good night.
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on our broadcast tonight, closing arguments in the george zimmerman case and fireworks in the courtroom as prosecutors make a late move that defense has called outrageous. weighing the risks of fish oil. we've been told for years it's good for your heart. but tonight, alarming questions about a link to cancer. a big break in one of the most famous criminal cases in american history. after 50 years, did modern science just reveal the boston strangler? "nightly news" begins now. good evening. the prosecution has now made its closing argument in the closely watched and highly charged trial of george zimmerman. he's been chargeth


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