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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. what can we do? what needs to be done from the federal level? >> right now at 11:00, congresswoman gets an up close look at the crash site. why they say tonight's tour could be the first step toward new laws. >> crews have been removing large sections of the fuselage from the runway. they are chopping it up and
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moving it out, prepping for a sunday night runway opening. >> let's get more on why the congresswoman toured the crash site. >> reporter: both members of congress told me they wanted to tour the crash site so they could figure out how to make air travel ann more safe. they spent an hour meeting with the chair person of the ntsb. congresswoman nancy pelosi and jackie spear, san francisco's mayor, a fire chief, the deputy police chief toured the site together. members of congress say they wanted to see the site and meet all of the area leaders to get a sense of what worked and what could be improved upon. pelosi and spear say they were stunned by the destruction and the number of people who survived. >> whether or not mandatory drug and alcohol testing should be
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done, whether or not there should be an increase in the number of hours, whether or not they should have a sharp instrument on the plane so they could dough senate the chute. there's a lot of things we'll have to look at. >> reporter: the mayor says he is still focuses on the survivors and the injured who are still in the bay area. the body of one of the sf year old girls is still at the san mateo county coroner's office. a funeral home has been located and they hope the family will be able to see their daughter soon. and the coroner says he is working closely with the family to reach a resolution. while many emotional matters are taken care of they are hauling pieces of the plane off the runway. san francisco will cover the cost of cleanup and repair, but
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a claim will be submitted to asiana airlines. the airport director says he hopes to be back to normal flying levels by sunday which is welcome news to those who have been experiencing delays and cancellations. but the director hopes to get back to normal operations by sunday. >> a lot to still take care of. thank you. tonight at 11:00 we want to show you a look. here's the clearest, most up to date look at that debris. the pieces put in a remote area of san francisco international as the ntsb continues its investigation from the snapped landing gear to the shredded tail section. you can see how severe that impact was. >> the ntsb offered several new details. at this time, they are not openly suggesting pilot error, but they did say there were no mechanical problems on the
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plane. there was no mention of problems with the plane's speed until just nine seconds before the crash. less than three seconds before impact, two pilots called for the landing to be aborted. the ntsb reported that that light reported by the pilot did not blind him and did not affect his ability to see the runway. ♪ imagine what all i will do >> voices raised in song for the two 16 year old girls killed in the crash. they were headed to a camp at west valley christian school when the flight crashed. tonight hundreds gathered at the school for this memorial. on stage two empty student desks and a photo montage of the girls played between the speakers. they will be sending banners
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filled with messages from the students and the community to the girls' family. the flight attendants returned home. they were greeted by asiana's ceo. two of the flight attendants were penned by an emergency chute. meanwhile, try of the four in the rear cabin were thrown from the plane right onto the runway. >> now to a one on one interview with the ntsb chairman. she's become the most visible woman in the bay area. many say deborah hersman is a rising star in washington. we spent some time with her today. she's in the headlines not only for what she's communicating but how she's communicating. from the podium to the tarmac. the 43 year old mother of three has been nearly everywhere during this investigation. she used to fly solo as a
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teenager, but now just monitors the aviation industry. don't take this the wrong way, but when we see you in town, that usually means something has gone wrong. >> i know, i don't want people to think that, you know, i'm associated with disasters and have a pavlovian response when they see me, but i tell you, with what we see in accidents, we see sometimes the very best of communities. we see the very best of people. >> a programming note to pass along. this saturday you can see a full segment with her and watch as survivors reunite with first responders in our studio. part of a nbc bay area special. it airs this saturday night at 6:30. now to a developing story in oakland. an all out search tonight on the ground and in the water for any traces of daphne webb. her father reported the 21 month old abducted yesterday. a story tonight police are trying to corroborate. investigators have been focusing on three locations, 79th and
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international where the girl was reportedly kidnapped, the father's home and along the martin luther king, junior shoreline. i understand you spoke to the toddler's grandfather. >> reporte i did. but it was a long night for that toddler's mother. she spent hours at police headquarters being questioned by detectives. she was too distraught to speak with us, but we did talk with her father. >> i know a lot of attention is being turn the to him, but right now our focus is on the baby. that's who we want to see right now. >> reporter: he is the grandfather of daphne webb. they are being questioned tonight by oakland police. >> but she's definitely in the baby's life, you know. she is just wants everybody to know that we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: hoping for the best at a time of uncertainty. john webb told police he went inside this store on 79th avenue
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and international boulevard yesterday. when he came out, he reported his child missing. >> he is not considered a suspect. we have arrested him on a separate charge. the separate charge is child endangerment. >> reporter: police say webb left the young child in the car with his 87 year old mother who has dementia. oakland police used a helicopter to get a sky view of the waterway at the martin luther king, junior parkway looking for signs of the missing child. police say they are searching this area because webb told them it is a location he would often come with his daughter to play. some neighbors say they haven't seen the baby in weeks. others say webb is a religious man and a good father. >> we're not unreal about this, but when you're in a situation you never think you'll be in this situation, you just hope for the best. that's allki could right now is
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hope for the best. >> reporter: daphne was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts. a woman with long black hair was last seen in the area carrying a baby fitting that description. if you have any information contact the oakland police department. also new tonight at 11:00, a san jose police detective working in the sexual assault unit is now being charged with a sexual crime himself. he surrendered today on possession of sexually explicit photos of a minor. he first contacted the victim through the internet but thought she was an adult. less than a year later she told him the truth, that she was at least 16. despite that, the officer allegedly asked for and received sexually explicit photos of her. >> mr. freger being on the
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sexual assault unit at the time was aware of these laws in place and we're charging that he knowingly violated them and proceeded to obtain material he knew was illegal. >> he's now on administrative leave. the san jose police union has been dealt a major blow in its arbitration case against the city. it's a story we first reported last week. the arbitrator ruled to cap officers' sick pay and pay vags payouts. they will not get back the 10% salary they gave up two years ago to help the city balance its books. they say a 10% raise is still on the table and he's willing to negotiate the union says the city's offer is hollow. happening now, fogging from mosquitoes is about to start.
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it will take place in an area where a dead crow recently tested positive for west nile virus. they found that about 1% of the mosquitos in that area are carrying the west nile virus. vector control says the mist isn't harmful to anything bigger than a mosquito and that it will evaporate completely before sun rise. still ahead here at 11:00, the controversy of color. how the rules are being changed in hopes of bending what's called a civil rights violation. and is it part of his face or a danger to the public. one man was kicked out. and would you pay to stay in the local jail? it's more like a resort. and why some say it's unfair. we're back in a moment.
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now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. is san mateo county keeping minorities out of office? they are accused of keeping the faces of the supervisors one color -- white. >> reporter: she was born at a time when the color of your skin dictated your life. >> and i was raised on a plantation. >> reporter: at 85, gertrude wilks has many stories to tell about those times. >> is with an angry black woman. >> reporter: but now? >> there's nobody much to tell the story. >> reporter: gertrude means the story of her neighborhood where she used to be mayor. >> the shootouts, gang violence. as big as i am and as tough as i am. >> reporter: she's afraid for her life.
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>> i have to say to people, i'm scared. >> reporter: gertrude says cries for help are falling on deaf ears, blaming it on those in power. the san mateo county supervisors who she says don't live in her kind of neighborhood. all five are white. >> do you believe there's racism? i know it is. it's racism -- yes. i know it is. >> reporter: and she's not alone. some people who feel the same way decided to sue the county for discrimination and for violating state voting laws. >> the good old boys' network is alive and well. >> reporter: they say the current system of voting county wide instead of voting by district makes it difficult for the underdogs, in this case, the men or thes, to win. >> it was basically a civil rights issue. having equal votes in our district. >> reporter: in the last ten years, five people of color have run for a seat on the board of supervisors, rose jacobs gibson,
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an african woman served 14 years before she termed out this january. four other, all latino, lost. >> first of all, it's controlled. it's controlled by the old boys' club here in san mateo. >> reporter: according to the latest numbers, the top three racial groups are whites, that's nearly 42% of the population. asian pacific islanders, 28%. latino, 25%. but if you go by city, there's a very different break down. at the top, asian pacific islanders, and in east palo alto -- >> we put it to the voters, and they didn't want those type of electio elections. >> reporter: she's concerned lengthing people by district
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will faracture the county. >> we provide those throughout the county. >> reporter: in a move to avoid the courtroom, the county put the issue on the november 2012 ballot in measure b. it passed at nearly 60%. the county has been heading meetings during the summer, asking people to draw their own district lines. >> it will not be a perfect fix, however, it allows communities of interest to have their own voice and a louder voice. >> reporter: gertrude welcomes the change but remains wary. >> i used to be that voice inside. >> reporter: now she's hoping that voice is on the way to the top. stephanie trong, bay area news. >> now the suit has been settled. the board of supervisors is hoping to have the lines completed by october and ready
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to present to the public. a couple is demanding an apology after being asked to leave a movie theater. he and his wife were about to watchman of steel at the amc theaters in emoriville. inside the lobby, he says the mapger confronted him. >> i'm noticing there's like three or four security guards pretending not to look at me, kind of giving me sideways glances. so i get my stuff and i'm walking back to the theater to meet my wife, and the manager comes up to me and says excuse me sir, i understand you have a weapon. and i said i'm not carrying a wep, i have a religious symbol. >> this is a dulled blade. he says he's been wearing his under his shirt since second grade and assumes that staff singled him out because of his turban and bieshd.
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amc says they stand by their no weapons policy. the cash to pay for a private cell at an east bay detention center rather than the county jail. is buying up lessening the punishment? >> in here we' got the sleeping cells which are two bunks per cell. >> reporter: it's not quite the marriott, but fremont police are convinced you'd rather stay at their facility than in county jail. >> these are our cable tv, we just got new flat screen tvs. >> reporter: for $155 per night and a one time $45 admin fee you can pay for more privacy, a solo cell. the money raised goes to the city of fremont. >> it's not a hotel necessarily. you're not going to find a warm
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cookie on your bed every night. but it sa alternative way to serve your time. >> reporter: it's part of their pay to stay program, the first of its kind in the area. no felony convicts here, just those who have committed misdemeanors like indecent exposure and dui. >> there's less hubbub, minimal exposure to other inmates. the only people that will be in the housing pods are fellow pay to stay people. >> reporter: the judge will have the final stay as to whether you can go to fremont or the county jail. kellie coble says if she ever committed a crime she would choose pay to stay. >> pulling inequities, maybe i can pay for it. but can other people pay for it? seems like if you're rich enough, you can stay in your own cushy jail, but if you're not, tough luck. >> as far as being a jail only for the rich, i think it's
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important to remember that there is a cost for providing services. and that cost should be borne by the people utilizing the facility or the program. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. interesting story. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. what are we, 40 minutes from friday? >> the theme of the day. >> friday. it is so close. and that friday forecast going to look a little bit better than what we had today. we are going to get low cloud cover, but not as extensive as it was the past 4 hours. by then into hour, temperatures in the mid-70s. and by 4:00 tomorrow right where we should be this time of the year. let's get you outside to a check of that high-definition sky camera network. it looks good here in san jose at the lower levels. and in san francisco, yes, it is fogged in, but not as bad as it was this time last night. that's a key indicator that, again, yes, we have the low
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clouds, but it does not look as severe. let's get a look at our friday fog factor forecast. we're going to highlight just about all of our counties. those counties will have the most cloud cover. but for areas around livermore down into san jose, looks like quite a bit of less cloud cover than we've had over the last 24 hours. plenty of widespread sunshine in napa, santa rosa, san jose. if you're headed to the coast again, it is going to be a repeat performance of what we've had in the last two to three days. plenty of foggy skies and brisk conditions. fog at the coast. that will mean yet again more airport delays running from about one to three hours behind with those low ceilings. this is considered major when it comes to airport delays. so if you have any destinations maybe to new york city you could see more dough lays as new york is also expecting weather impacts.
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otherwise we'll see temperatures at 78 in san jose. looks pretty god across the east bay when you compare it to what we've had over the past two weeks. almost feels like the ac's on. pleasant pleasanton, 85, livermore. 74 in sonoma, also 80 in napa. do not expect it to get extremely hot. no triple digits coming in that extended forecast. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for friday, saturday, and also on sunday. and looking pretty steady there on monday and tuesday nest week. some of the forecast models have mid to low 90s. we reserve that right. we'll see about that later on. how about this for a rough
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ride. the drover gets the ride of his life as he's swept into a mud slide. and he films the whole thing. stay with us.
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oh, my. some amazing video near colorado springs. this is the vantage point from inside of a car being swept away in a mudslide. a thunderstorm spewed rocks and mud over a 4 mile stretch. thankfully no one was injured. here's a smartphone alert for you. while playing with her father's phone, a toddler bought a sports car. her father got an e-mail alerting him that he was the highest bidder. he knew he didn't bid on the car and the several offered to let him out of the deal, but he decided to keep it. he plans to keep it and fix it with the help of his little girl. good luck with that one. we're back with sports in a moment.
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it was a big night for the warriors and the giants. >> there's a party in the street at san francisco. the giants got a win. pence may not have won the vote to become an all-star. but the giants did have an all-star on the mound tonight in and dag owe. and that was madison bumgarner. he was awesome. but you need some offense. 2-2. two on. blanco. giants take the lead. they go on to win 4-2, snapping a muny four game losing streak. >> it's like the second coming of jesus christ. he's hieb the most loved man on earth right now.
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>> whoa, now that is high praise right there. andres introduced as the latest member of the warriors. he'll be the first player to wear number nine since back in the day. i don't know if the warriors are going to have a better record than they had last year. they might. but they are going to have higher expectations than they have had in a long, long time. >> and steph curry walking on water from here on out. >> talking about high praise, right? >> we'll be right back.
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recapping our top story. we want to give you another live look at sfo where the work continues there. nancy pelosi and jackie spear bott a personal tour of that
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crash site. they say they're considering new laws requiring that pilots be tested for drugs and alcohol after a crash, foreign pilots. right now only american pilots are. they're hoping to have this runway cleared and opened by sunday night. >> thank you for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. crystal geyser is always
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and midsummer replacement shows. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hi there! how are you? thank you, gentleman. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much! welcome to the show! nice to have you all here. well, folks, here's the latest on this nsa spying scandal. it is not just here in the united states. according to "the washington post," today, the nsa has been


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