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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the all-out search continues for a missing toddler in the east 9g we'll tell you what locations investigators are now pinpointing in their efforts to try and find her. a breather from the b.a.r.t. strike for now. we'll tell you why both sides head back to the bargaining table to avoid another shutdown. i'm rob mayeda tracking low warm temperatures, down right hot in some of the valleys this weekend. i'll have your forecast coming up. we're seeing a few more cars hitting 880 through fremont. f haywardd slower through sunol. two crashes to update you on for your commute. let's take you live outside for a look from the south bay as the sun slowly creeps over the horizon there. rob is telling us cool temperatures currently. you know what else is cool? >> it's friday. >> it is friday, that's right. july 12.
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good friday morning to you and you as well. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. happening right now. they're towing away the wreckage at sfo piece by piece. this morning crews continue to take apart sections of asiana flight 214 which has been sitting on runway 28 left at sfo since crash landing on saturday. this has been an around-the-clock effort to try to clear the runway. >> we have new video overnight showing cranes and crewing tearing apart the wreckage and moving that debris to a remote section of the airport. right now the hope is to have the runway reopened and ready for flights by sunday. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame overlooking the runway we're talking about. hearing news this morning, we understand there was a small fire that broke out from that mek kaj today. >> reporter: there was. we have video of that. we'll show you that in a moment. first i want to show you what's happening right now. we're looking at roughly the northeast corner of sfo where,
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as we push in, you can see the front part of the 777 asiana flight 214 slowly being hauled away to another site on property where it will be stored for at least a couple of weeks. that's what the airport is saying, until the airline figures out what it wants to do with that mek kaj. they will eventually be taking it off property, either for storage or for salvage. but it's been moved -- moving from the crash site for about the last 30 minutes. if you can't get a good perspective, the cranes are following it in the foreground and you've got it in the mid ground and it's making a turn right now. you can see both the wings are attached. =úñ they cut the pe apart just after the wings there. now, the video with the fire, it was the process of the cutting apart that ignited, we're guessing spilled jet fuel.
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they were either using grinding equipment and/or blow torches to cut the plane apart. there was a large plume of smoke. that happened in the 3:00 hour this morning. the fire department was on site and were able to have it knocked down within just a couple of minutes. it didn't delay the salvage. it was an event, they had it knocked down and they resumed with the salvage operation. here is more video to give you a sense of what it takes to remove a plane of this size. clearly because it is a 777, a very large aircraft, it can't be removed in one piece. hence the reason it's been cut into at least two sections. from our vantage point right now, it's hard to tell if any of the wreckage is out at the end of the runway in the grassy strip of 28l. there are dumpsters blocking the view. they have the main part of the fuselage out. we believe there might be another smaller section out. this has been an around-the-clock salvage
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operation for the simple fact that is,fo wants to get this runway back open as soon as possible. the plan is to have it open by sunday afternoon as you can imagine, when you're down a runway it affects air travel in terms of delays and cancellations. in order for them to make the sunday noon deadline that they imposed upon themselves, they obviously have to have the grassy area cleared of the wreckage, any spilled jet fuel has to be slurped up. the runway itself has to be repaired along with the seawall and navigational equipment. then what will happen is they'll test land an aircraft on 28l. if all goes according to plan, they hope to have the runway reopened by sunday afternoon. bob redell, "today in the bay." beyond the practical concerns of opening the runway, there are also so many emotional matters to attend to. today the san mateo county medical examiner says he'll meet with the family of one of the
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teenage girls who died in the crash. already met with the family at least four times so far. but the family has not yet seen wang linjia's body. san francisco mayor ed lee says the family will be able to see their daughter's body soon now that a funeral home has been chosen. we'll be continuing our coverage throughout the entire morning. coming up at 6:30, we'll show you a new animated video that compares the flight's actual landing with the way the plane should have landed. we'll have that again coming up in a live report at 6:30. now to a developing story in oakland this morning where there is still no sign of 21-month-old daphne webb who has been missing since wednesday morning. investigators are focusing on 79th and international where she o father's home on green ridge drive and along the martin luther king regional shoreline.
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"today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live at police headquarters with more on the search and reaction from the little girl's family. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. oakland police expected to update us within the next hour. we spoke with daphne webb's grand father who says the family has gotten a lot of support. but they want to make sure the focus is on finding the little girl and not the actions of her father. 21-month-old daphne web's case still considered a missing persons case and a kidnapping. police say her father john webb told them he went to a convenient store to pick up an energy drink late wednesday morning on 79th and international, left the little his mom who is 87 years old and has dementia. he says when he returned to the car the little girl was gone. webb was arrested for child endangerment for leaving the little girl in the car like that. the family was questioned,
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including the toddler's mother as police search the martin luther king regional shoreline park mere the airport. they've searched that area twice. they say he sometimes took his daughter there to play. they also searched his apartment. the grandfather, kevin davis, just wants to bring daphne home. >> i know a lot of attention has been turned on him. we're not ignoring him. by the same token, it seems like a lot of the lichl light is turned to him and away from the baby. it was a bad move. hindsight is 20/20. just kind of hope everything works out, especially on his behalf. my daughter and he, they still love each other. they got a lot going on. they did talk, they have been communicating. >> reporter: little daphne weighs about 30 pounds and was wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts on them and pink socks. police also still looking into reports that a woman, possibly black or hispanic, 30 to 40 years old, may have been seen in the area carrying a child walking away. that child reportedly had
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similar clothing on similar to daphne. also wanted to mention that john webb, the father, is expected to be arraigned on the child endangerment charges later this afternoon. live in oakland, christie smith "today in the bay." investigators atjáju point not sure if the 65-year-old man is the only suspect vandalizing trees in golden gate park. police telling the "chronicle" ken frisch was cited this week after officers saw him damaging trees in that park. police say they had been searching for him forp) some t now. since last september more than 200 newly planted trees have had their tops just snapped right off. it's cost the city at least $50,000. 6:08. another strike is looming. b.a.r.t. and its workers' two main labor unions are back at the bargaining table today. they have until august 5th to hammer out a new contract or another strike is possible. no meetings are scheduled to take place next week because the agency's chief negotiator will
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be on vacation. b.a.r.t. workers went on strike for four days last week shutting down the transit system. no agreement was reached, but the trains started rolling again after the unions at least agreed to go back to work under the old deal for an additional 30 days. the key issues remain to be wages, health care and retirement benefits. you and i both know one of the benefits, one of the fringe benefits of living in northern california, nice weather. christina loren is off. rob mayeda is here. it looks like a spectacular weekend. >> it will be pretty nice. for the coast and san francisco, it's going to look a little bit like this, though. at times low clouds this morning. a hint of a strong sea breeze that will keep our inland temperatures pretty comfortable. outside with the low clouds, mostly 50s. 60 in oakland. you can see the winds out of the southwest into fairfield and reaching into the altamont pass this morning. as you go hour by hour, the l clouds go back to the coastline. quickly, even before sundown we'll see the low clouds spill back across the inner bay.
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70s to 80s inpk5 san jose. 60s for san francisco. 71 in oakland. for the weekend, temperatures will warm up a few degrees in the valley. turning cooler again monday and tuesday of next week. mike? >> over my shoulder you see sunol and 680 moves smoothly south of highway 84. let me show you the maps, the concern north of the camera shot, over the hill where we can't quite see. we're looking at a crash t the center divide. it's so much of a distraction that the southbound side sees more build as you come down around the bend and up over the hill toward highway 84. so be prepared for that coming out of pleasanton. that is an issue. south of the san mateo bridge, earlier debris had to be removed. it's clear now. building volume over towards san mateo bridge and coming off the castro valley y. plaza, we see cash lanes off to the right are a little lighter now. back up in the left lanes, starting to build a tad bit.
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judging by the other camera view, i can see enough of a backup past the metering lights, we may have them turned on by about ten minutes. it's friday, so we have a lighter build. heading toward midday is when the bay bridge gets to be a problem. coming up, a south bay officer arrested for the type of crime he's in charge of investigating. we'll have new details about the shocking charges ahead in a live report. we'll also have an update to one of silicon valley's biggest bankruptcy investigations. will the chief officer of solyndra avoid jail pc5?÷time. also a live look at san francisco international airport where they have been removing the remains of asiana flight 214. bob redell is live on the scene and has the latest on the investigation and everything happening out there. 6:11 right now.
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6:13. here is look at today's top
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stories. the search continues for a missing oakland toddler daphne webb. webb's father says she was kidnapped from his car wednesday morning. webb is charged with child endangerment but is not listed as a suspect in her disappearance. crews continue moving plane wreckage from 28l at san francisco international airport. looks like they've gotten most of it.;be out of there this mor. sfo hoping to reopen the runway by sunday. a pakistani teen shot by the taliban while on her way to school will speak before the united nations today. my lal la yousafzai campaignedr publicly for girls' rights to education. a san jose police officer working in the sexual assault unit charged with a sex crime himself involving a minor. in to colleagues at the department he's worked for for almost ten
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years. marla tellez live at police headquarters with new details and where the case is going right now. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this officer's name is
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attorney's office is now handling this case. >> he crossed a line here that is clear. statutes prohibit adults from contacting minors for sexually explicit photos or sexually explicit information. he knew that line and he especially knew it because he was a sexual assault investigator. >> reporter:wptqç detectives se officer fregger's home computer in may. that's when they found these explicit photos. he did turn himself in to his colleagues here just yesterday. he is now on administrative leave. here is a question:dxm for you. was officer fregger amused when he found out this girl was underage? i'll tell you why you might think so coming up in my final report at 6:56. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." this morning sources close to the solyndra investigation"e
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say founder and ceo chris gronet with president obama during a 2010 visit will likely avoid criminal charges even if other former executives are charged with making false statements to the u.s. according to the "mercury news," according to the "mercury news," made just yet as the fbi investigation comes to a close. the fremont solar panel maker filed for bankruptcy back in 2011 after receiving more than $500 million in federal loans. do you have and ipad you good news for tesla pumping out more model ss faster than expected. ceo elon musk is producing more than 400 per week. he says the production skills are better now than it was when they started releasing those electric cars. they're expected nearly 21,000 model ss this year alone. he says he's very confident$ç t company will double its out put to 800 cars per week by theasu>
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of next year. them on the road. >> and they are good looking, sexy rides. >> they do turn your head. the forecast is upon us, the weekend is upon us. >> if there were a tesla convertible, this might be the weekend. temperatures warming up as we go through the next few days. we'll be looking at numbers closer to 90 degrees by satur y saturday. the sun is out in san jose. as you get up to san francisco, we've got no sunshine right now. a blanket of low clouds. good news for your commute this morning. the ceiling of those low clouds or the base of the low clouds up ab bon the midspans of the bridges, but enough to keep our temperatures fairly cool as we head into the afternoon coupled with the sea breeze. right now 55 degrees in san francisco, 60 in oakland, 53 in san jose. the winds have been a little gusty around the south bay this morning sought of the southeast at times in downtown san jose. you can see the southwest winds getting into fairfield this
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morning. for the oakland as this evening, we'll be seeing game time around 7:05. patches of low clouds, cool temperatures and that game you can catch on comcast sports net california coming up at 7:05 this evening. strong sea breeze will keep 60s and 70s in the sea shore. high pressure will try to build back toward central california. enough so it will squish down the marine layer to get us 80 to near 90 degree temperatures for our valley. 60s and 70s continue for our coast. during the afternoon patches of low clouds on the sea shore, spreading inland as we head towards tonight andéa÷nç the sa time tomorrow morning, waking up to more low clouds. san jose southward low to mid 0s. tri-valley locations mid 80s, maybe closer to low 90s for saturday afternoon. san francisco cool at 65 degrees. 70s around oakland. the warmup we'll see for the inland valleys, we think saturday to sunday.
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temperatures cool off again early next week as we hit the cruise control button with the weather forecast. >> that cruise control in the slower spots. right now the south bay you could hit the cruise control as you're coming up 101. no major slowing past 680 and the airport. 7 shows slowing between capital and downtown san jose, speeds coming down just at 60. 85 not a problem. we'll point out a soccer game at spartan stadium. expect the traffic, a 7:30 game. there will be a lot of traffic there. on the other side of 280, we have a concert tonight about the same time at s.a.p., back street boys, 98 degrees and boyz 2 men.
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we have northbound 680 crash at 75 in the center divide. the folks coming in this area an joining in out of livermore, that will be an issue as you come in through sunol. that's north 6780 causing a problem for the southbound side. heading toward the bay bridge, a smooth drive through the maze, no major issues, especially down the eastshore freeway. that's a smooth drive as well. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you what i talked about last report, judging by the volume of traffic, we thought the metering lights have. we see slowing coming off the 880 over crossing off 580. now you're slow once you past the 880 over crossing and get toward the toll plaza. north bay, san rafael shows an easy light drive. it's friday. that's what we typically see. one crash southbound 101 around
6:22 am
the sausalito exit. a couple lanes will be blocked for a bit. terrorists on the run, a wild scene after a prison break. we'll tell you how they broke free from behind bars. a live look at sfo where they've been clearing the runway of the asiana flight. it is officially clear now. but they've got work to do on thatbúy runway before it can officially be reopened. bob redell will join us with a live report with the very latest. 6:22. good morning! wow.
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22 convicted terrorists are among 200 prisoners on the loose after a prison break. this morning security forces once again have controlled the crowded prison where inmates set fires and started a deadly riot. five people including two prison employees were killed during a riot which was triggered by a power blackout that knocked out water pumps yesterday. 64 of the inmates that escaped have been caught. tourists visiting the taj mahal feeling much safer with extra security there, especially after a recent terror attack. several bombs exploded at a temple in eastern india on sunday. since then the indian government increased security at the taj mahal. for the record, it is india's most famous tourist attraction with 4 million visitors per year. friends and family of a british soldier brutally
6:26 am
murdered on a london street will pay final respects today. 25-year-old lee rig by will be laid to rest with full military honors. he was attacked and killed back in may near the barracks where he was stationed. two men from london are charged with his murder. the killing shocked much of the world, especially when one of the suspects his hands still killing moments after the attack. the defense in the george zimmerman trial began presenting closing arguments this morning. the prosecution wrapped up its zznts yeste. the jury will now decide whether 17-year-old trayvon martin's death was second degree murder. the jury can also consider a lesser charge of manslaughter. 6:26. still ahead, continuing coverage of the asiana air crash, including a side-by-side comparison of what the landing should have looked like compared to what actually happened. plus a survivor speaking out.
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we'll tellp%xñ you how a samsun executive is now describing his escape from that wreckage at sfo. we'll have that coming up on "today in the bay." [ wind howling ]
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right now at 6:00, continuing coverage at the asiana air crash and a brand new look at the final descent. what it should have looked like compared to what actually happened. right now a live look at the plane as crews work to remove all the wreckage on the runway at sfo. we'll be showing you how much progress has been made this week and also let you know that they may be opening up that runway as early as this weekend. this is today, friday, july 12th. this is "today in the bay." it is just about 6:30. good morning everybody. good to see you. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, crews have clearedm-q the wreckage of asi flight 214 from runway 28l at sfo.
6:30 am
the wreckage had been sitting on the runway since crash landing on saturday. it's been an around the clock effort to try to clear the runway to get it up and running again by sunday. meantime the ntsb already handed control of the runway back over to sfo. that investigation right now is just getting started. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame right now overlooking the runway. bob, you have brand new video for us that gives us a clearer look at what the landing should have looked like compared to what happened out there. >> reporter: yes, good morning, jon. all week we've been talking about wha"xñ went wrong with th final approach. now we've got a visual to>okg you what happened. a detailed animation, just so you get some frame of reference. the ghost image of the aircraft on top is how ice anna flight 214 was supposed to land at sfo saturday morning. the solid image of the aircraft below shows what actually
6:31 am
happened. what's most stunning is how off flight 214 was. you can see it's much lower in altitude than it should have been. you can see the position of the plane as the pilots pulled up failed attempt to abort the landing before the tail hit the seawall, shattered and the plane came to a crashing halt in the grass at the end of runway 28l. in interviewtion with the ntsb the pilot did televisioners he thought the auto throttle was afrmd which would have kept the 777 at 137 knot, the minimum speed necessary for a safe landing. turns out it was not engaged which the cockpit crew didn't realize until it was too late. it's possible they were distracted by another problem. the plane, as it turns off, was off center in position to the runway. they were trying to correct that ash you when they realized they ] and too slow. reporting live in burlingame across from sfo, bob redell,÷#@c
6:32 am
"today in the bay." this morning a samsung executive is giving more details about what it was actually like to be on board that plane when it went down. you'll recall david eun tweeted out this photo immediately after the crash with the caption "just crashed at sfo. surreal. i'm okay." he also said "it's still surreal now. i feel incredibly fortunate to be here. i'm doing my best to recover." >> as a lot of the survivors are. entire morning and on there you can check outrage mathai's in depth interview with ntsb's debra hersman. also checking out the forecast. a peek at the weekend maybe. rob mayeda is in for christina. >> right now seeing low clouds in san jose. southeast winds coming into
6:33 am
downtown, the flights out of san jose airport going from north to south. our temperatures mostly in the 50s outside, 60 in oakland. 53 in san jose. the southeast wind at seven causing the flight change for san jose airport this morning. íxk(t&háhp &hc side of downtown san jose, you're hearing a rumble in the sky as the ?] planes take off the south this morning. southwest wind at seven in san francisco. sea breeze pumping in marine air all the way into stockton and modesto this morning. the reason the low clouds will probably take until about lunchtime to clear west of the golden gate bridge. as we head into the afternoon and evening, low clouds will fill in once again and see this same story repeat out. by lunchtime, we should see temperatures in the mid 70s inland as we're looking at sunshine throughout the day,y,l especially the tri-valley. u today, 60s san francisco, upper 70s san jose. for the weekend we'll climb a few more degrees. low 90s inland. and then we turn cooler because the sea breeze picks up strength
6:34 am
and drops down temperatures early next week. right now the bay bridge toll plaza we do have the metering lights on. that's sometimes not the case on a friday, but it is today. the earlier backup evening out. the fast track lanes show the most backup. folks might want to shift back over and pay more for the cash laerns. it's a +rpay-to-play situation there. over here to the maps we do see some slowing coming down through berkeley out of richmond. typical build for a friday. nothing dramatic for the maze. a smooth flow for:la$u$e arrows the commute direction typically expected for the tri-valley. the big issue is southbound 680 out of pleasanton before you get to brunell down toward highway  84, big slowdown. the crash mark there is on the northbound side. that's in the center divide and blocking the fast lane which may have just cleared over the last few minutes. that is the distraction for your commute direction which is south out of pleasanton and through
6:35 am
sunol. that's the reason for all the slowing. my concern are folks out of highway 84 and livermore. this could be an issue. so far it's clear south of 84 guys. time is 6:35. coming up, calling on the supernatural at a crime scene. we'll let you know why detectives say psychic powers may have led them to the body of a missing boy. almost 48 hours and still no sign of a missing toddler in the east bay. we'll tell you which area searchers are honing in on. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right...
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welcome back everybody on a friday morning. we want to give you a live look outside. that is the bay bridge with some clouds you can see there hanging around san francisco. rob mayeda telling us it's going to be a cooler day to start out here. some warmer temperatures coming. also want to double your pleasure. let's jump over to the golden gate bridge, very similar scene. low hanging clouds causing the fog there. hopefully the sunshine will push those right out as we get ready to enjoy the weekend. yes, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, it's here. enjoy, 6:38. a detective says a woman who claims to be a psychic led investigators to the body of an 11-year-old boy in riverside county. the detective says a woman named pam ragland claimed to have visions that the boy had gonegxo 11-year-old terry smith's house
6:39 am
without knowing it was his. the detective says ragland walked on to the property and right to the partially buried body. the boy's 16-year-old half brother was arrested in that killing. the boy's mother told investigators the 11-year-old has autism. the boy's father denies that claim. the boston police department says it's linked dna from the last known victim of the infamous boston stranglerk58@q= albert desalvo. he at one time confessed to the crimes. today his family furious about how police actually got access to that dna to make this link. desalvo died back in 1973. police followed desalvo's nephew and got his dna after he tossed out a water bottle. police ended up usinñ that water bottle to get a dna family profile. the family right now very upset because it says it would have been happy to provide police with a sample without hesitation had they been asked.
6:40 am
desalvo's body will now be exhumed for more forensic testing. it is 6:39. getting new details in the all-out search for a missing east bay toddler. plus we also have new video showing a smokey scene at the site of saturday's plane crash at sfo. but did the wreckage actually flare up overnight? we'll have new details ahead. we've been watching low clouds in san francisco, but mostly clear skies to start off your friday morning. we have a look at a warming weekend forecast coming up. we'll look over here. this is fremont, southbound 880 picking up the volume and getting a lot of sunshine. that sunrise slowdown may be kicking in on both sides of the bay. but then look at this different shot over here on the peninsula side as folks are coming off the sany96=ñbridge. a nice steady flow of traffic, but you see the low clouds in the background. we have the changing conditions and changing volumes affecting your friday morning commute. we'll give you an update coming up.
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new this morning, crews have cleared the wreckage of asiana flight 214 from runway 28l at sfo. the wreckage has been sitting on the runway since crash landing on saturday. it's been an around-the-clock effort to clear the runway. we[g6s have new video from overnight showing smoke. that's right, smoke coming from the crash site. we're told it's from a small fire that was started by crews who were using blow torches to take apart the wreckage. the good news here, nothing severe. fighters were able to put the flames out within minutes. the ntsb handed control of the runway over to sfo, but the investigation is far from over.
6:44 am
"today in the bay's" bob redell live in burlingame overlooking the runway. problem, the plane now towed off the runway. when do they have an idea of when it will officially reopen? >> good morning, laura and jon. the hope from airport sfo is to have runway1.ñ 28l reopened by sunday afternoon so flights can be resuming. we're not sure if there's any wreckage remainingwdñ because there's large dumpsters blocking our view. we know the core part of the airplane, the front part of the fuselage has been towed away. you can take a look at time lapse video. when i say the core part of the fuselage i'm talking about the nose -- allbvs! the way back tot behind the wings. it's a slow crawl of this massive piece of wreckage as it made its way past the other terminals. we believe is part in the northeast corner of the airport itself.
6:45 am
this wreckage on property here at sfo for one or two weeks. that's what the airport was telling us until asiana airlines figures out what it wants to do. presumably we know they will definitely be taking it off-site somewhere, whether that's for storage or salvage, that is still to be determined. so the main process right now for the airport is to clean up that grassy area where asiana flight 214 came to a rest when it crashed saturday morning, to remove any excess jet newefuel might still be there, fix the seawall and a piece of navigational equipment damaged during the crash. once that is done, the faa will test land an aircraft on the run%f#$p'd if they give the all clear and say it is safe, then that runway can reopen. sunday afternoon, as you're well
6:46 am
aware, having one of these runways down when you only have three left at a major airport has caused tremendous delays. the airport is working around the clock to get this fixed. live in burlingame, bob redell, "today in the bay." a programming note for you. be sure to join us saturday for raj mathai's special interview with ntsb chairman debra hersman. watch as first responders reunite with survivors. it airs thisu6%1 saturday night 6:30. this morning we have new details about a man who turns he to save his family from a capsized boat. we now know one of the little girls he saved is right here in the bay area. she's from here in the bay area. sdwron franklin riggs was in a
6:47 am
boat near deal ireland when a storm brood. the boat took on water and toppled over. riggs swam five hours to shore toppled over. riggs swam five hours to shore in a sea fullunj jellyfish. after five hours of swimming, he finally made it to shore and knocked on the door of a home to get some help. the state police and the coast guard found that boat and then rescued riggs's father, sister, 3-year-old nephew and 9-year-old 9-year-old girl is emily horn, a fourth grader visiting from san francisco. during an5.,r'terview with a lol newspaper, horn calls her uncle, quote, a real life hero. yes, he is, young lady. she also says the next time the family goes fishing, she'll go, but only if that water is really shallow. riggs says everybody on board the boat was wearing life jackets which probably helped save their lives.
6:48 am
that is a superhero story. >> he's now thelg.m favorite u. that water couldn't have been warm. >> in the bay area, upper 50s, mid 50s. it's interesting to take a look at the gulf stream current. it creates different conditions. as we'll show you on the map here going towards the east coast, the sea surface temperatures there considerably different than the bay area. not exactly warm, but talking temperatures there where the capsize took place. so the survivability certainly is greater. you also notice the story, the stinging jellyfish, they've had record swimming stopped when these elite athletes are stung. the bay area though, our temperatures thanks to the sea breeze in the 50s. closer to 60 in oakland. sea breeze pretty strong this morning. it's the southeast wind into san
6:49 am
jose and morgan hill which is sending the flights southbound out of san jose airport. extra noisy on the north side of downtown. southwest wind at 23 into fairfield and that marine air will ensure a cool start to the ball game later this evening. a's verses red sox, perhaps a play-off match-up in the making. we'll see the numbers dropping into the upper 50s if you're heading to the ball park. bundle up. '=+ñ strong sea breeze will weaken slightly for the weekend. talking 80s to low 90s as early as tomorrow. south of san jose, you'll notice the warmup. for the coast and san francisco, not so much. we'll continue to see the low clouds hugging the sea shore. the low clouds will spill in rapidly as we head into this evening. bay area temperatures close to 80 in san jose. mid 80s in the warmest spots inland around morgan hill, pleasanton, sunol. san francisco and oakland, looking at 60s for most of the day. briefly near 70 and mostly 70s
6:50 am
around the north bay. a slight warmup for the0z( val. that's what's in store for the weekend. we'll cool off as the sea breez& week. a big apology. i was very, very unaccurate the last time i talked to you about this. the concert at s.a.p.#ss it's not back street boys. it's new kids on the block. that's a huge difference. that was subconscious, because i know that "oh, oh, oh." we also have the game, club america and puebla are playing this evening. both about the same time. expect both off-ramps in both directions to slow. meanwhile the morning commute kicking in from north 101. north 87 gentle because it's friday. the friday commute, northbound 680 we had a crash at the center divide blocking the fast lane for quite some time. good news, that just cleared. that was so much of a distraction that the northbound side wasn't the problem, it was
6:51 am
the southbound commute that could see that activity. we should see great improvement, speeds hitting the upper 50s in many spots. still slowing as the backup forms out of pleasanton and off 580. another slowing for a 20 to 30 minutes through the area. we're also looking at 84 building through livermore. pretty mild for the tri-valley because of the flow overall. 880 shows a smooth drive, northbound past the coliseum, we have a slowdown that's just happening. looks like there may have been a crash or some debris. i'll check it and send it out on twitter. one more report before the end of the show. slowing all of a sudden past the coliseum. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a lighter developing. e we have your fast track and cash lanes blacking up a bit because of the metering lights. the backup doesn't even go back to the end of the parking lot. ending with palo alto, smooth drive for 101 and 280, but the sun is in your eyes.
6:52 am
now to a developing story in oakland where there's still unfortunately no sign of 21-month-old daphne webb missing since wednesday morning. investigators have been focusing on three separate locations, 79th and international where she was reportedly kidnapped, her father's home on green ridge drive and along the martin luther king junior regional shoreline. we've been covering that story and will hopefully have a live report coming up with christie smith at oakland police headquarters. a prominent federal civil rights group is reportedly investigating peer sexual harassment at palo alto high school. the u.s. department office for civils5 u rights recently sent letter to palo alto accusing them of not responding to notices of peer sexual assault. although not mentioned specifically in the case, you'll recall the magazine published annan mouse accounts of two notices of peer sexual assault,
6:53 am
although not mentioned specifically in the case, it all happened there. and so far we have called superintendent kevin skully this morning to get a comment and puheard back from in skully this him. as we mentioned, the search for 21-month-old daphne webb continues right now. we want to check in with christie smith to get the latest on this on going investigation. >> reporter: good morning. oakland police planning an update after 7:00 this morning. they have the doors open at the police department. we'll check in in just a bit. we know they've spoken with daphne web's mother, also the little girl's grandfather. we had a chance to talk with him. he says he really wants to make sure the focus in all of this is finding the little girl who has been missing since wednesday, and not to focus on her father. here is what we know. daphne webb, 21 months old. she was in the car, her father says, on wednesday morning with
6:54 am
his mother who is 87 years old and has dementia. he says he ran into a convenience store to get an energy drink. he says when he returned to the car, the little girl was gone. webb was arrested for child endangerment. police have been searching the martin luther king regional shoreline park over near the airport. they plan to do that again this morning. police say webb sometimes took they've also searched his apartment. police not calling him a suspect, but the grandfather says he really just wants daphne home. >> her and her husband have a good relationship. they have challenges but they have a great relationship. she doesn't want anybody to think bad of him. even though that's how it's looking right now, we're hoping for the best. our biggest concern is about the baby. i know a lot of attention is being turned to him. right now our focus is on the baby. that's who we want to see right now.
6:55 am
>> reporter: he was talking there about the mother, the father and the little girl. daphne weighs just 30 pounds and was wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts on them and pink socks. police also still looking into reports that a woman, possibly black or hispanic, may have been seen in the area with a baby with similar clothing on walking away from the area. they say they still haven't been able to substantiate that. john webb will be arranged this afternoon on the child endangerment charges. christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:55. as we know, police are supposed to investigate crimes, not be accused of them. this morning a san jose police officer right now under arrest charged with a sex crime involving a minor. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live at the san jose police department with the latest details and where this case is heading now. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the officer turned himself in to sjpd yesterday, this after san jose police say they found sexually
6:56 am
explicit photos of a minor on his home computer. these photos seming from an inappropriate relationship he allegedly had with the young girl a couple years ago. the officer's name is tony 23rege23re fregger. he's 33 years old. in november 2010 fregger contacted this girl online. a couple months later in january t two had an exchange on facebook where it came to light the girl was under age. in reality she was 16 years old but she told fregger in a written message, quote, i'm 17, and my birthday's in february. his response according to detectives, quote, you 17? oh, man, i thought you were like 21. lol. lol as you know in most cases means laugh out loud. he requested and received x he's under arrest and the santa clara district attorney's office is handling this case.
6:57 am
police officers are entrusted to carry guns, carry bat batons, protect the community and enforce the law. mr. fregger is charged with breaking the law. so the public trust was violated in that regard. it was also violated because a minor was a victim in the case.÷ >> reporter: fregger is an eight-year veteran of the department. he was assigned to the sexual assault united in march of 2010, just a few months before officers say he began breaking the law. he's now facing two felonies and is on administrative leave pending this< live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." 6:57. another strike is looming. b.a.r.t. and its two main labor union also be back at the bargaining table to do. the two sides have until august 5 to hammer out a new contract or another strike is possible.
6:58 am
no meetings are scheduled to take place next week because the agency's chief negotiator will bex vacation. b.a.r.t. workers went on strike four days last week shutting down the transit system. no agreement was reached, but trains started rolling again after the unions agreed to go back to work under the old deal for 30 days. key issues, wages, health care and retirement benefits. meantime, a movie depicting a deadly shooting on a b.a.r.t. platform opens in theaters today in san francisco, l.a. and new york. >> hey, oscar, how are you?c!kñ >> i'm good. i'm good. happy new year. >> this film is called "fruitvale." tells the story of oscar grant, an unarmed b.a.r.t. passenger shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer in 2009. the movie depicts the last day of grant's lifel9ñ. written and directed by ryan kugler who grew up in the east bay. the movie attracted rave reviews
6:59 am
and has early oscar buzz for its cast. 6:58. time fors'zs a check of the da top stories. search crews still looking for missing 21-month-old daphne web. her father says she was taken from his car when he went to a liquor store two days ago. while he is not a suspect, john webb is due in court to face child endangerment charges for leaving that little girl alone with his mother who has alzheimer's. nsa leaker edward snowden is meeting with two prom nechbt russian human rights officials in moscow. snowden believed to be stuck in a transit zone as in moscow's airport as he notes for asylum. off the runway for the first time in nearly a week, crews moved the fuselage of asiana air flight 214 off a runway, 28l at sfo. a small fire was reported at the torches to try to dismantle and take apart that wreckage. here is a live look at sfo
7:00 am
where crews are focusing on getting the runway ready for planes. the goal is to reopen by sunday. we'll update you on our 11:00 a.m. show. that's all for us. we'll see you monday. good morning, the final pitch. the defense gives its closing argument at the george zimmerman trial this morning after prosecutors laid out their case. >> hold the defendant responsible for his actions. hold him accountable for what he did. >> deliberations expected to begin in a matter of hours. we're there live. breaking overnight, edward snowden releases a new statement and will meet with human rights groups inside moscow's airport today. is he about to emerge from hiding for the first time in weeks? and look out above. it's a shark, it's a tornado. it's a sharknado. the wildly absurd movie that's taken the social media world


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