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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a gunman storms a jewelry mart and leaves blood and bodies. good evening and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm raj. >> i'm jessica. how quickly officers found themselves in the line of fire after coming face-to-face with an armed and bloody man.
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>> 21 black male white shirt. >> suspect running. shots fired. what followed, gunfire, a surrenderer and a lockdown of a busy san francisco neighborhood. inside the building, two people dead, a third critically injured. >> the shooting happened at the jewelry mart in the city district. here is the map, 8th and brandon. jean is in san francisco where she spoke to people caught inside right, jean, during the shooting. >> reporter: that's right and that horn pied shoppers inside the jewelry mart tonight and that shooting continued outside on this street. take a look. police are here collecting evidence, trying to piece together why a man killed two women and critically injured a man inside a jewelry store. police collect evidence after a
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day of shopping inside the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. >> four or five shots and people running down the hallways. >> reporter: a gunman started shooting inside a gold store. >> they were yelling at us to get back. i was in a bridle shop with a wedding dress on and we moved all the wedding dresses out of the way and we went into the alteration room. >> reporter: police were yelling at courtney because a man killed two people and wounded another. police say around 2:00 the suspect shot one woman to death, stabbed another woman to death and shot and stabbed a man inside the store. the last victim is now fighting for his life at san francisco general hospital. police say moments later, three officers encountered the bloody gunman outside on brannan street and he fired at police. >> i heard one loud shot close to me. >> reporter: she was at a food
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truck when she heard the gunfire and saw armed police officers swarming the area. >> i ran very quickly and hit in one of the stores there. >> reporter: while she hid, officers chased the gunman to a taco stand where he fired at police. police did not fire back worried that too many people nearby could get hit. the suspect shot, didn't hit anyone and police say he dropped his gun and surrendered after running out of bullets. after he surrendererred, they kept the area locked down. the massive police response was scary but organized. >> the cops pretty much knew what they were doing, pushed us where we needed to go. >> reporter: when video evidence revealed there was one gunman, the search was called off and the investigation into the deadly shooting began. police aren't telling us much about the suspect, except that
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he has been in that jewelry mart before, and that is significant because it's not easy to get inside. you have to have an appointment, and you have to show your id to get in. so tonight, people who work there say they are anxious to find out how he got there and why he killed two women. reporting live in san francisco, jean ellie, bay area news. >> more details about the gift center and jewelry mart. more than 125 showrooms and as jean mentioned, it's not like a shopping mall. you do have to have an appointment and be cleared through security. the store where the victims were found dead as been in business more mo for more than 26 years. here is the layout. you see it highlighted in red. it a way from most of the elevators and stairs. not just jewelry, this part of town is filled with furniture and design centers, also, it's a big high-tech hub. pinterest are among the notable
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residents. these are still photos sent out by tech workers, most of them on lockdown as this unfolded late in the afternoon. the brick building on the right side there is printerest and another photograph where zinga headquarters are located. the brick building on the right you see there with the dog logo, that zinga at 7th and brannon. an e-mail blasted out to employees explaining that they were to wait inside zynga headquarters until they got clearance to leave. our coverage continues on our website. photos and raw videos from today's shooting, the latest on the asiana runway crash. the runway is open six days after the deadly crash. crews spent the last 48 hours clearing the debris and removing the fuse l lodge.
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>> there were several other major developments today including the death of a third victim. she was another teenage girl. cheryl hurd join us this evening, cheryl? >> reporter: raj, it took more than 1,000 tons of asphalt to get this runway open tonight. now that's progress for the airport, but sadness for another family dealing with another crash-related death. planes were landing and taking off on runway 28 left at san francisco's international airport tonight. it's the first time that happened since flight 214 hit the seawall and crashed saturday killing three people and injuring about 180 others. southwest airlines was the first to land on that reopened runway. >> the airlines will return to the normal schedules tomorrow. i don't expect to see cancellations at all tomorrow. >> reporter: as airplane crews worked long hours to get flight scheduling back to normal, there
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was news of the third fatality. the head of surgery at sf general hospital announced that an injured 15-year-old chinese girl passed away this morning. >> she died of her injuries. it is a pediatric patient that's been in the intensive care unit. >> reporter: two 16-year-old chinese students coming to the u.s. for a summer camp were the first two victims of saturday's aviation disaster. this morning san francisco's police chief confirmed that one of those girls was run over by a fire truck responding to the scene after the plane went down. officials say her body was covered with foam, firefighters used to put out the flames of that boeing 777 but it's still in the clear if the fire truck actually took her life. >> the fire truck did go over the fact, thatvictim, that's a . whether the victim was deceased before or a result, that's what we're trying to figure out.
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>> reporter: the chinese consulate released a statement about the third victim expressing condolences to the family. that family is asking for privacy tonight. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> such a tragedy. thank you very much. the closure of runway had a massive impact on flyers. today alone at least 100 flights were cancelled. every day since the crash at least 50 flights were scrapped and dozens more delayed. in some cases four hours. as we've been telling you for days on board flight 214 was that group of students and teachers from china. tonight finally many of them are on their way back to their home. the chinese consulate released a photograph of 31 students departing sfo today. two of the 16-year-olds, as cheryl mentioned, were part of a group traveling to california for a three-week summer program. that program has been cancelled. a programming note, join us tomorrow if you have the time for a special on the crash of
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asiana flight crash 214. you can see the story with de a deborah hersman and survivors reuniting with first responders. area tomorrow night at 6:30. new tonight at 11:00 a public alert, someone is intentionally trying to poison dogs and it can kill humans. one dog is already died. poisoned meat balls were on the street in upper market burnet area of san francisco's park district. several dogs that ate the poisoned meat got sick. this was first issued last week but police are saying the meat balls were laced with so much if humans touched them they could get sick or potentially die. to an nbc bay area followup. california clerks not issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, even though the supreme court null fied the property.
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in a legal petition, the group protect marriage notes the u.s. supreme court didn't actually rule on the prop eight. it only said protect marriage had no standing to pursue an appeal. the group stepped in to defend the band after the glove nofr and attorney general refuseed to do so. since the court never addressed the mer reds, the ban is valid. the legal ma never is a long shot and the u.s. supreme court and a federal appeals court rejected similar attempts to stop same-sex marriage. >> my daughter is missing. >> an east bay father breaks down in tears as he answers questions about his missing daughter after walking out of jail. why he was arrested and what police are saying about the search for the missing child. taped on the train. the video that has bart searching for two people using
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the train for much more than commuting. and is it a choice, the new study from stanford that suggests mammals can decide if their offspring will be a boy or a girl? the missing piece of the puzzle just ahead. and good evening. i'm jeff in the weather center. tracking fog and you can see it on the camera. we'll talk more about the warming weekend and also the fog factor forecast that could delay flights tomorrow morning a half hour to one hour but again, all runways are now open. i'm back in just a few minutes.
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new tonight at 11:00 a father is offering a plea for someone to help him find his daughter. >> he made those pleas after walking out of jail. we have more from that father and the latest on the search for daphne. >> reporter: jessica, john walked out of the jail tonight with an emotional message. he believes his daughter is alive and hoping somebody will bring her back. >> my daughter is missing, and i have to live with that, even though i'm out of jail, i'm still not free from how i feel. >> reporter: john webb struggled with emotions breaking down in tears worried for his daughter, 21-year-old daphne webb. >> i can't really sleep. i haven't slept since i've been here, just worried about her.
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please, please, bring her, drop her off somewhere. >> reporter: webb says he left little daphne and his disabled mother in his suv while he went to buy an energy drink in oakland. when he came back out a few minutes later, his mother was alone, the car's backdoor was open and daphne was gone. >> i still believe she alive. i'm not going to say my daughter is dead. >> reporter: webb was arrested on thursday on suspicion of child endangerment but was released after the office declined to file charges against him as the investigation continues. >> honk for the baby. >> reporter: her disappearance struck a chord with families and hits home for juanita pena. >> it breaks my heart. we are here to support the family and baby daphne to come home. >> reporter: meanwhile, the search continues for her on the
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shoreline near oakland international. webb says he regrets leaving his little girl in the car. >> that's a mistake i have to live with the rest of my life. now somebody is missing and i can't just go back in time and change -- and change that. >> reporter: now here is a description of daphne. she's african american, 2 feet tall and 30 pounds and last seen wearing an orange two piece pajama with pink hearts and pink socks. if you know anything call police. >> george, thank you. a stemming sex scene on bart and bart police are on the case. they want to track down the couple and the police that videotaped the couple having sex on a seat on a moving train. the windows in the video are dark suggesting the train was in a tunnel at the time. the video shows grainy images of the couple's faces. bart plans to charge the two with lewd conduct which is a
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misdemeanor. >> it's not a serious violent offense but something we take seriously and a crime that's eligible for an ab 716 prohas been bigs order. that's a low that went into effect allowing us to prohibit certain individuals that commit certain offenses to be in or around the property. >> bart is using the incident to call for all riders to alert them if they see any inappropriate behavior. they try to make sure officers are waiting at the next stop when illegal act ivity is reported. >> how are you? >> good, good, happy new year. >> this is a clip from the oscar grant movie, the bart passenger shot to death on a bart platform in 2009 on new year's day. it opened today. it's called fruit vail station where it happened and a fictional glimpse into the last day of his life.
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it attracted rave reviews and early oscar buzz for it's cast. she's going from the cabinet to the campus, janet napolitano is being named the new president of the uc system. the bored of regions expected to vote to confirm her as a system's first female president in the 145 year history next thursday. th napolitano will help with the nuclear labs. she does have strong bay area ties. her father is from oakland and th th she earned a bachelor degree and the school's first female value victorian. the largest school in the united states with more than a quarter million students and 208,000 faculty and staff and a budget of $24 billion. it operates ten campuses, five medical centers, three national labs and a state-wide
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agricultural and natural resources program. napolitano is up for negotiations at a meeting. we've been talking about this all weekend and it's finally here, the weekend. >> is it friday? >> friday is gone pretty much. the weekend is here. you'll be happy with the forecast. if you're here visiting, classic fog in san francisco up against the coastline and temperatures in the mid 50s. get up early and see that. by the noon hour, still a little bit of fog expected at the coastline and the bay temperatures in the mid 70s by noon and if you live here you'll be happy interirior valleys. by 4:00 p.m. temperatures close to 90. not too bad for july. let's get you outside to the live high-definition sky cam. it's so clear we can make out air traffic tonight.
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cloud cover moving in but nothing restricting visibility or causing flight delays. in san francisco, we do have the fog with us again but it's not nearly as bad as it has been the past couple of nights. that wind moves out of the west on shore, again, will be trickling in fog. let's get the fog factor forecast for tomorrow morning and again very typical this time of the year. this is breaking news when it comes to weather. expecting the fog at the coastline, the thickest there. in the north bay, it looks like that low cloud cover will be throughout but you can see the areas we haven't highlighted also santa clara county, not expecting a huge cloud event for tomorrow morning. that's the good news. start off sunny and finish with sunshine. highlights the fog by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. if you're headed to the beaches expect temperatures in the 50s and 60s and take that jacket with you. take the spf if you're headed inland. temperatures ranging anywhere from the 70s to the 90s.
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let's go ahead and get a look at the forecast for saturday. we have raised the numbers up a bit from the earlier newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. so just a little warmer for you there. 89 expected in morgan hill and also 87 in gill roy. with four days on the on shore flow and fog eventually the fog pattern breaks and weaker. tomorrow it will have a tougher time. those cooler winds, that is to move across the niles and the hayward pass. so that will mean the hot air wins out and we'll likely get to 90 in liver more and danville and 87 in walnut creek. not a bad day if you have a pool to take a dip on saturday. 67 in san francisco. 80 in santa rosa and napa and s sanoma. no major beach weather but if you're headed on the boat, san francisco and the bay this time of the year, water temperature in the upper 50s, small craft
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advisory for the boaters to be aware of and waves anywhere from 3 to 6 feet. on your seven day forecast, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s through monday, 60s at the coastline and a summer stride through next week with low 90s wednesday, thursday, and friday. it's saturday tomorrow. sigh of relief. 40 minutes and it's saturday. >> yes, i was going to declare it now. >> thanks. coming up, waiting for a monoarch. the royal arrival that captured the world's attention. look at 'em.
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is in labor after she's safely inside a private wing of the hospital. 90 years of breeding records from the san diego zoo revealed something remarkable. researchers say mammals can manipulate the sex of their offspring. according to the study published, data shows that female mammals can tap into an unknown physiological mechanism to choose the sperm gender that will best serve their interest. for example, strong healthy mothers can choose to have a male and other mothers may choose to limit grandchildren by having a female. more than 2300 animals were studied and say humans have the same ability but less understanding about how to harness it. >> very interesting. scott reese is up next with sports. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. scott reiss from comcast sports net newsroom and giants
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fans can finally just exhale after what we saw tonight. >> no doubt. i just finished giants post game three minutes ago and with raj-like speed i sprinted here to the sports desk. all season it's the a's leading the bay area baseball charge, but it appears maybe, just maybe the tide is turning a little bit. let's show you highlights of both teams starting with the giants in san diego. game two of the four-game series against the padres. bases loaded, two out, giants deliver big time. buster posey with a two-run knock makes it 5-1 san franci o francisco. top seven, two on, two out. posey again working on a five rbi night. the giants pound out 17 hits on route to a 10-1 lapper. >> he throws a fast-paced game and a lot of strikes. i mean, he just had one tough inning and, you know, other than
11:28 pm
that he pitched great. >> and more good news, the giants have another all star. bruce confirming sergio romo will replace somebody at next week's midsummer classic in new york. he couldn't disclose whose spot romo will take, that's all in good time but he'll certainly be representing the national league next week. a's red sox. socks one right out of the yard. seven for the year and ties the game at two. top eight now, same score, two aboard for dustin and hit it hard. play the pair and that the difference in the ball game as boston wins on the road by a score of 4-2. so a lot of baseball, guys, and more coming up this weekend and then it comes to a screeching halt. slow sports time next week monday, tuesday, wednesday for the all-star break but right now
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a lot going on. >> you do a lot with the a's pose game show, this was huge. a play-off preview, right? >> without question. two of the best teams in the american league the entire season. yeah, this could be the american league championship series preview in july. we'll see what happens before october but no question, two of the best teams in baseball doing battle. >> does scott get the day off for the all-star break? >> yes, i do. yes, i do. >> good for you. we'll be right back. good morning! wow.
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shopping season, to lure shoerps from santa row. >> dinner on me when that opens up. >> got you guys. >> we will record this newscast. >> all right. all right. sounds good. >> have a great weekend. >> really, enjoy the weekend, bye, bye.
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