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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm dine dwyer. we begin tonight with developing news out of san francisco. a muni crash sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital this afternoon. the light rail collided with a van on a busy street in the bay view district. jodi hernandez is in san francisco with the latest for us. >> crews just finished clearing out the remaining debris at third and evans. muni service was just restored after a crash involving a muni train brought things to a standstill out here, and sent more than a dozen people to the hospital. the accident happened just before 1:00 this afternoon, we're told a van and a light
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rail train were traveling parallel toward downtown san francisco along third street, when the van made an illegal turn right in front of the train. the van then crashed into a signal post which fell into the train's window. police tell me another large metal piece of the train's conducting system also smashed into the window of the train. 19 people were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries, including bumps, bruises and scrapes. everyone is expected to be okay. the driver, a 25-year-old woman who was also taken to the hospital suffering from some shoulder pain, she's been treated and released. police say there was no sign of intoxication. investigators say this accident most certainly could have been much worse. >> after the initial impact between the van and the train the van made contact with the muni signal that made contact with the train and knocked out a window. there is other dame because of the initial impact to the front
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of the train. we were able to move that out of the way and start working on the muni signal to get that up and running. >> muni service was just restored a short time ago, about 15 minutes ago, after the train service had to be stopped along third street for about four hours. we're told thousands of people who travel in this area were impacted by this crash, but once again trains are rolling again. reporting live in san francisco, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thanks very much. family members of the two teenaged victims joined in a prayer ceremony today in burlingame. people lined up, bowed and left flowers for all the victims. organizers invited people for different religions within sight of last thursday's disaster at the airport. the parents of the two girls who died said they were pleased with today's ceremony. >> they're happy because they
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don't have friends and relatives here, it's very important for them to see people gathering here and to pray for their children. >> the girls were their only daughters and described them as close friends, talented and excellent students. many of the students and teachers that were on board asiana flight 214 are arriving home tonight. 31 of the 35 people in the group left sfo yesterday. the three week summer program which many of those students, including at least three of those who were killed were planning to attend has since been cancelled. the runway at san francisco international airport where asiana flight 214 crashed last saturday has reopened. runway 28 l had to be cleared of debris, repainted and repaired, all four runways at the airport are now up and running as usual. a blood drive is scheduled to be held at sfo monday morning to replenish blood supplies
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following the deadly crash. the blood banks will be at the baggage claim area of terminal 3 at 9:00 in the morning. if you're interested in donating, make an appointment ahead of time. in the past few days she's become the most visible woman in the bay area. many political insiders say debra herseman is a rising star in washington, d.c.,. raj mathai goes one on one with the 33-year-old mother of three. >> when we see knew town, that usually means something's gone wrong? >> i don't want people to think that i'm associated with disasters and have a pav lovian response when they see me, but i tell you, with what we see in accidents, sometimes we see the very best of communities. we see the very best of people. >> please join us tonight at 6:30 for a special on the crash of asiana flight 214, can you
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see the full interview. the interview special airs tonight at 6:30 right here on nbc bay area. we have a developing story in the south bay tonight. san jose police are searching for the gunmen in that city's 27 homicides. the shooting happened near the corner of state and archer street. police say a man who appears to be in his 30s was talking with someone on the sidewalk when he was shot just before 10:00 last night. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say witnesses heard multiple gunshots, so far there are no suspects in the case and no motive. the killing of san jose's second homicide in just this week. no word from the jury in the george zimmerman second degree murder trial as the all woman panel continues its first full day of deliberations. a short time ago, the jury asked the judge for guidance on the manslaughter charge. jay gray filed this report earlier today.
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>> reporter: the focus remains on the fifth floor of the seminole county courthouse. where six jurors continue their work behind closed doors this weekend. there are four possible conclusions to this case. guilty of second degree murder, guilty of manslaughter. not guilty or a hung jury. >> however the jury decides this case, if they do reach a verdict. they deliberated for a significant period of time. whichever side they reach, i think the other side can take some comfort that they took this case seriously. >> to this point they've only had one request to judge debra nelson. during the first few hours of deliberations, they asked for and were provided the inventory list from the trial. >> from there they can go through and show them what the evidence is, and when there are questions that come up about evidence, they have the exhibit list, they can go to that, and find the individual documents. >> as the six women on the jury
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work through that evidence, emotions are on display outside the courthouse. a handful of supporters for both zimmerman and trayvon martin have gathered at times, like so many following this trial, anxious to see how it all might end. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. next at 5:00, a clean slate, why dozens of people went under the laser today in an effort to leave their past behind. a new member of the royal family is expected any day now. the media frenzy that's building outside the hospital where the duchess of cambridge plans to give birth. i'm lauren scott live in san francisco at the america's cup. the match racing was on today. we saw two boats going head to head, and one of them was substantially faster than the other. we'll fill you in in the report coming up in a minute. we've been watching that sea breeze cooling off across the bay. we managed some low 90s, a bit of a warming trend to kick off
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the weekend. the low clouds will be surging in this evening. the details in your forecast when we come back.
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america's cup fans have been waiting for this since july 4th. >> it is the first official day
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where there are two catamarans racing against each other on the bay. laurence scott joins us from pier 23 in san francisco with the latest. hello, lawrence. >> it's windy out here today. so windy, in fact, that there was a brief moment where they thought the races wouldn't go. it's a good thing they did. our first head to head racing. if you think this should have taken place last weekend, but the italians were protesting, and perhaps instead of protesting they should have been practicing a little more. it really showed today. >> the summer of racing is officially off and running. emirates team new zealand matching up on the bay with the italian luna rosa team. here at the very start, it's important to note that there's no doubt. the starts of these match races will be critical all summer long. and the key leads with the masterful start.
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dean barker leading his crew to the early lead that would hold up through the entirety of the race. >> team new zealand takes the win. >> when it was all said and done, it was a dominant win for the key wes. coming in over 5 minutes ahead of the italians, it's only the start of what's to come. >> here's barker after the win. >> i think those guys listen, they start to develop a different part to the playbook. and more -- we need to keep developing, and learn the different options are with these boots. i would like to see another team do much better in the course. the kiwis are the class act right now. and we need to build our class. >> kris draper, who you just heard from and luna rosa skipper staying out on the bay, about an hour after the race, to get in a little extra work. let's see here as they have a
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race day off for tomorrow. it will be emirates team new zealand going against the course. because the racing team of sweden won't be out there tomorrow. the italians will be back on the water tuesday with much more to come out here. as the summer rolls on. at least for now, we're seeing match racing and head to head action. let's send it back to you in the studio. still to come at 5:00, dozens of former gang members, look to put their past behind. how they're getting a clean slate. we'll take you to london where the world awaits the royal birth. how the members of the media are spending a little time as they wait for the money shot. look at 'em.
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dozens of former gang members are looking forward to a different future, thanks to a free tattoo removal day today in freemont. it's part of a project called new start. it provides laser treatment to remove visible tattoos from young people who are working to transition out of gangs. some say they're doing it to show their children a different life. others say it will provide them many more opportunities in other areas of their lives. >> i don't want to be recognized and noticed as the person i used to be in my past because i've changed. i've made a lot of changes in my life. and also for my job, my future career, i want to -- it's really
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hard getting a job with tattoos on your hands and neck. a lot of people are judging you. >> removing the tattoos is typically painful and can take up to 20 treatments. media frenzy, an anticipation of the royal baby is reaching a fevered pitch outside st. mary's hospital in london tonight. nbc news danielle lee reports kate middleton is expected to give birth any day now and a growing number of people are camping out in the hopes of capturing the big event. >> reporter: patients at the london hospital can't even popout side for a breath of fresh air without fielding a barrage of international reporters asking for an inside view. this man is recovering from a motorcycle accident. he found this sea of people staking their territory outside the hospital's main entrance.
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cameras focused on the private wing across the street. it was 31 years ago prince william made his debut. and any day his child will be doing the same as the world watches. this cameraman has been waiting for the big moment for ten days now. >> i'm doing eight hours a day. we're 24 hours. >> reporter: the reids are visiting the u.k. from chicago anden cot resist the anticipation. >> waiting for the new baby to be born. >> reporter: kerry has been here since wednesday proudly add dorning the union jack. >> when my wife comes back. >> reporter: he has no plans of leaving until he lays eyes on the next heir to the thrown meanwhile the entire city is abuzz with excitement. in london, i'm danielle lee, nbc
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news. >> today is her reported due date. >> right. and camping outside for a couple days, i don't know. that's a commitment beyond what i would be willing to do, i think. let's check in with rob mayeda. he's committed to the weather. >> absolutely, at least it's not raining outside. as is typical this time of year, they can see that, by the way, the fog is already spilling across those coastal hilltops, taking you outside, san bruno  mountain right now, technically above the fog, you can see it moving from left to east, left to right across the screen. alcatraz is out there somewhere, can you see the fog crossing the bay. winds increasing late afternoon as the sea breeze strengthens, and we take you into san jose. no low clouds here, the effect of the sea breeze will be felt in the next two hours as the winds begin to pick up bringing us cooler marine air. 81 degrees, 90s inland around
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fairfield and livermore. you can see the on shore winds increasing. that will probably bring down our temperatures a bit. good news for fire dangers, we have humidity levels, once the marine layer moves inland we'll see the numbers come up. it will spill locally across the rest of the bay area, and for the sierra, good news here, most of the monsoon moisture fired off the thunderstorms staying off to the east as we wrap up the weekend. in terms of the low clouds tonight. as we wake up tomorrow morning, drizzle and mist possible here around the peninsula and coast. sunshine once again as we move to the afternoon, santa cruz will get more sunshine than killer point or bodega bay tomorrow. we'll see the clouds sticking around into the afternoon. as the marine air comes in, we see a few low clouds across the inland locations. we may see a few patchy low clouds tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow,
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about the same as today. we're talking low 80s in san jose. south of san jose, around the almaden valley, likely it will be close to 90 degrees. 76 in santa cruz. 60s further north, into the trivalley, you're looking in the valleys in livermore. mid-80s castro valley, cooler as we get into oakland. 72 degrees, 65 in san francisco. and 70s across the north bay as the south wind picks up moving into the afternoon. the warming trend which began today is going to carry over for one more day tomorrow. temperatures more or less leveling off, inland spots, can you see the drop of the temperatures cooling down again. the marine layer right now is close to about 1,000 feet, that's going to lead to some cooling, maybe morning mists. the temperatures rebounding again, back into the low 90s for the second half of the week. it's that time of year where you have 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. >> that's why we love it here.
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let's bring in brody brazil from comcast sportsnet. good evening, our appetizers tonight include warriors summer league action. and danville's very own, proving he does -- how about our main course, buster posey as you know came up, helping the giants put together their first back-to-back win since mid june. coming up tonight we'll preview sports.
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good evening, and we begin with bonus baseball for san francisco fans. as the giant s announce that
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their rainout will be made up at home on july 23rd against the reds. these two teams talked about playing the game at a neutral site in august near coors field. but instead settled on the bay area. for the giants tonight. the orange and black will be receiving help in the bullpen. santiago castilla returning from the 15-day disabled list. and jeff francoeur was added to the active roster, to make room for these two additions. you can catch tonight's game right here on nbc bay area. san francisco at san diego. the giants look to put together the first three-game win streak since may 12th. tim lincecum getting the call from bruce bochy. first pitch right here after 7:00. earlier in oakland today, batting practice. he will be participating innen mod's all-star game home run
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derby. the a's hosting the red sox at the coliseum tonight. and we'll have highlights that have contest in our 11:00 p.m. programming. to the hardwood, the warriors and wizards first summer league game. won't be playing this summer, third quarter, all kent bazemore, finished with the right hand and one. he had ten points in the third frame. 29-27 at that point. 20 seconds to go, santa cruz with the flush. the warriors win this game by 4. i'm told 108 points for summer league history if you're into that thing. gold cup action taking on the cubans. second half, red-hot chris, sending that one home right in front of the onion sack. the united states fans happy about that one, wanda wasn't done. from close range, that makes it six goals in three contests for
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wando. they win 4-1. third round of the scottish open, phil mickelson getting ready for next weekend's championship. here's the approach to ten. this comes within about eight feet of the cup and would lead to a birdie. phil's birdie putt here on the par 5 12th. that's all good if he rolls it in nicely, mickelson one last birdie attempt on 18. and he's got it. phil trails by 2, heading to sunday's final round. good news for the warriors, who recently announced they sold 13,000 season tickets, that's almost 4,000 more than they had this time last year. things are going to well, they expect they'll have to cash season ticket sales to 15,000. you win some games and things come to you. it's that easy. we'll be right back, with some four legged friends looking for a new home.
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bay area families have a new family member in their home tonight. the east bay spca hosted its fifth annual adopt-a-thon. that guy looks happy and comfy. >> they're tired. >> bay area rescue groups and shelters were there with 350 adoptable animals. in addition to cats and dogs, there were bunnys and birds available for adoption. you can go to one place and see adoptable pets throughout the bay area from pug rescues to pigeon rescue. order noisers say they hope to get about 150 animals adopts today. >> what a fantastic idea. bring them all together -- >> i didn't know there was a pigeon rescue. >> i was glad to see there was a
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rabbit rescue. i've always liked them. >> guinea pigs too. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. we'll have more news at 6:00. . >> on this saturday night, verdict watch in the george zimmerman second-degree murder trial. high drama at the courthouse in florida and all eyes on the jury room awaiting his fate. >> the abortion battle that went late into the night after protests and arrests. republicans win round two in texas, but the fight is spreading state by state across the country. >> our nbc news investigation, smuggling on the high seas as traffickers make daring new moves to sneak drugs and undocumented immigrants into the u.s. >> also tonight, mr. mayor. >> you got a card? >> we are on the campaign trail with a small wonder who is a big favorite for reelection.


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