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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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arabian airplane crashed one week. >> reporter: plans have sbn landing all day long. in fact you see one coming in right now about to land on runway 2-8 left where the asiana plane crash happened last saturday. so far there have been no issues. the runway opened last night at 5:05 in the evening and sfo is only reporting a few delays this afternoon. now, earlier today a few people came together to honor two of the girls killed in the crash. an international buddhist relief group organized the ceremony. a letter was read from farnts saying that loving will help us heal. organizer say the family was touched by the outpouring of support here in the bay area. >> they're happy because they
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don't have friends and relatives here. so it's very important to them to see, you know, so many people gathering here and to pray for their children. >> reporter: the parents say the girls were their only daughter and considered them their friends. as part to have buddhist tradition some wrote message to the girls who were killed. sadly there will likely be other memorials because yesterday a third victim from the plane crash died. she was a 15-year-old girl from china. reporting live, mary ann fa vo, nbz bay area news. >> a blood drive is scheduled to be held on monday morning to replenish blood supplies. it will be held at the baggage claim area of terminal three from 9:00 to 2:00. people are encouraged to participate. if you're interested in donating you're asked to make an appointment ahead of time and we
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have more information on our website. tonight, raj mathai goes one on one with ntsb chairwoman debra hurs man. the 4. -year-old mother of three became the most visible woman in the bay area in the wake of saturday's crash. >> don't take this the wrong way when we see you in town that usually means something has went wrong. >> i don't want people to think i'm associated with disasters and have a paf lovian response when they see me but i tell you with what we see in accidents, we see sometimes the very best of communities. we see the very best of people. >> join us tonight right after the news cast for a special on the crash of asiana 214. you can see raj's full interview. we'll have survivors requiting with survivors here in the studio crews are finishing the last bit of repair work in san
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francisco after a crash involving a train snarled traffic and sent two dozen people to the hospital. the crash happened just before 1:00 this morning in the bay view district. community leader say a man and a light rail train were traveling parallel when a van made and illegal turn into the train. 19 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was not intoxicated. >> after the initial impact between the van and the train, the van made contact with the signal that made contact with the train and knocked out a window. there is other damage because of initial impact to the front of the train but we're able to move that out of the way and start working on the signal to get that up and running. >> service along third street has now been restored but trains were brought to a stand still for nearly four hours. hundreds were impacted by the crash dozen os people gathered in
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san francisco to call attention to an unsolved hit-and-run crash that seriously injured a woman. friends gathered today where the researcher was hit. it happened on february 24th when a dark honda accord ran a stop sign and hit kra san da. she suffered a shattered leg and pelvis and a traumatic brain injury as well. we spoke with her yesterday from her rehab center in los angeles. >> i do hope the person is caught. i would like to meet him or her. i don't have any anger to be honest. it may sound strange, but i don't. i would like to look him or her in the eye and that would provide closure. >> doctors say she is recovering remarkably quickly from the crash but there are months and years left of rehab. she says she's appreciative of the help to try to track down the drivers and would like to
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work toward making tougher penalties for hit-and-run drivers in the foo chur. >> san jose police officer are searching for the gunman in the city's 27th homicide of the year. it happened in the city's quiet neighborhood at the koerner of state open archer streets. the man who appears to be in his 30s were talking with someone on the sidewalk when he was shot. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. there are mo suspects in the case and no motive. the killing is san jose's second homicide this week there has been no verdict yet from the jury in the george zimmerman second degree murder trial. as the all-women panel continues its first full day of deliberations. the jury has been deliberating for 12 hours straight now. jay gray has the latest. >> prosecutorers were defense attorneys and george zimmerman were called back to the courtroom late this afternoon with word there was a question from the jury. >> the jury reads as follows. may we please have clarification on the instructions regarding
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manslaughter. >> with input from attorneys on both sides of the case, this is the response that the judge sent back to the panel. >> the court cannot engage in general discussions but may be able to address a specific question regarding clarification of the instructions regarding manslaughter. >> there are three possible decisions the jury can make, guilty, second degree murder, guilty of manslaughter or not guilty. >> however the jury decides this case, if they do reach a verdict, they deliberated for a significant period of time. so you know, whichever side they reach i think the other side can take some comfort that they really took the case seriously. >> yesterday the jury zd for and received a list of the nearly 200 pieces of evidence from the trial. >> getting the exhibit list is extraordinarily important because from there the leader can go through and show them what the evidence is and when there are questions that come up about evidence they have the exhibit list, that go to that and find the individual document. >> as the six women on the jury
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work through that evidence, emotions are on display outside the courthouse. a handful of supporters for both zimmerman and trayvon martin have gathered at times like so many following the trial anxious to see how it all might end. jay gray, nbc news, sand ford, florida. >> now to a big area follow-up. the fight isn't over. opponents of same-sex marriage in california are petitioning the courts. the group who sponsored the state's ban on the same-sex is behind the lawsuits. demanding that california not issue marriage licenses to same-sex cup. they're saying the u.s. court did not rule on the prop 8. it only ruled that protect marriage has no standing to pursue an appeal. the group now argues since the court never addressed the merits of the proposition then the ban is essentially valid.
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a ruling is not expected until next month and coming up next at 6 o'clock, the media frenzy has begun as a new member of the royal family is expected any way day now. we're going to take you to the london hospital where the duck esz of cambridge is expected to have her baby. >> why bay area teepers are getting a two year pass to the exploratory yum. >> just a few piers down at the america's cup where the racing has begun and one of the teams in head-to-head action today substantially faster than the other. we'll fill you in with a live report coming up. look at 'em.
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well many sailing fans have been waiting for this since the gates of america's cup park opened oun july 4th. >> it's two catamarans racing each other on the bay. lawrence? >> reporter: thank you so much. it was a great day here to see the two boats going against each other. to share a little bit of perspective here for how special the event really is and how things sometimes start a bit slow, i want to take you back to a very nice conversation i had with john burr tron, the skipper
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of the australia two who won the america's cup in 1983. we had this conversation not too long ago, about a week ago. he said, you know what, when we went for the cup in '83, the new york had a protest against this. but all the protests are off. this thing has started a little bit slow but the racing has begun. take a look. the summer of racing is off and running with the very first head-to-head race. new zealand matching up on the bay with the italian line that rosa team. it's parent to note that the starts of these match races on the bay will be critical all summer long and the key with the masterful start. they're going to the earlier lead that will hold up through
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the entirety of the race. >> i think they start to develop a little from parts of the play book, you know, yously we need to keep developing and learn what the options are with these boats. >> that lead would grow with speeds smesh hured in knots, 1 knot roughly 1.5 mile-per-hour, a run cresting at 40 knots propelled them to a sizable lead that luna rosa could not over come. >> i think the key they're the s act right noug. >> when it was all said ape done it was the document lead for the kiwis while coming in over five minutes ahead of the italians. >> we're learning tabt course. you see what's happening on the course more dramatically when there's another boat there so
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you learn about the gains and losses to be had out there. that was really important for us. >> reporter: all right. when the racing was done for the day, the italian team stayed out here on the bay for just about an hour longer to give them a little extra practice open get ready for more of what's to come. >> pretty sailboat behind you right now, too. still to come at 6:00, help is on the way. the giants are getting om welcome additions to the clubhouse just in time for tonight's came. >> we're watching the summer microclimate here in the bay area. it's cooling into the upper 80s. 7 in san jose, 61 in san francisco though the seven-day forecast tracking son cooler changes ahead.
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the man known as the father of south africa will be 95 years old on thursday. the group cupcakes for kids with cancer is honoring him with a very sweet mur rale of his face. it has 67 columns of cupcakes, there it is. wow. he eeps been hospitalized for more than a month and is in critical but stable condition. >> the media anticipation of the royal baby is reaching just crazy levels. kate middleton is expected to give birth any day and plenty f people are camping out at the hospital. >> reporter: patients at the london hospital where the duchess of cambridge plans to give birth can't even
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pop outside for a little breather. >> tim stubble field is there recovering from a motorcycle accident. >> i heard a few witnesses, they want to check it out. >> what he found was the sea of people staking their territory outside the hospital's main entrance. cameras focused on the private wing across the street. >> it was 31 years ago that prince william made his debut and new any day his first child will be doing the same. >> camera man has been waiting for the big moment for ten days now. >> i'm doing eight hours a day three shifts, 24hours. >> he's fighting off boardment. >> but there may be none no more devoted than terry.
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he's been there since tuesday proudly adorning the clothes. now he has no plans of leaving until he lays eyes on the next heir to the throne. meanwhile the entire city is abuzz with excitement. an danielle lee nbc news. >> maybe they'll call him union jack. >> it's a little bit of pressure on poor kate. >> she should have thought a little longer before saying yes to the proposal. >> i guess that's true. hello. it looks beaiful out there today. >> it was and we had every type of weather you could imagine around the bay area today. in fact outside right now, san francisco in the 60s and there's a golden gate bridge out there somewhere. you can see the low clouds spilling in. you've got nothing but sunshine,
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looking great. sure enough today's highs, san jose managing some low 80s, 90s further south forward morgan hill, 69 in fran. pretty close to the same temperatures for tomorrow. take the jacket for san francisco and oakland, f 0s now. 24-hour temperature change shows you how the valley warmed up. the healthy sea breeze is coming in now, reaching livermore cooling us off. so the tag will push inland locally across the bay as the pattern resets heading into sunday. monsoon moisture off to the east. just a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. around the bay area tonight wu you'll see the clouds coming back in and very likely some mist with the low clouds around san francisco and the coast. heading into the afternoon some sunny breaks down towards santa
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cruz but then more clouds, a thicker marine layer sunday night and monday. that's the reason the temperatures are going to cool off. tonight lows mostly in the 50s, some drizzle an low clouds. tomorrow's highs with 70s and 80s and still 0 further inland, tri-valley same story, low 90s, pleasanton. we'll see highs in the upper 70s in north bay, 60s in san francisco. the three-day forecast shows you the end of the weekend is fairly pleasant then a cooler start to the workweek. breezy at times. morning clouds start the week. second half of the week not all that bad. if you like this weekend, chances are you'll enjoy next week. weather wise looking the same with the the 90s coming back
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inland next weekend.
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a new resource for california teachers to get their students excited about science and technology, it's the exploratory yum in san francisco and it's offer fre admission to 40,000 school teaches. it will provide the free admission vouchers through june of 2014. museum says s says it's part of a collaboration to support learning. teachers can get more information from the explor toy yum's website. >> take a look. some already getting very comfortable' dozing off. the east bay spca hosted its first ever adoptton today. 40 bay area rescue groups all coming together, rabbits too, 350 adoptable animals, pid johns
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too. rabbit, birds other animals, all available for adoption. organizers say they hope to get 150 animals adopted today. >> pretty great. let's bring in comcast sports net now with a look at the sports. what's going on minutedy? >> reporter: i'm not sure what to do with a pid john. well the ware yrs are in summer action in danville's own make another splash on the international spotlight. how about the giants. burst posey came up to help the giants put together their first two-game winning streak. coming up, they're going for three. we'll preview tonight's giants
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giants fan will get to enjoy some bonus baseball this july. san francisco announced that their rainout game on july 4th in cincinnati will be made up at home on july 23rd. the team will now play a traditional doubleheader and they're already scheduled game series against the reds. but the giants will have to be the visitor in their own ballpark. kind of strange. san francisco received some much needed help as he returns from the disabled list. the team also picked up outfielder jeff's contract. he was a added to the list.
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and you can watch tonight's game right here on nbc bay area, game three of a four-game set against the padres tan giants look to put together their first three-game winning strength. tim lens couple gets a call from bruce bochy, first pitch just at 7:00. this is the scene over in oakland today. getting some v px before the game. watch this one, deep and right into the outfield. this one. 's just incredible. the a ease host the red sox. there it is right into the o. that's incredible. we'll have highlights of that game in the 11:00 p.m. news cast. gold cup action, taking on a new cuban team. second half, he sends one home right in front of the net. nowhere near close to done. he fires one in from close range. six goals in three games now for
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him and team usa wins 4-1. summer league in the nba, warriors and wizards. we go to the third quarter wer, the foul gets ten points in the quarter and that puts the warriors up by two. cameron jones, all alone with a nice finish. warriors win 56-52. that's the lowest scoring game in summer league history third round of the scottish open and fill mickelson is there. he made his traditional saturday move. this is his approach on ten, to land within eight feet of the cup. that would be a birdie for him. rolls it in nicely for a birdie and one last birdie attempt on 18 and he gets it.
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the leader shot a 6 under 66 but mickelson trails but only two third round of the john deere classic, another tune yup for next week's championship. that's for bier zidy on 12. he had a third roun on 65. the lead is held by daniel summer hay. this is for birdie on 16, beautiful. he leads by two as he looks for his first pga tour victory. the giants and the pad rays right here. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> good night. >> go giants. >> you're watching an nbc bay area special. tonight the interview. >> the communication from tower was alert three, alert three, plane crash. >> inside the cockpit something had gone wrong and in the cabin
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some passengers knew it. >> i realized it immediately we felt like we were about to land in the water. >> i hear the engine sound which the pilot probably try to send more pow tore lift the plane back up. but the impact was so powerful. as the plane stopped there was a slight comfort. >> then the urge to survive took over. >> we unbuckled, doors are oip, let's get out. >> passengers scrambled out the doors and down the chutes. >> we made a left turn and saw a large column of smoke. >> first responders raced to the scene. >> i didn't think about it. i just ran in there because i knew there were people that needed to get out of there. >> i knew everybody had gotten off and that's what mattered to me. >> the


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