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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming upext on today in the bay, not guilty. the verdict against inman accused of killing an unarmed teenager sparks questions and protests from florida all the way to the bay area. and south korean officials tell the ntsb they're revealing too much information about last week's deadly crash at sfo. what those officials are doing this morning, and how the bay area is honoring the victims. >> plus -- >> high in the air, and catchable. blanco. it's a no-hitter for tim linzcome. >> a magical night inside petco park. tim lincecum steals his place in history. becoming only the 15th pitcher to pitch a no-hitter. we'll talk to the man himself.
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this is today in the bay. good morning to you. looking live there in the distance. we see some golden hillside and some blue skies far as the eye can see. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with rob. i'm tongue tied but you're sdoog great. >> listening to that, you couldn't believe it was -- >> he was surprised. >> awesome. the big embrace they had. great game in stag, and our weather today is going to be nice. if you are going to be outdoors, clear skies inland, 53 in san francisco, where we have skies and low clouds. sea breeze will be stronger. you can see the low clouds backing away, but by the evening, we'll see the fog in san francisco. lower 60s today, near 70 in oakland, maybe 80s in san jose, but trending cooler. inland spots barely getting
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close to 90, livermore, but after today, things are going to cool off for the first half of the week. we'll have a full look coming up. >> thank you very much. we start with breaking news in the south bay this morning where police are investigating a deadly shooting in which a teenage boy was killed at a party near murtha drive and white road. police rushed to the scene just after 1:00 on reports of gun fire. at the scene, officers pulled over a car believed to be connected to the gunfire. that's where they found the teenager inside. that victim was taken to the hospital where he died. police have not arrested a suspect nor they have released a motive for the shooting. the killing is the city's 28th homicide of the year, the third in just six days. >> a developing story. hundreds of protesters furious over the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial said they'll take to the streets once again today. last night, about 100 people marched through oakland,
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breaking windows, vandalizing cars and spray painting buildings. some even lit flags on fire and set fires in the street. this is video of the crowd from the nbc chopper. the protest was organized over twitter by occupy oakland. police dressed in riot gear kept a close eye on the group, but this morning, no word of any arrests. across the bay, some 200 people marched down mission street in san francisco. people carrying signs that read things like the whole system is racist and the people say guilty. there was a heavy police presence along the route, but again, no reports of any major problems. and that decision handed down by the jury of six women in the case of george zimmerman, that florida man accused of shooting the ungarmed teenager, trayvon martin, created a lot of tox in florida where the verdict happened. jay gray has more from inside the courtroom and reaction from florida as well. >> verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> just a brief smile from
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george zimmerman as he learned he would leave the seminole county courthouse a free man. >> you have no further business with the court. thank you. >> the jury's decision comes after more than a year of questions and conflict. trayvon martin was shot and killed february 26th, 2012. initially, the teenager's death and lack of an arrest sparked outrage. more than a month after martin's death, zimmerman was charged with second degree murder and surrendered to sheriff's deputies. >> i would like you to tell me things you heard about the case. >> then, more than a year later, trial began. 56 witnesses followed by more than 16 hours of deliberations that ended with their ruling, not guilty. when that decision was read, trayvon martin's parents were not inside the courtroom. but hundreds of family supporters were outside, and as news of the verdict echoed through the crowd, the frustration grew, and emotions shared by prosecutors who spoke after the verdict. >> i am disappointed as we are with the verdict, but we accept it. >> we believe we brought out the
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truth on behalf of trayvon martin. >> while the defense suggested zimmerman should have never been brought to trial. >> obviously, we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self defense. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman is disgraceful. >> charges that were dismissed. another concerning controversy over case still lingers. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. >> as jay reported, martin's family was not in the courtroom as the verdict came down. this morning, one of his cousins is speaking out. he said he thought the prosecution did a good and thorough job, but he says the family's reaction was one of sadness and disbelief when the verdict was read. >> my family will forever be in emotional unrest. this isn't over. but one thing that we must do to alleviate that pain, to try to alleviate that pain -- but i
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can't believe it. i'm just as incredulous, flab r flabberga flabbergastered, can't believe it. >> the attorneys for trayvon martin's parents say they ask for privacy. >> new this morning, traffic is back to normal after a shooting shut down most of interstate 80. so far, police aren't releasing much information about the shooting, but witnesses tell us they heard several shots around 8:30 last night. it's unclear whether anyone was hurt and whether there are any suspects. the shooting forces the chp to shut down part of the freeway for several hours. all lanes reopened just before 11:30 last night. now a follow up to friday's deadly shooting inside a san francisco jewelry store. we now know who the suspected killer is. police say he is 23-year-old barry white of antioch. he's accused of attacking three
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employees in the victoga jewelry shop. two women were killed and one man remains in critical condition this morning. police say they booked white on two counts of murder. he also faced seven counts of attempted murder because after the attack inside the store, he allegedly opened fire on officers responding to the scene then ran into a restaurant, still shooting at that point. a police say in addition to the hand gun, white also had a rifle in the back-seat of his car, which was parked near the jewelry mart. robbery is not believed to be the motive. investigators say it appears that white acted alone. this morning, more than a dozen people are recovering after a muni train crash in san francisco. that crash happened just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the intersection of evans and third street in the bay view area. muni leaders say a van and a light rail train were traveling parallel to downtown san francisco when the van made an
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illegal left turn into the train. 19 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries including the driver of the van. police say the driver was not intoxicated. muni service look third street was interrupted for nearly four hours, but now everything is up and running this morning. new details now on the arrest of a sonoma county supervisor who police say they busted prowling in his neighborhood in his underwear. 32-year-old efron carrillo, a second turn county supervisor was arrested yesterday morning after a woman called 911 claiming someone was attempting to enter her bedroom window. when they arrived, they found the supervisor dressed in nothing more than his underwear and socks. he tried to provide an explanation, but police didn't buy it. he was arrested on suspicion of felony burglary. the window was torn enough for a person to get inside. he was released on bail a few
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hours after his arrest. we reached out to get his side of the story, but he has not responded. his brother says the incident is out of character and just does not add up. coming up on today in the bay, the star of the hit show "glee" is found dead in his hotel room. the latest on the investigation coming up next. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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the sudden death of "glee" star cory monteith. he was found yesterday in his vancouver hotel room. the 31-year-old actor is known for his role as football player turned singer finn hudson on the show "glee." he checked into the fairmont pacific rim hotel and was due to check out yesterday but missed his check out time. at this point, the cause of death is unknown, but back in april a representative for monteith said he was at a rehab facility, receiving treatment for an unspecified addiction. >> the coroner will be
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determining next steps with respect to establishing cause of death, but all indications are that there was no foul play. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, and overnight, executive producers of "glee" released a statement saying, quote, we are deeply saddened by his tragic news. cory was an exceptional talent and an even more exceptional person. he was a true joy to work with and we will all miss him tremendously. our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. >> still ahead, honoring the victims of asiana 214. we'll show you what the families of those killed in the crash have to say about the support they have gotten here in the bay area. >> and a lot of low clouds. misty skies over san francisco this morning. you can see half of the golden gate bridge. we have cooler changes ahead, but what it means for the sunday forecast when we come right back.
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at the coliseum where the a's will take on the red sox at 1:05 today. a lot of fans will be talking about this. >> high in the air. and catchable. blanco. it's a no-hitter for tim lincecum. >> no matter who your team is, you have to think that was exciting. this was one for the history books at petco park. tim lincecum tosses a 15th no hitter in giants history. it took a career high 148 pitches to do it, but in the end, lincecum struck out 13 batters in the 9-0 victory over the padres. but no hitters don't happen without a little help from the defense. pablo sandoval coming up hiej in the bottom of the seventh, and the next inning, another save. this time, hunter pence paks a diving catch. lincecum digs it. the rest is history. lincecum reacted to the no-no right after the game with giants
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broadcaster john miller and mike crucow. >> i really tried not to think about it at all, even in the last inning, just tried to stay within myself and tried to make my pitched. >> anybody bring it up to you? >> nobody. >> nobody came by and spoke to you? >> not one person. >> that's unusual. >> i don't know. some reason, they didn't want to talk to me today. >> a good reason. the 13 strikeouts, a lot of swing throughs. really, you look like a guy we have seen before. >> felt good to get something going for the team. last night, we came out with a huge runs, and today we did the same thing. just fortunate enough that i was in there to be the pitcher today. >> say what you want about tim lincecum and his record over the past few years and his future with the giants, he now sits among some of the greatest pitchers in the history of the franchise. since the giants moved to san francisco, only seven pitchers have then a no-no, the list here, juan marichal on june 15th, 1963. gaylord perry, and ed huh licky
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on august 4th, 1975, and most recently, jonathan sanchez on july 10th, 2009, and matt cain's perfect game on june 13th, last year. june seems to be a very good month. and this was a game that was on our air, nbc bay area, so rob got to watch it while he was working in the weather center between shows. >> that was a lot of fun. i'm glad i still have a voice. that was neat to see, 148 pitches. just amazing stat when you look at it that way. it was pretty nice weather in san diego for almost the road home game if you listened to the crowd last night. we'll look at the forecast for both the giants and a's in a moment. right now, looking at a lot of a's green across the screen. 50s across most of the bay area right now. low clouds and mist over san francisco. 58 degrees in san jose. the sea breeze is already into fairfield, getting into livermore. that's going to be stronger in the afternoon.
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you notice the humidity levels are higher and pushing into stockton this morning. that's a sign the sea breeze will turn stronger as we get into the day and that will lead into a fairly comfortable day. this will be comcast sportsnet california coming up at 1:00. temperatures near 70 as the game goes on. back into the south, petco park, san diego, warmer, mid-70s around game time. also close to 1:00. that game you can catch on comcast sportsnet bay area. you have both at 1:00 this afternoon. satellite radar view shows you things for quiet for now. we'll have to watch areas near yosemite to see a chance of slight afternoon thunder. it looks like most will stay in nevada and arizona today. low clouds will stay on the coast through the afternoon, then watch what happens as we head towards the evening. it will thicken to 2,000 feet by later on in the afternoon and that will spill well inland this morning. it looks like we could have drizzle tomorrow morning in addition to mostly cloudy skies
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inland to start the day on monday. today, sunshine in san jose. low 80s before the sea breeze turns stronger for the afternoon. 90 degrees near the south for places like morgan town. sonoma, near 90s, upper 80s near fairfield, and 70s in the noth bay, and cool 60s around san francisco. the first half of the week, temperatures are going to be cooling down. you'll notice inland in the valley, low 80s into monday and tuesday with lots of morning clouds and misty skies second half of the week. different story. high pressure building back in, which will lead to our inland temperatures climbing at least into the low 90s by the weekend and possibly mid-90s by the time we head towards next saturday and sunday. so nice weather around the bay area today. trending certainly a bit cooler as we get into monday and tuesday. very exciting in the news room last night. >> i bet. thank you very much. still ahead on today in the bay, california's waterways are some of the most dangerous in the
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country. coming up, we investigate why there are no rules requiring boater edge kakz and what could change that. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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it is summertime, for a lot of folks it means heading to the bay or the beach. while you need a license to drive a car, you don't need one to drive a boat. california is one of the few states in the nation that doesn't require an operator to have a license. we have continued to see serious accidents on our waterways. we have the story. >> law enforcement swee spoke to told us lax regulations make it like the wild, wild west out on our local waterways. you can be as young as 12, have no license, no boater education, and still be legally allowed to operate a boat. out on the water, there can be a lot of distractions. and sometimes, the law of the land can be forgotten.
7:23 am
>> got anything to drink today? >> lieutenant dug powell sees it all out on the delta. a waterway that saw the moe accidents in california since 2007. >> you wouldn't give a kid a 16-year-old the keys to your car and tell him to go out and drive on the streets without any education. it's hard to believe we're doing that with boats. >> going out with powell and the sheriff's department on a recent sunday -- >> reason why i pulled you over? no idea whatsoever? >> most boaters pulled over didn't seem to know the basic rules of the road. >> write you a $500 ticket for violating the zone, okay? or you can take this boater safety course. >> since 2007, our state has had the second highest rate of boating accidents. florida had the most. texas came in third. >> you don't have to have a license to drive a boat. >> do you think there should be? >> jason and marianne know what can happen when boaters aren't paying attention.
7:24 am
they were out celebrating their son's birthday near lake shasta when another boater plowed into a boat carrying several of their children, including their 12-year-old daughter. >> they were sitting across from each other. and taylor got knocked out, and when she came up with damian, he was all bloody and stuff. and she said that travian wouldn't wake up. >> travian later died at a local hospital from brain injury. >> he was just going really fast and came around and ran right over the top of the boat, our boat. >> he wasn't paying attention? >> he wasn't paying attention. >> the investigative unit found the leading cause of the accidents are operators not paying attention and lack of experience, just a fraction were fueled by alcohol use. yet california is one of only five states with a zero boater education requirement. >> the waters in the central bay
7:25 am
here are the most challenging in the world to sail. >> that's why san francisco sailing company owner eric says before he rents out a boat, customers must pass two courses. he believes it should be mandatory. >> it's ridiculous. i think it's a california mentality of, well, if you can afford to buy the boat, you can go out and take it out. and really, the only person you're going to hurt is yourself and your family, but they don't realize that these people are colliding with other boats. >> it's been a battle to get it passed into law. in 1999, governor gray davis vetoed a bill that would have required education training to operate a boat, saying there is little evidence that a written test alone will improve the piloting skills of motor boat operators or reduce boating accidents. a similar bill was introduced in 2007 and failed again. >> we participate in the legislative process whether it's state, federal, or local. we don't have lobbyists, per se.
7:26 am
>> mandating boater education has also met strong opposition from the boating industry. ed swaken believes boater education is important but should not be required. nor should boaters be forced to get a license to operate. >> it might just be a taxation or revenue source that we don't think needs to be imposed on the boating community at this time. >> but if the law changed, our waterways could be safer. we found stats that require b t boater education have a loeter rate of accidents that states that don't. >> wonder what she would be like today. >> with so few safety requirements, the hill family says they haven't wanted to go back on the water since they lost their daughter. >> you could be the safest
7:27 am
people ever, watching everything your kids do, putting the life jackets on them, helmets, whatever you do, it doesn't matter. >> if you plan to be on the water this summer, due to the sequester, the coast guard will not have the funding to do boater patrols. go to our website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can see an interactive map with the locations of the most dangerous waterways state-wide and also details on where you can take a boater education course. >> still ahead on today in the bay, south korean officials say the ntsb is revealing too much about last week's deadly crash at sfo. what those officials are doing this morning and how the bay area is honoring the victims. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs.
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good morning. looking live at a pretty blue sky there, but if you look farther up north towards the bay, well, the picture is very different. thank you for joining us. lots of low clouds there near the golden gate bridge and around the bay. >> a sign of things to come. a lot more low clouds tomorrow morning and lead to cooling temperatures as we get back to the work week. 53 in san francisco, 58 in san jose and in livermore this morning and you notice the sea breeze. southwest at 18 degrees out of fairfield and more wind in livermore. a gloomy day north of santa cruz, we'll see sun, but you can see how widespread the clouds will be by 6:00. spilling into san francisco by the evening. low 60s on the coast except santa cruz. low 70s, and close to 90 inland around livermore, but tomorrow, looking at highs cooling into the lower 80s inland as we start off the work week.
7:31 am
we'll talk more about the changes in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. >> a developing story, now, hundreds of protesters furious over the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial say they'll take to the streets once again today. last night, about 100 people marped through oakland, some of them even lit flags on fire and set fires in the street. this is video of the crowd from our nbc news chopper. the protest was organized over twitter by occupy oakland. police dressed in riot gear kept a close eye on the group, but no words of arrests. across the bay, some 200 people marched down mission street in san francisco, carrying signs that read things like "the whole system is racist" and the "people say guilty." a heavy police presence, but no reports of any major problems. >> verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not gauilty. >> the six-woman jury
7:32 am
deliberated a total of 16 hours to come up with that verdict. claims he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in february of last year in an act of self defense during a confrontation in sanford, florida. the prosecution claimed zimmerman is a wanna be cop who followed martin and shot him, quote, because he wanted to. the prosecution and defense teams spoke after the verdict. >> yes, because i thought he was guilty. but what matters is what the jury says, and i accept it. >> obviously, we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self defense. i'm excited the jury saw it that way. >> trayvon martin's parent were not in the courtroom for the verdict. they have asked for privacy. this morning, we're hearing from one of the cousins of trayvon martin. he says he thought the prosecution did a thorough job. but he says the family's reaction was one of sadness and disbelief when the verdict was read.
7:33 am
>> my family will forever be in emotional unrest. this isn't over. but one thing that we must do to alleviate that pain, to try to alleviate that pain is to pray. but i can't believe it. i'm just as incredulous as everyone, flabbergasted. can't believe it. >> dozens of people in san francisco also called to bring attention to the case as well. they also in san francisco are looking to help solve an unresolved hit and run crash in which a young woman was seriously injured. friends and supporters gathered yesterday afternoon in the marina district where 26-year-old uc berkeley researcher was hit. it happened on february 24th when a dark honda accord ran a stop site hit monique. it shattered her leg and pelvis and caused a traumatic brain
7:34 am
injury. we spoke to her yesterday from her rehab center in los angeles. >> i do hope this person is caught. i would like to meet him or her. i don't have any anger, to be honest. it may sound strange, but i don't. i would just like to look him or her in the eye. and that would provide closure. >> she added she is very appreciative of the efforts to find the driver and raise awareness about pedestrian safety in san francisco. according to experts, more pedestrians are hit and killed in san francisco than any other city in california. >> we definitely need stronger enforcement and that would go a long way towards reducing the amount of people hit by cars every single year. >> police are asking anyone who might have information about the accident to call the police department. >> and now, the latest on the deadly asiana air crash. this morning, we're learning that the south korean transportation administration
7:35 am
sent a 14-page letter to the ntsb claiming that the agency is releasing too many details regarding the investigation into the crash. meantime, dozens of people came together for a prayer ceremony for the victims. it was held across the bay from the runway where the plane crash landed last saturday. many people left roses to remember the three teenage girls who were killed. the parents of two of the 16-year-olds who died attended the ceremony but were too emotional to speak. instead, they conveyed through interpreters they were touched by the outpouring of support in the bay area. >> they're happy because they don't have friends and relatives here, so it's very important to them to see so many people gathering here and to pray for their children. >> but as the investigation moves forward, so do legislators working on changes that could prevent such a tragedy from happening again. u.s. representative jackie
7:36 am
spears says more safety regulations are needed. >> testing for drugs and alcohol should have takeb place. i don't believe that was an issue, but we'll never know. training has got to be beefed up. and i think that we're going to have to look more seriously about requiring more training hours. >> there are few delays left at sfo, and hardly any canceled flights yesterday. >> a blood drive is scheduled at sfo tomorrow morning to replenish the blood supplies following the deadly crash. it's hosted by the airport, the blood centers of the pacifi and stanford blood bank. it will be held at the baggage claim area of terminal three from 9:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. people flying into and out of sfo are encouraged to participate as well as anyone who wants to walk in. if you're interested in donating, you should make an portment ahead of time.
7:37 am
find information on our website, >> new this morning, a well known business is completely destroyed this morning after flames ripped through frizel. the blaze broke out just before 6:00 last night. fire investigators say that the fire started outside the building in a pile of hay bales then quickly spread to the near 80-year-old wooden structure. about 100 firefighters remained on scene late into the night, battling the massive flames. no word on a cause. fire officials are calling it suspicious because the fire started outside the building. so far, no reports of injuries. >> four people escaped serious injury after their home caught fire in the east bay. a neighbor said he called 911 about 1:00 yesterday afternoon after he saw smoke coming from a shed behind a home in brentwood. his daughter went to the neighbor's home to make sure everyone got out. firefighters arrived on scene
7:38 am
but not before the attic of the main house caught fire and then spread. neighbors grabbed hoses and joined in the fight. >> it blazed up fast and went to the second story real fast. it was high flames, lots of smoke, and lots of people came around real quick. it was a pretty serious fire. >> the fire was out in just about 45 minutes, but it caused severe water and smoke damage there. one of the family members suffered minor burns but refused treatment. the cause of the fire is under investigation. dozens of former gang members are looking forward to a different future thanks to a free tattoo removal day in free minute this weekend. it's part of an effort called project new start. it's a collaboration between kaiser and the eden youth and family center. it provides laser treatment to remove visible tattoos from young people working to transition out of gangs. they say they're doing it to show their children there is a different way of life.
7:39 am
others say it would provide them more opportunities in other yare y yeahs of their lives. >> i don't want to bow recognized and nokesed as the person i used to be in my past because i changed. i made a lot of changes in my life, and also for my job, my future career, i want to -- it's really hard getting a job with tattoos on your hands and neck. a lot of people are judging you. >> removing the tattoos is typically painful and can take up to 20 treatments. >> still ahead on today in the bay, there's now head-to-head sailing action in the san francisco bay. we're going to show you all the highlights from the louis vuitton cup. that's a fairball, a long throw by pablo. what a play. lincecum with a shout out for pablo sandoval. no runs, no hits for the padres through seven against lincecum.
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7:42 am
sailing fans have been waiting for this since the gates of the america's cup park opened on july 4th. we're talking about the head-to-head racing on the san francisco bay. here's today in the bay's laurence scott. >> the summer of racing is officially off and running with the first head-to-head match race of the louis vuitton race in the cup. matching up with the luna rosa team. and here at the start, it's important to start there's. no doubt the starts of the match races on the bay will be critical all summer long, and the kiwis with a masterful start, emirates team new zealand dean barker leading his team to an early lead that would hold up for the entirety of the race. >> they start to develop under different parts of the playbook and more that we can get out of it, keep developing and learn what the different options are with each boat.
7:43 am
>> that lead would grow with speed measured in knotts. 1.15 miles an hour. a run crested to a sizable lead that luna rossa could not overcome. >> i think the kiwis are the class act right now, you know. >> emirate team new zealand takes the win. >> when it was all said and done, it was a dominant win for the kiwis. one more point in the standings in the bag while coming in over five minutes ahead of the italians, only the start of what's to come. >> we're learning about the course, you see what is happening on the course more dramatically when there's another boat. you learn about the gains and losses to be had. that was important for us. >> laurence scott, today in the bay. >> we'll be right back. [ wind howling ]
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[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. governor jerry brown just signed a massive reform package
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designed to overhull our public education system. larry gerston here now to break down the law. the question now is like, oh, they're reforming funding, but there's reform beyond the funding. >> oh, yeah, funding and instruction. okay, look, for years i this has been the bane of california. public education in this state has suffered from poor financing, lousy test scores and high drop-out rates. what a trifecta. when governor jerry brown ran for governor in 2010, right then and there, he laid out an ambitious plan for overhauling education funding and requirements. a lot of us overlooked that, but now with the passage, there's the money to go with the proposal. and so we've got a recovered economy, that helps. along with the proposition. that means more revenue for the state, more revenue the legislature has, and have been
7:47 am
enable to enact this. it also helped the democrats, let's be honest, two-thirds control of majority of both houses to get the job done, but the job has been done thanks to the millions of dollars coming in and a recovering economy. >> the plan is called local control funding formula says something about what it's going to do. >> that's what it's supposed to do because it's going to provide an extra $2.1 billion for public education. that's a lot of money beginning this fall. it breaks down as follows. 35% increase for districts with english learners. 35% increase for districts with poor students, students who are dropping out. and it comes with new english and math standards. so you put it all together, and this formula is going to focus on a massive infusion of state funds for english learners and poor students. those who have been the most likely to drop out or fail over
7:48 am
the years, and the drop-out rates have been enormous. also, by the way, simplifies california's cumbersome education formula. it gets rid of a lot of funding programs that have clulterred the system. adding things on one at a time. like it or not, this is major reform. >> and so, you know, the question is why now? why not now? the state has dropped to near the bottom of per people spending. if you travel across the country, they're shocked that california is at the bottom. >> yeah, what's going on here? i have been asked that so often. to put it bluntly, the state's been broke. it's just been broke since public education receives about 40% of the state budget. that's going to affect everything. public funding for education has suffered terribly until now. until now,ranked, as you said, 47th in per pupil spending. 47th, with miserable results to match. proposition 30, that now passed
7:49 am
last november, added $7 billion annually to the state treasury for the next five years with almost all of the funds earmarked for public education. that's marked by the commitment and frankly the commitment of the voters. >> a lot of school dwirkts are going to say that's not fair, a lot that don't have the english learners and the students who are at riv for drop-out. >> yeah, look for hundreds of districts around the state with english learners or impositiverd students, now you're talking about the other shoe, in my opinion, has yet to drop. for the schools who don't have the problems, who have worked hard in hard times, some will push back and say, wait a second, we're being punished because we have been successful. that is yet to come. just how much push, if any, comes from this new formula remains to be seen, but for now, hey, you have to say what it is.
7:50 am
for now, california has embarked on really the most radical changes in public school funding since the sorana versus state. >> this is no disrespect to the folks on the ground, making good things happen despite all of the challenges. want to ask one more question. >> yes. >> trayvon martin and george zimmerman out of florida. a lot of folks wondering what that means in terms of the broader picture there. a rule that is different in florida. could it have played out differently in california? >> it may have well played out differently. if you think about it, six jurs for the state, not all states have six jurors. if you look at the way the jury pool was put together, five white women, one woman of mixed race. it really was something that was going to be hard for the prosecution to deal with, just the matter of fact, but you know, get beyond this and talk about the symbolism of this case, and it tells us a couple
7:51 am
things. the civil rights issue is still alive and well. if you want to put it that way, in the united states. it's still bubbling up. race question bubbles up again and again, and clearly, people on all sides are not comfortable with it. and by the way, this is not done. if you think about it, there are other alternatives yet to come. a civil rights suit. and the federal government can get involved in this, just like it did in the rodney king case in los angeles in 1992. remember, several white officers were arrested. they were acquitted. then the feds moved in. they tried them again, and two, in fact, were proved. so there you have it. more to go on. >> and then the civil action, too, like we saw in the oj simpson case. thank you very much, larry, and nice to see you. >> still ahead on today in the bay, the royal wait continues. how fans of the duke and duchess are patiently waiting for that
7:52 am
royal birth.
7:53 am
7:54 am
good morning to you. as we take a look out at the bay bridge, what key can see of it this morning. a lot of low clouds, misty skies around san francisco and the cloud or stratus low cloud cover has pushed to oakland and it's a preview of things to which. we'll see a lot more low clouds and marine layer about 2,000 feet thick. this will lead into cooling changes. right now, we have 50s outside. san francisco, 54. 58 in san jose. the winds turning more strongly onshore. getting into fairfield and livermore. wind out of the west and we'll see more around 3:00 this afternoon. for the a's game, another cool day. should see temperatures close to 70 degrees. catch the game on comcast sportsnet california and on comcast sportsnet bay area,
7:55 am
we'll have the giants and padres. temperatures in the mid-70s in san diego. nice weather in southern california, too. both the bay area and southern california seeing calm conditions, high pressure basically in the desert southwest and monsoon moisture to the southeast, in southeastern california. nothing really in the sierra for today. in the bay area, you see the low clouds this morning and they're going to stick around on the coast all day long, except in santa cruz. you'll see sunshine on the south coast, but watch what happens. the low cloud cover gets intensive and heads into oakland by 7:00. by sunset tonight, we'll see the low clouds pushing across the bay. a chilly evening. tomorrow morning, a look at the low cloud cover getting into fairfield, into sacramento by monday morning. that's a sign of real cooling kicking in as we kick off the work week. low 80s around san jose and upper 70s for the north, up towards palo alto and mountain view. maybe briefly near 90 in morgan
7:56 am
hill before the breeze. 80s to 90 degrees in trivalley. 70s to near 80 inland in the north bay and a cool 64 degrees and will probably feel cooler than that as the winds pick up this afternoon. breezy at times, turning much cooler inland for tuesday. the pattern will reverse as we go through the weekend. high pressure will build back in. by the end of the work week, much like we have seen this weekend, we'll have that trend of 80s and 90s in the valley and 60 and 70s near the coast, but could see mid-90s possibly coming back next weekend. stay tuned. the heat could be in the forecast by the end of the week. >> don't mind it in bits and drips. thanks. finally this morning, the royal wait continues. rob, it's like this. excitement surrounding the birth of william and kate's royal baby has caused many people to camp outside the hospital where the duchess of cambridge is expected to give birth any time now. the child will be third in line to the throne after prince charles and prince william.
7:57 am
camping out at the hospital? >> that's a little much. >> we want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we have more local news at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00, and any time of day at as we look, another look at tim lincecum's history making night. >> struck out the last five padres in a row. and make it six. the big hook. that's a fair ball. a long throw by pablo. what a play. right there. right field, and he dives. he's got it. hunter pence robbing a hit. high in the air, and catchable. blanco, it's a no-hitter for tim
7:58 am
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this sunday, the verdict is in. george zimmerman found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> a politically and racially charged trial put the spotlight on gun laws and civil rights and race in our society. where does the debate go now? the reverend al sharpton joins us. >> live protest! >> plus, the scene from the ground after the sheriff urges calm. and we'll hear from the mayor of the central florida town where the shooting and the trial took place. then, back in washington, a showdown on the senate floor puts washington dysfunction on full display. >> if we don't pull back from the brink here, our friend, the majority leader, is going to be remembered as the worst leader of the senate ever. >> no matt


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