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tv   Today  NBC  July 15, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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throughout the "today" show, and during our 11:00 broadcast. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back at 7:00 for a live update. thanks for being with us. good good morning. breaking overnight -- >> nationwide protest. nationwide protest. >> the system has failed. >> protests against the acquittal of george zimmerman from times square to a freeway in los angeles. th morning, why the legal battle over the controversial case may not be over. >> get ready to bake. a massive heat wave impacting tens of millions of people. temperatures skyrocketing from chicago to maine. al will tell you how hot it's going to get where you are. >> "glee" tragedy. an autopsy planned today on 31-year-old cory monteith found dead in his hotel room over the weekend as friends and cast
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mates remember the troubled star today, monday, july 15th, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist with tamron hall. look who is here? al roker in all his glory. >> we'll be stripping this down as we go along. >> there you go. enjoy your cheerios. >> a sticky day. >> great to have you back. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, the demonstrations over the george zimmerman verdict have been mainly peaceful but some groups did throw rocks and batteries at police in los angeles overnight. >> for the latest, we want to get right to kerry sanders who has been covering the trial in
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sanford, florida. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the trial is over, the not guilty verdict is in and the protests are growing. the city of sanford is preparing for what could be a massive protest this week. late into the night in several major cities across the country, protestors poured into the streets demanding justice for trayvon martin. >> something is wrong with our society and our world in general when these type things are able to happen. >> fuelled by social media, the demonstrators were mostly peaceful but many are angry. >> this whole system wants you to feel like trayvon was a criminal. this whole system is wrong. >> in new york, a mass of demonstrators virtually shut down times square block streets and bringing traffic to a stand still. in los angeles, police called a city wide technical alert as about 200 protestors closed a portion of the 10 freeway for about 25 minutes. >> we the jury find george
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zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: the protest started growing after zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. even as zimmerman walked out of the courtroom a free man on saturday night there were calls for more legal action against him. an naacp online petition calling for eric holder to intervene in the case got 1 half million signatures before the site crashed. the justice department said it already has an open investigation. >> you want to see where the investigation leads. >> reporter: while some predicted zimmerman would soon safe civil suits, his defense team pushed back. >> we'll see how many civil lawsuits spawn from this fiasco. >> reporter: near miami where trayvon martin lived members of his family attended church on sunday. >> we're very concerned and very hurt and very disappointed at this point. but we know in the end god will prevail and he will -- justice will be served. >> reporter: martin's parents
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were not at the service but his father tweeted god blessed me and sybrina with tray and he's proud of the fight we along with all of you put up for him. george zimmerman's family responded on twitter saying our whole family is relieved. zimmerman attorney, don west. >> i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> reporter: the prosecution team said they accepted the jury's verdict but. >> am i disappointed? yes. i thought he was guilty. >> president obama issued a statement calling for a calm reflection saying the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy. not just for his family or for any one community but for america. >> reporter: under florida law george zimmerman can get back the pistol he used to kill
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17-year-old trayvon martin. his brother says he sees no reason why george zimmerman would not carry that concealed weapon again. kerry sanders, thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst and reverend al sharpton. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you did not like this verdict. were you surprised by it? >> i thought all along it was 50/50. you have to remember. we had to fight and demonstrate to even get a trial. people forget that the sanford police had said there was no probable cause. there will be no arrest. that's when the family called to action. we didn't have a lot of confidence in the area. we were hopeful, particularly when they had the option of going to manslaughter. at that time we also said let's open up a request to the federal government. so asking the justice department to come in is not new. the family and attorney crump and i met with the u.s. attorney down there over a year ago and
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made that request and the investigation was open and was suspended during this trial. >> are you optimistic that the federal government will pursue charges in connection with this case. >> trayvon martin had the civil right to go home and in 100 cities this saturday there will be demonstrations in front of federal buildings led by ministers pressing the federal government to protect our right. at one level you dealt with the murder charges but now you have to deal with the civil rights violations. he had the right to go home and george zimmerman is not a policeman and had no authority to interfere at all. >> this poses a legal question. one, how likely do you think sit the department of justice pursues charges across this line and is it a more difficult prosecution in the sense of the proof you have to have in a federal case. >> i reviewed the department of justice policy. it's lengthy but it boils down to what elements of the federal crime would be different from the element of the state crime where he has been acquitted.
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once he is acquitted, he can't be prosecuted again for the same crime. so the question is whether the federal charges would be significantly different. >> and they would have to, we assume, show there was racial animos. >> what is fascinating about that, in the state trial the prosecutors said repeatedly this is not about race. the protests were about race but in the courtroom it was not about race. >> let me bring the reverend in on that. do you think the prosecutors missed an opportunity that they didn't make the case about racial profiling? >> they did it but it sets up a federal case because you can't say it's been tried because it wasn't tried. there is no double jeopardy because they specifically said this is not about race which opens the door for the federal government to now investigate what he meant when zimmerman said they always get away with this. who is they and get away with what when there was no crime being committed. >> let me ask you point blank. she has been critical of the prosecution team.
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do you think the prosecution mishandled this case? did they do a good job of putting on this case? >> i think they could have done a lot more. lisa is a lawyer and can say mishandled. i can say they were not aggressive in many areas they should have been where i think the federal government can do which is why we'll be in the federal buildings this saturday. >> and the rodney king, acquitted on the state level and successfully prosecuted on the federal level. >> you have been in touch with the family, and do you think they will file a civil suit against the george zimmerman family? >> they will keep their options open. they'll keep their options open. i can tell you this is long from being over and we're going to be with them every step of the way because this puts every child at risk. any child can be interfered with going home for committing no crime. that's the bottom line here that must be answered. >> reverend, lisa bloom, thank you for being here. appreciate it. now here's willie. thank you. al his has eye on that oppressive heat wave stretching from the midwest to the northeast this morning. he's outside in the thick of it.
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good morning. >> it is very close willie. here's the culprit. huge area of high pressure. this dome of high pressure has a clockwise flow of air. it's basically a heat bump and it's keeping the jet stream way up to the north and as it does it's going to be pumping in that warm, humid air. we have excessive heat warnings in jersey and parts of pennsylvania. we have heat advisories and excessive heat watches up into new england. 50 million people effected by this. hazey, hot and humid. it's not so much the temperature, that's hot enough, but it's the feels like temperature. 102 in richmond. over 105 in washington d.c. cleveland 100. 100 in boston. new york city will feel like 101 and these temperatures and heat indexes will continue right into friday. dangerous conditions. make sure you stay hydrated. drink plenty of fluids. make sure you wear light colored clothing and please check on your elderly neighbors because they are very susceptible to this kind of weather, savannah.
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>> a lot of orange in that map. we have new developments tied to the crash of asiana 214. both the ntsb and fox affiliate in san francisco doing damage control after a hoax that misidentified the pilots. well, now that airline is planning legal action. tom costello has the latest on the story. >> reporter: this has strained relations between the ntsb and asiana airlines. the head of the ntsb has been in touch with her counter part in korea and asiana intends to sue a san francisco tv station for defamation and reputational damage after they went on the air with a hoax. it was during the noon newscast on friday that ktvu went on the air with what it said was breaking news. the names of the pilots on flight 214. >> they are captain sum ting wong. witu lo.
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ho lee [ bleep ]. >> they seemed to be the victims of a hoax using racial stereotypes aimed at the pilots but how did it happen? ktvu said it confirmed the names with the ntsb. they tell nbc news a summer college intern in washington answered the phone and acted outside the scope of his authority when he confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft. the ntsb has apologized. >> we are sorry. >> and ktvu admitted to several mistakes. >> first of all, we never read the names out loud phonetically sounding them out and then during our phone call to the ntsb where they confirmed the spelling, we never asked them to give us their position within the agency. >> it overshadowed two other tragic developments. the death of a third victim from the crash, a child that died on friday and confirmation that another child was run over by a responding fire engine as her
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body lay under the foam already sprayed on the burning plane. the coroner has not yet said if that contributed to her death. >> we're told there is deep public anger and resentment in korea over the matter with the fake pilot names. the ntsb has a policy of never releasing name which is makes this matter all the more troubling. the agency will be taking appropriate action today to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> what a story. tom costello in washington. thank you. does edward snowden have more top secret information he is holding on to. tamron is in for natalie with details. >> that's the hot question this morning. the former nsa contractor has what he calls sensitive blueprints detailing how the nsa operates. glenn greenwald claims snowden has thousands of documents that would make it possible for someone to evade or even copy the nsa. greenwald says snowden has enough information to cause
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major damage to the u.s. government. "glee" fans are mourning the death of actor cory monteith saturday morning. staff found his body in a vancouver hotel room saturday morning after he missed his check out time. an autopsy is expected today to determine the cause of death. he was just 31 years old. >> a man was arrested thursday near the boston home of secretary of state john kerry. the man was allegedly parked in a no parking zone taking photographs of kerry's home. he was arrested for having an open container of alcohol but a kerry spokesperson says a pellet gun was also found in that vehicle. secretary kerry was not at home at the time. a different kind of showdown this week at the nation's capitol. senate democratic leader harry reid is driving toward new rules that would help president obama win confirmation for his nominees. under the proposal nominees would win approval with a simple majority instead of the 60 vote threshold that has led to time
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consumer filibusters. >> prices at the pump soaring over the weekend. courtney reagan has more on that and the stock market preview. holidays, summer travel, gas prices go up. >> you know it every time of year at this time, that's what we see. the dow adding to the close. investors looking at the better than expected news. according to aaa the average price of regular unleaded gained 10 cents since thursday, and it's expected to continue to rise 10 to 20 cents in the coming days. courtney, thanks. you can call her maybe but don't ever call -- i can't get it -- carly rae jepsen. just take a look.
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the pop star threw out the first pitch at the rays astro game sunday at tampa. as you can see, she fell a little short. 55 feet. she laughed it off as she should put it's safe to say she won't be returning to the diamond any time soon. it's 7:15. savannah, willie, al, i think she thought it was a shot put. >> that's what i think. >> she looked adorable. >> there's a fastball, a curveball and a lame ball. >> if you listen to the clip the announcers say when she was warming up she was throwing strike after strike and through one earlier this season right down the middle. >> i've not seen video proof of that. >> i can relate to that. >> i think she should come on the show and redo; come to the today show and redo. >> we love it. >> there you go. >> the twinkie mobile. >> in the air, chopper coverage and on the ground coverage. >> is that a live picture? >> yes, coming down the west side highway.
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first shipment of twinkies coming in. >> they have been off the shelves for months now. back today and we'll have the first batch and you're going up to meet the truck. >> yes, i'm going to get the truck. >> can we throw twinkies out on the way? all right twinkie mobile on route as we speak. >> let's take a look and show you what we've got for the south and the plains. they have a big upper level low and that's bringing a lot of rain from new mexico on into parts of texas. we have flash flood watches from arizona all the way into central texas today. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. but look at the bullseye around abilene. we're talking about anywhere up to 6 inches of rain in the next 24 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. your next trip is calling you. saying, "dan, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn." or "dan"... hey, dad.
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..."explore your family tree at a homewood suites." [ family ] hi, dan. or "put your feet in the sand at a waldorf astoria." never stop vacationing, dan. book during the great getaway for great rates at our ten top hotel brands. travel is calling you to this morning we're waking up to quite a few clouds and some strong onshore winds, ensuring our afternoon temperatures will be running pretty cool. highs today will be climbing into the 70s and lower 80s. 70s in san jose, only low 60s san francisco over to oakland. tomorrow looks fairly cool as well with some morning mist. afternoon sunshine inland and temperatures climb over the valleys as high pressure builds inland for the second half of the week.
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god only knows how long you'll be standing outside that hospital. we hope it's not too long. >> reporter: please, willie, don't jinx me. my fingers are crossed. the rumored due date has come and gone but you can see all of the cameras. while the media maybe whipping itself up into a frenzy william and kate seem to be more relaxed spending the weekend away from the fray. while the world waits, kate spent the weekend relaxing with her family and getting some last minute advice from her mom carol who has been helping her set up the royal nursery. not quite so relaxed perhaps, dad-to-be william who escaped to the polo field with harry, but lost the charity tournament to support of applause. but it's not quite time to pull
7:19 am
the cork yet. in the days of henry viii not known for his patience, mid wives tried to bring on labor by banging doors and drawers. kate might try other options. >> there's all sorts. whether it's drinking champagne and eating chocolate. raspberry leaf tea is popular, but i'm not aware of any science behind it. i think it's just luck. >> reporter: if the baby goes more than a week over term doctors may think of inducing labor. ou and kate could be friends and go on play dates in kensington palace gardens. >> hopefully she will go for -- walk in hyde park with the baby and the dog and she'll show i can do the things that you do, too. >> reporter: london swelterring in a heat wave, but that hasn't put off the world's media or the
7:20 am
tourists or this royal fan. and a lot of royal fans here, as a matter of fact. well, as you can expect, here's what's going to happen. we expect that on the day of the baby's arrival, the birth announcement in keeping with royal tradition will leave from outside these doors, and then it will be caravanned about two miles to buckingham palace, all along the route. about a ten-minute drive or so. we expect there will be a lot of camera coverage along the way. it's going to be a royal spectacle. and only then one the birth announcement is placed inside the gates of buckingham palace will we finally know all the details including among them most importantly boy or girl, prince or princess. meanwhile, it gives me a little more time to shop here for royal baby gear. "born to rule." >> love it. >> very cute. >> looking good. we'll see you sometime in mid-august.
7:21 am
thanks. meantime, coming up, we'll go to kate's hometown live. we'll find out how people are preparing for the roy royal arrival. and new details on the tragic death of cory montieth. the autopsy set for today. and jason patrick's trial that could have a far-reaching impact on the sperm donor. the mother of the child speaks out live in an exclusive interview. the biological son speaks out in an interview. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm marla tellez. an early morning scare for people living in an apartment complex in san mateo. a fire broke out just before 1:00 at the bridgepointe apartment complex. this is just north of highway 92. crews were able to put the flames out within an hour and a half and no one was hurt. firefighters telling us the fire started in a utility space inside a wall and the flames spread quickly to all three floors. protests nationwide this week following that not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. protesters took to the streets in oakland last night, even burning an american flag. we're still waiting for word on possible arrests linked to that protest in oakland.
7:27 am
a blood drive will be held at sfo at 9:00 this morning in( the wake of the crash of asiana flight 214. the drive is host bid ted by th airport and pacific blood centers and standard blood bank. it goes from 9:00 this morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. you're talking about a lot of fog today. >> our temperatures with the sunshine, 70s low inland, 62. chilly degrees in san francisco and 60s around oakland. the next few days fairly cool and temperatures climbing back into the 90s inland as early as thursday. mike? >> we're looking over here at the san mateo bridge, some low clouds here. it's just above the san mateo bridge. westbound away from us, a smooth drive, but as rob talks about, that fog will be an issue in spots along the coast as well as traveling across thet
7:28 am
bridge. right now that's here on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge, slowdown on the toll plazas making its way into union city. also off to the castro valley we do have some slowing north of 38 coming off redwood road heading downtown. the crash is cleared from the industrial, and i'll have to leave it mit on my map because y map is not advancing. >> we'll be back at 7:26 with our next local news update. we hope to see you then.
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7:30 now on a monday morning. 7:30 now on a monday morning. 15th of july, 2013. digit temperatures around here? >> the heat indexes will be over 100. dangerously high from philadelphia west of boston it's going to last through friday. >> look at all the happy people. even in this sweltering heat coming out to say hello to us. we'll step outside for a moment and feel their weather and handshakes too. i'm savannah guthrie and willie geist is in for matt and tamron hall in for natalie and al roker. >> this heat was not the souvenir we were looking for, by the way.
7:31 am
>> coming up, we'll have bill cosby's online sweater competition. you've been following this along with us. this morning, dr. cosby will be here in our studio to reveal the worst sweater ever worn on that classic show. >> all right. >> and i'm guessing her invisibility cloak must be on the fritz. j.k. rowling just revealed as the author of a new thriller. why didn't she put her name on it? >> i love how it's hot outside. we're talking about sweaters and cloaks. >> and i transition to this. an unusual custody case. jason patrick became a sperm donor for his exgirlfriend and now he is seeking parental rights. we'll have a live interview with the child's mom that says they never made an agreement. >> let's begin this half hour with new details on the death of 31-year-old "glee" star cory monteith. an autopsy is planned for today.
7:32 am
katie is in vancouver. >> reporter: good morning. the cause of death isn't quite clear, but an autopsy is expected for later today. he was staying in a local vancouver hotel. went out friday night. came back to his hotel room alone and staff found his dead saturday morning. >> reporter: the quarterback who could carry a tune. cory monteith sang his way into stardom on tv's mega hit "glee." but on saturday afternoon a hotel employee found monteith unresponsive in his hotel room after failing to check out on time. >> video and fob key entries show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours and we believe he was alone when he died. >> reporter: the actor's girlfriend was costar leah michele. costars clearly shocked by the news sent thoughts on social media. going through a million memories. i'll love you always brother corey. >> i have no words. on sunday matthew morrison paid
7:33 am
tribute to monteith with a performance in new york city with a song once song on the show ♪ what i did for love >> reporter: he was a high school drop out that worked his way through odd jobs before his break on "glee." he demonstrated his audition for ellen. the cause of death is not yet known but monteith has spoken openly about his past struggast with substance abuse. parade magazine in 2011 he said as a teenager he used anything and everything as much as possible. >> maybe if somebody else reads that and sees that somebody that was maybe struggling with some of the same issues made it through. it's possible to make it through it. >> reporter: he checked himself into a month long stem in rehab. in may he was in mexico vacationing with michelle. by june he was back to work.
7:34 am
>> he seemed to be doing well. he was "glee" it guy. had an amazing career. people loved him. >> cut short at the height of his success. cory monteith was just 31 years old. police say they do not suspect any foul play. "glee" starts shooting again later this month. no word on how they're going to handle all of this. katie, thank you. kristen, the senior editor for e online tv scoop, good morning. >>ing. >> we have learned there will be an autopsy performed today on the body of mr. monteith. what more can you tell us about the investigation into the way he died? >> well, we can tell you we have spoken to vancouver pd and they're telling us they are fast tracking this investigation and specifically the toxicology report because there was global interest in this story. obviously "glee" is premiering in 20 countries around the world. there is so much international interest in knowing what happened and the cause of death. at this point, they have pretty much ruled out any sense of foul
7:35 am
play. there were no weapons on the scene and they can tell us that, you know, they're not going to speculate at this point on the cause of death but they're not ruling out suicide for the time being but obviously given monteith's past struggles with drugs, we're sort of looking toward that toxicology report to tell us what happened. >> kristen, you mentioned he has been struggling with drugs since his earliest teen years, something like 13 years old. went into rehab for awhile and back into rehab earlier this year. what do we know about the way he was struggling recently with his addiction. >> the "glee" community is shocked by this death on so many levels but primarily because he seemed to be doing very well. he had an intervention in marchand decided to go to rehab for a month-long stint and he seemed like everything was on the up and up. saw him vacationing. he seemed happy. stepped out to a charity event and talked about how happy he was to be coming back to the show. he was getting his life
7:36 am
together. this guy is the heart of the show. on the show, behind the scenes. he was the glue keeping the cast together. you wouldn't hear a single bad word about this guy from anybody who ew him. he was really well loved by everyone who worked on the show. so this is devastating to them and it's going to take a lot to overcome and figure out how to move on with the show. >> and of course leah michele his girlfriend on the show but also his real life girlfriend. do we have any word into how she is doing this morning? >> she released a statement saying please respect my privacy. this is obviously devastating news. you know, i can only imagine for her this must be complete shock. she really stood by his side just in the last couple of weeks we have seen her wearing a cory necklace in support. she stood behind him and was so proud of him to go for rehab. i think for her, and for her to go back to the set where she met him and fell in
7:37 am
love with him on screen and behind the scenes is going to be particularly difficult and that's something they're going to have to consider when they talk about when they're going back into production. they're going to have to redo the scripts because he was heavily featured in the first few episodes and try to figure out what's the appropriate time to return to work. it was supposed to be in a couple of weeks. that's probably not going to happen. >> difficult time for the "glee" family. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> sad to see such a talented guy. we'll switch gears now and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> temperatures will be a big factor across much of the country. we're looking at at least 50 million people effected by the heat wave, but that also extends all the way down into the central gulf coast for today. on into tomorrow we don't see much relief in the northeast. in the southwest temperatures in the hundreds as well. as we make our way to wednesday, look at the wide expanse of the temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and we go all the way into friday with the temperatures in the 90s and near 100 degrees from the midwest into the northeast. that's what's going on around
7:38 am
. we won't be seeing much heat around the bay area today. as you can see, low clouds over oakland this morning and low clouds staying on the coast area. you'll see kind of a cool and bl blustery afternoon. we'll have 70s inland around lunchtime and a few low 80s out east bay areas and san jose. another cool day tomorrow. breezy at times and then high pressure builds in and some of that east which is to our east comes back to the inland valleys thursday and friday. >> go get them. >> do it for america, al! >> we'll see him in a minute. coming up next, should sperm donors have parental rights? the custody battle between jason patrick and his exgirlfriend over their biological son. his story in an exclusive interview. >> and j.k. rowling is one of the world's best known authors. why did she leave her name off
7:39 am
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now he is fighting for parental rights. we'll talk to his ex-girlfriend in a moment, the mother of his child. >> reporter: under current california law a sperm donor is treated as if you were not the natural father of a tried absent an agreement between the donor and mother. enter jason patrick. >> we'll follow this creek. >> and long time former girlfriend who through his donated sperm produced a son now 3 years old. she says they never intended for
7:44 am
him to assume an active role as the child's father. she read from a letter patrick sent her. >> i am not ready to be a father. i want you to know that if you want to use my sperm you have my blessing. it just has to be between you and i. >> patrick sees and remembers it differently. even though the couple's relationship had cooled he made it clear he did want to be the father. he said he selected intended parent on his donor form and other documents suggest his involvement as a parent in key aspect of the child's up bringing like tuition payments for day care. and the boy addresses patrick repeatedly when he performed on broadway. he would be suing for custody. he lost. but now california state senator jerry hill introduced a bill that would change that. >> this clarification is for very small group of individuals who didn't ever waive their rights, and who to the contrary from day one said i intend to be a parent. >> reporter: the california branch of now supports danielle.
7:45 am
>> the change in the proposed law is that at any time a known sperm donor irregardless of the consents signed before conception can claim parentage. >> reporter: if the new law passes, it could allow patrick whose film credits include "the lost boys" and "speed 2" can try to prove he is a man whose sperm produced the child, acted as his father from the beginning and that he's earned the right to be called a parent. nbc news, los angeles. >> and danielle joins us now. good morning to both of you ladies. >> good morning. first of all let's catch up with the story here. you say that you intended and that jason patrick only intended for him to be a sperm donor but where it gets complicated is it sounds like there's some relationship between your son gus and jason patrick. >> during the course of my dating relationship with jason he was exposed to gus. gus is my world.
7:46 am
anyone in my world would have contact with gus. >> you guys got back together after the sperm donorship and it was through that that he had access to your child. >> when gus was about 13 months old. we had contact before that, though. >> let me set the stage a little the facts, the law, common sense are on danielle's side on this case. the law in california could not be clearer. he had an opportunity prior to the conception of this child to say i want to be the dad. he said no. he not only said no, he said i want to keep it a secret and right before the child is born, maybe four or five days before the child is born he said it again in writing. he doesn't want to be the dad. he then comes in after the fact, after the fact and by intimidation, dad by intimidation he wants now to claim parenthood. we're not saying he doesn't have a right to be part of this child's life. at danielle's okay. danielle is the mom.
7:47 am
the law recognizes her as the mom. she bore this child and all we're saying to jason is wait a minute. >> let me let her get in here a little bit because he says at the fertility clinic he signed a paper next to his name that said intended parent. >> those were consent forms and that was the designation on the signature. >> on a preschool application he was listed as the father. money that he owed me to help pay for gus's tuition. and rather than pay me directly he decided to pay the school and anyone that paid the school had to sign that application. >> the fact of the matter is you won in the first court. you won and you are the parent of this child, jason patrick is not. but let me be devil's advocate. if he wants to have a relationship with his son, what's wrong with that? >> it's not about relationship or contact with gus. it's about rights. me preserving my right to be a
7:48 am
sole legal parent and not having to share that with with someone that never intended to and never raised gus. even when we were dating he never did anything to raise gus. he never changed a single diaper. was never with gus unsupervised for more than half an hour here or there. >> savannah, the other thing is a court has found that jason is not a truth teller. and that the law, which in our judgment is extremely clear, isn't in his favor. the people that want to change the law, i think everybody should examine a law like this but it should be looked at quitely and with contemplation and a whole. >> the state legislature is looking into changing the law. we'll continue to follow that. thank you for being here. we appreciate you sharing your story. >> and we'll talk to jason patrick tomorrow on today. coming up, we'll switch gear ace bit. al is here and he's going to help us welcome back that all american treat, the twinkie. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] when hair is this hydrated, it flooows...
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good morning. it's 7:56 now. i'm marla tellez. a search continues this morning for a 21-month-old girl whofls reportedly seen in a car 24 hours ago. this is a search for daphne webb. her father reported her missing, saying he left her in a car when he headed into a convenience store. the father told police when he came out of that store, the girl was gone. san jose police are investigating the deadly shooting of a teenage boy. it happened yesterday on murtha drive in east san jose. a teenager inside one vehicle was found there with several gunshot wounds. no arrests have been made. it's still unclear weather the city's 28th homicide was gang related. rob mayeda is in for christie looking at your forecast. it's a little gray out there.
7:57 am
>> it is, and i think it's going to stay in san francisco and oakland with highs in the 50s. low 80s in the bay area. a as we head into the week, temperatures will head into the 90s for the valleys. >> we have more of those low clouds you're talking about, but more of a concern blending in with those. away from us, very slow for the toll plaza and the san mateo bridge. if you get very close to the tv, you can see flashing lights as far as you can see on that section. there is a plume of smoke that just built up. reports of a car fire on that erection. they might have cleared one lane as you approach that scene. we have a slow drive from the toll plaza westbound over to the peninsula. you might want to use the dunbarton bridge instead. slow south on 101 and a crash
7:58 am
moved to the side. >> we'll be back at 8:26.
7:59 am
8:00 am
north carolina. >> oklahoma. >> we're so excited to see gulianna and bill. >> savannah. >> we're from california. >> we're on our honeymoon. >> a lot of reasons to celebrate today. 8:00 on a monday morning. 15th day of july, 2013. it is a steamy day already here in the northeast. we're going to head into the mid 90s. hot across the country this morning but right now al has something even more important and consequential on his mind. it's the epic areturn of the
8:01 am
twinkie. he's going to help guide the very first shipment into the new york city area. coming into the plaza, he's there with a life sized twinkie. >> twinkie the kid. >> okay. twinkie the kid. he's going to get in the twinkie mobile and we will have them arrive. >> could be awhile. >> let's call this what it is. it's a hijacking. al is hijacking it. >> we're hoping that others aren't far behind. >> yes. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side willie geist who is in for matt. coming up, bill cosby is here. he'll review the winner of his cosby sweater tournament. dr. cosby, is that one of your sweaters, sir. >> no. >> i thought we were here to talk about sweaters. >> where are you? >> we're right here. the sweaters are coming later. right now i'm busy talking to
8:02 am
the people [ cheers ] >> and the people love to talk to you. dr. cosby will join us in a bit and we will reveal the ugliest sweater. there's a lot of competition. >> there's a lot of competition i said hello to bill he said where did you go to school? i said vanderbilt. he said did they teach you to wear a suit outside when it's 100 degrees. >> but he's wearing a sweatshirt. >> another tv legend with trademark style, the great larry king is here. he's going to help us out with trending and we'll catch up inside with bill and guilanna and duke making his tv debut. >> tamron hall is in for natalie. >> new protests overnight adds thousands take to the streets in wake of the george zimmerman not guilty verdict this weekend.
8:03 am
ron is in sanford, florida with more. good morning. >> good morning when the verdict was read here late saturday night it sent off a wave of protests in front of the courthouse and is still sweeping across the nation this morning. >> the verdict, unanimous. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: the reaction, hardly. matters of self-defense, guns and race driving protestors, black and white from the streets of new york to california. and lots of pavement in between. many wearing hoodies in 90 degree heat. that movement frequently clashed with prozimmerman opinions. some favoring it saying get over. justice was served. our legal system, love it or hating. donald trump tweeting zimmerman is no angel but the lack of evidence and the concept of self-defense, especially in florida law, gave the jury no
8:04 am
other choice. >> from coast-to-coast it's raw emotion. >> we need to stand up for young black males and come out against this. >> george zimmerman's father says the family is relieved by the verdict. and george zimmerman is free of the ankle monitor and free to get his gun back. a 6-year-old boy buried under a sand dune for three hours is at critical condition at a chicago hospital this morning. he was playing on a massive dune in indiana when he fell into a hole and became buried under 11 feet of sand. his father started digging him out as a friend frantically called 911. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's like under the sand and we can't get him out. >> okay. can anybody see him or is he completely covered by sand. >> colin, is he completely covered by sand? >> yes, my husband and his dad
8:05 am
are trying to dig him out. >> a police official says nathan's parents told him that the boy's outlook is good. one of the top motorcycle racers in the world died. bill warner was racing on sunday when his bike veered to the right and went off course launching him 40 feet into the air. he died about an hour later. he was traveling about 285 miles per hour at the time of the crash. 30-year-old tyson gay says he is pulling out of next month's world championship now after failing a test for substance. he put his trust in someone and was let down. two other track stars from jamaica also tested positive. and if the expected birth of the royal baby wasn't enough to stir them from their homes, this soap box race did the trick. 70 racers were in front of
8:06 am
40,000 spectators. they're powered only by gravity were scored on speed and showmanship. >> that's another fun thing to do. >> tamron, thank you so much. we have a very exciting birthday here. we have mickey, she is turning 65. you know this because she is wearing today is my 65th birthday. we have daughters. we have nieces, grand kids. the whole gang. thank you for being here. happy birthday. how did i know it was your birthday. >> i don't know. my daughter made me dress up. >> you look fabulous. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> now to another exciting occasion. >> yes. >> the return of the twinkie. >> yeah. >> al is on the move right now. oh, there's mr. twinkie and there's al and the hostess truck.
8:07 am
>> it's twinkie the kid. not mr. twinkie. he's about 50 now. he's not had any work done. but he looks fantastic. here is what is so exciting. the twinkie is back. we've got the twinkie mobile and loaded on this truck -- what's your name? jesse. do you feel the excitement and the honor of driving the first batch of twinkies in. >> absolutely. >> come on in. let's show you what's going on. i got a refrigerated twinkie truck. it's fantastic and a giant bin of twinkies we're bringing down to the plaza. look at that. the first batch of twinkies. all right. let's go big boy. hit it. let's punch this thing. we've got a batch of twinkies to deliver and no time to do it. let's bring you the weather and show you what's going on. first of all for today, our pick city of today is salt lake city, ksl, 97 degrees. you can see the big area of low
8:08 am
pressure swinging through texas bringing heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the area and the heat is the big story making it's way through the northeast with temperatures well over the 90s with heat indexes well over in san francisco right now, we've got the low clouds and at times some mists. been looking at the rain gauges going across the golden gate bridge. windshield wipers moving through the misty skies. look at this, by 8:00 you have the fog spilling back in. even almost to livermore by 9:00. the marine layer very thick. over 2,000 feet thick. it will ensure a cool afternoon. 70s and 60s. we turn warmer for the second half of the week. all right. here we come, baby. the twinkie express is on it's way. jesse, floor this thing. let's go baby. we're on the way. red light. >> red light. traffic, al, thank you so much.
8:09 am
when they showed those twinkies, willie you got teary eyed. >> we haven't had a cheer like that for a long time. >> we all have trending. big weekend for celebrity weddings. we'll tell you who got hitched. then harry potter's author, j.k. rowling, why did she write a novel under a man's name. >> and dr. bill cosby reveals the winner of his sweater tournament right after this. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil...
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8:14 am
the host of two online programs, larry king now and politicking with larry king. you never slow down. >> i can't slow down. i've got a problem, though. i have nothing to do on the weekend. maybe i could do weekend today. >> a third weekend show. >> a third weekend show and then maybe something late at night. >> i would watch all of those shows. >> i know, you're a fan. >> i am. >> we're all fans. >> i couldn't retire. >> you know what, you're still making news. you recently spoke to jane lynch who was one of the costars of cory monteith on glee. you talked about some of the problems corey had with with substance abuse. let me play a piece of that tape. >> cory, he had a rehab problem. >> yeah, he went to rehab and he's out now and doing great. he was sober for many, many years. he's a young man. he had to renew his vows to s sobriety. >> that whole interview plays today. she's a terrific girl and that's such a sad story. >> it's incredibly sad because
8:15 am
he was so beloved. if you watch the show, he is just incredibly talented and i think all the co-stars really feel like a death in the family. >> all the years i have been interviewing people who have problems and you never get an answer as to why -- when you have everything, why do you need something else? never really been answered. dustin hoffman told me once you don't know the answer. >> addictions grip is tight as it was perhaps for cory monteith. some of the other stories trending this morning on the website of the new york post. pope my ride. they're getting attention this morning because the leader of the world's 1 billion plus catholics is cruising in a star whose sticker price starts at 16 grand. he was snapped in a ford focus. this is the latest surprising move cementing his reputation as the pope of the people.
8:16 am
in march he shunned a car for the bus. none of the red fancy slippers out there. >> or the prada shoes. >> he took the subway in argentina and his bike. >> next week he is driving a cab. >> larry king. got it. >> magic. magic. anyway, trending on, wedding bells rang for stars this weekend. halle berry vowed not to marry again but that changed on sunday when she said i do to olivier martinez. they wed in france after getting engaged last week. it's the first marriage for martinez and the third marriage for halle berry who is pregnant with the couple's first child. >> and jimmy kimmel married a cohead writer on his late night program. kimmel proposed last year. famous guest at the wedding, jennifer anniston and of course matt damon.
8:17 am
>> matt damon. >> you could not have matt damon missing. >> jimmy fishing off the company pier. i like it. when you work hard -- >> jimmy's a great guy. >> he is adorable. >> he deserves all the great success. you have to be with your wife all the time. >> make it work. why not. exactly. trending on the associated press what are the chances of this? a season ticket holder of the cleveland indians had a heck of a day at the ballpark sunday. he caught not one, not two, three foul balls in one game. one for each of the kids he was with and then guess what happened, foul ball number four came flying his way. he picked it up off the ground and tossed it to another fan. he had never caught a foul ball before this amazing lucky streak and we asked what are the chances. the odds of catching a foul ball according to the website lucky seat, 1 in a trillion. >> that's impossible.
8:18 am
>> that's crazy. >> that seems high. my kids have caught a lot going to dodger games. it's actually three in one game. i remember a game that the orioles played years ago where in batting practice one guy hit a ball and it hit the father. the next ball hit the mother. the next ball hit the kid and the manager said he's out the get the whole family. >> all right. that's what is trending today. we'll talk a lot more with larry king in just a bit. also ahead, j.k. rowling's secret author. why did she write a thriller using a pseudonym? and bill cosby will be here and we'll invail the winner of the sweater competition. >> how are they getting ready for the arrival of the royal baby? michelle kosinski is there this morning. >> here at the old boot they had one party in honor of the royal baby. the owner has known kate and her family for 20 years. william also comes in and over
8:19 am
the last weekend it's been reported that kate spent the time here with her family in buckleberry preparing for birth which the world expects any day now. >> this thousand year old town, once owned by a king, edward the confesssor just before the normal invasion. people today are excited to welcome the newest heir to the thrown, william and kate's child who many feel sure is a girl. >> my personal feeling is girl. >> really? everybody thinks it's a girl. >> i do. i don't know why. >> at the old boot inn, they're getting ready for a party. >> i must buy some more -- i've got some coming in tomorrow. >> of champagne. >> not today. >> so in england your local pub owner is pretty much with you your whole life. >> i'm afraid so. if you live in this village i'm here. i've been here 17 years. you have to stick by me. >> bucklebury is where young kate got her start in life after
8:20 am
her parents home party planning business took off. they just recently moved to a larger more than $7 million home in town with lots of privacy. this could be where kate's child gets her or his start at least for a few weeks. kate spent the weekend her with her family where a nursery is being prepared too. it is possible that once the royal couple and baby leave the hospital, this is where they will come if they don't return to their cottage at kinsington palace. what we do know is once the baby is born bells will ring in buck bucklebury after just as they did after the wedding. a small country town pleased with with it's big connection. what do you give a royal baby as a gift? a nice vintage port that he or she can open up when they turn 21. back to you guys. all right michelle, thank you so much. now to something else making
8:21 am
headlines in britain, actually around the world this morning. j.k. rowling's secret mystery novel. keir simmons in is in london with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the harry potter novels sold half a billion copies worldwide, where as her latest book up until this weekend sold just 1500 copies in the last three months. that's because it contains a very special plot twist. nobody knew she was the one who had written it. >> i may be transformed into a rat. >> fans of the harry potter series know all about j.k. rowlings love for using hidden identities. but with her latest book, the mega author crafted a secret life to intimidate her art. >> we were trying to run all over and find it. >> fans around the globe raced to book shops sunday morning when rowling confirmed that an obscure novel released back in
8:22 am
april, the cuckoos calling was pinned by her, not robert galbraith. >> it slipped under our radar i'm afraid. >> the book went from selling 1500 copies in three months to selling out everywhere. almost instantly. >> first thing this morning the stray copies were scooped up as soon as the doors opened. >> to find out that rowling was behind the mystery novel took a little real life detective work by the sunday times of london. it's staff noticed many similarities between rowling and the unknown galbraith like a shared editor, publisher and agent as well as in the writing style like incorporating handwritten fonts. a signature touch of rowlings. last year's the casual vacancy was met by a mixed reception. but the cuckoo's calling already gathered rave reviews from critics long before it was known to be her work.
8:23 am
>> there's a lot of pressure when you've had the kind of success she has had. i can understand why she would want to just put the book out there and have no expectations and no pressure. >> fans would be wise to remember that when dealing with the woman behind the world of harry potter, things might not always be what they seem. >> took you long enough. >> and we're told she is writing more of these novels. i'm guessing they're going to be publishing and printing more too, guys. >> i'll say. keir simmons, thank you so much. we have been gearing up for this moment all morning long. which iconic cosby show sweater from the show's successful 8 year run is the favorite among fans. the final four next week. here to reveal the winner is dr. bill cosby. good morning to you. >> i don't have on the winning sweater. >> no you don't. but let me ask you this, though. it came down to two. did you have a favorite. >> no. >> okay.
8:24 am
>> no. maybe the one i have on. >> it's a contender. >> that didn't make it. >> with due respect that is a hideous sweater, sir. a fine contender. >> thank you. >> with that dr. cosby, let's get to it. >> the big reveal. >> the big reveal here. let's take a look. >> we'll show the sweater. >> there it is. oh with the runners on the track. it's the relay sweater. >> there you have it. >> why does willie keep saying worst. >> ugliest. >> it was never the ugliest. they haven't been voting for ugly, willie. >> oh. >> it's not like a baby contest. it was the sweater that the people liked the best. >> okay. >> there's a lot going on. there's a scene on the back of the sweater and the front. >> hello and the people found that amusing and something to do other than going ugly and
8:25 am
miserable and hideous. >> you know, it's true. i think some of the other sweaters deserved a look though. some of the ones we have here. >> yes. >> they're entertaining too. dr. cosby i understand you celebrated a birthday recently. >> 76. >> wow. happy birthday to you. >> i enjoyed it. >> we thought we would celebrate here. we have a gift for you. >> i don't want a twinkie with a candle. >> we have a gift in the box and also the person who is bringing it to you. >> look at that. >> they woke you up this morning. >> a gentleman willie would get up and give her your seat. >> yes, ma'am. where are my manners. >> i don't know where your manners went, willie. >> we brought in her own seat. she earned it. >> she always has her seat. she brought in her chair. >> what did you get. oh, tell me the secret of this.
8:26 am
>> this is a today show beautiful sweater. >> according to 8:26. scott mcgrew in for laura. breaking news where a vta train has derailed. here are live pictures from the intersection of north first street and tazman drive. now the train partially derailed less than an hour ago. we are on the phone with vta and the police. we are told no one was hurt, but the intersection is shut down as investigators look at the scene. again, nobody hurt as a vta train partially derailed in north san jose. let's get more detail from mike this morning and the rest of the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning, scott. now that is in the area, tazman and first, that would be the 901. route 901. thank goodness no one is hurt.
8:27 am
that will mean a local reroute. tazman takes you through the middle of all of the those cisco campuses. train 901, that service will be disrupted between santa theresa. the rest of the system moves smoothly. the roadways aside from tazman moving smoothly. south 101 still jammed. earlier crash moved to the shoulder. look at the slowing. >> we'll have another news update for you in a half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ music playing ] >> oh, the chants of twinkie. the arrival of the hostess bus and al roker at the helm ready to deliver the beloved sugary treat. >> aim for the big twinkie. >> like a roman emperor entering
8:31 am
the arena. al roker on the twinkie truck. >> everybody gets a twinkie. >> get on in here. >> not only do we have twinkies, but we have the cupcake. >> zingers later. >> hold on a sec because ladies and gentlemen you don't come to the today show and not get anything. so here we go. here you go. whoa. >> you're not supposed to throw things that are so valuable. >> oh, man. >> there you go. there you go. >> look at twinkie the kid.
8:32 am
>> there we go. >> the return. there's a twinkie frenzy going on right now. >> oh my gosh. this is the best with the audience. >> we're all on a sugar high. >> that's not right. >> that's not right. >> well, they're nice and warm. i just saved one for you. >> they were very moist. >> i think i'll hold up on that one. >> snowball lovers, don't panic. >> never a big fan of the snowball. >> the coconut. >> but you know what, it's zinger. >> interesting, though, you got a -- they changed something
8:33 am
here. you have to smell these. >> no, i worked here too long to fall for that. smell that. >> classic. >> there you go. >> all right. >> good stuff. >> let's find out if it's twinkie weather. show you what's going on. first of all, it's always twinkie weather. wet weather making it's way through the southwest. up to six inches of rain near abilene in the next 24 hours. sunny and hot out west. 81 in seattle today. slight risk of strong storms in the northern plains. tomorrow the heat continues in the northeast with high humidity levels and the heat indexes 100. sunny and hot in the pacific northwest. sizzling conditions throughout the bay area, one of the exceptions to the rule in terms of all of the heat. low clouds in san francisco, but what's unusual is just how far inland the low clouds have set up this morning.
8:34 am
all the way into concord and fairfield and into liver moore as well. up and down the santa klara valley into morgan hill. these little clouds will break up inland. 70s to lower 80s inland today. 60s oakland to san francisco. another cool day tomorrow and then a warmup for our valleys to finish the week. twinkie the kid, very exciting isn't it? he's a man of few words. you need to check your weather because we got really serious weather going on. go to the weather channel on cable, online. willie. >> all right al, thanks. busy morning on the plaza. media legend larry king is back with us. he is busy working on not one but two shows. the second season of larry king now premieres today on hulu and oratv and he launched his second online show call politicing with
8:35 am
larry king. it's hard not to see larry king on tv every night. >> sure. want to be there live. the first time i realized how much i missed it -- i thought i could leave. it thought it would be easy but the night bin laden was killed i wanted to jump up off the couch and do something and i got lucky and we founded ora tv. >> do you ever reget the decision to step away from nightly television. on days when there's a big news story yes because i like to be in the middle of it and the onlooker. i never involve me in it. i never use the word i. but i love being at the scene. that's what a journalist does. he goes to the scene, looks at the scene, asks questions about it. leaves himself hopefully out of it. i never felt that the journalist should be in the story but should be around the story. >> and i miss that part.
8:36 am
but i'm back doing so many things now. >> tell me about the show. how was that different for you? you have such a variety of guests. you could go from political leaders to snoop lion to everybody in between. >> we had bill mahr, it's so much -- it's fun. i sit in a very relaxed studio. it's set up like the house. my wife sort of designed the studio. it's very, very comfortable setting and there i am with her. we did it here in new york. i'll do some in new york today. jeff bridges today and the former mayor of los angeles and ron howard. i keep in the mix. the show is different. it's a half hour. it's taped. i like live. so i miss the live aspect and then we do the politicing show and that's also on ora and hulu. i don't know how i keep up with myself. >> i don't either. >> what i do is i love the whole
8:37 am
mix. see that, i love asking questions. to me, i have been doing it all my life. when i was nine years old i asked the bus driver why do you want to drive a bus and i'm still doing that. why do you want to drive a bus. >> and the thing i love that you always say is i never learned anything by talking. you're one of the great listener as an interviewer. >> i never learned anything when i was talking. >> right. >> larry king, you're still at it. it's incredible. i don't know how you do it. politicing with larry king is the new show. great to see you. >> i want to salute the "today" show. i bring a message to them from the cardiologist of america. thank you for the wonderful morning of twinkies. >> you can have as many as you want on the plaza larry. great to see you my friend. >> coming up next, they introduce us to their son duke. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] ♪ [ buzzer ]
8:38 am
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8:40 am
back now at 8:39 with a special guest making his television debut. 10 month old edward duke rancic enjoying a highlighter at the moment. >> he stole your highlighter. >> his parents of course are jul giuliana and bill rancic. their show is tomorrow night. >> say hi. >> excuse me, you know mommy was a break dancer. >> who. >> me. i used to break dance in the 6th grade. >> really. >> and they're here with us this morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> did i hear him talk when i introduced him. >> he speaks three languages fluently. >> you're almost a year in, 10 and a half months. how are you doing with this guy? >> great. look at him. he's such a good baby. he's been up a couple of hours now and he's having fun. he's a great kid. >> he's hopped up on
8:41 am
highlighters. >> that's the secret willie. >> we'll transition to sniffing glue yet. >> does he have an agent yet? talking about a spin off. >> we're thinking about it. >> he's a tough negotiator. >> no, no agent yet but he is -- he's definitely in the new season that starts tomorrow. >> yeah. >> and we went back and forth about that. we didn't know how much we were going to put or if we were even going to put him on the show. but we felt like people had been through the major journey with us and then to say you can't meet your baby or see our baby it felt wrong. >> i know both of you to be down to earth people and you talked i don't want to raise a kid in l.a. we want to be in chicago. do you worry about starting him on television from the day he was born. >> it's not going to be a long-term venture. one season or two seasons maybe and that's it. we'll raise him in chicago and he's going to go to school in
8:42 am
chicago and be out of the l.a. hollywood scene. >> you know how some parents say i'm going to leave it up to my kid if they want to get into acting, we're like no. >> if he goes to medical school or law school then he can do whatever he wants afterward. >> get a degree and then figure it out. >> you were here about a little over a year and a half ago announcing your diagnosis of breast cancer. your health is good. >> great. great. no complaints. on medication and it's going well. >> for you to be able to sit here after that not knowing what your future looked like. >> isn't that something. i remember i had been on this set many times shaking and sad and in this very dark place and now it's amazing to finally be here. that's why we were so excited about coming here with baby duke, all the faces here and producers to finally be able to introduce all of you to him. it's just a miracle. it just shows that you can get through it. you can get through the darkest time in your life. you can. and quickly. sometimes it doesn't take many,
8:43 am
many years. for us it was thankfully not a long process. >> this guy is going to get away with a lot because he'll be able to pull the card that he saved his mommy's life. >> if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have found the cancer. >> this is a beautiful scene. i'm sure you're great parents but bill i have to ask you about taking the little guy tubing. i understand you pulled him behind the boat. >> i did. >> do you want to explain yourself. >> explain yourself. >> we were at a friend's soccer game, their child was like 11 years old and we weren't allowed to clap or keep score and i thought we're raising a bunch of whimps. so we want to make sure he's not afraid of everything because she is timid about roller coasters and skiing and stuff like that. >> i'm timid about everything and i agree with bill i think a lot of kids these days they're not as adventurous as they should be. i don't want him to see my fears. i want him to be his own guy and have fun. >> i had a special wet suit. i wasn't reckless about it. he wasn't back there trick
8:44 am
skiing with dad. >> he is a beautiful child. is he walking? pulling himself up? getting ready. >> he's starting to pull himself up a little bit. but he's a big boy. for 10 and a half months, as you can see. by the way, in honor of larry king today. >> that's the larry king look obviously. >> he's a big boy but we'll see chl it's good. hopefully one day we'll have a little brother or sister for duke too. >> there have been reports that you're moving on to number two at this point? any truth to that? >> we have met with the surrogate and she's on board. she wants to put the band back together. >> we asked her to. >> hopefully we're going to have good news to report very soon. >> we look forward to that. come on back and tell us about it. duke, good to see you. >> thanks willie. >> catch the season premiere of julian
8:45 am
giuliana and buiill on the
8:46 am
8:47 am
back at 8:47. if you thought tree houses were just for kids, think again? she has the story of an artist and retired home builder that found creative ways to make the most of their natural surroundings. >> it maybe the ultimate in green living. tree houses that are far more than just childhood forts. >> let's just look out the window. >> good idea. >> but the hiding places of our youth blossomed into something more closely resembling the island sheik of the swisz family robinson. >> pull up the stairs. >> it's not just the stuff of movies anymore. >> darling, thank you. >> these day there is are even entire reality shows built around tree houses. the only limit to a builders dream it seems is the size of
8:48 am
the tree itself. case and point. >> technically this is a tree house but considering the scale, more accurately described as a tree home. >> this is pretty elaborate. >> yeah it turned out to be elaborate. didn't start out that way. >> reporter: he is a retired home builder and was helping build a tree house for his friend's grand son when the plans, like the tree grew. >> we added a back deck on and then the side deck on and the rope ladder and then the two little forts underneath. then we added the zip line and last year the sky bridge. >> i always wanted a tree house when i was a little girl. it was a dream come true. >> reporter: it became the neighborhood attraction. >> we love to use our imagination don't we. >> okay. push it in. >> reporter: imagination is something he brings to this affordable housing complex in california. >> everybody in the neighborhood, it was made by the people that want to share it to
8:49 am
other people. >> reporter: that's right. nests. they're not just for birds anymore. >> today we're so set up and it's important to take time-out and listen to the birds. >> reporter: less talking, more listening turned into this. what he calls spirit nest for those without wings. >> there's a natural kind of pattern that emerges when you're leaving and each branch has a place. it's a bit of a puzzle. >> reporter: a costly puzzle ma. >> i have nests from 5,000 to 6,000. >> he uses money from private buyers to finances community projects and public displays. it was one of the public displays that inspired her to celebrate in a spirit nest. the latina celebration of a fwirl girl's 15th birthday. >> it's a nice break from technology because you forget about all the things.
8:50 am
>> you have to be creative where ever you are to find the resources that you have to fulfill your dreams. >> reporter: if dreams truly do come from the sky -- >> i just pretend i'm a bird. >> reporter: maybe spending time in trees is hour way of staying grounded. >> taking a moment to slow down. >> reporter: for today, nbc news, dallas. >> everything is bigger in texas. that's the only thing -- >> true. >> up next, though, you can do this, i swear, the secret to making classic meatballs in tomato sauce. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
today's kitchen is brought to you by folgers. the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. >> back now at 8:52, this morning on you can do this, how you can make the best meatball in america. they're the guys behind the popular meatball shops here in new york city. good to see you. >> how are you? >> hi guys. >> how hard is it to make a meatball. >> so easy. >> we can do this. >> about as easy as it gets. let's start with the sauce. what's is secret. >> patience. a lot of people make a red sauce and they're in a hurry.
8:53 am
>> you need to start this up early. >> we have been cooking these onions for a couple of minutes. >> okay. >> and ideally you cook the onions for 15 minutes. if you're talking about two hours total time maybe it's 45 minutes before the tomatoes get in the pot. >> okay. >> sweat the onions until they're nice and soft. we like to add garlic oregano. >> this is a good meal to make on a sunday and have the left oefrs on tuesday and meatball sandwich on friday. >> you got it. >> i'm thinking practically. >> the best part about meatballs the longer they sit in the sauce the better they get. you never have to be in a rush. put them in the oven and when you're ready to eat they're ready for you. >> tomato paste. >> tomato paste and 5 minutes of stirring until it gets a nice dark rick red color. >> nice.
8:54 am
>> and we can smell that. >> in go the tomatoes. >> what kind of tomato are you using there? >> we use a thin style tomato. it's more acidic. we use canned tomatoes. they're available all the time and they pack them in the height of summer. >> i love that you use canned tomatoes. >> yeah. >> how long does that have to come together. >> about 45 minutes and the consistency will coat the back of the spoon. >> let's move on to the meatball itself. >> are you ready to get your hands dirty? >> why not. >> the ingredients are simple. two pounds of beef. we have ricotta cheese. bread crumbs. two eggs. two hole eggs. >> how do you keep your me meatballs moist. is that the cheese? >> it's a combination of the cheese and the fat consent in the beef. >> can you use chicken?
8:55 am
>> you can. we have chicken meatballs at the restaurant. parsely. >> nice. >> a couple of pinches of salt. this is sample. >> then we mash it up. okay. looks like chilly pepper. >> oregano. >> i have to be honest, this is something -- you don't want to do this in front of your guests. i don't want my guests seeing me do this. >> you have to get your hands in there too man. >> let me get in here. >> you don't want your guest to see two hands. >> six hand miss that bowl. >> this restaurant has a c grade. >> are you ready to dip your hands in here. >> i don't think so. >> we did dessert. >> how do we roll a perfect meatball. >> we take an ice cream scoop at the shop. dirty hand here. take an ice cream scoop, about two ounces. >> got it. >> super simple like that. pop them in. >> that's perfect. >> you don't even have to roll
8:56 am
them. >> i don't like them when they're not round and perfect. >> we have a few seconds. roast them here? >> in the oven, about 17 minutes and bingo. >> can we taste them? >> there we go. >> you sure can. >> whole thing comes together with the sauce. sauce, meeatballs. you can get these. they're delicious. nice party snack. >> thank you. back after your local news and weather. >> announcer: you're watching today in the bay. good morning, everyone. it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. we are continuing to update you on the light rail derailment. fortunately nobody hurt. it happened at north first street and tazman drive just after 7:00 this morning. we're not sure of a cause. crews now working to clear the train. it is causing delays in the area, obviously on the train line but also for cars passing
8:57 am
through the intersection. let's check your weather. good morning, rob. >> good morning. still seeing some low clouds around outside. highs inland, 70s to low 80s. second half of the week high temperature builds in and temperatures rise up. 90s back into the valleys by thursday and friday. we'll have another local news update today. right now after this back to the "today" show. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
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♪ >> welcome to "today" on this sticky, steamy monday morning, look who is back? mr. al roker, after a couple weeks away, and jenna is here with us to help us out as we await the bigrth of the royal baby as you await the birth of your royal baby. how are you? >> got through the first eight months and now it's smooth saying. >> yeah, for another month. >> and then the trials and
9:01 am
tribulations will start again. >> that summer baby? it's a 101 feel? >> yes, it's perfect. >> we are glad you are with us, we will check in with natalie in london in a moment. we begin with the big story over the weekend, dominated by the acquittal of george zimmerman, marches and rallies were taking place in several cities, george zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and of manslaughter. discuss this case in depth. we put together a pretty good panel to go through it. >> yep. >> meanwhile, the other big story. asiana airlines they are investigating what exactly happened and the owner of the airplane is suing because a list
9:02 am
of names were released that were false on a news station. take a listen. well, ktvu were the unwitting victim of a hoax, the ntsb apologized as they said for inaccurate and offenseive names that were confirmed of the pilots and a summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority when he in error confirmed the napes. basically, they got the group of names and called ntsb and an intern said, yeah, that sit, go with it. and they went to air. >> unless you are on the set, and someone is handing you names and you have one nano second is to read, how do you not at some point just even try to pronounce
9:03 am
john smith before going on the air? >> somebody to create it and write it and do the graphic. i think it's more of a diversion tactic for the airlines. >> this is an unfortunate sidebar to the whole thing. >> it's amazing knowing what we know about how a story cops together, producer and everyone saw it and it went through. >> we have been in a position where you read something on the air and do you stop or what? and it's just a mess by that time. >> there's a lawsuit now based on it. the iowa supreme court has ruled again that dentist james knight did not discriminate against his employee when he fired her in 2010 for being quote, two attractive and a threat to his
9:04 am
marriage, she is a married mother of two, and worked for dr. knight for ten years, nelson argued that she'd not have been argued in she was a man and the court has now disagreed? >> what was the basis? >> they are not saying it's gender discrimination, it's a d discrimination as a threat to his marriage. >> he was texting with her and his wife found about it. >> his wife works at the office. >> and he decide she was a threat to the marriage and fired her. she said i did everything i could think of to ignore him, deflect limb and discourage him. but the judges decided i must have welcomed it because i did not object strongly enough for fear of being retaliated against, it makes you wonder whether the all-male court has its own objective. >> we reached out to the dentist
9:05 am
and he did not contact us. >> if you were the dentist, wouldn't you want to avoid it and just not have an affair with her. >> they did not. >> they did not, right. but attempt not to have an affair rather than drag everyone through this. >> it's like, i'm so weak against your powers that i have to fire you. >> him? >> yes. >> i thought he was -- i believed it. >> we can with not resist each other. >> there's pending litigation, that is why we are not saying much. >> anyway. >> oh, my gosh, jenna had her baby shower over the weekend and we hear there could be another baby. duchess middleton's due date has been updated, kate was believed
9:06 am
to have sportsnent the weekend r family's home. let's go to england, natalie is camped out in front. natalie, what can you tell us? >> still no baby. still waiting like everyone else. >> thanks for being with us, have a great aunfternoon. >> i'm camped out, you see a lot of empty ladders, the paparazzi ready and cameras primed and ready to go. we have my friend john and they are fascinated with the fact that we are all here so early covering this. of course, we never know when the baby is going to show up, so we are all in stand-by mode. and as you mentioned, catherine and prince william were out and about spending some time
9:07 am
relaxing. he lost his po will lo match this weekend, but raised a lot of money for homeless charities. they have been seen, and no doubt a busy week ahead for the rest of the royals as well. a lot going on with the royals, but still no baby. but i can tell you, it gives me time though to doe shopping and jenna, you will be happy to know that i picked up baby slippers for you, for the little one and should anybody be having a boy, prince charming. >> very nice. >> very good. >> it's so obviously exciting there. let's see what kind of excitement there is in buckleberry right now. oh, my gosh! look at that! >> things are thatting. things are really happening.
9:08 am
>> she needs to relax, it's time to chill right now. >> natalie, hang tight, we will check in with you soon. >> natalie, thanks for slippers. >> meanwhile, al, has been away for two long weeks. i told you before, there was panic last week. people thought there was a cover up, where is al, really? so were where you? >> in area 51. no, i spent a relaxing week and dropped my daughter off at summer camp, so we had a good time doing that. and then, a bid of mine, john harris and i went to rome to see bruce springsteen. >> guys trip? >> yeah, guys' trip. we went and met this guy. i don't know. >> who is that guy? >> who could pull off wearing sunglasses at night. >> he called them the nightshades. he said it was one of his top three concerts.
9:09 am
this was magnificent. four hours. >> that was bruce springsteen. >> you ran into him? >> yeah, he was in the bar. >> and he hung out with everyone? >> he did. it was great. >> stevie van zan, stevie ray vaughan called in from the beyond and told me. sorry, got them mixed up. >> what is going on with the weather? >> that is why i may a mistake, it's the heat. dangerously hot weather big area of high pressure dominating the clockwise winds, and acting like a heat pump and jet extremes to the north. we will see temperatures well over 95 degrees with heat indexes of above 100, we have heat warnings and heat watches from the virginias up to new england, temperatures will feel well over 100 degrees, not only
9:10 am
today but into friday. that is dangerous and closer to home meanwhile, about 30 degrees cooler than the numbers you just saw. that will be the highs in san francisco. close to 60 today. lots of low clouds not just around san francisco but almost to concord up and down the tri valley,son jose, morgan hill. those should break up closer to lunchtime. we have a cool afternoon, highs in the 70s. 60s for oakland and san francisco. turning warmer for the second half of the week. >> and that's the latest weather. >> coming up next, the zimmerman verdict and the impact on the discussion of race in america. first, these messages. keep thei. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. i'll take that. go get 'em, buddy! it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less
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9:14 am
seminole county, florida, state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman, not guilty. >> george zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of trayvon martin reignited the debate about what it means to be black in the united states. legal analyst lisa bloom, the cohost of nbc's the cycle and msnbc's political analyst are here with a look at the verdict's impact on race relations in our society. good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. you say the prosecutions case, the jurors never really got a chance to hear what happened? >> well, they did hear the facts of the case and all of the witnesses that heard something or saw something were put on but as i said before the verdict when both sides appeared to be arguing reasonable doubt a defense verdict was fairly predictable and that's what happened here. >> both of you, your gut reactions when you heard this verdict? were you expecting it? how did you feel after you did? >> i'm not shocked.
9:15 am
a new an acquittal was possible because she told me the prosecution had not made a theory of the case but we waited 45 days for an arrest. we have an almost all white jury. we almost never get justice in that situation especially in the south but i was still numbed because i'm taken back to emmitt teal and all of these situations where black white means a little bit less than white life in america. >> no doubt. i have two sons and my son texted me and said how do i protect my two black boys who are very young? so for us it's a reminder, it's a kind of deja vu over again and it's a negative appraisal because when we have such overwhelming evidence that black teens are subjected to racial profiling and not in this case with a policeman but an ordinary average citizen we're subjected to somebody that gets mad gets a gun, murders us and we can't
9:16 am
stand our ground to defend ourselves and as a result of that all black men feel vulnerable. women for their husbands. mothers and fathers for their children and we feel vulnerable for each other. it's a horrible predicament. >> did the prosecution make a major mistake in the way they went and maybe not focussing on what this could have meant? >> i think they had a lot of missteps in the case. they didn't put forward a theory of what happened. both sides were focussing on the defense theory that in the final moments george zimmerman was down on his back and trayvon martin was on top assaulting him. as i said throughout this trial, if that's the only imagine the jury has going into deliberations they're going to say george zimmerman had a right to defend himself but there were multiple witnesses that had a different scenario that said zimmerman was on top or both men were upright and running. the prosecution essentially asked a lot of questions and told the jury you look at the evidence. you decide it. that is completely unusual in the murder case where the prosecution generally connects
9:17 am
the dots and connects the facts to the charges. that didn't happen here. >> it seems to me we're good in this country in talking about how we should have a conversation but not as good at actually having the conversation. what would you like that conversation in this case now to sound like? what should we be talking about as a country. >> it's hard to even assess that because we're having two entirely different conversations from the beginning. this broke down as this sort of left, right dichotomy, the left looking at it one way and the right and even though there's a dead person involved in this that's not pliticily involved. we have this stand your ground laws in this gun culture that allows to be vigilantes. you're overconvicted and oversentenced. as black people there's no chance to have -- it's not just a conversation. there's an institutional system
9:18 am
that is representing the racism we're talking about. >> that's a great point and you have to have -- throughout this crazy term, distance anlage proximate truth. sometimes people can't understand your truth. if you make it about white black you make it defensive. how about terror. what does it mean to you to be subjected to terror when nothing you did could protect you. that's what we feel. proximate truth our reality of black people is akined to your experience as terror and then you recalibrate what the arguments are and ask if white kids were dying at the rate the black kids were dying would we have the same response, the same jury make up? the same legal system to defend them? that's the kind of thing we have to get at here and we have to have it from the top down and from the bottom up. we have to have courage among our politicians to tell the truth about race in america as well. >> we had the tweets right after the verdict. george zimmerman's brother tweeting a message from dad. our whole family is relieved.
9:19 am
i'm proud to be an american. god bless america. thank you for your prayers. trayvon martin's dad tweeting even though i'm broken hearted my faith is unshattered. i'll always love my baby and we are outraged and heart broken over today's verdict. we will pursue civil rights charges with the department of justice and we will continue to fight for the removal of stand your ground laws in every state and we will not rest until racial profiling in all it's forms is out lawed. >> the defense says this is not a case about race. this was a case about self-defense. they say they have evidence that proves george zimmerman is objectively not a racist based on the way he lived his life. >> how do you prove that? >> i think in the courtroom the prosecution had the same argument that many people. that is talking about race. this is clearly a case about race. that's why it got this ground swell of public support before and afterwards and the prosecution fought hard to get evidence in that george zimmerman called on five previous occasions about
9:20 am
suspicious people in the neighborhood. 100% of whom were african american. once it came in they failed to use it. in closing argument they said explicitly this is not about race. then the prosecutor told a story about race. imagine the two people are reversed and then he said again this is not about race? it was a very confusing presentation. >> we're going to have to leave it here. we'll be talking about this for a long time to come. thank you so much. >> thanks guys. thank you so much. >> than[ female announcer ] today we're at a salon to see how people react to getting a shampoo without water. ♪ how does that feel? [ female announcer ] you can't clean your hair without water, so why clean your bum that way? freshen up with cottonelle toilet paper and cleansing cloths... now in a new dispenser.
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9:24 am
well, the folks at consumer reports drove five vehicles at different speed. they found that driving 200 miles at 75 miles per hour instead of 55 saves you an hours drive time. you got that? but it wastes about $5 to $7 in gas. so for 1,000 miles driving 75 costs you an extra $30. parents of teenagers get ready to dig deeper in your wallet. stats reveal how expensive it is to insure your young driver. premiums doubled when a teen was added to the policy. the biggest increase was in policy. 116% jump but there's two ways to save. one shop for a new policy at least once a year and let your kids drive an older, larger car. good luck with that and the minions rule the box office for the second weekend in a row. "despicable me 2" brought in $45 million this weekend.
9:25 am
adam sandlers grown up 2 was second and pacific rim finished third. we'll have more after the break. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. guaranteed. our ultimate sulfate-freevents system for curly hair. new l'oreal evercurl. free of sulfates.
9:26 am
our nourishing formulas with oils deeply moisturize every twist and turn. so curls are soft, beautifully defined. good morning, everyone. it's 9:26. i'm scott mcgrew. we are continuing to update you on the light rail derailment in san jose. nobody hurt. it happened on north first street and tazman drive just after 7:00 this morning. the cause remains unclear. the crews are working to clear the train from the tracks. vta has set up a bus bridge to allow commuters to get through that area. an early morning scare for people living at an apartment complex in san mateo. a fire broke out just before 1:00 at the ridge point apartment complex. that's just north of highway 92. crews were able to put the flames out within an hour and a half. again, nobody hurt. and we're still waiting for
9:27 am
word this morning on possible arrests linked to that protest last night in oakland. protests nationwide, in fact, this weekend following a not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. protesters took to the streets in oakland last night even burning an american flag. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after the break.
9:28 am
we're still seeing a cool and cloudy morning. 30s in fairfield. southeast wind in san jose. you can see the clouds. concord, livermore and pleasant ton. by lunchtime we'll see more low clouds inland breaking up. not so much in san francisco and the coast today where we'll see 60s for the highs. 70s further inland. should cee lo 80s next couple of days. high pressure builds back in for the second half of the week. >> we're looking at a slow drive still on the peninsula. look at palo alto. the southbound side on the left
9:29 am
still slow for about a mile approaching this scene from marsh down towards basically oregon expressway. an earlier crash has cleared some lanes. it was there quite some time caused all the backup. traditional slowing out of mountain view. same out of 85. the rest of the south bay not looking so bad. however, getting down through fremont, we have a lot of company. our live look, truck scale and tesla, still into the upper 50s from data road. back to you, scott. >> thank you. we'll have more local news for you in a half an hour. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪
9:30 am
well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. welcome back to today on this monday morning, july 15th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker and jenna wolf. natalie is in london on baby watch. >> baby watch here too. >> baby watch. >> what are you looking up online this weekend? the hottest topics for google searches over the weekend. >> as we change music, okay. as you move up the ladder, maybe you're jumping back into the work force, come to our job fair. we're going to give you the intel you need to learn the expert advice and how you need to get your foot in the job. >> look at the mingling going
9:31 am
on. >> then seven simple household tricks to save you time and money with common items for quick fixes. we'll show you what a strand of spaghetti can do. before it's cooked. not afterwards. >> i think we have an idea now. >> make that seven things you can do now. >> before that al has another look at the weather. let's see what we have today. a lot of wet weather down through the southwest. gulf coast. we're looking at really hot temperatures in the northeast with high heat indexes. warm in the pacific northwest. 81 in seattle. not bad in los angeles. temperature of 84 degrees. tomorrow the heat continues in the northeast, the ohio river valley. look through more wet weather into the southwest. sizzling in c we're immune from the heat today, the bay area included. oakland, marine layers above
9:32 am
2,000 feet this morning. what it means as we head through the afternoon, highs in the 60s. from oakland to san francisco, only ÷62. 70s around san jose and further inland, south of downtown san jose and the tri valley area. next few days, the coolest days of the week. the temperatures rise approaching the weekend. that will put our valley highs into the 80ed and mid 90s starting as early as thursday. . that's your latest weather. >> a lot of us stayed out of the heat and cruised this internet this weekend. what were we looking for? daniel is here to break down a few of the hottest google searches. >> the biggest search is your new baby. >> didn't need to set an alarm clock this morning. >> how old now. >> almost four days. >> and your second girl. >> yeah, she's beautiful. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> any advice for jenna because she is working on something over here. i have zero advice to give. >> sleep all you can.
9:33 am
>> see you later. >> let's hit some of the searches again as we always say at this time. not the most searched but the ones that spiked over the weekend and the zimmerman verdict was a big one. >> we saw a lot of searches around the verdict but beyond that people looking at the legal process itself. so, you know, what is manslaughter. people looking up that definition. looking up the stand your ground law. trying to find the nuisances. also people looking up possible zimmerman riots. we have just seen the protests happening and then naacp had a petition. a lot of people were searching that. the site crashed at one point. close to 500,000 signatures to get federal charges in this case too. >> another big topic over the weekend was the sudden tragic death of cory monteith from "glee." the 31-year-old was found in vancouver. it was a surprise. >> very unexpected. he died at a hotel room in vancouver. there was searches around how he died but also reaction. what the celebrities were
9:34 am
saying. what his costars were staying. an outstandipouring of support happened on the internet and people wondering what might happen to season 5 of "glee". >> autopsy will be performed tootd. we'll learn more on that. royal baby watch. natalie morales is outside the hospital. >> she maybe doing searches now. >> when was the due date? we thought it was saturday but now it's next saturday. >> feels like it could be any minute. people are sort of on edge lookiloo looking for prince william and princess kate. they feel like they don't want to miss it so they want to see has it happened yet. >> did this spike over the weekend? even after the baby is born you're still going to see the interest. >> we'll see continuing search entrance around this as the baby makes it's first appearance. >> j.k. rowling was also a big spike writing a book under a different name. >> for a reason that not anybody would have expected. she actually wrote this book
9:35 am
called cuckoo's calling which she wrote under a pseudonym robert galbraith and over the weekend she was outed as the author of this book. it's a fascinating detective story how they discovered she wrote it. the sales for it were small before everyone knew it was j.k. rowling. they have spiked and skyrocketed. it's a neat story that's on the internet. people want to search her and the book itself. >> i read on google that the numbers spiked like 503,000% or some kind of number. >> yeah. and it's the twinkies. they're back. >> they're back and we saw search interests around twinkies. they went away at the end of last year. they're a pop culture icon i guess you could say in some ways. >> is that it right there? >> that is the first delivery of the first shipment in nine months.
9:36 am
>> and al roker is on it. daniel always good to talk to you. congratulations again. >> thank you. >> coming up next, is this what your resume looks like? can you tell what's right? and what's wrong? there it is. >> i thought it looked like us. >> job hunting advice right after this. ok s o i' 've been having ok s an affair of sorts o i' with greek nonfat yogurt, loaded with protein 0% fat that thick creamy texture, i was in trouble. look i'm in a committed relationship with activia and i've been happy and so has my digestive system. now i'm even happier since activia greek showed up because now i get to have my first love and my greek passion together, what i call a healthy marriage. activia greek. the feel good greek. ♪ dannon hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no...
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duke's family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure anything... even every fashion trend. iams. keep love strong. and welcome to today's job fair. >> that's right. nearly 200,000 new jobs were added to the u.s. economy this june but there's still far too many americans without jobs. how do you land your next gig. >> catherine is a recruiter and ceo of the nicole williams is linkedins career expert and produce is an executive coach and founder of rain maker. good to see you guys. >> great to be here. >> you have advice on getting your foot in the door. that's the first thing you start
9:41 am
with. >> that's the first step exactly. figuring out how to get the company's attention and that's through networking. it's one of the most effective and tried and true ways out there. >> a lot of people aren't comfortable with that. >> networking is a dirty word. i like to think of it as getting to know people. when you focus on interacting with people and understanding about them and letting them know what your goals are and understanding more about them it's much less intimidating. >> what if you're unemployed. you say you don't have a job now. how do you expand the networking circle. >> people tell me they don't think they have a network but you do it's the circle of everyone you know. your hairdresser, your former colleagues, your friends wives and husbands, et cetera. part of it is you putting yourself out there. going to networking events, industry events, contacting your alumni celebration. if you can't afford the registration frees you can work the registration table and that
9:42 am
gives you an excuse. >> decorate the booth a little more. >> exactly. >> nicole. >> welcome to my booth. >> very nice. >> we're getting a little better. >> so we're going to talk about the resume. dos and don'ts for the resume. >> absolutely do is you want to have a connection to your social media platform. so if they are interested in you the first thing they'll do is google you. you want to help direct them to your professional profile by having a little hyperlink in there so they can quickly easily learn more about you. no address is necessary. this is one page where you really have an opportunity to put yourself forward as the best candidate. they don't care where you live frankly. volunteer work experience, especially for people that are unemployed, you know, this counts. employers count. volunteer work experience as legitimate work experience. detail it out. add your skills. be as specific as possible. add a number. if you accomplished something numbers do speak volumes. instead of being creative or organized, which the majority of
9:43 am
people would state they are, you have to find a way of showing that you're that via the execution of an actual career goal. >> so no more addresses like we used to have. >> you want social addresses. >> nice and tight. >> yeah, in your social media you can detail it and have a more robust professional profile but on this page it's very targeted. >> should you taylor a resume for each perspective employer. >> yes, my resume should look like this is my resume for al roker instead of the rest of the world. the first thing that turns a company off is getting that standard resume that just looks like a standard resume. you have to learn about the company. follow the company that you're interested in working for. learn their language. go on their website and get the essence of who they are and reflect that back in the resume. >> great. perfect. >> and bruce, let's say you got a job offer. how do you negotiate salary and terms? >> well, you have to remember that this is actually still the
9:44 am
last stage of the job interview. so this is your opportunity to establish the set point for your compensation in the organization going forward. you want to get the best deal you possibly can but don't be too aggressive. you don't want to turn them off in the last stage of the process. the most important thing you can do is do your homework in advance. >> can you negotiate things other than just salary? or do you want to stick to salary. >> you can. but unless you're being aggressively pursued your best bet is to get a salary offer on the table. thr going to have a salary range they're expecting to pay. get that on the table. but that's why it's so important that you do your homework in advance so you can say my understanding is a position like this and company like this in this industry should pay between a and b and my skills and experience put me at the high end of that range because and you want to be able to finish that sentence. >> thanks so much. catherine, nicole and bruce, thank you very much. think a comb can only part hair?
9:45 am
not for me. check out what else it's good for right after these messages. ok s o i' 've been having ok s an affair of sorts o i' with greek nonfat yogurt, loaded with protein 0% fat that thick creamy texture, i was in trouble. look i'm in a committed relationship with activia and i've been happy and so has my digestive system. now i'm even happier since activia greek showed up because now i get to have my first love and my greek passion together, what i call a healthy marriage. activia greek. the feel good greek. ♪ dannon
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i don't do any cleaning. i make dirt. ♪ i'm not big enough or strong enough for this. there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ] [ morty ] here's a box, babe. open it up. oh my goodness! what is a wetjet? some kind of a mopping device. there's a lot of dirt on here. morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. sometimes you have to improvise with what you've got. jenna thinks that about me all the time. >> all the time. >> but what common household items can do double duty saw saving you time and money. she's here with tips and tricks, good ones, for making things easier around the house. >> good morning.
9:49 am
>> good morning you guys. >> i have spent my summer with these popsicles. lo them. >> warm outside. >> but the warmer it is the messier it gets. >> no one wants sticky fingers. i'll make you guys do a lot of these things. we cut little slits in the bottom of the cupcake liners so you put your popsicle right through here and it catches the dip. isn't that smart. >> i don't have a slit. >> those are not the done ones. >> okay. >> al. >> we only split one for jenna today. but you can punch it through. it's that easy. >> beautiful. all right. next. we have hard to reach candles around your house and sometimes it's really hard to light these things without lighting your finger so we'll make you guys do these. stake a spaghetti stick and light your spaghetti stick. >> uncooked spaghetti. >> just making sure. >> that would make it so much harder. >> all right.
9:50 am
there you go. >> they're like s'mores. >> yeah. so once that's lit you want to put it in here. you have to lean it in here. these are on the table. >> light my fire. >> exactly. >> look at that. >> there you go. >> okay. look at that. >> all right. that worked out well. >> it didn't light. okay right. >> how romantical. >> heat and humidity trying to keep your potato chip crisp is hard. >> if you don't want to use it to light your candles you can use old pringles cans to store your spaghetti. it's actually great for storing rice, all kinds of other dry goods as well. you can decorate your cans to not look like pringles can. the perfect size. so reuse that. this one i love. it's a way to water proof your shoes really easily. >> canvas shoes. >> it's perfect for beach season and rainy season.
9:51 am
take a little bees wax and just start rubbing really roughly on your shoe. there you go. and then you take a blow drier and iron it until it's dry. >> this will water proof the show. >> this waterproofs the show. we have this one done here. it can drip on top. you see the bubbles forming. isn't that amazing? >> and you can really news these. >> it's perfect. >> you know, you're missing a speaker, you have a little party breaking out. >> a dance party happening. you have a little bit of this going on. it's not that loud. >> you shouldn't have anymore than that. >> put it in a bowl and it's so much louder. >> if you want to make it even louder put a microphone in it. >> yes, it's amazing. >> ironing. >> your collars are okay today. >> but if it wasn't. >> exactly so this hair straighter is a great tool for on the go collar ironing.
9:52 am
you can see here we're just ironing this down. i can touch you upright here. you have a little wrinkle. >> do you have a hair straighter at home? >> i do. i use it too much. it's a great trick to straighten up your collars. >> this is a good one. >> this is amazing. i don't know about you guys but i always hammer my fingers after i'm ironing my collars. so an easy way not to hammer your fingers to use a comb. please grab the hammer. we're going to walk over here and i'm going to hold the nail in place and you go. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> fantastic. >> no fingers harmed. just like that. >> nicely done. >> perfect. i like it. thank you so much. these are such great tips. all of them we could use. we'll go back and get that popsicle. we'll take a break. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
we want to check in one more time with natalie in london on royal baby watch. natalie, anything happening? >> hey guys. still no baby. yea. >> but you have taken your jacket off. >> we're really excited. >> it's hot, al. it's actually maybe 5 degrees cooler here than in new york right now but for london this is considered a heat wave. when you're in the mid 80s it's a heat wave. it's a good week for a baby to be born. that's all i'm saying. >> yeah next week too. >> you may ooeven get pushed in august. >> we'll say hi to your kids for you. >> a weather update from london. >> thanks too. give them my love. >> up next,
9:56 am
>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the search continues for a 21 month old girl who was reportedly last seen in a parked car in oakland five days ago. oakland police joined dozens of volunteers yesterday in the
9:57 am
search for daphne webb. her father reported her missing. he says he left her inside his car while he went inside a convenience store. the father telling police when he came out of that store the girl was gone. in the south bay, san jose police are investigating the deadly shooting of a teenage boy. it happened yesterday on murtha drive in east san jose. a teenager was inside a vehicle with several gunshot wounds. no arrests have been made. it is still unclear whether the city's 28th homicide was gang related. let's go ahead and see if the coast has cleared with meteorologist rob maietta. >> low 60s and the low clouds will surge back inland as we head back towards the evening. 70s to low 80s inland. and upper 70s closer to san jose. another breezy and cool day inland tomorrow. then temperatures climb up for the second half of the week.
9:58 am
for a check of your morning commute, here's mike. good morning. i just got word from a friend who drove through that mess in palo alto,[u she said, yucky. that's what it still is. a little less so. south from redwood city. it was in the lanes long enough to caution a backup on the mass, the crash there which has been cleared. as you're traveling south from menl menlo park. san mateo a good volume of traffic. nice flow of traffic. continuing to improve there. so improved at the bay bridge. toll plaza, they've turned the metering lights off. >> it looks lonely out there. thanks, mike. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next news updaze date. >> announcer: time and temperature on nbc bay area is sponsored by river rocca seen
9:59 am
knee. where real people really win.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. thanks s much for being with us today. it is fun day monday. it's july 15th. where's the summer going? >> oh, my god, you're right. >> it's flying right by. and it's going to be a scorcher all week long. if you are looking for the hot part of summer, it's supposed to be this week in most parts of the country. >> a big weekend. lots of news. >> saturday night, at around 10:00, the jury was announced in the trayvon martin/george zimmerman trial.
10:01 am
and george zimmerman was acquitted in that case. and a lot of people it raised a lot of emotions. and i think because it fell on a saturday night at 10:00 it was probably one of those that the eyes of the nation weren't all focused because people on weekends tend to do what they are doing in their lives. >> they aren't sitting by the television waiting for the most part. >> lots been talked about. we don't want to talk it to death. but one of the things interesting were the celebs who were tweeting kind of when they were angry -- >> the minute they heard the verdict. >> and i don't think -- sometimes celebs don't realize when they tweet something, they aren't just voicing their own opinion, which is fine, but they have 1.8 million followers who could be on the verge of being inflamed. who knows. >> they could incite violence by whatever they say. >> one of the tweets. new york giants victor cruz who is a great guy, by the way. i've seen at many events and a kind-hearted guy tweeted thoroughly confused. zimmerman doesn't last a year
10:02 am
before the hood catches up to him. he ended up apologizing, deleting and sending five more tweets apologize. roddy white said all them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid. he later apologized for that. richard dreyfuss said it's 2013 and an american jury just acquitted a man who admitted to stalking and killing an unarmed child. anyway. >> and it goes on. >> but if you listen to trayvon's own parents, which is really -- >> i am so impressed with them. they're unbelievablunbelievable. >> amazing. >> tracy martin tweeted even though i'm broken hearted, my faith is unshattered. i will always love my baby. the brother of george zimmerman also tweeted our whole family is -- i don't have the rest of that. >> our whole family is relieved. today i'm proud to be an american. god bless america. thank you for your prayers. of course it depends on which side you were on. but the thing is, we can never know what that jury was going
10:03 am
through. you know, these are six women, which -- florida is an unusual state in many ways. six people and people get mad at a jury but the truth is juries are chosen by both sets of attorneys. when they do the selection. so you can't, after the fact, be upset about it because everybody -- both sides agreed these were the six people they were going to have on the jury. >> most were saying the prosecution didn't do a good job proving its case and the two charges they had against george zimmerman, they didn't have the -- they didn't have the impact to convict him on either of those two charges. most people were saying from what the jury saw and heard -- >> from the evidence that was allowed in, they made what most professionals, it seems to me, said that's the only one they actually could because of the law which is the stand your ground law in florida. >> i think there's a legal thing and then an emotional and moral thing. you think, if i were driving a car down the street, fell asleep and hit someone accidentally and killed them, i would be charged
10:04 am
with something involuntary. something. like something happened. and i think when common sense comes in people go, wait. that wasn't nothing. something happened there. but what's the something? >> an innate sense we ul want justice but we can't know what actually went on that night between those two people. we just can't know. and i think the last gentleman who testified on the forensic evidence was, you know, after that it was all over, i think. >> yeah, i think so. >> you know how i felt about this from the beginning. i thought that many in the media made it out to be immediately racial. and there are, what, 300 murders like that every -- and why this particular one? and to me it's almost like when we have an election. and the person you wanted to win doesn't win, that's our system. and we have to respect it. and we have to abide by the rules. and we can't rule by mob in our country no matter what because you'll be on the other side of it sometimes. >> let's move on.
10:05 am
>> let's talk about -- >> well, they are actually crookies. >> oh, crookies. we have the cronuts. >> it's so passe. >> we have some breaking news. i don't know if anyone has even seen this crookie. it's its first outing. it's from a bakery in toronto. >> it came over the -- >> over across the border. >> it came across the border thanks to amanda. >> amanda is one of our producers. they said they could not ship this in time. amanda on vacation nearby said i will stop by and get them. so she smuggled them across the border. >> it was excellent. >> it's called -- >> amanda, you are looking good. >> so it's a combination of a croissant and an oreo cookie in it. let's taste it.
10:06 am
>> i just got the croissant part. you are the sweet girl. you go. $3 each. >> wait. is that canadian or american? >> canadian. $3 canadian. >> how is it? light? >> yeah. i could use a few more oreos in there. >> of course you could. why don't you take your own oreo and stuff it in there. >> we should point out, we were just talking about the zimmerman trial. zimmerman had a lot of supporters also online. and in -- on twitter and stuff. so it wasn't all just one sided. okay. and it's time for the royal baby watch. and you know who was at her post? >> natalie. >> natalie morales. >> the first to arrive outside royal -- the st. mary's hospital in paddington. we've got a little delay. >> right. this is where she's expected to deliver. hi, guys. yeah, so any minute now, i'm waiting, as is everybody else. the media here, they've all staked out their territory.
10:07 am
a couple of weeks ago. our nbc crew, they got here late june. and carved out a perfect little path right here for us. so tells you how much is invested in capturing the first photos and capturing that moment when william and kate will expectedly walk the little baby out and display the baby to the world. already causing such buzz. >> natalie, you have had two children -- >> they will want to come out and display the baby. yes. >> at some point. you've had two babies. you know that baby arrives when god says it's time. you know? >> absolutely. the storks i thought, too, yeah, exactly. >> but, i mean -- >> kate's mom did leave a little indicator. didn't she say something about the baby is going to be a leo? what's that story? >> well, here's the interesting point is that it's emerged in the press that people are now thinking, well, this so-called rumored due date of this past weekend saturday, specifically the 13th, may actually be august
10:08 am
23rd now, which would put us into next week because apparently carol middleton dropped that the baby is going to be a leo. so now everybody is sort of like, well, maybe this wasn't the due date, especially because prince william was seen along with harry playing polo. >> 100 miles away. why would he go 150 miles -- 100 miles away from here and play polo if he knew the baby was going to come at any moment, even though he is a helicopter pilot and he could get a helicopter and get here as quickly as he could to be by her bedside. kate was also spending the weekend with her own family in bucklebury. so a lot of question as to, they know a lot more than we do certainly when it comes to -- >> i hope you packed a lot of spanx because you may be there a while. >> i may be here a while. i'm doing a lot of shopping. i figured the longer this goes on we can come up with a royal baby drinking game. so every time i say royal baby and there's still no royal baby, we have to -- >> we have our sippie cups.
10:09 am
we have mama's sippy cups. wine in a sippy cup. natalie, we're saving one for you. >> love you, natalie. that is one of our favorite things. favorite things, this is a sippy cup. there's a woman named -- well, we'll call her square peg. she works in rehoboth. she sent you and me both little gift baskets. and one of them that wound up in this was a sippy cup which has a nice glass of wine and you can drink out of it. anyway, square peg that's the website. >> now my favorite is something called -- they were heroes. it's the granite mountain hot shots. these are the 19 brave unbelievable firefighters who lost their lives on june 30th while fighting the yarnell hill wildfire. these are $20 each. and $15 of that goes to the hot shots and the families. can you imagine? the families they left behind.
10:10 am
for more information go to, i think it's >> that's great. >> sara? >> mine is not so meaningful. it's an old navy tank. i wear tanks under almost everything. this happens to be a fun new with the lace but they have the perfect ribbed tanks and i probably own 100 of them and they're only $8. >> oh, i love that. >> that's a good one. >> and a tank doesn't need to be really expensive. >> those white tanks you can get those in the drug store. those are great. the men's tanks are great for that, too. >> over the weekend, i wasn't able to go to savannah's wonderful party that matt threw her. i 3rd wheard it was sensational. i had a friend that was dieing in the hospital, someone i've told you about for years. precious dana marella who has been battling a disease since she was a 5-year-old little girl. she passed away on friday. so tomorrow i won't be here. i'm going to be actually at her funeral. but i wanted you all to know that thank you for your prayers
10:11 am
for her but tomorrow night, i will be at -- can you go back, please. i'm going to be at the barnes & noble on 86th street in manhattan with carolee carmelo singing three songs from the "scandalous" cast album. my love and prayers out to the marella family. >> i know. it's tough. >> it's very, very tough. okay. someone is going to win a fabulous prize. >> we'll find out who our fan of the week is. >> also, halle berry and jimmy kimmel both have something in common. they both tied the knot, but not to each other. all the latest hollywood buzz with brian balthazar. this test paper behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ if soap breaks down this paper, just imagine what it's doing to your skin. soap strips your skin. dove is different. ♪
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10:15 am
editor of pot goes the >> hello, brian. >> and a friend of ours. >> hello. good to see you. >> happy news for jimmy kimmel and halle berry. both of them got married. >> the cory monteith story, the star of "glee" was found dead in his hotel room in vancouver. we don't know exactly how he died but there's some speculation because he did have a history of addiction probles.d >> and they said there was no foul play. >> they were interviewing the people he was with the night before. he didn't check out on time and they checked on him and this is what they found. many of his cast members certainly found it shocking. he was dating lea michele's character on the show and in real life. she's 26 and he's 31. this is shocking for her. she hasn't personally given a statement but a rep for her said to please, you know, respect her privacy right now. >> must be devastated. >> i don't know how you couldn't
10:16 am
be. he was incredibly loved by his co-stars. >> a gentle, gentle person. and also he had successfully gone through the rehab recently in april. >> we don't know exactly what happened. they are performing an autopsy today. eventually we'll find out. some of his co-stars have spoken. jane lynch said it was very sad. and matthew morrison who plays mr. schuster on the show was performing yesterday at 54 below in new york night spot, cabaret spot, and he sang a song in honor of him from a chorus line, "what i did for love." a tribute to that in "glee" itself. so it's very sad. we'll find out more about it. >> let's move to happier news. a lot of weddings this weekend. halle berry tied the knot. >> she said she'd never get married again. >> never say never. >> she's pregnant again. she's pregnant with her second child. i think she's in her 40s. congratulations to her. >> she's just gone to pot these days, hasn't she? it's hard looking like these
10:17 am
two. >> wasn't he in "unfaithful"? >> yes. that's one of the few movies i own. >> she is truly one of the most beautiful women on the planet. >> they were married in france. gorgeous wedding. but the real wedding story is jimmy kimmel's wedding. he married one of the co-head writers. who shows up but gabourey sidibe. she stepped out in a full on wedding gown. >> did she come down the aisle? >> no, she did not come down the aisle. that's what i had heard. >> she took people by surprise certainly and she did change eventually but -- when you are jimmy kimmel, you have to expect that game on. gabourey has always been a good sport. he does all these videos with celebrities and she's in almost all of them. >> is there a new hot couple? >> jenny mccarthy and donny
10:18 am
wahlberg. i would show you a clip because it got racy and kind of dirty real quick. >> hoda would love that. >> he whispered dirty things into her ear. this is part of the show. >> she loves that. >> they are dating, so yeah. the sexual tension on this show was, literally i watching was like, get a room you two. it was hot, hot, hot. now they are reportedly dating. good for them. they were talking about how they behave in bed and all that good stuff. well, her show is racy. and he was certainly going to rise to the occasion because look at her. again. >> she ends up going to "the view" she's going to have to tone that down. >> we'll see. time will tell. >> what about the movies? >> we always think that the big blockbusters are going to win. we're learning now they're not. "lone ranger" did terribly. now "pacific rim" was supposed to do well. "despicable me" is on top. it cost only about $76 million to make. it has made over $200 million just domestically.
10:19 am
this is the movie to beat. probably because of those minnions. they are getting their own spin-off movie. this whole world of blockbuster movies, they are rethinking it. >> no more blockbusters ever. >> $200 million. >> thank you brian balthazar from pop goes the week. it took 30 moving trucks to do it but candy spelling is finally moving on. we'll find out how she's coping since trading in her 56,000-square-foot mansion for an l.a. condo. >> why she's really downsized. are you are fan of the week? probably not, but we'll find out ♪ [ female announcer ] what if breakfast was set free? ♪ where might it take you? ♪ where might you go? ♪ introducing kellogg's® to go. ♪ the power of protein and fiber all bottled up in a delicious breakfast shake.
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10:23 am
florida. julie, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> hi, julie. >> okay. >> hello. >> you must be so excited. let me tell them a little about you. julie watches it on nbc 6 south florida once she gets home from a long day of teaching kindergarten. not only does julie love the fourth hour, but so does her class. >> oh, no. >> she reads party animals to them. >> good girl. >> even has "today" on her word wall. julie has been watching the "today" show since she was a kid and her family n friends know that you are her girlfriends. do you want to know where we're sending you? >> tell me all about it. >> well, get ready to take a break from teaching because we're going to send you and a ghost the foxwoods resort casino in connecticut. you'll have a five-day four-night stay in deluxe accommodations for two in the mgm grand at foxwoods or grand tower at foxwood resorts casino. plus you'll be able to enjoy dining credits at the paragon
10:24 am
restaurant. it sounds like a fun getaway for a hard working teacher. hotel and airfare provided by the foxwoods casino. what do you think? >> you made my summer. >> we're so excited. julie, thank you. imagine the tag sale. candy spelling is here to tell us how she downsized from the biggest home, i think in the country. definitely los angeles, but 123 rooms to a mere condo in the sky. >> she was quick putting on her sweater that girl. the call of the wild from captivating creatures are right in our studio. she's usually here
10:25 am
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10:26 am
it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. yoplait greek 100. it is so good. >> announcer: you're watching today in the bay. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. we are happy to report no one was hurt in a light rail derailment in san jose. it happened at north first street and tazman drive just after 7:00 this morning.
10:27 am
you see the vta workers out here. the cause remains unclear at this hour. the crews are working to clear the vta train. they have set up a bus to allow commuters to get through the area. we'll take a look at your forecast and mike will check the roads after the break.
10:28 am
we're finally starting to see some low clouds breaking up in the bay area. not in san francisco, but san jose, south bay getting hazy sunshine. cool afternoon. you can see the sea of stratus
10:29 am
off shore will take inland clouds to break up. highs in the 70s and a few in the 80s. oakland, expect more for tomorrow and warmer for the second half of the week. rob? >> okay, mike. south 880 moves smoothly. so does northbound. on the maps you see slowing as you're approaching alvaredo. it's slow. the earlier crash still reportedly in lanes maybe blocking as many as three lanes. crews still have to clear there. lighter slowing. they're getting by through the area as well as on surface streets. looking over towards the san mateo bridge, smooth drive. mike, thanks. protests nationwide this weekend following that not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. protesters took to the streets in oakland last night, even burning an american flag. now we areçiy still waiting fo word on possible arrests linked to that particular protest. now coming up at 11:00, how demonstrators are gearing up for
10:30 am
another walk. we hope to see you in 30 minutes at 11:00. we are back with more of "today." she had only 30 days to do it. >> and more than 4 million people watched as candy spelling packed up her things and moved from her legendary 56,000-square-foot mansion, spelling manor. that's 123 rooms of stuff. really nice stuff. >> now on hgtv's "beyond spelling manor" candy puts on her hard hat to tackle renovating her new digs, a $47 million penthouse condo. but one question remains. how to downsize the gift wrap room. take a look. >> in the manor, i have three gift wrap rooms. in the condo here, i have one. i needed three because aaron had
10:31 am
seven hours of primetime television on at one time and we had over 1,000 gifts of which i wrapped every one of them. now my life has calmed down and it's -- i only need one wrap room. >> oh, my god. the gift wrap room. >> cheaper than a psychiatrist, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. it was very therapeutic. i loved it. >> so it took so many years to build up that -- the manor that you had to get it all just right. disassembling it must have been extremely difficult for you. >> emotionally as well because you spent so many happy years there with aaron. >> not only emotionally. i'm really still going through the emotions now because i'm still -- i'm now going through all this stuff. >> you put a lot in storage because you went down to -- is it 19,000 square feet, the new condo? >> right. >> so you took the top two floors of the penthouse in this brand new gorgeous building called the century in l.a. the views are amazing. >> yes. >> and she --
10:32 am
>> when they said you cannot have a rose garden, what did you say? >> i said, of course i can have a rose garden. >> they said you can't have a pool you said? >> of course i can have a pool. >> how did you get those things you weren't supposed to have? >> well it kind of happened that we -- i had a wish list of things that i wanted. they wanted me in the building, and a couple times i started to walk away. so we really went back -- >> negotiations. yes. i have been one time to your house before on your 25th wedding anniversary and i just thought how genius in this huge, huge home. you decorated every inch of it and you thought you were in the warmest, coziest home. you made nooks. beautiful nooks. >> i'm looking fo ining forwardg what you've done in l.a. >> we have people who sent in pictures and need help with decorating. >> they are on a budget, candy, so consider that. >> brittany wants to spruce up -- we should have a photo popping up of her living room.
10:33 am
how would you spruce that up? >> all right. first of all, i think that the orange chair in between the two brown sofas kind of looks like it was added in there and maybe -- >> stuck in a corner there. >> i'd take and move it on to the other side of the room if they feel they have to have it for seating. i would remove the carpet that's on top of the carpet and pick which -- i think which coffee table they like the best and put that. because once this sofa is moved over, it won't look so cluttered and it won't look like two different tables. >> here's a picture that jean sent in. let's look at this next one. what would you do to this one with the fireplace. >> ah-ha. okay. first of all, i would, one half of the room is green and one half of the room is white. and i think the left side of the fireplace, i would paint that
10:34 am
white up to the -- if they feel they have to have the green up to the corner so both walls match. and i think i would take the frame off around the air conditioning unit so it doesn't make it stand out like it's a piece of artwork. >> what about all the knickknacks and stuff? >> i would get rid of some of them. pick your favorite things and just put them out so they look more important than, you know. >> all right. >> and one other thing i know that unless they love lavender, i have gone -- >> i have gone to the fabric store and gotten inexpensive fabric and just made a little slip cover for my dog's favorite bed to match the room. >> we wish you all the happy innocen ness in your new home. coming up, can a hornbill fly? what is a hornbill?
10:35 am
we'll find out. >> i bet it can't. >> too heavy. >> i bet it can't. >> too heavy. >> what do you thin and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel.
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10:38 am
what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction... i say "family," because we've been blessed with this honor for 3 years in a row... rest assured we'll treat all of your mortgage needs with tender loving care. amazing client satisfaction: it's a quicken loans family value. call 800-quicken or go to to experience it for yourself. okay. we are back with today's call of the wild. some cute critters from seaworld and busch gardens. >> since bringing a dolphin into our studio is impossible --
10:39 am
>> amazing animals. okay. >> anyhoo. >> you are the one the animals like. >> i held him for five minutes before we got on camera. >> tell us about this puffin. >> we'll tell you about a bunch of organizations doing great things for animals just like seaworld and busch gardens. we're going to start with project puffin which makias is representing. she was hatched out at seaworld of texas. you can just go like this. right down the hatch. these guys live off the islands off of maine. and many years ago, we had actually hunted these guys. their eggs and feathers and for meat, almost to extinction here in maine. so basically project puffin restored the population. we have our keepers who actually go down there. linda will come on and grab makias from you. went down there and worked on
10:40 am
metinicus rock with the puffins there. >> okay. what's next. >> so hoda, you were so good with that bird, we've got one that's slightly larger for you. hold out your arm, hoda. >> i am not -- >> hold out your arm. >> tell me when it's over. >> you're going to help feed. all right. here we go. >> now go ahead and use your hand. he's very gentle. >> no, he's not. >> you feed him. >> he is very gentle. >> he's got my hairdo. >> will he take it right out of there? >> yes, he will. why should i lose a finger. >> this is a hornbill. out in the wild, they lay two eggs but only the first chick survives. so we actually help to raise the second chick up and then return that one to the wild. population of this vulnerable bird can hopefully be restored as well. >> hoda, you are so good. i am so proud of you.
10:41 am
>> can i get him off. >> turn your arm around and he'll slide back to melissa. >> she was going for your bracelet. all right. melissa will get him going. >> come on, melissa. >> he's like, i'm staying. >> all right. and here you can have your bracelet back. he likes that. >> not leaving while there's food there. >> oh, no. >> bye, camera two. oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> he's called a ground hornbill. >> he's gone. >> wow. >> that's okay. we love having fun. >> what is that? >> all right. next we've got a little critter
10:42 am
here. this is a cotton top tamarin. >> like a monkey? >> yes it is a primate. >> cute. >> critically endangered. only 6,000 of them left in a very small area of colombia. but we work with prioecto to protect the forest. >> we're not going to have time for the next one. >> we'll do it really quick over here. >> he made the trip. the least we can do. >> this is cypress born at discovery cove. and we can see we've got little animals climbing all over the place. >> we're going to give you seven ways to help you find your -- what is it? >> zen. >> we're going to calm down. >> we'll be right back. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
10:43 am
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kids, jobs, money, relationships, animal segments. demands of daily life can be overwhelming but there are some simple things you can do as part of your normal routine to calm your mind and body. >> here to put us on the footh serenity with ways to destress is chivan o'connor from "prevention" magazine. >> help us. >> you just had a crazy segment. >> right. >> we combed scientific research and found seven recent studies that can help you keep a cool head when things start heating up. >> most think they need a vacation. you can't always have one or afford it. >> it starts the second you wake up in the morning. a calm mind starts when you wake up. what we tend to do is sleep walk our way through the coffeemaker or hit snooze. do a little stretching in bed before you get up. you don't have to be a yogi. just pull your knees into your chest. stretch both sides of your body. calms your nervous system. >> okay. meditation for a lot of people is something. the day is so hectic and
10:48 am
chaotic, you don't really have time. >> i'd be in an asylum or somebody would be dead if i didn't do that. >> meditation is another word for mindfulness. we suggest you take it outside. the benefits are manyfold if you do it that way. you are centering your mind, staying in the present moment. you are just focusing on the present moment. >> waking up with a moment of gratitude that you're still here. >> got a post, you got a purpose. >> sometimes i listen to music but a lot of my friends don't. they soak in their surroundings. >> the kind of music you like. >> come on. >> it's not serene. >> it's better to just stay quiet. just focus. >> okay. you say give yourself a ding every day. >> you want to do this before you get really messed up or wound up about something. set a timer. 60 seconds is all it takes. mindfulness, quiet time. i like to do this in the bathroom where no one will disturb you. set a timer for 60 seconds. chill out, 60 seconds and you're
10:49 am
done. >> maybe you should do that before you tweet. >> we do. so gardening has amazing benefits. it's good to have plants around you or get the bottled version. a whole bunch of different scents. any health food store has them. find a scent that speaks to you. we like lang lang and orange. >> what do you do with it? >> put a little on a tissue and inhale the tissue or dilute it in another oil and put it on your body, your pulse points. >> a lot of people say if you smile fake it until you make it like it's a good idea. >> i did this on the way over here. i was stuck in traffic. sometimes you have to fake it to make it. it sends the same messages to your brain as a real smile. >> it does? >> it does. it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you are smiling, even if you are faking it. >> they say if you help someone else, that's the best way to help yourself. >> it's amazing we do research on these kibd kinds of things that should seem so obvious. thank you.
10:50 am
people would have nothing to read in your magazine if you didn't, though, right? thank you. justin timberlake, kanye west and snoop dogg are among his fans. we have a live performance from mayer hawthorne. remember that name. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> singer and songwriter mayer hawthorne is known for his soulful sound help his last album debuted at number one in the r&b and soul chart. his new album is "where does this door go." welcome. >> welcome to all of you. thank you for being here. >> you have a great fan club. >> yeah, that's always a bonus.
10:54 am
>> when did you get your big break? when did that happen? >> i moved to los angeles from detroit to make hip hop music. i wanted to make rap music. and -- >> what happened along the way? >> i gave my rap demo to this guy named peanut butter wolf. he runs a label in los angeles. and he didn't like any of my rap music but he really liked these demos that i did in my bedroom of soul music that i really just made so that i could sample myself to make records. >> we're going to do "her favorite song"? >> yep. "her favorite song" off my new album. ♪ ♪ friday night at the scene is bright at avalon walked straight
10:55 am
to the bar in her party dress ♪ ♪ told the bartender pour a shot and make it strong ♪ ♪ because she needed cheering up she proceeded to get drunk ♪ ♪ you could see it tearing up in her eyes ♪ ♪ but when she gets home she puts her headphones on ♪ ♪ she plays her favorite song and fades away ♪ ♪ and when the music's on she can do no wrong and she feels safe and calm and it's okay ♪ ♪ and she says -- the world keeps turning life goes on ♪ ♪ yeah she says, ba, ba ba, ba, ba ♪ ♪ the world keeps turning
10:56 am
life goes on ♪ ♪ the night before i had a date with a boy from highland park ♪ ♪ said he'd meet her at the diner at 9:00 ♪ ♪ leather boots, eyeliner laid on extra dark she got a table set for two ♪ ♪ but he never made it through and she tried to play it cool and she cried ♪ ♪ but when she gets home she puts her headphones on she plays her favorite song and fades away ♪ ♪ and when the music's on she can do no wrong she feels safe and calm and it's okay ♪ ♪ and she says, ba, ba, ba ba, ba
10:57 am
the word keeps turning life goes on ♪ ♪ yeah she says ba, ba dee ba ba, dee ba the world keeps turning life goes on ♪ ♪ the world keeps turning you got to shake it off you got to shake it off shake it ♪ ♪ you got to shake it off you got to shake it off got to shake it off shake it ♪ ♪ got to shake it off shake it got to shake it off shake it ♪ ♪ got to shake it off got to shake it off ♪ ♪ shake it got to shake it off ♪ ♪ got to shake it off shake it got to shake it off shake it ♪ ♪ got to shake it off shake it got to shake it off ♪
10:58 am
>> yeah! mayer hawthorne.
10:59 am
11:00 am
you can see the front door window smashed in at the kay jewelers at the paragon outlet. the sheriff's department tells us $100,000 of merchandise was stolen. as you can see, the store is now closed for the day. livermore police have yet to return our calls for the search for the suspects. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm mara


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