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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, it's 4:30rks i'm terry mcsweeney. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with you, i'm marla. we begin in san jose. we begin with a house fire happening in south san jose. this woman trapped a woman and about 100 cats inside. this is happening on palmdero boulevard. here is a live look at the scene right now. you can see some fire crews definitely still on scene there. now, as firefighters were putting out the flames, they found dozens of cats inside the home. crews were able to free the
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woman and animal control units are now taking care of those animals. the woman says only about six cats survived the flames. she also says her only dog inside the home woke her up and alerted her of the fire. we have a crew there gathering more information at the scene. we will bring you a full report at 5:00. right now, let's get an early look at the tuesday forecast. i know driving through san francisco, we had drizzle. i had to put the wipers on. rob will explain that and much more. he's in for christina. >> mike's been tracking that, too, and the golden gate bridge cam, misty drizzle up and down the coast. the peninsula, you'll run into that, enough to get the wipers going. cloudy tries. strong see breeze again today. what it means is temperatures in the 70s. even inland towards san jose and concorde. 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. mike, the low clouds and astory mentioned, slow drizzle slowing your commutes. >> yeah. we'll watch for those effects.
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right now, a light volume of traffic. over in oakland, as well, we have the glowing lights from the moisture in the air. no road crews visible here, but at the top of the screen, you see the arrow moving to the one late on the right. that's what's going on. look at the maps. 580 is a nice drive, but farther downtown, slowing over the last -- it looks like it's starting to clear now. but both directions between downtown oakland and all the way down around san leandro, a road crew in place, blocking a lane or two at times, and we'll show you the golden gate bridge in the next report. back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. to the latest developments in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict. cleanup will continue this morning in downtown oakland after protesters took to the streets. several businesses were vandalized and police made nearly a dozen arrests. today in the bay's christy smith is live in downtown oakland with an update on the situation. christy? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, a third night of protests here in oakland. there was vandalism. there was violence. even assaults.
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this is flora restaurant across from the fox theater in downtown oakland. i wanted to show you what it looks like. quite a few of the windows broken out. one of them still smashed. it hasn't been boarded up. a waiter here in all of this hit in the head with a hammer or a hammer-type object trying to protect the restaurant. what's different is that oakland police made arrests overnight. they made nine arrests. six men, two women and one juvenile. they even picked up a weapon, some sort of bb gun in all of this. now, they apparently are saying quite a few of the people out here were not from oakland, which is often the se when these protests happen. now, they started about 6:00 at franco gala plaza near city hall. 250 protesters upset with the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. the march through the streets broke off, as it has done before, windows broken on businesses. there was graffiti, small fires
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set, assaults, fireworks thrown at officers, also bottles thrown at them. outside agencies called in to help with all of this from freemont, pleasanton, to berkeley. >> we will facilitate peaceful marches. we are here to facilitate freedom of speech. but if you commit an act of violence, crime, vandalism, you will be arrested, and tonight, that's exactly what we've done. we've arrested individuals who are responsible for violent acts of crime and vandalism. >> reporter: now, earlier, protesters have actually flooded interstate 880 in oakland and oakland police and the chp had to get them to disperse, get off the freeway. also a brief confrontation with police near interstate 580 by late merritt. oakland police asking anyone who might have video of any of this to police hand it in to them so that they can go ahead and find more people who might have been responsible. reporting live in oakland,
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christie smith, "today in the bay." down south in los angeles, tensions reached a breaking point when a volatile group split from a mostly peaceful one and began blocking traffic on crenshaw boulevard. this is what you are seeing here. police say demonstrators jumped on a car, trying to pass through. there are also reports of protesters rushing in to businesses, attacking pedestrians and bicyclists and throwing objects at police. the lapd declared the protest an unlawful assembly and officers moved in to break things up. in the end, officers arrested 13 people. now, one of the jurors who acquitted zimmerman is speaking out, though she wants to remain anonymous. in an interview she did with cnn, she says at first, the six jurors were divided on whether zimmerman should be convicted. but says after hours of deliberations, all six concluded zimmerman did not break the law. she's the only juror so far to do a television interview. and all eyes are on orlando,
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florida, later today as attorney general eric holder gives a previously scheduled speech to the naacp. the group is hoping holder will step in and pursue federal civil rights charges in the zimmerman case. holder has not yet indicated whether he is leaning towards federal charges, but the justice department opened an investigation in march of last year. activists are calling on washington to take action. holder says he's listening. >> the justice department shares your concern. i share your concerns. and as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> and in washington, religious leaders are gathering at the justice department to call for trayvon martin rallies this weekend in is 00 cities. we'll continue to bring you the latest developments throughout the morning. you can go to our website for new photos and videos from protests in the bay area and across the country, and that's 4:36. ariana airlines says it will increase training for its
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piloting following the deadly crash at san francisco international airport. "the new york times" reports the korean-based airline will give all of its pilots special safety training, including a new program on landing approaching and automated flights. a senior executive announcing the training in a presentation to the south korea government. the pilot of flight 214 was in training for the boeing 777 aircraft and was landing this type of plane at sfo for the first time. the man accused of last week's double homicide at a san francisco jewelry store is expected in court today. barry white jr. stands charged with last friday's shooting deaths of two clerks at san francisco's gift center and jewelry mart complex at 8th and brannan streets. the store owner suffered gunshots and stab wounds. police arrested white after a short chase. investigators still do not know the motive behind the deadly shootings. zcht. >> a dog recently poisoned by a meatball laced with strychnine is dead.
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dorothy schechter says her dachshund died of organ failure 11 days after eating the poisoned meatball. warnings signs are posted all over her san francisco neighborhood. she lives in the twin peaks neighborhood. police say that's where someone left almost 100 of those poisoned treats out. those treat, by the way, were tested and showed they are lethal to humans, as well. schechter is eager for an arrest. >> it's extremely important just to show you can't get away with something like this. so that oscar didn't -- didn't die in vain. >> the animal legal defense fund is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. the issue of gun control is taking center stage in sunnyvale today. the city council is meeting to discuss a ballot measure tightening restrictions on guns and ammunition in the city. last month, the council voted to add a sensible gun measure to the november ballot. today it, will decide the exact language of the measure and whether to call a special
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election. the measure would require shops to keep detailed records of ammunition sales and restrict the possession of magazines over 10 rounds. today, the richmond city council is considering a new ordinance with the goal of changing the hiring process. current law prohibits the city from asking questions about criminal convictions when hiring public employees. the new ordinance would expand the law to include all companies doing business with the city. a group of public officials and business leaders will hold a news conference outside city hall to show their support. >> so you passed through some drizing through san francisco on your way down south? >> i needed my wipers. >> you did? >> yeah. i like the cool temperatures out there. rob is in for christina. yeah, there we are, in the mid-50s. >> yeah, and some places around the coast, san francisco, north bay, you do have drizzle with the low clouds this morning. and we've got the low clouds into livermore. once again, just like yesterday morning, strong sea breeze into fairfield and concorde, so the marine air has made its way into
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solano county, and it will take until probably 10:00, 11:00 to break up inland around the bay area. and heading into the afternoon, sunny skies inland. brief sunshine on the coast before the low clouds come sweeping back in towards 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. lunchtime temperatures should be in the 60s and 70s. notice here not much red on the screen. really, not much in the way of 80s. today will be the coolest day of the next seven day, because as early as tomorrow, you can see there, warming up inland. we'll get back into the upper 80s inland tomorrow. then mid-90s coming off the weekend for inland valleys. mike? >> i asked you to work on the 90s then. i don't care for that. looking over toward the golden gate bridge. this is what they were talking about. mist on the roadway. it may be slick in some spots where the road rises and catches the clouds. you know, i could have looked at this live camera, but i check with terry for everything. that's why we have a nice look over here toward coming into san francisco across the north bay or across the bay bridge. both of the approaches are looking really nice. very light volume as you might imagine. san mateo bridge and the dunn
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barton bridge, 92 and 84 respectively. no problems. we do have construction northbound, many spots, in fact. a little slowing as you're heading up through san carlos, because of a construction crew there blocking two lanes of the northbound side. no big concerns and a light volume of track, though, there. a live look outside shows you, also, the freemont area, looking mostly at smooth, easy drive here, the flag flapping in the breeze, but nothing as big as far as wind concerns. we're watching those as they move around. we'll send it back to you. >> traffic terry. >> yeah, thanks, mike. schoolteachers and clergymen accused of abusing children. plus, no more two-year contracts. the new option from at&t next. and why salvage crews in italy are now in a race against time to move the strandeds could concordia cruise ship to dry ground. this neighborhood sure has changed in my lifetime.
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you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here because of their race or the color of their skin. i'll never forget how i felt being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood, that this apartment was for whites only. that got better over time, but some people still didn't get equal treatment when it came to finding a home. no, there's no apartment here for you . well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. it gives us the opportunity to live in communities of our choice, free from discrimination.
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the fair housing act makes it illegal to discriminate in the renting or selling of a home because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. know your rights, if you believe you have experienced housing discrimination, contact hud. rise and shine, everybody. we're going to take you live outside to the south bay. you can see the cloud cover up above there, a little bit cool on your tuesday morning. rob is talking about mid-50s. we'll check in with him in a bit. your time now is 4:44. this morning, more than 250 suspected child predators are under arrest, including nine teachers and three clergymen.
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this video right here released by immigration and customs enforcement shows officers raiding an l.a. home, and then making an arrest. federal authorities say the five-week-long investigation called "operation iguardian" also rescued 61 child victims. it targeted online sexual abusers and those who deal in child pornography. police in india are searching for at least 15 armed men accused of rape at a mission hostel. investigators say the four victims are between 12 and 14 years old. they also say they are students who were taking vacational courses. last year, the gang rape and death of a student inside a bus sparked national demonstrations demanding better police protection for women. a leader of one of mexico's most notorious drug cartels is behind bars this morning. morales was captured yesterday during a mexican military operation in northeast mexico. morales is a leader of the xeta
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group, former special forces defectors who went to work with the drug traffickers were creating their own cartel. they're known for the brutal atrocities. morales faces numerous charges including murder and kidnapping. a major cell phone carrier is allowing you to get the upgrades without getting a new contract. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turk to jackie deangelis live at cnbc's world headquarters. and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terry. futures flat this morning after we saw stocks posting small gains on monday with the dow and the s&p 500 index closing at another record high. the s&p, keep in mind, enjoying its best eight-day winning streak since 2004. investors watching for data on inflation, manufacturing, housing, aearnings out from coca-cola, johnson & johnson. it rose to 15,484, the nasdaq adding 7 to 3,607. at&t at&t launching a new wireless plan later this month
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letting users forego the typical two-year contract. customers will be able to upgrade devices each year if they agree to pay full price for their smartphone or tablet. the move is helping at&t cut back on the cost of subsidizing these devices like the iphone, which eats into its profits. customers who sign on to the at&t next plan they'll be able to buy their phones using a monthly financing plan. that will be added to their wireless bill. terry, back over to you. >> all right, jackie, thanks very much. over on the east coast, they're suffers from some serious high temps and humidity. and we have it made right now. >> they would love the fog and drizzle. >> yeah, absolutely. >> it's about 80% of the country, seeing the temperatures in the 80s and 90s. even hotter here in the bay area. it may be tough to find 80s by this afternoon. this morning, temperatures in the 50s with low clouds, drizzle at times. around san francisco, even around oakland. 58 degrees in san jose. 59 in livermore. the low clouds have reached into fairfield and livermore. you can see the sea breeze quite
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strong now. that's about to change. this time tomorrow, yes, we'll wake up to low cloud, but the second half of the week, we're going to see the temperatures on the rise. so today, the coolest day of the next seven days, and then after today, the mild temperatures of 60s and 70s begin to disappear. at least for inland valleys. looking at highs coming up into the mid-90s and possibly upper 90s as we get into the weekend. satellite view -- a little interesting this morning. we have an area of low pressure off the coast, which has pumped in the marine layer, up to 3,000 feet thick now across the bay area. also some showers north of chico and redding, spinning off to the west here. it will keep the sea breeze going throughout the day and the temperatures quite cool inland for this time of year. so for the morning, low clouds across the bay. they'll stay on the coast at times heading into the afternoon. so overall, it's going to look a lot like yesterday in terms of the temperatures and cloud cover, spilling back in, and we'll wake up to more low cloud cover tomorrow. the temperatures will warm up for the second half of the week.
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76 in san jose. 80 in morgan hill. 72 down in santa cruz with some sunshine for the afternoon. 70s and low 80s around the trivalley. fairly cool for this time of year and 60s towards oakland and san francisco. only 62 degrees and low to mid-70s across the north bay. so starting tomorrow now, you'll see inland spots getting back into the mid and upper 80s. after today, you can see today is certainly coolest for the next several days. the highs into the 90s on thursday. mid-90s and possibly hotter than that into the weekend. the fog sticks around for the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> all right, rob, thank you. 4:49. it's a race against the clock this morning for crews trying to remain the ship wreck costa concordia. the cruise liner is gradually being crushed under its own weight along the italian coast. experts say crews only have one chance to pull the ship upright and float it away to shore for demolition. but she's got to come up now. crews are expecting to take the
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chance in september. the ship has been lying on its side since it slammed into a reef in january of last year. 32 people died in that crash. the manslaughter trial for the costa concordia's captain getsnd way tomorrow. a richmond couple is asking for help to save an old-fashioned schooner stranded and partially submerged off the richmond shoreline. it's been a community fixture for decades. this is a photo posted online by the owner as part of a fund-raising campaign, on the website gofundme. rough waves pushed it into rocks and that's where it's stranded. they're hoping to raise $50,000 to salvage the ship and to make repairs. >> i hope they can do that. >> yeah. 4:50. still ahead, a shot of stardom for bay area singers. we'll tell you where "american idol" is holding auditions today. >> you going? you seem excited. >> absolutely not. new-found star for major league baseball. did you see this last night?
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we knew he had pop in his bat. now the rest of the country knows yoenis cespedes. impressive. looking over here towards the bay bridge where we're getting ready to do battle with that morning commute. so far, the low clouds are presenting more of an issue at times. we'll talk about it in spots in the east bay coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. we have a live picture for you of the bay bridge, where i don't know if it's misting -- >> it looks very clear. >> it looks clear? >> it does. >> take the mist out of my -- >> yeah, we'll talk to rob about that. all right. a cool day today, not too hot, for a couple of days now. the latest race in the san francisco bay is scheduled for today, but it may ab solo run. italian team is scheduled to race sweden's team at noon, but art miss is still in the process of repairing a boat after capsizing in may, killing a crew member. this race is part of the louis vuitton cup, a series of races ahead of the america cup. major league baseball's all-star game happens today in new york. the a's and giants both well represented. last night was the home run derby. did you watch it? oakland's yoenis cespedes
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cleaned up at the plate, advancing to the finals after just the first round with 17 homers. cespedes wins the home run derby. before the contest, cespedes had 14,000 twitter followers. this morning, he's already up to more than 39,000. >> wow. >> 4:55. auditions for season 13 of "american idol" starts this morning at at&t park. >> contestants are expected to start lining up outside the giants ballpark in just a few minutes from now. auditions are set to begin right around 8:00 a.m. past bay area finalists include oak grove high school's deandre brackenthick and rocker james durbin from santa cruz. >> are you an "american idol" fan? >> i'm not. i may be the only one in the room, but i'm not. >> i liked it early on in the game. but that's not on nbc, so let's toss it over to mike. >> yeah. the show's changed a little bit.
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we watched "the voice" because they get the good singers. we like that. we appreciate quality. quality to volume. there you go. company man. toward the same shot that they showed you. a glow to the bike. there's moisture in the air, but not enough to impede the view. you might need to use the windshield wipers like terry did across the golden gate bridge. construction crews eastbound, the lower deck marked on the map. no concern. typically happens over there. easy drive through oakland where you also have construction crews. a little bit of slowing west, highway 4 out of antioch, and another 15 to 20 minutes, we'll see the speeds start to dip. and over in brent wood, also word of a truck fire that's closed brentwood boulevard around sunset for maybe a couple of hours. you can get by on city streets, a couple of blocks rerouted there. watch for local traffic control. a live look at san jose. we'll look at northbound 101. the volume is pretty much like this, or lighter, throughout the whole south bay. 280 at 17, still a couple of spots with construction. i believe that southbound 280 to
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southbound 17 has the connector closed for a couple of minutes. it should be clear by the time you leave the house. a live look across the bay via the san mateo bridge. more glow to the lights. we see flashing lights coming to the bottom of the screen. crews moving a construction site and the road crews do clear up over this time. right now, no major slowing and we do see traffic flowing past the flashing light. i'll check the peninsula report to make sure nothing is going on for 92 or 101 in san mateo. >> thank you, mike. amazing sight over the skies in russia. it's awesome. you haven't seen this? >> i haven't. >> 101 female skydivers jumping into the record books by freefalling in the shape of a flower. >> how cool was that? >> how do you practice? >> i don't know. i don't want to know. >> the skydivers jumped from planes to form a massive flower in midair, and there's a reason for it. the women are from the pearls in the sky skydiving team and they dedicated the jump to their former captain who died last year in southern california.
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>> still to come, we'll have more news for you. stick with us.
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my son, aden, has asthma. secondhand smoke has triggered his asthma so bad to the point where he has to end up in the emergency room. and he has spent multiple nights in intensive care. now he's on a whole bunch of medications. my tip to you is: don't be shy to tell people not to smoke around your kids. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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>> reporter: at least 100 cats killed in a house fire in south san jose. i'm bob redel. i'll take you to the scene coming up. >> more protests in the streets of downtown oakland. more than a dozen people arrested. we'll show you some of the damage coming up in a live report. >> and we're seeing cool temperatures this morning and some drizzle at times for your morning drive. i'll show you the afternoon forecast coming up. and we're checking for the effects of the drizzle. the low clouds, the road crews out there, and also a sig alert to tell you about in east bay coming up. from the east bay to the south bay, a live look at san jose. sparkling in all its glory on this tuesday. july 16th. this is "today in the bay."


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