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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> reporter: at least 100 cats killed in a house fire in south san jose. i'm bob redel. i'll take you to the scene coming up. >> more protests in the streets of downtown oakland. more than a dozen people arrested. we'll show you some of the damage coming up in a live report. >> and we're seeing cool temperatures this morning and some drizzle at times for your morning drive. i'll show you the afternoon forecast coming up. and we're checking for the effects of the drizzle. the low clouds, the road crews out there, and also a sig alert to tell you about in east bay coming up. from the east bay to the south bay, a live look at san jose. sparkling in all its glory on this tuesday. july 16th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it is 5:01. i'm marla tellez. >> and firefighters are on the scene of a house fire that trapped a woman inside. also inside that burning home, at least 100 cats. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. bob? >> reporter: good morning, terry. firefighters are the san jose fire department tell us they have pulled the bodies of at least 100 cats from this home here on pulvedaro drive, where they were in these crates. the owner, a woman, she's physically okay. she's actually sitting in that white van right there on her driveway. she tells the fire department the fire started around a quarter to 2:00 in or around a bedroom. smoke alarm was not working, but fortunately for her, her dog did wake her up.
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she was able to escape with it and about five or six cats to a small enclosure in the backyard. it's very small. about 8x12. it's designed to keep cats, and unfortunately in this situation, it kept her in as well. she was trapped there. she was on the phone with 911, and smoke and fire poured out from the back of the house. unable to escape, remained in a fetal position on the ground until the firefighters were able to rescue or ask the captain with the fire department, is this a situation where if you didn't make it, would she have been able to survive. they said, no, too much smoke and fire coming out of the house. unfortunately, many of her cat, at least 100, that's what the captain was telling us, were not able to get out. they were very secured inside the house. some were running around. but many were inside crates. this woman runs a cat rescue. the fire department was telling us, many cats appeared to be in good shape. they were well taken care of. did not appear to be famished. her goal was to take in these cats, rescue them, spayed or
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neutered, and get them back out into the community. again, tragically, at least 100, according to the fire department, perished in this fire overnight here in south san jose. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redeld "today in the bay." >> bob, thanks. we're following news in oakland. police preparing for the worst and getting ready for new protests today following the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. overnight, almost a dozen people were arrested for vandalism and assault. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in downtown oakland now with a look at the damage this morning. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. you know, protesters said they would be back for another day of protests, and they surely made good on their promise. i want to show you what some of downtown oakland looks like this morning. this is flora restaurant. it's right by the fox theater if you know the area. one of the waiters here apparently hit in the head with a hammer, or a hammer-type object, as he tried to protect yet another window from being broken. some of these were actually busted out when this first started on saturday night.
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but oakland police did make arrests. they confiscated one bb gun-type weapon. they arrested one guy. nine people arrested in all. one juvenile among them. and most of them, as has been the case before, not even from oakland. the late-night skirmishes with the police got more and more violent as the night went on. protesters upset with the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of teenager trayvon martin in florida. some shouting trayvon, trayvon as they marched around with fireworks thrown at police. windows broken, again an american flag burned. there were assaults. it began actually kind of peacefully earlier in the evening, but soon police had to call in help from outside agencies. >> we would like to share with the community is that the oakland police department is out here with increased staffing.
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we requested neighboring law enforcement agencies to assist us with tonight's protesters. we have had rocks, would the bottles thrown at the officers and we have made arrests. >> reporter: now at one point, a number of protesters took over interstate 880 in oakland. they had to call in the chp to help get the situation under control. there was also another standoff over by interstate 580 by lake merritt. oakland police say at this point, you know, they're keeping an eye on things. we have seen them drive by this morning a couple of times on patrol. we're not seeing much people roaming around. they're asking anyone if they have footage, video surveillance, that might help make more arrests, please contact oakland police. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. we will continue to bring you the latest developments throughout the morning. you can visit our website for a look at photos and video from the protests here in the bay
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area and across the country. that's concorde police are on the lookout for a man accused of stabbing two people. police say 21-year-old john gleason jr. repeatedly stabbed two men after asking them if they were gang members. the stabbing happened last wednesday night at a gas station. police just now coming forward asking for your help. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. gleason, who has a warrant for his arrest, is considered armed and dangerous. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they want their boss out. the deputy sheriff's association says it will not endorse incumbent sheriff lori smith in the next election, next year's election. instead, they're supporting captain kevin jenson for the position. the union says sheriff smith is out of touch with the rank and file and doesn't have a good rapport with other departments. >> voted no confidence based on a number of shieshs. lack of staffing. a lack of morale.
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the inability for our people to go ahead and speak without fear of retaliation from the office itself. >> now, sheriff smith did not want to go on camera, but in a memo, she questioned the voting process for the endorsement calling it, quote, old soviet style. sheriff smith also telling nbc bay area, quote, no small group of special interests can hire or fire a sheriff. after years on the drawing board, crews are breaking ground this morning on a new family justice center in downtown san jose. it will be the first of its kind in california to reach construction, a courthouse, totally devoted to family law. the eight-story building is going up on north first street at the intersecond of east st. james, right off of highway 87 there. the $230 million courthouse will consolidate all family law operations currently spread among six different locations. on the agenda for tonight's city council meeting in richmond, a vote to collect data on total damages to the city from the chevron refinery fire.
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the council is expected to adopt a resolution in support of gathering expert data to assess the costs to the city resulting from that fire. in closed sessions, council members have been discussing whether or not to sue chevron. more than 15,000 people sought medical treatment after the august 6th fire. coming up on almost a year ago. >> all right. meteorologist rob joins us from the weather center. we have some drizzle in parts of the bay area. >> yes, we do. as you ran through it on the way to work, terry. we've been mentioning that from san francisco, around marin county into parts of the east bay, too. oakland a little bit of drizzle this morning. 57 degrees in san jose. and we've got a strong wind reaching in to fairfield and concorde this morning. and a southeast breeze, a little breezy into downtown san jose. if the low clouds, chance of some late arriving flights. and the altamonte pass this morning, by lunchtime, like we
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saw yesterday, we'll get the skies start to clear. but then towards the evening once again, the low cloud also start to sweep back in. and tomorrow morning, we'll get some low clouds. you'll see come up in the seven-day forecast, things will be warming up the second half of the week. 62 today in san francisco. only 76 degrees in san jose. 66 in oakland. and concord today 76 degrees. after today, things start to warm up. and big time for the valleys. mid-90s in the forecast starting friday. mike? >> hey, rob, you're talking about oakland having the potential for drizzle. and we do see the live camera here with the glowing lights. a lot of moisture in the air. keep that in mind with the oakland hills, and getting closer to the bay bridge. so far, no big slowdowns here. 880 has construction between the coliseum in downtown and also farther south through marine ya boulevard area, so just be careful for that. meanwhile, a bill note for brentwood. this is not a heavy commute spot right now, but the map will show you, we're talking about brentwood boulevard. that will be closed at sunset road for about four hours. and so, 8:00, 9:00 is when
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they'll reopen it. what's going on, an overnight big rig fire on brentwood boulevard itself, and that's closed the roadway. you should reroute a couple of blocks, so not a huge problem, but one to note. and there's highway 4 there, starting up just about 5:30 is when we'll see the real slowdown kick in. 5:10 already, seeing speeds coming down toward 50 leading past lone tree, pretty much the slowest part. and how things are for the south bay. no real problems, but more company at 680. back to you. big news for commuters here. a group of experts say despite a series of construction setbacks, the new bay bridge will be safe for drivers. mercury news reports dozens of reknown bridge engineers and other experts have investigated every construction issue on the new span. among other things, they looked at reports of bad welds, broken bolts, rusted tendons, and following their reviews, the experts declared all of the construction issues either
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untrue, resolved, or fixable. coming up on 5:11 now. still ahead, we'll tell you about the fruit fly infestation throatening south bay crops. thus, a major drug making facing accusations of bribery this morning. and yahoo! sort of wins in court. how do you sort of win? i'll tell you coming up. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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welcome back, everybody. 5:13 is the time. looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge where you can see the roadway is wet. and at 2:15 this morning, it was misting. that's my big scoop for the morning. i'm going to see it throughout the morning, on though it's 2 1/2 hours old already. >> you have a bright future. good scoop. >> rob mayeda is worried about his job. glaxo smithkline used travel agencies to bribe officials and doctors to illegally boost sales and raise prices of drugs sold
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in the country. the six-month investigation revealed 700 middlemen. the drugmakers says it stopped using the travel agencies named in the investigation, and they're now conducting a thorough review of all transactions related to the agencies. this morning, japan's two biggest stock exchanges are merging operations. more than 3,400 companies are now listed after the tokyo stock exchange and the osaka securities joined forces. japanese officials say trading was smooth today with no glitches reported. the merger now creates the third-largest exchange behind the new york stock exchange and euro next. yahoo! has won an important case in a case against domestic surveillance. they may be able to reshe some of the ways it's forced to give up user data. >> that's right. this yahoo! victory is filled with maybes and we'll sees. but the bottom line is a federal court has told the government it should declassify some of the
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information behind a recent request for yahoo! user data in the name of national security. several silicon valley companies have been pushing for the right to tell you more about their role in domestic surveillance. in a ruling on monday, the foreign intelligence surveillance court, that's the fisa court, today the government it should allow yahoo! to give us some hint as to what date a demanded from the company. the actual order gives the government two weeks to set a time line to decide what information to release. let's be decisive. let's decide to turn to jackie deangelis. she's live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, scott. we're watching the futures this morning. they're flat to down right now after stocks posted some modest gains on monday. but keep in mind that the dow, the s&p 500 index, they did close at another record high. the s&p enjoying its best eight-day winning streak since 2004. meantime, investors watching for
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data today on inflation, manufacturing, and housing, and this morning we got earnings from coca-cola, goldman sachs and johnson & johnson. the dow rising 20 points to close at 15,484 yesterday. the nasdaq adding 7 to 3,607. we'll see if we can keep the win streak continuing today. back to you, scott. >> jackie, thank you much. l.a. children's hospital asking this morning, please, stop sending pizza. this comes after someone posted this picture to the popular online service readit showing a hospital window with the message, "send pizza, room 4112." the hospital room of little hassle hammersly who has cancer. she also has plenty of pizza. her mother and her grandmother tell readit they spelled out the sign with medical tape to make people laugh. the world responded and pizza orders came in from all over. hazel now has enough pizza. >> and pepperoni, i imagine. >> yes, she is. she's loved the world over, and
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that's enough pizza now. >> all right. okay. >> thank you, scott. let's check in with rob mayeda, and it's a crazy forecast. >> it is. temperatures, low clouds, cooled off big time. today, it looks like day two of our almost taste of spring-like weather around the bay area. cool at times and a little windy. we had 55 degrees -- we have 5 now in san francisco. 57 in san jose. 56 in fairfield. notice almost everybody has the same temperature and the same type of weather outside. low clouds inland toward fairfield, and windy, southwest winds up to 25 miles per hour, and a little gusty in downtown san jose and out towards the airport, southeast winds from about 15 to 20 miles per hour this morning. so some of our weather headlines once again, low clouds into our inland valleys. those will start to disappear around 10:00. on the coast, the clouds will stick around, 60s and 70s for highs. but ahead, starting tomorrow, we'll see a temperature climb in some of the valleys, into the upper 80s. eventually on our way into the 90s as we head towards the
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weekend. satellite view is kind of interesting this morning. you can see we have a few showers north of chico and redding, and what's causing that is an area of low pressure sitting just off the coast. you can see here on the water vapor loop, it's helping to pump up the marine layer up to 3,000 feet tall. it will keep us cool. so today, you'll see low clouds at times sticking around the coast, the all-day sea breeze, temperatures will stay cool with misty skies and drizzle still for the peninsula and coast. and our highs will be quite cool. especially for the valleys this time of year. 76 degrees in san jose. only near 80 for the warmest places inland. antioch, pleasantton. and mid-70s around the tri-valley. low 60s from san francisco, down the coast, mid-60s around berkley. come tomorrow, inland locations starting to warm up. upper 80s wednesday. and into the 90s thursday and very likely into the beginning of next week, this weekend. could see the temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, which is
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precisely the way mike doesn't like it. >> no, no, yeah, yes, that's exactly right. all right. you know, we share the same weather system. i could just change the forecast. looking over here toward the area. the north 101 heading towards san jose state university. 101 and showing you on the map, the same area right here. we're going there for the camera view. there's allen rock, state route 1306789 over on 680, the alum rock, a stalled vehicle is blocking the onramp. chp has arrived so they should clear that quickly. i'll let you know if there are any problems. so far, the freeways are moving nicely, right here, north 880, north 17, watch the interchange at 280. there are crews still clearing the area. i swung our camera around. nothing to show you at the interchange itself. and the connectors are open. that's good news as well. looking over toward the east bay. the tri-valley specifically, a build out of the altamonte pass. by the time you get toward
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livermore, nice smooth flow of traffic. building a little bit west of 84. starting the commute here. no problems for 680 or the dublin interchange. 580 moving smoothly through castro valley. 238 a volume increase. blips on either side. still 59, 58. the san mateo bridge, coming off of 880, moving smoothly. a live look outside shows you across the bay, highway 92. there's the westbound commute. not much of one. you can see the high-rise, also glow and low clouds, the peninsula drive just fine, guys. we're looking over toward the bay bridge, as well, a nice smooth up the incline. there are those low clouds kind of drifting around the san francisco side. watch the golden gate bridge, it might be slick. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. an update on a story our investigative unit broke last week. outdoor public storage sheds are usually used to keep things you don't want in your house, but our cameras discovered they were also housing meat, milk, and
5:21 am
vegetables that may have gone straight from the shed to your plate. tonight, the exclusive hidden camera investigation takes you inside the dirty secret of one of the nation's largest food services. after weeks of surveillance, we learned they've been keeping food on the floor in outdoor sheds without refrigeration. it's food we followed to restaurants and hotels across the bay area. >> it's been going on a long time. over two years. enough is enough. the public needs change where their food is coming from. >> can you hear what employee has to say when they were caught in the act. and we'll tell you how our investigation prompted immediate action by the state. the full report airs tonight at 11:00. 5:21. neighbors and farmers with fruit trees are on the high alert this morning after three guava fruit flies were trapped in east san jose. the flies are native to south asia, and somehow they made it to the bay area. santa clara county has hundreds of traps during this time of year, and three of them caught
5:22 am
the guava flies in the mayfair neighborhood. this is near cane road. they lay the eggs inside the fruit. if left unchecked, there could be tens of thousands of flies in a matter of weeks and that could be devastating for california's $43 billion fruit and vegetable industry. >> it would probably be devastating, because i know if there's insect attacks the tree, it would go pretty quick. there's not a whole lot we'd be able to do at that point. it would be sad to see that tree go. >> tomorrow, the county will be putting up bait stations on many trees and utility poles in the mayfair neighborhood. this is a sticky insecticide substance that will be put up ten feet high and will kill any fly that feeds on it. 5:22 is the time. coming up, the new moon discovered by an astronomer here in the bay area. we'll tell you about it coming up. closed captioning presented by --
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welcome back, everybody. it is 5:25 on the nose right now, looking at a live picture of freemont where the traffic's moving along well. going to have a nice day inland. going to be foggy on the coast. you can take the pick on your temperatures if you want today. an astronomer from the study institute in mountainview has discover add new moon orbiting neptune. mark show walter made the discovery while studying mans from the hubble space telescope. the 14th moon is 12 miles in diameter, located 65,000 miles from the planet. the new moonl is so small and dim it's roughly 1 million times fapter than the faintest star that can be seen with a naked eye. >> fascinating stuff. i know who loves this tough, and that's rob. you like how i call it stuff. >> yes, astronomy is a wonderful thing. interesting thing that neptune, strange fact in weather and astronomy, fastest jet streams in the solar system, about 1,500
5:26 am
miles per hour. thank goodness we don't have those jet streams here on planet earth. the temperatures this morning, cool by a sea breeze. 5 degrees in san francisco. 57 in san jose. notice the wind speed. it's strong into fairfield, which means the afternoon highs will be in the 60s and 70s. and if you're in the valleys and you like this weather, soak it in. it is going away come tomorrow. we'll see temperatures near 90 inland tomorrow. we're talking mid to upper 90s for the valleys moving into the weekend. mike? >> rob, talking about moving, the low clouds are kind of moving around. the latest shot of the golden gate bridge. as rob and terry have both been telling you, it's misty at times today. terry was there, live report there. and now look, covering the entire bay. the glowing lights a little mist on the roadways, so be careful there. might be visibility issues. but over here, as you're approaching north san pedro road, southbound 101, all you deal with is more cars, and down through san rafael. look here. the tri-valley.
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a little build toward livermore for the volume. watch santa rita road, reports of something in the roadway. chp officially called it an unknown object, so i think we can say we don't know what's in the road. chp will check it out. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you so much. it's 5:27. we'll continue to follow breaking news in the south bay. san jose, a fire traps a woman and 100 cats in her home. the latest information we're getting from crews at the scene. next. plus, changes coming to asiana airlines. the new safety measures facing the company's pilots following the deadly crash at sfo.
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>> reporter: -- cats have been killed in a house fire. that story coming up. >> reporter: a third night of protests in oakland over the george zimmerman acquittal. this time, nearly a dozen people arrested. i'm christie smith. i'll show you what some of the damage looks like coming up in a live report.
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and we've been tracking some cool temperatures and some drizzle at times now for the tuesday morning commute. what it means for the rest of the day's forecast straight ahead. and i like to call this traffic tuesday -- yeah, i wonder why. we'll talk about some of the lanes closed at the bay bridge and what that means, of course, for the backup. a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. you can see the overcast there. wet roads. drive carefully if you're out there. tuesday, july 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm marla tellez. an update to the breaking news we've been following in san jose. investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire that killed at least 100 cats. flames also trapped a woman outside the home. "today in the bay's" bob redell
5:31 am
live with how one of the pets helped save her life. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, marla. this house fire in south san jose, inside and outside the house, you have the crates that contain the bodies of as many as 100 cats, inside the van is the woman who is lucky to have survived. her smoke alarm was not working, but she had bunny, one of her rescue dogs, who did awake her around quarter to 2:00. she was asleep on the couch and awoke to find smoke and fire coming out of the bedroom in the back. she was able to escape with her dog to an enclosure in the very backyard. small enclosure, 8x12, secured to keep all of her cats inside. unfortunately, it kept her inside as well. she couldn't get to the key. what she did was she hunkered down, went into a fetal position on the ground to avoid all of the smoke and the flame. and waited for the fire department to arrive. she had been on the phone with 911. they were giving her instructions. they were able to save her. unfortunately, they were not able to save the majority of the
5:32 am
cats. only seven cats survived this horrific fire. she guesstimates that she lost maybe 100 of her beloved creatures. >> they were well cared for and terribly loved. they were like my children and i devoted my whole life to them. >> reporter: and she did. that was carol miller, 1989 she started the stanford cat network with the goal of rescuing a lot of these feral cats on campus, taking them into her home, having them neutered and spayed, and then released with the goal of not having them roam the campus, and not repopulating. again, this was a cause that's been very dear to her. what she's going to do later today is take the seven cats -- they're actually already in the vet -- at the hospital -- she's going to be checking up on them. and then she was telling us her plan is to collect the bodies of her animals who died here this morning and take them up to napa for a cremation and a burial.
5:33 am
again, the cause of the fire is unknown. she has no idea what started this fire. and she even mentioned to us that she had new appliances and such. it wasn't like she had old equipment, that maybe would have started it. the cause of the horrific fire is still unknown. reporting live in south san jose, bob redell. >> bob, thank you. cleanup continues for businesses in the downtown area. they were vandalized. the latest round of protests following the george zimmerman verdict. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in downtown oakland with an update on the situation. christie? >> reporter: good morning to you. right now, the crowds are gaughan. we're seeing the occasional oakland police cruiser roll by and looking at everything that's going on. i wanted to give you a sense of what it's like here this morning. this is flora restaurant near the fox theater in oakland. you can see the window was broken out here. but i also wanted to see -- if steve can pan down here, what's kind of interesting, you look
5:34 am
down, the next couple of storefronts are fine and you go to the third one down there, and you can see that one of the windows was broken out and so on. that's how it goes as you head down the street here on telegraph. oakland police, though, in the end arrested nine people. one of them apparently had a replica gun or a bb gun on him. six of the nine people not even from oakland, according to oakland police, which has been the case before when these type of protests break out. but oakland police are saying that several hundred people started to gather downtown early in the evening, protesting the acquittal of george zimmerman in florida who shot and killed teenager trayvon martin. it started peaceful. then as night fell, that's when the clashes started. windows broken. buildings tagged by protesters wearing dark masks. and american flag lit on fire. oakland police say they even had fireworks, bottles, rocks thrown at them. police had to call in mutual aid from many outside agencies to come in and help. one waiter at flora restaurant
5:35 am
apparently hit in the head with a hammer -- a hammer-type object as he tried to protect a window. many of them had been broken already over the weekend protests. >> one of the windows smashed through. someone literally sitting in front of it. safety glass, so it just dropped down. it's terrifying. >> reporter: now, protesters are saying one of their own was actually injured when he was hit by some sort of police proje projectile in the shoulder. another group shut down 80 when they marched onto the freeway stopping drivers in the tracks. the oakland police and chp eventually got them off the freeway. again, nine arrests. back here live, wanted to mention oakland police are asking the public, anyone who might have any video of what happened last night, the protest, the damage, the vandalism, to send it to them because they're trying to make more arrests. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." in southern california, in los angeles, look at this. tensions reaching a breaking
5:36 am
point when a volatile group split from a mostly peaceful one and began blocking traffic on crenshaw boulevard. excuse me. police say demonstrators jumped onto cars that were trying to pass through. there were also reports of protesters rushing into businesses, attacking pedestrians and also bicyclists and throwing objects at police. you saw that person being taken away on a stretcher. the lapd declared the protests an unlawful assembly and officers moved in to break things up. in the end, officers arrested 13 people. now, one of the jurors who acquitted zimmerman is speaking out, though she wants to remain anonymous. in an interview with cnn, she says at first the six jurors were divided on whether zimmerman should be convicted. but says after hours of deliberations, they deliberated for 16 hours, all six concluded zimmerman did not break the law. she's the only juror so far to do an interview. asiana airlines says it will increase training for its pilots following the deadly crash at san francisco international airport.
5:37 am
"the new york times" reports the korean-based airlines will give all its pilots special safety training including a new program on landing approaches and automated flight. the senior executive announced the training in a presentation to the south korea government. the pilot of flight 214 was in training for the boeing 777 aircraft and was landing this type of airplane at sfo for the first time. good morning to you. 5:37. it feels more like spring outside than it does summertime in terms of the temps. >> let's get the temps. >> let's do it. >> rob. >> we're seeing temperatures in the 50s, good enough for a jacket this morning. and as you drive around the bay area, especially the peninsula and the coast, parts of the east bay, some drizzle with the low clouds this morning. and a good strong sea breeze, livermore, fairfield, waking up in the tri-valley, the blanket of low clouds and even solano county. breezy in downtown san jose, too. the winds out of the southeast at 13 miles per hour. satellite view shows showers off to the north and east, an area of low pressure off to the west, deepened up the marine layer
5:38 am
close to 3,000 feet thick today. it will keep the low clouds hugging the coastline even as -- you get towards 10:00, 11:00 inland, they'll start to break up. just like we saw yesterday. and heading towards the evening, the clouds will push back across the bay. a little change coming in the forecast starting tomorrow. in the inland valleys. today, we'll see 50s and 60s through 9:00. lunchtime, it will still feel fairly cool around san francisco, oakland, low 60s, 70s around san jose, and upper 70s inland around the tri-valley. but beginning tomorrow, we'll see the temperatures get closer to what we should see this time of year, the upper 80s inland and mid-90s coming our way as we finish the work week and kick off the weekend. mike? >> all right. looking over and considering the work week, a traffic tuesday, of course, we expect the backup at the toll plaza. however, we had one of the lanes off to the left closed for actually up until a few minutes ago. so that's why we had the start for the backup heavier around -- over by the hov lanes. from emeryville, turned it toward the toll plaza lights.
5:39 am
you can see the green light, meaning the lanes are open. we did have a couple of red ones. the flashing light, for fast track and hov lanes, and they're moving very smoothly. big advantage and no metering lights. and showing you what else we're talking about. west 5 toward santa rita, and unknown object in the lane is not on 580, but the chp has to circle back to check the on and off ramps. so watch for their activity. gentle slowing there. 84 and 580 coming out of altamonte that shows the burst of volume and a little drop of the speeds gently. and also towards the peninsula, 101 moves smoothly, no problem, palo alto, passing the shopping center, up into the city without delay for 101 as well as 280. back to you. >> thank you. 5:39. as protests continue in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict, the federal government remains involved in this whole thing. a live report from washington coming up next. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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>> you this is shaping up to be a week of protests in the trayvon martin case, as we've been seeing. all eyes are on florida today as attorney general eric holder gives a previously scheduled speech to the naacp in orlando. the group is hoping the nation's top law enforcement officer will step in and continue to pursue federal civil rights charges in this case. "today in the bay's" brian mooar live on capitol hill this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, terry. the attorney general acknowledges there has been and continues to be a federal investigation. in cities around the country, another day of protests by people who don't believe trayvon martin got justice in a florida courtroom. >> zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: they want washington to take another look at the case against george zimmerman, and attorney general eric holder says he's listening. >> the justice department shares your concerns. i share your concerns.
5:43 am
and as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> reporter: today in orlando, mr. holder is addressing the naacp, which is pushing for federal civil rights charges. >> part of keeping the faith in our justice system is being able to access the full extent of our justice system. >> reporter: a civil rights case would have a high burden of proof. in an exclusive interview with cnn's anderson cooper, the first juror to break her silence says she doesn't believe race played a role in the fatal showdown. >> i think if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation there where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> reporter: a trial that's over, but still being argued in the court of public opinion. and legislators are gathering shortly at the justice department to call for trayvon martin rallies on saturday in
5:44 am
100 cities. terry? >> brian, thank you very much. a leader of one of mexico's most notorious drug cartels is behind bars this morning. tre vina morales was captured yesterday during a mexican military operation in northeast mexico. morales is the leader of the xetta former special forces defectors who went to work with the drug traffickers. they're known for the brutal atrocities. morales faces numerous charges including murder and kidnapping. it is a race against the clock this morning for crews trying to remove the ship wreck costa concordia. the cruiseliner is gradually being crushed with its own weight. crews have only one chance to pull the ship upright and float it away to shore for dem lags, but she has to come up now. and crews are expected to take this chance in september. the ship has been lying on its side since it slammed into a reef in january of last year. you may recall 32 people died in
5:45 am
that incident. the manslaughter trial for the costa concordia's captain gets under way tomorrow. a richmond couple is asking for help to save an old-fashioned schooner. now stranded in partially submerged off the richmond shoreline. the el debron has been a fix feuer for decades. this is part of a fund-raising campaign on the website, gofunme. the ship started taking on water july 4th. rough waves pushing it into rocks and that's where it is right now. the owners are hoping to raise $50,000 to salvage the ship and to make repairs. ron is in for christina, and talking about cooler temperatures, in, what, a seven-day stretch? >> yesterday and today. we have low cloud, sea breeze, plus some drizzle in a few spots this morning. and we've been seeing that off and on around the golden gate bridge. you can see the slight reflection off the roadway, the windshield wipers going, as they go north to south out of marin county.
5:46 am
let's show you some of the temperatures we're waking up to. not too bad. not too chilly. it's one thing the low cloud disdo as they keep the overnight temperatures up, acting like a blanket overnight. 5 in san francisco. 59 in livermore. 56 in fairfield. winds are a little gusty, though, even in the south bay, southeast winds at 13 miles per hour. 25-mile-an-hour wind into fairfield. this marine layer about 3,000 feet thick. so it has surged inland bringing low clouds and drizzle with it. for the afternoon, highs today, only 60s and 70s. but starting tomorrow, the sea breeze will back off and it will lead to warming, especially in the inland valleys. satellite view shows you the culprit mind the supercharged sea breeze you're seeing now, the area of low pressure offshore. marine layer is now up close to 3,000 feet thick. and that will continue to be the case during the day today, complete are with some drizzle at times through 10:00. sunshine inland around lunchtime, and as we head towards the evening, more low clouds. a weaker sea breeze tomorrow.
5:47 am
yes, some patches of low clouds for tomorrow morning, too. the highs will start to climb as we pass another part of the week. tomorrow, mid-70s in san jose. closest to 80 in the warmest places inland. south of downtown, san jose, pleasanton, 81. but mid-70s in dublin. low 70s near freemont. low 60s san francisco, richmond, and a cool 73 in the forecast for san raphael. so tomorrow, five to ten-degree temperature jump into wednesday. then thursday, friday, saturday, now you're talking mid-90s inland and 70s possible closer to the beaches. just in time for that saturday and sunday, also looking warm in some of the valleys. mike? >> at least it's the weekend, right? looking over toward the south bay where it is traffic tuesday. so we're seeing a bump in volume. we're seeing the slowing. the first burst there. but likewise, seeing a slowing northbound 87. now, speeds here just down below 60, and on north 101, we had speeds coming down, again, into the upper 50s. at the very worst, watching that because it does hit harder for a tuesday commute, even in the
5:48 am
summertime. so there's your south bay. as we move along the peninsula, both 101 and 280 moving nicely. 92, remember, these speeds are relative. a yellow on 92, it comes through the city, not necessarily the same as 101. it's relative speed limits, and so you're dipping down a slight percentage where you see the yellow and orange. really a tad bit of slowing through the san mateo hills. along the coast you might catch the low clouds as well from time to time. looking at freemont, a live look for 880 shows you how the east bay is shaping up. here, down toward mission boulevard, passing the sign for the freemont auto mall parkway, a burst in volume over the last 15 minutes. we see more cars coming in, but still at the speed limit and south of the dunn barton bridge. over toward the maps, as well, and show you that we do see the volume increase here toward the dublin interchange. the debris is still reported there at santa rita road. no problems as far as the flow of traffic goes. chp has to close that out, though. we're looking to 84 where
5:49 am
there's slowing through livermore. slowing out of the altamonte pass, and end at the by bridge toll plaza, backups on both sides of the fast track lanes but no metering lights. watch the low clouds, could be a factor. back to you. >> mike, thank you. 5:49. a dog in san francisco recently poisoned by a meatball laced with strychnine is now dead. dorothy schechter says her 7-year-old dachshund oscar died of organ failure 11 days after eating the poisoned meatball. warning signs are posted all over the twin peaks neighborhood, and police say someone left almost 100 of these poison eed treats out. they were tested and they show they're lethal to humans as well. schechter is eager for an arrest. >> it's extremely important just to show that you can't get away with something like this. and so that oscar didn't die in vain. >> the animal legal defense fund is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.
5:50 am
the issue of gun control is taking center stage in sunnyvale today, the city council is meeting to discuss a ballot measure tightening restrictions on guns and ammunition in the city. last month, the council voted to add a sensible gun measure to the november ballot. today it, will decide the exact language of the measure and whether to call a special election. the measure would require shops who keep detailed records of ammunition sales and restrict the possession of magazines more than ten rounds. it is 5:50. a newfound star for major league baseball. we know he has the pop in his bat, but now the rest of the country knows all about yoenis cespedes. we'll tell you about the impressive home run derby total next. an impressive bmw.
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. it is 5:52. major league baseball's all-star game happens today in new york. the a's and the giants both well
5:53 am
represented. last night was the home run derby. oakland's yoenis cespedes cleaned up at the plate. he advanced to the finals after just the first round with 17 homers. cespedes wins the home run derby hitting nine more in the final round. by the way, before the contest, cespedes had 14,000 twitter followers. this morn, he's already up to more than 39,000. i think he deserves a new bmw. what do you think about that, scott mcgrew? >> fair enough. and i have just the bmw for him. it's an electric one. bmw showing off the latest clean-energy car. it's the i-3 to reporters in germany. admittedly, it's not the first time we've heard about it. they've talked about the i-3 before. but we have learned it will come to america the first of the year, and it will have an auxiliary gas engine in case you run of electrons, like the chevy volt. san francisco based uber has
5:54 am
sent out an update to its app, allowing users to split the price of the ride. if you haven't tried it, it's really worth your time. free download on the app store. and as long as we're talking about transportation, let's mention ilan musk's latest announcement. he will release the preliminary blueprints of his hyperloop system next month. musk is the fellow behind tesla, spacex, serves at the chairman of solar city. in his spare time, he is planning a mission to mars. what's hyperloop, a system of tubes and canisters that will shoot you from san francisco to l.a. in 30 minutes, four times faster than the proposed bullet train. you remember the old drive-through banks where the -- >> yeah, sure. >> and it goes -- are you ready for this? it woes thwoop! >> is it an open top where -- >> the hands must be inside the ride -- >> i'm not going to do it. >> scott, you need to do a story
5:55 am
on the brain of musk. >> the modern day edison. you know, three spaceships to the international space station. if somebody can build a thooping thing, it's him. >> speaking of great minds. >> yes, rob, yes. >> definitely not on that level. we're looking at some low clouds this morning. and it may slow your commute. we have some drizzle out there around san francisco in the north bay. you can see the low clouds. it will take a little time to break up. we'll get that around lunchtime before they move back in perhaps in time for the evening commute. you can see misty skies. 62 san francisco. 66 in oakland. 76 in san jose. starting tomorrow, though, things will warm up. upper 80s inland and 90s in the forecast starting thursday. mike? >> full disclosure anchor involvement here, he did experience that drizzle. he won't let us forget about that. and looking at the east shore freeway, where a lot of folks are experiencing more traffic. some slowing through richmond
5:56 am
and also san pablo. some company toward the bay bridge. no metering lights, but backing up in the cash lanes, mid-parking lot and the incline with the arrow marked there. they'll have the metering lights turned on about 6:00, in another five, ten minutes. they're moving smoothly. a big build west now, slowing from love perrage and it's typical. the closure in brentwood, the boulevard is still close around sunset and possibly until 9:00 night. an amazing sight in the skies over russia, and we promise you it's amazing. >> 101 women skydivers jumping into the record books by free-falling in the shape of a flower. look at this. the skydivers jumped from planes to form a massive flower in midair. the women are from the pearls in the sky skydiving team and they dedicated the jump to their former captain who died last year in a group skydiving stunt
5:57 am
in southern california. it's a tribute, you would think you would be so honored to have. >> and the little red, white, blue going on. >> yeah. >> pretty amazing. 5:57. we are following breaking news in the south bay. a house fire in san jose kills 100 cats. crews rush to the scene to rescue a woman trapped by the flames. plus, new protests overnight in oakland following the george zimmerman verdict. we'll have the latest numbers on arrests in a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
they were well cared for and terribly loved. >> about 100 cats killed in an overnight house fire in san jose. what we are learning about the woman who lived there, and why so many cats were kept inside this home. plus, shattered glass, spray paint, and nine people behind bars. we'll tell you how late-night
6:00 am
protests turned into overnight chaos in oakland. and we're waking up to 50s this morning, but in some cases, some wet roadways, too, due to light rain in parts of the bay area. we'll have the details in the forecast coming up. and we'll also look out at the roadways this traffic tuesday. we have a backup of the toll plaza really kicking in. also a sig alert for the east bay. we'll show you that coming up. and we'll check out the traffic here in the south bay. not much going on. this is in san jose. 880 and 280 -- or, rather, 17 -- light traffic there. we're checking the roads with mike, too, on this tuesday, july 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks for waking up with us. >> john and laura are off today. an update to breaking news overnight. investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire that killed about 100


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