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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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plus, wiping out fruit flies in san jose. we'll tell you if trees and telephone poles in your neighborhood are about to be sprayed with insecticide. a nice mild start to the day. temperatures in upper 50s to low 60s. today a midsummer stunner. we'll see beautiful conditions and then we heat you up. i'll give you the time line and your full forecast. >> sig-alert affecting the east bay that has cleared. the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. what is going on? >> from the san mateo bridge to the golden gate bridge, clear conditions. people make their way into san francisco. july 17th. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon
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kelley. update to breaking news we have been following in san jose. police are at a home near japan town investigating what led an officer to shoot and kill a pit bull. this happened on 3rd street between empire and jackson streets. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live where we just heard from a woman who claims to be the dog's owner. bob, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this woman claiming to be owner of the pit bull shot at her home here on north 3rd and empire. we're not showing her because she was so upset and clearly did not want to be on camera. she did say that, quote, the cops were wrong, they shouldn't have been at her house, and they shouldn't have shot her dog. police with san jose ended up at her home after finding a car there they say might have been used as getaway during mail thefts overnight in another neighborhood. an officer ran a check of the vehicle, discovered the owner was on probation which allowed them to do a sentíf] of the
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property. interviewing a woman at house when a pit bull came up from the basement and began biting one of the officers. the other officers shot and killed that dog. that officer, a man, was taken to the hospital, is going to be okay even though bitten. there's nothing life threaten about that situation. even though we saw at least one person in custody, police tell us there have been no arrests that were made with regard to the incident. and it does appear to be winding down. if you have business in this area in the intersection of empire and north 3rd, it does appear to be winding down. they haven't given us an eta when they're opening up the intersection. some of the squad cars beginning to leave. i wouldn't be surprised if it's in the next 30 minutes or so. >> 6:02. summer camp worker in charge of looking after kid is accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl. 20-year-old nicholas lhermine is
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expected to make his first court appearance today. "today in the bay" live outside the courthouse in morgan hill with the charges that worker now faces. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. parents here at morgan hill are still trying to find out how this would happen here in this city. nicholas lhermine had been working last four years in the types of day camp summer programs here in south santa clara county. police arrested 20-year-old on friday because the 6-year-old told her parents something happened while at summer camp. the alleged assault happened the ymca paradise valley elementary child care site in morgan hill. now after the incident, the ymca of silicon valley sent out letters to parents, explaining what happened and urging them to talk to their children in case they might be victims. the ymca says lhermine passed extensive criminal background checks with department of justice and the fbi before being hired. the agency's coo says the arrest
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came ace huge surprise to everyone and parents are concerned because there are still 45 children enrolled at summer day camp. >> i do have concerns. my children have only attended one week of this camp. >> police say when they looked in lhermine's cell phone they found evidence of child porn. and investigators have been able to identify a 17-year-old in those cell phone photos. now, police believe there may be more victims out there. we want to hear from more parents and children if possible. lhermine will be here in court in morgan hill facing charges of possessing child pornography and performing sexual acts on a child. >> 6:04. protests continued late into the night in oakland for a fourth day after acquittal of george zimmerman.
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protests remained mostly peaceful overnight but there was a heavy police presence around oakland city hall. you can see that here. officers wearing riot gear as handful of protesters marched and chanted, but no reports of arrests. and those morning, our first look at a woman police say attacked a local singer after he dedicated a song to trayvon martin. police say 43-year-old deana lynn potter jumped on the stage as lester chambers performed at the blues festival saturday. witnesses said she shouted "it's all your fault" and pushed chambers to the ground. potter cited and released on suspicion of battery. a follow-up to breaking news we first brought you yesterday morning. learning more about the woman who owns this san jose home that went up in flames, killing more than 90 cats. the house was a sanctuary that carol miller set up for ferrell
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cats which a nonprofit group captured on sanford campus. animal care and services says it comes down to how well you take care of them. mill er applied to be a registered rescue service but turned down. a large part of that had to doit with the number of cats inside her home. 6:06. tiny pests could devastate the fruit industry. an emergency eradication team stepping up against the guava fruit flies in san jose. gathering at 8:30 to start spreading deadly insecticide on trees and poles wean berryeso road, white road and 14th street. the sticky substance noent attract and kill the male fruit flies. three fruit flies were found in san jose but officials warn that number could be in the millions. the pests feed on citrus, stone
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fruits, tomatoes and other plants. >> palo alto planning to chop down almost two dozen magnolia trees. the trees are decaying or suffering from structural problems. they're being removed as part of a tree maintenance project aimed at improving public safety. the city says removing the trees will improve the structural integrity of the other trees that line the street. work starts monday and continue through the fall, which half of the magnolias are expected to be replaced. >> let's collect the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you laura and marla. good morning to you at home. hopefully you're looking forward that weekend. weather is going to be really nice. today absolutely spoiled. we consider most of the nation under a major heat wave for us. starting out with a bit of fog here over the embarcadero. enough fog to force the flight delays out of sfo. i don't know in you want to go
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anywhere. if you have to for business, it's okay. the best weather across the nation today. good news is there's no other flight delay. if you're trying to to travel, no tricks in the forecast. 58 in concord. 59 to start. good morning to you san jose. 59 in beautiful san mateo. hour by hour changes. by noon, up to 77 degrees. comfortable conditions lunchtime in livermore. after which time it might get too warm for your outdoor plans close to 90. no triple digits in site. a good looking weekend shaping up, one thing i have to tell you, potential thunderstorms. we'll talk about that seven-day forecast next. 75 degrees, though. good day in fremont. great day shaping up there. >> weird day shaping up in the bay bridge toll plaza. we had early backups, then it cleared and then now we have the metering lights on. i think the traffic management center watching the same cues i was, volume did look like it was going to have an early issue. to prevent problems they did turn the metering lights on
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though it looked lighter. there's the backup. all lanes including fas-trak lanes which filled in first this morning. toward the from camera that i've te te turned from emeriville to the metering lights. the lights are on, as judged by the behavior of the toll plaza as well. chp, they got the update as well. live cameras help out. only by a couple of seconds. looking toward the east shore freeway, drive out of the maze nice. no concerns for that flow approaching the toll plaza. south pleasant hill and concord. the sig-alert cleared as the burst of traffic coming in off of 242, 680, highway 4 of the benecia bridge. rest of the area looking good for highway 4 and 24 lafayette toward the caldecott tunnel. san mateo bridge, easy drive westbound. before 6:00 i saw a lot of slowing on the western side. peninsula side.
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it has smoothed out. watching it carefully. 92 critical point crossing the bay. 6:10. more fallout from the plane crash at sfo. the new twist into the investigation that could lead to legal action and new details pay another 777 aircraft brougroundt l.a.x. >> pot smokers and churchgoers, soon the government will look at the business. a camp for cancer patients evacuated overnight as a wildfire rages on in southern california. we'll tell you why a sudden gut of wind could throw off the entire firefighting effort. here in the bay area, live outside to the south bay. san jose off in the distance as we try to wake up on wednesday. christina's talking about a nice day in store. warm-up in the temperatures. 6:10. stay with us. good morning! wow.
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giving you a live perspective from one of the prettiest spots in the bay area. you can't find an ugly spot in the bay area. this, however, menlo park, gorgeous start to the day here. temperatures are going to be comfortable. wednesdays can be tough. weather's on your side. everything's going to change. we'll take you through the changes in your full forecast. >> looking here, not quite as much greenery. but this is a nice drive westbound east shore freeway. there is some nice lakes there. the sculling crew. traffic flowing westbound. the backup at bay bridge toll plaza as well as progress on the sig-alert through walnut creek more clear but still slow. 6:13. here are today's top stories. a police officer has shot and killed a pit bull that attacked another officer during a search of a home in san jose. police say the officers were investigating a mail theft incident interviewing people at home when the dog bit one of the
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officers. a ymca child care worker accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl in morgan hill is expected to make his first court appearance today. 20-year-old nicholas lhermine worked for the ymca child care program where he met the girl. police are now trying to identify other victims. in a few hours, crews in san jose doing an emergency evacuation of the deadly guava fruit fly. the sticky substance which is not harmful to humans is meant to attract and kill the male flies. the trouble continues for asiana airlines. the airline is now inspecting one of its boeing 777s after leaking oil forced the airline to ground the plane before take-off from l.a.x. last night. 83 passengers from flight 214 that crashed at sfo have filed a petition for discovery against boeing. that's the company that designed and manufactured the plane.
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the petition asks a judge to force beauing to release information about the plain's auto throttle and evacuation slides which opened inside the cabin. the information could lead to a lawsuií;j against boeing. >> 6:15. less likely to call your pastor for help if you know the government is keeping track of your church's phone record. >> a new lawsuit filed says domestic spying has a chilling effect on americans. churches joining with marijuana groups and gun owners? >> they all have something to lose in they think the government is tracking their phone calls. the gun owners group thinks the members will be less likely to call them on the phone if data will be recorded. the lawsuit filed in federal court tuesday. takes an interesting, new tact in the fight against domestic surveillance. it's not about privacy. it's about freedom of association. are churches, anti-marijuana law
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groups, gun owners chilled by the knowledge they're being watched. the suit comes after revolutions by snowden of a plan between verizon and the u.s. government to track people's phone calls. the=r#ijt(sp administration adm that does happen with all americans. the case is different than one already winding its way through the courts which is suing the government for reading american's e-mails wouldn't a warrant. this case, jewel versus nsa dates back to the bush administration. separately, microsoft want -- says the u.s. constitution is suffering under government spying. in a strongly worded letter to the obama administration, the software company's demanding right to tell users more about how it's forced to give up data to the fbi and nsa. last week it was revealed, or at least claimed by snowden and the
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guardian newspaper the u.s. government monitors skype and >> thank you. meteorologist christina loren here now in time for your forecast. slid right in there picture me rolling or just look at the tv. that's what just happened. 6:17. great day shaping up. thanks for waking up with us on wednesday. wednesdays not typically your favorite day of the week likely. however, the best day to get on outdoors. not too cold. not too hot. yesterday reminiscent of fall. today, it's going to be summer-like. heat of the day, temperatures hitting mid to upper 80s. comfortable day shaping up cloud cover doing its part to keep things comfortable even as we get into the heat of the day. so, as you can see here, clouds over san francisco. let's get right to it this morning. we stop the clock on futurecast at 8:00 a.m. cloudy conditions over greater bay area. noon, clear. greater bay area will see more
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sunshine than yesterday starting at 11:00 a.m. take a look here, microclimate making a big, big factor in your forecast today. 88 degrees livermore versus 62 san francisco. seven day outlook shows you 90s by thursday into friday. boy, i know if i'm lagging, mike must be as well. >> traffic and weather together. 101 northbound, seeing a little bit of burst. i wanted to zoom in on this north of the 680/280 interchange. off-ra off-ramp coming up. you get an idea 0 on the map. no major issue through san jose. let's get a look at maps through the area. the northbound routes, yeah, moving smoothly. southbound side you saw with the clear drive, a little slowing before you get there at mckeon that might be why things are cleared up no incidents there.
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as well as north 87, showing volume increase. debris on 280 before lawrence expressway. might be a tire sticking out into the slow lane. we'll collect with cph. toward the peninsula with a smoot drive. 101, 280, clear drives between the peninsula and up into or out of san francisco. dumbarton bridge, highway 84, nicely. earlier slowing it looked clear. but now look again as approaching foster city, live camera, nice steady increase to the volume of traffic. you are going at expected speed limit. with all of the cars side by side, people start slowing down a bit as you're approaching high-rise off of the flat section. expect more drive time, a minute or two. not a big deal at the toll plaza. moving smoothly from the hayward side. a look at maps. east bay, south 680, slow
6:20 am
through pless hadnasant hill an concord. commute hit full force for the morning, so now we have slowing off of 214 into the area. that's the worst. standard off of the benecia bridge. no problems for 24 over toward the bay bridge toll plaza and the caldecott tunnel. easy drive through the tri-valley. a typical build here for west 580 and 84 through livermore. a crash here on windemere. and we'll get another live look outside as we -- you know what? a live look at bay bridge toll plaza coming up. wanted to show you this in the tri-valley. 6:20. a camp for cancer patients evacuated as flames race through southern california. we'll tell you why one sudden gust of wind could be all it takes to push flames into neighborhoods. an eye on the bay area. first, a live look at oakland.
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hazy start to our day. expecting temperatures to creep up, warm up just a bit. making way for a beautiful weekend. a live look now from the south bay in san jose. the same there. hazy start. but can't complain. nice summer day on tap. christina's got a full look at forecast including a peek at the weekend. more news ahead as well. 6:21.
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welcome back. good wednesd)m morning to you. a live look outside. beautiful golden gate bridge. foggy out but you can make out the top there of the tower. 6:24. >> happening now, more than 2200 firefighters are battling a while fire west of palm springs. look at these flames. fast moving fire destroyed several buildingings and threatening dozens of homes near pine cove. overnight, 50 homes have been evacuated along with camp ronald mcdonald which hosts programs for children with cancer and their families. wind blowing the flames away from homes but firefighters say all it would take is a wind shift to push the fire back toward the homes. the fire has charred 14 square miles now the flames are 10% contained. several people behind bars
6:25 am
accused of a violent robbery spree in hollywood. a mob of 20 men and women attacked innocent people just talking on the street. police say the robbers knocked people down and then took purses, phones, jewelry and other belongings. first attack happened after 9:30 last night. several stores targeted as well. as of this morning, it's unclear how many victims were there or in anyone was hurt. seven suspects were arrested. >> a cleveland man is facing hundreds of additional charges in the decade long kidnapping of three women. ariel castro will appear in court this morning for arraignment on a 977-count indictment. he's accused of kidnapping and rain as well as aggravated murder allegedly causing one of the women he impregnated to miscarry. castro has been behind bars since may, shortly after one of the women escaped to freedom. >> the fbi blocking the release of an autopsy report on a friend
6:26 am
of the boston marathon bombing suspect. shot dead by an agent during questioning in may in orlando. the medical examiner's office says the autopsy is done but cannot be released because the case is still under active investigation. he was being questioned about the boston bombing and about an unsolved triple murder in massachusetts when he was shot and killed. switching gears now. 6:26. what's happening outside in the bay area. look at that. gray outside but we are in for ÷ little bit of a warm-up with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, marla and laura. thanks for waking up with every morning. the kind of day you don't want to let get past you. i'm calling it a midsummer stunner. you're going to hear about this heat wave gripping most of the nation all morning long on the "today" show, we are going to be
6:27 am
spoiled. inland 74. bay 70. >> good morning, interstate 80 here at bay bridge toll plaza. i did want to show you real live. the backup going back all lanes towards end of the parking lot and building between two overpasses slowing off the berkeley curve and north 880 as well. maps show you the sensors looking good except for here. south 680 slow through pleasant hill and concord but lanes clear approaching 24. 6:27. update to breaking news overnight. why police shot and killed a dog in san jose overnight. that's all ahead.
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6:29 am
overnight confrontation with eight pit bull. why an officer made a decision to open fire next. >> plus, do facebook employees have access to your password? the admission from a former staffer that could renew privacy concerns for social media users.
6:30 am
and taking a live look. there's the bell. nyse. looks like the teachers workshop doing the honor. july 17th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, on this wednesday. 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kell kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news we've been following for you. officer injured, pit bull is dead after a confrontation at a home on 3rd street between jackson and empire. police investigating a mail theft incident that led hem to a home near japan home. a pit bull came up and pit bit an officer. a live picture where they've cleared everything up. bob redell spoke to a woman who says she lives at the home and owned the dog that died. he'll tell us what she had to
6:31 am
say coming up in 15 minutes into new, russia's president is responding to a request for temporary asylum by nsa secret leaker edward snowden. president putin says russia has warned snowden against taking any actions that would damage relations between moscow and washington. snowden, you may recall, hiding out in the moscow airport for three weeks now. the u.s. wants russia to send him back to america to face espionage charges. his attorney says snowden is requesting temporary shelter but plans to travel to south america or several countries have off ured political asylum? key members of the obama administration will answer another round of questions about the government's tracking of america's phone records. that hearing comes one day after a lawsuit filed in federal court in san francisco to challenge the government's mass collection of phone records. 19 organizes filed the suit ranging from the church to a gun
6:32 am
rights group. the groups say the data collection violates first amendment 8rights. the nsa leak story has left many concerned about government access to personal information on social networking sites. released overnight, a former facebook employee is now raising concerns over who has access to your facebook password. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us live from the newsroom. >> good morning. rarely a day goes by the guardian newspaper doesn't give us something new to worry. quoting mark zucker burke's longtime speech write who are claim some at facebook had superaccess to people's accounts, particularly in the early day of the site. the ability to look inside and access everyone's facebook password. live pictures from facebook headquarters. the company's not specifically addressing the allegation. i believe that's facebook
6:33 am
headquarters. it does tell the guardian it adheres to all legal requirements. the allegations a coming from a british newspaper. many use the same password on several different sites so you don't want any site to know. facebook, itunes, even banking for that matter. >> certainly. thanks so much. check in with meteorologist christina loren. a look at our forecast. a hazy start to our day. >> it's going to be a nice day, though. don't let low clouds get you down. we've got such a beautiful day shaping up. good morning to you. bay bridge, clear. but we've got plenty of low clouds overhead. that's that natural a.c. that we yearn for this time of year. one thing we don't like it about, low ceilings forcing flight delays only an hour. they do have the fourth runway open. san francisco, one hour delays for the next couple of hours.
6:34 am
that's the case for the fog to break apart. sunshine through 11:00. gorgeous conditions as a result. take you through hour by hour changes for today. 50 degrees in places like gilroy, by noon today. inland cities hit mid-70s. round out in mid-80s. seven day in a few moments. a couple things to talk about before you make weekendbca pla outdoors. first, the drive. good morning, mike. >> a weird morning in some ways with regard to the reports and where we're tracking things. right now. whatting the lower deck of the bay bridge. getting into san francisco, the volume pick up. standard backup at toll plaza. a few taillights are moving smoothly. i don't see major backup. there is a report of some sort of issue, a crash blocking two lanes from chp, the original report approaching treasure island from san francisco. the bridge crew quick to get out
6:35 am
there. also from the san francisco side may have some as well. i'll let you know if the lanes are blocked. sometimes it's cleared before the crews get there. a westbound upper deck moving slower towards treasure island. volume of traffic in the backup at toll plaza. east shore free way, no drama. maze smoothly as well. south 242 through pleasant hill and into walnut creek, earlier sig-alert and crash cleared from the roadway. but that set off the morning commute. you never recover. you see the top of screen, slowing. south bay, live look for san jose, north bound 101, smoot drive. slowing at 680 and 280. a build through mountain view. palo alto easy drive northbound. up through san ma taye yo, san francisco. tire tread around caesar chavez. weep keel watching.
6:36 am
>> 6:35. might be hard for b.a.r.t. to get replacement train operators if workers go on strike again next month.the chronicle's ross say b.a.r.t. would not be able to train enough replacement operators for months because of its current contract with the drivers. right now b.a.r.t. has ten qualified operators who are not in the combined transit unions. if management wants to add more it would have to put the new drivers through special training mandated by a union contract. 6:36. 21 children killed by a tainted school lunch. the chemical found inside the food and how it wound up being served to students. the costa concordia cruise ship disaster goes to trial. the last-ditch effort from the captain to avoid spending 20 years behind bars. so... [ gasps ]
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just in, england legalized gay marriage now that queen elizabeth ii has given her royal stamp of approval coming one day after legalizing same-sex marriage in england cleared the parliament. clears the way for first gay marriages in britain next sum. >> police officers were once again the targets of violence in northern ireland overnight. at least 35 molotov cocktails were thrown at officers across the city of belfast.
6:40 am
at least six cars were torched as well. clashes first broke out five days ago when authorities ruled pro-british protestants could not march. 62 people arrested. the captain of the doomed costa concordia cruise ship is asking for a plea deal. lawyers say he will plea guilty in exchange for three-year, five-month prison sentences faces up to 20 years on a full trial of manslaughter and abandoning ship. the costa concordia ran aground a year a half ago, killing 32 people into officials are saying least 22 children are dead and two dozen others sick after eating a free lunch at a school in india. indian officials say the free lunch was tainted with insecticide. it's unclear how these chemicals
6:41 am
ended up in the food, but one official says it's possible the food was not properly washed before cooked. children are between 8 and 11 years old. a case of criminal negligence has been filed against the head master of the school who aren't away as soon as the children got sick. >> tragic. 6:41. a pit bull shot killed by police in san jose. the overnight confrontation that led an officer to pull the trigger. and a south bay camp counselor appears in court. we have new details about the charges involving young children in his care, coming up. and starting with the live picture i wanted to show you sunol this morning. a welcome sight, low clouds pushing all the way into the tri-valley. today a bay area stunner. but things are going to change quick i. your weekend forecast coming up in moments. a live look here. this is fremont southbound with headlights. we're getting more company here.
6:42 am
no big drama. i did get a new report of an issue, a crash heading out of pleasanton. i see slowing. more details from the chp from the trirally ride.
6:43 am
6:44 am
update to breaking news we've been following all morning long in san jose. police at a home near japan town investigate what led an officer to shoot and kill a pit bull on 3rd street between empire and jackson streets. bob redell joins us live where we just heard from the man who lives inside the home. what did he have to say about the dog? >> reporter: well, he said he wasn't the most friendliest dog in the world. police have left the scene here
6:45 am
intersection of empire and north 3rd. heard from the woman who claims to have owned bully, the name of the pit bull shot and killed at the home at north 3rd and empire. she says the cops were wrong, they shouldn't have been at her house and they shouldn't have shot her dog. police with san jose argued otherwise saying they had a rate to be at her home and had to shoot the dog because it was attacking them. police were led to the home after finding a car there that might have been used as a getaway during mail thefts overnight. they ran a check of the vehicle, discovered the owner was on probation which allowed them to do a search of the property. interviewing a woman when the pit bull came up from the basement and began biting one of the officers, according to police. other officers shot killed the dog in self-defense. one officer bit by the dog taken to the hospital. she's expected to be okay. as you mentioned, we did speak to one of the people who rents a room in the house who is familiar with bully the pit bull. >> that kind of dog, with me that kind of dog i have to keep
6:46 am
my space. if i try to pet the dog, he might get kind of -- i never had a problem. i see the dog every day. i don't know what happened. but he's not the world's friendliest dog, no. >> reporter: we did see one person taken into custody, though san jose police tell us there have been no arrests. and the intersection here at empire and 3rd, shut down for several hours, started around 1:30 it has clearly reopened. if you have business here in the area, traffic should not be a problem. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." time to check the weather as we take you outside a live look from the bay from oakland camera. fran san francisco in the distance. that's the bay bridge i believe. looks gray. don't be fooled. that's what christina loren says. >> you knew that was the bay bridge. born and raised in the bay area there i wasn't sure if it was the golden gate in the distance. >> overcast skies it it looks
6:47 am
like surveillance video, black and white, hard to tell. 6:46. wine country, where you're from, spoiled again today. 6:47. taking a live look here. beautiful start to the day. over san jose. the same gray sky over the south bay and over the tri-valley as well this morning. that's going to keep us cool. temperatures below average. and then tomorrow we'll soar past those averages, seize the day. 5 degrees. good morning navato. 61 to start in sunnyvale. take a look where we're headed hour by hour. changes that we are expecting today. stop the clock on futurecast. bump this up 1:15. cloudy to livermore. between 8:00 and 10:00, most of the cloud cover clears. stop the clock at noon and clouds kind of hug the coastline. we have a beautiful day shaping up. lots of sunshine and a great day get the kids outdoors. if you haven't had a chance because it's cool, yesterday was
6:48 am
a cool day for this time of year and we had the heat a couple of weeks ago. today don't threat get past you. heat is coming back. microclimate make an impact. warm and sunny inland. highs, not too bad this time of year. mike like what he sees. 88 in livermore. temperatures today touch warmer 3 to 5 degrees than yesterday's high. 75 fremont. 80 los gados. seven day outlook. bump up the numbers by five degrees tomorrow. into the mid 90s for friday and saturday. cooling you off, though and adding some humidity saturday, sunday, monday. maybe mountain thunderstorms over the western facing slopes surrounding san jose. check the drive in the south bay and everywhere with mike inouye. >> start in the9$ south were the the northbound routes are showing congestion. northbound 101, capital expressway and san jose international. an unusual pattern for wednesday. we see things consolidated here.
6:49 am
starts farther south and then extends farther north. jamming up around the merge with 87. no incidents there but this may be an indication of the volume of traffic kicking in. look at 87 through downtown. starting back at capital and kirtner. it's a burst of traffic. track me on twitter. meanwhile, here toward the tri-valley, we have a smooth flow until dublin and pleasanton. 84 volume increase over the sunol on-ramp. towards sunol. south 680 a crash toward the tg. you may have a little slowing. a disabled vehicle the update on the location approaching the sunol boulevard off-ramp. be careful because as the volume's starting to build. 580 toward the dublin interchange you have reports there of a disabled vehicle which should move to the shoulder but again watching that. that's a pressure point for your morning commute as well. new crash reported for 880 in
6:50 am
fremont. may be in the lanes for a couple of minute. chp gives that update a couple of seconds ago. 880 in toward the area volume building as well. past highway 92. 92 across the bay, moving smoothly. heading over the peninsula without i any problem. backup at cash lane and fas-trak. metering lights on. not bad at the bridge but slow approaching oakland and the bend toward the toll plaza. north bias well. south bound and 101 bogging down north san pedro. someone did hit their brakes and that caused that ripple effect. cascade out of the north bay. one person slamming on brakes causes that accordion effect. >> thanks so much. 6:50. a summer camp countler in charge of looking after kids is accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl.
6:51 am
20-year-old nicholas lhermine is expected to make his first court appearance today. "today in the bay" damian trujillo live outside the courthouse in morgan hit with a search of more possible victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nicholas lhermine will be back in court in south county after 1:00 today. these allegations have1#uç folk here at morgan hill shaking their heads. d.a. is charging lhermine with performing sex um acts on a child and possessing child porn. police arrested 209-year-old friday. a 6-year-old told her parents, something happened while she was at ymca paradise valley elementary child care site in morgan hill lhermine work for the ymca last four years as teacher's aide. the agency is shocked at the allegations and immediately sent out a letter to parents inching them what happened. there are still 45 children enrolled at day care now.
6:52 am
police want to make sure there are no other possible victims. the ymca says, it is at a loss over the allegations. >> we're shocked. this gentleman has been someone that has been in ymca programming himself and unfortunately employed with us for nearly four years. we haven't had an indication of any sort of challenge with him. >> reporter: while investigating the alleged assault, police say they also found child porn on lhermine's cell phone. investigators say they have been able to identify a 17-year-old girl among the porn on the cell phone. the ymca says lhermine did pass extensive d.o.j. and fbi background checks before he hired him. live in morgan hill, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." new, despite efforts to stop it a state court ruled a convicted serial rapist can be release. a court ejected the appeal by
6:53 am
prosecutors to prevent christopher hubbart from being released. hubbart has been in and out of prison and state hospitals since 1972, convicted of raping dozens women in southern california and here in the bay area. in may, a judge ruled that hubbart could be release the under tight supervision in l.a. county, where he grew up. hubbart will be released once housing can be set up and approved which could take several more months. a candlelight vigil for the oaklandland toddler reported missing one week ago. family and friends gather at 79th and international boulevard at 6:30 tonight. this is near spot stop where daphne reb repowebb reported mi. try to find the missing 21-month-old. the girl's father told police his daughter was kidnapped from his suv when he ran inside a convenience store. he left daphne with his elderly
6:54 am
mother who suffers from dementia. the man accuse order kill two women at san francisco's jewelry mart is in jail held without bail. barry white jr. next in court a week from today. yesterday charged with 16 felony counts including murder. he walked into one store last friday and opened fire, i canning two women. they think he was upset about the value of jewelry he previouslyoyk purchased at the store. the store owner was critically injured in the attack. at least $300 million, how much state regulates are recommending pg&e be fined for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. the california public utilities commission's recommendation calls for moneyfd,ñ to come fro pg&e shareholders and then go to the state's general fund. it is the largest fine imposed by the puch and part of the original penalty. pg&e responded say, quote, in
6:55 am
its zeal to punish pg&e the staff of the california public utilities commission has lost sight of our important shared goal of making pg&e's natural gas operation the safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can. the newly revised penalty recommendation takes $300 million away from safety improvements and send money to the legislature for general fund spending. end quote. the full board will vote on the recommendation before the end of the year. controversy over a new student member of the university of california's governing board. uc board plans to vote on the new student member. the senior would be the first practicing muslim to hold the post which would allow her to participate in meetings. but because she's a student regent designate she would not able to cast votes. some jewish groups opposing her nomination not because of religion but political activities as a student senator at cal.
6:56 am
the group says she co-sponsored a bill to divert university funds from companies with economic ties to the israeli settlements in the west bank. she has not commented on the controversy. the next story a tough one. young chinese woman electrocuted using her iphone may have been the victim of a fake charging cord. >> scott mcgrew, fake products an enormous problem in china. >> they are. last year, fake toothpaste killed dozens of people. chinese state television reports this morning the young woman who worked as a flight attendant likely killed when electricity from the wall outlet traveled directly to the phone. her death was reported several days ago. apple had been investigating, saying it was saddened by the death. but again, apparently the fault in the aftermarket charger. wall street lots going on. ben bernanke talking to congress, bay area companies,
6:57 am
intel, sandising reporting properties. until we hear from them after the bale ell, ben bernanke, noth happening. >> early in the day. >> see if mother nature has movement in store for us. christina loren a nice day on tap. >> so nice. yes, going to move numbers up a touch from yesterday. thanks for waking up with us on wednesday. help you get over the hump. temperatures are comfortable. 60 degrees to start in san jose. you're at 61 in sunnyvale. calling this a midsummer stunner you're going to get spoiled. not just at the beach but also inland. 71 today in santa cruz. 85 inland. 76 around the bay. if you missed the seven day outlook, don't worry. we'll have it every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. i'm here until 11:30. mike you're here most of the time as well. drive starts to pick up. >> and it doesn't ever go away.
6:58 am
looking over here towards fremont. this is starting to pick up a little southbound heading thwart tesla. a truck on the northbound side. let me show you the map. into the live shot we have slowing southbound on our maps heading toward marriott. the earlier crash in lines and indication backup south of the dumbarton bridge a slowdown. parallel to the irvington district in fremont a smoother drive. that will hold folks from getting towards mission. an issue for folks out of hayward. down past alvardo. going across the bay, both san mateo and dumbarton bridges are clear. dumbarton bridge might see more traffic. they might use that because of the crash. how things are shaping up here. golden gate easy light drive. clouds higher than yesterday.
6:59 am
so not a problem. there is still that slowdown in san rafael heading to the curves. 6:59. final check of the stop stories. a police officer shot killed a bi pit bull that attacked another officer. the dog bit one of the officers. the officer is expected to be okay. a ymca child care worker accused of lewd acts with a 6-year-old girl in morgan hill expected to make his first court appearance today. 20-year-old nicholas lhermine worked for ymca child care program where he met the girl. police are trying to identify other victims. crews in san jose doing an emergency eradication of the guava fruit fly spreading a deadly insecticide on trees and telephone poles. the sticky substance, nonharmful to humans, meant to attract and
7:00 am
kill the male flies. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> thanks for waking up with us. good morning. is there a problem, officer? a young couple pulled over, the woman taken into custody and told that she was facing serious jail time.


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