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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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thieves are targeting rental car customers. >> in some of the instances, you can tell where i am. >> and a digital dragnet. only this time you're the target. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. they're watching you. they're watching me. they're watching all of us. not the nsa but the pd. your local police department monitoring where you go, where you stop. how? by taking digital photos of your license plate. they say it's a crime fighting tool but civil rights activist say it's an intrusion ripe for abuse and misuse. >> reporter: like many police departments, they use automatic license plate readers. the alcu wants departments to get rid of the mountain of data the raiders are collecting about where we are and when.
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your license plate is helping police track your every move. readers used by most police departments are doing a lot more than locating stolen cars. >> we know that agencies are collecting thousands, even millions of records of individuals. towns in northern california with populations of 10,000 people have millions of records of license plates. >> reporter: he says police handed over 112 images collected in two years of his plates. >> in some of the instances, you can tell where i am. in one instance, it's in my driveway, just as we're getting out of the car. >> reporter: he's alarmed how much the pictures reveal about people not known to law enforcement. >> gathering and storing information about people who are not suspected or charged with a crime i think that's problematic. >> reporter: the alcu says in the bay area stop police departments are sharing the data
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with each other and there are no rules in place about who can access the data or why. >> when you're just collecting information without thinking through, why do i need this? who is going to get it? how long will it be kept? that's a real concern, because then you just -- it's a situation ripe for abuse. >> reporter: he says he doesn't have anything to hide, but if he was being up faithful, it could be used as evidence in court, and he wore yis about the data being used against political candidates. >> if that information becomes useful to use against somebody politically, that information may come out. >> reporter: the aclu says some departments are storing that data indefinitely. the aclu says it's time for law makers to make strict
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guidelines. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. the aclu says one bay area city is at the top of its report. after asking for public records for 600 state and local police departments and combing through 26,000 pages, the civil rights group found the small city of mopitas has 5 million license plate scanned and stored. just released photos of vanldales from this week's protest. police are hoping they will be tipped off. businesses were vanldalized after the delivery of george zimmerman's verdict saturday. oakland city leaders are considering an anti weapon law aimed at protecting people and businesses from vandals during
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protests. that could make it illegal to carry a hammer or a slingshot, a club and shields during protests. it was proposed after a downtown restaurant worker was struck in the face with a hammer during a protest on monday. the city council committee plans to schedule a debate on that issue tomorrow. new at 11:00, it has been a week and still no sign of baby daphne. tonight, the family gathered in oakland. the questions about how the girl vanished and her mother's criminal past are dogging the investigation. terry mcsweeney joips us with the latest on the search for daphne. >> reporter: the mother is 31-year-old tiana davis. she was convicted in april for child endangerment. she was found passed out on drugs and alcohol behind the wheel of a parked car. the child in the back state. the mother is not a suspect, the father is not a suspect and
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police aren't talking about where this investigation is going. we found out where it might be headed by talking to both parents and both have been talking to police. ♪ even though my heart is breaking ♪ >> reporter: tiana davis sings for her missing 21-month-old daughter, daphne webb. she was reported missing last wednesday by john webb. he told police he left daphne in his car for two minutes while he went into a market. he says when he came out she was gone. arrested last week for child endangerment for leave the car in the child up protected, the d.a. never charged him. >> i went down today and they told me that they had some tips in atlanta, georgia. you know, people around here basically on drugs. so some of the tips are
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far-fetched. >> reporter: police want to know when is the last time anyone saw the girl alive. nobody, other than the father, reports seeing her since june 27. >> i talked to the mother every day. she heard her on the phone. i'm just a home body. even before all this happened, i never really went nowhere. >> reporter: the mother could only visit the child occasionally. she too has been in touch with police. >> nothing more that is leading us to find her today. but we're very hopeful, prayerful and we just, you know, want her to come home. we miss her. >> reporter: the family started a website at ♪ i can see that my storm has moved away ♪ >> reporter: interesting that jean elle did a story about
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license plate readers on police vehicles. this is the official missing child poster from the oakland police department. yes, a picture of daphne webb, but also a picture of the father's suv. at the bottom it says they're hoping local law enforcement agency also check to see if they've had any license plate reader hits on that vehicle. they want to know where it's been in the last two to four weeks. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a mountain view preschool is under investigation tonight after reports surfaced of a child being abused there. on july 10, children services got a report that a staff member at the little acorn preschool inappropriately touched students. that staff member no longer has contact with students there. detectives spoke to the students and the school sent a letter explaining the investigation to the parents. so far no arrests have been
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made. tomorrow, we'll learn the fate of two men. they're on trial for the 2009 rape of a teenage girl outside a high school dance. if convicted, they could face life in prison. two other men have been convicted in the case. two more will go on trial late they are year. now to the latest on the asiana airline crash. the first local lawsuit has been filed. a family is suing for millions saying the ordeal damaged them emotionally and physically. the two were traveling home on flight 214 after visiting family in korea. the lawsuit filed this seek seeks $5 million for negligence and recklessness. the attorney says mom and her son suffered serious injuries, including ligament and muscular damage, but the emotional scars for both are deeper.
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>> it's a horrific experience that i don't think i can just fie with words. i don't think anybody can imagine what it was like to have lived through this. it's not just the emotional problems they have to confront dealing with this, it's the physical injuries that they sustained. >> as a result of the crash, the mother is unable to return to work as a translator for the military and her son has serious back problems. tense moments for passengers at the state fair in sacramento. crews had to rescue 20 people when the train lost power around 5:00 leaving them stuck. this happened around 5:00. firefighters used that lift to get everyone down. no one was hurt. no word tonight on when that monorail will reopen. the w.b. coils of the world are not welcome in my district in san francisco but should be prosecuted. >> a strong message that goes out to a man who avoided our
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planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, fresh local sweet corn from g&s farms is just 8 for two dollars. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪ don't stash your goods in the trunk of your rental, the warning from cops in san mateo who say thieves are popping trunks in alarming numbers. belie george kiriyama is live with
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tips on keeping your out of up to guests safer and fully clothed. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this is the place where thieves are breaking into rental cars. seven were broken into last week here inside this central parking garage in downtown san mateo. police are urging people not to take anything important even in their trunks. if you're living a rental car, police are looking for thieves breaking into those cars. >> if someone is in town for business, they are probably keeping a portable electronic device, keeping identification and cash on them. >> reporter: that's exactly what thieves were looking for when they smashed the windows of seven rental cars in downtown santa mateo last week and popping trunks open to get at what's inside. >> they're taking a chance and looking in the trunks, which is an escalation of this crime that we haven't seen before.
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>> reporter: police say the seven rental cars are part of a growing problem in the last couple of weeks, news that business travelers do not want to hear. >> it's very disturbing that you come into town and you have to worry about your stuff in your rental car. >> reporter: investigators say it appears to be the work of groups targeting shopping centers and parking garages. and thieves like rental cars because travelers tend to keep things in their cars more than those who live in town. he says he usually keeps his brief case in his rental car, but he's thinking twice now. >> i might take out something but i'll take it in for sure now. >> reporter: back here live, police say these thieves are watching your every move and when you put something valuable into your trunk, they're going to break in. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news.
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on the cover of the "rolling stone," never one to play it safe, but have they gone too far? that's the accusation tonight after this cover shot of accused boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. inside is a story how he evolved into a killer. a san francisco journalist and former writer and editor of the magazine says it's not as much of a stretch for the magazine as people might think. >> i think part of the job that "rolling stone," the mission of "rolling stone" from the beginning has been to challenge the status quo. that means the media establishment also. it's harder and hard tore do in this age, and i don't think they thought that they were creating a controversy. >> cbs and walgreens saying they will not sell the magazine. some of san francisco's most powerful politicians are sending a strong message tonight to a real estate broker. his name is w.b. coil, and some
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of his investors say he belongs in prison. tony, you've been reporting on this for months but the board has taken action. >> reporter: that message is strong and consils. the board president says brokers like w.b. coil are no longer welcome in san francisco. >> what we're trying to do is stamp out the type of bad activity that the w.b. coils represent. >> reporter: he's talking about this man, a san francisco real estate broker accused of aggressively evicting tenants and stealing millions from several bay area investors. accusations first exposed earlier this year in an nbc bay area investigation. what's your message to him? >> the w.b. coils of the world are not only not welcome in san francisco, but ought to be fully prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. >> reporter: those are strong
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laws. >> the number of lawsuits that have been filed, the dozens of people whose lives have been in some cases ruined by this man for engaging in what appears to me to be criminal activity, you know, this appears to be white collar crime. >> a motion made by the president -- >> reporter: the president of the board wants him prosecuted. investors say he's walked off with millions of their dollars. >> it's shocking that somebody who has lived in north beach for so long would terrorize his neighbors. you just don't see that. >> he enjoys causes distress to other people. he takes pleasure in it. >> all of us here have gotten suckered in. >> reporter: in more than 20 lawsuits filed, they say he's the architect of a comefully kated investment strategy. buying apartment buildings, evicting tenants, remodeling and
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reselling the former apartments as condos and in many cases, without the investor's knowledge, he manipulated the investments in his favor, diverting funds. they say it was to increase his profit and their losses. >> most of the buildings had disabled tenants and seniors. >> reporter: complaints go beyond investors. ted protects tenants from wrongful evictions and says he's had several dealings with w.b. coil. how does he compare to other investors? >> he's among the worst in san francisco over the years. >> reporter: the investigative unit has made several attempts to talk with w.b. coil. do you have moment? we went to his north beach office. he was inside but chose to ignore our knocks. we also found him at an
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arbitration hearing in walnut creek. first he saw our cameras, then drove away without answering our questions >> i think the wheels are turning in the right direction to making sure that he is brought to justice. >> reporter: and that justice may come from california's department of real estate. they filed this document, accusing him of fraud and taking secret commissions. in addition, san francisco's board of supervisors has now approved a new law, protecting tenants from wrongful evictions and blocking investme menment strategies like the one he used to attract investors. >> we want to make sure the bad actors that we're not creating incentives in the marketplace for these types of businessmen to operate in the shadows of the
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law. >> reporter: what he's saying is the opportunity for land lords to evict in san francisco strictly for the purpose of converting and selling is now much more difficult. although coil has repeatedly denied our offer to tell his story on camera, he has said he's done nothing wrong. and later this fall, the state's bureau of real estate has scheduled a hearing, saying it has enough evidence to revoke his license. so for now, it appears the wheels of justice are in motion. >> thank you very much, tony. good work there. if you have a tip for tony or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send tony an e-mail. let's take a moment and check in with jeff ranieri. boy, you said it was going to get warmer. >> numbers went up about three to five degrees today, ten degrees in some locations. another 5 to 7 as we head
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throughout thursday. currently dry, but coming up in the forecast, some unusual shifts in that summer pattern that could have some thunderstorms across the bay area. let's get to it. first look at our thursday forecast. yes, we're still going to have cloud cover at the coastline. airport delays likely at sfo, 30 to 45 minutes. and for the interior valleys, patchy clouds. by noon, numbers catapulting here. mid 80s inland and for the hottest interior valleys tomorrow, low 90s expected. a little bit of cloud cover right on the top of your screen, near the san jose area, mainly clear. and in san francisco, you got high pressure compressing all of the elements of the atmosphere, squeezing out any available moisture like a sponge. four fog factor forecast will
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have the coastline coated here with fog tomorrow morning. notice this, back towards alameda county, we haven't highlighted that, because not expecting too much cloud cover to start. by the afternoon, as that hot hair moves in from the east, it's going to keep that fog at bay. so most of that fog line will be from here to half moon day. take a look at palo alto and santa cruz. 85 for you in palo alto. 80 in santa cruz. 94 in gilroy. plenty of hot air getting trapped in the east bay. this is the kind of weather you want to make sure to drink plenty of water. down in the mission district, it will feel like 70 for you. 85 in santa rosa.
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temperatures in napa, mid to upper 80s. we have this weekend resurgence of hot inland air. tuesday, the possibility of maybe some stray isolated thunderstorms. not a big chance but something we'll be watching closely. any kind of lightning strike this time of the year could be bad news for us. but drink that water, remember that spf. >> good advice. thank you, jeff. coming up, it's being called the med qual breakthrough that can help doctors smoke out cancer. how it works, next.
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surgeons in london say an experimental surgical knife helps make sure all cancer has been removed. they generally use nooifs that vaporize issue, but this
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analyzes the smoke to instantly determine whether the tissue is cancerous or healthy. scientists say the new technology will be submitted for approval after more studies. the arizona diamondbacks start a series with the giants on friday and they will be without their spanish language play by play man. he was arrested today, accused of holding a kitchen knife to his wife's throat and threatening to kill her. he is in his 16th year as the diamondbacks broadcaster. if team has suspended him for now. we'll be back with sports after the break.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. when you're the champs, no one is going to throw you a life preserver. it's sink or swim time for the g-man. the giants are 6 1/2 games behind the diamondbacks. but it's the perfect time to
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make a run. friday, they'll open a three-game series at at&t park. >> now it's time for us, just to focus on what's going on. you know, with my club and hopefully get on track here. we finished up on a good note, taking a series there in san diego. we have arizona. so i hope the guys had a great time off. but a restful time and they're all set to go. >> i guess i haven't thought of it like that. you try to go day-to-day and not worry about what's happened. >> still a lot of work to do. hopefully we just come back in the second half and start playing good. >> checking in with the a's. baseball fans will have more time to watch the home run king take batting practice. the a's will open the gates to the coliseum for one hour earlier for all remaining friday
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home games so fans can watch him knock the cover off the ball. monday, he won the 20 13 home run derby. he's unbelievable. if you get a chance, check him out. 27 years old. he's strong as a bull! to basketball. vandermeer is one of the best college coaches in the country and today she received a new contract to coach the women's basketball team. specifics were not disclosed, but she had two years remaining on her previous contract. she won 742 games during her 27 years at stanford. also, the former cal star released by the lions. that will do it for you. jessica will be right back after the break.
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san diego is geek heaven tonight. the 44th annual comic-con
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convention opened. more than 100,000 people, most dressed up as their favorite tv and comic book characters, are expected the attend. so a lot of actors will be there looking for buzz for their upcoming movies. the convention ends on sunday. that's going to do it for us tomorrow. bye-bye.
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