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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. terry mcsweeney is off tonight opinion here in the bay area, and across the country. thousands of people rallied in support of trayvon martin tonight. they're also calling for the justice department to file civil rights charges against the man who shot and killed him. hundreds of people gathered this afternoon in oakland in front of the federal building there. >> good evening, about 200 to 300 people gathered at the federal building to call on the justice department to file new charges against george zimmerman. there was a large police presence and this was a peaceful rally, it was organized by an east bay teenager. >> thank you for coming.
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>> justin jones is 17 years old, the same age trayvon martin was when he was shot and killed. jones who just graduated from hercules high school says he organized today's rally in oakland, especially to reach out to other young people in the east bay. >> we're calling for peace in our community. we need to end gun violence. that's why we're here, especially the youth, we're trying to get them involved in this modern day civil rights movement. >> fight for justice. >> when gene quan took the mic, several people heckled her and booed. >> let's make sure we invest in young people in america. >> reporter: it was justin who calmed the crowd. >> this is an open forum for everyone. if you want to act like that, go home. >> a lot of people are hurt, but we're trying to ask them to take all those emotions and turn it to positive, peaceful,
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intelligent action. >> justin and the people he's brought here today give me hope that we're on the edge of changing, making a change for the better. >> also calling for action, civil rights attorney, john burress, who told the crowd, he thinks there's a federal case to be made against george zimmerman. >> i think it's important for the justice department to conduct an investigation, and file their charges. it's going to be a challenge for them. but it's better to do it and lose than not to do it at all. >> reporter: afterwards the mayor deflected questions about why police failed to step in. on several occasions this past week, when protests turned violent. >> i don't want to talk about that. today is about the young people and their voices. >> reporter: justin jones tells me he's attending a university in nashville in the fall. a candlelight vigil is planned for trayvon martin at lake
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merritt at 7:00 tonight. across the bay, a smaller group protested in san francisco at the federal building there. that rally was also peaceful. there were similar protests in about 100 cities nationwide today the protesters want a federal investigation into the circumstances of martin's death, and they want lawmakers to repeal the stand your ground laws in more than 2 dozen states. brian mooar also shows us what trayvon martin's parents had to say today. >> in cities around the country many rallied, untold thousands of demonstrators, all with a single message. justice for trayvon martin. >> anybody, black, white, asian, should be out here because of what happened. >> i think trayvon martin, he could have been one of mine. i came out to support his family, his parents. >> trayvon martin's father addressed the crowd in miami.
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>> we just have to come together. >> his mother spoke in new york. >> not only do i vow to you to do what i can for trayvon martin, i promise you i'm going to work hard for your children as well. >> among those listening, entertainment icons and parents jay-z and beyonce about rallies were scheduled in 100 cities with gatherings from washington to los angeles. from chicago to the rainy streets of atlanta. all this the day after president obama spoke out on the case. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> though the president said the system worked and jurors have spoken. many of these rallies want to see a federal civil rights case, and they want to see an end to stand your ground laws like florida's. >> this is something that really affects everybody. it's an unjust law. >> a day to speak out on a case
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that's shown the power to divide some and bring others together. brian mooar, nbc news. >> long time white house journalist and pioneer helen thomas has died. thomas made a name for herself working for united press international for more than half a century. she was the first woman to join the white house correspondents association, and the first woman to serve as its president. she began covering the white house when john f. kennedy was president and stayed there until her retirement in 2010. she was 92 years old. the families of the three chinese teenagers killed at sfo have hired lawyers. the chronicle is reporting the family chose a firm out of new york to represent them. two of the girls died during the crash, as we reported yesterday, the third survived the crash and was killed by a responding fire truck. also earlier this week, a mother and son injured in the crash filed a lawsuit against asiana
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airlines in federal court in san francisco. in sunnyvale, firefighters are on the vine of a fire at a lucky's shopping center at the intersection of north matilda and maude. kimberly terry has more on what's happening. >> that fire is under control, and we're told the crews are still out here making sure it is completely out. the call came in at about 2:30 this afternoon, it was a report of smoke in one of the buildings. when firefighters arrived, they say that smoke grew significantly. >> you have a portion of the structure under construction, and it adjoins a working supermarket that needed to be evacuated and closed. >> when that smoke grew, that's when firefighters called in a second alarm, the complex was evacuated and at this hour, it is still closed. they believe the fire started somewhere between a liquor store and a chinese restaurant. both are adjacent to the grocery store. the lucky's's and both self-evac
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unite ated workers and patrons saw the smoke. heavy damage to the businesses. daze hard to tell how much of it is from the fires. the construction is also going on in the complex. there was no damage to luckies, however, it is still closed at this hour. there were no injuries. and no word yet on the cause. but firefighters are investigating. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. a man is behind bars tonight after a deadly crash in east san jose. witnesses saw at least two cars racing down south white road just before 10:00 last night. the police lost control crashing into a man on a motorcycle who was killed. the cars ended up in the front yard of two homes. police arrested one of the drivers on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving and hit and run. the other driver was taken to the hospital. coming up next at 5:00, more problems for the bay bridge. this time it has nothing to do
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with bolts. we'll show you the new concerns that reportedly surround the western span of the bridge. also, meeting the person who helped save your life. a cancer survivor gets a chance to say thank you to his bone marrow donor for the first time today. why that's not the only tie between the two men. we've seen a warm start to the weekend with some 80s and low 90s out toward the trivalley right now. sea breeze, pretty strong into san francisco. but the item to watch by the end of the weekend is happening now in the sierra, you see thunderstorms to our east, and some moving through southern california. some of that getting closer to the bay area earlier this week. we'll have a look at that in the forecast when we come back. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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family and friends of a missing toddler spent the day searching for her again in oakland and handing out flyers. daphne webb was reported missing at 79th avenue on june 27th. her father who was arrested last week on child endangerment charges for leaving the little girl in the car with his mother who suffers from dementia. when he came back to his car, he said daphne was gone. he's been passing out flyers every day sometimes alone and sometimes with help. >> it's been tough. i just want to hand out these
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flyers. that's what i'm here to do. >> african vassing the neighborhood the group held hands at the circle where daphne was last scene. there are more problems for the bay bridge, this time on the western span. according to the san francisco chronicle, 37 of 96 seismic shock absorbers on the span are leaking lubricant. there are now questions as to whether cal trans ordered the right shocks in the first place. the shocks in question are between the bridge towers on the roadway and are intended to reduce stress on the structure during an earthquake. crews plan to refill the lubricant sometime in 2015. a fix that's expected to cost some $13 million. and still to come at 5:00, a bay area cancer survivor meets the donor who helped save his
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life. why their paths may have crossed before without even knowing it. look at 'em.
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if you can't find your dog, don't worry, there's an app for that. facial recognition technology has arrived in the doghouse. our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us it can be life saving. >> they might be wrinkly. they're probably affectionate. and they're furry and cute.
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they're your dog. and if they ever get lost, there's an app for that. finding rover. a piece of face recognition technology to help reunite dogs and their owners. >> i remember the dog we lost, and how traumatic it was for our kids, driving down the neighborhood, putting posters up. trying to find our dog. there must be a better way. >> finding rover is an easy to use app that can help your pet if it gets lost. the app even comes with a bark button to get your dog's attention. >> it's similar to taking a picture and then putting it up on facebook and tagging it. only the app has special technology so you can tell which one of us is the cute one. the goal is simple, reduce the number of pets that come here and can't find their way back home. >> if there's a disaster or you see people trying to get reunited with their animals, what a great way to do it.
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to have this at your fingertips as an owner or guardian to be able to get your animal back quickly is a tremendous tool. >> you're probably already taking lots of pictures of your friends. here's one to take one of your best friend that might save a life. >> that was scott budman reporting. the app is free, and the company says it's working on a version for cats as well. two south bay men held a rare meeting today. jackie chen was diagnosed with leukemia at age 22. last april he received a bone marrow transplant. today the marrow happened to come from this guy who he met for the first time today with family and friends in san jose. they've been waiting for over a year to meet. the donor program requires that a year pass after the transplant to make sure the patient survives. >> i'm like smokey the bear, only you can -- yeah, it literally is only that person who matches your typing.
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>> to be here now is a great sign for jack, and it's a great feeling for me to know i helped make a difference. >> i have the chance to go back to school, get a job and live a normal life. >> and so -- >> coincidentally, the two men both graduated from monte vista high school in cupertino four years apart. they urge everyone who can to register with the national bone marrow and stem cell registry. the mountain fire in southern california has been raging for nearly a week. fire crews continue to battle the flames which are burning dry shrubs and brush in the san jacinto mountains. flames are threatening the town of idlewild and crews are frantically trying to contain the flames. we want to check in with rob mayeda on the weather down there as well. >> temperatures running cooler
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than yesterday. 95 in palm springs, i say down because typically it's been well above 100 degrees. they've had scattered showers nearby. 2700 plus acres burned so far. one of the things they're watching in addition to the temperatures and humidity are the way the winds are moving around around the main fire lab. the research lab has been down on sight today during the day with their light radar, lydar, looking into the smoke plume, kind of like a cat scan view into the large mountain fire, so they can detect things like the smoke layer or see instability aloft. look for up drafts and down drafts that can cause wildly different conditions on the surface. for the most part today, the fire behavior has benefited from the scattered showers which have been in the vicinity. they had a wild night last
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night, several of the casinos struck by lightning, all the moisture, which has been in vegas and palm springs now, is already started to reach the sierra. you can see some big thunderstorms to our east. eventually, some of that moisture, which has been to our south, is going to try to drift northward out of southern california. it pushes that moisture closer to the bay area. you'll notice changes ahead in the 7-day forecast. for now, it's the sea breeze which is starting to cool off our inland locations. 80s and 90s around livermore. it's going to help bring in low clouds tomorrow morning, like we saw today, mostly sunny skies, a move through the afternoon, another cool day we expect on the coast with that sea breeze. 60s to 80s to near 90 degree temperatures inland. mist and drizzle likely around san francisco. and tomorrow's highs just like we saw today, around san jose. 90s as you get closer to morgan hill, upper 80s and low 90s
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during the day tomorrow. we'll see winds from 15 to 30 miles per hour, picking up around 3:00 in the afternoon, upper 80s around fairfield and into the north bay, we'll see highs in the 70s. cooling things off a bit for the afternoon. and still a cool finish for the weekend around san francisco. the weather begins to change, late tomorrow into monday. notice the temperatures inland cooling off a bit. we'll call for tropical clouds right now, as the moisture moves out of the desert, and monday into tuesday, stay tuned, there's a chance we could see a scattered shower, but what you'll really notice i think is things turning a bit more muggy, as some of the moisture starts to creep out of the desert southwest, moves toward the bay area, we'll see your skies fill up with clouds. hopefully no thundershowers. we don't need to increase our fire danger. we'll see some interesting weather perhaps improving next week. >> thanks very much, rob. let's bring in henry wofford for comcast sportsnet.
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what's going on in your world, henry? >> hello, diane, never a quiet day in sports in the bay area. tiger woods is on the hunt. the best defense could be steph curry. we'll tell you what that's all about. we go to at&t park, we'll have a report on matt cain next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area, sometimes having a short memory, it actually helps in baseball, after a shaky first half of the season. the giants are ignoring the past
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and focused on the future. the g-men beat the d-backs last night. mindy boch has more on the champs who are five and a half games out of first place. >> reporter: tonight's starter matt cain is coming off the shortest outing of his career, where he gave up three earned runs in two thirds of an inning, he's looking to regain his world championship form from 2012. he's had to do so while having the lowest run support on the giants staff. >> matt, he's a pro, and he's going to give you all he has. it doesn't matter run support or no run support. it doesn't change how he pitches. that's who he is. and that's what he'll be tonight. and he's good to go. >> if you see the last couple games, we score four or more runs, we have won those games, and it's been big all year. obviously, you know, we score, and then we have a lot of runs.
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the pitchers get a lot more confident out there, you know what i mean? they're still pitching their game, but it's like it gets them a little less. >> this will be cane's fourth start against the diamondbacks this season, he has three no decisions and two of those three starts already, have been quality starts for the right hander. at at&t park, mindy boch, nbc bay area. over to the green and gold, the home run derby left the champion in pain. he's not in the a's starting lineup today, he's been dealing with soreness in his left wrist, the team trainers say he's listed as day to day. the a's will visit the angels today at 6:00. moving day at the open, tiger woods on the proul early. woods with the long birdie attempt on two. talk to it, it talks back. right in the middle. then on nine, that makes him having a good day, just two back
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of the leader. your leader is lee westwood who after two drivers on the fifth hole had this putt for eagle, got it to fall. westwood with a two-shot lead once again, heading into the final round. speaking of jobs, steph curry has game on the court and on the court. today at edgewood tahoe gulf club, he's leading the tournament. scoring for this tournament is not standard. curry's score is 47. he's a point ahead of jeremy roenick and chris chandler. some guys are just good at everything. steph curry is one of those guys. we'll have highlights from baseball coming up a little later. >> that's just not fair, and he seems to be such a nice guy too. >> he is. but you can't even hate on the guy, you have to say good job steph. >> thanks, henry. when we come back, kaepernick's number 7 jersey is number one.
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discuss colin kaepernick hasn't played a full season in the nfl yet, he's already made some pretty big headlines, from leading the niners to the super bowl to posing on the cover of magazines. now the quarterback can add the hottest selling jersey in football to his list of accolades. kaepernick's number seven jersey has been the top seller from april to june. robert griffin iii held the title for more than a year. buster posey's jersey is the best selling in major league baseball. nice for the giants and niners. you were just talking about the fact that football's here?
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>> august 4th, dolphins and cowboys. >> incredible. >> thanks for watching bay area news at 5:00, we'll see you at 6:00. . >> on the program this saturday night, race matters. rallies and vigils around the country for trayvon martin one day after the president calls on america to do some serious soul searching. extreme weapons. another record day of heat as severe storms move in. an exclusive look from the cockpit as a fight to contain w50i8d fires in the west. >> a woman riding a newly renovated roller coaster is thrown to her death. and helen thomas fearlessly asked ten presidents the tough question from the best seat in the white house. a look back at the groundbreaking career of an intrepid white house corresponde correspondent.


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