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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm diane dwyer, terry mcsweeney has the night off. a good samaritan is dead after trying to help victims of a car accident. the california highway patrol says the man was killed on 280 near the woodside exit this morning. kimberly tere joins us from redwood city with the story tonight. >> reporter: 280 was shut down for about three hours, the california highway patrol investigated the fatal accident, a public information officer tells us that that accident happened about 2:40 this morning in the southbound lanes of highway 280, just north of woodside road. he says a black honda clipped the rear end of a toyota suv,
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causing that toyota to hit the center divide. right after that crash, a witness in a silver jeep pulled over onto the right hand shoulder of 280 and stepped out to help those involved in the crash. he says as he was walking across the freeway lanes, he was hit by another suv. >> any time you see a collision on the freeway, we recommend people to not stop on the freeway and help, just call 911, let us know what is going on. and if you stop, other vehicles cannot see you and you therefore, you might be -- you're liable to get struck. >> reporter: the driver of that honda involved in the initial accident which prompted the good samaritan to pull over to help has been identified 25z 5-year-old charles miranda of valet home he has been booked into the san mateo county jail for dui. the identity of the 33-year-old good samaritan from redwood city who was killed has not yet been released. there was a passenger in the car with him. that woman was taken to the hospital for emotional trauma.
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two others, women who were in the suv involved in the initial crash also were taken to the hospital, we are told for minor injuries. live in redwood city kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. happening right now, a call for action in the south bay. here's a live look at a small crowd gathering outside san jose's city hall tonight. they are planning another rally protesting the verdict of the george zimmerman trial and showing their support for trayvon martin. the unarmed black teenager killed in the case. yesterday, there were more than 100 rallies held across the country, this one in oakland was organized by a teenager the same age as martin when he was killed, 17. in the wake of the trayvon martin case, demonstrators around the country are calling on state lawmakers to reconsider stand your ground laws. mosh than 20 other states have similar laws and it's a debate that suddenly finds president obama and his former rival, john mccain, finding common ground. brian mooar has that story.
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>> reporter: it was a weekend of rallies in cities around the nation, from people who hope a florida verdict won't be the final word on trayvon martin. >> activism. >> reporter: focus is now shifting to state legislatures and rolling back stand your ground laws. >> we need to go from conversation to legislation. >> reporter: at least 22 states have laws like florida's, which permit deadly force with no duty to retreat. florida governor rick scott met with demonstrators this past week and told them he doesn't expect florida's law to change, but opponents say they will stand their ground. >> what we see in the state of florida one of the first states to do this we have seep an a 30 increase in so-called self-defense whom sides. disproportionately people of color, disproportionately african-americans. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> reporter: president obama urged states to revisit their
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stand your ground laws. as is senator john mccain, who has a state law. >> confident the members of the arizona legislature will and because it is a very controversial legislation. >> reporter: after a weekend of protests, an effort to turn talk into action. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> mccain added that he thinks the florida law should -- the florida should review the stand your ground law as well as his home state of arizona. san francisco police identified the man killed in a shootout last night. the shootout happened around 9:45 near the intersection of o'farm and larkin streets a 24-year-old was killed. another man rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it's unclear whether the two men were shot were involved in the violence or just innocent bystanders. police arrested at least one person in that case. we do have new information on a deadly crash in east san jose last night. the motorcyclist who was killed has been identified as
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60-year-old noel reynoso in santa clara. a 23-year-old man in a lexus was speeding down south white road just before 10:00 last night when he lost control, hitting the victim. police arrested the map, who has not been identified at this point, on suspicious of vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving you and hit and run. champion sprint car driver remains in the hospital in serious condition after a horrific crash at the antioch speedway. the rollover crash happened last night during the king of the west race. peter murphy was airlifted to john muir medical center with serious injuries. officials say he was trapped in the car 40 minutes while fire crews tried free him from the wreckage. >> contact with another car, down the front stretch and times these things are open-wheel cars and stuff like that happens. you make contact. we see it a lot. him and another car got together and sent him upside down, down the front straight away and ended up landing in turn one. >> it happens to a friend, a fellow driver, i mean, it's -- it's tough on ya.
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>> nearly 2,000 people witnessed the crash, which is one of the largest held at the antioch speedway. tonight, we know more about the sunnyvale fire that left two businesses badly damaged. the city says the fire started at a chinese restaurant on north matilde avenue in sunnyvale yesterday afternoon. flames quickly spread to the liquor store next door in the strip mall. the fire also shutdown a lucky's grocery store for hours. the cause is still under investigation and no one was hurt. family and friends remembered firefighters who died in the line of duty in contra costa county. the fire protection district held a public ceremony this morning to honor those fallen firefighters. the memorial wall contains the names of the 16 firefighters killed in the past 45 years. >> gives us a chance to remember the 16 people who have given their lives in service to the community of contra costa county. it's always hard to remember something like this, because a lot of these people, we lost way
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too soon. >> the fire district says all 16 firefighters on the wall died in the pursuit of public safety for their community. the search for answers continues after a woman fell from a roller coaster and died. progress is being made on a massive wildfire burning near palm springs. what's making the difference for crews coming up. also -- >> i'm laurence scott in san francisco at the america's cup where it was a wild day own the water. the kiwis really showing their stuff. we got a report for you coming up in just a bit. and we saw a pretty nice finish to the weekend in terms of our weather today, still near 90 degrees, warmer spots, inland, 61, san francisco. turning breezy outside right now the seabreeze ramping up, but what we are really watching here is subtropical moisture that could bring a chance of some rare july showers our way. a look that the in the forecast when we come right back.
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san francisco firefighters worked on their skills today, practicing fighting a large-scale fire in a high rise building two drills, one in the morning and in the afternoon, were conducted on kearney in downtown san francisco today. officials say a high-rise fire is much different than a residential fire because of the multiple people to evacuate as well as transporting equipment. >> it is as close to the real deal as possible. we are grateful to the building
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owners and management association to use this building, because we want to make sure we practice. this is a high-risk but low-frequency event. >> 200 firefighters participated today. the department conducts a full-scale exercise like today's every year. there was plenty of drama at the america's cup race today. our laurence scott has the latest. >> so, we are off. >> compelling action on the bryant word go with emirates team new zealand and the italian luna rosa team flying neck in neck in the opening moments of sunday's action. after nine race days in the louis vuitton cup challenger series, this just the second head-to-head match race and full of intrigue when the kiwis' head sail breaks loose. they do not like the cut of that jib as a klain of events ensue, all the while, the boat keeps its lead over luna rosa. first, the kiwi crew bringing down the jib before it's eventually jettisoned and skipper dean barker keeps things steady as emirates team new zealand finishes the race two minutes ahead of the italian
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team. >> you know, we have had some hard knocks and also a lot of success. i think it's those experiences which make you deal with the situation a much better manner when they do sort of pop out of the blue like today. >> the skipper knew immediate lit wing alone would be sufficient for the kiwis. >> test the wing only. downwind is probably faster. it is draggy. that is why we are using the jib. >> compelling drama all around mostly august test tonight team work and how the experience as a team is paying dividendser any the summer of racing. >> the guys take control of the situation.
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still ahead, progress near palm springs. we will show you that massive wildfire that's been burning for a week and what firefighters say made the difference today. plus, the amusement park, not an outside agency, will be leading the investigation into the death of a woman who fell from this roller coaster. and we will explain why.
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the investigation continues into the death of a woman who fell off a coaster in techblgs the woman was worried her safety restraint was not working properly before the ride left the loading zone. nbc's sarah daloff has the story. >> reporter: texas giant roller
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coaster remains closed tonight two days after screams of fun turned to screams of horror at six flags over texas in arlington. >> when they pulled eed up, th daughter and son of the lady who flew out of the car was hysterical and they were saying their mother flew out of the car. >> reporter: family members now identified the woman as rosie espar za, they lived in her dallas, texas, neighborhood for about a year. >> when i mowed the grass, she come out, bring me coke, tea, ice water. >> reporter: witnesses report he is spar za questioned the ride attendant about the security of her safety restraint and was panickedz as the ride took off. six flags has not commented directly on the restraint but issued a statement which reads in part, "it would be a disservice to the family to speculate regarding what transpired." there's been one other death at six flags over texas since it opened in 1961. a raft overturned in 1999 on the roaring rapids ride, killing one and injuring ten.
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this new fatality will not be reviewed by government regulators since texas is one of 21 states without oversight to investigate amusement park accidents. >> there's absolutely no provision for postincident oversight. the theme park operator, the carnival operator, the fun center operator are responsible for doing their own investigation. >> reporter: an arrangement industry watchdogs would like to see changed. sarah daloff, nbc news. flooding in phoenix has forced road closures and stranded some motorists, as you can see there the storm, which hit downtown phoenix this morning, brought about half an inch of rain. in southeast tucson, experienced flash flooding yesterday from a storm that dropped near lane inch of rain. despite fact that arizona is a desert, it is not unusual to have flash flooding there as well. thousands of people in southern california are being allowed to return to their homes tonight. a sudden rain storm is helping firefighters get the upper hand against a wildfire that burned
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42 square miles just west of palm springs. the fire, which is now about half contained, has destroyed seven homes and 16 other structures. the riverside county sheriff's department lifted evacuation orders today for several communities that had been threatened by the fire. more than 6,000 people have been forced out of their homes the past several days. we will check in with rob my yesterday d.a. crazy weather going on. >> saw the rain falling near the fire lines, good news around the idyllwild area. showers include some thunderstorms of lightning but there's been enough rain to also wet the ground there which helped the firefighting efforts in southern california. notice which way the moisture is going, kind of unusual to see it going from east to west, little easterly wave here moving off northern baja, california, now west of southern california, starting to pull that moisture out of southern california, now closer to bakersfield and fresno. you can see the stop that's next in its path actually getting closer to the bay area and the central coast with the next 24
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hours or so. temperatures today still looking a lot like summer around the bay area, 93 livermore, 80, san jose, the valley, 93, 92, morgan hill. didn't like that still had your 60s around san francisco, over to oakland, 77, fremont, 75, santa cruz. temperatures more or less holding up now, despite the fact got a pretty strong seabreeze blowing into fairfield, winds 15 to 30 miles per hour, the speed should start to back off as we head toward 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. notice the humidity, still gray on the hill tops, 18% humidity, 29% in livermore. may not see much in the way of actual rain but the humidity is going to increase as that tropical moisture starts to move up out of the south. low clouds, san francisco down along the coastline. these low clouds move locally inland tomorrow morning, but the chances of showers will increase later tomorrow and tuesday, as all this activity that's been off to our south and east for the weekend starts to drift closer to the bay area, so that moisture starts to increase and
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gets closer to us by this time tomorrow, the chances of showers late in the day for some of the areas south of santa cruz, that's possible by tomorrow afternoon and then into tuesday, it looks like, more of these clouds will start spilling on n by lunchtime tomorrow, looking the high clouds moving on by south to north across the bay area. through the day tuesday, still some batches of moisture coming in. nothing in terms of measurable rainfall but some brief showers are possible. especially out toward the sierra, the coastal range, might have to watch out for an isolated thundershower the first half of the week. temperatures around the bay area, wake up to mist and drizzle around the peninsula and coast, 80 near san jose, monday forecast, still close to 90 in pleasanton, mid-80s out toward fairfield as the west winds keep things relatively mild. 63 in san francisco. 70s in the north bay, near 70 in oakland. so watching these midlevel cloud, in addition to the low clouds we will see for the morning, monday into tuesday you a slight chance of showers. once the tropical moisture moves
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on, it's going to feel more comfortable, going to be a little mug get first half of the week. wednesday, we see winds picking up, drying out and head toward the second half of the week into next weekend, wouldn't you know, looks exactly like this weekend, 90s inland, 60s and 70s on the coast, but the weather could be a little interesting here next couple of days around the bay area. >> i will take the repeat. thank you, rob, we will be right back. mom, frank ate the bones. no i didn't. you ate the bones. no, you ate the bones. nobody ate any bones. so, frank didn't eat the bones?
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no honey, frank did not eat any bones. well he's breathing on me. no i'm not. yes you are. no i'm not. yes you are. no i'm not. yes you are. [ male announcer ] it's kfc original recipe without the bones freshly prepared white or dark meat boneless and skinless try a 10 piece mixed bucket for just $14.99. today tastes so good. first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. nelson mandela turned 95 years old on thursday and dozens
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of people gathered in berkeley today to celebrate international mandela day. congresswoman barbara lee was the main organizer of the convenient at berkeley's black repertory theater. the nelson mandela foundation first launched mandela day in 2008 when mandela turned 90 that is also the same year his african national congress party was finally removed from the u.s. list of terrorist organizations. and today, we recall that story among others and wished him a very happy others. >> you will be a beacon of hope for each generation seeking a more just and prosperous world. we are praying for your recovery. we wish you and your family and the people of south africa a glorious future. >> mandela has been hospitalized for weeks for a long infection. officials in south africa said this past week that his condition is starting to improve. well, work gets under way tomorrow in washington to fix a mistake on the martin luther king memorial at the national mall. a quote from the civil rights
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leader will be removed from the stone monument. many critics pointed out the quote was taken out of context and the shortened version distorts the meaning of king's words. the full quote makes clear it was not a best but a statement of humility. the national parks service says work will be finished by august 28th, the 50th anniversary of king's "i have a dream" speech. right now, we are going to check in with scott reiss of comcast sports net. hello, scott. hello, diane, a typical summer sunday, all eyes on tiger heading into the final day of muirfield but it was another supper star who stole the show. speaking of superstars, the giants' best pitcher gave that kind of effort, why it still wasn't enough to complete a sweep of the snakes. sports next.
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hi, everybody, scott reiss in the comcast sports newsroom. baumgartner allowed 17 hits in last five innings and that good again on sunday against arizona. problem was his offense didn't pick him up. giants trying to sweep the diamondbacks, mad bomb, serving one up to aaron hill. but gregor blanco his back with total disregard for his own safety. bottom six, pablo sandoval, mind the gap. buster posey being waved home by tim flan rick, nobody out, questionable decision, posie and the giants do not tie the game. still 1-0 in the eighth. cody ross, the former giant getting on his old team. the bases loaded, knox scores prado and goldschmidt. the diamondbacks up 3-0, win it 3-1. >> happens, the tway goes some
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times, haven't made a good relay and a good throw to the plate. >> can't happen. i feel responsible for the game. i feel responsible for bum not getting a win and a loss. comes with the territory over there days a moment you help win games and occasionally, in the middle of helping lose a game and that's how i felt today. >> you know, he takes it personal. but not going to be right every single time. he had to make a perfect throw and he did. what can you do? >> the giants failed to complete a sweep. the a's trying to avoid a sweep at the hand of the angels. little man muscling up, second home run of the season, two-run homer, makes it 2-0. bottom seven, 6-0, plenty for bartolo colon, one exception,
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pujols, hit it a long, long watch never fear, chris young, going up, bringing it back. then bartolo, hijinx with his buddy, alberts, finish what is he starts, getting josh hamilton in the ninth. how about a four-hit shutout for bartolo colon? he is 40 years old. three shutouts on the season. a's win 6-0. a little golf? why not? 142nd open championship across the pond. tiger woods two back to start the day, misses the short par putt on one, never a factor, 3 over for the day. phil mickelson comes out of nowhere here, par 5 17th, lefty going home in two, birdie there, mickelson wins his first open championship. while talking about golf, i should throw in that at the celebrity golf championship up in tahoe -- many century championship in tahoe, celebrity golf tournament, steph curry,
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golden state war fame, lead nothing fought. billy joe tolliver, former quarterback, the winner. thinking steph curry, all-star caliber basketball player in the nba, within this much of winning a golf tournament up in ta home where did i get one? where's the love for the rest of us if he is that good? >> clearly don't have as much talent anything we do compared to that guy. that is incredible. not an easy golf course either up there that they were playing. very pretty, right on the lake. >> no doubt. not an easy course. and celebrity tournament, but these were good celebrity golfers. >> they were not us. many miniatures. yeah. yeah. i'm with you. thank you, scott. and weather-wise you can got some rain perhaps? >> you know, they had some thunderstorms near the sierra, too interesting to watch during the day today. some of that moisture coming close to the bay area tomorrow into tuesday you slight chance of showers, great chance of it just being muggy outside the next couple of days. second half of the week looks pretty nice lot like this
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weekend we just went through. >> all right, thank you, rob. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, have a lovely evening. good night.
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plea's cup discovered looks back on the 33rd america's cup. the scene was set in 2007 during the 32nd cup. the defender was from switzer land, faced off in a best of nine series. in the seventh race, coming from behind to went race and the match. bhchlt mw's larry ellison challenged with the multihole. after several rounds of contentious battle in the new york courts, the match was ordereded to be said off valencia spain in february 2010.


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