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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning. i'm sure you remember this guy, jon kelley. nice to have you back. >> i appreciate you holding down the fort. thank you for welcoming me back. heavy lifting out here. that's why she's got the big guns. i'm jon kelley. we have details about a south bay camp counselor accused of taking advantage of kids under his care two additional victims have now come forward care worker and this investigation continues. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live in morgan hill where the suspect is said to face some new charges in court. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon t is possible he might enter a plea to those new charges, a few hours from now, 1:30 this afternoon, 20-year-old
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nicholas lehrmine is expected to return to south county court for his arraignment. morgan hill police announced during interviews with parents and children the past several day they have discovered two more young girls allegedly abused by lehrmine. one is 5 years old, the other 7. police say their detectives were able to corroborate their statement and find evidence to support their claims. lehrmine was arrested a week and a half ago after a 6-year-old girl told her parents that he forced her to do something earlier in the day while at the ymca, paradise valley elementary child care center, where he works as a child care provider. in the process of that initial investigation, police say they discovered another victim of sexual assault. so right now, there are four alleged victims. investigators say they also found child pornography on lehrmine's cell phone, including images of a 17-year-old girl. right now, he faces charges of lewd and lascivious acts on a child and production of child pornography. police tell us they are still
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conducting interviews and looking for possible other potential victims. lehrmine, who is from morgan hill, had worked at the ymca for roughly four years in various jobs, after his arrest, the y said they take this very seriously and are cooperating with police in this investigation. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> okay, bob, thanks so much. a 16-year-old boy is accused of raping an intoxicated 40-year-old south bay woman in her home before stealing from her. police say it happened saturday night after the woman took a taxi home from a bar. the taxi driver reportedly asked another woman and her teenaged son to help him get the intoxicated woman into her morgan hill home. later that night, investigators say the teenager returned to their home and raped her. he is also accused of later burglarizing her home with the help of his 15-year-old girlfriend and another friend. an update for you here, the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will not be sent
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entering a plea at his court hearing this afternoon. he still has not answered the charges of murderer and kidnapping. today's appearance in court is simply a discovery hearing, meaning more evidence needs to be turned in by the prosecution. if you recall, sierra lamar disappeared in march of last year. at this point, her body has not been found. and a very sad scene in san jose, police just revealed a 7-month-old baby's death appears to be accidental. police say that baby boy was q'sive, sadly, at a home near blossom hill road near monterey highway. the preliminary investigation does not reveal foul play, with the baby unfortunately dying in his sleep. police looking for a hit and run drive they are morning who plowed into a group of cyclists at the san jose bike party over the weekend. it happened around 12:30 saturday morning on campbell avenue near the campbell community center. the driver did not stop.
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hurt. she is in the hospital. here's a picture of her, with a fractured skull, hip and last broken leg. her friend was also hit by the car. a driver in a dark-colored honda swerved into their bike lane then kept driving. the driver turned off their headlights, making difficult for witnesses to read the license plate. >> something like that doesn't need to happen. you're with a group of friends, enjoying a bike ride and someone wants to be irresponsible and take off after you hit someone. it is not right r >> the group was riding in the monthly san jose bike party which draws hundreds of cyclists on the third friday of over month. campbell police are asking any witnesses to please give them a call. a school district on the peninsula now considering some legal action to have students' ap test scores reinstated. the san mateo unified school board meeting at noon today for a closed session to discuss their legal options.
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last night i hundreds of mill high school students and their parents met to discuss why hundreds of ap test scores were just thrown out. a company called educational testing services says the school did not follow strict seating requirements so now students, they say they may have to retake courses in college, class these could have bypassed with ap tests. >> i already know this material, i have to redo it. i could be going forward, advancing with other classes, graduating earlier n this economy, that's what everyone wants to do >> we were counting on that extra money not only to see that she graduates, four years and not longer but just to save some financial -- you know, some money. >> the ets is now saying that decision maintains the credibility of the test. state senator leyland ye is prompting to ask serious questions and pressure ets to release the scores. it is that time, now time for the latest on the royal baby. we do have a live look at st.
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mary's hospital. you seat front door there. this is where william, kate and their yet-to-be-named son are expected to leave later today, perhaps any minute now. about an hour and a half ago, we saw prince charles and his wife, camilla, arrive at the hospital to see their grandson for the very first time. but they left after only about 30 minutes. nbc bay area's danielle leigh has the latest excitement from buckingham palace. >> reporter: shots bellowed throughout london this afternoon in a long-standing tradition, as artillery company fired a 41-gun salute from green park. and a 62-gun blast from the tower of london, all in celebration of the young heir. meanwhile, the wait to see the new prince continued this afternoon outside st. mary's hospital. >> so excited. >> reporter: visitors began arriving this afternoon to visit the young prince, proud grandparents were the first to arrive. kate and william thanked staff in the private lindo wing for
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"tremendous care." royal aides said the couple likely wouldn't leave the hospital until late this evening at the earliest. fans stood by patiently. >> once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: others begged prince charles for details. >> what is the baby called? >> reporter: prince zvwilliam' colleagues off third congratulations. >> fantastic news. we are thrilled for both of you. >> reporter: at buckingham palace, the tomb congratulations rang out in honor of the new prince during today's changing of the guards ceremony. ♪ thousands of people waited hours to get close to the signed medical bulletin on a golden easel announcing you the birth, all this in celebration of the young heir. of course, everyone wants to know the name of the new prince. royal aides haven't given us an update. they only said that we will find out in due course and everyone is hoping that is sooner rather than later. in london, i'm danielle leigh, nbc news. >> all right, danielle, thank you very much. everybody keeping their eye on
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that one. other news today, san francisco city parks may soon be getting a closed sign overnight. one supervisor saying it is the only major city in the u.s. that has no sweeping park closure hours on the books. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at city hall right now and the just spoke with the supervisor plans to introduce that legislation some time today. you said those parks are becoming easy targets for vandals, correct? >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, jon. we spoke with supervisor scott wiener, he said he came up with the idea because park does have a problem with vandalism and metal theft. it basically happens overnight, when people wander in and out of the park. he says it costs the city about $1 million a year. so, he wants san francisco to get in line with other large cities by having a -- it written in the municipal code that the 200 or so parks in san francisco will close at midnight and then open again at 5 in the mortgage. officers could ask people to leave or write a ticket, if necessary.
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right now, some parks have rules written by the parks commission, but they are vague, they say to obey posted signs but they are different at different parks and rangers stay sun enforceable for them a playground was vandalized a night after it was installed. the city says something needs to be done. then there's the homeless issue. some advocates think that this is heavy handled and will push homeless people out of parks, toward downtown. wiener says this is not the issue. the question is how do you really enforce something like this? >> we need park patrol to enforce it and also our police department. right now, we have rules about park closures that are not enforceable. this will make it very easydruu police and park patrol have an easier time enforcing. >> reporter: this will ally to people on foot as roads will be open across parks.
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san francisco spends millions on homeless services, including shelters and certainly a supportive system in place and already it is illegal to sleep in camps, in parks any watch he is going to introduce that legislation today, this afternoon. if approved, he says it could be in urq(q by the end of the year but also expects vigorous debate about it. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. going to have to do more to clean that wet suit. >> coming up, divers almost swallowed by these humpback whales. we have the incredible video and the incredible story behind it. >> barely avoided becoming lunch. how about, this the hunt is on for a missing tortoise this happening on the ?qxñpeninsula. let you know how, the guy's name is pokey this close to returning home. >> as in slowpoke? hopefully he finds his way home. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren, we are still tracking showers and isolated
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thunderstorms at this hour. i will let you know how much longer that will last and let?p you know when that dry, summer heat comes back to the bay area in your full forecast. ow the answers continues. >> a riveting live shot of the front door, st. mary's hospital. >> a good looking front door. >> we are awaiting for them to t the royal baby boy the february verse time, stick with us. it is 11:11. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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look at that. there they are.7sk >> that is the moment thousands have been packing, lining up the streets out there just for a look. and here they are, all ready to go, greeting the public. will and kate looking and feeling good. >> they are magnificent and gorgeous couple, as they wave to the crowd. the throng, including the media, all the media out there, you can see the cameras flashing. >> yes. so now the wait is on to find out now, finally see the baby. look at that up close picture there. everybodysú wondering what the baby's name will be. a lot of people guessing and speculating. only time will tell as we get to know the name of the third in line for the throne. >> we heard george is a possibility. james, another good possibility. who ce2zknows. plenty of good bets e/qgoing around. there's a really nice, tight shot of the new father, holding his 8 pound, 6 ounce baby boy.
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>> kate looks great. >> she does look great. >> having that baby 24 hours ago. >> exactly, 24 hours old at this point. >> wow. they also said, you know, when you're royalty, you get treated like royalty. let's listen in. >> he is a big boy, quite heavy. but we are still working on a name. we will have that out as soon as we can. but first time we have seen him really. so i think properly catch up. [ inaudible ] >> very special. >> [ inaudible ]. a bit older. so hopefully, go back to normal now and we can look after him. >> who does he look like? does he look like you or
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katherine? >> h¡uu thankfully. >> have you called him george? >> wait and see. wait and see. >> have you changed his first nappy? >> done that already. >> good. >> don't wait on me. thank god. >> congratulations. >> t.clearly, father, prince william, having much of a sense of humor out there >> absolutely. they know how to work the crowd. the fans have been waiting so long. they came out, gave them a little taste of what's happening, answering questions from the media, like you said, prince william joking his new baby boy has more hair than he does already. >> oh, didn't hear that part. but he did say when asked who does the baby lookryf like, he says, fortunately, has the mom's
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good looks. >> that was exciting moment. people waiting a long time for that the crowd went bananas, almost tough leering the questions being asked, people just scream the entire time they were out there >> he also did say they haven't decided on a name yet. >> they are going to take their time on that rixone. he pointed out, look, we just got a chance to take a look at our baby, take a time and soak them. >> princess diana and prince charles took a week before settling on prince william. four names. >> entitled to taken as much time as they like. she looks great r i give her full credit, strolling out there, just beaming. >> she is gorgeous. >> keep an eye on that keep you posted as well. move on to this whale of a tale. the headline for this next story is divers almost get swal blind whales. this is something that doesn't happen every day but it did happen, and not far from the bay area. just by chance, all of the action was caught on camera. >> you could see the other guy that was three feet from the whales. l%
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>> he suited up off the shore of pismo beach in search of whalesd snout time of year the massive mammals can be seen in all their glory. >> we knew there were humpbacks in the area but they were a quarter mile to three-quarters of a mile away. >> or so sean and his diving buddies thought, two and a half miles from shore and an hour into the exkurs, they had another thing coming. >> before we knew it giant mountains poking out of the water. >> those mountains and rare instance synonymous with two humpback whales, with mouths wide open and within a tail's reach of sean. >> i figure i'm gonna get hit by the tail. i fried get out from underneath where the tail and i worked my way to the boat, got up on the back of it as soon as i could. other guy said they never seen me swim that past before and you can see why, now that i watched the video. >> other guys could not wait to
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take a crack at sean once he made it back. wet suit. agree a trip to the screeners will a lot less messy than becoming breakfast for one of these ba he moths. >> they are giant. >> it was posted on youtube, suggest you logon to our website, posted it for you, close encounter. >> normally a huge headline, a lot more views, but just happened this week that the baby thing started happening with the royals, a little distraction. but quite the feat. those guys were champions on the water. >> meteorologist christina loren, started tuesday with some rain. >> yeah, we certainly did. now starting to see those low crowds roll in. good morning to you, marla and jon. a live picture of the golden gate bridge, see where the low
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clouds located. if you are on the bridge, it looks like you are socked in with fog still. slowly starting to clear out when it comes to those low clouds. see plenty of mid and high-level clouds as we head throughout the day t is mild out there and it's muggy you 66 degrees in san francisco, 74, san jose, 82 in gilroy. headed toward a pretty comfortable day, temperature-wise, not too hot. look at all this subtropical moisture continuing to pump into the bay area. we have quite a bit of shower activity, most winding down, spotty cells, might get caught under a sprinkle or two nothing heavy. say you probably don't need your umbrella at this point. maybe though, later on this afternoon, accumulate more daytime heating, thunderstorm starts to develop that chance will be over the mountains, in the north bind the south bay. look at this a slight risk of severe weather up in tahoe. so headed that way, we could see flash flooding yet again. 88 on the way to livermore, 77, fremont, 66 in san francisco. we head through the end of the week, temperatures don't fluctuate all that much, going
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to stay steady, in the upper 80s to low 90s. hey, that's good thing. we don't want that triple-digit heat and going to lose that humidity as we head thursday into friday, means the dry heat will resume, not as humid, it is going to feel a lot more comfortable out there as well. it's those clouds that are keeping our temps down. we can't complain, guys. back to you. happy to have you back, jon, and marla. >> thank you, christina. appreciate it. still to.come, the giants playing at at&t park as the away team. why that is going to be the case tonight.
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a giants a busy day at at&t6 park, play a doubleheader, this one have a little twist to t >> between games recall the two teams will head to the locker room and change their uniforms. at 4:05, the giants will wear their home uniform, as usual.
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25 minutes after the first game ends, they will come out in their away uniforms. this is because the game is a makeup for the july 4th game that was rained out in cincinnati. the reds will be the home team, which means they will bat last. >> go, giants. the ice and the sharks, the nhl recently released next year's schedule, the sharks will be on the road a lot. san jose traveling almost 58,000 miles next season. that's more than any other team. we did the math. that's more than twice around the world with a few thousand miles to spare. >> you did the math. i have a calculator. i wasge kind of slow. >> uh-huh. it is also 16,000 miles more than the league average. >> good luck, fellas. going to be a long haul. >> no kidding. still ahead, how about this, the search for pokey. >> coming up after the break, the latest on a tortoise who lost his way home.
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and to finish things up, the search continues out on the
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peninsula for a missing pet, but this one, no, it is not your average household companion. this one is a tortoise and disappeared not once but two times. >> pokey is his name. he's a brown african spurred tortoise. >> and that's pet? >> he walked away from his owner's home in foster cityth earlier this month. ten days late agency, good samaritan found him and delivered him to the peninsula hugh main society in san matay yoechl the only problem is the shelter is closed so this person left poke count doorstep. of course, he wandered off yet again. >> going to happen. >> the humane society says there is an after-hours drop off area so animals don't get away. >> that's good to know. but i mean, come on, kids, let's ride pokey. big old tortoise out there >> i wonder what the dropoff area -- i hope it is bigger than the little sleeve they usually keep to drop your keys in. >> pokey has gumby around. pokey and gumby. >> slow and steady. >> wins the race. >> that's right. thank you so much for being with us. ♪
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