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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everyone, thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. police on the peninsula at the hunt for a peeping tom, men viewing women while they were in the pry vats vastcy of their own home. bob redell has more from a neighborhood on the lookout. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. the san mateo county sheriff's office has been looking for this person who has been lurking outside the windows of homes in a neighborhood fwhort of san carlos there have been two instance, both on laurel street both between 9 and 11:00 at night. the first took place tuesday of last week, a woman snourg her home on the 300 block of laurel
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called police when she saw someone watching her. then a again this past monday night at a home on the 100 block, same situation, woman in the shower, peeping tom just outside the window. >> both incidents involved bathroom windows so the individuals inside were showering or in the bathroom area. the best thing we are saying to the resident help us help you. make sure you draw your blinds at night, as both these incident happened at night time. keep your blinds closed, keep your shades closed, lock your windows. again, if you see something, somebody outside your house you don't know, give us a call. >> reporter: both these incidents taking place the will ast week, laurel street, north part of downtown san carlos. neither woman has been able to provide a description of the suspect. in one instance, all she saw were a pair of hands pressing up against her window, made of textured glass. in the other, the glass was clear, all she saw was a set of
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eyes that quickly disappeared. live here in san carlos, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you very much. a trio of suspected burglars caught red-handed breaking into a south bay gun store early this morning, an arrest happening after they unwittingly tipped police off during that crime. around 4:30 this morning, threemen broke into the reed's indoor gun range in santa clara. they tried to steal a number of guns but the store owner says as the men were breaking in, they tripped a silent alarm. >>thy -- they broke, came through the window, pried through security bars, made a mess on the main sales floor. broke a bunch of showcases, things like that. that is how they got n >> police quickly showed up and caught them right in the act. those three men were all arrested and all seven of the guns taken were recovered. on the subject of guns, two bay area men teeming one san francisco police on a campaign
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aimed at getting firearms off the street. gun by lets supporters donate money through an indy go go crowd funding page. all that money goes toward funding gun buy back programs in san francisco. the buy backs allow anybody to voluntarily turn in a working gun for cash, not a single question asked. this organization is run by eric king, a gun violence projection activist from berkeley. he is working along with ian john stone, whose father was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in san francisco when john stone was just 10 years old. this morning, people in the south bay are hoping an injured pitbull gets the kind of medical care it needs after a bizarre attack at st. james park. police say the dog named chicha is in need of several stitches following a rough weekend a homeless man abused that dog, attacking her with a hand saw. witnesses that were on that scene say the man first tried to attack the dog's own and the dog
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then stepped in to protect the owner. in the chaos, the pitbull and -- actually the pitbull bit the homeless man who then used the saw on the dog, leaving a very deep three-inch gash right on her head. a group of men who saw is that attack kinged and pump the homeless man and restrained him until they show up on the scene. the dog, happy to talk to jerks going to be okay but police say at this point, nobody has the money to pay for the $600 that the dog will need for suches. peaches t. miller could be sent to santa clara county in two weeks to face charges of extortion and grand theft. according to court documents, the sunnyvale victim was going through a very messy divorce and contacted miller. the victim says she is became basically brainwashed into believing that her ex-husband
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was using voodoo curses against her and that miller was the only one who could actually save her. the victim says she believes miller was blessing that money and miller would return the $800,000 to her. a coast-to-coast crackdown in affect as we speak, keeping a legal eye out for speeders along with drunk and distracted drivers. this is all happening along interstate 80, starting here in the bay area and goes across the country, including utah, iowa, new jersey. the goal, simple and to the point, zero deaths on the interstate running today through july 31st. one of our photographers was with chp this morning when a driver was pulled over on eastbound 80 in berkeley, following another car -- following too close to another car there. and this one marked the very first time officers in all 11 states, i-80 run through, are teaming up to educate to catch
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and educate drivers to take the law. speeding is what gets the blame for most of the 100 fatalities that occur on i-80 each and every year, with most usually happening the last week in july. >> sometimes people need a reminder, slow down a little bit, give yourself a little more space. realize a lot of folks are here on vacation. we don't have the normal -- we have a little more transient traffic, here in the bay area. make sure they are aware of the drivers around them having a safe space cushion when possible and just make sure they are obeying the rules of the road. >> if you're curious or keeping store at home, i-80 spans 2900 miles, making it the nation's second longest interstate behind only interstate 90 which runs from seattle all the way to boston. people living near the oakland zoo on high alert this morning after a young volunteer makes contact with a rabid bat. zoo officials say a 16-year-old volunteer found the small bat on
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saturday. the mexican free tailed bat appeared to be in distress outside the otter exhibit. the volunteer then picked it up and took it over to the zoo veterinarian. turns out the bat did, in fact, have rabies. and because the teeth on the bat are just so very small, it is not clear at this point if it actually bit the girl but zoo officials, they are not taking any chances. >> the animal -- the animal's mouth came into contact with her skin, but we don't know whether it broke the skin. but we have to assume that there was a potential bite there. >> that girl is now undergoing treatment but we can also tell you she is back at work at the zoo. officials say the bat may have been living under a nearby freeway overpass. and you might be interested to hear this. this is the third rabid bat found in the east bay in just the past month. controversial bar is about to open in downtown san jose. this one is a bikini bar called the gold club. it is all set to open up next month at the corner of west santa clara and market streets.
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that's just a few blocks away from city hall. and because it is a bikini bar, it means no nudity and no topless dancing. just last night the club did open its doors to interview folks employees and one of the applicants there tells sh s the doesn't see a problem with the club. >> i don't see a problem r i'm trying to break into the city will as a bartender. the minimum is $10 an hour t is not about the money but the experience. >> that bar is located in an historic struck hurricane is the old san jose and loan association building. and because the building has housed a nightclub before, it is zoned right now for entertainment and does have a permit for serving alcohol. that's why, at this point, no chance for public comment. well, we are hearing this morning for the very first time from the lake tahoe nurse creditcredit ed with saving the life of a
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palo alto woman. beth friis i was about out for a walk monday morning when she saw the small plane go down and crash. she immediately rushed over the wreckage, calling her husband on the phone on the way over there, who happens to be a local sheriff's deputy. and because of her quick thinking and quick action, help arrived within minutes. >> he was pinpointing my gps location at this point and i saw that she was alert and oriented. and i came back around, crawled under the aircraft wing, and turned the key off. >> that had the victim still pinned in the wreckage. it was dripping fuel. minutes mattered like there's no tomorrow. >> at the point that i was helping the woman in the aircraft, it didn't matter that i was a flight nurse, because i was working as someone who did basic life support. >> beth no doubt a real-leave hero. we can tell you the plane's pilot was also from palo alto. unfortunately, did he not survive that crash. and we have some very sad news to tell you about this morning. a south bay boy battling leukemia has unfortunately lost
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his battle. the family of eduardo hall says the san jose 6-year-old died just yesterday. a relative telling nbc bay area the loss is "hard to accept but i know god has him in his arms." you are looking right now at some video of eduardo during a surprise hospital visit by san jose's s.w.a.t. team. that must have been quite the special day for him. the crew ended up adopting him, making him one of their own. now, a number of bone marrow drives were held all around the south bay this year for eduardo. unfortunately, none of them resulted in a marrow match. peninsula high school holding a community meeting tonight to talk to parents about the recent invalidation of students' advanced placement test scores. the san mateo unified school board has decided to pursue legal action against the educational testing service and the college board. the ets recently telling mills high school it would invalidate
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the ap test scores of hundreds of students, sake the school did not follow the strict seating rules they have for the test. the district has hired an outside law firm to work on this issue. and tonight'sommunity meeting is at 7:00 at the mills high school gym locateded in millbrae. still ahead, a tech mogul jumps right into action in the real world, saving his dog by turning a raccoon into a flying projectile. we suggest you stick around for this one. one of the videos you have to see. plus, we do have a name now. what william and nate hakate ha picked for third in line to the british throne. the little man finally has a real name. speaking of babies, nine months later, the unexpected side effect of superstorm sandy. stick around. we are back. a really nice day shaping up out there. temperatures right now in the 70s and 80s. still pretty humid. i will let you know when that dry heat summer average weather we are about to get into, how
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long it lasts and when it's coming in.
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pope francis traveling to brazil's largest and most important shrine. the pontiff's overseas trip has included some security concerns over there after the pope's wild ride into rio yesterday. as it does for every trip, you can see the pope surrounded by the throng of faithful. well, the vatican says security is always reviewed on a daily basis, but so far, no schedule changes because of monday's chaos, after, get this the pope's motorcade took a wrong turn. now the vatican spokesman said the wrong turn just unnerved everybody in that silver fiat, everybody except pope francis. >> the pope was extremely happy. he didn't close the window of the car. he had his arms out the window, reaching out to everybody. >> meantime, world youth day is under way. you can see the youngsters, they are excited.
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100,000 people expected to flood the streets with 170 different countries represented. quite the day going on there. two days later, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we finally, finally have a name. royal officials say britain's brand new prince has been named george alexander louis. he will be known affectionately as his royal highness, prince george of cambridge. nbc bay area's danielle leigh has more from london. >> reporter: outside buckingham palace, the fanfare has diminished, around london, people focus on their work. mom, dad and baby spent the day in kensington palace, enjoying country time. >> the most important thing for a woman is to get to spend time with her and her husband or part mannered the baby, to get to know each other. >> reporter: the queen cis vitted the palace arriving had her royal bentley you wanted to meet her great grandson before leaving for vacation in scotland. kate and william haven't hire
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adnanny. they want to give him as normal an upbringing as possible. >> the grandmother wants to make sure she has an involved hands-on approach. >> reporter: the couple left kensington palace for the middleton home in buckle berry. there kate will have the support of her own mother, a modern couple raising a modern prince in a modern era. buckle berry residents say they will always consider this new prince a local. the proud little town will toll the church bells in his honor today. in london, i'm danielle leigh, nbc news. >> danielle, thank you very much. good to know finally he has a name now. we can all rest. san francisco finally getting free wifi in public areas, at least in 31 of them all around the city. today, city leaders, along with google, announcing a plan to bring free wireless internets across to parks, rec centers and plazas. this one, a $600,000 gift from google and cover the cost of equipment, installation and maintenance for two years. if you're curious, new york
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already has it, as does paris, offer free wifi in their parks. activists are protesting outside of going approximately's head quarters this morning, asking to stop funding for politicians they say are climate change deniers. google recently holding a fund raiser to benefit a republican senator from oklahoma that has repeatedly called climate change simply a hoax. they delivered a petition signed by thousands of people to "stop funding climate denial." time to show you a rare sight, a tech mogul jumping right into action to defend his faithful dog. got take care of fido, right? this is all caught on a youtube video featuring the founder of digg. a warning to some, you might find this one a little bit tough to watch but not too graphic. kevin rose says he woke up in the middle of the night on saturday to find a raccoon attacking his dog outside his san francisco home. you can see on the video, gets
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right into the angst and then, yeah, launchings the raccoon after snatching it tossing it right down the stairs, saving the dog. the dog's name is toaster. happy to report he is okay. you got to see this review -- the reverse angle here, right there you can see the raccoon getting over the top, a world wrestling move there. rose says, no, he doesn't encourage animal violence but he does say, it felt like toad step in to save the pooch. the 45-second youtube video clip right now, yeah, poor raccoon, has more than 6 million views so far. well it appears superstorm sandy had an unexpected side affect. hospitals all across much of the northeast are bracing for a minibaby boom. nine months after the storm devastated the area. you kind of get where we are going on this one? it wiped out power, really rough out there, wiping out power to much of new jersey. and now you hospital officials, they say, yes, they are seeing a 25% increase in the number of
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births this month alone compared to last month. super storm sandy, of course, hit the east coast in october, devastating much of it. the parents of all these newborns coming in, they say well, there simply wasn't much else to do in the dark. sounds like a healthy option. >> you light those candles, set the mood. >> romance. sharing the love. feel good, making babies. >> can't turn that marvin gaye on when there's no power. >> sing a little bit of marvin, you got it in you. >> a little something something. >> for everybody. >> thank you for that a little reveal into your life. >> christina here to tell us, sounds like a lot of good things should be done outside. would you call it a stunner? >> i would call it a stunner point five. good out there, 11:19 now. it is really nice, temperature-wise, for now inland. still getting some of the best of the best weather. hold on the shot for a moment, if you would, please, my wonderful director are, corin. you can see the cloud cover,
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don't see, vaguely make it out you is the golden gate bridge. you can see the clouds moving with the naked eye. let's take you to the bridge, jam packed, hustle and bustle with people. look at all these people out here socked in with fog, not even aware that all that sunshine is coming over the greater bay area right now. look at all these people in town for our absolute beautiful weather. not too hot this time of year. we are going to lose that humidity, temperatures down right comfortable, especially around the bay you 70, for instance, in oakland, 81 sun is any veil now. give you a difference between yesterday, you walked out your front door yesterday at this time, yeah, just about as warm, however, what i can tell you is it is not as humid, it feels a lot better out there high pressure firm any control, making those microclimates well known today, 60s at the coast, 70s by the bay, plenty of 80s to low 90s today. temperatures work out like this at the beach, if you want to get out there maybe you have the day off, comfortable conp &hc& about 72 degrees at 4 p.m. in santa cruz.
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elsewhere, forecasting about 86 in san jose and 77 in free month. giants back at it tonight, csn bay area, 7:15, take october reds a good game, a little on the cool side a little cloudy and also going to see maybe a little bit of coastal drizzle. but hey, after a big win last night, let's go giants and then you can catch the game on saturday right here on nbc bay area. temperatures really not fluctuating all that much. so get used to it, john. over to you. >> we shall. sure the giants love all the good vibrations you continually send their way. always good stuff. still to come, the giants, speaking of that honoring local law enforcement. we have the stirring tribute, coming up next.
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this one was quite the home, the giants paid special tribute last night to police officers killed in the line of duty. there was a police helicopter flyover and a moment of silence for the fallen officers and
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their families. families like the mood dis, who attended that game in honor of brad moody. he is a richmond police officer that was killed back in 2008. >> it helps to know that he is always going to be remembered by the communities around us and it's good to be around families that are going through exactly what we are going through. >> the california peace officers memorial fund helped to make this one happen last night. quite a treat for the fans as well. among the people in that crowd, family and friends of santa cruz police sergeant lauren "butch" bacon and detective elizabeth butler, two of those officers killed in the line of duty earlier this year. the families, they say, remembering their loved ones at the game was nothing short of an extremely special moment. that was fun to watch. well, a group of guys certainly got some serious skills using a basketball. they take trick shots to a whole new level. trust us, you will want to sting around and catch this one. this is another video, gone viral.
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finally this morning, yes, indeed, the worldwide web opened our eyes to endless wonders, including the raccoon thrown over the house earlier today but include thus youtube gem from wisconsin. a list of trick shots that would make the harlem globe trotters proud. these guys, they go above and beyond the basketball courter. first off, how about off of a trampoline? ever thought about doing a shot like this? the spin a rama, the hook shot, boing, bounces it back in that take use lot of practice and the money shot, over 100 feet away, just one handed. i think he is a legit. fantastic not a bunch of rookies, they have made videos, been doing it for three year, all in the name of becoming internet sensations. so far, looks like they are doing a pretty good job. got skills on the court? >> none, zero. how about you? >> the weather department. a long time ago, i did. could i spin a ball. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow.
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