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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 25, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PDT

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job, guys. that was terrific. thank you. that was great. thanks, guys. i want to thank my guests, ashton kutcher, jayma mays and and of course, hiatus kaiyote. tomorrow night, cate blanchett will be here, but jimmy fallon happening right now! jimmy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasti company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: oh, my goodness. thank you so much, everybody. look at this crowd. looking good out there tonight. that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause ] welcome. welcome, everybody, to "late night with jimmy fallon." i'm your host, da-da. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ yes. it's been a crazy couple of days. i -- actually, it's one day. it was just yesterday. it feels like it's been four -- i'm at a four-day conference or something. it's very taxing on the fathers. i don't know how it is for the mothers, but very taxing. i'm emotionally drained. i'm the father of a beautiful baby girl. [ cheers and applause ] she's so cute. her name is winnie rose fallon, and she is so cute. [ audience aws ] she is five pounds -- i'm giving all the details. [ laughter ] five pounds, nine ounces. i got down to the ounce. that's how i weigh myself as well. [ laughter ]
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i got to lose a couple ounces. and she's so cute. having the baby -- and me and my wife are so happy, and thank you all for all the well wishes on facebook and twitter and the blogs. and now i understand why people are on facebook. [ laughter ] i get it now. i get it. that's why these pictures exist. i'm showing strangers pictures. like, you want to see my baby? you want to see my baby? look at my baby! they're like, "get this crazy man off the streets." [ cheers and applause ] come on, look at my baby! do you want to look at my baby? anyways, thank you guys so much. i hope i don't screw this up. but i'm just so happy. and just the past 24 hours has been just really exciting for my wife. we haven't had a chance to respond to everyone's calls and messages, but let me just say -- yes, william and kate, we'll definitely set up a play date. stop bothering me. [ cheers and applause ] i saw the invitation on the easel. yes. [ with british accent ] they put it on the easel.
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the baby is hungry, as you can see, on the easel. [ laughter ] the baby has now needed a change. and it's switched to the changing easel. here we go. [ normal voice ] i go, we've got to change the channel. that's right, everybody is still talking about the other baby. [ laughter ] the royal baby. in fact, i saw president obama, he released a statement congratulating prince william and kate middleton on the birth of their son. and he also said, whatever you do, hang on to that birth certificate. [ laughter ] trust me. it seems like every news station is talking about the baby. and oh, the media, they love this. they can't get enough of the royal baby. take a look at this. >> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> royal baby.
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>> royal baby. >> royal baby. >> the royal baby. >> the royal baby. >> it's a boy. >> george. >> george. >> george. >> george. >> royal baby. >> it's a boy. >> baby. >> george. >> baby >> george. >> baby. baby. >> george alexander louis. >> jimmy: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. that's cute. speaking of the uk, a couple in england got married on saturday after knowing each other for 80 years. yeah. the groom was worried about getting cold feet but only because his circulation isn't what it used to be. [ laughter ] you guys hear about this? in a new interview, honey boo boo's mother, mama june -- she said that her daughter has retired from beauty pageants. [ audience aws ] so i guess she can finally start eating whatever she wants. [ laughter ] that's the good news. you know, there's another reason that i felt like celebrating today. there's a new anthony weiner scandal. [ cheers and applause ]
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we always love when -- >> steve: thank you! >> jimmy: it's always christmas with that guy. i love -- he never stops giving. anthony weiner is a human. he's running for mayor of new york city. and he confirmed yesterday that some new sexually explicit messages have been leaked, involving him. they were messages that he sent to a woman on facebook using you code name carlos danger. [ laughter ] >> steve: come on! come on! thank you! >> jimmy: sexually -- i'm so happy i missed yesterday. i'm so happy. when see the news you go, i feel so good, i missed the news day yesterday. carlos danger is when he was having the conversation with this woman, that was his code name, which is still easier to believe than the other name, mayor weiner. [ laughter ] i don't understand that one either. [ applause ] i don't get that name either. he is out of control. first on twitter then facebook. in fact, i heard that even his
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linkedin resume just says, "you up?" [ laughter ] what does that mean? >> steve: 'cause i am. >> jimmy: thank you, higgins. ♪ [ applause ] 'cause i am, yeah. actually, it was revealed that anthony weiner sent nude pictures of himself to this woman using a carlos danger yahoo! e-mail address. his wife was shocked. she was like, you still use yahoo!? [ laughter ] not as bad as hotmail but still, it's up there. but it turns out that, not only did anthony weiner have these online conversations as carlos danger, he actually had a facebook page for carlos danger, too. let's take a look at this. we got a hold of it. it's actually -- [ laughter ] it kind of looks like him when you know it's him now. it's like clark kent when he wears the glasses. you know, you go, "oh, yeah, he's not superman." so, i didn't know who this was until it was admitted that that's anthony weiner's face
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with a different mustache. but let's just list some of his hobbies here. he likes pole fishing and ball juggling. [ laughter ] his favorite foods are hot dogs, crusty baguettes and salty pickles. >> steve: ew, really? >> jimmy: this should be normal. favorite band, he likes the strokes and jack johnson. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: and the verve. >> jimmy: jack johnson? >> steve: yeah. that took a little bit. yeah, jack johnson. >> jimmy: and his favorite quote -- >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: "say hello to my little friend." that's what it was. [ cheers and applause ] that's interesting to know about carlos danger. you don't know about him, man. >> steve: i think his favorite actor -- do you know who his favorite actor is? >> jimmy: who's his favorite actor? >> steve: peter o'toole. >> jimmy: yeah. he was good. he is good. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: but actually, they showed these things, these back and forths that anthony weiner had, this conversation he had
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with this mystery woman online. here's something i saw. some of the messages, they are really gross. but this one says, "you are a walking fantasy." and then she says, "i don't want to be just a fantasy. i want to take care of your every need." eww. that's just creepy. and then they blur out the photos so that we wouldn't know who he's talking to. but actually, we have the technology to see the picture. [ light laughter ] can we zoom in on that photo? can we unblur it? there you go. there's the picture. [ cheers and applause ] we have a great show tonight! give it up for the roots, right there! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ damn right i've got the blues damn right i've got the blues ♪ ♪ damn right i've got the blues you're damn right i've got the blues, now ♪ ♪ i can't win
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i ain't got a dog gone thing to lose ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: unbelievable. that is blues legend and rock and roll hall of famer buddy guy sitting in with the roots! [ cheers and applause ] amazing. his new album "rhythm and blues" will be out on july 30th. and you know if you like blues, you got to pick this up. it's good. and crank it when you get it, just turn it on up. buddy guy, welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: nice having you here. how cool is that? we have a fun show tonight. he's giant movie star. you can see him in the new movie "the wolverine." it's fantastic. >> steve: it's great. >> jimmy: i saw it with higgins the other day. >> we loved it. >> jimmy: the movie is awesome. hugh jackman is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] wolverined out. >> steve: wolverined out. >> jimmy: he's got a beard. >> steve: he can do it all. >> jimmy: plus, she is
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hilarious. i love her. from the hit series "orange is the new black", natasha lyonne is dropping by. [ cheers and applause ] a new netflix show. people love this show, and she is killer in it. and then, he is the co-owner of rao's restaurant -- excuse me? [ laughter ] excuse me? rao's restaurant here in new york city. he is author of a new cookbook, frank pellegrino, jr. is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] rao's is the real deal. >> steve: oh, and their sauce. >> jimmy: one of the best restaurants in new york city. >> steve: insane. >> jimmy: you can't get in if you try. >> steve: no. >> jimmy: no. this is like -- >> willed. seats are willed to people. >> jimmy: it is -- yeah, they are. you can't get a seat at this place. so, i'm going to ask him how to -- i don't know. maybe i shouldn't even ask him at all. >> steve: maybe. >> jimmy: i'm afraid of him a little bit. >> steve: are you serious? >> jimmy: i don't care what he makes me, if he gives me raw meat, i'm going to be like, "this is like this is delicious." [ laughter ] i don't care. yeah. he owns rao's. >> steve: it's rao's, come on. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i can't fool around with that
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guy. >> steve: ♪ rao's >> jimmy: ♪ rao's rao's come but you cannot get in ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ i have a rao >> steve: ♪ me say rao >> jimmy: it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for "pros and cons." here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ pros and cons and pros and cons and pros ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be taking a look at these pros and cons of being the royal baby. the other baby. [ laughter ] prince william and kate welcomed their newborn son on monday. george is his name. it's a exciting time. it really is. but of course, there's a lot of pressure when it comes to being royalty. so let's take a look at the pros and cons of being the royal baby. here we go. pro, you can grow up to hold the most important title in all of england. con, member of one direction. it doesn't get better than that? >> steve: does not. >> jimmy: my man, harry styles.
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pro, you've got a giant staff dedicated to you 24/7. con, that's anthony weiner's new campaign slogan. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: wait, what? >> jimmy: catchy. i like it. pro, for a long time, no one knew if it was a boy or a girl. con, they said the same thing about me until i was 14. >> steve: that's true. [ laughter and applause ] and you wouldn't tell them. >> jimmy: late bloomer. >> steve: you wouldn't give them any clues. >> jimmy: i wouldn't give them any hints. no. pro, england's royal baby goes by the name his royal highness, the prince of cambridge. con, america's royal baby goes by the name honey boo boo. redneckognize. >> steve: yeah, go-go juice. >> jimmy: pro, you're third in line to the throne. con, you're at chipotle. that happens. that's not good. >> steve: not good. >> jimmy: you want to be first or second in line. >> steve: when you got to use the throne at chipotle. >> jimmy: you got to get in there, man. >> steve: you got to use the throne. i anoint thee. >> jimmy: hm. >> steve: hm-hm. >> jimmy: pro, princess kate
12:49 am
named him george alexander louis. con, queen elizabeth was hoping for carlos danger. [ applause ] both nice names. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: a nice ring. >> steve: it's short. two syllables, carlos danger. >> jimmy: pro, the royal couple says they want a big family. con, so they can star in their new reality show, "william and kate plus eight." >> steve: i'd watch that. >> jimmy: i'd watch it. i like that. >> steve: yeah. where do i sign? >> jimmy: and finally, pro, sitting on the throne as the prince of cambridge. con, still not as cool as sitting on the throne as the prince of bel-air. [ cheers and applause ] that is the pros and cons. we will be right back with more "late night," everybody. hi, winnie! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! welcome back, and thank you for watching "late night." i've been watching a lot of "america's got talent." that was on last night as well. i love that show. i've got to have my "agt." and as a fan, i couldn't be luckier because it tapes right next door to us in radio city music hall. it's right here in new york city. in fact, so much talent has been floating around the building,
12:54 am
it's practically oozing from the walls. and that gave me an idea. i thought it'd be fun to see if our audience got any talent. and guess what? i checked. they gots. [ cheers and applause ] so now, it's time to take a look at what some of those talents are. [ drum roll ] that's right, questlove, it's time for "audience got talent!" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right! let's meet our first performer. is ally brice here? ally brice? yes, ally brice. there she is, ally brice. ♪ [ applause ] ally brice -- >> how are you? >> jimmy: i'm doing great. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> jimmy: now, where are you from, ally brice? >> new york city. >> jimmy: all right, from new york city! [ cheers and applause ] all right, so nice, they named it twice. [ applause ]
12:55 am
what is your -- what's your talent? >> i can sing with my mouth closed. >> jimmy: you can sing with your mouth closed? now where did you -- where did you find this talent? >> you know, years of practice and social rejection, actually. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how sad. how sad. all right, yeah. now, she can sing with your mouth closed. i want to hear this. you're gonna sing a song for us tonight? >> i am. >> jimmy: all right, here she is, everybody. ally brice. ♪ o, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> jimmy: that's amazing. ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that is unbelievable. [ applause ] and now you get a shirt for that one. that was nice work. everyone gets a nice t-shirt there. you deserve that. that was fantastic. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's see who else got talent. brad bowman and andy roettger.
12:56 am
brad bowman, andy roettger? there are those guys. excuse me. hey, guys. how you doing? ♪ >> what's up? >> jimmy: you got talent. you got talent. you got talent. you don't got talent. you got talent. you got talent. what's up, guys? nice to see you. >> how are you? >> jimmy: how you doing, guys? welcome to "audience got talent." brad and andy, where you guys from? >> chester, new jersey. >> jimmy: chester, new jersey! [ cheers ] [ scattered applause ] love that. now, how do you guys know each other? >> i think we actually met in a bar, believe it or not. >> jimmy: that's so hard to believe. >> i remember it being rehab, actually. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. either way. one of the two. rehab or a bar. and what -- what is your talent tonight on "audience got talent?" >> we do an amazing party trick. we balance four quarters on top of a dollar. on top of a beer bottle, on top of brad's head. and then, we remove the dollar without moving the quarters and without ruining brad's favorite shirt. >> jimmy: all right, this is very exciting. can we get like, a beer? can we get a full beer up here?
12:57 am
this is very -- this is really fun, i wanna have you guys at parties. yeah, i know. it's -- all right, so you're gonna put it on his head. that's one trick right there. you guys are going for the -- >> take your time. take your time. >> jimmy: take your time, yeah. he's a very -- >> back a little bit. >> jimmy: all right, you're kind of guiding the bottle. this is -- you're -- >> very carefully. >> jimmy: he's a little shaky. had a cup of coffee before the show. [ light laughter ] nobody breathe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ that was amazing! that was amazing right there! guys, you got talent! you both got it. >> congratulations, bradley. >> thank you, brother. >> jimmy: thank you. that was amazing. give me those t-shirts. oh, my gosh. you can keep the beer. keep the beer. keep the beer. yeah, well, you earned that one. that was pretty awesome. let's see that in slow-mo. that's something i want to see in slow motion, if we can see that. ♪
12:58 am
yeah, here you go right here. he goes in. schwap. oh, my goodness. i gotta try that one. that is pretty cool. all right, let's see. our next audience member who got talent, mandy massa. mandy massa, very good. hey, mandy. how are you? jimmy, nice to meet you as well. thank you for being on the show. mandy, where are you from? >> i live in new york city. >> jimmy: you live in new york city? this is fantastic. well, thank you for being at our show. we appreciate that. [ scattered applause ] mandy -- mandy, what is your talent? >> i can do a dolphin noise and -- >> jimmy: this is useful. it's a useful talent. yeah. >> but i can also do a chewbacca sound. so i'm gonna do both of them. >> jimmy: equally, equally useful. yeah, here we go right now. [ light laughter ] should we do the dolphin first? >> dolphin first. okay? >> jimmy: all right. [ imitating dolphin sounds ] oh, my god. that sounds -- that is actually really good. that was fantastic. i almost want to stop there. [ applause ] and you do chewbacca? >> now for chewbacca. >> jimmy: now here's chewbacca. mandy, give me chewbacca. [ imitating wookiee ] hey, very good. that deserves a t-shirt. come on, that's good. ♪ that's fantastic.
12:59 am
thank you very much. [ applause ] i like that. our last performer is nick assunto. are you nick assunto? >> i am. >> jimmy: you are nick assunto, right here. how are you, nick? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: doing great, where you from? >> new york. >> jimmy: i love this. the local crowd, welcome. [ applause ] we love new yorkers. nick, what is your talent? >> in a strange turn of events, i also can do a chewbacca. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this has never happened in the long and storied history of "audience got talent." you're gonna try to do the same talent and out-talent mandy? ooh, here we go. [ light laughter ] back-to-back chewbaccas. i like this. all right, let's hear it. here's nick assunto doing an impression of chewbacca. [ imitating wookiee ] [ laughter ] that's pretty good. that's good. he got talent. ♪ [ applause ] you got talent as well. in fact, nick come here for a second. come here. have you met mandy? mandy, meet -- this is pretty good. you guys have the same taste in
1:00 am
impressions and t-shirts as well. [ light laughter ] what if chewbacca would talk sitting next to each other if there were two chewbaccas -- which there probably were two wookiees. they're talking to each other. what would that sound like, maybe? [ having a chewbacca conversation ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: knock it off, guys! ♪ [ applause ] that's all the time we have for "audience got talent." [ cheers and applause ] i'd like to thank all of our talented audience members. we'll be right back with hugh jackman, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now at at&t,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is an academy award nominated actor who's new film "the wolverine" is in theaters everywhere on friday. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome hugh jackman, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: please have a seat. oh, my god. >> congratulations. congratulations. >> jimmy: thank you so much. >> i'm so happy for you. >> jimmy: i'm so happy. >> and i can tell. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's sit down. >> i'm thrilled. i'm your first interview with no sleep. >> jimmy: oh, god, yeah. you're the first one. >> yeah. >> jimmy: actually, "the wolverine" is the last film i saw not being a father. >> right.
1:05 am
and actually the last film you'll ever see. >> jimmy: ever. yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> lovely. except for 2:00 in the morning, whatever is on. feeding the baby. >> jimmy: the only thing just feeding the baby. >> i used to -- i used to feed my son a lot. i'm mad basketball fan, sports fan. and i used to like, for the midnight feed 'til 2:00 in the morning, i would have the bottle. and i would turn on "sportscenter," the basketball. i thought, you know, subliminally this is going to go in. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he can't stand it. so don't do that. >> jimmy: oh, really? you don't -- don't watch sports? >> just whatever you want them to do, don't ever give that up. in any way. >> jimmy: just let them -- they'll figure it out? >> yeah, no. just pretend you don't care. whatever. >> jimmy: yeah, whatever. i don't know even -- >> only way. >> jimmy: and then just hope for the best? >> you have beautiful little girl. >> jimmy: beautiful little girl. i know. i'm so excited about the whole thing. it's just -- i was looking -- i didn't take this bracelet off. [ laughter ] i was with my mom -- [ audience aws ] my mom always had that weird bracelet in like my baby book. >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: so weird. what is this weird girly bracelet? [ laughter ] so like rubbery and inky and it just looks old. i don't understand. i go, "now i get it, mom." i understand why you have these things. [ audience aws ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: you just want to remember these things. it's super fun. >> actually, i'll give you a
1:06 am
tip. i just remembered. when i -- when my son was born and my daughter, my wife gave me a the book. and on the front she has engraved "for oscar and for ava, love dad." and since they were born, i wrote every week or every few weeks. i would write little things that they said or little things. i plan to give it to them when they're 21. well, now they know about it so there you go. [ laughter ] but -- when they're 21 'cause i thought it would be kind of -- i love going back and reading it and just seeing how it was, what i felt, all the things, when they first walked or -- just things about them growing up. so anyway -- do it. >> jimmy: i'm going to do that. absolutely. that's the nicest thing. >> put the thing in there. just stick that there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> as gross as it is. >> jimmy: this inky, gross, yeah, sweaty thing that i won't take off. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i got to put it -- yeah, my dad never did that for me at all. [ laughter ] it was actually a book engraved "to jimmy." it's an empty book. [ laughter ] beer and whisky stamps. >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: i'm just kidding. i have a great dad. but --
1:07 am
[ laughter ] >> but that's not good for comedy. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. yeah, i got to make up the happy childhood. >> yeah. >> jimmy: no, but i look at all these things. actually, my mom never put photos in our photo album. i mean, like she put them in, but there was -- you know, there was a page you can peel back and stick them? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and she just never did that. >> right. >> jimmy: so now you open the book and there are just piles of photos. [ laughter ] and you go, what year was this? it was like me missing a tooth. and then, it's me in 12th grade. and then, it's me graduating. then, it's me as a baby again. >> you're doing the "tonight show." that's it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. now, it's me, yeah, hosting "the tonight show." it's all completely out of order. i will be much more organized with this one. >> no, you won't. you won't. >> jimmy: i really you won't, yeah. >> you'll have no time. you'll plan to do all these things. >> jimmy: but i have to remember that "the wolverine" was the last film i saw before i became a dad. >> was it worth it? >> jimmy: it really was. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i loved it. i loved it! >> thank you. >> jimmy: there are scenes in this movie -- well, first of all, i saw the 3-d version. >> yeah. >> jimmy: 'cause it's so -- it is only in 3-d? >> it's -- it's both. >> jimmy: do i have an options? >> you can see 2 or 3-d. yeah. >> jimmy: you have to see it in
1:08 am
the third dimension. [ laughter ] it was -- i put on the glasses, and it's not one of those 3-d's where it's -- ooh, ahh, ehh. it's like you just kind of feel like you're in the action. and it's like, there's some crazy -- who directed this? mangold? >> jim mangold. >> jimmy: holy mackerel. >> jimmy: a brilliant, brilliant director. >> jimmy: man, he hit a home run with this movie. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you see scenes that you've never seen in any action movie, any -- anything like -- there's a scene on the bullet train. >> yeah. >> jimmy: a lot of it is set in japan. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i've never -- they're fighting on top of a train. but this -- i had never seen it like this before. the train is going so fast. >> 200 miles an hour. >> jimmy: but you have the wolverine clamp, so you can clamp in there. >> the clamp? >> jimmy: and then -- >> clamp is not -- >> jimmy: that's not what they call them? >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what are -- what are they? >> claws. >> jimmy: claws. >> claws. >> jimmy: claws. [ laughter ] >> you would be in the hospital. clamp. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: look, i'm -- [ laughter and applause ] no, no. i'm baby-proofing everything. wolverine is baby-proof at my house. these rubber-coated clamps come out of his hands. [ laughter ] that doesn't look threatening, daddy. yeah, trust me.
1:09 am
there is not one outlet that works in our house. it's all filled with plastic things. but you -- it comes -- it's unbelievable. can we set up the movie at all? how do we set it up? >> well, the movie, as you said, takes place in japan. which for comic book fans, "x-men" comic book fans or wolverine fans is huge. because that's the most popular of the sagas. and wolverine, at the beginning of this movie -- it sort of takes place after "x-men 3," where he has killed the love of his life, who turned into dark phnix. so he is haunted. he is lonely. he is lost. he has no purpose, and he's a 2 or 300-year-old guy. never really sure how old he is. and he almost doesn't want to live. so that's where he begins, and he gets brought into japan. and in a way, has those fight to kind of find himself and -- you know, the action ensues. but it's a more intimate look at the character in a way more intense -- and when he goes dark, he's really berserk. i think is what the fans sort of were looking for. >> jimmy: that bar scene was just so bad ass. >> yeah, at the beginning. >> jimmy: yeah, that's so good! yeah. but then this train scene that i was talking about --
1:10 am
i wanted to show guys a clip. >> oh, cool. >> jimmy: and just watch -- watch how fun this thing is. go see this. i would do it 3-d. so if you just do the -- [ laughter ] if you get the red and the blue thing around your house -- it could be anything. and just go like this. watch this clip. it's hugh jackman in "the wolverine." take a look at this. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:11 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> 3-d! >> jimmy: that's 3-d. >> 3-d baby! that's coming at ya! the clamps. >> jimmy: the clamps. >> the clamps are coming at you! no, the clamps! oh, no! not the clamps! >> jimmy: ladies, if you enjoyed seeing a -- just a ripped man -- i mean, just the muscles on this dude. you know what -- me and higgins saw it together, and we came up with a new nickname for you. instead of hugh jackman. >> yeah? >> jimmy: you're jack hughman. >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you are jack hughman. >> yeah! clamp. >> jimmy: yeah, you took out the sound effects. i would have had that like -- [ swishing sound ] >> i do that all the time. >> jimmy: all the time. really, do you? >> i still. even watching, i'm like -- the fans always -- guys, don't worry -- >> jimmy: we got great sound effects guys. >> he's not really helping. >> jimmy: he's not helping
1:12 am
anything. please, don't do that. >> we're in 3-d. the -- doesn't give it much. >> jimmy: it's such a fun movie. i love it. >> thank you, man. >> jimmy: i'm going to see it again. >> thank you. >> jimmy: every time you're here, i always want to ask you to do something, you know something silly, something fun. >> i love -- yeah. >> jimmy: would you like to play a drinking game with me? >> is that -- [ cheers and applause ] in australia, that's a sport. >> jimmy: in australia, it is sport. hugh jackman and i are playing a new drinking game, when we come back. it's really fun. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] only degree antiperspirant
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1:17 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh. welcome back. i'm here the one and only hugh jackman, right there. "the wolverine" is in theaters this weekend. [ cheers and applause ] really good. we're going to play a new game right now, called "i drink, you drink." >> fantastic. >> jimmy: it's as simple as that sounds. >> very fair. >> jimmy: we've each selected our drink. for me, it is ice-cold beer. for hugh, this is ice-cold vodka. >> right. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: you selected it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you selected it. i was like, we have the options. i don't get that. >> we have the same amount. >> jimmy: i know that. >> mine is a legal shot. yours is sips.
1:18 am
>> jimmy: no, that's how we do -- no, in america, that's how you do shots. [ laughter ] well, we're going to take turns throwing -- these are beer cup-shaped bean bags. -- at that board. if i throw -- if my throw lands in "i drink," then that means i drink. if it lands in "you drink," then you drink. first to finish their drink loses. >> whoa, whoa. >> jimmy: i know. >> in australia, it would be the opposite. >> jimmy: oh, really? a lot of things are off in australia. no, this one, yeah. in american rules, if you drink all your cups, you're out. you lose. >> right. >> jimmy: hugh, as my guest, will you please go first? >> yeah. i would love to. is this our mark? >> jimmy: yeah, that's our mark there. >> i love it. ooh. how far is this? >> jimmy: oh, in front of the mark? >> in front of the mark? i'm going for you drink? >> jimmy: yeah, sure. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tastes good, actually. yeah, tastes good after a couple days awake. [ laughter ]
1:19 am
all right. ♪ >> oh! [ applause ] hang on. i'm going to join you 'cause this is going to be over too soon. did you want me to -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. [ cheers ] ♪ >> i did -- i don't want to -- [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: i think i just -- >> ho! here we go. >> jimmy: god. >> no! [ audience awws ] ♪ oh, oh, oh. >> jimmy: come on! >> back spin. >> jimmy: i know. ♪ >> oh. [ audience ohs ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm gonna put a lot of arc into this one. [ laughter ] >> oy, oy! hey! [ light laughter ] ♪ oh! [ audience oohs ] >> jimmy: if i knock yours into "i drink," that means you drink. what am i doing? what am i doing?
1:20 am
all right, all right. here we go. ♪ >> oh! oh. oh. oh. yo! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he is my man, right there. oh, my gosh. the champ, hugh jackman! this is for you, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] "the wolverine" is in theaters everywhere on friday. natasha lyonne joins us next. come on back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the car that loves to have fun ♪ ♪ mile after mile, to and from ♪ now there are four for all to use ♪ ♪ tell the neighbors, friends, everyone the news ♪ ♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum ♪ let's hum ♪ a prius for everyone ♪ [ male announcer ] now get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid.
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1:25 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a talented, talented actress who stars in the new netflix series "orange is the new black." oh, i love her. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, natasha lyonne. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: natasha, you look gorgeous, pal. >> thanks, jimmy. >> jimmy: welcome to the show. >> you're a dad. i mean, this is really, like,
1:26 am
amazing. >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] it's pretty cool, right? >> in your face, england. okay? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, exactly. what, huh? >> in your face, england. >> jimmy: yeah, in your face, england. yeah, that's the way we do it here in america. you have a royal baby, some comedian has a baby. >> oh, you have a boy? yeah, i don't like -- >> jimmy: girl. >> yeah, that's the way do it. >> jimmy: hello? that's the way to do it. [ cheers ] thank you. >> i know. and when i knew you, you were like, zero babies involved. those were the '90s. >> jimmy: those were the '90s. we hung out. we had some fun. >> man, those were the '90s. >> jimmy: but we've always been friends for a long time, so, i've followed your career through everything. and i gotta say, "orange is the new black," is what everyone's talking about. >> yeah, thanks, thanks. >> jimmy: like, netflix is the new thing. [ cheers and applause ] >> pretty good. i've got to say, i'm so proud of this show. i am, like, so excited to be in something that i'm really proud of. i mean, it's really great. >> jimmy: a lot of people have i've never heard of -- the girl -- >> you may have some lipstick on your cheek, right? just a little bit. i mean, it's cool. you just had a baby. there's a little bit of lipstick -- >> jimmy: yeah. hey, i still got it.
1:27 am
i still got it. yeah, yeah. >> after all these years. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, but i saw this 'cause netflix is now the new thing. "house of cards," and then they came out with -- "arrested development" came on netflix. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then they got nominated for emmys. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and that's all i know. netflix is now doing tv shows? but you can get it all at once. >> yes. >> jimmy: so, it's up to you. you wanna watch the first episode? great. >> yeah, live your life. >> jimmy: live your life. >> it's like, it's none of my business. [ talking over each over ] i don't care. >> jimmy: i care how you live? >> you live in your own house! >> jimmy: god, i love you. oh, my gosh. >> i don't even know you. >> jimmy: so i started watching, and the first episode is so great. you go, "i can watch the second episode." >> exactly. >> jimmy: it's called binge-watching. >> a 15-second window to be like, i'm gonna get up and do laundry, whatever. and then just, you know -- >> jimmy: come back and watch the next episode. >> i'm the same way. i've got a time -- like, you know? >> jimmy: you're great at it. i mean, you're great at it. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: and i love that you're like legit, and like, you are from new york, so you got the new york accent down. it's like you don't have to try and fake it. you are it. >> you know -- you know. >> jimmy: you know. hello.
1:28 am
>> jimmy: "orange is the new black" got picked up, all ready, for the second season. >> i gotta go back to work on, like, monday. >> jimmy: there you go. this is great, you guys. got to check it out. "orange is the new black." it's a show set in prison. you're an inmate, and that's all we really need to say. >> yeah. >> jimmy: check it out. it's based on a true story. but -- and it's very funny. here's natasha lyonne, "orange is the new black." >> who's this? >> oh, this is chapman. she's new. self-surrender. thinks she's fancy. >> yeah, fancy. i mean, real good. >> who taught you? >> you're new. you're one of us. consider it a gift. >> thank you. thank you so much. the food here is disgusting. plus, did i mention that red
1:29 am
runs the kitchen? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. that's the chef, by the way. natasha lyonne, season one of "orange is the new black" is streaming right now on netflix. we're cooking with frank pellegrino jr., next. there he is in the bud light platinum suite. frankie! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ dad ] ah! lilly.
1:30 am
1:31 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress... and she's not exactly tidy. even if she gets a stain... she'll wear it for a week straight. so i use tide to get out those week-old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. and since i'm the one who has to do the laundry... i do what any expert dad would do. i let her play sheriff. i got twenty minutes to life. you are free to go! [ male announcer ] week old stains and odors just met their match. tide and downy, better together. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is co-owner of rao's restaurant here in new york and las vegas and author of "rao's on the grill," which is available right now. please welcome to the show frank pellegrino, jr.! ♪
1:32 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. here we go. this is awesome. this is "rao's on the grill." it's basically recipes from this awesome restaurant. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but you can use it for your grill at home? >> absolutely. these recipes are our signature dishes that are translated for the grill. and it has a whole bunch of wonderful flavors and good times. why be inside during the summertime? you've got to get out there. >> jimmy: grill, do it. that's what i'm talking about. what are we making tonight? >> we're making some steak pizzaiola. >> jimmy: pizzaiola! >> i was kind of hoping you'd help me out a little bit. >> jimmy: yeah, of course. >> okay. so i want you to grab some salt. that's your pan. this is my pan. >> jimmy: what if i think this is salt? >> you can use that if you'd like. >> jimmy: help me out like, "all right, you moron." >> it's all good. >> jimmy: salt it out? >> so, take a little salt. >> jimmy: what kind of steak is this? what cut is this? >> this is a rib eye. >> jimmy: rib eye steak. there you go. salt it up. then pepper. >> a little pepper. >> jimmy: gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. >> and then, what we're going to do is -- with your tongs -- you got your tongs? >> jimmy: i got my tongs, yes. absolutely. >> we're going to grab the steak just like that. >> jimmy: yeah-huh. >> and we're going to flip it over. >> jimmy: ooh, look at the sear on that. >> and look at that. we're halfway down already. >> jimmy: this is unbelievable. see, this is fantastic. this is why -- first of all, i love your restaurant. thank you for letting me in there.
1:33 am
>> we love you. >> jimmy: first of all. [ light laughter ] i love everyone there. everyone takes good care of me over there. you can't get a reservation there. >> no, i can't either. >> jimmy: really? >> i only get a table at caesars palace. >> jimmy: so, rao's in caesar's, but then i heard a rumor that you might be opening in los angeles? >> it's not a rumor. it's true. >> jimmy: you're opening in l.a.? >> yes, yes. right after labor day. >> jimmy: where? >> in hollywood. >> jimmy: in hollywood? no way. >> yes. >> jimmy: oh, that's going to be a giant hit. >> from your mouth to the heaven's ears. >> jimmy: i mean, a giant hit. not a hip. >> giant success. >> jimmy: giant success, yeah, thank you. i should say, also, rao's sauce -- as far as jarred sauces go, this is the moon. you go rao's homemade -- this jar of sauce, right? [ applause ] you guys know what i'm talking about? that's the way to do it. >> there you go. >> jimmy: that is a great sauce. it's all good stuff. so what do you do with the steak now? >> so now, what we're going to do is i want you to take your onions and your peppers. >> jimmy: okay. >> throw them in there. >> jimmy: that's it? see, i can do this. >> yes, you can. now, i'm going to take a little bit of this white wine right here. put that in there, too. >> jimmy: oh, i thought we were
1:34 am
playing you drink, i drink. sorry. all right, good. no drink. yes, white wine in there. it smells so good. >> and then, just move it around a little bit like that. here and here. >> jimmy: this looks so good right here. >> finally, what we are going to do is we're going to add these beautiful san marzano tomatoes. this is the same tomatoes we use in the sauce. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> right in here. and we're going to let this reduce. >> jimmy: and just let this reduce. then, you chop it up and then -- i mean, when i go to rao's, first of all, i'm just frightened. and then, once i'm over being scared and afraid i'm going to be thrown out, this awesome guy comes over to my table and goes, "jimmy, what do you feel like tonight? you feel like --" and i go, "whatever -- whatever you want to give me." [ laughter ] and i end up with the most delicious food. usually i'm there with like, tommy mottola -- >> yes. >> jimmy: who knows what he wants when he orders there. and tommy starts out, and he orders really healthy stuff. he's like, "we'll do the lemon chicken, the salad." and then you see the guy's face. he's like -- and he goes, "and we're gonna get the pasta and the chicken parmesan." and then, you end up eating for a feast, and you have the best music. awesome, like, doo-wop music, new york music.
1:35 am
it's just one of the best experiences ever. congrats on everything. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: thank you for taking care of me so much. the whole family, everyone at rao's. >> all the time. >> jimmy: and thanks for the gift. thank you for that gift. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: you guys, "rao's on the grill" is in stores right now. and rao's hollywood opens in september in los angeles! oh, my gosh! my thanks to hugh jackman, natasha lyonne, frank pellegrino, jr! [ cheers and applause ] buddy guy right there! [ cheers and applause ] and the greatest band in late night, the roots right there, everybody. stay tuned for my man, carson daly. thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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