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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. it's a wines day wednesday and i have to say -- >> her name is hoda, she was a show girl. >> we have barry manilow coming up a little later. >> how do you skip over that, barry manilow's here! >> barry manilow is here in the flesh and his voice has not changed. >> incredible. >> did you see him yet? >> no, i was hanging out with his writing partner, he's awesome. musical royalty today. >> i'm a little bummed because today, you guys, is carson's
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last day with me. >> it will be okay. this will all return to normal for soon. they can turn these cameras on and start to broadcast. all we do is rehearse all the time. >> so, we have happy amelia erhardt day. >> very interesting. >> royal baby yesterday, there was a moment everyone was waiting for, mom, dad, the cute little bundle was out on the steps of the hospital, similar to diana and charles coming out with william 31 years ago. >> right. >> everyone wants to get a tight shot and see the baby. i thought she looked great, by the way. >> she was in kind of a tight dress. i know lots of women were talking about that. i thought that was cute. look at that little hand gesture there. >> that's definitely a royal wave. >> you'll see the royal middle finger here in a second. hey!
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media, here you go. go easy on me for the next 90 years. >> steven colbert had a great take, because everyone was talking about how beautiful kate looked when she came out and a lot of women the day after you give birth you don't look like that. anyway, steven colbert had fun with it. >> this is the new standard what you must look like 24 hours after giving birth, smiling, glamorous, hair perfect, radiant and fresh. okay, step up your game. >> so bad. >> that's funny. he's right, though. jessica alba, some of these beautiful women have set the standard and we see them in the pictures. when you're a woman, can be intimidating. she looked great. >> do you remember when you first took your baby home? >> yeah, i do. >> william took it, stuck it in the car, locked it down. >> we hadn't bought our car seat until the day before. we were barely prepared. he was well rehearsed. i see he went with the britax, we have the boulevard in the
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daly household.nap an that base is already in there. the baby is harnessed in, it's snapped in, then he drives off. most dads don't get it right. we got home and i realized in hindsight jackson, my son, was barely even restraint. i had his arm out, his head was over here. we actually walked in our house in santa monica with our first kid and you've probably done the same thing, it's such an overwhelming moment. you're so surprised the hospital lets you leave with this precious cargo. we put jackson on the table, now what, what do you do now? >> how was the drive from the hospital home? i wondered with him behind the wheel, you're responsible for more than just you and your wife. >> you do have precious cargo and that drive is something you'll always remember unless you have royal secret service driving you. >> he drove himself. >> blind spots, you drive defensively. you assume someone is going to hit you and avoid it at all costs, of course.
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>> congrats to our good, good friend jimmy fallon, he and his baby had a baby, too. they have not yet named their baby either. >> what are they waiting for? >> waiting until they know what to name the baby. >> they are great. congratulations, jimmy and nancy, that's awesome. so, there was a couple who was in disney world and the husband was about to propose to his future wife. >> at disney world, is that romantic to you? >> that would not be in my top 20, not in my top 20. so, there's a moment, moment you remember for a lifetime. every now and then someone steps in the middle of it and kind of blows it. there was some guy and they are calling it the in the way guy. do you see him with the thing around his -- okay, he stood right in front. >> that guy is proposing to that guy. i'm like who's the person -- i'm waiting for goofy to come out. this is not a same-sex proposal. >> no, it is not. the wife's behind.
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anyway, that guy has gone viral, they are calling him the in the way guy. he actually popped up with the royal couple on the steps of the hospital. he popped up there. and he popped up in a couple other places. there he is. in the way guy. >> people are just putting him in photos. does he have a broken arm? he was there then? wow. >> he's been around. he's been around. oh, famous photo. >> people have way too much time on their hands. >> who has that kind of time? can we talk about anthony weiner? >> it's my last day, let's talk. let's talk about the speech she gave yesterday. standing by your man is one thing, but, you know, falling on the sword is something else. that seemed like an incredible thing that she did. >> here's what happened. in 2011, anthony weiner apologized for these lewd acts that he was doing, texts and stuff, then he said he was going to make it all better. well, it turns out that he was not only apologizing for what he did do, he was apologizing for
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what he was going to do, because he said more things were coming out. but, in fact, they were things that happened since that apology and there was a big "people" magazine spread -- >> what happened to that family, the baby -- >> it said i'm a different man now. they said when that thing was printed, he had sent a sext to that girl a week before that. >> while he was apologizing, pretending to be a changed man, he was still in the sexting acts. >> she looked really in pain. >> why would she give such a big speech like that, though, didn't make any sense. i felt sort of sorry for her. they are three years into their marriage, then they have a baby, think they can get it back on track. >> he's running for mayor. >> this stuff happens, she's on the campaign trail. first three years of your marriage is supposed to be the honeymoon phase, where does it go from here? >> you wonder, every woman turns into judge judy, so does every man. how could you do that? we don't know what's happening in their world, but most women just stand there like a potted
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plant, stare there, they have the dead face and the husband says he's sorry and will never do it again. but all these guys get another go at it, a lot of these guys that have been through it. >> spitzer. >> yeah. >> sexting is weird to me. >> sort of pervy. >> i think the other guys -- >> sickness, isn't it? deviant work late at night. he needs help. can he still run in new york, could he win the mayor race? >> i don't know. the voters can compartmentalize like that. if he had the bill clinton factor or factors from other politicians that have come back from something like this, then maybe, but there is a creep factor people are noticing. >> does it stop here, or is there more in the future? >> i don't know. he said he thought his immunization by saying there's
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more that's coming out, remember, i told you there was more. so he said that, you know, i would guess there's probably more. >> definitely more. the answer is, yes. >> the answer is -- should we show these or no? this was his name when he was sexting. >> carlos danger? that is just disgusting. >> why is that your name, carlos danger? and you know what, if you read the sexts, and don't read them, if you choose to, they are bad. >> read one. >> no. >> every time there's a bad word, substitute it with roker. >> you are -- >> i'm alone at night holding my roker. what are you doing? can you send me a picture of your roker. is it like that? how explicit is it? oh, these are them? >> be careful. >> still holding your hair. okay, i spread your roker. your lauers are swinging already. take out -- that's a good read.
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hold on, i'll take that. someone's got to fly back to l.a. today. >> can i tell you, we are so sad that you're leaving that we decided to compile, even in this short little time, there is a best of, little best of segment from the week. >> this ought to be quick, everybody. >> monday and tuesday, two full days you clocked in on this show. let's see your minute. >> this is embarrassing. >> to the royal baby! >> to your show, all you do is drink on it, what do you mean? it's only loosely tied to the fact we might have a royal baby in the next couple hours. ♪ >> i win! >> quite frankly, hoda, i could give a rat's. >> guess who's going to be with me tomorrow, carson daly. >> i didn't get fired yet? >> come on, it's a boy! royal baby boy who will be king in 90 years. that was me when i left this show yesterday, by the way. >> look at my face, i'm so
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excited. >> he's making something. >> the quadruple. >> good night, america! >> that is the face of a madman. i'm so embarrassed that barry manilow is 30 feet from me, had to witness that. that is so embarrassing. it will get better, sir. >> our staff is very bummed that that's it, you're clocking in three days. >> i want to say thank you to you and your very drunk staff for having me. i felt right at home. >> i'm sure you did. >> with all of you lushes. i mean, really, you guys have been awesome. thank you. i'll thank you again later. >> we want to give one more shoutout. we have a college counterpart contest, you have to help me sell this. we're looking for college students who feel like they are like kathie lee and me. send your videos, no drinking. >> drinking wine at 10:00 a.m.? >> no drinking, they are in college. put it on tape and we're going to send you a terrific trip. you might be able to do stuff for us in the studio, so please
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go to our website,, and submit your entry. you don't have to look like us, act like us, like fools. >> have fun, no alcohol. that means there will be two submissions. >> so bad. >> i'm a realist. we're very excited, because barry manilow is going to be with us today and bruce is here. bruce, we're very, very excited. >> the music these men have made for over 40 years is some of the best and they have a theater project we're going to talk about. >> we'll be right back after this. ♪ hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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♪ come on, when you hear that song, you want to move your body, copacabana. barry manilow is the man that writes the songs that makes the whole world sing and he's been writing beautiful music with bruce sussman. >> they are about to debut "harmony," a true story based on a boy band that went from street musicians to selling millions of records, yes, records. >> hello, gentlemen. >> good to see you. >> what a thrill, i have to say, there's a lot of pinch me moments. a lot of people when they saw you, it took them way, way, way back. >> the music these guys have made is some of the best music. tell us quickly how this musical came about. i know it's something you wanted to do many years ago. >> when we met we wanted to write musicals together and then he screwed it all up. >> you've been holding back bruce's career. >> barry has been a little busy. >> when i started, that's what i
2:20 am
wanted to do, then the record career took off and we never found the five years that you need to put into writing a musical. >> you write, obviously, terrific music, how difficult is it to write copacabana or a song in a musical? >> for me, bruce, too, it's easier to write for theater than a pop song. with a pop song all you've got is i love you or i miss you. >> it's a blank page, a theater you have a character and situation and the song has to accomplish something. >> this situation is crazy, tell us about the story that goes back. >> it's an extraordinary story, six young men, germany between the wars, terrible time, record hyperinflation, millions of marks to buy a slice of cheese, followed by the great depression. 13 governments in 12 months, the place is in political chaos and these six, there they are. >> the first boy band really. >> these six young men created a
2:21 am
new kind of entertainment. they merged the close harmonies of a group like manhattan transfer with the physical humor of the marx brothers. >> we know everything about music and we have never heard of these people. and they were the beginnings of the kind of music we love today. well, this is the story of harmony, why we don't know them. >> did they have the popularity you were saying of the beatles, huge groups, sold tons of records. >> why don't we know the story? >> you have to watch the musical. >> give me a little bit. >> they found themselves on the collision course with history. 1933, new government comes into power that succeeds and, unfortunately, it's the nazis. several group members are jewish, several of them are not. how they confront that collision course with history is our second act. >> you see this in a documentary and call barry and say, i found it. >> i went to a pay phone on the street and called him. i was blabbering.
2:22 am
i don't know how he made sense of what i was saying. i think i muttered somehow, i think i found it, the story we're looking for. and he took -- this is why we've been working together so long. he took the collaborative leap of faith. he said to me, i don't know what you're talking about, go get it. >> can we talk real quickly, we opened with copa, let's close with it, that song, how did that collaboration work? >> we went down to rio and we were at the copacabana hotel and there was copacabana napkins and towels. i said has there ever been a song called copacabana? i don't think so. i went back to l.a. and new york and we wrote a song called copacabana. >> do you have a favorite all-time song, barry? i know you love them all. >> for me? >> yeah. >> it would be "could it be magic." >> from '74 to '83 you had three number ones, prolific time for you in music writing pop songs, but you're right at home with this musical. this is something special. >> crazy about it, i love it.
2:23 am
>> tell us about the path. >> we're leaving for atlanta on saturday. we're opening at the alliance theater in atlanta. >> beautiful, beautiful regional theater. >> are you two of the six boy band members? >> yeah. beautiful cast, young people, beautiful. >> great young director, extraordinarily talented. >> you hope to bring it from atlanta? >> alliance theater, then los angeles, then after that it's up to the theater guys. >> let's bring it to broadway, boys. we're so happy for you. thanks for coming on, bruce, we love you, barry. thank you. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> love you. >> love you, too. >> all right, bruce. we have the pictures that make you say what the what. >> i've heard about these photos. >> we're going to check them out after these messages. what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees,
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we're going to take a look at photos usually before people submitted.
2:28 am
>> this week's top picks. >> last week we didn't have a chance to show this picture, but it was on our facebook page. this was sent in and the winning caption is from rebecca childers, eat my dust, dad. >> that's good, that's good. >> how styling is that little monkey? >> he's adorable. >> so cute. we'll show next week's photo at the end. >> he doesn't end up getting hit, does he? >> this does end well, yeah. moving on to our first what the what photo. this is from kristen in birmingham, alabama. ice cream! >> can i tell you -- >> perfect. >> i remember being in my family's car when we were little kids and i could hear an ice cream truck, i could hear the bells. i opened the car door of a moving vehicle. i remember it. >> he jumped out of the bath. look at the bubbles. >> i totally get him, i feel him. >> ice cream.
2:29 am
>> dina hill from battleground, washington, submitted this photo. hot soup is available in behind. this soup tastes funny. >> i get it now. >> we think they meant it differently. >> we have to e-mail it to leno. >> next up, photo from virginia. just in case you have an emergency and you need a juggler or magic trick, 24 hours, jonathan's your man. >> if you're at a party at 3:00 in the morning and a juggler shows up, find the front door and leave. odds are, you're in miami, by the way. but if you need a juggler, there's your guy. >> when do you ever call in services like that? >> i've been to a party where he's showed up, let's move on. >> finally this photo. okay. having skin problems, i have bad for you, son, we got 99 samples because an itch ain't one. >> that's good.
2:30 am
good advertising. >> we have our next week's caption. >> it makes me want to itch. >> this photo. can we end on a little awe moment? >> that's cute. we're going to be back after these messages. carson is going to play a game. >> i'm down, last day, why not? we're back with more of
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we are ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew." today our topic is aviation. of course, carson is right across the street at the nbc experience store. he's going to hand out $100 to those who get the answer right. to those who don't, you know what they get? kathie lee's cd. all right. here to help me out is orbits senior traffic editor. hello, are we ready, girl? >> i'm ready. >> carson, get the party started. >> where are you from? >> neptune, new jersey. >> what do you know about aviation in general?
2:33 am
>> they go in the air. >> let's go. this is going to go well. first question, in the movie "up in the air," george clooney's character is recognized for having accumulated how many frequent flyer miles? 1 million, 5 million, 10 million, or 20 million? >> 5 million? >> the answer is -- c, 10 million. you lose. you get a copy of kathie lee gifford's cd. congratulations. back to you, hoda. >> thanks, 10 million. >> kind of extreme. look, most of us are just looking to get a better seat on the flight, right? so a couple of things to remember when it comes to miles, accumulate every way you can, hotels, restaurants, online shopping and keep track of when miles expire. >> american express is good for miles, too. >> absolutely. >> go ahead, carson. >> here with papa john, he's from iowa, having a good time? >> excellent time. >> finish these lyrics of "come fly with me." ♪ just say the words and we'll beat the birds ♪
2:34 am
finish the lyric. >> down to the earth. >> the answer -- what is the answer? ♪ just say the words and we'll beat the birds down to acapulco bay ♪ >> good day for kathie lee. an old classic. >> acapulco bay is one of mexico's oldest and most well known resort towns, came to prominence in the 1950s when hollywood stars and millionaires started vacationing there. obviously, big college spring break destination. >> been there a couple of times. back to carson. >> i'm with mary beth. are you all right? here's your question, in the movie "airplane," what is the name of the main character who follows his ex-girlfriend on to a flight? clarence oveur, ted striker, recollection kramer, daniel larueso.
2:35 am
>> b? >> she guessed b and she is correct. >> $100! >> it was a total guess. ted striker. >> this 1980 parody grossed over $83 million in north america alone. as we know, it still remains one of the most loved aviation movies of all time. >> so funny. back across, carson. >> thank you, becca from chicago is telling me how much she loves adam levine. >> he's so cute. >> like i don't hear that every five seconds. which city's airport three-letter code is f.a.t.? fairmont, minnesota, fort worth, texas, ft. lauderdale, florida, or fresno, california? f.a.t. >> b? >> sorry, answer is, fresno california, d, you get a kathie lee gifford compact disc. >> kathie lee is going to be so happy. fresno. >> fresno airport, formerly
2:36 am
called the fresno air terminal, f.a.t. it's the air transport, international air transport association that gives them these codes. sometimes you have to go pretty far back in the airport's history to figure out what it means. >> one last one, carson. >> melanie is visiting new york. let's get right to it, melanie. in the movie "catch me if you can," leonardo dicaprio plays frank abagnale, who impersonated a pilot working for which airline? >> a, pan am. >> that is correct. melanie wins $100 gift card. >> good girl. >> that was classic. >> pan am was founded in 1927, largest international carrier in the u.s. until 1991. >> all right. thank you. thanks, jeanine. carson is going to come back across the street and join me. we wanted to know one thing, what is madeline fehrnstrom doing with fly swatters? we're going to find out after this. [ male announcer ] pearls. hairbands.
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all right. if you do anything this summer, chances are you'll either go to or throw a few backyard barbecue feasts. >> some of us don't like to know. madeleine fehrnstrom is here to put us to the test so that you can choose the better option. madeline, good morning. >> we have these giant fly swatters. >> do they make these, these are real? >> big flies. what i'm going to do is ask you some questions and give you answers. this is the way you can buzz in, whack this. practice, whack it on there. >> okay, ready. >> now we're going to start. >> ready. >> who doesn't love a hamburger and hot dog at a barbecue? question is this, which one has more calories? >> that was premature whacking, hoda. >> hamburger, without question. >> why do you say that, wheat bun and turkey burger. >> it's a regular hamburger, 500 versus 300 calories.
2:42 am
let's move on to dips. always dipping, but check it out, of these three popular dips, hummus, guacamole and light ranch dip, which has the lowest calories? >> hummus is the answer there. >> no. >> calories, or fat? >> calories. >> light ranch? >> no! >> guacamole is the best choice, but if you want to downsize, go with salsa. >> high fat. >> they are all high in fat. >> hummus is not healthier of these three options? >> low calories. >> same thing. >> let's go to beer. if you don't get this one, i don't know what we're going to do. who doesn't love beer? >> i love beer, is that the question? >> almost. how many calories would you save if you select a light beer instead of a regular beer? is it 50, 75, or 100 calories? >> it is definitely 75. >> only 50. >> definitely not. >> carson got it. >> i studied this.
2:43 am
recently a study at ucla we found out light beer is -- >> take a beer for the road. >> how come you didn't take a light one? >> i like those extra 50 calories. i have a long walk in the airport. >> now wine coolers. go to the corn first. let's check out some of these side dishes. one of these, okay, we have a beautiful ear of corn. one of these has 100 calories. is it the ear of corn, half a cup of baked beans or coleslaw? >> go ahead, ladies first. >> the 100-calorie option without butter is the corn. >> correct. >> how much are the baked beans? >> close to 200. they have sugar, sauce, everything else. let's get back to, speaking about sugar, let's take a look at some wine coolers. >> do you remember zima? >> yes. >> that was weird. okay. >> if you drank two 12-ounce coolers -- >> 24 ounces! >> good one. how many teaspoons of sugar would you be eating, 6, 10, or
2:44 am
16? >> 16. >> it is 16. >> wow. >> two wine coolers. >> this is the amount of sugar in two wine coolers? >> can you imagine? >> that's, like, 20 pixie sticks. >> last one? >> couple more. who doesn't love potato salad? >> every time, i think that's the question. >> if you ate a half-cup serving, how long would you have to burn it off, a mile is about 100 calories. would you be walking one and a half, two and a half, or three and a half miles? >> two and a half. >> hoda is right. >> now it's double or nothing. >> what about some dessert, see the ice cream we have here, how many cups of watermelon could you eat for the same calories in a one-cup serving of ice cream? is it three, six, or nine cups? >> do it. >> nine, answer is nine. >> answer is nine. >> thank you very much. >> carson won. >> thank you very much! double or nothing! always double down.
2:45 am
>> that you get to take with you. >> i'd rather the cooler of beer, sir, can i swap this out for the cooler of beer? bobby thomas is going to join us. we're going to go from good to so good right after this.
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today's style is brought to you by -- yoplait. learn how to take your good to so good from today's style experts. all right, time for today's style with bobby thomas. we are taking your man's look from good to so good. >> as a guy, i can say not all of us are interested in a day-long makeover at the mall. we have a few pointers to do that. >> today's style editor bobby thomas is here. she has some ideas. we like this segment. >> carson, i promise, these are very small tweaks. let's get right to it. >> phillip from albany. >> he's wearing the classic guy look, baseball cap, t-shirt. i want to point out something right here and right here. >> logos. >> nix the names, guys. look when i show you the before and after, you will see it makes
2:50 am
a big difference. >> are you kidding me, bobby? >> it's less distracting. >> it looks better? >> less like a college frat boy. >> more likely to get a date with a blue hat? >> women will think, i'm telling you, if you go to a job interview, you have to be careful. >> you guys are weird. >> carson, be nice to me. baxter is somebody i loved. he was playing with color, and he's doing something a lot of guys are asking about, rolling the hem of his pants. the only thing i wasn't sure about is i felt like the yellow sneakers were distracting. simplify your statement. making the shoe gray. >> well done, bobby, well done. ankle is still tight. >> i'm 0 for 2. >> i don't roll like that, i'll tell you that. >> next greg from texas. now his wife was in our last so good segment, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. greg has a great dad look. this is good, but i wanted to cut the sleeve and untuck the
2:51 am
shirt. >> bobby, you're the john madden of fashion. >> and get rid of the pants and the shoes. >> they are not dad pants, they are jeans. >> when you see the before and after, he's hot under there, he just needs to show it off. bigger isn't better, guys. >> he's jason stacom now. >> exactly. >> what a difference. >> sneaker shoe and nicer cuff and untuck so it doesn't look like he has man boobs. >> next. >> somebody i want to encourage men out there, please say no to pleats, especially if you want to build your frame up to look taller. the pleats right here are cropping him and so is the shoe. so if you see the before and after and we put them in -- >> how many fingers does this guy have in his pockets? >> see the difference in the flat front and it makes him look taller going with a navy shoe instead of the camel. >> little nitpick. >> i have a surprise for carson. you have completely thrown me,
2:52 am
because you usually wear black all the time. look, you're always in black. >> i like johnny cash. >> look, you're wearing blue today. what i want to do is show you a potential look you're going to have fun with casually. i wish you could see more, denim shirt with a cool polka dot tie. >> get out of the black? i like the black. >> i think you should put the black away. >> it meets everything south of the neck, which is what i'm into. >> you gave me one of the best pieces of advice a long time ago when you were getting out of a relationship you said -- >> we're on the air, bobby. >> you said, and don't worry, i'm not going to scare you. i said what advice would you give to other people and you said conquer solitude. and that was one of the best pieces of advice. >> i was drunk. >> you did. later after that -- >> that's awesome, you're a married woman. married woman. >> bobby, thank you, sweetie. >> that's all i said. >> i don't think so. >> then i said, do you like to dance, bobby?
2:53 am
conquer solitude and the salsa. secrets to a successful garage sale. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:56 am
whether you're looking to clear your home of clutter or cash in on your collectibles, you may be thinking about throwing a garage sale, but how do you stop traffic and rack up sales? >> editor and chief of "the nest" has tips to guarantee success. >> hey, rebecca. >> how are you? >> got to let people know you're
2:57 am
having one of these garage sales. >> get the word out. >> flyers up? >> flyers, signs, and really make it personal, make it funny, horder sale, something like that, to really attract people. online, facebook, twitter. >> people do this every weekend, people actively go to these things shopping. >> god, yes, absolutely, people find great things. you heard the story about the red paper clip, a guy got a house for a red paper clip. the things you can find. >> you want to make your shoppers feel comfortable. >> first thing is have snacks, have refreshments, have music in the background. >> welcome to my garage, here's a cookie. >> exactly, welcome, have a drink, have a lemonade. then what you want to do is have something for the younger guests, exactly. >> while the parents are shopping. >> exactly, parents can shop, kids can color, do whatever. as far as setting things up, what you want to do is organize it by category. you have your dishes in one place, music in another. >> make it easy for people -- i'd go right to the music
2:58 am
section. >> exactly. >> go over there, see what you want over there, old albums, birds are over there. another trick, too, is really about the pricing. a lot of these things you may feel like this is your album, it's very important to you. >> i want these ten albums, are we bartering or do you have a set price? >> i have a set price, but i'm open for bartering. make me an offer. >> when something is sentimental to you sometimes you jack up the price and really for an average person, they are not interested. >> not as valuable to them. >> how do you know how to price things? >> go with the numbers like a dollar, three dollars, five dollars. keep things under $10 and have a cheapie table, freebies. >> anybody heard of highway 101, anybody heard of this band? >> exact, that explains the price. >> you give me $2 for this record. >> exactly. have little things set up, freebies, gift with purchase.
2:59 am
mimic things you see in stores, basically. >> what about clothes? sometimes you see a beautiful thing but aren't sure. >> wash them, dry clean them, but it's fine. people do consignment all the time, borrow clothes all the time, it's totally, totally fine and, in fact, it's a popular thing because a lot of people might not have things like albums and lamps. >> do you have a better shot going later in the day? >> i think earlier in the day is the best time to go. exactly, yep. >> snacks are gone. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. i want to give a big thank you to carson daly. >> thank you. >> worked really hard this week. >> i did not. >> drank a lot. we had a great, great week. tomorrow, dean cain is going to fill in, you remember him from superman fame. we're going to have ambush makeovers, talk about how social media changes your relationship. who cares, all it is is about the great week we had. >> appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. see you tomorrow. have a good day. >> thank you very much.
3:00 am
hadn't had hem. jeff: how man's best friend sailor.ave a >> you're so used to that threat. it's hard to turn it off. a sense of security. jeff: look at that. pavis andr stylist ken his cut, all wigged out. >> you look like ben franklin. unleash the e hounds. wow! [ applause ] hello, hello! roll it! cbs television distribution ] all right. a little about me. married.tly i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. show 'cause talk ther


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