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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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news heading over to the peninsula, a new incident for the san mateo bridge. i'm scanning my cameras to see what i can show you. >> we're just about there. oh, so close to the all-important weekend now. it's going to be a nice one around here. i'll have your full forecast. today we cut off the humidity. a little tease there. that's in moments. right now a live look outside. look at the beautiful glistening sky out there. it's 5:00, thursday, july 25th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm jon khiel he. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a train crash left dozens more, although the derailment happened thousands of miles away, hitting very close to home
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for some families here in united states. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live in the newsroom with the latest on this on going investigation. marla, a scary scene out there. we're knowing now some americans were involved and on that train. >> jon and laura, at least two americans from texas are lucky to be alive. both survived the train crash, though one is said to be injured, the extent of the injuries is not known. we're working to get all this information confirmed. in the meantime we have amazing video to show you of the actual moment the train derailed. this is from the security camera posted here. you can see the train approaching, just as it makes its way around the curve, it slides right off the crash. crashing opportunity sound wall. this passenger train was carrying close to 220 people when it left madrid yesterday bound for a city in northwestern spain. overnight the death toll rose to 78 confirmed dead and more than
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140 injuries. there's a map to give you a little perspective. it crashed very close to santiago de compostella. emergency crews are literally picking up the pieces of what's left behind and using cranes to lift the wreckage from the tracks. spanish officials are ruling out terrorism as a possible cause, but there is speculation speed is to blame. at least two spanish media outlets saying the train was traveling at twice the speed limit, at 120 miles per hour. spanish investigators have yet to confirm this. that's something officials are looking into. we learned the train had two con doctors on board, both said to have survived. moments ago spain's prime minister visited the crash site. we'll show you mat that looked like and what he has to say about the tragedy in my next report. also, john, i wanted to mention that the pope got in on this investigation and just released a statement. we'll talk about that in my next
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report. >> devastating video. we rarely get to see that. thank you very much. we're also learning new details about a 66-year-old woman killed while driving near her home in oakland. julie salmon's neighbor showed us these photos from her facebook page. some of the neighborhood think she was caught in the crossfire when she was killed on fern street a few blocks west of mills college. this happened yesterday afternoon. her neighbor telling us salman was in the car with a friend's dog she was taking care of when she was shot and killed. >> and the [ bleep ] that murdered her had the presence of mind, apparently being used to this sort of thing, to grab her purse and phone before they took off. >> police at this point have not made any arrests or they have not released a suspect description. a memorial service was held last night in the bay area to remember the young victims of aus anna airlines flight 214.
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the parents of the three chinese teenagers killed in the crash spoke at a private service. san francisco mayor ed lee as well as the chinese consul general. the boeing 737 crashed -- authorities say she was covered in firefighting foam. people in alamo this morning waking up back at home after a broken gas main led to just a frightening next alert. they were all told the evacuate the area immediately and it came without any explanation. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in alamo as crews are still working on the situation out here. christie, what's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is where it all started, that gas leak that triggered a widespread and alarming text to residents. what i can tell you is that east bay mud crew out here this morning tells me that the gas line is repaired and so is the waterline. i spoke with a crew member for
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east bay mud, he said the only thing they had left to do overnight was patch the street up. we shot video of them doing that on danville boulevard by stone valley road. there are still many questions about who is responsible here. east bay mud says pg&e didn't properly mark the line. pg&e says it asked crews to use hand tools because they weren't exactly sure where the line was. when east bay mud hit a pg&e gas line yesterday morning, the emergency was very real. a county supervisor says the alert system worked, but another alert system sent out a text message to people outside the affected alert area. we spoke with one man in danville who says he got a severe text alert and it reads emergency alert in this area until 7:45 p.m. evacuate now. that was from contra costa county, and he did. >> i had no idea until we googled it and they said there
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was a gas leak on danville boulevard. >> for whatever reason, they were updating, they their system had not alerted the county to use the updated system. as a result we ended up with people being alerted with a much further area. the leak was actually three miles away from where he was. people did evacuate a three-square block area. while the supervisor says the warning system worked, another one, the integrated public warning system, that's the one she says had a glitch. back here live, i wanted to show you when we first got here, danville boulevard was blocked off while the crews were doing the work. as you can see, it's back open. reporting live in alamo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a lot of uncomfortable moments out there. >> summer break, lots of kids at home. summer break, lots of kids at home, want to get them out the door, keep them busy. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's going to be over before you know it. heads up on that one. my mom is a teacher and i always
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comes to a crashing halt. a good looking day shaping up for outdoor activity, 55 in oakland, 60 in san jose. temperatures are actually running quite a bit cooler this morning in places like san martin. you probably noticed the difference there, two degrees warmer than 24 hours ago in livermore. everywhere else about two to three degrees cooler. high pressure still in control. you'll probably notice the dry heat returns to the bay area today. done with the humidity at least for now. another chance for that this week. we are watching for the potential of actually more showers as we head into next week. this bizarre pattern is going to come right back. 60s and 70s for the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. i'll have your full forecast, give you a sneak peek at your seven day outlook in a moment. stick around for that. 5:07. if you have to get out the front door, mike is the only man who knows what can slow you down. >> you, too, christina. if it's raining, you let us
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know. looking at the san mateo bridge where we had another issue, your commute direction, reports of a stall at the high-rise. the flat section looks fine. as i'm checking thought camera on the east bay side, this is on the peninsula side eastbound would be these taillights heading off over the high-rise, i saw flashing lights head over there. they said yes, it's in the slow lane counter commute. we'll watch the light volume getting by just fine. we're looking at the hayward side as well for the castro valley y. north 60 at 580, a new crash reported there. one car, a hit-and-run. if you saw anything, let folks know. diablo road, green valley, reports of a power pole down overnight. that will have repair crews until 6:00 a.m. that's holy separate from what christie smith just reported. diablo road is open after a gas report closure. back to you. thank you very much.
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it is 5:08. a police patrol car in palo alto is creating controversy this morning because it's now equipped with technology that can automatically read your license plate. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in palo alto to explain? >> reporter: palo alto police, we're a system joining at least a system of 30 other law enforcement agencies in the bay area with this technology. if you're not familiar with it, this is how it works. as the patrol car rolls through the area, you have the four cameras, two in the front, two in the back. what they're doing is scanning and reporting the license plates immediately alerting the officer of a stolen vehicle and it could be outfit ted -- it records the license plate data of innocent people as well. that's where the aclu and other
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privacy rights advocates have a problem. the aclu says it doesn't mind the scanners scanning the tag numbers, it doesn't like they storm reams of data of where you were with your car and when. when san leandro pd enacted this system a while back, we know of at least one east bay driver who requested the info linked to his plate. 112 images of his car and location. police started this system on tuesday, just over a week, the chief of the department with the chiefs of other departments in santa clara county, how long it is kept for, which means it could be more than a year. reporting live in palo although outside pd, bob redell. >> the implications of what they
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do with that. >> 5:10 right now. new pollution concerns at a popular bay area theme park this morning. we'll let you know how the state is involved and the details coming up next. college students on edge after a pair of armed robberies near the uc berkeley campus. what police are saying this morning coming up. a surprise out of facebook, it does something no other tech company managed to do so far. we'll take a look coming up.
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welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. all eyes on facebook today. the company did something that no other tech company has done so far this summer. it actually pleased investors. that's always good news, right, scott? >> right. it's such rare news, we had gotten used to disappointment, jon. even apple which sold more iphones than we thought did not amaze and awe investors. we set our expectations fairly low for facebook. they were supposed to be the company that had not been able to pivot to mobile.
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mobile was going to be its achilles' heel. the palo alto company left analysts slackjacked which showed mobile wupz going very well, thank you very much and facebook was able to advertise to mobile users. facebook stock one to watch. also starbucks and amazon. bertha coombs takes it from here. >> they'll probably have a line item for bertha in terms of just how much i've spent in the last quarter on both of them. i've got to be helping their margins. futures this morning are pointing to a lower start, lower trading in europe despite upbeat economic data. despite the enthusiastic response to apple's earnings and also bm wear and tech, we had caterpillar, so that was more of a drag. more data in just a few minutes, weekly unemployment claims, also demand for durable goods plus earnings from general motors, 3m
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and amazon and starbucks a little later today. the dow dropping 26 points yesterday to 15,542, the nasdaq inching up one point thanks to apple to 3,580. meantime the senate passed a bill to lower student loan rates. the proposal will link rates on government-backed stafford loans to the treasury market meaning rates would rise in the future as the economy improves. the house has passed a similar version and president obama is expected to sign it. a lot of folks breathing a sigh of relief after the stafford loan rates shot up and doubled when they didn't get it done before july 4th. >> for sure. bertha coombs, thank you very much. 5:15. those government loans, jon and laura, are strange things. washington doesn't want to draw a lot of attention that it makes money on the deal no matter what the interest rate is. the government can borrow money at incredibly low interest rates. pretty much no matter what they charge the college kids, it's going to turn a profit.
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at least when it comes to the subsidized stafford loans, many middle class families in our viewing area actually have trouble qualifying because they're california rich by government standings. they have a lot of money on paper. we have very high mortgage prices as well. lots of families don't qualify. >> which is fascinating, too. california rich. you're right. >> so important to be able to get ahold of the loans in general just because students need that and those interest rates going up like that. education always so very important. 5:16. christina loren is back to talk about what's happening outside. the forecast in the bay area always fine. >> worth the investment, the education. definitely. >> your mom knows that. >> hey, the sunglasses worth the investment for today. 5:16. maybe a glass of sipping lemonade as well. taking you live to the golden gate bridge. you can't really see it out there. we've got quite a bit of fog overhead and we want to give you a visual this morning. we want to show you the numbers to start.
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temperatures are running nice and mild. we're really mild to start good air quality, even though you will notice quite a bit of fog for the first part of the day and quite a bit of haze for the second part of the day. 55 degrees in oakland, good morning livermore, starting out nice and mild at 65 degrees. climbing at noon to about 79 in concord, 64 for oakland as you break for lunch. what a beautiful day for lunch on the water. 69 degrees at noon in san mateo, for instance. we'll round out the day in the 80s around the bay. upper 70s to low 80s. 79 for fremont and 79 in oakland. meanwhile in the peninsula, 83 for redwood city. that might beat your threshold for the heat where you have to turn the ac on. temperatures will stay rather level, not extreme temps. we'll not see the triple digits at least for the next five to six days. there's an area of low pressure i'm watching for next week. we're expecting it to drop our temperatures and potentially bring in another round of july rain before we kickoff the month of august.
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guess what happens in august? the santa clara county fair comes to town. we'll have the forecast for that coming up. first let's talk to mike about your drive. >> got a single in my head. not going to sing it. the upper deck of the bay bridge, the incline coming off our emeryville camera, we can see that. you can't see much else. there's a look at what christina is talking about, the low clouds coming down basically covering our view of that deck. as you're driving to san francisco, you might find a patch or two of clouds here as well as the fog she showed you for the golden gate bridge. not a problem as far as speeds go. be careful. eastshore freeway easy. oakland shows traffic building for 880 both directions. 60 miles per hour where the yellow is. the upper east shore looks nice coming off the carquinez bridge, the benicia bridge. in the north bay, a changing situation here. we had construction blocking overnight a big portion of genesee canyon road. they're moving the crews now.
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i've seen slowing in patching from interstate 880 and highway 29. by the time you get there, lit be clear. trust me. looking to a live shot as well. we'll see the foster city side. we have the peninsula city camera. no slowing over the high-rise, however the stalled vehicle headed out. sounds like there's a tow truck to remove that from the slow lane as you head over the san mateo bridge. here is a followup to breaking news we brought you yesterday. we're getting a look of the three people accused of breaking into a south bay gun store. 39-year-old tina marie guzman, 27-year-old moreno and 26-year-old marcus moreno were arrested yesterday morning. police say the trio stole seven guns from read's indoor gun range in santa clara, arrested less than a mile away from the store thanks to a silent alarm and the guns were recovered. uc berkeley police trying to
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track down the suspects responsible for a pair of armed robberies. uc police say a man was robbed at gunpoint by a group of meneer the corner of channing way and fulton street early saturday morning. the suspects forced that man to the ground and took his cell phone and wallet before they finally ran away. then about 30 minutes later, uc police responded to another robbery nearby. at this hour it's unclear where the same armed robbers are responsible for both crimes. 50:20. state agency investigating six flags discovery after allegations the park is polluting nearby water ways. valet hoe environmentalist doug darling says the amusement park has been polluting lake shib bow for years. he says three years ago he showed the president some of the clutter and was promised they would clean it up. when that didn't happen, he took to youtube. now there's an investigation. six flags released a statement
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saying we are aware of concerns and are working with specialists and local authorities to complete our assessment of the situation and implement an appropriate remediation plan. today san mateo county debuting its plan for a new coastal trail near highway 1 at devil's slide. county park officials will present the plan at a meeting in moss beach. the devil slide trail will run between a pair of bypass tunnels that opened in march. it will have two veenic overlooks with three concrete barriers for safety. work on the $1.2 million trail is expected to start sometime next month after the county takes over the land from caltrans. it's scheduled to open sometime next year. that should be a nice one. it's 5:21. a bay area university beating out princeton and harvard as best in america next.
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welcome back everyone. taking you to the north bay, folks are up and about -- out and about, i should say. this is out and about -- i didn't even mean to this morning. that's the s curve up in san rafael, highway 101. mike is keeping tabs on the commute for us. 5:24. bay area college has beat out all others to come out on top of for for's list of america's top colleges. stanford is one. number two, pomona in southern california. to come up with the list forbes looks at how interesting classes are, how likely someone is to graduate in four years and how likely they are to get a good job and find professional success after college. uc berkeley was a top-ranked state school at number 22.
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strong higher education, something to be very proud of. the family behind an award-winning point reyes cheese farm getting a nice honor and spotlight on the "today" show. farmstead cheese company of point reyes recently won two awards for their cheese. a few years ago there was no cheese company, just a dairy farm out there. the owner's four daughters came together and ended up turning their parents' 50-year-old milk farm into a blossoming and booming cheese business. now their award-winning cheese can be found in stores all across the country. you can see the full story coming up at 8:30 on the "today" show. successful family affair. good for them. want to check out the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> pretty day to get over to point reyes. today will be nice just about everywhere, a little hot inland, but not that bad. we could be scorching in the triple digits. 92 inland with a mix of sun and
5:26 am
clouds. mostly sunny conditions. widespread low clouds until 11:00 a.m. most of that will burn off. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking to san jose, the south bay. this live shot shows you a pretty standard volume for 101 as folks take a good look. that's the northbound side. southbound very sparsely populated toward tully road. all over the map you have green as far as speed sensors go. here in the santa cruz mountains, although still registering a possible crew at the summit tore 17, we had overnight in traffic control basically down to one lane in each direction. that caused a lot of slowing and we see speeds coming back up. as you're heading south in los gatos, a much more pleasant drive over the next few. fremont southbound here with headlights into the south bay from dakota road down to mission boulevard. at the limit, not a problem for the nimitz in either direction. that's good stuff. back to you. >> thanks so much.
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5:26. a new warning from police after a man exposes himself to a teenage girl in union city. police say there are other victims. we'll have details next. deadline day for hundreds of high school students who have their ap test scores invalidated. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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new this morning, the death toll continues to rise in that deadly train derailment in spain which we are seeing for the very first time because of this new security video that was just released. we'll have it for you coming up. it's a great start to the day, not just because it's thursday. so much closer to the weekend, nice and crisp out there. don't need a jacket or sweater to start. headed toward the 90s inland. we have the forecast coming up in moments. you might need to tap that brake pedal. i saw flashing lights. i'll scan and let you know what the latest is across the bay. how some people in the bay
5:30 am
area are cashing in on the new bay bridge opening. we'll explain coming up. right now i want to give you a live look outside. yes, that is san jose. the sun already rising in the bay area, a beautiful shot, all kinds of colors to get you energized on a thursday, july 25th. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. a fluid situation here as the number of people dead continues to rise in that deadly train derailment over in spain. overnight we've learned americans were, in fact, on board. this morning we're getting a rare look at that moment of impact. you've got to see this one. "today in the bay's" marla tellez in the newsroom now with that. she also has the latest on the investigation. a lot to figure out. >> jon, yes, the investigation does continue overnight. security video shows the actual
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train crash. the clip is less than ten long but very powerful nonetheless. here it is. you see the passenger train making its way around the bend when the cars fly off the tracks, slamming right into that barrier wall. just into our newsroom, the pope released a statement after hearing about the rising death toll that now stands at at least 78 people dead and more than 140 injured. pope francis saying, quote, i have been deeply distressed and raised a very vent prayer to the lord for those who have died and those who are victims of this tragic event. about 220 people were on board the train that left madrid yesterday bound for the city of furol in northwestern spain. the crash happened about 60 miles shy of this destination. officials say thousands of christian pilgrims head to ferrol for a well-known religious festival that was supposed to happen today. that event has since been
5:32 am
canceled. within the past half hour, spain's prime minister visited the crash site, surrounded here by his security detail. he's visiting injured passengers in the hospital. you can see cranes trying their best to remove the cars from the tracks there. at least two americans were reportedly on that train. both from houston and both survived. this is according to spanish media. terrorism has been ruled out as a cause. but speed may be to blame, some outlets report the train was going way beyond the speed limit. i'll talk about that in my next report. jon and laura? police in union city looking for more possible victims after they arrested a suspected flasher. officials say 27-year-old gonzalez exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl outside niles liquors near dakota road tuesday afternoon. police arrested gonzalez at his home about a mile away after he con fwesed. he also admitted to exposing
5:33 am
himself to at least eight people in the area. gonzalez is out on bail this morning. also this morning, hercules police trying to track down two men in connection to a violent home invasion robbery. this one happened just after 10:30 tuesday night at a home not too far from hannah ranch elementary school. police say a woman who lives alone was dragged from her bed and beaten by at least one man who claimed he was, quote, the police. the woman says she also heard a second man in the room as well. police say that pair was able to get through an unlocked window. the victim, she was treated at the hospital for injuries to her face and then released. people in alamo waking up at home this morning after a broken gas main led to a frightening text alert. they were told to just evacuate the area immediately without any explanation. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in alamo. we understand crews are still working on the situation. >> reporter: actually they just
5:34 am
wrapped up. that should be very welcome news if you live in the alamo area. the gas line is fixed and also the waterline is fixed. i spoke with a crew chief for east bay mud. they have been out here all night patching up danville boulevard. it is back open this morning. they left about 30 minutes ago. there are still questions about who's responsible for the gas line break in the first place and also questions about the alarming evacuation tags that followed in an area well beyond the break. when an east bay mud crew hit a gas line, the emergency was real and pg&e says it asked the utility to use hand crews because they weren't exactly sure where this line was. east bay mud says pg&e didn't properly mark the pavement for them. a county supervisor says the local community alert system, it worked, letting people know what was happening. but the integrated public warning system, that had a glitch. we spoke with a man and his friend in danville.
5:35 am
they say they got this, the next red "emergency alert in this area until 7:45 p.m. evacuate now. california, contra costa county." >> the text message didn't inform us at all. it just said there was a severe emergency and get out of contra costa county. >> i had no idea until we googled it and it said there was a gas leak. >> reporter: according to the supervisor, the glitch, they had not alerted the county to use the updated system. people were notified in a much wider area. emergency workers evacuated a three square block area. but danville boulevard back open. live in alamo, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 5:35. the hundreds of high school students who thad hair ap test scores invalidated have until tonight to decide if they'll be retaking the tests.
5:36 am
meantime, attorneys hired by the san mateo unified school district to deal with the ap testing issue at mills high school will speak to the educational testing service and the college board today about testing retakes along with possibly not throwing out those scores. the district decided earlier this week to pursue legal action. those scores were initially invalidated after the test administrators failed to follow strict seating rules. 5:36. a special news conference held today to talk about the fate of california's biggest junior college. members of the city college of san francisco's board of trustees addressing the state's decision to strip the college of its accreditation in july of 2014. ccsf has until the end of the month to appeal the ruling. earlier this month the state accrediting commission ruled the college had not done enough to deal with its financial issues. some 85,000 students attend ccsf. it's 5:36 right now. it sounds like the heat wave and the swamp wave are kind of going
5:37 am
away. christina loren telling us the humidity finally coming down for us. >> finally. i know. it's been rough out there. good morning, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. a live look at san jose. we have this low cloud cover overhead. it's going to be a nice day. wait as we head through the next 15 to 20 minutes. i do want to point out our winds are still mostly coming out of the west. that cool ocean air is going to be transported all the way to the inner bay today as well as the coastline. that means lots of fog to start the day. but that sun breaking through those low clouds by about 11:00 a.m. 62 degrees to start in sunnyvale. 54 in santa rosa. in the low 60s in san jose. inland cities will hit the low 90s. 70 degrees bay side at the coast. 67 degrees. you might be thinking about that weekend right about now. it's okay to do so. we want to help you make the outdoor plans. your seven-day forecast reveals where the most comfortable weather will be. that's up next. first let's check the drive.
5:38 am
good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. you can always think about the weekend, sometimes longingly, but you calls think about. here is the san mateo bridge, westbound tall headlights coming across in your commute direction. i saw over the last few minutes, a big burst of traffic coming through. it's evened out once again. it does look like they've cleared that westbound lane and the incident just closed off the chp report a disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge. a smooth drive to the peninsula side. the map will show you it's an easy drive. 92 showing volume increase over the hills toward 280. that's typical slowing. we have a nice flow of traffic westbound off the hayward side. castro valley y, easy drive there. there's your drives for the approach to the bay bridge. no problems, guys. back to you. new proof this morning money can grow on trees, sort of. the state talking about buying a woman's 40-year-old canary island palm tree so it can be
5:39 am
moved to the bay bridge. the bay area toll authorities wants to plant 65 to 70 canary palms. if the tree passes the health test, she'll get $1500 for that. >> they couldn't give her $2500? that's a nice tree. the state says it's looking al over california for trees to transplant. the goal is to have them all relocated and planted by labor day weekend. that was the original opening date you'll recall for the bridge. it's been pushed back to december because of problems with busted bolts on the new eastern span. here is a reason your trays won't need to be put in an up right position. food trucks will be coming to sfo, dishing up foods each and every thursday at the san francisco international airport. that's there to give passengers and the airport workers another option when it comes to lunchtime. a pair of trucks specializing today in hawaiian and indian cuisine, they'll be parked
5:40 am
outside of terminal one. if you're heading to the airport, keep your eye out for those. that will be happening from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. here is some interesting and tasty news. the type of food will be changing each and every week. sfo says it's going to look to expand to more days coming up in the future. i've always been a big fan. >> food trucks have come a long way. >> they got a nice buffet, the cool drinks, the snacks. >> no more roach coach. >> no. i'm sure a much higher value than that. we'll let you know how investors feel about facebook directly affecting your household. we'll explain that coming up in a live report. good morning. i'm bob redell. live back here to the peninsula with new crime fighting technology raising concerns over privacy. that story coming up.
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we're keeping a very close
5:43 am
eye this morning on wall street as several new earnings reports are due that could end up giving us a better idea of where the economy is heading. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with a live look at exactly what we can expect out there. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, jon. good morning. less than an hour from the opening bell and some of those reports are already in. we've been taking a look this morning at general motors which is one of the big ones analysts had been waiting on. they posted a profit not as big as last year this time, but they did minimize some losses overseas, and that made up for a small profit here. bottom line, that stock is looking good going into the opening of the market. uni lever, dow, some of the other big companies to report before the mark opened were all up. we could see a better day than yesterday when the dow landed down by 25 points. several big ones including airlines, samsung, starbucks, stale expected to post today. the market has been climbing
5:44 am
steadily since that big tumble it took back in march. all of this is happening, of course, as president obama is out there talking about the economy. one of the points he made is this, just because wall street is doing well doesn't necessarily mean the same on main street. the middle class is still struggling, and that's something washington is struggling to deal with. jon. >> very valid points. tracy polts, as always, thank you very much. the controversial nsa surveil license program will continue, at least it will for now. late last night the house voting down an amendment that would have stopped funding the program that collects americans' phone records. the obama administration, nsa officials and house republicans and their leaders all fiercely opposing the amendment in the senate. we can also tell you dianne feinstein is leading an effort right now to change parts of the program to address privacy concerns. meantime, the former nsa worker who pleeked those details of the
5:45 am
surveillance program still hold up right now in moscow's airport this morning. edward snowden's russian attorney says his client is still just waiting for documents that would ultimately allow him in to russia. he says until then snowden is keeping a low profile, hanging out learning more about russian culture and just hoping for asylum. the white house continues to pressure russia to send snowden back to america. a police patrol car in palo alto is renewing a popular debate going on in our country right now. privacy verses security. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in palo alto with a look at how patrol cars are equipped with technology that can automatically read your license plate. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. just over the past 48 hours, starting on tuesday, the palo alto police department outfitted one of its patrol cars with its automatic license plate readers, something they're going to start using from here on out, joining a list of 30 other bay area law enforcement areas.
5:46 am
we got a glimpse of this car within the past half hour. if you're not familiar with how this technology works, there are four cameras on top of the car. you can see those rectangular objects on the top of the squad car. that camera system scans and records the license plates of all surrounding vehicles, immediately alerting the officer of a stolen or lost vehicle. if need be, it can also alert to a car registered to someone with an outstanding warrant. but it also records the license plate data of innocent people as well and then stores that data. in palo alto's case, it's stored for a year. that's where the uclu and other privacy rights advocates have a problem. the aclu in the past says it doesn't mind the reader scanning tag numb berls, it doesn't like that law enforcement stores reams of data of where you were with your car and when. we know of one east bay driver who requested all the information linked to his plate over two years. san leandro pd had collected 112
5:47 am
images of its car and its location. the chief of the palo alto police department is discussing how this info is used and how long it's kept for which means it could be for more than a year. it could be for less than a year. the goal is to come up with an overall policy governing the storage of that data. bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:47 right now. meteorologist christina loren is back in to join us to talk about the day we love. it's thursday, but aka. >> friday -- >> eve. >> like a symphony up here. beautiful. thanks for waking up with us. 5:47. show you what we're working with on a friday eve. 60 degrees in san jose. a lot of people like to have a three-day weekend. if you're one of those people, pretty nice around here, not too hot for your outdoor plans and
5:48 am
just right at the beach. so not too cold there. although today we'll be dealing with chowder weather in san francisco with plenty of low cloud cover hugging the coastline until about 11:00 a.m. after which time we'll see mostly sunny conditions across the greater bay area. the area of low pressure will be pushed out of the area. it will feel a lot drier out there. temperatures will feel more comfortable once we lose the humidity. 60s and 70s at the coast. plenty of 70s and 8s around the bay. this is how it all breaks down city by city. just depends on where you live this time of year. 20 degrees of separation at the coast verses what we're expecting to see inland today. livermore 92, 79 degrees in fremont. getting into the end of the week and the all-important weekend, temperatures stay steady. next we'll cool you off a little bit. staying nice and comfortable.
5:49 am
we hit the sweet summer stride. 5:48. what are you watching? >> i'm watching tuesday's foggy drizzle, that could mean slick roadways. i'll watch that. north 101, watching this as well. folks, as i've seen this camera over the last few minutes, a big burst of traffic and actually traffic almost came to a halt for saechblthd folks hit the brakes and it ripples back to its normal flow. the increased volume on the maps shows it as a slower area. north 101 at 680. speeds down into the upper 50s at times. burst of volume here. north 87 into downtown, the kickoff for the commute. it sorted itself out. 87 has been a problem the last couple days. tonight at s.a.p. center, bruno mars concert. keep that in mind, a lot of traffic heading in there as you're trying to get out of work. meanwhile over here the travel times, tri-valley, granted line road showing the slowdown over
5:50 am
to 680, where we have the slowing for west 580. drives for 680 and 84 not a problem. what i mean is at grand line road, a slow drive but then smooth toward the dublin interchange. the bay bridge, no problems approaching through the maze. a live look at the toll plaza shows you the backup for the cash lanes. fast track still easy. low clouds, you can see the eastshore freeway. from emeryville, low clouds affecting your view up in richmond and coming off the car keen naj bridge. back to you. 5 woo 50 right now. america's cup racing continues on the san francisco bay today. the italian team luna rossa expected to sail all alone. that team was slated to go head-to-head with sweden's team artemis this afternoon, but artemis racing still not quite ready to race after the first boat capsized back in may. that ended up killing one of its crew members. just yesterday the team had a
5:51 am
chance to test out its brand new 72-foot catamaran nicknamed big blue. the swedish team hoping to get back to racing sometime soon, maybe competitively as early as next week. if you feel like checking out the solo racing action from today's event live on channel 11-2 or you can flip it over to comcast channel 186. a judge has scheduled an august hearing on a preliminary injunction to stop the september start of the america's cup. an african-american sailing group claiming the golden gate yacht club unfairly rejected its application to compete in the race. if granted, the injunction would stop the race until the trial is held. the golden gate yacht club saying it is still confident the race will go on as planned. 5:51. better budget more for the back to school shopping. we'll tell you just how much prices are going up. back to school hacking. stanford warning students this morning. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. your back-to-school shopping going to hit your wallet harder than in years past. huntington bank's annual backpack index finds the prices for school supplies higher this year by about 7%. it's out pacing inflation by far. analysts are not sure why. almost every basic item is more expensive, some up by $10. the national retail federation estimates families will spend an average of $634 on back-to-school shopping this year including supplies, clothing and shoes. speaking of back to school, stanford meantime encouraging students and professors to change their passwords. scott mcgrew says this coming after an apparent hack? >> that's right. you should change your password honestly fairly often. we can even call that a cardinal rule. according to e-mails reposted by stanford students, a warning went out wednesday from the
5:55 am
university's chief financial officer warning of a campuswide hack. the language used, words like "similar to incidents reported in recent months by other organizations in the u.s." kind of hints the culprits being in china, though stanford does not specifically say that. the e-mail says it does not appear any information was stolen. activists in the bay area fighting government surveillance say they're disappointed the amash amendment failed, named after a michigan congressman would have withdrawn the nsa's authority to track who you call. the vote was close. what did your representatives say? looking around the bay area, spear, lee, swal well, eshoo, honda, lofgren said yes, cook, pelosi voted no.
5:56 am
jon and laura, won wonders how it came to the floor. if john boehner doesn't want something voted on, he doesn't have to allow it. this may be a way for people to blow off steam and go back to the people they represent and say, hey, i voted against this. but ultimately it didn't pass. >> that equals the gridlock we keep having in congress. not getting a lot done. 5:56. christina loren is back. speaking of getting it done, it seems like a nice day to do whatever you want outside. >> you want to get it done before summer skoefr as well. fall comes in very quickly across the bay area. 92 in livermore today. 79 in fremont and 83 degrees in san jose. so not too hot and just right at the beach, 73 in santa cruz. you really can't beat that. let's check your drive. mike might be able to beat that. he probably has something up his sleeve. >> we have some stuff, mostly 65s. that's what you have on the peninsula. a quick spot-check there. looking across the san mateo bridge as well, easy drive as
5:57 am
the fog and clouds start to lift from the area. clouds are lifting up, a smooth drive there, quick look at the maps approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, the maze is clear guys, back to you. 5:57. new video just into our newsroom of a police chase that ended with a car crashing into a fire hydrant. we'll show it to you coming up next. we also continue to follow developing news out of spain where we're getting this new individual -- oh oh, my goodness, the moments leading to the deadly crash, the moment of impact. marla tellez will have an update coming up next. an overnight fire breaks out at a maryland marina. the latest details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, moment of impact. new video of a train jumping the tracks in spain. we have live pictures and new details as investigators sift through the debris looking for new clues. overnight repairs and
6:00 am
emergency alerts -- actually, this is the train crash from spain. right now we have it. talking about the evacuation order intended for a few neighborhoods that wound up putting an entire bay area county in a panic. a wild and wet end to a high-speed chase. we'll tell you how a suspect's car skidded out of control in an east bay neighborhood. a mix of sun and clouds to start the day in san jose. meanwhile plenty of low clouds filling in the san francisco bay, highs will be warm today. i'll have your forecast in moments. it is thursday. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza as a lot of folks -- we have two crashes for the eastshore freeway. we'll let you know how that sorts out for interstate 80. right now a live look at san jose, a beautiful way to start your day. the blue skies are waiting for you on this thursday, july 25th. this is "today in the bay."


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