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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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overnight repairs and emergency alerts -- actually, this is the train crash from spain. right now we have it. talking about the evacuation order intended for a few neighborhoods that wound up putting an entire bay area county in a panic. a wild and wet end to a high-speed chase. we'll tell you how a suspect's car skidded out of control in an east bay neighborhood. a mix of sun and clouds to start the day in san jose. meanwhile plenty of low clouds filling in the san francisco bay, highs will be warm today. i'll have your forecast in moments. it is thursday. we have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza as a lot of folks -- we have two crashes for the eastshore freeway. we'll let you know how that sorts out for interstate 80. right now a live look at san jose, a beautiful way to start your day. the blue skies are waiting for you on this thursday, july 25th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we're working on a developing story? spain, incredible new video to show you just into the newsroom, the moment a passenger train jumps right off the tracks, smashing into that guard rail wall and killing at least 78 people right now injuring 141 others. this happened over in spain. we've just confirmed several american passengers were on board that train when it crashed. marla tellez has been all over the story and is live in the newsroom. rescue workers searching through all those smashed cars and they say it is possible this death toll unfortunately could go higher. >> yes. here we go. when looking at that video, jon, it's hardly to believe the death toll isn't worse than it already is. almost 220 people were on board the train when it crashed about 375 miles northwest of madrid which is where it originated.
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we'll show you the security cam video again. the clip was just released this morning showing the moment of impact. while it's tough to gauge speed from that clip, at least two spanish media outlets report the train was traveling at more than twice the speed limits. earlier reports say it was going 120 miles per hour when the speed limit was just 50 miles per hour in this zone. this is not confirmed by spanish authorities. however, officials do confirm terrorism has been ruled out as a possible cause. what you've been looking at now is more of what the scene looks like today. it's just after 3:00 in the afternoon in spain on thursday as emergency crews literally work to pick up the pieces of the aftermath. also the cranes have been hauled in to lift the wreckage from the tracks. just into the newsroom within the last 15 minutes, the u.s. embassy from madrid reports five americans are among the injured. more than 140 people said to be injured and at least 78 people dead. so far the embassy has not
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received any reports of american deaths. embassy officials saying they are working to determine exactly how many americans were on board. we've also just learned how the prime minister plans to honor the victims of this deadly train derailment. i'll talk more about that in my next report at 6:45. 6:03 right now. a damaged gas line and a glitch in the community alert system. this morning repairs are done, but there are new concerns in alamo after an emergency evacuation alert meant for only a few neighborhoods wound up going out to everyone in contra costa county. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in alamo. christie, county leaders and businesses raising concerns about large-scale and unnecessary evacuation. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. they're saying it went out much farther than it needed to. i want to show you one silver lining in this, especially if you live in the alamo area. that is that danville boulevard is back open this morning.
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east bay mud was out here all night and fixed the waterline. the gas line is fixed, too, but there are still questions about how this happened and why people were notified in such a wide area. east bay mud says that pg&e did not properly mark the pavement to let them know where this line was. pg&e says it asked the utility to use hand tools to dig into the street because their workers weren't sure exactly where this line was in the first place. now, alerts were sent out before noon to evacuate after east bay mud hit the gas 8@line. notification went out and a county supervisor says that the community alert system did work. another alert system sent a text message to people out of the affected area. we spoke with a man in danville who says he got a severe text alert, it said to evacuate now. he took it very seriously and even told co-workers. >> i came here to inform all7b' co-workers, and they looked at the text message and we swiftly
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evacuated everyone out of the premis premises. that's when we're evacuated the store and went to santa cruz. >> reporter: now, emergency workers did evacuate a three-block area. but leak was actually about three miles away. the supervisor says the integrated public warning system had a glitch in it. they were updating the system and had not alerted, let the county know to use that updated system, so people were alerted in a much wider area than may be necessary. reporting live in alamo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we also have more new video into our newsroom, a wild scene at the end of a high-speed chase that ran from oakland to san leandro. this is the scene at the end of the crash near the intersection of williams boulevard and orchard avenue. you can see the water spraying into the air. the suspect's car hit a fire hydrant at the end. you can see all that gushing right out onto the road as the emergency crews there try to handle it. it all started in oakland when officers told our photographer
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they tried to stop that car at about 2:00 this morning after hearing gunshots. the driver and a passenger, they were both taken to the hospital. no word yet on the exact injuries. 6:06. union city police looking for more possible victims after they arrested a suspected flasher. authorities say 27-year-old zenaido gonzalez exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl outside niles liquors on tuesday afternoon. he was arrested at his home about a mile away after he confessed. he also admitted to exposing himself to at least eight other people in the area. gonzalez is out on bail this morning. a state agency is investigating six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo after investigation the park is polluting nearby waterways. vallejo environmentalist doug darling says the park has been polluting the lake and the streams for years now. he says three years ago he
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showed the amusement park president clutter and he was promised the park would start cleaning things up. when that did not happen, darling took to youtube. now the california department of fish and wildlife has launched an investigation. six flags releasing this statement says, quote, we are aware of the concerns and we're working with specialists and the local authorities to complete our assessment of the situation and implement an appropriate remediation plan. 6:07 right now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. let's do it. >> i'm excited. friday eve. it's nice out. >> we can't get to that weekend fast enough. good morning to you. something we don't often get to see a view of this time of the morning, palo alto, kind of sleepy in the city of palo alto right now. this guy is up and about. you can see the blue sky overhead. we have a fix of sun and clouds. it will be a nice day. right now 6:07 is your official sunrise. it will set tonight at about 8:24. it's going to be another
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spectacular sunset. get your cameras and get those pictures, send them in to our facebook page. we'd love to feature them for you. cool conditions for you. the wind is significant in fairfield. hs rather gusty this morning. one system moving out. another ridge of high pressure moving in. that will bring your temperatures up today. it's also going to clear out that humidity. it's been so stuckey for the past few days. 59 in san jose. 63 in livermore. your hour-by-hour forecast works like this, at about 80 degrees at lunchtime in concord, rounding the day at 89. 79d for fremont, 83 for san jose. your seven day outlook reveals what you can expect. pickle up a little bit out there, not in palo alto, but what you're looking at. >> that's right. looking over here, this is the eastshore freeway where we typically pick up the volume. i've been scanning. i did see two sets of flashing lights, two vehicles heading the the top of the screen.
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that would be east 80, probably heading to one of the two accidents here. let me show them to you. the low clouds not presenting much of an issue for the drivers. the speeds westbound through berkeley just fine. slower through the incline. we're likely to see the metering lights on any second at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is backing folks up westbound in your commute direction through richmond, right around barrett at the off-ramp, reports of a crash and maybe another one closer down to the golden gate fields area. i didn't see the flashing lights stop there. they continue up toward barrett. that looks like that's where the focus of the activity. two cars reported from chp in lanes. crews are heading over there. two crews just arrived, they may be moving to the shoulder quickly. that backup started. another crash has been reported to chp as well that could cause another slowdown for the upper east shore. there you go, our sensors showed you speeds coming down below 60 for the yellow zone. north 680 reports of a new
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issue, maybe a stall for the benicia heading into the north bay. we give you a look at travel times. speeds are looking pretty good throughout the tri-valley. speed coming into livermore, that's the slow drive. once you get into livermore, you're in the upper 50s. from grant line over toward livermore avenue is where the slow drive is. a live look outside, things picking up for the south bay. i . 6:10 right now. coming up, all eyes on you. hear why you might have a police record on file in palo alto even if you haven't done anything wrong. could today be the day that facebook actually goes above its ipo price? big stock moves today. we'll take a look coming up. plus an olympic blessing from the pope. may make you bay area proud. we'll tell you about today's grand gesture in the heart of brazil next.
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welcome back. here are today's top stories. about half an hour ago, the pope raising the flags at the city palace of rio de janeiro. pope francis visit ag slum and addressing about a million young roman catholics on copacabana beach. we're getting a dramatic new look at the deadly train crash in spain. it shows the moments before and after the train derailed killing at least 78 people. the cause of the crash is under investigation. there are reports the train was traveling too fast through the area. just hours ago, crews repaired broken gas and waterlines that led to a frightening text alert in contra costa county. the county issued an alert in alamo yesterday. but it went out to some people
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outside of that affected area with very little detail and it scared a lot of people. the county seems to think a glitch tied to a computer upgrade is to blame. a police patrol car in palo alto is creating continue searcy this morning because it's now equipped with technology that can automatically read your license plate. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in palo alto this morning to explain. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is raising concerns over a big brother. palo alto police department started on tuesday using a patrol car outfitted with one of these. you can take a look at it. they just showed it to us within the past hour, an automatic license plate reader. if you're not familiar with the technology, it's basically four cameras on top of a squad car. as the squad rolls through town, that camera system records and scans the license place of all surrounding vehicles and immediately alert the officer if there's a stolen other lost
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vehicle or alert to a car registered to someone with an outstanding arrest warrant. it also records the license plate data of innocent people as well and stores that data. that's where the aclu and other privacy rights advocates have a problem. the aclu said in the past it doesn't mind these readers scanning license plate numbers. it doesn't like the fact that law enforcement is storing reams of data of where you are with your car and when. when san leandro started this technology, one driver requested all the info linked to his plate. 112 images of his car came up along with the location. the chief with this department will meet with other chiefs in santa clara county to discuss how long this info is used and how long it's kept for. right now palo alto pd will store it for a year. after this meeting that number can change, maybe less, maybe a little longer. the bottom line is they're
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trying to come up with an overall policy governing how this data is used and stored. reporting live outside palo alto police, bob redell, "today in the bay." on the national scene, the controversial nsa surveillance program will be continuing. at least it will be for now. late last night the house voting down an amendment that would have stopped funding the program that collects american's phone records. the obama administration, nsa officials and house republican leaders all fiercely oppose this amendment. in the senate, dianne feinstein leading the effort to change parts of the program to address privacy concerns. 6:16. the trial of private first class bradley manning is set to wrap up today. closing arguments by the prosecution and defense teams will be delivered this morning. manning is accused of giving hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group wikileaks. also new this morning, apple warning its chinese customers not to use knock-off parts.
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>> scott mcgrew, at least two people shocked by fake apple chargers. >> at least one of them, a 23-year-old flight attendant died. apple posted detailed pictures of its official chargers on the chinese version of its website this morning showing close-up detail of the chargers so you know real from fake. fake products are a huge problem in in in china. we're pretty much wrapped up on the big tech companies reporting profits. they all had something in common. google, ebay, yahoo, even apple to some degree let investors down with a year-over-year decline from apple. when executives from facebook got on the phone on wednesday, they said things were going swim inningly, especially welcome news that mobile is strong. facebook may have finally figured out mobile. shares that were much higher in after-hours trading. they traeted wednesday at the
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closing bell, $25.61. $38 is the number to beat. that's the highest facebook has ever been, on its first day of trading. caterpillar disappointed investors, pushing markets lower. looking ahead, numbers at starbucks and, a few minutes ago we got durable goods, items like kitchen appliances, things designed to last many years. only bad news i could find, first time jobless claims much higher as well. generally we ignore these numbers in the summer because of lots of car plants and factories actually shut their entire factories down to retool. those numbers don't really count very much. we'll look for amazon and starbucks. >> let's not look for the bad news. >> exactly. we'll ignore it. >> we're all about the silver lining. that's how we like to do it. speaking of that, sunshine and beautiful skies out for christina loren. >> really one of those days, not too hot. just about right everywhere.
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if you live inland and play your cards right, you can get by without using your ac. it depends on your threshold for the heechlt if you close the blinds, that will help. when your house starts to get to the warmest point it's after we hit the high temperature. if we hit the high temperature about 4:00 p.m., your house will start to feel that, depending on your installatiulation, you'll that at about 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. it's going to be nice especially this evening. great evening to sit outside and enjoy our beautiful bay area weather. this is the one spot that will likely be socked in with fog for most of the the day. it was yesterday. the golden gate bridge, let's talk about what we are expecting. sky over san jose looks good to start. a little bit of mid-level moisture sticking around. the humidity is on its way out today. 59 in san jose, 53 in gilroy and 63 in livermore.
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let's talk about the fog, stop the clock at 8:00 a.m., still dealing with quite a bit of low cloud cover hugging the coastline, even coastal drizzle at that point. we stop the clock by about noon to 1:00 p.m. we'll start to see the golden gate bridge clear today. more sunshine there. great news for the photographers who like to get pictures of our beautiful golden gate bridge. today will be a great day to do so. best time for that will be between about 3:00 and 5:00 if you're looking for the sunshine. the fog starts to roll back in at about 6:00 p.m. microclimates in full swing, 60s and 70s at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. 80s and 90s expected inland. no triple digits except to way up north in clearlake area. 79 in fremont and 89 in concord with a pretty significant marine influence for today. getting into the end of the week, temperatures stays steady, low to mid 90s. we'll drop you off for the beginning of next week, even more comfortable for your inland
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cities. staying steady at the coast. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> getting really bad right now. we'll talk about this right now. this is westbound 80, the pinole valley road off to the shoulder. that's great news off the carquinez bridge. what's going on here, they could use something that would clear this heading out through richmond. that's the problem. we have a crash reported at barrett, maybe another one at carlson. let's look at the speeds as you come through the area. this crash still has to be moved to the shoulder, right in the middle of the freeway. that's a horrible time for this to happen. as a tow truck arrives you'll find more slowing, probably a traffic break and they'll move you to the shoulder at the scene. folks are squeaking by on either side, causing more backup. once you pass carlson and the race track over here toward the speed limit. much better if you're traveling from berkeley toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on at
6:22 am
the toll plaza. let's look at that. because of the folks held up on the upper eastshore freeway. these cash lanes with backups. let's get you back out to the mapts and see a slower drive through the tri-valley starting to build for the pleasanton area. one live look at the san mateo bridge as we look across the bay. an easy drive as the clouds start to lift. no problems on the peninsula side for 101 or 280. >> thank you very much. the time is 6:22. a train derailment in spain. that was devastating. another one right now in the u.s. we'll tell you why the crash is shutting down the entrance to one of the country's biggest ports and how hazmat crews are trying to keep a chemical spill at that site from spreading. boats ablaze in an overnight fire. we'll tell you how firefighters are trying to get a landal on all that burning fuel. look at 'em.
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cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® new video just into the nbc bay area newsroom of a coast guard water rescue this morning off the coast of new york. coast guard took this video of a fisherman who went overboard about 40 miles south of montauk. the fisherman was plucked from the water alive and is being treated for dehydration exposure and hypothermia. we also have more new video of crewing rescuing 30 people on a tall ship that hit the rocks off the coast of cork, ireland.
6:26 am
irish media reporting the engine failed on this ship before it struck rocks and then started to sink out there. the coast guard and helicopters, they joined that rescue and finally got everybody off that ship before it eventually went under water. at this point, nov reports of ay injuries. also new this morning, two boats are destroyed after an early morning fire at a maryland marina south of annapolis. you can see flames shooting across the water as fuel ignited on board those boats. it's not clear what started the fire. so far, no reports of any injuries. crews on the scene of a train derailment at the port of tampa down in florida. that sends 15 cars right off the tracks. this happened overnight. three of those derailed cars are leaking ethanol out there, very dangerous. 60 to 70 firefighters are there helping with all this cleanup effort with some spraying a layer of the foam you can see out there onto the ethanol trying to contain it.
6:27 am
the port entrance remains closed right now. this morning no injuries so far have been reported. 6:26. still ahead, a 5-year-old girl buried inside a sand dune until an unexpected hero helps her out. i picked her up, dragged her a little bit off the hill, like over there, and i started doing cpr. >> talk about a young hero. yeah. we'll tell you why an 11-year-old rescuer is being credited with a prime time tv show for his cpr skills.
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6:29 am
i saw her being and i started digging up here because i know that's where the head is. >> an 11-year-old to the rescue. we'll tell you how he saved the life of a little girl buried in sand dune and why he credits a hit tv show for his cpr skills. a live look at foster 47ci a beautiful shot on this thursday, july 25th. this is "today in the bay."
6:30 am
right now want to give you a live look at the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq there, getting them catching the opening bell. how about this laura garcia-cannon, i know my kids are probably excited. the smurfs there at the nasdaq. guess they have a new&jñ movie coming out. >> "smurfs 2." i think we'll have to have a jon kelley-laura garcia-cannon play date out there. >> i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the numbers red, black or blue. let's go right to business and tech reporter scott mccrew. lots to watch this morning. speaking of blue, facebook certainly on fire. several other reports also coming out today putting froth on the market. >> or some foam because we also have starbucks as well. let's talk about facebook. facebook yesterday said that mobile was working out just fine, thank you very much.
6:31 am
remember that was supposed to be facebook's achilles' heel as we take a live look at the traders as they check the initial numbers on the new york stock exchange this morning. do expect facebook to bounce much, much higher. starbucks, general motors, amazon and samsung will all report profit this morning as well or this afternoon after the closing bell. do watch samsung. we've got the samsung-apple fight with apple reporting about $9 billion in operating profit earlier this week. we'll see how well samsung beats that. again, facebook, we're looking for our first trades in facebook it could be as high as 20% higher as facebook gives us that very, very good news yesterday. we'll check the numbers again for you coming up in just a bit. jon? >> strong news for facebook. scott, thank you very much. look forward to that report. it's 6:31 right now. the hundreds of high school students who had their ap test scores invalidated, they have until tonight to decide if
6:32 am
they'll retake the test. meantime, attorneys hired by the san mateo unified school district to try to deal with the ap fest testing issue at mills high school will be speaking and also the college board today about testing retakes and possibly not releasing those scores. the district decided earlier this week to pursue legal action. the scores were initially invalidated after the test administrators failed to follow very strict seethe rules. new proof this morning, money can grow on trees, sort of. a santa clara woman say it is state is talking about buying her 40-year-old canary island palm tree so it can be moved to the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll authority wants to play 65 to 70 of the palms near the bridge toll plaza. if her tree passes a health test, she'll get $1500 for it. the state says it's looking al over california for trees to transplant. the goal is to have them
6:33 am
relocated and planted on the bay bridge by labor day weekend. that was the original opening date for the bridge but since pushed back to december because of problems with busted bolts on the new eastern span. >> got me all excited, the top of the story, money growing on trees, looking for that and the mountain of youth for a long time. find neither. at least we get sunshine. christina loren talking about a good day heading into the weekend. look at the shots. i love them. >> just beautiful. keep thus posted on the fountai of youth. this is san jose, mid-level crowd clover. a gorgeous sunrise. sunsets at 8:24. we'll see more sun, less humidity as we head throughout the afternoon. highs will be comfortable as well around the inner bay and the immediate coast. a little warm for you waking up for us inland. 63 in livermore right now. 84 degrees by about noon. 92 degrees in the heat of the day. 78 degrees bay side at the coast. 67 degrees.
6:34 am
a warmer day at the beach as well. we'll take an in-depth look of which beach also get the best of it. we'll look at the weekend forecast. we're almost there. so close now. >> i have to juggle these high-tech things here. first the eastshore freeway, that's a little more crowded. i'll explain why as well as the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll give you a look at that as well. starting to build the traffic slowly. looking at twitter as we look at the map. got a tweet from smith f. 1976 driving west 80, the same area we talked about. at willow there's a crash on the shoulder. he's going through this slowdown. he says it's jamming on the brakes around hill top. the crash at barrett, better news for that area. it's just cleared to the shoulder. also another one at carlson may have been in lanes. it looks like that has also cleared. now you see the slowing, still into the 20s. in the upper 20s once you pass through el cerrito. around the race track things are
6:35 am
moving nicely. here are some speeds on average as you're heading through the tri-valley as well. just your slowing into livermore, in the upper 40s. an 11-year-old boy being called a hero this morning for saving the life of a little girl at a popular monterey beach. he's crediting a tv show for teaching him how to do it. 5-year-old alisa bostick and several other kids were digging in sand caves when one of those caves collapsed burying her alive. she was trapped for several minutes before connor fitzgerald managed to pull her out of the sand. the little girl was unconscious. >> started digging up here because i know that's where the head s. she was laying right here. the girls came running off, so i picked her up, dragged her a little bit off the hill, like over there and i started doing cpr. >> connor says he learned basic
6:36 am
cpr skills from watching the tv show "ncis." paramedics got to the beach several minutes later and they say the girl survived because of connor's quick action. isn't that amazing. little boy hero. >> that kid is sharp, has it together, jumped into action. god to love that. >> cute guy, too. >> love to see the kids getting it done. 6:36. still ahead, running for office despite a sexting standal. at least he's running for now. >> we'll tell you how a new poll could change anthony weiner ooers mind about keeping up his campaign for new york city mayor. plus barreling down the tracks. we have the brand new video showing this, the moment of impact as a train jumps right off the tracks in spain. happening right now, pope francis in brazil this morning. his official motorcade, so to speak. he's actually headed to a slum this morning. it's in his quest to pay homage and understand the poor, giving
6:37 am
a great example as well. he continues his trip through brazil, headed towards copacabana later today, all in celebration of world youth day events that are happening. >> talking to about a million young roman catholics over there. going to be a monster event. >> it's an annual event they do. we're keeping tabs on that. a lot more ahead as well. it's 6:37. [ female announcer ] no other system integrates holistic care with advanced technology exclusively for our nation's veterans. there's no other system like the veterans health administration. bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit
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welcome back.ó 6:39. a live look at the nasdaq because facebook stock is surging this morning, up over $33.55. something we're keeping our eye on. >> and the smurfs have a new movie. so that's great news. o.j. simpson is going before a nevada pa roll board. he was sentenced on kidnapping and robbery convictions. that means he would still have more time to serve. simpson is still hoping a judge will give him a new trial based on claims that his lawyer botched his defense. >> today we'll be seeing if anthony weiner is still a favorite in the new york city's mayoral race. the first poll since the last sexting scandal will be released
6:41 am
later this afternoon. the former congressman was favored in the polls until this point. weiner says, no, he not going to drop out of the race. 6:41. coming up, moment of impact, new second-by-second video as a train jumps the tracks in spain. we have new details about the growing death toll as investigators sift through the debris for new clues. we'll also show you super soaker ending to a high-speed chase overnight. we'll tell you how a suspect's car went skidding right into that fire hydrant. laura called it, facebook on fire. $5.00 away from its all-time high when it set the ipo. we'll take a look coming up. i'll take the five spot you owe me, scott. taking a live look at low clouds rolling in over foster city. it's going to be a beautiful day. i have your full forecast including that weekend. lit be here before you know it. >> much more sun in that shot. but over here much more cars. we're looking at west 80, a burst of traffic through
6:42 am
berkeley after earlier crashes have cleared from the upper east shore. we'll track the slowdown and the problems coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
happening right now, let's take you over live to brazil. that is the pope in the well-known popemobile. she a man of the people and reaching out to many around him. he's had a very, very busy day, visiting the slums in rio de janeiro. he also blessed the olympic flags for the olympics coming up in 2016 in rio. part of the schedule, addressing about a million young roman catholics over there on copacabana beach. again, the masses flocking to
6:45 am
every move the pope makes as he tours the city and just reaches out to touch as many people as he possibly can. an amazing story to watch. we also told you this morning how the pope was offering his blessings and prayers to all the people affected by the train derailment. it happened in spain, a developing story we're following. incredible new video showing the train jumping off the tracks in spain, killing at least 78 people, injuring more than 140 others including several americans. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in newsroom. rescue crews say it's possible the death toll could go higher. >> we have a lot of new information coming into our newsroom. first off, the u.s. embassy in madrid confirms at least five americans are among the injured, the extent of their injuries is not known yet. what we've just learned is of the 141 people who are hurt, 36 are in critical condition, four of them are children. within the past couple hours, the security cam video was released showing the crash
6:46 am
itself as the train tries to pass underneath an overpass and around the bend. spanish officials confirmed the speed limit in this area is 50 miles per hour. at least two spanish media outlets are reporting the train was traveling closer to 120 miles per hour, so more than twice the limit. all this information will be vital as investigators work to determine an exact cause. here is a look at the map. the train left madrid bound for the city of ferrol in northwestern region, crashed about 60 miles shy on the eve of a major religious celebration that was supposed to happen today that has since been canceled. this new video shows the scene today, a special religious ceremony held at a cathedral near the crash site, people paying tribute to those killed. meanwhile spain's prime minister just wrapped up a press conference where he said, quote,
6:47 am
this is the saddest day of my life. he has called for three days of mourning for the entire country. earlier he toured the crash site where cranes are busy removing the wreckage and crews are tasked with picking up passenger luggage and all the debris left behind. when talking about the cause, the prime minister said investigators are working quickly to see what went wrong. the train had two conductors on board and officials say both of them survived. this is the deadliest train crash in spain in 40 years. the last one was in 1972 and killed 82 people. let's pope the death toll doesn't rise above that. >> marla, thank you very much. time to check on our weather in the bay area and give you a live look, a little hazy from the south bay. that is san jose with the sun sprinkling all over us out here. we can get out and enjoy it sometime coming up here once we wrap up this show. >> just a little bit. let's get to it christina.
6:48 am
>> quicker we get to it, queker we can soak it up later on. 6:47. thanks for waking up on a thursday, we're close to the weaken. i promised you a beach report. temperatures are looking good to start the day. 57 degrees in oakland, 61 in sunnyvale, 59 degrees in san jose. ÷ we could severe fire danger, triple digit heat. not going to be the case today. that fog is our friend in the bay area, especially when it comes to your pg&e bill. stop the clock at 11:00 a.m., more sunshine today than yesterday. sun will come through by about 11:00 a.m. for most of san francisco. low cloud cover hugging the ocean beach side. if you're headed to tahoe, you want to stay tuned to the weather forecast. we have these thunderstorms headed that way. that's where the monsoonal moisture will be concentrated today. we could see flash flooding very lickly. you want to check ahead before you go and stay tuned to the forecast. 68 in pacifica today that. will be comfortable. 71 degrees, can't beat that in
6:49 am
half moon bay. 71 degrees in half moon bay. that's when locals start to say it's getting hot around here. 74 for santa cruz. that's where you'll get the most sunshine and warmest beach conditions. beautiful conditions in santa cruz, that's been the case just about all month long. in gilroy, the garlic festival is coming into town. we'll have the forecast for that. it's going to be warm. bring your sun block. saturday and sunday, warm days, but not too hot. you've been here for a while. you know it could be worse. >> yes, it could be much worse, but it could be better. we could be in the weekend right now and i could be sleeping, but we're here with you. jon is with me as well. never mind. looking here in the westbound direction for the upper east shore, slower but making itself a much better drive from pinole. speeds recovering from san pablo. around the bend,7iñ we have a 1 registered on our speed sensors. as coming to barrett, all the
6:50 am
crashes cleared westbound 80 including the one at carlson. speeds coming down in the 20s. you're fluctuating as traffic starts to accordion out of the area and towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll look at the bay bridge and see how things are shaping up there. we have a light volume right now. the fast track lanes are the backup. if you can pay cash, pay a little extra, you don't have to wait. but it's only to the back of the parking lot. with the burst coming through, that will affect the folks coming off the maze soon. back to the maps, we'll show you what things are like now, coming down the east bay, south 880 and north 283, that's an issue. the volume of traffic building towards the san mateo bridge and into union city. we'll move the map around and face south. this is your commute direction from dakota road down to xix on landing road. that's a good flow of traffic. slowing in bloops as you approach mission boulevard. here we have this from our caltrans camera. the live look a few minutes ago. this is south 880, very sparsely
6:51 am
populated. that bend at 101 moves smoothly. as you're looking around the santa cruz mountains is clear. slowing north 101 north of 680 and the build from 680 into downtown. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. we have new video to show you of a wild scene at the end of a high-speed chase that spanned from oakland to san leandro. this is the scene at the end of the crash near the intersection of williams boulevard and orchard avenue when the suspect's car hit a fire hydrant. you can see water gushing onto the road. it all started in oakland when officers told our photographer they tried to stop the driver of that car about 2:00 this morning after hearing gunshots. the driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital. no word on their injuries. there were some tense moments sar surrounding this one, a damaged gas line and a glitch in the community alert system. this morning repairs being done but concerns in alamo after an emergency evacuation alert meant for only a few neighborhoods
6:52 am
went out to everybody in contra costa county. christie smith live in alamo. christie, county leaders and businesses racing concerns about the large scale and apparently unnecessary evacuation. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. the gas line is fixed, the waterline is fixed. danville boulevard is back open. i just spoke with one business owner and says she's very frustrated with the emergency alert system. her business is about a half block down that way. she says she wasn't notified at all that anything was going on yesterday. in fact, she had to drive into it and that's when she saw the street was blocked off. we shot some new video this morning, and you can see the patches that were put in place here on danville boulevard. east bay mud worked here all night. alerts to evacuate the area were sent out before noon after east bay mud crew hit a gas line. a county supervisor says the local community alert system worked, but another community alert system sent a text message
6:53 am
to people out of the area. emergency crews did evacuate a three-square-block area as a precaution. three miles away, one man tells us he got a severe text alert that read emergency alert in thñ area until 7:45 p.m., evacuate now. but tamara trujillo told me she was returning to her laundromat and had no idea the gas leak was right on her block. >> went and called a couple businesses around my business to find out what had happened. they said there was a gas leak, there was a shelter in place. so i was waiting for some type of notification. i have boilers, i have gas dryers and all that. i'm waiting for notification. i get no notification. >> she says there was actually another leak right in the same area recently. she's lost two days' worth of business. they say the integrated county warning system had a glitch. the system was updated and the
6:54 am
county was not notified to use the updated systems. certainly notification uneven at best. reporting live in alamo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a followup to breaking news we brought you yesterday. we're getting a look at three people accused of breaking into a south bay gun store. 39-year-old tinaf&i marie guzm 27-year-old horale moreno and 26-year-old marcus moreno were arrested yesterday morning. police say the trio stole seven guns from reid's indoor gun range in santa clara. they were arrested less than a mile away from the store thanks to a silent alarm. the guns were recovered. a police patrol car in palo alto creating controversy this morning because it's now equipped with technology that can automatically read your license plate. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in palo alto. he's here to explain all. bob, people worried about big brother watching. >> that's the concern. over the past 48 hours, on
6:55 am
tuesday, the palo alto police department equipped a patrol car with an automatic license plate reader. that is now out on the streets, joining the list of at least 30 other bay area law enforcement agencies using this technology. if you're not familiar with how it works, as the patrol car goes through out the area, four cameras on top are scanning and reporting the license plates of all surrounding vehicles, immediately alerting the officer of a stolen or lost vehicle. it can also be set to alert to a car registered to someone with an outstanding arrest warrant. but it also records license plate data of innocent people as well and stores that data. in palo alto's case it keeps the data for a year. that's where the aclu and other privacy rights advocates have a problem. the aclu in the past said it doesn't mind that the readers are scanning the tag numbers. the issue is the fact they're keeping and storing the dat toof where your car was and when it was at that location. when san leandro pd started using the technology, we know of
6:56 am
at least one east bay driver who went to the police department and said i want to see all the information collected on me. over two years that police department collected 112 images of his car and its location. now, in just over a week the chief of the palo alto police department will meet with the chiefs of other departments to discuss how the info is used and how long it is kept for. the goal is to come up with an overall policy governing how long they store that data and how it's used. reporting live outside the palo alto police department, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:56. facebook five dollars under its all-time high set during the ipo in may of 2012. >> quite the recovery. scott mcgrew, that stock number one with a bullet. >> just amazing. it's up 26% this morning. we can now call it $4.40. we are really watching facebook on the move this morning, better than $33 a share.
6:57 am
yes, those are the smurfs opening up the nasdaq as we get ready for another smurf movie. oober has increased its presence in the south bay. instead of getting a lincoln town car, you might get a corolla or prius. checking the app, we found one person looking for rides this morning near downtown san jose. oober has been in the south bay for quite some time, but only the higher-priced big lincoln town cars. now this morning, oober x as well. >> were you checking because you're taking us to breakfast? >> i was checking and taking you to breakfast. we're making so much money in facebook, we can afford it. >> i say ihop. >> grand slam it. >> christina, get out and enjoy the breakfast? >> we want to town car, not the
6:58 am
corral la, scott. 92 degrees inland, but not that bad. 78 bay side at the coast 67. when you consider we're done with the humidity, that's good news to one man i know, mike inouye. >> yes. not a fan of the humidity. i like this view of sunol. beautiful sunshine coming up. no problems at the golf course, but the map shows you coming in out of pleasanton. 84 through livermore as well as 580 showing an increase in volume, really very nice, very light. it's a thursday. not so bad for this morning's commute. the speeds are down below 30 miles per hour. the bulk of the slowdown, san pablo and richmond, earlier crashes have cleared. you're getting a burst of traffic through berkeley towards the bay bridge toll plaza. 6:58. a final check of the day's top stories. a high-speed chase in the east bay ended in this watery mess. police in oakland tried to stop the driver of the car about 2:00 this morning after hearing gunshots. the suspect's car eventually hit a fire hydrant in san leandro. hours ago, crews repaired
6:59 am
broken gas and waterlines that led to a frightening text alert in contra costa county. the county issuing an alert in alamo yesterday, but it went to people outside the affected area with very little detail. we are getting a dramatic new look at the deadly train crash in spain. this is surveillance video showing the moments before and after the train actually derailed killing at least 78 people, five of which we understand are americans. the "today" show will have the very latest coming up next. right now let's take you back live. it's happening in rio de janeiro, brazil. pope francis out among the people. he's put aside any security concerns. he has been again traveling there going all over to visit a slum today, he was blessing the olympic flag in rio de janeiro and meeting with all his people, about a million young roman catholic swarming the area. he'll be addressing them later
7:00 am
today. quite the scene. >> the crowd loves him and he loves the crowd as well, despite security concerns, reaching out to so many people. that's what's happening on "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. breaking overnight. dramatic video emerges of that deadly passenger train derailment in spain as the death toll spy rocks. at least 78 killed. event amid new calls to drop out of new york mayor's race. this morning, details of when his wife learned of these allegations. minutes?


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