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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 25, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everybody. always happy to see you. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tell tellez. a police car on the pen nen sill la is brewing a popular debate in our country right now, privacy versus security. while lawmakers are figuring out whether the government can tap your phones, palo alto police have a new piece of equipment raising similar privacy concerns. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in palo alto with a look at the patrol car that can automatically read your license plate. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla not only read your license plate but store the information on where and when your car was spotted. hence, the privacy concerns. on tuesday the palo alto police department joined the list of at
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least 30 other bay area law enforcement agencies who now use this automatic license plate reader, which in palo alto's case is four cameras mounted on top of just one patrol car. as that car drives around town, those cameras scan and read every license plate within roughly 30 feet and alerts the officer if hearn has come across a stolen vehicle or a car, lemon say, registered to someone with an outstanding warrant. police say this is much more efficient and i lous officers to keep their eyes on the roads. starting august 26th, santa clara sheriff's office will start holding onto the information at least a year that would be a database invaluable for investigators trying to let's say track the past movement of a known criminal, but not every car stored in that database obviously belongs to a bad guy. most are innocent civilians, which raises questions about privacy. >> that's obviously something we are concerned become why we are evaluating it now.
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i think necessary steps are going to be taken to ensure people's privacy is protected as much as we can protect t this is a very valuable tool. how so? you look at the case of a child abduction, something like that something very serious, very close to all of our hears we want to make sure we go and get the child back a piece of technology that can aid us in doing something like that. >> reporter: we haven't heard back this morning from the aclu, when we spoke with them in the past about this very issue, they said they didn't have a problem with the scanning of the license plates, just howl that info was stored and how it is used. 1sç "that's concern and a situation ripe for abuse." august 8th, the palo alto police chief will be meeting with other chiefs in santa clara county to address that issue and come one rules covering the storage of people's license plate data. live here in palo alto, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. now to a different security concern, different kind, here's stanford. the university network has now
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been victimized by hackers. joining us from the newsroom now, scott, stanford not saying who did it but everybody has a strong suspicious. >> reporter: stanford, jon, was quick to say it can't find evidence of personal information from students being lost but reluctant to point fingers. security experts i talked to though say china is that strong suspect you mentioned. you read the language of the statement that stanford sent to students and you really get much the same impression. stanford says the intrusion was "similar to incidents reported in recent months by a range of companies and large organizations in the united states." which often, as not, has been traced overseas. now, the school has advised students and professors to change their passwords. >> at first i thought it might be a hacking attempt there are a lot of fishing e-mails in come and out and you sort of have to ignore them. it seems like this is the real deal and sort of annoying have to change the password, but i
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assume that they are hopefully following protocol. >> reporter: vulnerability of university systems is a growing concern. universities built, after all, on the free flow of information. again, stanford not saying who is trying to hack into those school of network bus a few days ago, the university of wisconsin told the new york time it is can trace thousands of hack attempts every day back to china. >> busy stuff. scott, thank you very much for the update. now to the latest oversea, incredible new video out of spain shows the moment a passenger train jumped the tracks, killing at least 80 people and injuring more than 140 others. this video here taken from a security camera. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. nbc's keir simmons is at the scene with more. >> reporter: at high speed, the train turns into a bend and derails. its cars thrown from the track. 247 people were on board. one passenger said it sudden
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lynn twisted at 9 p.m. local time, carriages piled up. smoke pouring from the wreckage. a deadly fire, as people tried to escape. casualties were lifted through windows, carried away by first responders as through the night, paramedics battled to help injured. the bodies of those who didn't make it covered with blankets. relatives left in tears by the crash site. the train from the country's capital urge madrid, coming off the rails i don't you the side the satiago de cuba compostela in northern spain, eeft of a local festival. all events canceled, instead, people geared donate blood. according to witnesses at local hospitals, many of the dead were yet to be identified. some reports say the train was traveling at twice the speed limit you its cars derailing on a bend. so far, officials believe it was an accident, one of europe's worst ever train disasters.
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>> that was keir simmons reporting. we just heard from a state department official who confirms one american died in that crash. we are also told five u.s. citizens were injured. as for what's next, the drover that have train sunder investigation. much closer to home now, a high-speed chase in the east bay ends in a watery mess. take a look at this wild scene near the intersection of williams boulevard and orchard avenue in san leandro when the suspect's car hit a fire hydrant. you can see the water during all onto the road it started in oakland though when officers told our photographer they tried to stop the car around 2 this morning after hearing gunshots. the driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital. no word on their injuries. and this morning, contra costa officials working to figure out exactly what went so wrong with the county's emergency alert system and also want to know how they can fix it the county issuing an alert after a gas leak in alamo yesterday. but the alert went out to some people outside of that affected area with very little detail. now, that scared a lot of people
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and the alarming text message telling people to evacuate the county immediately but didn't say exactly why. the county seemed to think the emergency warning system worked just fine but another system may have had a glitch tied to a computer upgrade. workers at the label lounge in danville say, yeah, they took that alert seriously. >> i came here to inform all my co-workers and they looked at the text message and we swiftly evacuated everyone out of the premises. and that's when we evacuated the store and went to santa cruz. >> i had no idea until we googled it and said there was a gas leak on danville boulevard in alamo. >> businesses affected by that false alert will soon be able to file for compensation. the initial issue happened when an east bay mud crew hit a gas line. police in union city are looking for more possible victims after they arrested a suspect slasher. authorities say 28-year-old
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zenaido gonzalez exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl outside niles lickers on alvarado niles road near dakota road tuesday afternoon. police arrested gonzalez at his home about a mile away after the he confessed. he also admitted to exposition himself to at least eight other people in this area. gonzalez is out on bail today. now, i did speak to gonzalez on the phone this morning. he denies that he slashed the 14-year-old girl but did he admit he made some inappropriate comments to her. learning new details about a 66-year-old woman who was shot and killed while driving near her home in oakland. judy solomon's neighbor showed us these photos from the facebook page. people in the neighborhood seem to think she was caught right in the crossfire when she was killed on fern street, a few blocks west of mills college, happened yesterday afternoon. her neighbor tells us she was in a car with a friend's dog she was taking care of when she was sadly shot and killed.
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>> [ bleep ] murdered her the presence of mind, apparently being used to this sort of thing, to grab her purse and phone before they took off. >> police to this point have not made any arrests, nor have they released a suspect description. the young victims of asiana airlines flight 214 are being remembered in the bay area. the parents of the three chinese teenagers killed in crash spoke at a private memorial service last night. san francisco mayor ed lee, along with the chinese consul general were also on hand. the boeing 777 crashed on the runway at sfo on july 6th. two girls died from their injuries. a third was struck and killed by an emergency fire vehicle that was rushing to the scene. authorities say she was covered in firefighting foam. this morning, uc berkeley police trying to track down the suspects responsible for a couple of armed robberies.
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uc police say a man was robbed at gunpoint by a group of men. that happened near the corner of channing way and fulton street early saturday morning. the suspect forced that man down to the ground and took their cell phone and wallet before they ran away. 30 minutes later, uc police responded to another robbery nearby. right now, at this point it remains unclear whether the same armed robbers are responsible for both of those crimes. here's a question, you got a palm tree just like around? the state wants to buy it from you for the bay bridge. we will explain, after the break. and if airport food bores you, there's some new options at sfo. that's right. food trucks are rolling out curbside. i'm christie smith. tell you what they have to offer and how much it costs, coming up. getting close to lunchtime around here. temperatures are warming nicely, on the water. things are going to change as we get into that all-important weekend and it's just around the
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out at sfo it is time to please put your tray tables in the upright position. but no, not actually on a plane. the food trucks are coming. christie smith joining us live outside sfo where gourmet food is available for travelers and workers who happen to be in the area. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you you jon. i'm hoping to try this, because the food trucks start serve afgt 11:00. hoping to run over there in a couple of minutes. if you thought airport food was just too expensive and didn't have enough options this is a new option for you. they have two food trucks curbside this morning, the same kind you see all over san francisco. boardwalk eats is one of them, a hawaiian-style food truck, outside terminal one. you are most likely to see it south of market, but not today
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it is here. curry up now also on the way. this is kind of a trial to see how it goes to have food like this outside of the paid area. the idea apparently came from sfo employees. there are 29,000 of them. they have got a cafeteria inside but some knew about this off-the-grid food truck program and decided to see if they could bring it here. for travelers, well, there's another eating option and this is for them, of course, they can also go in the paid area. but this is out front. the prices we saw, pretty good. $10 for a full meal. >> i think it's a good option for the worker and even the travelers. i mean, just something different and they are going to constantly rotate different trucks through here, so you will have a variety. today, you will have hawaiian fusion-type food and you will have indian food. next week, you may have a whole another option, barbecue and chinese maybe it is really nice. >> the thought is this is something that both employees and airport customers and travelers could try out before they go through the security checkpoint. and we are actually setting up a small area of tables and chairs
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right inside the terminal from where the trucks are located. so it's really designed to be something you can grab curbside, have a seat and eat before you go through the security checkpoint. >> reporter: here's that seating area he was talking about, steps away from those food trucks. this is going to happen every thursday for a four-week trial period, runs from 11 a.m.ovñsñ p.m. but if you're a flying foodie plan ahead, because you can't park at that curb. it clearly states you will get a $43 ticket. no one wants that the parking is in the domestic short-term garage. next week, two new trucks. it could become a permanent thing. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> enjoy one of those luau plates. >> kung fu tacos sounds good. drivers on the peninsula have a new way to get around. uber's lower cost car service, uberx is now in service in palo alto it is an option for people
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who want an alternative to taxis. uberx uses hybrid and mid-range cars instead of the town cars used by uber. prices have typically been about 10% less than a taxi trip. a state agency is now investigating six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo following allegations that park is polluting nearby waterways. vallejo environmentalist doug darling says the amusement park has been polluting lake shab bow and its nearby creek for years now. he claims three years ago, he showed the amusement park president some of the clutter out there and the park then promise it had would start cleaning things up. now, when that did not happen, darling took to youtube and now, california department of fish and wildlife has launched an investigation. six flags released a statement saying --
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the hundreds of high school students on the peninsula who had their fans vance placement test scores invalidated have until tonight to decide if they will retake the test. attorneys hired by the san mateo unified school district to deal with the ap testing issue at mills high school in millbrae will speak to the educational testing service and the college board today about testing retakes and not throwing out the scores. the district decided earlier this week to pursue legal action. initially, the scores were deemed invalid after the test administrators failed to follow strict seating rules. a special news conference taking place today to talk about the fate of california's biggest junior college. men members of city college board of trustees voting to strip the college of accreditation in july 2014. they have until the end of the month to appeal ruling.
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the state accreditation commission ruling that the college had not done enough to deal with its financial issues. some 85,000 students attend ccsf. how about this, new proof this morning that money can grow on trees, sort of. a santa clara woman says the state is now talking about buying her 40-year-old canary island palm tree so it can be moved to the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority wants to plant 65 to 70 canary palms near the toll tom plaza. if alyssa gomez's tree passes a health test, she will get $1500 for it the state says it is looking all over california for trees transplant. the goal is to have all of them relocated and planted by labor day weekend. that was the original opening date for the bridge. but it has since been pushed back to december because of problems with busted bolts on that new eastern span. >> i'm no botany expert, i would say one of those big beautiful palm industries worth more than that >> i don't have one to spare.
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a christmas presents. >> thank you very much, jon kelley. meteorologist christina loren, the fog in san francisco. fog slide down that coastline, starting to clear now, plenty marin county down to san francisco but going to clear throughout the next couple of hours, this is the sky we will all get to enjoy, later on today a live look there at sinole. contour map tells the story, hot conditions inland and, yeah, it is starting to cook out there places like livermore, 79, look at this, still getting a little bit of that nice marine influence here, 73, concord, central valley scorching today. got love the bay area weather, see plenty of triple digits down south, enjoying the 80s, 85 on the way to san jose, can't beat
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that. high pressure firm any control of our weather pattern the next couple of days, kicking out all that humidity, back to our dry california heat. 80s and 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s and 70s at the immediate coast, fog continuing to clear as we progress throughout your thursday. close to the weekend now, 92, livermore, 78, fremont. hey, you want to hit the garlic festival? it starts tomorrow, 88 on friday, kind of hot out there in gilroy. make sure you bring your spf 30-plus and ready for a good time, always fun with the family. head through friday and saturday, temperatures level off and we get a cool down sunday, monday and tuesday. temperatures falling below seasonal averages. that is a nice thing to look forward to. typically we could see those temperatures soaring, could be talking about high fire danger, getting spoiled around here yet again. back to you guys. >> instead, talking about garlic. can you smell it? >> i first moved out here, somebody -- oh, the festival. all right. won't get spoiled any time soon.
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still to come, late night host jimmy fallon now a proud papa, talking about the birth of his little baby daughter. >> the famous couple he will soon be having a play date with. that's coming up next.
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welcome back. 81eezon back in angst this morning after taking a quick day off for the birth of his baby girl. >> jimmy says they named his sweet little daughter winnie rose fallon. has a nice ring to t already setting up a nice little play date with another high-profile infant. >> and just the past 24 hours has been just -- i said it to my wife, we haven't had a chance to respond to everyone's calls and messages, but let me just say, yes, william and kate, we'll definitely set up a play date. stop bothering me. >> wouldn't surprise me. in hopper of the birth, a
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crocodile at an aquarium in australia was also given the name george. he will send prince george a card every year with updates on the crocodile. >> what a heartfelt move and high praise, i guess. all right. this very next photo is a touching shot, making a whole lot of people smile. president hw bush showing strong support for a 2-year-old boy battling leukemia by completely, there you have it, shaving his head. one of the best shots in a long time. the young boy on his lap is patrick. he is the son of a member of mr. bush's secret service detail and his dreams caused patrick, as you can see to lose his hair. a cause close to the president's heart and his entire family as he and mrs. burn lost a daughter to leukemia 60 years ago. their daughter, robin, was just 4 years old at the time. but what a special shot. >> so touching. bald is beautiful. >> i would say so especially with that.
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all right. so, a bear walks into a bar. sounds like the start of a joke. >> i thought you were going to give me something here. no punchline? people in colorado say they probably weren't laughing too hard. tell you this one after the break.
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we all know the end of the week, nothing like a couple drink at the local watering hole to help you relax, forget about your long day should never be so relaxed you don't notice that the pressing issue at happened, like say maybe a bear right next to you sitting on the bar stool. >> look at this a couple at a bar attest cities park, colorado, a black bear wandered onto the premises after a little dumpster diving. according to the witness, as the bear neared the customers, nobody seemed to notice. >> good strong drinks. >> like a patron who has been cut off, the approximately six-foot 300-pound customer left soon after. lucky for them. >> wonder if the bear left a tip. >> i will take a shot of patron. thanks for being with us. see you tonight at 5.
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