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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford, and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, it is thirsty thursday, july 25th, 2013. look who's back. the real man of steel, the only superman in most of our eyes, dean cain is back. hey! >> hey. >> i missed you when you were gone. >> i missed you. that's why i'm back so soon. i'm happy to be here. >> dean's busy. you always wonder what guys like dean are doing. he's got that show called "hit the floor." >> just renewed for a second season.
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finale is this coming monday. that's a big deal. >> apparently someone dies. someone dies. >> yeah. >> hit the floor. >> yes. i can't tell you who -- >> of course you can't. >> it's one of the girls. >> is it an unexpected person? everyone's 20 something. so how is anyone dying? >> foul play. >> oh. >> foul play. >> okay -- >> the only way that's going to happen. >> were you excited when this got picked up? >> extremely excited because it's a job i love. i can take my son to school, make it to work, and be back to have a regular life. >> i love a lot of things about you, but the way you talk about your son -- this is one of those things -- you know how you like a guy and hear how he talks about his kids and you love him. this kid is the center of your universe, isn't he? >> he is and has been for a long time. i've changed my life, my career around being a father. i adore him. >> he's 13? >> he's 13. not a kid anymore. >> he's a teenager. is he dating, what's he doing? >> nooo.
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>> it's high time. >> when did you have your first date? how old -- >> i was younger than my son. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. i was a little on the young side. you know, people say that kids today are so advanced, learning so much. i don't know that i agree with that all the way around. my son and his friends seem -- they seem pretty innocent. >> really? okay. have you given him the talk? >> i gave him the talk a long time ago. >> you did? >> and i continue to amend the talk. different things to learn about. he's just -- he's the best. >> speaking of kids, what did you think about kim and kate naming their son george? >> well, it's my middle name. i'm glad they consulted me. they were interested in that. i think it's an english name, obviously. it's great tradition. >> yeah. >> i like it. i think it's fantastic. it's traditional. it's george alexander -- >> alexander louis. >> louis. >> not -- louis, yes. if you saw "the king's speech," it's a great, great movie.
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george, i think, vi was queen elizabeth's dad. the stutterer character. if youifies remember the character that colin firth played. but i loved that movie so much. and for some reason right when they said that name, i said, oh, my god, i'm glad -- >> that's his great, great grandfather -- >> great, great grandfather. indeed. okay. but you're busy. we pointed out you're busy with the one show you got renewed. you're doing something weird. i'm sorry, a weird show. a bizarre show that you have coming out. >> it's called the $10 million big foot bounty. everybody talks about it -- there's a group of nine teams. >> big foot, come on. >> loch ness monster. we're finding out -- we really want to figure this out. scientific -- there's major scientists. there's a lab and it is so much to it -- these people will tell you stories and they are so convinced, they're positive --
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>> come on, are there crazies? come on. come on. >> there are some characters. they're fun to watch. i will say this, on average every year, we discover 10,000 to 15,000 new species. so it's not out of the realm of possibility. >> how does someone prove that they saw or -- or saw big foot? >> it's a $10 million prize underwritten by lloyds of london. it's for real. >> for real. >> they have to have definitive dna and visual proof. you have to have a picture, photo or video. >> how do you get dna with big foot? >> a hair follicle. you can test that. you can do it with a biopsy dart. a gun that you pop in. you shoot, takes a piece of meat or a little bit of flesh. >> meat -- >> flesh. flesh. and you could bonk him on the head i suppose. >> god. all right. this will be something. where can people see this? >> on spike. it doesn't start until january. since i saw you last, i've been in the pacific northwest in the middle of nothing -- >> do you like that? >> i love it. >> you're an outdoorsy guy.
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>> yeah. it's very cool. it was -- it was -- we're still doing it, but it's been very trying. we'll drive five hours sometimes and hike three hours to get to a location. >> oh, my god. >> there's nothing. >> all right. do you believe -- are you a big foot believer? >> i started off as a big-time skeptic. and i'm less of a skeptic now. >> okay. >> i will say. you know, like i said, i have been gone this whole time. >> yes. >> last time i saw you, a little over a month ago -- i watch the show all the time. my mom -- hi, mom, wherever you are, hi, mom. >> she watches? >> she watches all the time. we were watching about a month ago. you said something about something you would like to do or have happen. >> yeah. >> and we have the tape. can we roll the tape? >> what is it? let's take a look. >> what male star would you like to share a bottle of wine with? >> hugh jackman. >> dean cain. >> oh. we actually didn't have any of those in our gamble. >> okay.
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>> look at kathie's face. >> we're going to do it. let's do it. bring it in. absolutely. ♪ i've been feeling tried, baby ♪ ♪ trying to hold back this feeling for so long ♪ >> dim the lights. bring it down. >> please, allow me. >> is this a date? >> it is now. ♪ >> a morning date. >> this is -- >> nothing like it. cheers. ♪ >> you are ridiculous. >> they put me up to it. ♪ get it on ♪ ahh >> nice, isn't it? >> yes. this is very intimate. >> i'm sorry -- i guess we're still on tv, aren't we? forget it. i'll just wait. that actually is really good. >> it's delicious. our first date. that was sweet -- >> that was a nice date. it happens. >> thank you. we want real quick, back to the baby.
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the little baby. a lot of people were making -- they were talking about how the baby is very connected to the "seinfeld" series because of the names. >> george. >> george. >> alexander -- jason alexander, okay. >> and louis, julia louis. there's fun with it. from stephen colbert. >> there's speculation over what these names would be. i for one am not surprised. as a royal watcher i know that will and kate are huge fans of "seinfeld." and clearly named the baby for george costanza, who's played by jason alexander, and julia louis dreyfus because -- [ applause ] >> because just like "seinfeld," the english royal family is really about nothing. [ laughter ] >> love that. >> very clever. >> so good. >> very clever. so there's been a lot in the paper about anthony weiner
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lately. >> yes. >> and -- >> "carlos danger." >> carlos danger is his -- -- his porn name. >> his porn name. what do you think? >> i think it sounds like a porn name. the audacity, i can't put it into words. i'm shocked. i love new york city -- not to be too political, but come on. really -- >> what is going on -- >> that's a problem. >> that is a problem. >> amanda bynes got help. maybe he needs to get some help. that's all i'm saying. it's ridiculous. >> choosing a name -- i don't know how he came up with carlos danger -- >> no idea. >> they're calling his wife senora danger. we wondered what our names would be. i guess not there a porn name app. you can type your name in and the porn name app will tell you what your name will be. we did it. mine would be -- oh. what?
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jenny quickie? >> whoa. >> jenny -- did someone make that up? >> no. >> that's really what it came -- >> that's generated -- >> i'll be honest, i didn't expect that. >> i didn't either. >> dean cain porn name according to this would be captain minx. >> that's right. >> sometimes the other way is to put your first pet's name together with the street you grew up on. what would yours be? >> that wouldn't work well. i'd be lovey grayfox. >> lovey? >> that was the first dog that i had. >> lovey grayfox? yours is good. >> or candy grayfox. >> grayfox street where you grew up? mine would be blake -- i never had a dog before -- and i grew up on dogwood avenue. >> blake dogwood. >> let's swap.
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makes more sense. >> we've got a song for you. this play thing every thursday. this one is a summer song. it is such fun. it's got, well, daft punk, let's just play it. ♪ we've got to find ♪ to define who we are >> yes. i knew this. >> here it comes -- here it comes. here's the chorus. we only have to know the chorus. here we go. ready? >> it's written there. ♪ she's up all night to get some i'm up all night to get some ♪ ♪ she's up all night to get fun i'm up all night to get lucky ♪ >> come on. ♪ she's up all night to get some i'm up all night to get some ♪ ♪ we're up all night to get lucky we're up all night to get lucky ♪ ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ >> i love that. a great, great, great song. fun for the summertime. >> i was up all night last night, and i didn't get lucky. >> what happened? couldn't sleep. >> i couldn't sleep. coming from the west coast, you
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come out here, the hours different. i've been looking for big foot, doing night runs. all night. eyes open all night. it drives me nuts. >> i'm glad -- glad you're here with us. >> okay. glad you're here. is it okay or not okay to sign for autographs? -- is it okay or not okay to refuse too sign for autographs? >> i think every performer owes a debt of gratitude to their fans. you'd have no career without them, not honest. -- them, to be honest. gratitude should be your attitude. >> always sign an autograph. if they have the courage to ask, you should have the courtesy to sign it. >> what if you're late, though, for something? >> what? didn't make sense. you always sign -- >> i always sign. there is one exception which is there are professional autograph people who come out and sell autographs. so there are people who go, can you sign this, can you sign this -- >> you know they'll sell it on ebay. >> that's the only caveat. coming up, remember when you were curious about your former flame? are those days over? have you been checking out your ex on social media? should you be? plus, it's thursday.
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and even i know that means ambush makeover day. >> you are so good. you studied for the show. >> i did. not.
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♪ before social media to find out if an ex-love -- if an ex-love had moved out, you would get an update, or like carrie from "sex in the city," you would run into him on the street corner with his new baby. god, that was so painful. with tumbler and instagram and sites, the stalking has begun. >> is it good to know your ex has moved on, has three beautiful children, a dog, and lives in some exotic place? >> so depressing. >> maureen o'connor has written about that in this week's new york magazine and psychology jeff epstein is here to buy in on the new norm. -- to weigh in on the new norm.
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a thin jeff. working out. >> you are very fit. >> i want to be like a superman, but don't get me started. okay. >> let's talk about it. this is one of those things. it's tempting. you spent a chunk of your life with someone and you don't know what's happened with them. it's easy to do it anonymously. easy to kind of stalk. a lot of people do do it. >> and there's an element that the social media's built around making it so you run into people in some way. you type in an e-mail and it goes to a different name, and an automated birthday reminder. this technology makes it so you could perpetually bump into each other. we talk about how the digital age lets us connect. we can't disconnect in some ways. >> we want to be this out of sight, out of mind when we break up with someone. they keep dragging you in back in. they're everywhere on the internet. >> do you do that? do you go on line and peek? >> i occasionally have peeked. not very often. i'm pretty much a clean break guy. >> you are? >> i cut it. that's -- >> if they allow the clean break. >> is there something wrong
2:21 am
with, though, just being curious? there's a difference between a curiosity and a weird stalking/jealousy thing. >> i think in some ways it's -- it's not all bad. i think in a lot of ways it's how we understand our personal histories. >> right. >> you always tell the story of your ex-boyfriend -- oh, remember when i had that life? what would it be like if i stayed with him. you see it playing out. you can sort of see what it would have been like if i followed him to california. >> right. >> in ways it can be sad, but it can be comforting in ways and help you define who you ended up becoming. >> is it helpful? >> i think it is helpful sometimes to look back. you want to rewrite the history, but with a lot more healing as time goes on. so when you're able to look at what that person is doing, in some ways it does help you move on because you see the finality of it. where it becomes a bad thing is where now it's people, places, and things, and you go back to that time and crave that and you become jealous of the person's good fortune. >> yes. all over again. terrible. >> wish them well. >> what if you see that they're engaged or something, and -- i
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mean, that's -- >> yay! >> whoo! >> should you write in and go, "congrats," or should you keep your hands off? what's the right thing to do? >> you know, i think it depends. one thing i've noticed is that my entire life that i have had a love life, i had a cellphone. and i had facebook, you know. i'm of that generation. >> right. >> what i find is that my friends and i as i was interviewing people, working and writing about this, a lot of us actually have sort of amicable relationships with exes or people that maybe would have forgotten. you know, we only went on two dates, normally you forget them. you sort of stay in touch. if you already have an existing, hey, i see you got a new job, congrats, i think it's fine to do the "congrats on your engagement." >> would you like that if a girlfriend did that -- in connection with other ex -- >> no. in a word, absolutely no. >> a lot of time less is more. when you send the congratulations -- and send responsibility. listen, i'm sorry things didn't work out, but i'm glad that you've moved on.
2:23 am
i'm trying to move on. i think it makes it much better for both people. >> i -- listen, if you're with somebody that's a no touchy-touchy, be with them. check in, but you have to let them know. listen, i'm going to check in. i'm doing this. otherwise you become carlos danger. can bring it full circle. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. are you having trouble training your dog? wait until you see our next video. >> it's web taftic. >> we like that. sarah hanes, baby. >> boom. every week without a second thought. >> we like that. sarah hanes, baby. >> boom. web taftic. >> we like that. sarah hanes, baby. >> boom. plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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♪ it is time for "webtastic," when sar a -- sara haines brings up the next video to put a smile on your face. >> this week we hear you fetched a great video starring -- >> i'm a sucker for a dog. if you can't even get your dog to sit or do his business outside, this video might make
2:28 am
you feel like a very bad pet parent. >> good. on your feet. >> this dog is so cute. >> what's your name? [ barking ] >> oh! >> does blake do that? >> turn to your left -- >> turn to your left he said. >> look left. look right. >> that guy -- >> good boy. okay. >> get up. back it up. back it up. all the way back. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> and sit. >> oh! >> say hi. >> oh! >> yep -- >> terrifying. >> look behind you. >> can you imagine visiting that guy's house? >> now shake your head. >> is this true? >> yes. >> he put the voice in after -- >> no, no, no. this guy is a professional dog trainer. guess who this dog's brother is -- >> caesar! >> the dog-friendly artist -- the famous dog. not same parents, same household.
2:29 am
>> oh. >> yeah, he's a trainer. legit, big-time trainer. >> this is unbelievable. >> you have two dogs -- >> they don't even sit. not going to go left, right, or down, anything. >> we love you. coming up our ambush makeover team has been working hard, putting finishes touches on the great looks for right now. for all you bike riders, something to keep you safe on the road along with other cool summer gadgets. first, your local news.
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2:31 am
we're back on this thirsty thursday with our very own dean cain, sitting in for kathie lee as she's off. it's time for our "ambush makeover" as we surprise two lucky women from the plaza with a makeover look. here with the results is our resident makeover team, "today" contributor and stylist to the
2:32 am
stars -- ♪ louis lacari-la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> and "today" contributor and contributor to "style watch" -- >> and author -- >> jill martin. >> how were the pickings on the plaza today? >> it was great. i saw, we both did, two women, i should say, who had no idea how pretty they were. they didn't have a clue. we just have to show them how. >> we can't wait. our first up is kristin villarosa, 31 from houston, texas. she's never colored her hair before. she rarely wears make-up, and begged us to give her a brand new look. take a listen. >> glam new look. >> i know you came down here just for this, and there's a special reason. >> yes. i've been growing my hair out for locks of love. i thought it would be cool to get it cut as a makeover on the "today" show. >> so nice, you give a gift and get a gift. and i know you're flipping out for your aunt -- >> yes, she never gets ready or
2:33 am
anything. she's gorgeous naturally. i'm excited to see how this comes out. >> i know your husband, fernando, is excited, nervous -- >> hopefully excited. >> he will be, trust me. >> i hope so. >> oh. fernando. all right. fernando is here. husband, kids, aidan, and here -- please keep your blindfolds on or close yur eyes, that's better. here's kristin before. let's see the new you ♪ >> whoa! >> wow! >> wow! >> are you ready? wait. wait -- you ready? take off your blindfolds. >> oh -- >> whoa! >> wow. >> kristin, are you ready? step right here. see the mirror? step right in front. you can put your glasses on. i'm sorry -- oh, hey! well -- >> i don't look like myself. >> you look hot. look -- do me a favor, look at camera 12. tell us about the hair. >> okay.
2:34 am
the hair today, vanessa gave her a great haircut. look how much we cut. i don't know if you can see on camera. it's about 12 inches or so. >> you look hot. >> she's donating her hair, by the way. then i softened her hair, lightened her hair. the combination brought out the glamorous girl that was within. >> fernando, what do we think? >> i think she looks fantastic. we came over -- she watches all the time. she was hoping to get chosen for the makeover. thank you all. >> she looks great. that's the perfect outfit. >> can you believe the body? we put her in a dress that she doesn't have. nothing like it. by maggie lyndon. and i want you to see the back -- >> i'm sorry. the back. [ laughter ] >> a big round of applause for kristen. you can join your family. >> wow. wow. >> who's up next? >> the next one is denise williams from orangeburg, south carolina. and her daily beauty routine consists of showering and wearing zero make-up. just like me.
2:35 am
>> uh-huh. >> after calling her mother, she was finally convinced to try a brand new look. let's take a look and listen to her story. >> i loved your reaction when we picked you. i'm surprised you stopped jumping around. >> i can't help it. i can't believe this. it's going to be great, though. >> i love that you called your mother for permission. you were on the phone with her for so long. >> she said, "please do it." she called my brother. he said, "tell her to do it. what's wrong with her?" >> well, this is a family affair then. mom, we are going to make her look fab. what do you think? >> it's going to be great. >> good attitude. >> okay. she is here with her church group -- >> look at this lively bunch. >> a lively bunch. they look terrified. [ laughter ] >> witness protection. >> they look terrified. all right. let's take one last look at denise before. and then let's bring out the new denise. ♪ >> boom! >> whoa.
2:36 am
>> take them off. take off your blindfolds. >> sorry -- >> she looks so nice. >> whoa. >> she's got to see herself. spin around and look in the mirror. come on, girl. i'm sorry, somebody came to play. >> oh -- [ laughter ] >> uh! >> wow! >> you look beautiful. >> that's not me. >> that's you. >> that is definitely you. >> spin around so we can see you, too. >> she looks hot. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> oh, my gosh -- >> show the hair -- >> okay. what we did there is -- once your hair is black, it shouldn't be black again, but the darker colors look great on you. you look fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> this is a great short haircut. she twisted it before. we took the twist away and gave her a great pixie. >> she looks 15 years 06:09:20:younger. honestly.
2:37 am
>> that shows the color, cut, make-up -- >> what about the church group. what do you think? >> she looks beautiful. >> beautiful. >> hey! >> you have this look like -- >> what about that dress? that's a great dress. >> i know. i love that she called her mom to ask permission. she was on 20 minutes before we were allowed to make her over. we had a ball. the dress is maggie london. a great wrap dress. >> great on her. let's bring kristin out and do a big round of applause. [ applause ] >> wow. coming up, we'll have gadgets that will make life more fun coming up after this. good job, guys! >> well done! hi mom. how was school today? [ girls ] good. ♪ thank you. [ package crackles, footsteps depart ] ♪ phew. [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can:
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i do what any expert dad would do. i let her play sheriff. i got twenty minutes to life. you are free to go! [ male announcer ] week old stains and odors just met their match. tide and downy, better together.
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if you've been looking for toys, look no further. we have fun and unique gadgets for fun in the summer time.
2:42 am
>> stein greensburg is author of "gadget nation." >> keeping cool and looking cool. >> that's what the shades are for. i'll kill those and move to -- you're playing golf, on the fairway. hot day. >> yes. >> do you reach for a wood or iron? >> well, it depends -- i would go for the driver. >> well, this is a drink-dispensing driver from the folks at hammacher schlemmer. and basically in this case, we're dispensing -- >> no indeed! >> red wine from it. >> genius! >> my favorite driver -- >> that's great. >> a good golf tip. >> how does it come? >> this is what it really looks like. fits into your golf bag. this way you can discreetly drink iced tea or something else. $89 from hammacher schlemmer. >> affordable to some. >> all right. >> moving on. another thing. this is called the ice-cold towels from when they're not wet, they're hard as a rock. you put it in water, it absorbs ten times more water than cotton.
2:43 am
it's engineered -- i use this. it stays cold for hours. >> what do you do? throw it on -- >> like when you go to the gym or running, keep it on your neck. i'll throw it on mine. >> last week in new york it was 90 million degrees -- >> super cool. you don't put it in the refrigerator or anything. you wet it, it stays for a long time. >> that's awesome. >> you have to be hydrated. >> staying hydrated. these are the hydro band armbands. and water bottles. you wear it on your shoulder. you can wear it like that and take a drink. has a built-in secret wallet to keep your -- >> clever. >> credit card, cash, key in there. >> right. >> what if you went like this -- >> you lose your credit card, cash, key, wallet. no. it's -- >> is it comfortable to run in? >> it's comfortable. i've used it. water is -- there's never a place to carry. for kids, this is for the wrist. a swiggy. it's -- the little kids wear it on their wrist. and because you're putting cold water in there, it keeps them cooler just because it's on
2:44 am
their wrist anyway. it's a smart way to go. >> this is misty may from pump it up, put water in it, and spritz out -- >> it cools you off. >> exactly. you -- >> you pump it up. >> oh, no -- >> do it. >> i feel cool and refreshed. >> that's very cool. i like it. >> oh. >> weather-sensitive hair. okay. yes. >> i've seen that hair. >> i know you have. >> now, keeping hair things -- you may not want to try this on. this is the angel helmet for bicycles. what this does, it actually has a built-in light to it. so -- >> a light. >> the lights -- >> wow. >> great. that's great. >> here, this one -- >> terrific. >> there way people can see. now it's pricier than most helmets, it $89. again, it makes sense for, you know, safety wise. >> i like that. >> and summer, you want to go biking, a cool breeze to cool off. >> i like.
2:45 am
would you wear that? >> i would. >> we have a minute or two. >> i would stick it on my child, too. to keep him safe. >> these are the no-blow hurricane buddies. made by two moms in new jersey. when you get to the beach, you fill this with sand, and it keeps a counterweight so your umbrella doesn't blow over. >> how does it hook up -- >> you tie it to the top and counterweight it. >> look at there cute dog -- >> look, cody here. the wonder dog. now cody is on this self-cooling pad. this pad, you don't have to put in the refrigerator or anything. sit on it -- a dog can sit for hours, and it stays cool. >> okay. >> it resets itself when the doing leaves and comes back again. >> oh. >> very cool. and what cody is wearing are comfy tails. that's this thing here. this is a harness that goes on the area by the dog's core. you put this gel pack in. you can freeze it so it keeps him cool. or microwave it, heat it up for the winter to keep him warm. and it's called comfy tails. >> it's been so hot. my dog's black and i'm worried
2:46 am
that he's getting overheated. >> this is great. and cody loves his, right? >> thank you, guys. thank you very much. so you want to gather the family around the table? how do you entice them with a seafood feast that tastes like you worked all day long on it? that's coming up. >> good morning to you. we'll have a look at your forecast across the country. chance for storms. best chance for severe weather will be in the red. could be damaging winds, possibly large hail and lightning will be associated with this. the heat will still be in the west and the south with temperature readings into the 90s. northeast cooler, 70 in boston, also rain moving in. then for saturday watch the rain move into the ohio valley, parts of the northeast, much of the i-95 corridor should be dry, but that will change by sunday. temperatures in the northeast still lower to mid 80s, warm temperatures hanging arounds the
2:47 am
gulf coast for most areas. on sunday, chance for some showers on sunday. we'll look at more showers throughout the southeast on monday. and lingering around in new england and then another system bringing that chance for rain throughout the northern plains and the northern rockies. spotty showers and thunderstorms possible by tuesday. we'll see on wednesday that there's still going to be a few hot spots to deal with, with temperatures topping out in some areas close to 100, including dallas, into the mid 80s throughout parts of the south. 90 degrees from orlando to new orleans. lower 80s expected throughout much of the northeast. then on thursday, we'll have temperatures in the 80s in the northeast, not a ton of rain at all, if you look at the map. there's going took a few spots where there will be some showers, mainly the northern rockies, moving into the northern plains and parts of the southeast, so wet this summer,
2:48 am
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"today's kitchen" is brought to you by kraft cheese. make something amazing. >> it's time for today's kitchen, what's cooking. if you're looking for something versatile, summer recipes to whip up in no time, we have some. >> chef kim kushner is here with her recipes from "the modern menu." simple, kosher, just like you, right? >> thank you. >> so we're making some fish, right? >> we are making sea bass today. this is a recipe for mediterranean sea bass. do you cook? >> i do. a lot -- >> you look good in the kitchen. >> he does. >> hoda, you do? >> i do.
2:51 am
i make tilapia, one dish. >> this is easy -- >> doesn't get easier than this. super simple. we're using beautiful sea bass. and a couple of ingredients. we have some capers, some sun-dried tomatoes with their oil -- >> always delicious. >> we'll put them into a mini food processor. yes. scallions, some capers. and garlic. >> that's it? >> use the hands. that's the way it is. >> it makes a paste? >> we'll grind it up. >> grind it up like this. we have it perfect. what it's going to become is this beautiful paste here. >> wow. >> yes. all you have to do is you take the beautiful sea bass, use a spoon. slather this right on. that's it. less is more. you don't really want to cover up the flavors. it's just -- you know -- >> how long do you cook the sea bass for? sometimes it can be dry and not great. >> 400-degree oven, 12 minutes. that's all you need. especially this time of year, i don't need to tell you, it's been hot especially here. you don't want to be standing in
2:52 am
the kitchen over the stovetop. >> should you cover it in the oven? >> cover with foil. 12 minutes. it will be nice and perfect. >> come down and show us how to make beans or something -- >> i will grab a towel. >> sorry. >> the next thing we're making -- this is what the finished product looks like. beautiful. >> delicious. >> yes, may i -- >> yes. >> i want to try. >> tell us about the beans. >> what we are making here, i love like a spicy peanut sauce. what you would eat with a cold sesame noodle dish -- >> that's really good. >> you like it? >> uh-huh. >> mm. >> you like? >> great. great. >> if hoda likes it, it's good. we're good. these are instead of serving spicy peanut sauce on noodles, we're going to be serving it over string beans. all you do is mix together peanut butter -- >> all right. >> some garlic. >> uh-huh. >> sorry -- ground ginger and garlic. we have rice vinegar.
2:53 am
>> okay. >> we have soy sauce, yes. and just a drop of toasted sesame oil. it's one of those ingredients that you do not want to use too much of because it can be very, very overpowering. >> pour it over? >> yeah. we'll whisk it. >> whisking? >> we'll run. as you whisk that, we'll try the chocolate pie. >> i'll whisk. >> we have another segment that's fun. a little game that we'll be playing. we'll find out about summer bugs. how to zap them out of your life. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
as hot and steamy summer comes, we have our share of buzzing bugs. >> we've tried smooching, smacking them, but they still find a way to annoy us. >> julie edelman says be buzzed no more. she's the accidental housewife and home sweet home editor of
2:57 am
she and will put us to a test. >> let's go. do you know -- >> yes -- >> what is the best way to swat a fly and which of these two things would you use to do that? newspaper or -- >> paper -- >> or -- >> paper! >> wrong! [ buzzer ] >> it's actually -- this is a grease splatter top. it's perforated. these little guys have 360-degree vision. if you hit them with this, they also feel air flow. this allows the air flow -- >> oh. >> smart. >> what's next, julie? >> okay. we love plants on our patios, decorating and all. which of these plants or herbs deters, okay, bugs? is it -- is it basil, catnip, cactus, marigolds, or geraniums -- >> basil! i'm going basil! what are you going with? >> cactus. >> what's the answer? >> you are correct. >> yes! >> cactus juice will. here's why. cactus juice will. it's the scent of this that does
2:58 am
it. which of these will repel bees and mosquitoes? is it garlic powder, aerosol, hairspray, milk, or vic's verbatimo -- vapeo rub? >> does not. >> every one does except milk this. has cedar oil in there. garlic actually has sulfur. you could use garlic powder, too, if you have a bee sting or a mosquito. >> is that right? >> good. >> and this, you can do your hair and do that, too. which of these liqueurs -- i love that sound -- [ buzzing ] >> attracts them? red wine, banana liqueur, or tequila -- >> what's the question? which doesn't -- >> which does not attract -- >> tequila does not. >> wait, what's the question? >> which does not attract -- >> tequila does not. >> agreed. >> wrong! [ buzzer ] >> banana liqueur. the others do. >> confused.
2:59 am
>> what you need to do, by the way, is pour -- we'll never have that much left over, of course. >> yeah. >> you want to leave a little in there because they're attracted. they'll drink. >> okay. >> you are here. >> okay. >> you are there. >> what are we doing? >> we are going to take the original fly shooter gun. this is -- you are going to take aim and hit as many of these cups down as you can. and the person who does wins. by the way -- >> yeah? >> you can get -- you take one each because they're preloaded. and you can get these on amazon. on your mark, get set, bite -- go! there you go! all right. five, four, three, two, one -- [ buzzer ] >> dean is the winner. >> of course dean's the winner. >> he is superman, of course. >> dean is going to come back and join -- you get bug repellant. lord. dean is going to join us tomorrow, and we're going to -- >> bug juice. >> the guys from train will be with us, guys. we will see you tomorrow. you're not leaving. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> bobby flay will be with us,
3:00 am
too, grilling. >> we'll go to his house. >> we are? >> yes. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great day. jeff: you get paid to do what? >> i'm a fortune cookie writer. >> i review sex toys for a living. >> you're jealous. you want to switch jobs with me. jeff: would you tell your friends, what is the reaction? >> they look at me like they are kidding. jeff: "ambush adventure" time. i'm looking for somebody for an adventure. [applause] [captioning made possible by cbs television distribution] jeff: hello. thank you. roll it. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because


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