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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we'll tell you how she was finally able to break free. honest abe targeted by vandals. what u.s. park police found at the end of a lincoln memorial that has the landmark closed this morning. you did it. you made it to friday. a beautiful weekend shaping up across one of the most beautiful parts of america. in the bay area, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, headed toward the 80s, not too hot. we drop off your full forecast in moments. >> they went and did it, messed up your friday morning commute. this is the bay bridge, heading up the incline is the backup at the toll plaza as well. this is the problem for the east bay. mike, much less of a mess and problem, we give you a live look from the south bay over san jose, the color pallet this morning, pastels. . it's friday. july 26. this is "today in the bay."
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it is 6:00, almost 6:01. good morning to everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have new video to show you of a high-speed chase that ended in this horrific crash in martinez overnight. the chp say it started when officers tried to pull over a two-door toyota for driving reckless before 1:00 this morning. the driver led officers on a short chase before losing control and crashing. the male driver was taken to highland hospital in oakland and a female passenger needed to be airlifted to a hospital in fairfield with unknown injuries. a 15-year-old girl is free after being held captive by two drug dealers. officers saying that girl was held inside a box for days at a time. "today in the bay's" marla
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tellez with a case making its way through the u.s. sdrikt court in san francisco. nothing short of a disturbing situation. >> good morning. the arrest of these two guys not only freed a 15-year-old girl but also broke up a large drug operation that federal agents say funneled significant amounts of marijuana into northern california. officials say 30 yoord ryan balletto and 24-year-old patrick pearman raped a girl and held her captive. the criminal complaint filed in san francisco says balletto kidnapped the teen in los angeles, brought her to his clearlake home where the two men would look her in a four foot by two foot by two foot metal box. investigators say the girl would live in the box for up to three days at a time and breathe through air holes drilled in the box. our nbc station in sacramento spoke to locals in lake county who aren't necessarily shocked by the marijuana grow, but the other details, well, that's a
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different story. >> pot is one thing, but sexual abuse is very bad, obviously. that's absolutely wrong. the u.s. homeland security department helped break up this particular operation officials say when they raided the clearlake home back in may. they found more than 1,300 marijuana plants, a serious stash of military-grade weapons and also sexual bondage gear. both balletto and pearman could face life in prison. the u.s. attorney's office says the 15-year-old girl may not be the only victim so they continue their investigation. 6:03. firefighters in san jose had to use the jaws of life to rescue a driver trapped inside a car after slamming into two trees. these are photos released by the san jose fire department overnight. at least deenz firefighters were on scene. they had to cut into both doors
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of the car to free the driver. firefighters aren't sure what caused that car to lose control. the driver is in the hospital, though it's unclear what condition he or she is in. also for san jose, the fire department there releasing these photos. this is from kitchen unit, one apartment unit in japantown gutted after a late night fire. you can see the window gone, piles of charred debris scattered all over the lawn. they say an accidental cooking fire caused the damage at the complex on north third street near jackson street. two people so far were being hold lived in that unit. they are displaced. a new call to end the violence in oakland this morning just days after a senior citizen was gunned down in her own car. today? the bay's marianne favro like with a shooting investigation that has certain shaken a community. >> reporter: it has definitely shake ten community. city leaders say they're fed up
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with the crime in oakland. this morning at 9:00 they plan to demand that the oakland police department do something about it. they say the murder of 66-year-old judy salamon shot and killed wednesday afternoon while driving her car prompted the call to action. last night friends and family paid tribute to the animal lover killed just blocks from her home. they say she worked hard to make her neighborhood safer and had tried to get people to hire private patrols in her neighborhood because crime was getting so bad. >> she walked the streets, handed out information, talked to her neighbors about the patrol. she was committed to it. >> reporter: now her friends are committed to fighting crime on her behalf. this morning at 9:00 city leaders, including two city council members, are going to hold a press conference demanding that the police department do more to keep the people here in oakland safe, and they also say they plan to hold that press conference at the
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site where salamon was killed. live in oakland, marianne favro, "today in the bay." the time is 6:05. financial troubles appear to be getting worse for santa clara county's private ambulance company. county officials are concerned about whether rural metro group will be able to continue its lifesaving services. they met with the company ceo yesterday. the bay area news group reports officials telling that company they will be seeking alternatives p the ambulance provider can't meet its contract. the ceo says the ambulance provider will be catching up on its late payments within ten days to avoid breaching a $375 million contract. let's get caught up with the forecast. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> a little more important come friday because everybody wants to get outdoors on the weekend when you have the opportunity to do so. 6:06. want to start with this live picture just to give you an idea of what we're waking up with this morning. the low clouds spanning all the way inland, just a little
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sunshine, a sliver here over san jose. that mostly cloudy start will make way to a cooler afternoon by just a few degrees. this morning, running about five degrees cooler than 24 hours ago in livermore. starting the day in the 50s. we're at about 65 degrees yesterday afternoon. 58 in livermore, 59 degrees in san jose, 62 for sunnyvale and 57 to start in san mateo. here is where we're headed "today in the bay." 88 degrees inland, bay side 77 degrees and at the coast 62 degrees. want to send it right over to mike inouye. it doesn't look good, mike. >> yes. this is the incline with westbound 80. that's the upper deck heading up the incline. just past the metering lights you see the flashing lights. the latest update from chp, the two left lanes are blocked, your right three lanes are clear. stay to your right past the toll plaza, past the metering lights and past the merge. this will cause a problem toward the s curve. back at the toll plaza, they
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slammed down the speeds on the metering lights that caused this backup. it's backed up making its way toward the maze, not yet there. this is very unusual for a friday. if you can, avoid the bay bridge and maybe use the san mateo bridge. i'll show you the approach. the maze and the like are looking smooth. the east shore showing a few more blips of yellow, down to 60 miles per hour. not a major concern. again, if you can avoid the bay bridge, use the richmond san rafael bridge. the earlier crash at 7th has cleared and the slowing has cleared south 880 around 980. we also have the tri-valley commute. your drives are looking good for 580, slowing into livermore, no problem toward the dublin interchange. the south bay without any major issues, slowing for 101 and the gilroy garlic festival will be an issue all weekend. right now we have breaking news in santa clara where police are right now on the scene of a reported sexual assault overnight at an apartment complex on home stead near
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central park. at this hour we have few details to tell you about other than the call came in about two hours ago. we do have a crew on the way to gather more information on this report sexual assault and we'll be bringing it to you as soon as we get it into the newsroom. also new this morning, the lincoln memorial is closed for cleanup after someone vandalized it overnight. u.s. park police say someone dumped green paint onto the iconic statue. so far no one is in custody. also new this morning, a judge ordering the detention of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi. morsi stands charged with contacting hamas to help him escape from plirison in 2011. he will be detained for at least 15 days during the investigation into the charges. his detention can be extended as the inquiry continues. this news coming as political allies of egypt's military call for huge rallies to show support for the country's top general.
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islamist opponents are calling for rallies today to demand the return of morsi. experts say a train was going way too fast when it jumped the tracks in spain and smashed against the wall. the driver of the train under guard in the hospital this morning and will be questioned by police today. investigators say the driver has a taste for speed and had bragged about high speeds in the past. but they're also looking into possible problems with the train's internal speed regulation system. 78 people were killed in that crash. at least 141 people are injured including 94 people still in the hospital. u.s. department has identified the american who died in the crash as anna maria cordoba of northern virginia. her husband and daughter were traveling to visit her son who had gone on a pilgrimage. four other americans were injured in that crash. just tragic.
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>> a lot to still be investigated to see what splushs out. 6:10. coming up, a plea deal in the works. we'll be telling you about how a man accused three women of being captive inside his home could avoid the death penalty. we'll look at zynga's big gamble. facebook continues to make the markets happy.
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thanks for waking up with us, "today in the bay." 6:13 in the morning. taking a live look at a foggy golden gate bridge. all that natural coolant coming off the pacific is going to make for a really nice weekend. i've got your temperatures. those microclimates making an appearance. those numbers coming right up. look at this. all these flashing lights, all this activity causing all the backup you'll see at the bay bridge. friday light no more for that span. we'll give you the up dwaet on the sig alert for the bay bridge coming up.
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here are today's top stories. a preview in the works for the cleveland man accused of kidnapping three women and keeping them captive for a decade. if accepted, ariel castro would be allowed to avoid the death penalty, but would be sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years. two men are accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl to work on a lake county marijuana grow, sexually abusing her and locking her in a metal tool box for days. the girl is described as a runaway from the l.a. area. the two men face life in prison if convicted of several charges. the lincoln memorial closed this morning after somebody splashed green paint on it overnight. pretty ridiculous stuff. it will reopen once crews clean up the mess found on the floor of the memorial. u.s. park police reviewing surveillance video trying to track down the person or persons responsible. 6:14. google unveiled a new way to watch tv, a device crawled chrome cast. >> sales have been incredibly
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strong, scott. >> they have been, but maybe not for the right reason. this is it. it's a device that plugs into the back of your television, lets you wash youtube, netflix on your tv. google added three months free netflix to the deal even if you're already a netflix subscriber. lots of people jumped on this, maybe for the deal. you were getting $24 worth of free netflix and then the device only cost $35. so google last night said so many people like this that it had actually run out of free netflix offers. you can still buy the chrome cast, but without the deal. honestly for 50 bucks, the roku is probably easier to use. zynga says it won't get involved in internet gambling in and when that becomes legal in the united states. many people figured internet gambling would save zynga. this is a gutsy move by the new ceo there. the nasdaq had its best day in two weeks thursday thanks to
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a huge jump in shares in facebook. facebook within $4.00 of its ipo price. the second biggest tech ipo behind facebook in the last couple years was workday. that company more than doubled its ipo price when it went on sale in october. workday is in my opinion the most important company you probably haven't heard of. the ceo is one of my guests on "press here." he's an ernst & young entrepreneur of the year, a billionaire, an all-around nice guy. ton same show we'll meet a stormer clernlg football star trying to replace the chicken egg and talk to fran's coolest landlord all after "meet the press" on sunday. >> you always have a really good lineup. >> these are three really good ones, but thank you very much. more must-see tv compliments of scott mcgrew. >> sunday morning in your pjs. >> slippers, smoking jacket, i
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prefer the velvet version, the ascot. >> we've got good air quality out there. that's the good news, regardless of your pipe or lack thereof. 6:17 now. we've got a good looking day shaping up. let's take you outside and show you what we're working with. after all you made to it friday. i hope you're as sxited about it as we are. 63 degrees to start the day. places like sunnyvale starting in the 60s. 54 in napa, 56 for concord. take you to what we're seeing on the high analysis map. this high pressure drove out all the monsoonal moisture. we'll still see thunderstorms pop up. if you're trying to get to tahoe, you want to make sure to check ahead. we had flash flood warnings go up yesterday. maybe you want to stick around. there's something big happening in town. the garlic festival. temperatures nice and comfortable in gilroy, 87 today,
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88 tomorrow. we'll fall back to 87 for sunday. not too hot this year, but a lot of sunshine and a lot of people out there. make sure you're ready for that. bring your sunscreen. 81 in san jose, 76 in fremont and 80 degrees in redwood city. a nice day shaping up. you'll get the best of the best today. as the sun starts to drop off at about 7:00, the giants are back at it tonight after a break yesterday. 55 degrees at at&t park, wind out of the west five to ten miles per hour. it should be a pretty good game out there, but it will be cool. make sure you're ready for the fog and the cool ocean breeze. bring that jacket with you. a big heart for the giants because they need us right about now. 85 degrees come sunday. monday 83 degrees, tuesday into wednesday temperatures are going to be rather cool for this time of year, but not too bad, no triple digits, no heat waves. that's the good news, mike. let's get an update on the art you had out there. what's going on? >> glad you gave them good news. folks, this is not good news. this is the activity on the upper deck of the bay bridge.
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i've been watching this shot. there's haze in the air, enough to show you the crews have not yet cleared two of your five lanes blocked heading west up the incline and toward the s curve. this is after the metering lights on the bay bridge. this is what's causing traffic to be so slow right now, basically down to half the volume of traffic. that's why we had the backup at the toll plaza. this was already forming early for the cash lanes. now it is slamming back past west grand avenue making its way back to the berkeley curve. that's very unusual for a friday. a look at the maps, we'll talk about the alternates. very slow from the berkeley curve. northbound 880 is starting to slow around the area as well. if you're coming through berkeley. perhaps another issue might be the richmond san rafael bridge. consider it. if you go east on 80 and over the westbound 580 across the bridge, you are clear. you have to come back down across the golden gate bridge. that's a two-toll option for you. that will be added time as wellheading into san francisco. another option for you is the
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san mateo bridge. as more folks head there, if you have a choice over the san mateo or dumbarton bridge, that's farther to the south and a little less populated especially on a friday. another great option for you, of course. you don't have to drive. you can take it instead of going through the oakland area where the earlier crash south 880 cleared. we have b.a.r.t. as an option, operating with no delays right now. mass transit not a problem. ac transit over the dumbarton bridge is operating on a typical weekday schedule. the sig alert continues westbound 80, that's the bay bridge, over the upper deck. very slow getting to the incline. back to you. we have new video just into our newsroom. how did a big-time water main break? this is in dallas, texas? it happened about 5:00 this morning. the water was gushing out so hard, so fast, you can see literally knocked that light tower, the traffic light right over. all the water you can also see didn't stop some of the drivers, they must thi they have one of those james bond cars that can
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go right on top of it. looks like a couple people got through. the crews right now working very hard try to shut off that geyser they created out there. that is nuts. 6:21. this morning police in los angeles are searching for two men who opened fire on two people on a packed freeway late last night. it happened along highway 91 ten miles from downtown at the bellflower exit. chp says after two cars crashed, the people in both cars got into a fight and it ended in gunfire. one person was shot a number of times, another struck in the arm. the freeway finally reopened after midnight. time is 6:21. coming up, how about a front row seat for a very historical moment. it happened to be me that was in the area, right time, right place. sometimes that's just the way to do it. we'll tell you how a taxi driver found herself in a once-in-a-lifetime trip after the birth of the royal baby.
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>> got to love those cars over there. taking a look at the morning commute at the sunol grade this morning. a little hazy out there as well. we'll clear things up for you. christina has a look at the forecast. mike, keeping annual eye on the sig alert on the bay bridge. a lot more news ahead as well. 6:22.
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right now a live look at the bay
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bridge. it's causing some traffic headaches around the bay area. mike inouye will be along with the particulars on this one. he'll also be telling you the best ways to get around and avoid that if you're heading out to work. we'll have that with mike in minutes. a london cabbie got the fair of a lifetime when she was called to pick up the middletons from the hospital after their first trip to see their royal grandbaby. tracy mitchell says it was pure luck she was called to st. mary's hospital the day after the baby was born. in fact, she said she initially decided to go home, but decided to go out on one last fare instead. that's when carol and michael middleton hopped inside with all the world's media watching. >> they got in the cab and they just chatted amongst themselves. i didn't really speak to them because i didn't want to interfere in their moment.
6:26 am
>> mitchell tells the daily mail she had no idea she was going to pick up the middletons. she said if she had done, she would have done her hair. >> exactly. you never know when you're goington to be on instant superstar. >> at least the back. >> she had a big moment there. >> very cool. >> good note. always make sure your hair looks good. >> oh, my gosh, that's a daily struggle, christina loren, at least for me. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> okay. >> own it. work it, work it. >> that's one thing i can do well besides the weather is toss my hair. it's kind of my attitude thing. 83 degrees at noon inland.4 88 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and 77 degrees bay side today. temperatures aren't going to be all that much different from yesterday, basically a repeat performance and then they tumble as we get into next week. i'll have the forecast coming up. first want to give you an update on the traffic alert. here is mike inouye. >> a very bad situation for traffic flow across the bay bridge upper deck. these cars are crawling past the
6:27 am
sig alert that jon showed you. it looks like a couple sets of lights have cleared. officer simmons at chp says no official updates just yet. two left lanes are blocked up the incline. look at the backup at the toll plaza, really bad all the way back toward the berkeley curve. coming through oakland, it9- wi slow north, but it's okay at the coliseum. back to you. still ahead, a workers' comp controversy. we'll tell you why one of the officers fired for this infamous pepper spray debacle wants taxpayer money for his troubles. we'll tell you what vandals did to deface abe lincoln overnight with a live report from washington, d.c. ♪
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right now at 6:00, vandals splattering paint on a national landmark. we have brand new details in the on going search for the suspects who targeted abe lincoln overnight. plus, will a former officer
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fired after this infamous pepper spraying incidents be getting workers' comp? we'll tell you where taxpayer dollars could be going. there it is. ringing in the day at the new york stock exchange. got a honey dew weekend ahead. this is honeywell getting it done, beautiful thing for one and all. it is friday. let me say it again. it is friday, july 26. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. want to update you on breaking news in santa clara where police at this hour on the scene of a reported sexual assault that happened overnight at an apartment complex on homestead near central park. this hour very few details to tell you other than the call came in about two hours ago. we have a crew on the way right now to gather more information. we seal bring it to you as soon as we get it. also new this morning, the
6:31 am
lincoln memorial is closed for cleanup after someone vandalized it overnight. the u.s. park police say someone dumped green paint onto the iconic statue. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest on the overnight investigation. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi, laura. we woke up to news that of the 6 million visitors a year who visit the lincoln memorial, one of them apparently splashed green paint on it. this happened overnight about 1:30 a.m. our time. take a look at the video. if you look very closely, you can see some of the paint along the base of the statue, there was some along the floor near the statue as well. we are told by authorities there that a visitor noticed it and alerted police. now it's shut down. visitors can't get close. they can see it from afar, but can't get close, can't go up the steps until it's all cleaned up. no time frame on when that will happen. as of now, no idea who may have
6:32 am
been responsible for this or perhaps more interestingly why. we do, however, know they have surveillance cameras around the memorial. investigators will be going through those to see who may have been responsible. >> very disgraceful. thanks for the latest, tracie. >> a bunch of knuckleheads. ridiculous. >> let's hope they catch them. 6:32 right now. christina loren is along to talk about our weekend forecast. look at the pictures out there. nice. >> here in san jose you can actually make out part of the sky and the sun is coming up. in san francisco you are socked in with fog this morning. flight delays at about 1:15. you want to check with your carrier. i'll be with you until about 11:30. the flight delays might be lingering until 11:30 as well. 59 degrees in san jose. all flights on time here. on time out of oakland at 57 degrees to start the day. at noon today, your hour-by-hour
6:33 am
forecast tells the story. we'll be in the 70s in concord and fairfield and napa. the microclimates making an impact, holding on to the 60s at noon at san francisco, san mateo, oakland rounding out the day. ouk land will see shine. 81 degrees on the way to san jose. if you're on your way to work this morning, mike was updating us on a traffic alert. let's find out if there's any improvement with him. >> good morning. within the last two minutes, better news. i saw this shot clear, all the flashing lights have left. this is the incline. look how quickly the cars are moó1. it is friday, lighter volume of traffic overall. from the metering lights up the incline. the upper deck moves smoothly. we have a tremendous backup going back into the maze off the berkeley curve and coming northbound off 880 as well. the earlier sig alert has just cleared from the bay bridge upper deck. we'll show you the approach, speeds dipping down through
6:34 am
emeryville and off 580 and 24 a big slowdown as well, very unusual for friday. we see recovery already starting forth north 880. here are your east shore drives approaching the bay bridge, 24 was slow because of a crash around highway 13 out of the caldecott tunnel. slow heading westbound as well. better news for mass transit. if you want to consider using b.a.r.t., i would suggest doing that. ac transit and muni, no delays, also. we'll continue to follow the recovery at the maze heading toward the bay bridge. >> thank you very much. the number of homicides in san jose is back down to 29. police now say a woman's death that was actually first ruled a homicide is actually not. investigators say the 62-year-old no longer considered a homicide. the investigation is on going. also this morning, the former police officer who pepper sprayed students during an occupy protest at uc davis is now asking for worker's compensation. john pike claims he suffered, quote, psychiatric injuries stemming from the confrontation
6:35 am
back in november of 2011. you remember the peaceful protest. this is video of pike dousing the protesters with pepper spray. it went viral big time. pike says he even received several threats as a result. he was then fired in july of last year after an investigation found his actions were unwarranted. a settlement conference scheduled for august in sacramento. 6:35. the nevada state psychiatric hospital accused of busing hundreds of mentally ill patients all over the hospital, including a number to the bay area, has lost its accreditation. the independent agency that accredits hospitals nationwide issued a preliminary denial of accreditation for rawson-neal psychiatric hospital citing violations in quality of care and patient safety. "the sacramento bee" reported last night the hospital decided not to appeal, immediately losing its accreditation. the hospital will remain open, but lit lose much of its funding
6:36 am
because of the loss of accreditation. 6:35. i think it's safe to say our show officially has wings. angels in the outfield and a pigeon in the bullpen. we'll show you how a major leaguer came to the rescue of a stranded bird at oakland coliseum.
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6:38 am
welcome back everybody. right now you're watching at
6:39 am
least part of the golden gate bridge, the part you can see that's socked in with all those low-hanging clouds. the fog out there maybe making the drive a little tough. christina loren is telling us some nice shine ahead. mike will talk about your roadways in a matter of minutes. >> remember "free willy?" >> i do. a humpback whale free after being tangled in a shark net. rescuers had to use sharp tools to cut that adult male free. pretty tricky operation because the size of the whale and because it was thrashing. all went well and the whale slowly swam away. look at the size of that tale. >> new episode of moby dick. not to be outdone, an l.a. angels player came to the rescue of a bird at the oakland coliseum. >> this is good stuff. we have it on video. a pigeon wandered out into the angels bullpen. there's angels relief de la
6:40 am
rosa. he does the right thing, picked up the pigeon and walked it down to the dugout past the cameras. happy to report the bird was eventually released. de la rosa addressing the pigeon rescue saying he named the bird randy and he also made sure not only to wash his hands once, made sure to wash those hands twice because pigeons are pretty but kind of like rats with wings if you want to know the truth. very nice gesture by a ball player. risking his sanity -- cleanliness. 6:40. coming up, an update to breaking news we've been following. reports of a sexual assault in santa clara. marla tellez is on the scene and will join us with an update just ahead. all your tech headlines. it is gadget friday. >> we love gadget friday. good morning to you. a live look at san mateo bridge, foggy start here. a nice day shaping up. lots happening across the bay area this weekend.
6:41 am
we have the garlic festival, the a's and the giants in town. he's bringing sexy back to candlestick, justin timberlake. we'll have your full forecast for everything happening across the bay area in minutes. >> it's friday. look at this. this is westbound 80, the berkeley curve. this is horribly backed up. i'm going to do something ugly with the camera. i'm move it to show you how far the backup goes, it's starting back -- we'll show you the ripple effect from the earlier sig alert on that upper deck. [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
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nature at its most delicious.
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breaking news going on right now in santa clara where police are on the scene of a reported
6:44 am
sexual assault that happened overnight at an apartment complex on homestead road near central park. that's where "today in the bay's" marla tellez is on the phone on the scene in santa clara. marla, what's happening out there? >> reporter: jon, i just spoke to a santa clara police officer who confirmed they are investigating an alleged sexual assault at a two-story apartment complex on homestead road right at kiely boulevard in santa clara. they say they got the call around 4:00 this morning. a woman in her 20s said she woke to find a stranger standing over her as she slept a man she did not know and he was holding a box cutter to her throat. i asked the officer if the woman was hurt in this incident, how she managed to get away. those details are not being released at this point. this woman was take tone the hospital. again, it's not clear if this woman was hurt in this alleged sexual assault. i asked about any suspect details.
6:45 am
he said those are still being worked out. he said officers are inside this woman's apartment on homestead road right now collecting as much evidence as they possibly can including, of course, fingerprints. so at this point the person who was responsible for this alleged sexual assault. details are not known about him. the woman, of course, did get away. she's at the hospital. we are waiting for the public information officer to come out here to give us more information. as soon as i eleven more,ly be back in touch with you. live in santa clara, marla tellez torques day in the bay. 6:45 right now. in new video of a high-speed chase that ended in this horrific crash in martinez overnight. chp says it started when officers tried to pull over the driver of a two-door toyota solar rah for driving recklessly. it happened before 1:00 this morning. the driver head officers on a short chase on highway 4 before
6:46 am
losing control and crashing. the male driver was taken to highland hospital in oakland and his female passenger needed to be lifted to the hospital. a 66-year-old woman was gunned down while driving near her home. marianne favro live in oakland with all the details on the manhunt for the gunman and a community coming together calling for change. good morning, marianne. >> reporter: good morning, jon. city leaders say there have been two homicides in oakland this month that have been so shocking that they are now saying enough is enough. they say the murder of 66-year-old judy salamon prompted their call to action. the animal lover was shot and killed wednesday afternoon just blocks in her home. last night friends and family paid tribute to salamon. >> she was never mean to anyone, she was always nice.
6:47 am
she cared about animals and she didn't deserve this. i just don't understand why people do stuff like that. i think it's horrible. >> reporter: city leaders also highlight that alicia carradine was gunned down during a sleep over. so far this year there have been more than 45 homicides in oakland which is why city leaders including two city council members plan to hold a press conference demanding the oakland police department do more to keep people safe. they plan to hold the news conference at the site where judy salamon was killed. live in oakland, marianne favro, "today in the bay." time to check the forecast at 6:47. let's take a live look outside as well. this from the south bay. >> picturesque. fancy, dark cloud in the corner. >> a little something for everyone. >> photo journalists out there waving the forecast.
6:48 am
>> let's check with forecast with christina loren. >> jay z, justin timberlake. >> garlic festival. >> a jam packed weekend. 6:48. lots to do. can't see much of the golden gate bridge. but you will later today. you might not get out of the fog for that long, maybe three or four hours in san francisco before it rolls right back in as we head throughout the evening. we have the flight delays, 1:15 out of sfo. everywhere else looking good except for new york city, they area. repeat performance from yesterday. 57 degrees in oakland. 62 in sunnyvale. high pressure will do its job to really warm us up, keep things nice and mild inland. we'll also keep that onshore
6:49 am
flow going at the coast. the microclimates making an impact. keep your temperatures from soaring this weekend at the garlic festival. 87 degrees in gilroy today. saturday, 89, at about 87 degrees on sunday. not even hitting the 90s out there in gilroy where it can get really hot. tonight giants back at it taking on the cubs. you can catch the game on our sister station, all the action starts at 7:15. 55 degrees if you're headed to the game. it's going to be a little on the chilly side. keep that in mind. wind could take that ball out to center field. also we've got the louis vuitton series on saturday when it comes to the america's cup. it's going to be chilly out there. make sure you have your jacket ready to go with a breeze and temperatures in the 60s. you can catch the broadcast starting at noon on our other sister station, cozy tv. 80 degrees in redwood city. getting into the end of the
6:50 am
week, looking good for friday. temperatures will stay level through sunday. then we'll drop off monday, tuesday, wednesday getting more comfortable inland. let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> cozy is not good for the roadways, especially on friday. this is around ashby. there's university at the top of the screen. it's slow from before you are coming out of richmond, all the way, westbound 80 down to the bay bridge t. berkeley curve is where you start to see the right two lanes slowing as they make their move toward the toll plaza. the rest of the folks are okay after that point. here the toll plaza is moving better. it will cover here and ripple back. it has a long way to go, all the way down here. the earlier sig alert had lanes blocked on the upper deck. it has cleared and the upper deck moves smoothly. partially because the metering lights are on pretty slow right now. now we'll look at the maps and talk about what we're showing you here. we don't have any slowing through hercules or in to richmond. if you can use the richmond san
6:51 am
rafael bridge, good. past the race track, into the 20s and below. berkeley curve. very good recovery for 580 westbound. speeds up into the 50s for the most part. that's much better than 15 minutes ago. 880 shows additional backup, but the slowing less severe. now it's starting to ripple back as folks come out of oakland as well. again, the san mateo bridge is also a great option for you. south of oakland south through hayward where there's a little slowing especially toward the right lanes toward the toll plaza. no problems across 92. the dumbarton bridge has a slight build for south 880 toward the area as well. the peninsula hasn't had any problems all morning. i hope i didn't jinx it. north 101, slowing at capital expressway as well as north of 680, a typical pattern. 87 and 280 through downtown, typical backup. this entire weekend as christina aefrnd body else has been telling you, in addition to the other activities, tonight we have the garlic festival going
6:52 am
on today through the rest of the weekend. this is basically 152 and 101. that will be very crowded for the garlic festival all weekend long. back to you. 6:52 right now. investigators searching for a suspect in what appears to be a home invasion robbery in fremont. they say the suspect tried to force his way into a family's home at about 6:00 last night with a gun and pepper spray. a man at home got into a fight with the suspect and shots were fired. two children inside were able to escape along with a woman and the man. police say the gun was foundt$z inside of the home and then a perimeter was set up. police seem to think the suspect was actually able to leave before they set things up. that suspect described as a hispanic man in his early 30s, bushy long ponytail, a goatee and has tattoos above both of his eyebrows. he was last seen wearing a gray zip-up jacket, a gray t-shirt
6:53 am
and blue pants. 6:52. a peninsula man is in jail this morning, the suspect in what police call a vicious hate crime attack. san mateo police arrested marquez. they think he attacked a 55-year-old victim saturday morning, beating that person in the head and face with a large bicycle u lock that looks similar to this one. police say marquez and the victim know each other and the attack is related to the victim's sexual orientation. marquez was booked into the san mateo county jail for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated mayhem while committing a hate crime. firefighters in san jose had to use the jaws of life to rescue a driver trapped inside a car after slamming right into two trees. we have the new photos here released by the san jose fire department. this happened overnight. at least a dozen firefighters were on scene. they had to cut into both doors of that car to finally free the driver. firefighters at this point
6:54 am
aren't sure exactly what caused the car to loos lose control. that driver remains hospitalized. it's unclear what condition he or she is in. the san jose fire department just released these photos. the kitchen of at least one apartment unit in japantown is gutted after a late night fire. the window was gone, pile of debris scattered across the lawn. firefighters say an accidentala cooking fire caused that damage at a complex on north third street near jackson. two people live in that unit and now need to find a new place to live. this appears to be a system breakdown. two bay area counties doing troubleshooting checking out problems with their emergency systems after two serious glitches in the span of 24 hours. wednesday an evacuation alert accidentally going out to thousands of contra costa county residentsmiz instead of just th who needed to know about that gas leak. then in san mateo county yesterday, one part of the 911 telephone system actually
6:55 am
failed, and so did the backup. for about a half hour the emergency line for all agencies like the sheriff's office was down and calls weren't able to go in or out. one mom that we talked to says she understands the frustration. she says she tried to call 911 four times the last few months. each time she got a busy signal. >> it's pretty devastating as a parent. come on. we live in sail cone valley. there's all these great companies and every day they advance technology. >> san mateo county says part of the cause of that failure was the heat out there and the age of the technology. as for all the emergency texts and e-mails for wednesday's gas leak, the sheriff's office blaming that on a glitch in its notification system. we continue to follow breaking news for you this morning. right now in santa collar rah, police are on the scene of a reported sexual assault on homestead near central park. "today in the bay's" marla tellez has been on the scene this morning.
6:56 am
what did you just learn? >> reporter: laura, good morning. i just spoke to a santa clara police officer. he confirms the sexual assault happened right behind us in this brown apartment complex on homestead read-rite at the intersection of kiely boulevard. you can see the crime scene tape up around the apartment complex. officers say they got the call about 4:00 this morning, a woman in her 20s telling police she woke to find a stranger standing over her and he was holding a box cutter to her throat. the details around how she got out of this situation, very dangerous situation are not being released at this moment in time. we can tell you the woman was taken to a hospital. i asked the officer was the woman hurt. he says he cannot pre lease those details at this time. but again, there are about five patrol cars out here as police are inside canvassing this woman's apartment. they are, of course, looking for fringer prints. at this point i asked about any suspect information and they
6:57 am
said they don't have any suspect description to give us at this time. we are waiting for the public information officer with the santa clara police department to come out and give us the very latest. again, a woman in her 20s sexually assaulted very early this morning according to santa clara police as she slept in her own apartment. live in santa collar rah, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you very much. happening now, we want to take you live to brazil this morning as pope francis continues his tour of that region. look at the throngs of people that have come out. they have had snafus this morning. he loves greeting people. >> he's been known for that. they said, some people actually joked he's probably more than any other pope, kissed more babies on this trip alone. >> such a moving experience. he's headed this morning to a juvenile detention center where he will talk to some of the youth that are there and also offer confession for them.
6:58 am
we continue to watch this morning pope francis in brazil as he continues -- all part of the world youth day celebration where they've had hundreds of thousands of people come out to that area. >> he's physically touching people and touching their hearts as well. >> come down politically talking to the government, the haves should be giving more to the have-nots. so much poverty in that area. not afraid to make statements as well about giving and receiving. >> talking to people about shaping up all over the world to make sure things are going the way -- very close to what he believes. >> live pictures from brazil this morning. also today, it is friday which means gadget friday. >> always kind of fun. scott mcgrew says you can't touch this. >> stop, gadget type. this is the leap motion controller that hit stores a couple days ago. the idea is it detects your hand motions, kind of like "minority
6:59 am
report." about the size of a pack of gum. it has cameras in it to detect what your hand is doing. here is a physical representation of what the device is seeing. this is my hand moving above the surface of the device. we'll try it out here. in this case i pulled up "the new york times." as i sort of circle my finger, i can move the screen back and forth and then choose an article. so here is close-up of what's going on. i wiggle my finger, i can move it around and choose an article and dismiss it, read it, scroll it, all that kind of cool stuff. it's about 80 bucks. it's an interesting little gadget i would say. i'm not quite sure i would need to use it. but it's kind of fun. we do need to check in with mike right now before we go. >> got to take you there. the earlier sig alert on the bay bridge has cleared, look at the backup. it's crawling through richmond and into berkeley and emeryville. there it is heading the the bay bridge. the rest of the maze looks smooth. how do you avoid the backup getting to work? here we have the san mateo bridge as one of your options.
7:00 am
consider the richmond bridge or b.a.r.t. guys. back to you. thank you so much. that's what's happening today in the bay, back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> enjoy the weekend. we'll see you monday. good morning, under guard, the driver of the train involved in that deadly crash in spain being investigated this morning as authorities focus on how fast he was going. we'll hear from one of the americans injured in that accident. with his son's future in doubt, the father of nsa leaker edward snowden joins us with a live interview. this morning, his message to his son and the president. >> and uncle harry, the prince opens up about his nephew. >> fantastic to have another addition to the family. i only hope my brother knows how much my baby sitting charges are. >> plus his plans to teach the young prince how to have fun


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