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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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(0ryrjñ will not miss that that he's alive. ñjf highest honor. tonight you'll hear from his proud çófather. musiç,t baseball, and bikes. they all got together to help congest bay area highways tonight. p(]! the latest on what closed the bay bridge. but first, west nile
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prevention. mosquitofá spraying getting und way right now inc á]ter(sp)a ?8c county. good evening, everybody. i'm jessicat( aguirre. >> and i'm janellew3 wang in fo raj mathai. it's happening right now. residents in one san jose neighborhood told to stayfá indoors, that the county is just about to begin mosquito ñifoggi. that's because there is evidence of thee1 deadly west n!l+hvirus. george kiriyama is live in that affected area. ìáhp &hc& >> reporter: the trucksfá0mqw3 left vector control añilp few minutes ago. the fogging is about to start in the north south bay area. this is a three square mile witr landis avenue, and old piedmont road as the borders. mosquipmj collected in this area did test positive for west nile virus.ñii] lp prompted the santa cá county vector control district to do a mosquito fogging treatment. their goal is to kill off these mosquitos with west nile before one bites a person. vector control is saying right (t&háhp &hc& high as 1 in 50 mosquitos
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infected. so fivec fápickup trucks with a fogger in the back will be going street by street, igñ by block. and we talked with victorñit( ro from vector control a short time ago. he told us that the spray will itt( will have no effect on peoe who live in this area. >> we're putting out a ultra low volume product from the back of our picízv trucks that will suspend in is the w3ñiair, and mosquitos are flying aroundc at night, it will impinge on them >> so the three square-mile area where theyñi will be spraying tonight isñr primarily residentl with some w3retail. this ist(+ considered high sea for west nile, and about a dozen dead birds were also found with west nile. so theñi fogging we understand ó expected toi take several hours. we're live infá san jose tonigh m9ñ >> okay, thank xdyou, george. a busy night in thefñq bay a pushed almost to the limit by just aq load ofñii] fun, from
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baseballs to jay-z. i want to give you a live look righ$'y now at 880. bumper-to-bumper after the a'sx gam7 traffic slow going. now the giantsx john mayer is rocking theçó shoreli view. jay-z and justinlp timberlake played candlestick for a special concert. and then to complicate matters, it just so happens to be the last friday of the month, and san francisco's monthly critical mass bike ride.r hundreds ofw3ok cyclists setxd from justin herman plaza at traffic downto and beyond. giants fans coming out of the city say they got an early start, though. >> it took a long time on traffic. >> we're in novato. we were expecting it was packed over here. a =:uájjt on. >> a lotñr going on. people who use the bay bridge. thousands caught in a backup that stretched for miles on both sides of the span. now that backup caused by a bomb scare. traffic was cleared from bothxd exits of t(dp bay bridge after
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suspicious device is reported on the eastbound offrampçó to that report came in around 1:00. traffic was completely shut fá down. no movement from 2:30 to 3:15. qsju$u$e suspicious. so far they haven't saidxd exacy what it was or if anyone was truly ever in danger. new at 11:00, we learned tonight an east bay man will receive the medalñi of honor, award. army ty conner willlp be honore at the white house for one of firefights in jip (t&háhp &hc& the 33-year-old ist( based atfá lewis-mcchord in washingtonçó state. but his father spoke7oo tonight from antioch. >> this is just -- it's unreal.( very cenjoyable. i'm so proud, i can hardly stand >> reporter: fáty carter's fath can't be more proud of his son and morefá grateful that he/j alive. on october 3rd, 2009, a battle
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in northeastern afghanistan. 300 insurgents attacked the army post. carter runs for cover in a humvee. >> and my son wasñi apparently one of those that you could roll down the window when you see insurgents comeñi in the xdfencá he rolls down the window and shoot two of them and roll up the window and hitçóok thei]ñiñ bulletproof glass where he was just shooting out of. they were well funded, >> reporter: during the firefight, carter sawc a wounde comrade 30 feet away. he ran out to rescue the soldier in a hail of bullets and bring him to safety. unfortunately, the injuries too. that soldier died xdalong with seven others. 22 wounded. u lifec to save t( another, all while engaged in a day-long firefight with the minute. qáq't cart weret( the medal of honor the white house. only about a dozen peoptet have
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been awarded the qmilitary's highest honor for service in iraq and afghanistan. more than half are dead. carter is oneok of five living wait to be there. >> i will not miss that.w3 that's something very few fat r fathers --w3fá6zxdxd<  he's ag >> a very proud father. now we alsoñi hearñi that carte entire family, a huge contingent of other familyñi members will also travel to washington to see him receive that honor. also new at 11:00 tonight, a pleasanton teenager booked into ñ in connection wit the deathc f a cyclist last month. with her husband on june 9th in pleasanton when the two were struck by a car. cody hall.
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felony vehicular manslaughter, one count of reckless driving. detectives say it took this long to conclude the investigation into that deadly crys;9ñ santa clara police areñi looking for a violent rapist tonight. apartment around 4:00 this morning and then raped her at knifepoint. investigators aren't saying very much, but did confirm that the manñm:teñ into the building by ripping the screen of a bathroom window. it's a sudden wake-up call in a neighborhood many peopleok considered safe for years. >> yourbzejju what i thing?ñi everybody feels scaryt( because you see these kind of event do >> right there really lpfar, an we have to walk around from there by myself.q and i have to carry myko purse( this is scary,ñi of course.q >> police sayñr sexual assaults are rare in santa clara, with an average ofg÷ reporteds7 cases thin man, around 5'3" who doesq not speak english well. he was dressed in all dark fá clothing. in lake county, two men are facing accusations of raping a
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girl they kept in a metal box while running a marijuana growt operation. investigators sayi]xd ryan ball and patrick pearmain were growing moreçóát9 a thousand pt plants in the rugged countryside whileñr holding a 15-year-old gl captive for weeks. according to court documents, the runaway from los angeles was repeatedly sexually assaulted bá both men. the teen kept locked in a 4 by 2 box that was hoisted atz( an ane for hu-páuq tot( drain out ofc it. ì& as it çócsounds, weapons and violence often go hand in hand withw3 illegal grows. >> they're ready toñm/ go to w. they're really ready to go to i] war. we see them with protective kevlar çóvests. we've seen them plant booby-t p booby-traps. even some of these vietnam era pongie1é@ sticks on outdoor gr >> the two susñ%muz due backt( in federal courtmy on wed. the man who held three women captive in a clevelandñi home f a decade will spend the rest of his life in jail3w with zero
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chance of everçó getting out.q ariel çócastro's guilty plea m- tonight, 137 counts means hejf !ñpenalty.37 counts means hejf the former bus driver told the judge he was aq3 former victim o was addicted to pornography. castro will be formally sentenced next week. plans areq in the works to tear down castro's homec where the women wereñrjf imprisoned alongh twoñi abandoned homes next dooro build a park instead. newt(çó detailslp on asianaó 214. the wrecked fuselage was (vbut the airport tells us it will be stored there for at leastfá a little whilec longer. the airline isxd still trying t find a suitable location to move the wreckage took at this point. it hasn'tt( found a location la& enough to hold thefá fuselage intact. firefighters are battling a onight at an apartment complex near philadelphia.cw3 residents weret(ñr forced to evacuate that incendiary fire. about 9:00 after it broke out. flames and heavyjf smoke filled
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reports that two hospital. at this point, the extent of their injurijñthough, is not known, and the cause of the fire still unknown as well. a brushfire in the north bay is now cont7)áy fire officialsñi say the fire broke out about ok1:45 on a hillside around highway 37xd si miles southeast of petaluma. it was tough, ñithough. 13 engines, five tankers and two helicopters to put it out. no structures, no injuries. cause still under investigation.okr >> i think they really inspire me with their -- their abilityq to engage with a crucial need to do something to make a difference.q >>ñiok 100 japanese students coo the bay area seeking leadership skills to help?; w3rebuild the communities devastated by the 2011 tsunami. their story coming up.xdlpok apple is no longer king of the okmountain. experts say why samsungoç haso taken over as the most profitable mobile phone company.
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an operation later this summer. federal regulators have certified two types of drones for civilian use, and two companies already have plans to use drones, one to survey migrating whales in alaska, and the other to monitor oil spills near the arctic ocean. the faa has proposed a nearly $3 million fine against boeing for allegedly failing to properly fix quality control issues within a reasonable amount of time. the faa says it launched an investigation back in 2008 a month after boeing discovered it had been installing fasteners on its 777 model that did not conform to standards.
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the faa alleges boeing hasn't fixed the problem. boeing has 30 days to respond. more unrest in egypt tonight. seven people are dead, 274 others injured in demonstrations in two of egypt's largest cities. thousands of supporters and opponents of ousted egyptian president mohamud morsi held violent protests in the streets of cairo and alexandria. the two groups threw rocks and firebombs at each other. morsi is now under investigation for a host of allegations including murder and conspiracy with palestinian group hamas. putting his mouth where his money is. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is scheduled to give his first public speech in favor of immigration reform next month. politico is reporting zuckerberg will speak at the premier of the film "documented." it's about jose antonio largas, a prize winning author and undocumented immigrant. zuckerberg's political action committee, spent about $5
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million on a pro immigration campaign ahead of the senate passage of the immigration reform bill last month. well, it has been more than two years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan. the tohoku area is still struggling. but now 100 students from japan are hope thanksgiviing they can lead in rebuilding their community. george kiriyama shows how they're learning these skills right here in the bay area. >> it was scary. i couldn't -- i didn't want to stay in the house. so i was trying to get out. >> reporter: 17-year-old ami will never forget that day. >> translator: at first i was really scared. then i went out, and i saw tsunami coming toward me. but i didn't believe -- i believe that was real. >> i was really scared. the ground was shaking, like up and down. >> reporter: the tohoku region of japan, a powerful 9.0
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magnitude quake triggers a devastating tsunami, sweeping away homes and leaving piles of rubble where schools and hospitals once stood. ami and jin both lost their homes. >> translator: i was with my family, looking at the house being washed out by tsunami. >> translator: i didn't really feel anything deep, but two years later, i went back to my house, and i found a tool which i was using when i was little kid. and it made me cry. it's been a month since he died. >> nearly 16,000 people died. one of them ami's uncle. >> next day, everybody knew he wasn't there. he wasn't home. it took us a month to find his body. >> reporter: despite their hardship and loss, ami and jun are determined to rebuild their communities. more than two years after the earthquake and tsunami, the two
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high school students flew to uc berkeley with 98 other students from their region as part of the 2013 summer program. for the next three weeks, they hope to learn leadership and community service skills to take back to japan. >> what can we develop? >> reporter: this is one of the instructors. >> they have faced something quite tragic. i think they really inspire me with their -- their ability to engage with a crucial need to do something to make a difference. >> reporter: the students will face so many challenges when they go back home. rebuilding a school or a hospital. that's one thing. rebuilding a community's crushed spirit will be the ultimate test. ami and jun enter this program as students. they hope to leave as leaders. >> i wanted to do something good for the community. and because i joined this program to learn community building. >> because i have been receiving
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a lot of experience from adults, i know i can return this to the community for sure. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. the lincoln memorial is open again after a temporary closure to clean up green paint splattered on the statue. the vandalism was discovered around 1:30 this morning. the memorial was closed nearly 12 hours for that cleanup. park police are now looking at security footage to see if they can identify who did it. luckily there is no permanent damage. you can smell the excitement in the air. the 35th gilroy garlic festival is under way. and it featured something new this year, the garlic bowl. it took executive chefs from san jose state, berkeley and fresno state to create the dish. the winner was fresno state, winning a $5,000 scholarship for their school. if you go, you can also find lots of other delishes. >> we have the pepper steak sandwiches, the mushrooms. it's a veritable plethora of
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wonderful food here. if you're going to be out here for three days. it's going to be wonderful. we're going get a lot of people down here. and three days out of here we get to be a quasi rock 'n roll star. who can beat that? >> as always, proceeds from the garlic festival supports local charities. it runs through sunday, and caltrain will run special trains saturday and sunday. >> we need to get that winning recipe. >> jeff is a great cook. if we give to it jeff. >> i've been learning, thank you so much. i'll have to bring something in to work, and then you guys can be the true judge. a first look at our saturday forecast. and we're going to be fogged in at the coastline. we're having a few adjustments to the forecast. it looks a little cloudier here for the interior valleys that is going to mean a cooler afternoon for us. mid-80s for the interior valleys, and also by the way plenty of widespread 70s. it's clear in san jose right now, but we will have increasing cloud cover in the south bay. off to the north, it's fogged in in san francisco right now, also areas of drizzle.
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and a thick fog expected to stay at the coastline. in here tomorrow, the increasing cloud cover, we have highlighted all counties. everyone going to be dealing with some sort of cloud cover for tomorrow morning. thick up against the immediate coastline, marin, sonoma, back towards alada county as well. by the afternoon, if you're here visiting, a classic san francisco afternoon expected at the coast with that fog. we'll get plenty of sunbreaks here back for vallejo, livermore, down to fremont and sojourner as well. with that fog, though, we will have airport delays likely. about 30 to 45 minutes behind for tomorrow. and a little bit of drizzle may have to turn on the windshield wipers. if you are headed to the airport from about 5:00 to 8:00 tomorrow morning. let's get those numbers in here. we are going to see things right about near average in the south bay. 85 in san jose. 86 in los gatos. cool in santa cruz with 69. 76 in palo alto. and down here for the garlic festival, 85 expected in gilroy. in the east bay, we brought the
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numbers down a little bit with some of the cloud cover on the increase. not cool by any means. definitely not widespread 90s. 87 in pleasanton. 87 in walnut creek. castro valley with 85. and 75 expected in hayward. san francisco 65. up towards sonoma 80 for you. and back here towards berkeley and oakland, a mix of upper 60s and low 70s. this big bay saturday will continue. we had a lot of events tonight, and more for tomorrow. kind of a home run in that forecast. still going to be cloudy. but very typical for the home team. that's a little bit of an advantage for us. you can race your way up to sonoma for the nrhr drag racing. the america's cup louis vuitton series is saturday. i think at this point the boats will be able to go off. but it's going to be a close call potentially with that race
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at 12:00 to 1:30. for spectators, temperatures expected in the low to mid-60s and also mostly cloudy skies. as we head throughout saturday and sunday, mid- to upper 80s inland, and it will of course stay cool at the coastline. no triple-digits in the seven-day forecast. see a lot of smiles over here. >> very comfortable. perfect summer weather. thanks, jeff. >> sure. coming up, an upset. samsung overtaking an until the mobile phone business. find out why experts says people are turning away from iphone. we are all reflections of the people who inspired us, prepared us and guided us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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prepared us and guided us. the people who inspired us, at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. apple is no longer the world's most profitable maker of smartphones. samsung ended apple's four-year reign with the galaxy. apple made an estimated $3.2 billion profit from iphone sales in the second quarter of the year. samsung's profit an estimated $5.2 billion during the same period. industry expert says part of the reason for apple's drop may be that customers are no longer buying the latest model. they're fine with the iphone 4 which is cheaper than the latest
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iphone 5. cyclists will have an easier ride on a section of el camino real in sunnyvale thanks to a grant. the $15,000 grant will be used forrer the construction of bike lanes on the area highlighted on this map. currently, el camino real does not have a lane for bicycles. the city of sunnyvale has received awards for its commitments to bicycling. we will be right back with sports.
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ahmed fareed has the sports coverage for us today in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. we saw the a's fans stuck in the traffic, but at least they were happy. >> they, yeah. they drove home happy. they probably didn't care if it took them two hours to get home after this. some things never get old, like watching both bay area baseball teams play at home. and bartolo colon, apparently, going for his 14th win against the halos.
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the wives and girlfriends of the a's running to raise some money for charity at the ballpark tonight. always for a good cause. bottom second, two on, two out. jed lowry singles to right field. 4-2, a's. coco crisp, not the strongest arm in the world, but it looked like it here. nabbing mike shroud at second. a's win, 6-4. colon gets his 14th win. here is kate longworth with more from the coliseum. >> reporter: coco crisp would be the first to admit he doesn't have the strongest of arms. but on friday night he told me his arm was feeling good, and it showed, as he gunned down the speedy mike trout in the third inning, providing a much needed momentum shift to preserve their 6-4 victory over the angels. >> when i make a play like, that it's most shocking. but there was a few great place made today. we did a great job. back-to-back plays, actually.
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i was more excited probably for him, making those plays than i do for myself when i make a play. >> that might have been as two strong throws i've seen coco had all year. and the one is huge. that's a gimme for trout usually. and coco had to put it right on the money and set his feet and good in good position and then made another good throw later on in the game. so you get a lot of momentum from defense. i said many times equally as much as sometimes you do a big offensive play. >> and just like a fine wine, bartolo cologne continues to prove he gets better with age. the 40-year-old a earned his 14th win on the season, which ties a major league lead for victories this year. at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. we're going to show you one play from the giants and cubs game. final out of the game. the giants were one out away from victory. ground ball. under the glove of brandon bell. through his legs. two runs come in to score that proves to be the game-winner. an error that you do not see brandon belt make very often.
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bruce bochy couldn't believe it. the cubs come back and win, 3-2. the cubs now with a better record than your san francisco giants. something that we would not have thought even fathomable at the beginning of the year. more news right after this.
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now, isn't this a pretty sight? opening day in japan for a sunflower maze made up of 350,000 plants. some 200 kids were the guests, the first ones, a reward for actually growing the sunflowers. most of the kids half of the size of sunflowers. they were all let out safely. they'll get to enjoy the maze a little while longer. sunflowers are in peak bloom through the end of the month that is beautiful. >> beautiful. >> yes. that. >> is so gorgeous. >> the kids are really cute too. >> and they actually do turn towards the sun. it's not just called a sunflower. >> oh. that is an interesting fact. >> yes. >> before we leave, we want to take one last look at interstate 880. yikes. that's the northbound lanes on the right-hand side.
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the a's game is over, but as you can see, traffic still backed up on 880 northbound. but drivers happy because the a's beat the angels tonight. also 101 jammed up. concerts at candlestick, jay-z and jt. and shoreline john mayer also letting out. >> we were here for you. and we will be here for you throughout the weekend and on our website, have a nice weekend. bye-bye. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee...
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