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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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we'll see you back here tomorrow. good morning. breaking right now, deadly storms hammer the east coast from the carolinas to maine good morning. breaking right now, and deadly storms hammer the east coast, and from the carolinas, maine maine triggering dangerous flash flooding and out west. today exclusive, ariel castro's son speaks out days before his father is sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. the reaction to his father's plea deal and what he saw inside the house of horrors. >> and never been seen videos of jfk vacationing with family months before his death. why the videos have just come to life today, monday, july 29th,
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2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on monday morning. i am savannah guthrie. >> carson you said you were a morning person. you filled in hoda all last week. >> that's a whole other ball game by the way. >> no alcohol here. >> you're sober right now. >> i am. ready to work. you all have good news cred. i'm going to try and keep that intact. >> we have a lot to cover. the dangerous storm system claimed at least two lives. dave gutierrez is following this story just outside of florida where flooding is a big concern today. gabe, morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. fortunately the rain has
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stopped, but all that rain from over the weekend is rushing downstream. there are plenty of sandbags behind me and that's because the nearby river crested overnight about seven feet above flood stage. north carolina just the first stop for a major storm system moving up the east coast this morning. the state beginning to dry out after some of the its worst flash flooding over decades. >> we're hoping we don't get any more rain. >> reporter: two deaths are blamed on the surging waters. a 10-year-old girl and 48-year-old man were swept up while swimming in a creek about 100 miles northwest of charlotte. the slow moving system knocked out power to thousands of residents and shut down dozens of roads. rescuers warn that although the rain here is over there's still a threat. >> the water is up and it's dangerous and we have been warning people not to get in the water because it's so high and dangerous. >> reporter: and that threat is now extending up the east coast. philadelphia broke it's daily
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rainfall record on sunday. parts of the city are still underwater while pounding wind and rain are drenching millions this morning from connecticut to maine. >> if we deal with any of these tropical downpours midweek for the same areas that saw the 5, 8, 10 plus inch totals on saturday we could see more flash flood flooding issues. these are areas we'll have to watch closely. >> reporter: back here officials will be spending the day assessing the damage. we're expecting a dry day today but more rain later this week. savannah? >> a lot to clean up. gabe gutierrez in north carolina for us. thank you. >> let's turn to al for more on the storms and what you can expect today. >> the good news is finally we will see some drying, but areas from the northeast down into the mid atlantic states dealing with the heavy rain. philadelphia, also new jersey getting the heavy rain.
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the good news is the system is pulling up and away. the heaviest rain over new finland, heavier rain offshore. not a big problem. now our eyes turn to the midwest where we have a combination of a dipping jet stream, cool air coming in and a lot of moisture to the south. we have a risk of strong storms from kansas down into oklahoma. you can see the heavy thunderstorms firing up. we're talking about flash flooding a problem there today with anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain between wichita and salina. savannah? thank you very much. there's new developments in the anthony weiner sexting scandal. he is facing more pressure to drop out of the new york city mayor's race and over the weekend his campaign manager resigned. >> good to see you savannah. a new kind of fall out after the shock and outrage swirling around his latest admissions about sexual conversation with women online. he is taking new hits within his own team and about his record on the job. >> reporter: the drama for
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anthony weiner entered a new act this weekend when one of his own called it quits. weiner's top campaign official, his campaign manager, danny kedem, resigned after the latest fallout from the former congressman's online conversations with women. >> you know we have an amazing staff but it isn't about the people working on the campaign. it's the people we're working for. >> he will keep pursuing his ambition to become new york city mayor facing criticism and flat out claims that he is done by prominent political voices. >> he may still be in the place but his campaign is over. >> he's not qualified, not psychologically qualified to be mayor of the city of new york. >> at this point it's absurd. he's not the next mayor of new york. he's wasting time and space. >> reporter: his trouble and declines in polls shifted attention to other democrats in the race. christine quinn used the national platform of meet the
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press to question his track record even before the controversy. >> has he disqualified himself? yes. but not just because of the scandals. he didn't have the qualifications when he was in congress. >> reporter: while opponents and outside critics have been piling on, weiner found himself with a back and forthwith an upset voter. weiner could not sway this woman, a woman upset about his conduct, the texting chats where he used the name carlos danger to send messages to women. >> if i conducted myself in the way you did yours, my job would be gone. >> he claims he will still keep trying to talk about issues that matter to new yorkers trying to keep himself in this race. there have been so many surprises along the way, and we can only see what happens when he gets back on the campaign
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trial today. six weeks to go and no announcement about a new campaign manager. >> at the moment he is staying in. okay. we want to bring in andrea mitchell. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> as we all know huma abedin, anthony weiner's wife is very close to hilary clinton. clinton says she is like a daughter. it has a lot of people wondering, where are the clintons on all of this? how do they feel about this campaign? >> they care about her but this is to the point where it's splashing against the clintons. people are making comparisons to the way hilary handled issues in the 1992 campaign and it's only going to reach a further point if he stays in this race. they are not at all happy, and they are oil to huma, and mutual friends are saying why is she
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letting this happen to hillary clinton, her mentor. >> speaking of hilary clinton, she has a lunch today with president obama. you don't know what's on the menu food-wise or otherwise. >> food-wise or otherwise. they say this is just a catch up. they met three times since she left the cabinet but the timing is auspicious. it's the day when the middle east negotiators are arriving in washington. john kerry made six shuttle trips to the region and finally getting them here. it's the resumption of talks after three years. they'll talk about that and egypt blowing up and vladimir putin i suspect. maybe he wants her opinion about who to put in as the new fed chair. that's a big fight in washington. and you can't imagine this conversation taking place without the elephant in the room being addressed which is what to do about getting weiner out of the race. clinton doesn't want to -- what the hilary clinton supporters don't want to appear is she
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tries to get him out of the race for herself and is disloyal to huma. that would be even worse for hillary clinton. >> never a shortage of topics. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> natalie is here following a deadly tour bus tragedy in italy. good morning. >> good morning. a tour bus plunged off a highway in southern italy killing at least 38 people. workers used a crane to lift the wreckage of the bus. as many as 49 people were onboard when it tore through a guard rail after hitting cars and heavy traffic. the plunged 100 feet off the highway into a ravine. more than 70 people were killed this weekend after violent clashes between egyptian security forces and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. we're joined with the latest. >> good morning. egypt is bracing itself for another rally organized by supporters of the ousted president, mohamed morsi.
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the toll is close to 120 but officially the death toll stands at 85. these are clashed all across the country that erupted between supporters of the president and the security forces. that has many people here afraid that in the coming hours egypt's military and police could attempt to try and break up this sit in that's been in a part of cairo since the president was removed from power on july 3rd. there's also efforts to try and resolve this peacefully. the top foreign policy advisor is in the country and will be meeting with representatives in an attempt to try to stave off further violence. thank you. and update now on an amazing story about a young boy who was beating the odds after literally being swallowed up by a sand dune in michigan. 6-year-old nathan is being called the miracle boy. we have exclusive video of nathan back at home with his family just after two weeks of
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the frightening ordeal where he fell in a sinkhole and became trapped for hours in the sand dunes. >> nathan, what's the best thing about being home? >> to get to see my family. >> well, nathan's mother said in a statement she would like to thank everyone that played a role in the rescue and to all the medical personnel that treated and nursed her son back to health. good news there this morning. pastor rick warren took the pulpit for the first time this weekend since his son's suicide. the founder and pastor of saddleback church in california was greeted with a standing ovation. >> it's okay to ask why but the real test is what are you going to do when you don't get the answer? >> he delivered a formal speech, but ae often broke off to talk about his son. let's head to wall street and a big merger in the ad world. jackie joins us. good morning. >> good morning natalie.
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let's start with the markets. july has just three trading days left and despite concerns about earnings growth the s&p 500 set to have its best month in nearly two years. back to that merge they're merging to form the largest ad company in the world but still no match for google which rakes in $50 million in revenue last year. and finally gas prices rising more than 8 cents in the last two weeks. the national average now $3.67 a gallon. natalie. fast food workers in seven cities including new york and chicago are staging a one day protest strike today to call for wages of $15 an hour. that's more than double the federal minimum wage. representatives for the fast food industry say most of the restaurants operate on slim profit margins making it impossible to hike wages. you are up-to-date right now. it's 7:12. back to you guys. thank you.
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busy day for you, al? >> yeah. in arizona, they are seeing flash flooding. this bus carrying 21 folks went down about 30 feet down this wash and flipped over. fortunately everybody got out okay. and further to the west, out in the pacific, we have got flossie. right now a tropical storm making it's way to the west at 17 miles per hour. the good news is it's dying down with winds at 50 miles per hour. should not cause too many problems. clears the big island and the rest of the chain by early tuesday morning hawaiian time with winds of 35 miles per hour. we'll have your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. which means they can find the perfect pair that fits great... and it's affordable... oh, and it's got all the other brands they have to have. i've been told this stuff can make or break your entire year. but i'm not even going to pretend to know what "cool" is. i'll just take 'em to the sales and leave the rest to them. [ female announcer ] select arizona jeans on sale now.
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style. quality. price. now at jcpenney. 7:13 on a back-to-work monday. overcast sky over most of the bay area right now. that's going to keep our temperatures from soaring later today. look at these numbers, 75 degrees in san jose. that's a really comfortable reading for the 29th day of july. 83 in livermore today and just 58 degrees in san francisco. staying nice and steady through. we'll drop off for thursday and then heat cranks come this weekend. that's your latest weather, fiancee's best man. katie has the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. that accident left four others injured including the groom. he will be undergoing surgery later today. this as we're learning more
7:15 am
about the driver. police say 35-year-old jojo john does have a history of drug arrest and they do have reason to believe he was intoxicated at the time of this accident. two weeks before their wedding day, a tragedy. lindsey stewart and brian bond were on a boat that slammed into a construction barge in the hudson river. stewart and best man mark lennon were killed. bond and three others were seriously injured. >> i can't talk about it now, i'm sorry. >> reporter: stewart's mother spoke to reporters saturday hoping for a miracle but by sunday police had recovered two bodies from the river. >> i think this is -- it's horrific. i don't think you can put words to the fact of what we need to do to console these families and i don't think you can. >> raymond lennon, his best man, mark lennon's brother. >> he was wild at heart. every day was an adventure for him and that's the way he liked it. >> friends since childhood, stewart and bond fell in love four years ago.
7:16 am
they were supposed to wed at this church august 10th. instead, friends gathered here sunday morning to mourn. >> everybody has got to be really, really sick over there, i am sure. >> the reverend spoke with the groom to be in the hospital. >> it's hard to tell a mother and father that their daughter is not coming home. it's hard to tell a fiancee he lost his bride-to-be. >> reporter: authorities say the barge lights were on but the dock master who was out on the water at the same time argues the conditions can be disorienting. >> it's hard to explain but on the river the lights on the background play tricks on your eyes. while the bridge was lit up all the way around, the barges were not. they might have had a small light on the stop if so but it was a black mass. >> reporter: jojo john is still recovering from serious injuries. he was arraigned in the hospital on charges of vehicular manslaughter and assault. police will be looking into pressing more charges later today, carson. >> that's terrible. katie, thank you very much.
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now to one of the biggest jewelry heists in the world. $53 million worth stolen from a hotel in france. michelle kosinski has the story. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: this is at the legendary carlton hotel. the most prestigious along the area. sunday afternoon. it's hard to tell what was more extraordinary, the diamonds or the heist of them? signs outside the carrolton boldly announced summer exhibition of the mouth watering jewels. maybe a little too effectively because the thief was as bold. sunday just before high noon, a man in a mask and hat simply walked into the hotel, allegedly used a pistol to threaten staff and force security guards while the jewels were being set up for display and walked out with them. possibly $53 million worth,
7:18 am
gone. life. the height of bejeweled glamour, and this crime was clearly organized. >> he is the professional businessman, and his business is jewel thievery. >> reporter: there were two heists in may during the film festival. in one case, a necklace worth more than $2 million. the raid of a harry winston store in 2008 netting more than $100 million worth. some of it later found in a home and drainpipe in the suburbs. that, many believe, was the work of the notorious pink panther gang of jewel thieves thought to be responsible for hundreds of millions worth.
7:19 am
in the last three months, three members allegedly broke out of prison. one of them just last week. some suspect this is a sign the gang is back. so who was that masked man? were there others? how on earth do they get away? if police know at this point, they're not saying. analysts say if police don't catch a thief like this in two hours, the jewels are cut down, reset, made untraceable. carson? >> fascinating. michelle kosinski, thank you. a briefcase, $53 million out of front door. it's almost the plot of a movie. >> that's right. inspector. >> who makes a getaway in cannes. cleveland kidnapping victim amanda berry makes her first public appearance as her captor prepares for sentencing this week. coming up, ariel castro's son speaks out. and can hackers actually
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going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. the time now is 7:26. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. fire crews mopping up after a two-alarm fire at a day spa in mill valley at the evo spa in the strawberry village shopping center. investigators believe this one started in the spa's laundry room. the fire caused about $50,000 worth in estimated damage and the spa, as well as a sushi restaurant next door will be closed today because of this fire. the faa is taking action in the wake of the deadly asiana airlines crash at sfo. foreign pilots will now be told to use gps when coming in for a landing skauz construction has made glide slopes unavailable on two of the airport's main wren
7:27 am
ways until late next month. the man accused of beating and killing another man inside the great mall shopping center is in court today. nathaniel manlangit is expected to enter a plea in connection with the murder of carlos caloca. surveillance showed the two men entering the sports authority at the same time. at some point they separated and manlangit got a baseball bat and used it allegedly to kill caloca. speaking of weather, let's move on to that. christina loren has a couple words to explain the weather. crispy and cool. >> crispy and cool. we have a sgrat dgreat day shap. the west early wind will transport the cool air making for comfortable conditions. wait till i show you your highs. here we go. temperatures 75 in san jose, 70
7:28 am
in fremont. 83 degrees in livermore today. much cooler than average and the only bad part is san francisco is going to be cool at 58 degrees. we stay steady through wednesday. let's check the drive with mike. >> eastshore freeway better for berkeley. all lanes clear. all traffic clear heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a jam out of san pablo toward emeryville. here is south 880, slow through the castro valley y and northbound routes through san a new crash at great american parkway. back to the "today" show. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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on all dodge vehicles. ♪ i know you want it ♪ i know you want it ♪ i know you want it ♪ you're a good girl well, forget song of the summer. robin thicke's blurred lines is now officially the song of the year. we've got carson daly humming along. seven weeks at nber one on the billboard hot 100. the longest streak of 2013 and robin will be here to perform it live on our plaza tomorrow morning right here on "today." 7:30 now, monday morning july 29th, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie alongside carson daly and natalie morales. matt has the morning off. i'm sorry to say, the girls won't be here. >> i was about to ask that. robin nice guy but the girls would be better. >> we'll hear robin tomorrow. his rendition. >> that song gets stuck in your head. >> definitely.
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>> coming up you heard about carjacking but what about car hacking? two guys have figured out how to take control of a car's system, turning the wheel, locking the doors, blaring the horn. why they did it and what it says about car safety. >> interesting. also on "trending," the very special reason that a professional golfer passed up his shot and a million-dollar payday. a good excuse. >> definitely got his priorities straight. we also have an exclusive live interview with ariel castro's son. but first a check of the weather with mr. roker who is outside. >> thanks so much, guys. this just in. philadelphia airport, all american airlines flights canceled in and out. they had power outages in and out. that will affect travel there. we have the girl scouts here. where are you from? >> maryland. >> nice to see you. how many cookies did you sell? >> a lot. >> a lot. there you go. a lot. i can eat a lot. they sold a lot. let's see what we have for you. we'll start off with a mild midwest. today we start off with the cool northwesterly winds.
7:32 am
jet stream way down to the south. temperatures, in fact, chicago had it's coolest weekend in about 30 years. look at these temperatures for chicago. 8 degrees below normal. high of 77. 76 in kansas city. columbus 78. detroit 74. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below normal. rest of the country today afternoon highs. you have to head down to the south, southern texas, parts of florida, gulf coast and the interior southwest. temperatures in the 100s. going to be in the 80s. it will be hotter in the pacific northwest than in atlanta. atlanta only had two 90-plus degree days for the month of july. when normally they'd have 15. that's what is going on around the country. normally we see highs much warmer than where we're expecting them to hit today. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a live look, low clouds spanning inland this morning. this is san jose. high today 75 degrees. you can't beat that for one of the final days of july. 70 on the way to fremont. it will be a little cool in san
7:33 am
francisco today. but you have warmer days ahead. by the end of the week, temperatures back to seasonal averages. by the 90s saturday into sunday. hope you have a fantastic workweek. weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. now to the cleveland kidnapping case that made headlines around the world. one of the victims, amanda berry made her first public appearance at a concert there on saturday night. that, one day after ariel castro agreed to a plea deal that will put him behind bars for life without parole. plus 1,000 years. his son anthony castro is with us now exclusively. anthony, good morning. it's good to see you. >> good morning, savannah. >> let's start there. what do you think of the sentence your father got? did he get what he deserved? >> i think it's the best possible sentence. i think if he can't control his impulses and he really doesn't have any value for human life the way this case has shown, then behind bars is where he belongs for the rest of his
7:34 am
life. >> the prosecutors did consider the death penalty in this case. would you have been okay with that punishment? >> it would have been tough to accept just because death penalty cases are -- you end up in court a lot, and so they come back a lot more often. i think this way is a lot better because, you know, he has put himself away and he will be away for the rest of his life. >> would you ever visit him in jail? >> right now i can't see any scenario where i would go visit him. he's been lying to his family for the past s10, 11 years at every possible turn. i have no trust in him. i can't see myself going to visit him and giving him the opportunity to face me and lie to me again. >> let me take you back to that day in may when the world found out that he had been keeping these three women captive for a period of more than ten years. what was your initial reaction?
7:35 am
>> well, i first found out that the girls had been found. gina and amanda had been found. and it wasn't until a little bit later that details started to come in. so my first feeling was, you know, overwhelming joy because this was a case where it captivated our city for so long. and, you know, it was shortly thereafter where my father's name and picture started to come out and, you know, it really became real to me when the 911 call started to be played, and i heard amanda berry say his name and that was the toughest moment. that's when it became real. >> were you shocked? >> i was shocked because of the magnitude of such a crime. i don't think i could imagine anyone doing that, let alone to find out it was my own flesh and blood, my father.
7:36 am
however, i did grow up in a house with a lot of fear and a lot of violence. and so the fact that this was a violent case, no, it didn't surprise me. >> people have talked about that. growing up, you were abused. your mom was terribly abused according to you and your siblings. tell me about what it was like to live under his roof. >> incredibly strict. he had a temper. he wasn't, you know, a monster 24/7. but if you crossed him, there would be consequences and those more often than not would be physical consequences. i remember crying myself to sleep when i was a kid because i was, you know, my legs are covered in welts from belts, you know and seeing my mom getting beat up in our own home and no
7:37 am
one should ever have to see their mom crumpled up in a corner on the floor the way i did so many times. >> so many people have wondered whether anyone in the family could possibly have known. had you been inside that house on seymour avenue during the time period when we now know these three women were being held? >> yes, i had been there a few times. more often than not, on the outside only. but when i did go in the house, i would always enter through the back door. that's where my father would flag me in. and we'd talk in the kitchen. we would be there 15, 20 minutes. >> did you ever see any signs that in retrospect that you wonder about? did he have locks on the doors or that kind of thing? >> well, the locks on the doors weren't unusual. even when we lived there, there were locks on the basement door, the attic door. the garage was locked. windows were nailed shut. >> when you were a child there were places you just couldn't go? >> absolutely. >> when you think about what these women have gone through, does it haunt you?
7:38 am
>> it does. it's been about -- a little less than three months since we learned about all of this and it's been a three-month nightmare. obviously, nothing to compare to what the girls went through but, you know, this has been incredibly hard. >> do you think about the fact that this is your father, this is your flesh and blood, is it hard to handle being related to someone who is capable of such cruelty? >> absolutely. and what's horrifying is i have the same first and last name. i look in the mirror and i see the resemblance and i think about what he did and how horrible it was and i just can't help sometimes just being overcome with that. >> your mom would have turned 50 tomorrow. >> yes. >> in some ways, do you think about this as justice for her and what she went through?
7:39 am
the fact that he will now spend the rest of his life in prison? >> i do. i really do. i think that she will be there. the first morning he wakes up in prison, you know, and the sun shines down, that's going to be her justice. >> it wasn't easy for you to come out and speak publicly, to show your face. why did you want to? what message would you want to send? >> i really wanted to thank the people that were the closest to me and helped me through this. you know, my best friends and my coworkers have been incredibly understanding and have been there for me. and i really want to thank them for that and i also want to just express how happy i am that because of all of this my father will never be able to hurt anyone ever again. >> if you had anything to say to him, what would it be? >> i have nothing to say to him. >> anthony castro, thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate it.
7:40 am
>> thank you. >> we are back right after this. being here this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we are back right after this. ♪ ♪ i see you made yourself breakfast. how'd you know? ♪ ♪ and if you wanna go and lick it i believe you should ♪ ♪ don't need to play that basketball to dunk it ♪ ♪ don't need to play an instrument to funk it ♪ ♪ and if you don't have any milk then there's no milk to spill ♪
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and cleansing cloths... now in a new dispenser. well, good morning. we're back now with something to think about before you hop behind the wheel this morning of your car. the latest issue of forbes magazine is calling attention to what could be the auto industry's next major problem. carjacking gone digital. buckle up, you're going to need it. it's quite terrifying when you don't have brakes, right? >> this isn't carjacking, it's car hacking. >> it was in reverse and trying to park itself he went out for a unique test drive with chris and charlie miller two tech geniuses who came the ultimate backseat
7:45 am
drivers. >> you guys both buckled up? >> yeah. >> i can forge that you're about to be in a wreck. by wiring into a car's dozens of built in computers that can change the gas gauge and speedometer. >> it says we're going 199 miles per hour which is not the case. >> even steering with an old school controller. this highlights the risk of the world going digital. >> the directions the cars are going in is they're becoming more vulnerable. >> toyota noted in a statement that the type of hacking shown require a physical presence inside the vehicle, partial disassembly of the instrument panel as well as hard-wired connection. all of which would be obvious. >> we'd like to see detroit welcome hackers in to test their
7:46 am
products and expose vulnerabilities they couldn't find themselves. >> tests that in the knnear fute could take on a new level. >> he is a twitter engineer and chris is the director and they brought a test vehicle, a ford escape to show the potential vulnerability that cars could pose. first you're computer security guys. what makes you want to check into the vulnerability of a car? >> i always did windows hacking stuff and dr. millers did iphone hacking and we decided to do something new. we both like cars so we figure why not automobiles. >> some people might call it a nice party trick and one could be the ford motor company who we reached out to that have a statement that says this particular attack was not performed remotely over the air but as a highly aggressive direct physical manipulation of one vehicle which would not be a
7:47 am
risk to customers. is there a threat or no? >> sure. a couple of years ago they showed you can remotely attack cars. we were just following up on that research. >> we want to see what you can do once you're inside the car's network. >> i want to get inside the car and see the extent of it. >> let's do it. >> i'm going to jump in this car as a driver and let's mock up with a you are capable of doing. >> buckle up. >> let's just pretend i'm going to take a spin down the plaza. the car is on. we're not moving. i'm ready to go. >> yeah, the first thing we can do is trick the odometer and speedometer. >> there you go. it went to 100 miles per hour. and we're not going 100 miles per hour. that's one of the tricks. take your hands off the wheel. charlie will be able to turn the
7:48 am
wheel. >> wow. >> we can do that while it's driving as well. >> what is he tapping into? the there an operating system common on all cars. >> no, it's a lot of work for an individual manufacturer and model. >> you're sort of hard wired into this particular car. it is possible to be done remotely. research shows you can get it exploited and on the car's network. >> i'm glad you guys are on our side. >> yeah. >> what else can it do? >> the last thing we can do is completely immobilize the car. we can till tkill the engine. you can try and start the car again. >> wow it won't start. >> we can do that for as long as we want. >> could you turn the engine off while i was driving. >> yeah. >> what did you do with this data once you started figuring it out? >> we wanted to collect the data
7:49 am
and put it in a paper for people to look at. we want security researchers to do this and more of us to look at these things. >> good job. glad you're on our side. when we come back, two big stars on the plaza, denzel washington and mark walhberg, but first, these messages. ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. a settlement has been awarded to a palo alto woman whose home and business were both destroyed in a plane crash three years ago. that woman, who ran a day-care center out of her home, reached a settlement with tesla motors for unspecified damages. back in february of 2010, a swin engine cessna struck a utility tower and it crashed right into a neighborhood destroying several homes. a san jose police officer right now recovering after a chase and crash sends him to the hospital. on saturday night the officer spotted wanted man driving near 11th and east santa clara streets in downtown. at some point during that pursuit, both cars jumped the curb and the patrol car slammed right into the tree. the officer suffered a c concussion and back pain. the suspect managed to get away.
7:57 am
let's check in with christina for the forecast. >> you can see from the bay bridge the sun trying the break through the cloud deck. it's going to be around the bay. that will keep temperatures nice and comfortable. look at san jose,nn 75. 83 in livermore. a lot of the cool air making its way through the delta. 58 degrees, a cool day shaping up in san francisco. we'll hold on to this unseasonably cool pattern through thursday and warming you up friday. i got to tell you i like that weather. we're looking over here -- i don't like this -- continued build nor north 101. north 101 at 680, that's where you're starting to see the orange picking up again. we have 280 and 85 kicking in right now as well as 87. west 237 at 101 is a crash that will cause a buildup. slow through san mateo, more slowing toward hillsdale and
7:58 am
also highway 4 toward the maze. the eastshore freeway is very tough. they've cleared the lanes but it's still tough. back to the "today" show.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we love "today"! >> bring out denzel washington. >> we traveled 2,000 miles to give al roker a kiss! come kiss me, al! >> oh, one kiss for al roker ordered up. >> is that good? >> worked out fine. >> good. 8:00 now on this monday morning, it's the 29th of july, 2013, we say hello to our great crowd. in a moment they will get another wish, they will get to rub elbows with denzel
8:01 am
washington, mark wahlberg. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and carson daly who is in for matt. >> would you be early risers or night owls? >> early riser, but not 3:00 a.m. >> coming up, new research says about your personality. and we're going to meet a guy who is literally juggling his way through life. literally. his videos are a huge hit. >> it's coordination. >> okay. >> maybe one ball, i could throw one up. let's go to natalie with the top stories. good morning, everyone. for the first time in nearly three years, israeli and palestinian officials are meeting in washington today for talks on restarting peace negotiations. the two sides haven't sat down together since 2010. on sunday, israel's cabinet approved the gradual release of more than 100 palestinian prisoners to coincide with negotiations. pope francis is back in italy this morning after a week long trip to brazil where more
8:02 am
than 1 million packed the beach to celebrate mass. anne thompson is at the vatican. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. you thought that was extraordinary. on his way back to rome, the pope spoke to reporters for an hour and 20 minutes in an us precedes unprecedented press conference. one of the first thing he addressed was security. you remember that mob scene a week ago today when he drove into rio. the pope said he wasn't afraid. there hadn't been a single incident in rio. he says he knows there are crazy people out there, but the lord is there and he think it's important he be close to the people. he was asked several questions about the role of women in the church. he said that women need to have a deeper role in the church but there needs to be more theology on that. and when it comes to the issue of women priests, he did not endorse that, he said the church had already spoken on that issue. but perhaps the most interesting
8:03 am
comments came when asked about a gay lobby. he said he had never met anybody in the vatican that had gay on their business card. and he said if someone is gay and they are searching for the lord, who am i to judge? people should not be marginalized. natalie? >> anne thompson there at the vatican. thanks so much, anne. meantime, a tour bus plunged off a highway sunday night killing at least 38 people, as many as 49 people onboard the bus when it ripped through a guardrail and plunged 100 feet into a ravine. t the. and the latest on a horrific train crash in spain. the death toll has risen by one as an american passenger succumb to her injuries. janet, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie, there is so much sadness in this neighborhood today. when they left their home here, it was to attend their daughter's wedding in europe. and while the couple initially
8:04 am
survived that train accident, the mother of the bride has now died. >> my wife, unfortunately, she was sitting on the side where the train flipped over. >> reporter: it's been a weekend of grief, shock and pain for bobby. after celebrating their daughter's wedding in rome, the couple decided to take a trip to spain. bobby wanted to show mika his spanish family roots. it turned into a nightmare. >> all she wanted was for me to hug her. and that's what i could do. >> bobby only had minor injuries. sunday morning, mika died. >> this is so surreal and, you know, just feels like a horrible nightmare. >> survivor steven ward. >> i thought it was a dream. started kind of piecing together, okay, there's a smoking train here, we must have crashed. >> after meeting with a judge for two hours, the driver of the train, 52-year-old garzon was released without bail but he's provisionally being charged with
8:05 am
79 counts of negligent homicide. someone said the driver told him he'd been going too fast, he needed to brake but he couldn't and feels now he wants to die. in spain, there were many funerals over the weekend. as grieving families bury the victims of this tragic train crash. >> reporter: the driver garzon was not required to post bail, he's not jailed, authorities believe he's not a flight risk. natalie, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, janet. it is 8:05. you're up to date right now. let's go back outside to al. >> all right, thanks so much, natalie. and as we show you our pick city of the day. beautiful day outside here in the northeast. but we've got tropical storm flossie, winds moving 50-mile-per-hour winds moving west at 16, it's dying down. it'll mean some showers, high surf for hawaii as it clears there early tuesday morning. rest of the country, we are looking at hit or miss
8:06 am
thunderstorms, showers in the northeast, on into the southeast, as well. slight risk of strong storms, texas, i should say oklahoma, right on into kansas. and we look for a beautiful day up and down the west coast. 76 today in seattle. 8:06 on a back-to-work monday. we have an unseasonably cold week to get through. live picture. mostly clear pictures. over u.xsanoa right now. conditions will end up in the upper 70s to low 80s. end of the week, temperatures don't change that much till friday, then we're going to tack on an additional 5 to 8 degrees. 90s return on saturday. hope you have an excellent monday. if you don't wish yourself happy birthday who will? >> happy birthday. >> hey, savannah and carson. >> happy birthday. thank you so much. coming up, the lost kennedy
8:07 am
tapes. why never before seen videos of the president are just now coming to life. >> and two stars for the price of one, denzel washington and mark walhberg will be here. >> and the dream wedding comes true for a bride facing a devastating diagnosis. we'll have that story right after this. price guarantee. got your list? let's go. jif peanut butter. peanut butter and jelly is a staple in our house for school lunches. look at walmart's price. wow. that's great. now all your back to school meals are covered. thank you. ok, ready? what?! that's the walmart low price guarantee backed by ad match. save time and money getting your kids ready for school. bring in receipts from your local stores and see for yourself. save more this back to school packing kid friendly and tasty lunches with low prices on velveeta slices, kool-aid jammers 10 packs and jif creamy peanut butter. with our low price guarantee backed by ad match. [ female announcer ] resisting the magical taste of silky smooth dove® chocolate is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. is difficult.
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8:11 am
president obama is hosting hilary clinton for lunch at the white house today. she is traveling around the country giving speeches as she considers whether to get into the 2016 presidential campaign. whether she runs or whether she doesn't, nbc says it will move forward with a new miniseries about her life. this is slated to be a four-part movie starring diane lane and will recount clinton's final years up to the present. no word on who will play bill clinton, perhaps monica lewin y lewinsky. >> i think bill. >> he played it a couple of times. >> he's got the eyes. >> i could see that. >> and my monica lewinsky, elizabeth moss from mad men. >> what do you think nat? >> i was going john travolta.
8:12 am
and then olivia munn for monica lewinsky. what do you think? >> woody harelson for bill clinton and katy perry. >> turn it into a musical. there's a thought. >> trending on the website of usa today, from first family to family firsts, golfer hunter mahan was leading a tour event this weekend when he got a call his wife candy was in labor. he was ahead by two strokes at the canadian open but it made no difference. he left the tournament and hopped a flight. what a whirlwind of the day but i'm happy to announce the birth of my daughter zoe olivia mahan. he also thanks his sponsors for understanding what's important in life. >> once in a lifetime.
8:13 am
>> would anyone stay and pick up the money. >> no, but there should be a trophy for having your priorities straight. he gets a prize for that. >> trending on the website of the new york daily news, the lost kennedy tapes. we have new never before seen footage of the kennedy family enjoying their vacation months before the president's assassination. the library and museum released this silent 15 minute video captured 50 years ago this week. it is filled with tender family moments. president kennedy cuddling with daughter caroline to cape cod. caroline sharing words with her mother jackie kennedy and john jr. playing with the family dog. >> so poignant. >> especially when we're coming up on 50 years. hard to believe. >> it is. trending on the website of forbes magazine, 20 things 20-year-olds don't get.
8:14 am
a 34-year-old entrepreneur says he noticed that today's youth don't had the same values he had growing up and he's not that old. so he wanted to share some of his life lessons. he says 20-year-olds don't get they should be reading books over tweets and texts. >> yes. >> 20-year-olds don't get they should be getting their butt kicked at work. it's not a bad thing to have a boss that demands excellence and accountability. social media is not a career boys and girls. >> is this the dukes of hazard. >> it's a function of marketing. 20-year-olds don't get we're more productive in the morning. get up early, watch the "today" show and go to work. finally, pick up the phone, we shouldn't be afraid to get out from behind our computers and talk to a real person. >> thank you boss hog. >> i actually have these
8:15 am
conversations with my 26-year-old. instead of texting, call someone. >> nobody calls anyone anymore. >> it's refreshing that it's coming from a 34-year-old. >> yeah, since we're all over 40. >> fortunately i keep my feathers numbers for just such an emergency. >> that is what's trending today. straight ahead in our 8:00 block, denzel washington and mark walhberg will be here and tell us about their new movie and the out pouring from strangers that gave her her dream wedding. that's ahead. >> do you like to rise at the crack of dawn or burn the midnight oil? the answer can reveal a lot about your personality. >> reporter: if you're a creature of the night or a sprite morning bunny, grace yourself for a reality check. apparently so-called night owls may have a higher sense of self-importance, entitlement and narcissism. and the morning crowd, not so
8:16 am
great news either. they're more ridged, less adaptable with their body clocks and less wealthy according to another study by researchers at the university of madrid. on the upside, a lot of creative types thrive at night. and the morning folks excel in academics. that said, researchers admit the correlations found in the new study were small and given the fact that the participants were mostly college students that tend to keep late night hours anyway there's not enough data to lose sleep over. in the end, maybe we could all use a little more shut eye. >> he is a psychologist and visiting professor at the state university in new york. nice to see you. >> good morning carson. >> if you're a night owl or nightmare, what is this. >> you're kind of like a night owl in a roster's clothing this morning. >> what did you think about the
8:17 am
study? >> some merritt. there's three personality traits, narcissism, psyc psychopathic. almost all of these studies were done on college students. it affects when you sleep and how you get up early. >> they talk to college kids that are all up late and think the world resolves around them anyway. >> i don't think you should be afraid if you're a night owl that you're going to turn into a criminal. >> what does it say about the "today" show staff that likes to get up early and go to work? are we better? >> are you better? well, there's some research out of madrid that suggests that you're higher achieveachievers, creative and so on. i don't think we can generate from sleeping patterns. >> what about historic figures? >> some people were night owls.
8:18 am
people like president clinton was a night owl. obama is supposedly a night owl. but, again, you can't take someone's sleep pattern and from that determine that they are going to be cunning, well, maybe duplicitous. more research could be done. >> the night owls are a little bit more fun. >> i think we are. i'm a night owl. i'm up early for this. >> thank you. let's go outside to savannah. all right, carson, thank you. we're delighted to have two of the biggest stars on the planet right now in rockefeller plaza. denzel washington and mark walhberg chatting with the crowd. they're teaming up in the movie "two guns" and while it's filled with action their characters also share tender moments, including one over breakfast. >> ma'am, ignore everything he said, okay? don't bring me any eggs and
8:19 am
pancakes, just bring me some coffee and bring him a couple of eggs. >> i don't want eggs. put a couple of eggs on it and bring him rye toast. >> no pancake. >> a sil silver dollar one. >> no pancake, no silver dollar, no rye toast. >> good morning to both of you. so goes the script. it's a lot of banter. did you know you would have chemistry. >> you would hope so because it relies on the chemistry of the guys. i've been a huge fan of denzel and we had a wish list and he was the top of the list. so it's like; christian mingle. >> both of you were dramatic actors. people may not think comedy when they think of you? was that something you wanted to do? come to the lighter side. >> yeah i was coming off of
8:20 am
doing the movie "flight" which is not a comedy and i was looking for something lighter and have fun. >> in an interview you said your wife razes you about getting older. this is a physical role for both of you. you're hung upside down, chased by bulls. were you soaking in a hot tub. >> yeah, i did four movies in a rowand took a couple of months off to rest and relax. when you're talking about this movie, that's why we wanted to do it. you've seen comedians do these things before and it has dramatic elements as well as the action and the comedy is a nice change of pace. >> is it true that comedy is harder? >> repeating it take after take because you don't know if you're funny and the crew has to be quite. they can't really respond to what you're doing. >> mark, recently i read an article that you're a mr. mom. you get up early and take care of the kids and let the wife sleep. is that true? >> she is sleeping today in new
8:21 am
york but the kids aren't in town. i try to be involved as much as possible but no, mommy is the boss. >> and denzel you and your beautiful wife are on the cover of ebony this month talking about your marriage. 30 years which is like dog years in hollywood. what's the secret? >> do what she says. >> one of the other benefits of working with denzel is that i can get professional advice but also personal advice. i'm married. i've got four children. he's been through it all personally and professional and given me sound advice and helped me out. >> he asked her to marry him three times. >> i don't remember that. >> i don't know. >> twice. i remember twice. >> readers digest recently had a list of the 100 most trusted people in america. do you know where you were on that list? >> no. >> number three. >> really? >> you beat the president, mrs. obama, supreme court justices.
8:22 am
>> they were ahead of me. >> who was number one, though. >> tom hanks. >> tom hanks? >> yeah and then sandra bullock. maybe next year. >> and sandra bullock. >> yes. >> maybe next year. give me something to shoot for. >> well, it's great to have you. do you have as much fun making the movie as it seems like on screen. >> we had a great time. >> it's a little bit of action but you feel like there's a good story there too. >> absolutely. it's a great combination of action and humor and great twists and turns. >> all right. mark walhberg, denzel washington, great to have you here. the movie is called "two guns." now to carson. >> a touching story about the woman who god the wedding of her dreams thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> when doctors told her she had months to live, she was determined to live the months to the fullest including getting married over the weekend to the love of her life. >> reporter: a picture perfect wedding day, the kind every
8:23 am
bride dreams about. from the flowers to the photos to the champagne, surrounded by friends and family saturday, general bullock and jeff lang shared their vows. >> for all the days of your life. >> i do. >> there was a lot of happiness and the sadness is going to be over soon. >> jen doesn't have much time left. in january after a car wouldn't go away she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at just 35. and then last month this. >> six weeks untreated and four to six months treated. so when i heard that i said let's get married because i wanted to focus on life. >> reporter: the life she has been living and loving since she met jeff through a friend six years ago. they thought the couple would be
8:24 am
a perfect match. >> i've known for a long time she's the one i want to be with. >> with with time not on their side jeff proposed and the couple gave themselves two weeks to plan a wedding in jen's parents backyard but strangers had other plans. after a stranger posted their story on an online wedding message board, a local wedding planner read the post. >> just really touched by the story so immediately i felt like i responded in 30 seconds and said absolutely. i'd love to help out. >> reporter: after meeting with jeff, erica learns jen kept a pinterest page show casing what her fantasy wedding might look like. >> i saw dreams there and i saw dreams that could become reality. >> reporter: with only two weeks to make those dreams a reality the wedding sprung to life with the help of 30 vendors donating more than $50,000 in goods and services. >> it looks exactly like the pictures. i'm touched. i'm in awe.
8:25 am
i'm speechless. >> reporter: while many wedding days focus on a couple's future together, for these newlyweds, celebrating the present in each others arms is the sweetest gift in the world. >> i always think about the future but it's not the time to think about it today. today's the time to think about this now and enjoy this now. >> i do. >> it's such a beautiful story. the wedding planner, this woman, she thought well i'll help them on their day and coordinate things on the day and she got to know the couple and know their story she said we have to make this happen and then she recruited these 30 vendors and 50 something thousand dollar wedding. >> then she screamed i do. >> makes for a beautiful bride. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we'll be back after a check of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
8:27 am
back to you. we'll have another local news update in a half an hour. have a great morning. good morning! wow.
8:28 am
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8:30 now on this monday morning, the 29th of july, 2013. and our crowd is listening to the great tunes of robin thicke's blurred lines. if they want to hear it done right, come back, same place, same time tomorrow. he will be here for a special concert on the plaza and don't forget if you want to tweet about it use the hashtag robin thicke today. >> hey, hey, hey. >> we didn't know you had a voice. >> sure.
8:31 am
three chairs turned for me. thanks al. i want to go to team al. >> you should. he's a great coach. i'm savannah guthrie with carson daly and natalie morales and al roker. >> we'll meet him and show you his interesting journey to studio 1-a. he juggled all the way. >> move over harry potter. we're paying a visit to a real school where kids get to learn the secrets of magic. >> i love it. we'll head into the kitchen and teach you a quick and easy recipe for fried rice. >> and the stars of the new movie kickass too. christopher plays the evil villain and she is it girl. >> good morning. >> so it's the sequel but you're still kicking behind so to
8:32 am
speak. >> can you not say the a word? >> no i did. >> it's before 10:00 a.m. >> i wasn't sure. >> the first one was so brilliantly violent and just awesome. >> you know, it's just basically you take everything that was in the first movie and crank it up by 15,000% and you have longer fight sequences, bigger explosions. >> more super heros. more crazy costumes. >> but you're not super heros. you don't have super powers. >> exactly. more like a vigilante. >> how does it work? >> hopefully you don't die. >> you hop out in the uniform. >> how much of your own stunts do you do? >> a lot. >> as much as we possibly can,
8:33 am
you know? you're encouraged to do it as well so you can get the best performance out of it and why not. it's a good laugh. >> you were the villain. >> i am. >> you're pretty bad. >> it's a name we can't say on live tv. it's terrible. even before 10:00 a.m. >> any time. >> jim carrey, yeah. fantastic. he looked like the actual character from the comic book. he is incredible and does a fantastic character. >> well, the movie has quite a following. people are really looking forward to the sequel. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and "kick-ass 2." there i said it again. he would be our super hero because he has the chiselled good look. >> yeah. >> and good hair.
8:34 am
>> i'll get you with my hair. >> check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have starting with today. we're looking at wet weather on the southeastern coast. rain in the upper ohio river valley into new england. fabulous weather up and down the east coast. for tomorrow, we are looking into a sunny and warm weather into the northeast. new england down into the southeast. sunny and hot through the gulf coast. more rain in the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. sizzling in th
8:35 am
get that weather any time you need to on weather or cable. >> the interesting journey from iceland all the way to studio 1-a and he is still juggling. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back at 8:37. he was on vacation in iceland and he wanted to document his time. >> but instead of taking pictures he decided to do something out of the box. [ music playing ]
8:38 am
>> well, as you can imagine that video did go viral. close to 700,000 views and counting so we reached out to chris to join us. >> all right. we found him somewhere in hawaii. here he is juggling from the beaches of maui to studio 1-a. >> from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a if rockefeller plaza. [ music playing ]
8:39 am
>> and chris is juggling his way
8:40 am
right into our studio. he's still going. >> don't trip now. >> made it all the way. >> all the way from hawaii. >> good job. >> how was the trip? >> so cool. >> i was going to ask you do you ever drop the ball? occasionally. >> occasionally. >> how did you capture all of that. >> this is a go pro rig. it's a wide angled sports camera you can put on anywhere. they had head straps and chest straps and stuff like that. >> that's cool. >> this started when you were in iceland. you decided to do the video. were you shocked how popular it became? >> definitely. i was in europe on a trip on my own and i was on tour with the car and we had a couple of weeks off. >> with blue man group. >> yeah. we had an extra week and i decided to go to iceland and i wanted to find an interesting way to show my prefriends and family what it looked like out
8:41 am
there. how did you get into juggling? you were 12 was it to get rid of stage fright. >> yeah it was like that and we were on a family trip and the rv broke down and i learned to juggle in pit stops across america. >> is juggling hard work. you're a little bit out of breath. is it something that requires physical ability? >> i would say more mental than anything. for me what i like to do is a dance i guess. there's an element of making this physical manifestation of this thing you can bring to the table. some people have dance and i have juggling balls. >> how was the trip for you? we saw the sunrise and the cool places you hit along the way. >> it's a funny thing. it's a different way to travel. it's given me myself an excuse to put myself in situations i might not. wanting to see the world through
8:42 am
the juggling put me in situations that are awkward. >> it's what you see. >> totally. >> is it always the yellow balls? did you ever juggle anything else? >> good question. >> like pineapples? >> there's career juggling going on right now but it's stuck with these. these are my go tos. >> can you juggle? >> no. are you a great juggler? how technically good are you. >> can you do chainsaws? >> i've done turkey cutters. >> can i toss them in. >> toss them in. i got the camera, i'm set. >> what about the blue man group. do you do stuff with them? >> yeah, we just finished the tour and this has been a funny thing that's happened as a result of it. >> it's great. great to sight see with you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> keep on juggling.
8:43 am
appreciate it. >> totally; we'll turn from juggling to magic. the school teaching kids the tricks of the trade, but first this is "today" on nbc. >>
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back at 8:45. today's story comes from hollywood where bob found a real life harry potter and his friends in a magic school people pass by every day. it hides in plain sight. >> reporter: beneath this dusty light lies a magic castle jammed with tricks. like harry potter, kids come here to find wonder and pure joy. [ music playing ] >> reporter: to escape the
8:46 am
tightrope of childhood. twice a year teenagers are allowed to audition at this private club for professional magicians. try outs are never advertised at the magic castle but dozens of teens show up. only about one in three are accepted to a school where coins and cards can become best friends. tuition is bargain, just $45 a year. but monthly classes could last six hours. miss more than three they show you the door. 3,000 kids perfected their acts here. >> stumbling all over the place. >> kristen lambert was the youngest magician ever admitted. >> it was a dream come true walking into a castle where bookcases slide open and there's all kinds of trap doors and magic. >> for centuries magic was mainly an all boy's club. tricks were designed for right
8:47 am
handed men wearing baggy pants. the greats became wizards. the women were called something else. >> a witch. >> reporter: few women wanted to perform for a crowd carrying pitch forks. amazingly only about one in 200 students are girls. >> i'll count to three and you say the first word that enters your mind all right. >> 1, 2, 3. >> health. >> health. >> reporter: even today kristen is one of the few female magicians working full time. she thinks it's time women broke out of that straight jacket. >> where's the magic? >> reporter: this is a place for all of us who dream of being a little less awkward. >> i'll keep doing it until you like it. >> did you think it would be all about tricks. >> i thought it would be all about teaching magic but it's all about improving the magic
8:48 am
you teach yourself. >> diane zimmerman started the program back when most women served as decorations. >> we're not a school of magic. we're a school of life. >> where kristen learned an important lesson. >> it's not what goes wrong but how you fix it. >> you don't have it. >> magic makes the impossible, possible. >> oh, look under your chair right there, please. >> the difference between the world as it is. >> right there s that the 5 of hearts? >> and what she can make of it. for today, nbc news with an american story in hollywood. how many kids are asking their parents how can i get into that school? >> that's my son josh after reading harry potter. magic school. >> johnny carson was one of the great magicians. a lot of people used it to overcome being shy and boy i'll tell you, if you're good -- >> if you're a female and you're good it could be a booming new industry.
8:49 am
>> and if you can juggle. >> then you are set. any teen can try out at hollywood's magic castle. if you want more information get on our website. >> sorry al. >> teen. >> teen. >> a little late. >> exactly. >> coming up next, you can do this. simple ways to make classic fried rice but first this is "today" on nbc. the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh.
8:50 am
i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
8:51 am
this morning on you can do this, fried rice. you can order it but it's simple enough to make at home. he is here with a quick and easy recipe. good morning to you my friend. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> simplest thing ever. i do brown rice white rice combo. >> why? >> brown rice is better for you. if you do 50/50 soak the brown rice for an hour. >> so you do it rather than repurposing rice. >> if you have left over rice it's fantastic but if you use fresh rice and make it you better a better fried rice. you might think that's a lot of oil and it is but this is how you make the fluffy scrambled eggs. >> what if you don't have this here.
8:52 am
>> this is a wok which i love. you can make both the rice, we have a rice cooker like that. if you have it in a stock pot you can make fried rice with it too. >> once you mix the rice it's everywhere. >> is fried rice one of the recipes that you can throw anything in there or is it strict ingredients. >> no. >> i'm going to show you a couple of variations. >> are those eggs done? >> yeah thank you for noticing. >> this is a quick simple fried rice. if you could scoop out that for me, please. >> sure. put it right in there. >> yeah. there you go. keep going. a little touch of oil. give me three more of those and we're good. >> now we can add the eggs back. >> to your point, got to cook the eggs a little more. >> somehow that.
8:53 am
>> perfect. so here i'm trying to make a -- >> when does the big heaping thing of butter go in there. >> not today. >> not today. >> so this is healthy. >> it's very healthy. we'll add a little bit of soy sauce. just a touch. it shouldn't be brown, just lightly tan. this is done. the thing i love about using fresh price, see how fluffy it is? it's completely done. because it's hot rice it cooks so quickly. >> the rice is actually helping cook the egg and everything else. >> that egg is fully cooked now. so now we can place this up just like this. >> is fried rice always a side dish or is this the main meal. >> it's partially the main meal. the thing i like about fried rice is you put meat and stuff in it it becomes it's own entree. here we have fried rice so i'll give you this to try. >> there's nothing really overly flied about it.
8:54 am
>> there's no frying in fried rice for example. if you use the scallion fried rice as a base you can add stuff, chicken, sausage, pineapple and bell peppers. >> that's delicious. >> is that good? chicken sausage, ground pork or any meat. you can do something like this. shrimp fried rice. add poached shrimp. >> what is that? is it for everybody? >> if you like garlic and spicy. >> you chop it up? >> yeah, great color and spice. >> just in time. >> make sure your partner eats it too. if your partner doesn't eat it and you do -- that doesn't work so well. >> nice to see you. >> wow. >> i'll give you -- >> thank you. >> can we get a chop sticks lesson while we have you here.
8:55 am
>> okay. >> seriously. >> you didn't put soy sauce in here did you? >> just a little bit. >> i like the pineapple. you actually don't -- it's not rude to bring the bowl to your mouth. that's how you do it. >> this is going to change my life. >> it's impossible to pick up rice. >> basically you're shoveling. >> that's okay. we can do that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> expert advice for your pet problems but first your local news and weather.
8:56 am
>> announcer: you're watching today in the bay. time is running out on the contract talks between bart and its unions. if there's no deal in place by this time next monday, we could be dealing with a commute nightmare. negotiations stalled over employee pay raises. let's check the forecast with christina loren.
8:57 am
good morning, laura. we're looking good. you can see the clouds moving with the naked eye. other parts where the low clouds are completely socked in. 82 degrees today. 59 degrees at the coast. the good news is temperatures stay steady all the way through thursday. finally, we'll return to summer like norms friday into the upcoming weekend. hope you have a great day.zk% "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
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8:59 am
9:00 am
i love this song. >> hello, is this thing on? >> hello everyone. >> what are you reading? >> what is this called? >> i choose you. >> i saw them on jay leno doing a song. they were great. >> yeah. time flies when you're here carson daly. >> welcome, monday morning, july 29th, 2013. i'm al roker with natalie morales and carson daly. how is your marathon going so far? >> i blacked out somewhere around 7:17 this morning trying
9:01 am
to handle hard news sitting next to the great savannah guthrie who was so kind in the first couple of hours. you know this all too well. what a whirlwind around here. for me, doing hoda and hanging out with hoda and drinking is easy. >> sure. >> getting here early and doing the hard stuff, that's a whole other thing. >> you do the hard stuff. >> this kind of hard stuff. it's been great and i've been thrilled to be here. thank you for having me. >> always good to have you here. well, we have got a big story that we were talking about earlier today as you probably saw here othis show. savannah had an exclusive with the son of ariel castro. he's the man that held three women captive in his cleveland home for nearly a decade. he pleaded guilty to 937 counts including kidnapping rape and attempted murder. he was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years in prison. want to take a look at that incredible interview with his son anthony. here's what he had to say to
9:02 am
savannah. >> what did you think of the sentence your father got? did they get what he deserved? >> i think it's the best possible sentence. if he can't control his impulses and doesn't have any value for human life the way this case has shown then behind bars is where he belongs the rest of his life. have the same first and last name. i look in the mirror and i see the resemblance and i think about what he did and how horrible it was and i just can't help sometimes just being overcome with that. >> what an amazing interview. and such courage because i mean, he talked with savannah about how the last three months have been an nightmare for his family. just sad to see, he is such a nice young man and having to deal with the fact that, you know, he forever will live with that, what he father did to the three women. >> i like what he said about looking in the mirror, a lot of
9:03 am
people would feel guilty by association but him saying i have to look at myself in the mirror. that's my dna and that part of it is hard for me. >> when savannah asked him what do you have to say to your father? >> have nothing to say to my father. >> that's it. amazing. >> well, a little change of pace, carson, you had a busy weekend. >> yeah, we had the television critics association. >> you were there for the voice and everybody was talking about how saw many kristina looks. >> i have known her since she was 15 or 16. i have known her a long time. this is a photo from this weekend for those of you keeping track. it was almost like a time machine. it was 1999 all over again. listen, she takes a lot of hits in the public about her weight and has and deflected a lot but something happened in the last six months with christina. she really found herself. in the time she took off the show. she spent time with her son. they went to asia.
9:04 am
she just wanted to get back to eating right and working out and all of that has just culminated and just a new christina. she is incredible. on september 23rd at 8:00 on the voice you'll see the return of her. >> what's really sweek about shakira as well. she said thank god for her stepping in. >> but nobody says hey, cee lo, why don't you drop a few. >> yeah. >> i always talked about the fact i probably wouldn't have kept my job at the weight i was if i had been a woman. >> very few women overweight on tv. >> exactly. >> she looks good. no doubt about that. >> here's an interesting story. awe new study by stanford universitys school of medicine found that women evolved to want to be with men that made them laugh. >> they did a whole study on this again. >> what was it before? >> either you were good-looking
9:05 am
or investment banker. >> too funny. get him out of here. >> you're funny but you're also rich. women's use a man's ability to make them laugh as a way to judge his fitness as a partner and potential dad. she once asked why did you date my dad and she said well he made me laugh. he was funny and courtney said you think he's funny? >> every man is much more attack tif when they are funny. >> all chicks say that but they don't live up to that. >> it's true. >> you hear that a lot but at the bar it's remember i was making you laugh all night there. i want to get your number. you have to have it. we have a flight in from l.a. we had kids and we were delayed and there's times at that whole better for worse if you can just rely on that laughter with your mate it's a difference maker. >> just look in the media. the guys who make women laugh are not necessarily the best
9:06 am
looking. fred flinstone. he and wilma should not have been together. >> that's your example. >> barney. how did he end up with betty. she's twice as tall as him. >> maybe more contemporary i'm thinking kevin james, adam sandler. >> what if you're good-looking and funny. that's the ultimate. >> your triple threat. jim carrey, great looking good. >> there you go. >> are they the most desirable. >> i would think they are. john stewart, brilliant, funny. >> women are attracted to the mind behind the humor. >> smart. >> but sometimes the funny comes like that thick sense of humor that they can be depressed. >> natalie took a turn. >> there we go. >> sometimes those people have issues that you don't want to know about.
9:07 am
>> yeah, women have never known about that. guys can have issues. and this one i don't get. >> i love this idea. >> what is it? >> when you struggle to scrape out the last traces of peanut butter from the jar. well, look at this promotional video for a new project that went nuts online over the weekend. >> the peanut butter jar is messy, inefficient and wasteful. it's impossible to avoid peanut butter knuckles when extracting the substance from a nearly empty jar. jar with a twist solves all of these problems. it's designed like a deoderant jar. >> wow, that's attractive. >> it's not a real product yet. >> how about when you've got your knuckles down there it's just time to buy more peanut
9:08 am
butter. >> are you buying a 65 gallon drum that you can't get your arm in there. >> look at the size of that peanut butter jar. >> use a knife. >> i think it's brilliant. the guys that invented it hasn't patented it yet. >> if peanut butter were made of gold, really -- i mean -- >> it's peanut butter. there's plenty of it. >> tooth paste. like the last bit of toothpaste. well, women pay a lot for facial products and cosmetics and stuff. >> i'm going to put it in al's dressing room tomorrow. >> you notice i don't have any peanut butter on my knuckles. >> al, you have a family of squirrels following you. what's going on with your deoderant. >> i just want to show that here's a concept that you can actually -- >> do you need jelly to go on
9:09 am
that sandwich. >> this is like a shark tank product. >> or a waste of time. >> did we just ruin this guys. >> now you have your hand all the way up -- it's like you're doing a peanut butter puppet. >> okay. al, let's get a little check of the weather. >> that's going to spill by the way. >> i know. i was getting ready. i have jelly all over my hands. >> see, it's much better than a conventional jar. let's see, we have tropical storm flossie. 50 miles per hour, moving west. not going to do much. maybe showers and high winds and high waves but that's the worst that's going to happen. that blows through early tuesday morning and rest of the country we are looking at strong storms from kansas into oklahoma. >> i have jelly all over my hands now.
9:10 am
9:09 on a back-to-work monday. the fog is the reason why. the natural ac coming off the pacific. look at some of these numbers for the 29th day of july. highly unusual to cee lo 80s in places like livermore. in concord, 70 degrees. fremont, 58 degrees. that requires a jacket most likely throughout the day in san francisco. getting into the rest of the week, temperatures stay steady. then we'll start to climb friday and saturday. now you need a wipe system? >> yeah. >> okay. natalie says maybe they could get a wipe system. it's for a jar of peanut butter and jelly. >> my hands are gross now. >> oh, that's a great product. >> i think it's got a market. >> coming up. >> yeah. sandwiches have been ruined. >> what had everyone running to their computers this weekend? we'll tell you about the hottest google searches coming up right after this. i started a week ago going pro with crest pro-health.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
while many of you were out having fun this weekend a lot of you were hitting the computers checking out hot topics. >> what did everyone want to know over the weekend? well, daniel is here to break it down. good morning. >> so these are trending searches. the pulse of the internet and the first one is amanda berry who is one of the three women released from captivity in cleveland. she made her first public appearance at a nelly concert over the weekend. she was out on stage to a cheering crowd. nelly dedicated the song to her. she came out on stage. she didn't say anything. it was a local radio d.j. that
9:15 am
encouraged her to make up for lost time in a sense. we know the tragic story she went through but she had a great time at the concert. >> ariel castro was sentenced on friday. he pleaded guilty. >> it was after that. >> this is a bittersweet story. sam simon. >> everyone knows matt one of the cocreators of the simpsons and the other guy was simmons. he was been diagnosed with cancer. he is going to donate his fortune to animal shelters. he is facing this rather awful end to his life but decided to take his wealth and donate it. >> what an incredible man. >> madonna also was trending. there's an anniversary behind this. >> it's probably hard to believe that over the weekend we marked the 30th anniversary since her self-titled debut album.
9:16 am
>> i feel so old because i grew up on that album. >> lucky star. >> everybody. >> everybody. she is quoted as saying when she first heard everybody on that box it was an amazing feeling and her career continued since then. >> it's a typical thing for anniversary type things you'll see more attraction. >> yeah. people are curious to know what she is doing now. she is working on a movie that's coming up. she was on tour last week. >> whatever happened to that madonna. >> yeah, 1983. where is she now? >> in fact, a new video version of everybody or something like that? >> yeah, she is always trying to find ways to reinvent herself which is great. >> all right. danica mckellar. we all know her as winnie and the reason she was being searched this weekend. >> she is also a math whiz.
9:17 am
she is in a new avril lavinge video. >> is this how she dresses in normal life? >> in this new video. she's in that and people want to see what she looks like. >> nicki minaj. he went on tv and recently preposed to nicki. >> have they dated? they have a working relationship. >> for real or like an mtv thing which we never believe anything. >> that's for real. >> there's a lot of folks commenting on how earnest he seemed to be and it was an emotional proposal. >> what did she say? >> she posted a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt that said love and he posted a picture that said beautiful so no one is sure. >> if it wasn't a yes, maybe it's a no. >> that means can we just be
9:18 am
friends. >> how about doing it in person. >> well, there's always that. maybe he'll try it again. hard to say but a lot of people were curious to see what she was going to say. >> i didn't know him until i just saw that. >> yeah, he's a prolific d.j. in the business but of all the people that would have proposed you might have picked someone else. guys she might be linked to or whatever. >> not to be confused with linkedin. >> yeah. >> i didn't mean to bring that up. all the news you need before you head out the door. more of this continues right after this and also later, the ♪ [ female announcer ] what if breakfast was set free? ♪ where might it take you? ♪ where might you go? ♪ introducing kellogg's® to go. ♪
9:19 am
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9:22 am
have that reparative layer of protection against sensitivity. i think it gets right at the heart of their sensitivity issue. i absolutely think dentists are going to want to recommend sensodyne repair and protect. well, it could be tough to get a burger today. fast food workers in seven cities including new york and chicago are staging a one day protest to call for wages of $15 an hour. that is more than double the federal minimum wage. representatives say most of the restaurants operate on slim profit margins making it impossible to hike wages. >> bad news for commuters and
9:23 am
travellers. gas prices continue to soar. prices have risen 8 cents per gallon the past week. the average is 17% higher than this time last year. it's linked to retailers passing along hikes to drivers. amazon says it is adding 7,000 jobs in 13 states beefing up staff at the ware houses and in the customer service division. it will add jobs at the distribution centers to meet customer demand. the world's largest online retailer said it lost money in the second quarter. a movie about a comic book super hero clawed it's way into the top spot over the weekend. the wolverine pulled in $55 million after one week at the top, the conjuring falls back to number two with a little over $22 million and despicable me 2 was third. a wisconsin woman is looking for help tracking down a very special quilt she made for the
9:24 am
widow of an army sergeant killed in afghanistan. she made the quilt using clothing and photos from the late sergeant daniel frazier. she failed it to frazier's wife brittney in florida but it never arrived. both women are praying it will show up somewhere. >> and the royal baby is better earning his keep. a new tourism ad features little prince george in his public debut along with his parents, prince william and kate, it promotes britain as a family friendly destination. >> i know it as just a friendly destination after being there for so many days. >> i still smell like peanut butter. >> do we get to see the baby. >> do you want to go see the baby? >> you got to see the baby. >> yes, i did. >> you did. >> that's fantastic. >> coming up, taking care of all of those problems in the dog days of summer when we ask the vet. >> and beat the heat with no
9:25 am
cook cooking after your local news and weather. young women are sacrificing so much today not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color for the perfect wave? i mean surf's up. stop with the sacrificing, start here. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, and dude twice the protein and 80 calories. tastes satisfying right? it's awesome. hey, you wanna go surfing? light & fit greek! ♪ dannon! oh! something bit me! and after 1 wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of total effects, and many birthdays, still looks amazing. now add a boost with new olay moisturizer plus serum. that's a flavor cannon about to blast breakfast with deliciousness. fire! prepare yourself for an icing barrage... ...and the shockwave of filling flavor. pillsbury toaster strudel.
9:26 am
[ whisper ] breakfast goes boom. >> two alarm fire at a day spa in mill valley. fire broke out at the evo spa in the shopping center. they believe it started in the spa's laundry room. it caused $50,000 worth of damage. the spa and a sushi restaurant will be closed today because of that fire. the faa is taking action in the wake of the deadly as si anna plane crash at sfo. construction has made glide scopes unavailable on two of the airport's main runways until late next month. the man accused of beating and killing another man inside
9:27 am
the great mall shopping center will be in court today. nathaniel maladgen is expected to enter a plea this morning. police say surveillance video of su men entering the sports authority on june 7th, at some point they separated and one man got a baseball bat and he beat and killed another man. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
taking a live look high atop san bruno mountain. you can make out a little bit of blue between the clouds. they are starting to break apart. you can see where they're concentrated along the north bay and along the coast line. as you head through the day we'll see a comfortable day. july standards bring us more towards 90 degrees. 74 in san jose and a cool day shaping up at the coast. 59 degrees in san francisco. getting into the next couple of
9:29 am
days, temperatures stay steady. by the end of the week, we'll climb right back up to average. let's check that drive. it's been a little heavy this morning. >> it has been in spots. the bay bridge toll plaza has not. we'll look at speeds. very tough. hercules down to the maze. things bottled up between san pablo. never recovered down the east shore freeway. we are pea looking at slower speeds for the try valley west. it's causing a big slowdown. getting a lot easier through sanoa. back to you. thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then. yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition.
9:30 am
try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. welcome back to today on a monday morning, july 29th, 2013. i'm al roker with natalie morales and carson daly who is filling in for willie. coming up, the real deal when it comes to your health. every day there's a new survey, too much coffee, too little sleep. which rules should you follow? >> too much peanut butter. >> natalie and i will be put to the test. >> and good health when it comes to your pets. does your dog have separation anxiety when you're away. >> yeah. >> well, the vet is back to answer your questions. >> if you can't stand the heat, go into the kitchen. we have three light and easy
9:31 am
dishes that require no cooking what so ever. keep you cool for summer. that's the worst thing is to walk into a hot kitchen in the middle of the hot sun. do you have a check of the weather for us? >> let's show you what we've got. beautiful day in the northeast. the showers moved away. we're watching tropical storm flossie 160 miles east of hilo and as you see for today, strong storms poking their way into oklahoma and kansas. beautiful in san diego today. temperature about 73 degrees. 76 in seattle. tomorrow we've got beautiful weather up and down the east coast and the wes 9:31. taking a live look at san jose. a little hazy here. beautiful day shaping up. 75 degrees. hard to believe but the reason why, cool conditions coming off the pacific. temperatures are going to be comfortable. 69 degrees in fremont.
9:32 am
74 degrees in santa theresa. 79 degrees in gilroy. as we head throughout the remainder of thec week. if you like cooler weather, it continues all the way through thursday. that's your latest weather. thank you. are you already on the second cup of coffee? maybe three or four? do you plan on hitting the gym after work today? when it comes to your health there's a lot of mixed advice. they gave us this seconds ago. i don't even know what this is. >> i don't either. >> can you pick mine up from down there. >> sure. hold on. i'm already down there. >> here to separate facts from fiction. >> i bet this looked good on paper. >> to put us to the test is amy the editor for better homes and gardens and steven lamb. good morning guys, you'll put us to the test. >> we're going to put you to the test. you get some exercise doing the test. >> okay. the first question is true or false, you must always go to
9:33 am
sleep and wake up at the same time every day? >> false. >> you're right. it's false. >> am i supposed to put that up there. >> i was going to put false down. >> it can help regulate your sleep cycles but if you stayed out late one night your body does benefit from sleeping in a couple of minutes the next day. >> sleep is as important as food and water. you can catch up for a few hours. don't sleep until 1:00 on the weekends. but a few hours not a bad idea. >> you can't make up for lost sleep either, right? >> just a little bit. you can bank a few hours. the best thing to do is take a small nap. 20 minutes or 25 minutes. very helpful. >> okay. next question. >> next question is, you should workout every day? >> natalie you got it. >> what's workout?
9:34 am
>> one city found that women that worked out twice a week got just as fit and lost almost as much body fat as women that workout six times a week. you should focus on making your every day life more active. the people that worked out six days a week were too tired to walk the extra mile to the super market. >> exercise is medicine and you need to incorporate it every day however most people over estimate how much they exercise and under estimate how much they eat. it's the intensity of the exercise. even the four minute workouts, especially if you incorporate muscle building -- it's not every. >> i consider it working out. >> the challenge is to get active in your every day lives. >> there's also a difference between fitness and fatness. for fitness you need intense workouts and for fatness you probably do need lengthy workouts more regularly. >> your body needs recovery too.
9:35 am
>> if you can't workout, walk farther. don't be too hard on yourself if you can't get that hour on the treadmill every day. >> i'm too hard on myself. >> interval. >> you're really good. next, true or false eating something sweet at breakfast can help stop you from overeating for the rest of the day. >> we're going on the false again. >> actually, it's true. a research found that people that ate something sweet at breakfast, not a doughnut. >> pancakes or syrup? >> making something nutritious like strawberry dipped in dark chocolate. dark chocolate chips and vanilla yogurt or fruit. people had less cravings during the day. they felt they didn't need to get that mix. >> i have to say, this is an interesting study. i have trouble with this study. however it's very possible that a small amount of sweet with a protein probably does effect
9:36 am
certain hormones. >> a little bit. >> it would be hard to say to somebody just have a sugar breakfast. >> okay our next thing. >> you should limit yourself to one to two cups of coffee a day. >> i have no idea. >> i'm going to go with true. >> al, you got it. it's also. don't feel guilty for your second or third or fourth cup of coffee. >> if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger and slimmer, smarter and actually 50% lower risk of suicide in people that drink more than three or four cup of coffee a day. >> one glass of wine a day can be okay? >> i know natalie's answer to that. >> everybody knows wine is loaded with antioxidants and it can help prevent, lower your risk of various diseases. >> she did say glass. >> not one bottle? >> what they mean is 5 ounces which is way less than most
9:37 am
bartenders pour you. >> i agree. >> we is v two bottles of wine here. >> maple syrup. >> nice. >> women have to be more careful because of the risk of breast cancer. and they're sensitive they can only have one glass. men can have two. but alcohol can be major. >> i'll keep the syrup and you can keep the wine. >> i'll take the bottle. thanks so much. let's go party. coming up next, is your dog refusing to eat? we'll help you put an end to that and tac
9:38 am
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9:41 am
made with the same ingredients you find in your kitchen. they're simply scrumptious. and oh-so-uncommonly good. . well, is your aging pet refusing to eat or does your dog scratch your furniture as you walk out the door? >> my dad does all of that. >> i'm sure he appreciated that. >> whether it's separation anxiety or fleas and ticks it's time to ask the vet. good morning to you both. >> we like to call him brett the vet now. >> that's great. >> we're dealing with three important topics. let's talk about fleas and ticks. you live in the country and your dogs are exposed to fleas and ticks all year round. >> we can end up becoming exposed. it's a very serious problem and very important problem to treat right away. >> absolutely. >> what do we do? >> anyone that owns a dog or a cat, they know that the scratching and itching is terrible for them and terrible
9:42 am
for us and we want to be able to help them with that. the first thing we can do is identify they do have fleas and ticks and stacy has had a problem with murphy in the past. we'll demonstrate how to look for them. fleas like to hang out in the back end of the dog. >> the tail? >> the base of the tail. >> that's where he is straching and biting anyway. >> absolutely. if you look where he is scratching. >> i'm going to come around here and stacy's going to demonstrate here. take a look under neither the fur. they're going to be tiny. no bigger than the size of the head of the pen. >> are fleas and tickers the same size or are ticks bigger. >> ticks get bigger as they have more blood. >> good morning. >> you'll see the flee droppings. let's tack at that.
9:43 am
>> it's easier to find them on light colored dogs. >> what about using, front line treatment or flea remedy? >> i do. there's other products fantastic like this. it targets multiple stages of the flea's life. you're not just killing athe adults. you're attacking the babies. >> what do you do if you see the fleas during the inspection. >> after applying the solution, why don't we demonstrate how to do that. >> just click the top. >> take the top off. >> with ticks it's different. those you're using the tweeters. >> if you notice ticks take them off with a set of tweezers and be careful that you don't leave part of the head in there. >> are you grabbing one right now. >> no, fortunately he is parasite free. >> good acting right there.
9:44 am
>> you should probably wear gloves because this is very strong medicine. >> you can't want your kids to pet him afterward. >> no. the next thing, this is nutrition for older dogs and molly is here, molly is one of ours from the "today" show along with her dog bailey. bail bailey doesn't seat much anymore. >> well, dogs stop eating for a number of reason, we want to see if there an underlying medical problem. as is common his kidneys aren't as strong as when he was younger so we treated that and now it's a matter of getting him to eat again. >> do you try variances of foods. >> different types of food. >> make fried rice. >> fried rice, very bad carson. >> sorry. all right. trying to plug my friend ming. i'm sorry. >> there's a number overthe
9:45 am
counter diets. >> you said people foods. >> if you consult with your nutritionists. >> you have to eat buddy. look at that. >> what do you need buddy? a little something. there you go. >> okay. you can see this is a well balanced meal. it has a protein and starch and vegetables and we put vitamin mineral mix in there. >> you don't need to give it a lot of flavor because they don't need salt and stuff like that. >> let's move on to petey. >> i leave sometimes and she bites the window. >> separation anxiety but mine also have visitor anxiety. >> is that something you enabled? how did that happen. >> the thing we have to remember about separation anxiety is it's not a dog being bad. it's not a disobedience problem
9:46 am
it's an anxiety problem. dogs are naturally pack animals and they like to be with their guardians and their family so some dogs will do destructive behaviors. >> you should see them at home. >> well, the rule of thumb is take your dog with you to london or -- >> i know. he has been to obedience school and is well trained. >> thank you guys very much. we appreciate it. up next a three course summertime meal and the best ♪ ♪ use your debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our everyday low prices.
9:47 am
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♪ i'm a big kid now... ♪ ♪ at night! . when it comes to cooking in the summer the last thing you want to do in the hot summer is turn on the stove. >> so kelsey came up with three no heat no cook recipes to help you keep your cool. good to see you. >> thank you these are delicious, and easy and no oven required. >> perfect. >> we have this amazing tomato and peach salad we'll dress up. we have a quarter cup of fresh basal leaves. then i have a chal lot in there. away we go and you have a booufl basil vinegarette. >> it's so simple. >> and you know what's in it.
9:51 am
>> exactly. this is a basil vinegarette going over the top and then crumbled feta as well. >> you don't have to turn on a stove for that. >> what guest won't be impressed with that? >> i'm impressed. all right. great as an appetizer. very impressive. >> look how skinny she is now. >> amazing. >> oh gosh. this is a green godess spread. >> let me see that. >> do you want that. >> it's not done yet. >> look at this, great crab meet. >> i like to eat before they go to break. >> go crazy. but this is great for a party and great for entertaining. you can have a couple of these for a weeknight meal. >> you're done and then for dessert. >> the finale. it's the only cake you don't bake in the oven. >> it's old school.
9:52 am
>> old school retro, it's peanut butter which we're all fans of here today, freshed whipped cream. >> what's the caky part? >> it's the chocolate cookies you layer in between. you pop it in the refrigerator or freezer overnight and you have a delicious icebox cake. >> my grandmother used to make the icebox cake. >> go crazy al. >> we'll share. >> it's really good. >> i want one of these because they're just that delicious. >> these are just three examples but there's a lot of things you can do without the stove, the oven. >> absolutely. who wants to turn the oven on in the summer anyways. >> it's amazing. >> when does she start on the voice. >> september 23rd. >> we'll get that in whenever we can. >> we'll be back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. [ dad ] ah! lilly.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
your kids would love this, wouldn't they? >> this is good. i love that. >> good, though. >> coming up next, we have kathie lee and hoda. >> plus all your hollywood gossip in today's buzz. >> and easy ways to clean up your clutter. but first, your local news and weather. >> boom. >> hoda
9:56 am
>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. 9:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a settlement has been awarded to a palo alto woman whose home and business was destroyed in a plane crash. she ran a day care settlement out of her home.
9:57 am
she got a settlement from tesla motors for rm.unspecified damag. a cessna crashed into a neighborhood destroying several homes. san jose police officer recovering this morning after a chase and crash sent him to the hospital. on saturday night the officer spotted a wanted man driving near 11th and east santa klara street downtown. at some point during the pursuit both cars jumped the curve and the police officer crashed into a tree. the suspect ran off. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> yes, weyu have some cool weather to look forward to this week. not too hot. typically the hottest point of the year. not the case. we have a cooldown headed our way. temperatures on the coast in the 50s and 60s. we'll see the 70s and 80s. forecasting a high of 45 dye grease degrees. not hitting the 80s in concord.
9:58 am
leveling off through thursday warming you up into the weekend. let's check the drive. >> today's my day for weather, my favorite kind. not everybody's day as far as traffic goes. 880 southbound through fremont. not very fast passing the truck scales. this is a typical pattern. still slow. late slowing down from dakota road into melpedes. late build coming through west 560 and livermore. the lanes are at least. the traffic backup will have to clear. the east shore freeway much better than it has been all morning. slow out of richmond into berkeley. we'll have another local news update for you in a half an hour. hope you have a great morning. ♪
9:59 am
[ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! it's fun day monday, it's july 29th. >> look who's back. >> i know, they kicked me out of italy. a great vacation, just you and your daughter. >> all we've ever done before is taken walks. if you're not getting along, it's over in half an hour. cass and i have big birthdays
10:01 am
coming up. hers is this friday, she's turning 20. i can't believe it. there we are sitting in one of the most beautiful places in the world. >> where is that? >> lake como. went looking for george clooney. >> does he have a place right on the lake? >> i've never been. italy is one of my favorite places in the world. there's george's house. yes, didn't even invite us over. i mean, how rude. >> did you see him? >> we did not. i thought he was not there until the last day and we discovered he had been there our first night we arrived but he was -- you want to be outside in italy. he was in an inside restaurant called the grill. >> does everyone talk about where he is? >> yeah. apparently, he's just beloved and everyone adores him. i went to california first i did kris jenner, co-hosted with her, her new talk show. i was out walking with a good
10:02 am
friend, kriszy, and all of a sudden we're in this neighborhood where regis and joy used to live. joy, where's the house you used to live in, the one you love so much? she gives me the address. next thing we know, i want you to go up to the house and ring the doorbell. if somebody answers, i want you to tell them i used to live there and see what happens. honestly, i go to the door, he and his dog roxy, really, really nice guy. don't ask me about my fanny pack. i don't want to talk about it. don't ask me about those drawers i'm wearing. i also don't want to discuss those. but he was the sweetest guy. he says, i know, regis used to live here. we did the whole thing. that night i take the red eye back. the red eye from l.a. to new
10:03 am
york. >> because i'm taking the red eye that night to milan with cassidy. >> you did two red eyes back to back? that's sick. >> anything you hear about what happened with me at lake como, i was not myself during those days, okay? i am not responsible, hoda. i don't know what happened. i've never been so out of it in my life. >> you're delirious. one red eye will kill you. >> i was nine time zones. cassie says, mom, the first two days. you went up to the concierge. we wanted to take a boat trip. lago means lake. i said we're going to take the lago. cassie is looking at me. concierge is looking at me. i don't know what i said. i don't know what i did. i might have gotten weird. and a little naked. one thing she did talk me into -- >> did you wear your bathing suit? >> if there are pictures, please, please -- >> you wore a bathing suit? >> i don't know how cassidy did it. there's a pool there. hoda, you would have loved it. it's a floating pool -- there i am.
10:04 am
darn. i just didn't want that to be seen. >> it was a floating pool? >> there's a floating pool in the lake! i didn't realize how gorgeous lake como is. it's got the most dramatic -- you take a -- you go on the lago in a boat. look at it. you go -- >> you've got to be kidding me. >> crisscrossing back and forth this gorgeous lake up to bellagio where we made a little toast to you, hoda woman. i tell you, i've never been before. frank and i have been trying to get there for 27 years. >> you get why. >> you get why george wants to live there. anyway, i missed you. i heard you had a great week with our pal. >> fun with carson. carson was on. he just did the seven. >> carson is getting very, very popular around here. >> dean cain for the last two days. >> wasn't anthony weiner available? why did you have to have those guys? come on. >> anthony weiner! i can't believe -- first of all,
10:05 am
can you believe that he's still in the race after all of this? there's, like, a constant pounding from everybody on all sides. and he is still in the race. >> that's either confidence, self-confidence or incredible hubris. i don't know. >> did anyone care about that in italy? do they talk about sex scandals over there? >> there is the prime minister berlusconi. but nobody was mentioning him. it was all weiner pretty much. you can get cnn. you can get fox news. pretty much weinerville the entire time. which is weird. which is surreal when you're in this amazing place and the hills are alive with the sound of -- i know -- you know what i mean. all of a sudden you come into your hotel room. >> turn it on and there's anthony. i don't know if he'll back out of the race. it just seems to me when you have, like, the top democrats in the party saying it's over, pack it up. and i think the feel -- >> because they want him, because they're afraid he might actually pull this off, or do you think there's any chance?
10:06 am
>> i don't think so. people are confronting him now at campaign events. voters are saying, like, if i had done what you did, i would be out of a job. i mean, they're going -- >> was it axelrod, david axelrod who basically said americans believe in second chances but not thirds. >> yeah. >> i did actually see the interview with huma. his wife. long suffering does not quite cover it. what i didn't like, he walked out to that just barreled out in front of her. >> up to the podium, you mean? yeah, yeah. that was weird. there was very little eye contact. there was very little anything. no eye contact. even when she was saying things about him. he was looking down. she was not looking up at him. it was very unusual. >> i dated a guy years ago whose last name was spelled like that but he pronounced it winer. it's not too late. just change the pronunciation. >> to winer. >> to winer. >> it was a gorgeous day
10:07 am
yesterday in new york. it was a great weekend. saturday was a good day. you could go to the beach or whatever. so i went to -- with a friend to the yankees game. >> good! hodie has a friend. >> anywho, this is what's great about the yankees game. if you ever come to new york and you get on the "d" train from manhattan you can be at yankee stadium -- >> it's the only way to go. the traffic's horrendous otherwise. >> we end up getting tickets there. we are up in the nosebleeds. we didn't have tickets. we were going to go to scalpers. we decided not to break the law and buy them at the window. that's where you get the crummy seats. we're sitting there. we're enjoying the game. there it is in front of us. can't even see anything. can't see the players. but we're having fun. then we got two ice cold drinks. we put them in the armrests in front of us. they have those little cup holders. and as -- there was a guy in front who was dripping wet, soaking wet. which is fine. it's hot.
10:08 am
he has his arm around his girl. and his armpit is in my coke. and i literally was, like, staring at it. you know when you're like, wow, am i going in there or not? i couldn't decide -- it was just there. i thought, oh, my god. then you feel like it's over. i'm not even interested in it. that was that. that's what i had to deal with. >> i've been gone a week and you've got a story about a guy's armpit in your coke? >> yes. that's all i've got. let's talk about the nice guy. we have to talk about this guy. >> this guy is adorable. >> he was playing in the canadian golf open. right? his wife's pregnant. and she's a month away from being due. and he was on the links. he's leading. it's a million dollar prize. >> hunter mahan is his name. there he is. >> he's getting ready to play. he's playing. he's doing really well. all of a sudden his caddie walks over to him because the phone rings. on the phone is his wife. saying, honey, i'm in labor. so what he does is, because he's
10:09 am
a great husband. >> nice guy of the week. >> he packed it up. he was out in front. he got out of there. he flew home. he didn't get the million dollar prize, but he -- >> he got much better. his little girl zoey olivia born 3:26 sunday morning. that is great. >> it's sweet. a lot of guys wouldn't. frank never missed a game. let's put it that way. you know what i'm saying? we got married on a saturday. he was at monday night football that monday. okay? okay. all right. so we haven't done everyone has a story in a while, hoda. >> let's just take a moment. ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> our winner today is howard romanoff. on the phone from armonk, new york. a little bit about howard always a very healthy guy. never smoked. was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2007. after years of struggling to
10:10 am
breathe, placed on the waiting list for a life saving double lung transplant. he got his lungs in 2011. right here in new york city. so he's going to be with us here on thursday and talk about how important organ donation is. >> that's great. >> he's on the phone right now, i think. he wants to tell us all to pay it forward. are you there? >> hey. >> good morning. >> how are you? you started a new program called share life, right, howard? >> yes. my wife and myself, yes. >> how are you feeling, buddy? doing well? >> i'm doing really well. >> we cannot wait for you to get on that train or bus or however -- >> get on the "d" train. you'll be here in no time. >> see you thursday. >> look forward to it. >> god bless. >> what's your favorite thing. >> my favorite thing is something i got -- first of all the food in italy is my favorite thing. lake como is my favorite thing. the clothes. >> did you buy some stuff? >> for five euros. cass thankfully doesn't like to go into all the really big, big
10:11 am
-- those little bazaars and stuff. but i found a lipstick that i love. dolce and gabana -- this is the lipstick. honey. and then here is the -- >> the gloss. >> the gloss. it's just like the perfect combination. yes, yes, yes. >> here's mine real quick. this is a pillow. and they said -- sometimes you see a pillow and go that's a great quote. it should be on a pillow. they have a company that does that. they sent us this one. i'd rather be in poughkeepsie. you can go to and you can get anything you want on your pillow for 65 bucks. >> someone sent that to you, hodie. >> yep. they sent it to us. you have one, too. it's in my office. >> my favorite thing is my nephew austin. my favorite person in the whole world. his first trip to new york city. he kind of made me appreciate it in a new way. we were at the yankees game, too. >> saturday or sunday? >> saturday. >> we were, too. >> were you way up? >> we were in the bleachers. >> that's where i was. >> did anybody have his armpit
10:12 am
in your coke? >> that might have been austin's armpit. i'm not sure. >> welcome, austin. he's a sweetheart. everybody in that family is beautiful. >> i know. you have a gorgeous family. >> thank you. >> we are about to dial up our fan of the week. don't walk away. because it could be you. but probably not. >> plus, all the celebrity gossip you probably missed while you were out and about this weekend. we're letting michelle beadle back in? >> i heard she's a little under the weather. >> that's why i saw the ladies down there. >> we're going to talk to an incredibly talented man. james olmos. a part in a brand-new movie. we'll talk to him after these messages. a part and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members
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10:15 am
that's really good. could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] we're here to help. coul♪ i get another one of those, actually? thank you. let busy treats entertain your dog with playful shapes, long lasting layers, savory flavors, and mesmerizing textures. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats. for 30 years -- >> yes. >> how many? >> 30, hode. go ahead, baby. hoda thinks i'm out of practice and can't read anymore. edward james olmos has brought to life memorable characters
10:16 am
starting with the no nonsense police lieutenant martin castillo in the '80s tv series "miami vice." >> then his oscar nominated performance as an inspiring math teacher in the film "stand and deliver." still a huge success today. >> now the good guy turns bad. very, very bad. playing a drug kingpin opposite denzel washington with gold teeth and mark wahlberg in the new universal film "2 guns." take a look. and hold on to your horses. >> cash. >> cash? >> tell the little dodo we're not taking on any new customers. >> no disrespect. i ain't no new customer. you've been dealing with me for a long time. >> keep the passports. keep the money, too. when you're ready to give me the product, give me the product. until then, you owe me. >> yes. it's nice to see you. >> how are you?
10:17 am
>> it's been a long, long time. >> thank you. >> he has had many, many careers. what i love so much about your story, edward, how much you have just -- it really didn't matter what you were doing, did it? it was just the passion that you brought to each thing that kryo did along the way. >> i was very fortunate. i enjoyed the stories i was doing. >> this one is really interesting. there's a lot of shall we say double crossing going on. >> nobody's what they seem to be. is that what appealed to you or just the idea of working with denzel. >> you guys have seen it. i haven't. i'm going to the premiere tonight. >> you're darn good in it. you rocked. >> all i can tell you the story itself off of the script was very, very strong. it's funny. it's humorous like "lethal weapon." >> it's also very graphic. what really troubles me about the whole thing it probably a lot of it could be true. in light of what we heard about fast and furious this past year. all the drama that takes place on the border there. nobody is what they seem to be. >> right. i play the drug dealer.
10:18 am
and i'm the best guy in the movie. >> he's the good guy. the chemistry on the set, too. you'll see it, i guess, when you're there. they've got a great vibe. they look like they've worked together for -- mark wahlberg and denzel. >> they're great. they're both great guys. >> did you have -- >> what happened, which is really great, the scene that happens in the garage. >> mm-hmm. >> was the first scene that i shot. and sitting in the chair. that was the first scene that they did together. they had been doing other stuff. and then they did that one. >> what's that like? you got to be darn good at your craft to be able to just suspend -- just jump in, right, feet first? >> yeah. i think that's the art form. i think that's where you get into the situation, you play it moment to moment. those guys were just spectacular. from -- i mean, there was a lot of -- at the very beginning there was a lot of play between the both of them. i was very impressed by it. >> there's a lot of physicality
10:19 am
in the movie. >> yeah. >> you're diving all over the place and getting banged up. >> a lot of bullets flying and that sort of thing. >> there's a lot of reality in it. because of the fact, like you said, after fast and furious, we really have learned an awful lot. you know, the situation with the irs. the banking systems of america. you get into a whole situation of understanding that the good guys are not always the good guys. >> mm-hmm. >> but they're always the good guys. because they're the good guys. so you're confused, you know. >> we know that you are one of the good guys. >> you are. >> he used to speak 150 times a year trying to help young people feel good about themselves. got to run. pleasure. thanks for coming to us. this movie opens in a theater near you starting friday. paula patton and bill paxton are going to -- he's scary in this thing. >> going to be there next week. >> very sexy. who's our most loyal viewer? we're about to dial up our fan of the week. >> we've got a great surprise in store for that person. [ mom ] why do i do my back to school shopping at jcpenney?
10:20 am
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10:23 am
it is monday which means we get to surprise our fan of the week. >> okay. who's it going to be, sara? >> drum roll. i know you love this part. our winner this week is teresa kerry. she watches on wstm nbc 3 in ithaca, new york. we have teresa on the phone, i think. how you doing, teresa? >> hello! >> are you excited? >> i am so excited. i can't stop shaking. >> before we tell you what you've won, let's tell everyone why you're our fan of the week. from fun-day monday to try-day, friday, teresa depends on the ladies to help her get through the week. her favorite part of the show is what the what? because it pushes her through the halfway point of each week. >> are you sure, teresa? >> teresa said she even stole her mom's aarp magazine just to read your article.
10:24 am
she also loves hoda's play list and kathie lee's reaction. >> that baby is precious. >> her baby p.j. loves kathie lee's music. >> of course he does. >> look at the headphones. >> are you ready to hear where you're headed? >> i am. >> okay. pack your flip-flops and sin screen. you and a guest will be heading off to miami, florida. >> take p.j.! >> you won a four day, three night stay at the beautiful edon rock miami beach. a spa treatment at the resort's el spa. private sun deck. all this fun stuff. hotel and air fare accommodations provided by eden rock miami beach. a great getaway for a hard working mom. >> i stayed at that hotel before when i was a little girl with my family. it's been redone since the 1800s. >> teresa, we're excited for you. >> have fun, sweetie. thanks for all your support. >> congratulations. >> if you want to be our fan of the week go to
10:25 am
>> we're going to catch you up on the hollywood buzz you missed this weekend. >> then get out those trash bags. we're going to help you clear out all that sara wants to save on lunch. what if switching from fast-food could save you over $470.00 bucks a year. that would be awesome! let me show you something. ok. walmart has a bunch of tasty lunches. i see. ok this one is less than $1.50 per serving. i like that. yeah. if you switched out fast-food lunches just twice a week you know you can save over $470.00 bucks a year. $470.00 bucks! yeah, that's more cheese in your pocket. save on hot pockets sandwiches, backed by the low price guarantee. walmart. big-eye glam is here! new falsies big eyes from maybelline new york. our first mascara with customized upper and lower brushes to amplify lashes a full 360! the big difference? our custom upper brush volumizes... corner to corner! and our unique micro-brush magnifies every lower lash... edge-to-edge! for full-360 big-eye glam! maybelline's new falsies big eyes mascara.
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10:27 am
in the spa's laundry room. the fire caused $50,000 in damage. the spa as well as a sushi restaurant next door will be closed today because of that fire. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic right after this break. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the 2, 3, even 4 services you want to build the bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now! choose a u-verse triple play bundle for just $79 a month, our new low price. get the same great price for 2 years. plus, switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to your wireless gateway and save on smartphone and tablet data usage at home. with u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once with a total home dvr
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10:29 am
we'll tell you exactly how long it will last today at 11:00. first let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. it's slow. as you take the full screen, away from us is a crew of sweepers. that's what caused the jam at the coliseum. the north way is fine. the red zone heading south towards the coliseum toward heyward. towards san mateo we have slowing down. the san mateo bridge is just fine. back to you. thank you very much. the giants will be welcomed at the white house this morning. president obama will welcome the 2012 world series chance at 11:15. today is an off day before they start a three-game series in philadelphia. we'll show you that ceremony live in half an hour at 11:00 this morning. in the meantime, mike, you have special guests in the studio. >> hi. these are my friends from an exchange program that i participated with at mountain view. they are here to do the same
10:30 am
carrying on the international tradition. wave to the camera. say hi. you're on local television. >> have a great morning. we are back with more of "today" on this fun-day monday. it's time for today's buzz where we catch you up on the juiciest hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> from christina aguilera's swimdown to selena's cozy weekend with the biebs. we have all your scoop. >> hello, ladies. thanks for coming in for us today. >> tell us about the massive weight loss. >> she looks great. >> apparently she's lost about 20 pounds. she looks fantastic. she never really had lost all the baby weight after having her son. >> look at her. >> doesn't she look amazing? i mean, i thought she looked great when she was curvaceous.
10:31 am
she was out at an nbc event over the weekend. everyone was shocked by how fantastic she looked. >> if you looked very closely at the end of "the voice" this season you maybe had a sneak peek. not like that. >> that's right. when she was performing, she guest performed. and she looked really good. >> let's talk justin bieber and selena gomez. she turned 21, huh? >> same birthday as prince george of cambridge. instead of having a royal themed birthday bash she had a gypsy themed birthday bash in malibu. and the surprise against, bonnie? >> was justin bieber. he roll eed up in a leopard pri car at after midnight. he was dressed in a very classic way. not some of the ultra sexy looks she's been wearing lately. and we found out at that there was heavy pda going on between he and selena. >> what was he doing the other day where he was spitting off the roof on to fans? what was that?
10:32 am
>> did you guys see that picture? >> i did. >> somehow he's been a little out of control lately. >> gross. >> he's got some friends that are really bad news. >> they live togetheft together >> they were heading off to church, no doubt. >> let's talk about johnny depp. >> good thought, kathie. >> is johnny depp retiring? seems like a stretch? >> he actually said that in an interview, that he was looking to quiet down. i think he's a bit unsettled by the "lone ranger" reviews. that they were so bad. so he gave an interview in london. and he said that when you actually speak more words that are written than you actually say yourself over the coue of a year, it's time to quit. >> it could be the first of many retirements as we've seen with other performers. maybe he just needs to take a break. i mean, he is 50. >> that's called the prime of life, okay? >> he has had some very high
10:33 am
powered, very physically active roles. >> they did their own stunts in that, i know. >> that's right. he almost got very badly hurt while doing that movie. >> we should say we did reach out to his reps and we got no comment. >> i can't imagine. >> nobody called us back. >> he said it himself. >> all right. let's talk "sharknado." because nothing is bigger than a sharknado. >> can we avoid talking sharknado? >> it's going to be on the silver screen? >> it was already on the sy-fy channel. it was a big hit on tv. celebrities were tweeting like crazy about it. the really upsetting news is that tara reid may not be back. >> say it's not so. >> i hear she has a new role in weinernado. coming into a theater near you. >> people can go watch this at a movie theater one day? >> i know this information. it's a one-night silver screen movie deal. where you get to go to the movies at midnight and watch
10:34 am
"sharknado." genius. >> watch sharks falling out of the screen at you. >> the next one's going to be new yorknado. >> they say it will have a different twist. >> how can it have a different plot? sharks are falling from the sky. >> it's got different scenery. that's all. >> what i love -- >> it should be like a hurricane. they fall out of a hurricane. they've done a tornado. hurrinado. shark -- anyway, tara reid, the best thing about this is her tweet that she says, hey, i'm going to wait and make my decision about whether i star again until after i read the script. >> that's what made me laugh. i'm going to read the script. >> like it's going to be that different. >> it's going to be really, really good. >> we're not talking the remake of les mis here. >> it is a big hit, though. it is. >> i think people who love "sharknado" are going to want tara reid back. >> "wolverine" took box office this weekend. it was a little disappointing, ladies, down from the 85 of the
10:35 am
2009 show. >> it's still number one. >> 55. still number one. >> still the man. thanks, ladies. have you got a lot of clutter around your house like hoda does? >> yes. we're going to show you some easy tips to save space. right after this. easy tips to save space. right after this. >> the people who need it most. iand we're talkingl time with diane about the walmart low price guarantee, backed by ad match. you got your list? i do! let's go! here we go cinnamon toast crunch. yay! a perfect school day breakfast. i know if you find a lower advertised price they'll match it at the register. that's amazing. look at that price. i like that. they need those for school. we're always working to lower costs so you get more savings. now your kids have everything they need. all in one place. more school for your money. guaranteed. ready? wow! that's the walmart low price guarantee backed by ad match. save time and money getting your kids ready for school, bring in ads from your local stores and see for yourself. i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
meaning to put away. >> are there things that are just sitting on your countertops? clothes piled up on chairs somewhere. >> if you said yes and we know you did you've come to the right place. we tweeted and asked you to send photos of the most cluttered areas of your home so we could help you out. >> it's time to reveal them. danielle blendale, that's her real name. family circle's senior associate home editor. hi, danielle. >> thank you for having me. >> people are a mess, pretty much. >> we all are. we all are. >> we're going to start looking at some pictures and you're going to help our people out. our first viewer photo, from carrie denby in river falls, wisconsin. carrie says right there she needs storage for her clothes that is not shocking to me. i'll just go on record. tell us about that. >> right. she's got a lot of stuff where the bed's sort of become an extension of the closet. space savers are going to be key here. >> look what she's done. >> right. instead of these bulky plastic hangers, we say bring in these
10:40 am
slim and flat hangers so your garments won't slip and get on the ground. >> jill martin has those. >> these are jill martin's, actually. "today" contributor jill martin, the martin project for qvc. we love them. they're tiered. you can hang a ton of stuff. a hook for accessories, too. get four dresses, a whole outfit, that sort of thing. >> put all the shoes and pants, folded them up, up above? is that the plan? >> you can hang your pants here, too. what's great about these hangers, colorize. pink is for my weekend clothes. black is for my work clothes. >> nobody's doing that. >> some people do. >> come on now, danielle. >> jill martin. bobbie thomas. >> it's for the uber organized person. >> it will change your life. you just have to commit, hoda. >> you brought in these bins which are great for tucking away odysseys and gear. that's kind of what these are. get them in a lot of different sizes. two here. these are sea grass. pretty but stur t tdsturdy.
10:41 am
tip is to label with a tag. you've got socks and scarves there. >> sharknado. >> pronounce it properly. >> the idea is that you rotate your flip-flops in when summer's over. >> next photo. >> you are so good. >> penny from canada. she wanted suggestions in decluttering her jewelry piles. again, not shocked at all. what should we do, danielle? >> she's on to something with hanging her necklaces to minimize tangles. we want to dress the whole box. the whole jewelry box. everything you have. really start by size and style. for necklaces, we just went to the hardware store and got a pegboard, threw some hooks in here and just put the necklaces in. i do this at home. it's great because you can just kind of grab and go. you'll never be without an accessory. you won't have to untangle and waste your time doing that. >> bracelets on wine bottles. >> we raided the kitchen. this is actually a papertowel holder we stacked bangles on. y
10:42 am
you've been saving that bottle of wine for date night or girls night. >> so smart for your earrings. little ice holders. this is a photo that came. i guess they used our coffee mug to put their eutensils in. they're obviously eating in their bedroom. okay. >> also doesn't shock you. >> again, not shocked. >> we brought an over the door hanging organizer. >> those are great. >> you can see everything. krou c you can really tuck away odds and ends. when people come over close the door so no one has to see it. even close the door when you go to bed. >> that photo, i am a little bit blown -- >> uh-oh. now we're talking hoarders. >> she's on to something. she's got the pin. putting the stuff in it. we've got a few tips for her. we say -- >> ooh. >> every once in a while what you want to do is take the bins out.
10:43 am
give your storage an expiration date. about every, i guess, six months put your things in a box and evaluate. say, am i using this? >> hefty. hefty bags. get rid of it. >> give it away. somebody else needs it. >> goodwill. >> exactly. >> thank you danielle blendale. >> tired of cleaning the barbecue stains out of your family's clothing? barbecue stains out of your famil[ male announcer ] pearls. hairbands. and now hot pink toes. seems tough for a tough dog like duke. but when it has to do with gwen, he's putty in her hands. for a love this strong, duke's family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure any fashion trend. iams. keep love strong. now you can keep love fun with new shakeables meaty treats. ♪
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all about having a good time outdoors. problems can ruin fun. >> whether it's ketchup stains on your shirt or run out of gas for your grill, bruce ruben is the author of "who knew? 10,001 solutions." >> i'm going to give you some barbecue tips. a literal buzz kill is if your beer is warm at your barbecue. what you want to do is pour some ice in here. you want to just do that?
10:48 am
>> you want me to do it? there's water in there, is that okay? >> yes. throw it in there. take one of our gloves off. feel how cold that water is. see the demo. >> what is that? salt? >> salt. >> okay. go. >> pour that in. you're going to stir this up. feel that. how much colder? >> colder. he's right. >> we just had a moment, didn't we. >> one of us did. >> this will now be -- the salt will make the water freeze colder. by the end of the segment we are drinking those beers. they will be frosty cold. >> propane. >> another problem. if you run out of propane. >> what do you do? >> it's awkward. serve your guests raw food. you don't want to do that. you want to take some hot water. i'm going to do this part. it's a little bit nasty. you're going to have to take your gloves off again, ladies. >> what are kryou doing?
10:49 am
>> feel this. >> why? >> see where it's cool and see where it's hot. cool there. no, no, no. where i poured the water. >> it's warm. >> down here? it's cold. that is because this is how much propane you have. the propane will always absorb the heat. >> because there's no gauge on those things. >> there's no gauge. typically these carry about 20 gallons. if you have half you've got ten hours left of cooking. >> that's a good tip! >> how do you clean the grill? you don't want to spray some vegetable oil first. okay? very good. this is on a hot grill. don't do it when it's on. you can get a flame up. after that you're going to take your brushes. i like the two of you doing all the work here. you're going to spray with a wire brush. you don't have to buy those expensive wire brushes they have for barbecue. this is a dollar from the hardware store. >> it's not doing anything. >> it does. but now if you find that you still have stains. we're going to spray wd-40. >> that's kinky stuff.
10:50 am
>> this is kinky stuff. only on a cold grill. then you have to wash it a lot. >> this is not edible. >> that's right. it's not edible. everything will come off with wd-40. a miracle spray. let's talk about stains. here we have some -- >> quit yelling, hoda. >> we have mustard. we have ketchup. i imagine around here the occupational hazard is red wine stains. why don't you throw a little red wine on that. >> uh-huh. >> wow. that was -- >> i want you to prove it, baby. >> what you're going to do is use half peroxide, half dawn detergent. >> only on a white shirt, right? >> you can use it on colors as long as you check. ge jeannie and i, my wife, use it on all sorts of stains. see how it breaks down? that was some serious staining you just did there, kathie. put it in water like this. warm water.
10:51 am
a little longer and that will be gone. >> last couple seconds. >> if you want to eliminate or prevent a perspiration stain. a little bit of baby powder on shirts that you have to iron. i will do the ironing since you guys have done all the work. >> on the inside. >> on the inside. >> it gets rid of the stain? >> it prevents it. think of scotch guarding your underarms. >> it's good enough for a baby's heiny it's good enough for your armpits. that guy at the yankees game should have done that. >> good to see you. having a hard time buttoning your jeans because your belly is a bit bloated? >> we'll help you take care of those tummy troubles. first this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] hear that?
10:52 am
that's a flavor cannon about to blast breakfast with deliciousness. fire! prepare yourself for an icing barrage... ...and the shockwave of filling flavor. pillsbury toaster strudel. [ whisper ] breakfast goes boom. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto.
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10:54 am
all righty. let's face it. we all deal with tummy troubles now and then. whether it was that spicy salsa you ate last night, hoda, or the
10:55 am
side of broccoli and garlic that left you a little bloated. >> what are the biggest culprits and how do we keep things shall we say running smoothly? a contributing editor for "prevention" magazine. >> the see ret cret to life is g that digestive system moving. >> your digestive system is pun intended at the core of your health. >> there's a pace to your body, isn't there, to your digestive system. >> there's supposed to be. >> we've got to slow things down. when we eat something, nine hours later the body is still working on it. a day later. two days later. it's not in and out. >> two days later you've already eaten other stuff. >> exactly. so it layers on layers on layers which makes it really important to not overwhelm. don't give your body too much at one time. >> avoid shmorgas board.
10:56 am
>> if you're a fast eater that can be a problem. >> if you walked in, started your morning and everything was laid out for you and you could do one thing after the next after the next and it was just slow and easy. how about those mornings where everything is thrown at you at once. then you just feel awful. you feel overwhelmed. your body doesn't know what to do. it's the exact same thing going on inside of you. >> tell us what we can do about that. >> slow it down, chew. you actually start di jegs by smelling things. that triggers the release of saliva in the mouth. gets the body ready. the more slowly you can go the better your body will adjust. >> certain foods trigger a bad stomach, period. >> we've got our gas producers. they're amazing for you. >> healthy for you. >> our kale. onions. >> cabbage. >> our beans. yes. they produce the gas. we can cook them. we can also add different spices. i love to cook, like, indian food because those spices really help. definitely eat them. things like caffeine, wine, coffee. they're acidic. they can attack the body a
10:57 am
little bit. but you can have them. we just have to make sure we do them in a balance and prepare them more healthfully. >> can you stop heartburn before it comes on? is there a way to put the brakes on that? >> yes. interestingly, right here my lemons and limes are the thing to do. people say hold on a second. why would you be telling us to have acid if i have acid. this actually help trigger the body to release something called sodium bicarb. you squeeze half a lemon into your water. squeeze a lemon on top of your fish. squeeze it on top of your ve vegetables. you get gr problem. we need digestive balance. we'll always get in the bad bacteria. we need to get in the good bacteria. >> why is popcorn here?
10:58 am
>> sometimes people think this is the issue. this is the aid. fiber will health support that good bacteria.
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, everybody. as always, great to have you with us. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. nothing short of an extremely progressive move by pope francis. today the pontiff says he will not judge priests for their sexual orientation. a monumental announcement here. kristie smith is joining us live in berkeley from the local catholic community. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. a shift in tone about the role of gays and lesbians. we spoke with two educators this morning at the religioussb[ñ sc in berkeley. they told us they were somewhat surprised. they described the school as a


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