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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we'll tell you what firefighters found when they put out the flames inside this bay area home overnight. >> all of a sudden we heard just big booms. we came out of the house, started running. plus a fireball down in florida. we have new details about the massive explosions that caused massive damage but no deaths at a gas plant. three families united in grief share their pain. the emotional tribute overnight for three teenage girls whose lives were cut short in the asiana airlines crash. this morning we're getting a beautiful sunrise and the kind of weather that makes you want to go outdoors. however, we've got an air quality alert in parts of the bay area. we'll talk about that and when the heat cranks back on. that's coming up in your full forecast. the traffic is on. the eastshore freeway building up. chp reports something big at the maze. we'll sort out what's going on there coming up. >> it looks a little thick out there. it got real rough on the east
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coast. this is a big rig fire that shut down a big section of that new jersey turnpike. we'll have information coming up on this scary scene on this tuesday, july 30th, this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning to one and all. we have breaking news out of san francisco to talk about. a two-alarm fire turns into a police investigation at a suspected marijuana grow house in visitacion valley. that on going at the home on tucker avenue near bayshore and highway 101. that's where our christie smith is live on scene. christie, you see some evidence there of the pot grow sitting right there out in the driveway, correct? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon. there are what looks like grow lights and some hydro uponic equipment burned up. heaters, fans, some vents here
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in the driveway. this kind of shows what firefighters were dealing with inside. they tell us the skylights and windows were actually all boarded up, making it a hazard to get around. they actually had to enter the home through the garage door which is taped up this morning. not only that, they say the electrical system inside the home was rigged throughout with live wires, someone apparently bypassed the pg&e boxes outside the home. when san francisco firefighters arrived around 12:40, they thought the neighbor's house was burning, but it turns out it was the one next here on tucker in visitacion valley. they had a hard time getting in because the home was so secure which turned out to be a red flag that something may have been going on inside. they found fire upstairs and downstairs and dozens of marijuana plants. san francisco firefighters say it's getting somewhat common. >> this seems to be a common occurrence for us now. more often it's becoming our
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bread and butter fire operation. another particular hazard is the way they barricade the home. they often plywood over windows, doors, skylights. it makes it a trap for firefighters. >> reporter: they believe this was most likely an electrical fire. in all 60 marijuana plants, rather small, early stages of growth inside. they also found two bags of buds that were seized by police. they had searched for people inside but no one was home at the time. so no one injured, no they're still trying t figure out who was responsible for all this. again, police expected back here a little later this morning. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." southbound highway 85 in cupertino back open this morning after a deadly overnight crash. all lanes reopening just before 3:00 this morning after a two-hour-long closure. it comes after a two-car crash
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around 1:00 this morning with one person dead at the scene. vehicles were turned around and rerouted onto south of dianza boulevard off-ramp while officials cleared the crash and investigated the scene. a developing story down in sfral florida where all workers at a gas plant are now accounted for after a series of massive explosions. the fires burning through the night at the blue rhino propane plant near orlando. about two dozen people were working on the overnight shift when a series of blasting went off about 8:00 our time, lasting for more than half an hour. initially 15 people were missing. the good news is all of them have been found safe. eight people were injured and transported to local hospitals, at least four of them are in critical condition this morning. explosions rocked the propane plant, shaking houses up to 20 miles away. >> you could still see the orange glow even from leesburg. >> you could hear the explosion? >> oh, yes. >> what did it sound like?
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>> just real loud booms going off, each time shaking the house. >> had to be a terrifying scene for everybody nearby. an evacuation order for nearby residents has been lifted and the fire has been contained. 6:05 right now. continuing coverage of the crash landing of asiana flight 214 at san francisco international airport. overnight an emotional memorial service was held in china for the three teenage girls who died. the families carried the ashes of the girls into a funeral parlor and placed them in front of a shrine. following tradition the caskets were draped in red cloth, placed next to the girl's favorite fruits and drinks. funerals for the girls are planned for a later date. >> so very sad, so very young. after a long time a bay area soldier who died in the korean war finally returning home. family members receiving the remains of joseph david steinberg this morning. that's going to happen in san jose. "today in the bay's" bob redell
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is live at num net that airport where a plain is expecting to carry the remains. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the remains of sergeant first class joseph steinberg will be transported via hearst at the golden gate national ceremony. if you take a look, he's going to get quite a reception here, a police escort in the background, it looks like an army honor guard is preparing to prep him. his limousines in the back are family members who have been waiting a long time to finally greet him back into the country. he was identified through dna, will be returning home as i said this morning at 7:00 when his flight arrives here at norm net that. the burial will be on thursday. he was born in san francisco, serving in japan when the infantry unit was the first to be deployed to the war in dore
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yeah, captured during combat in february of 1951 during a battle called the hong song massacre. they called it that because roughly 200 of his fellow servicemen killed in that action. he died of starvation a couple months later in a p.o.w. camp located in what is now known as north korea. in the early 1990s north korea reportedly handed over his remains in boxes mixed with the remains of other servicemen. it wasn't until 2006 that the military asked the family for blood samples. this spring they notified the family they had a dna match. >> there's many, many missing in acti action every opportunity we can ; on american soil is a great day for america as a whole. i wasn't even born yet when that gentleman was serving over in korea, but i'm out here representing the american people to say welcome home and thank you for your sacrifice.
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>> reporter: army sergeant first class joseph steinberg was 31 years old when he was killed. it's been over 62 years since he died. and finally, after all that time, within an hour his remains will arrive here to be greeted by his family and taken again to golden gate national cemetery for burial this thursday. new video to show you of a 58-year-old woman under arrest for vandalizing the washington national cathedral. police say ji may tian was arrested yesterday afternoon. police are testing police samples to see if yesterday's incidents is related to similar accidents at the lincoln memorial and joseph when tri statue. the cleanup which could take several more days is estimated to cost $15,000. right now free of charge, a nice live look at the weather. this is over san francisco.
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got some clouds there hanging around the city. christina loren was pointing out it was producing all kind of cool colors and also cool temperatures. >> definitely cool temperatures. we also have smoke mixing with the low clouds. it will be easier to see that later today once these low clouds purpose off. a health advisory in place. air quality alert at the immediate coast with fog and smog combined with that smoke. it's kind of a weird day. i'm going to talk more about that in my next report. right now i want to get to your current temperatures. we're getting the oranges, that's all particulate matter caused by the smoke moving into the bay area. flight delays at 59 mints due to low ceilings. yesterday they attributed the flight delays at 11:00r:00 a.m. still posted to the smoke. i'll give you a pretty good descriptive map if that's the way you learn things. i'm a visual learner myself. 56 in san francisco and 57
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degrees in san mateo. this is what we're looking for "today in the bay." 74 degrees inland. a beautiful day for lunch outside just about anywhere. hitting 84 degrees in the heat of the day. not too hot, not too cool. changes just around the corner, warmer days ahead, i'll take you through those changes. 6:10, first let's check the drive with mike. >> i'm a visual learner as well. i'm showing you this visual. the bay bridge metering lights. i watched as they were turned on. there you go, verification. there's the backup forming toward the lights. a little hazy. it has to fill in from the metering lights to the toll plaza. all lanes filled in very quickly, less than seven minutes since they've been turned on. there's the backup all the way to the 880 over crossing. it's traffic tuesday. we see the heavier volume coming down the eastshore freeway. an additional concern west 580
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at 980, reports of large bags in the slow lane. that's all chp has right now. that might be affecting the flow past the connector between 24, 980 and 580. that's an interchange there and that's not a good spot. >> you're at the limit for your northbound routes. we do see 101 north at 680 showing a build again. a live look outside shows east 92 again away from us, those flashing lights heading toward reports of a stall just over the high-rise. we'll track it. light traffic guys. back to you. we showed you this briefly. tough in jersey, southbound traffic now moving once again finally after a burned-out big rig catches fire on the new jersey turnpike, closing all lanes near the pennsylvania border. our nbc station in philadelphia telling us the tractor-trailer caught fire, then jackknifed right there slamming to the ground, blocking lanes in both directions. the traffic you can see there just barely, slowly starting to get by on the south part there
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towards the delaware memorial bridge. the driver of that big rig managed to make it out safely. it's 6:12. coming up, whistle-blower or trader? new details of the wikileaks court-martial against army private bradley manning as a military judge gets ready to announce their verdict. plus free parking at sfo. in fact, they'll pay you, but there is a catch. we'll take a look in business. look, up in the air, it's a bird. it's a plane -- yeah, that's jet man there. we'll tell you when and where the swiss stunt man will make his american flying debuts coming up next. catch it.
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man there.
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good morning to you. welcome back. what a cool-looking sky over san jose. part of that is low cloud cover. the other part, smoke coming from a fire in oregon. we'll tell you what that means for bay area air quality and
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just how nice our temperatures will be as the cooldown continues. those numbers coming right up. >> there you go. we're all interconnected. traffic is the same thing, but flow along the peninsula moves nicely heading toward the san mateo bridge. still following reports of a stall eastbound at the high-rise and also a couple of other incidents. we'll update the east bay commute coming up. right now, here are today's top stories. san francisco firefighters uncovering a marijuana grow operation inside a burning home this morning. that fire broke out in the visitacion valley neighborhood overnight. investigators say they found about 60 small marijuana plants in that house. all workers at a florida propane plant have been accounted for after a series of massive explosions and a near overnight. about two dozen people were working when those explosions went off. eight people were injured. today a military judge announcing a verdict in the bradley manning court-martial. the army private stands accused of aiding the enemy by sending
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more than 700,000 government documents to the anti-secrecy website wikileaks. if convicted, manning faces life in prison without pa roll. it's not unusual for stores to double check the bags of workers as they leave for the day. >> that's correct. those stores making sure the employees aren't carrying merchandise out with them. >> perfectly legal, jon, not unexpect unexpected. a group of am employees are filing suited in northern california over those searches this morning, not because of the search itself, but because it took so long. the employees say sometimes they have to wait in line with other employees for as much as a half hour just to go to break or to lunch, waiting for their turn to be examined. the suit calls for the back payment of lost wages. would you rent your car out to someone else while you were on vacation? it's an interesting idea. here is a look at the website, relay rides, the company
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launching a new program at sfo. you drop your car off at a parking lot and while you're on vacation, someone else rents your car. you come back from vacation, your car has been cleaned and wad and you get hundreds in rental fees. this is mott the first time the idea has been batted around. it's slightly different because relay rides say it's going to give sfo a cut of those rental fees. just a few minutes ago we got the latest information on the san francisco market house prices from case-shiller showing prices up 4.3% in just a month. i'm still looking at these numbers. that seems to put us above some of the highs we saw before the housing crisis. i need a few more minutes to look at these. i'll get back to you at the end of theglxñ newscast. meanwhile wall street, barclays bank is going to issue more stock. jon and laura, we were talking about this earlier. barclays needs to raise $12 billion to calml british bank regulators. this is not the kind of talk we
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want. this sounds more like 2009. we don't want to talk about banks. barclays says it's fine. we don't want to hear about banks needing to raise money. >> need to make sure they're fine. thank you. 6:18 right now. christina loren is back. speaking of fine, sounds like a nice day once it warms up a little bit to get out and stroll around. >> it's usually this time of year that inland cities get the worst of it. they get the heat, the worst air quality. today, opposite day. it's going to be unseasonably cool inland. we have an air krault alert for the coast which is very much so unheard of when it comes to the north bay area, the inland cities there getting good air quality and the coastal cities suffering. i'll show you exactly what's going on out there. we have this interesting flow in the upper levels of our atmosphere. it's bringing in smoke from a fire burning in south oregon. for us, you're going to notice that smog when you walk out your door this morning and really later this afternoon, once we
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lose all that low cloud cover. 57 degrees to start in livermore, 59. good morning, oakland. 56 degrees in san francisco. let's talk about where we're headed today. wind is going to continue to play a factor. a light breeze right now. winds picking up. a building breeze throughout the day. that means all the cool ocean air will be transported inland as well as some of the smoke. what i can tell you right now we have an air quality alert. unhealthy levels at the immediate coast. that goes for the central bay, the peninsula and up and down the north bay coast, marin county, san mateo county. this will likely be the case for tomorrow and the next day as well. what does happen, with all the particulate matter suspended in at that time fear, we get these amazing sunrises and sunsets. we'd love to see your pictures. send them in to our nbc bay area facebook page. 84 in livermore, 77 for san jose. as we head through the end of the week temperatures stay
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steady, nice and comfortable and then we're going to crank that heat saturday to sunday. but the good news, mike, no 90s, no 90s. >> yes. keeping it just under 90. that's fine with me. looking over here. keeping it just around the speed limit. that's great for the morning flow of traffic. we'll look over here where north 101 from time to time, the speeds coming down into the 50s. right now averaging at the limit in the green zone. that's really prevalent throughout the south bay. south 101 as you're coming down towards silver creek valley road, we had a stretch of roadway over the last ten minutes, many points at which it was registering into the upper 50s. watching that again south 101, that may be an issue. over here monterey highway showing a build as well. here highway 84 coming through livermore, a typical build right here at vallecitos. we should see the stretch heading over towards 680 and sunol start to slow over the
6:21 am
next 15 to 20 minutes. 580 a smooth drive, gradual build'o toward livermore toward the dublin interchange. i'll track it, but so far no incidents reported through the area. nice easy drive on the approach to the maze. ashby avenue showing increase in volume. the eastshore freeway, the metering lights on at the bay bridge. we'll show you the toll plaza. typical for a tuesday. we see the fast track lanes moving better than the cash lanes. all lanes are backed up and continuing to build. the north bay shows a smooth flow as well. you see the low clouds as well. a smooth drive for 101 picking up the volume over at lucas valley road. chp says about ten minutes from highway one. a good distance off the freeway. a non-injury crash, lit take time to get the right equipment there. tracking that as well as your drive across the golden gate bridge where this is the issue, the fog creeping through. the low clouds turning into a fog situation south of the waldo tunnel.
6:22 am
we'll watch it. this is a swiss adventurer known as the jet man will make his first public flight in the u.s. today. >> he'll take off in wisconsin today. his carbon kevlar jet wing has four engines that let's him fly through the sky at upwards of 190 miles per hour. >> looks like a superhero. >> he actually can control the jet suit with a little throttle in his hand. he can go as high as 12,000 feet. jet man will also fly at the reno air races coming up in september. we should point out he has flown in the u.s. before, but it was a private flight over the grand canyon in 2011. >> look at that. when you see the individual -- oh. >> you want to try that. >> i've been dreaming of doing that since i was a kid. we should form a grassroots campaign, amusement parks to create the jet pack right. 6:22. coming up, a head-on collision
6:23 am
on the tracks. we have new details on the investigation of a deadly train crash. it happened on one of the world's safest rail ways. white sand beaches caked with crude oil. we'll tell you where a massive oil slick is washing ashore next.
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authorities say they have found the body of the driver of one of the two trains that crashed on a regional line in western switzerland.
6:26 am
the crash left the trains locked together, partially lifted off the tracks. there were 46 passengers on board that train. 26 taken to hospitals. all are expected to survive. it's unclear what caused the crash. switzerland is known for having some of the safest railways in the world. a total of 250 prisoners free after a late night attack by dozens of taliban militants in northwest pakistan. officials say 25 of those prisoners are, in fact, dangerous terrorists. the militants apparently detonated a series of small explosions to break through the prison's boundary wall. the prison break comes as pakistani lawmakers begin their vote for the pakistani president. an oil spill washing ashore at a popular tourist resort in thailand. workers in white suits are using buckets to clean up the crude oil. more than 13,000 gallons of oil
6:27 am
spilled onto the gulf after a leak in the pipeline. the slick floated on the sea for more than a day before it began washinging ashore. 6:27 right now. still ahead, rerouted. we'll tell you which bay area city is backing out of the amgen cycling tour. getting control before protests turn chaotic. what oakland is doing to crack down on rowdy crowds next. a chance to add a little vitamin d to your day. the sunshine coming into the bay area. this is from the south bay. you see the clouds there. the nice benefit gives that golden tone to the entire bay area. love it. as you day gets started, back on today in the bay in matter of minutes. good morning! wow.
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right now at 6:30, a confession, but will there be a conviction in the wikileaks court-martial. a military judge gets ready to
6:30 am
announce bradley manning's fate. backpedaling on the amgen tour. we'll tell you which bay area city is bailing out on the illustrious cycling race. right now inside the new york stock exchange. ringing in the day, trying to bring more good vibrations to the markets. we'll keep an eye on the numbers on this tuesday, july 30th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> this morning a military judge will announce her verdict in the court martial of bradley manning. manning is accused of leaking thousands of classified manning is accused of leaking thousands of classified documentse "today in the bay's" tracie potts live with more on the case and what the ruling could mean for manning and others who consider themselves whistle blowers. >> reporter: it could certainly set a precedent. good morning, laura. it is in a military court.kihh(&
6:31 am
that means the rules are a bit different. manning is accused of having leaked 700,000 documents, hundreds of thousands, to wikileaks, the website wikileaks. as a result some of those ended up in the hands of al qaeda. they were found when navy s.e.a.l.s raided osama bin laden's compound. now he's standing accused of 21 counts, ten of which he's agreed to. he's pleaded guilty to those, but 11 more are outstanding. we'll get the judge's ruling on that in just a few hours. she's agreed to release that early afternoon here. those other counts much more serious and could carry a prison term of life compared to the 20 years that he's now facing. will it show whistle blowers and even journalists? prosecutors say he's a traitor. his defense team says he was simply trying to correct a wrong and save lives. we're awaiting the judge's decision on that. >> as soon as it continues, we'll continue to follow it. thank you, tracie.
6:32 am
back in the bay area supporters of bradley manning will gapther in san francisco to react to the verbal. the rally will be held at powell and market streets at 5:00 tonight. expect traffic delays and perhaps police presence in that area tonight. across the bridge, oakland city leaders will decide whether to ban hammers, spray paint and other eye terms for protest in an effort to curb vandalism. the proposal coming in the wake of protests earlier this month over the not guilty verdict in the shooting death of trayvon martin down in florida. a small group of protesters broke off from the peaceful demonstrations in oakland and proceeded to smash windows in local businesses, even hitting a waiter right in the face with a hammer. the orlando nangs would ban potentially destructive items and weapons from future protests. also in oakland, the city council will consider whether to approve funding for a domain awareness center. the center would serve as a hub to store images from security cameras and other surveillance
6:33 am
tools like shot spotter. it would be used to improve response time and coordination of first responders rather than as a crime prevention tool. privacy advocates argued the new center will not have1+ enough rules governing what information can be collected. some say those concerns will be addressed. 6:33 right now. meteorologist christina loren is back to tell us about an unusual weather phenomenon going on out there. >> isn't this an awesome start to the day, 6:33. this is the kind of sky you want to get stuck in traffic under, right? no. mike will have an update in just a minute. really cool imagery coming in. this saul coupled together. we have low cloud cover and smoke coming from a fire burning way to our north in oregon. you get these really pretty colors. but we do have that unhealthy air quality at the immediate coast today. we're going to talk more about that in my next report. 59 degrees to start in oakland. let's take you through "today in the bay." 74 degrees at noon inland. we'll be at about 84 degrees at
6:34 am
4:00 p.m. when the high temperatures come through there. not too hot today. just about a repeat performance with more smog in at that time fear. 73 degrees bay side at the coast. once you start to see high pressure build in this weekend, we'll see a lot of that smoke start to clear out of here. temperatures will heat up. we'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few moments. as promised, let's take a look at the drive. at least the sky is nice out there, mike. >> a great sky to drive under, i guess. looking over here where you get to enjoy it traveling underneath the 680/280 interchange. this is north 101. a lot of company that's just hit the road over the last few minutes. this stretch of 101 is the issue slowing up past alum rock. another spot for slowing north toward the airport. that's at the top of your screen. also at the bottom you see that event mark. that's a concert tonight, sapp center, that's one direction where we still have two-way traffic slowing. a smooth drive for highway 87. jon gets that.
6:35 am
he's clever. over in the south bay, a very easy drive this traffic tuesday. there's slowing west 580 out of livermore and 84 west towards sunol. we talked about that slowing. better news heading into castro valley. the far left has cleared to the limit. that's good news at the dublin grade. debris reported west 580 at granted line. sounds like a few ties came off a big rig. it was concern for one person who saw that flying off the back of the truck. i would be concerned as well. a live look outside shows the north bay with the volume building from south 101 through san rafael. 15 minutes, 10 minutes, lucas valley at west gate is the latest location. chp says that closure should be cleared soon at that non-injury crash. after hosting stages of the amgen tour of california for the past three years, livermore will not be pursuing the race for
6:36 am
next year. livermore city council members deciding to back off from applying to host it next year. the council cite citing demands on public resources. council members also expressing concern about negative impact to downtown businesses. 6:36. still ahead, gone in 60 seconds. how prosecutors say one man slipped into a luxury hotel and walked out with more than $130 million worth of jewelry. >> wow. also, if you've seen the show, you know this guy is kind of a full-blown hot head. a house band of a real housewife gets real nasty as he heads to court to face federal fraud charges. >> that's going to get juicy. a live look outside in san francisco this morning. you can make out the transamerica pyramid despite hazy start to our day. cooler temperatures for the end of july also approaching august as well. a lot more news ahead. 6:36.
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exclusively for our nation's veterans. there's no other system like the veterans health administration. bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit right now we have new details of the jewelry heist at a luxury hotel in the south of fran. this is monumental and mind blowing. ÷ prosecutor saying the entire robbery happened in one minute flat. he says the man entered into the carlton hotel in cannes through a half open window on the side of the hotel. he theniñ proceeded to scoop $1 million worth of jewelry right into a suitcase.
6:40 am
then he simply ran away. some jewelry apparently fell out as he did run off. police are now looking at surveillance footage from the security cameras. the police there have interrogated the entire hotel staff. >> just got lost in the crowd. hard to get lost in the crowd if you're on reality tv. two of the stars of "the real housewives of new jersey" are inside a federal courtroom this morning. theresa guidice and her husband joe arrived less than an hour ago. as they arrive there, joe seen hitting a camera out of someone's hand. they're facing 39 counts including mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. prosecutors say the couple exaggerated their income when applying for loans before the tv show debuted on bravo in 2009. they reportedly hid their money and filed for bankruptcy after the first season aired. they could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted. >> interesting stuff. along with that, the court case,
6:41 am
you might want to anger management course. 6:40 right now. smoke, flames and a secret stash. we'll tell you what firefighters uncovered when they put out flames in a bay area house overnight. >> got the latest on house prices in san francisco. a little spoiler alert. best in the nation. we'll take a look coming up. good to be in the bay area. 6:41. taking a live look at sunol. beautiful conditions today, temperatures cooler than average. then we'll heat you back up. your seven-day forecast in less th%#b five minutes. going over the water, the high-rise east 9 the '2. i'll give you the update to tell you what chp found in the roadway. we're also talking about a new crash at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
we're also talking about a new breaking news out of san francisco where an overnight house fire uncovers a marijuana grow. now investigators are trying to figure out who owns the pot. the investigation is on going at the home on tucker avenue near bayshore boulevard and highway 101 in the visitacion valley neighborhood. "today in the bay's" christie smith live at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you laura. firefighters believe this was most likely an electrical fire because of the way this house was rigged to support this grow operation. there's a huge pile outside the home this morning of burned debris. it kind of shows you what they were dealing with inside, what hydro uponic equipment. 60 marijuana plants were inside the home. fire officials say it was a dangerous situation. when they first arrived the home was so secure, they had to break in through the garage to get in.
6:45 am
that set off red flags for them. this fire started around 12:40 in the morning at a home on tucker street in visitacion valley. the battalion chief says the windows and skylights were boarded up inside making it hard to see. the grow house fires are becoming more and more common in san francisco, actually becoming the bread and butter of firefighters and they're awfully hazardous. >> once we got inside, we discovered that the house was a grow operation. so for us and the fire department, an immediate hazard, largely because of the electrical. in this instance they jumped the meter, meaning they bypassed pg&e, grabbing power directly off the grid. then they run happen saz zdeno chara electrical to make the grow lights work. >> reporter: of those 60 marijuana plants tharks say they were mostly small, so new growth. there were also two bags of buds
6:46 am
inside the home. all that seized by police. firefighters said they searched the building, making sure no one was inside sleeping or trapped. no one was home at the time. they are still trying to figure out exactly who is responsible. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:46 right now. new morning, southbound highway 85 in cupertino is back open this morning after a deadly crash happened overnight. all lanes reopening before 3:00 this morning after a two-hour-long closure. this coming after a two-car crash at about 1:00 this morning. one person again is dead at the scene. vehicles were turned around and had to be rerouted onto the south deanza boulevard overnight while officials cleared the crash and continue investigating the scene. a developing story in central florida this morning where all the workers at a gas plant are now accounted for after a series of explosions. the explosions hit the7n' tava
6:47 am
city plant northwest of orlando late monday night. they went on for about an hour. up to four people now in critical condition. we have new video to show you from a helicopter up over the remains of the plant this morning. the blue rhino plant refills propane plants typically used for barbecues. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. back closer to home, let's check out the weather for you and give you a live look outside. look at that over the horizon. the sun lum nating the south bay as we look at san jose. christina loren talking about lots of things happening in the atmosphere causing a beautiful look and cool temperatures. >> beautiful to look at, not great to breathe in, especially if you have respiratory problems or asthma or your kids do. also think of the elderly in this situation. it's something that kind of came on. we didn't expect it. it's certainly something we'll be dealing with for the next few days. talking about several fires burning in south oregon. because of the way we're getting our flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere, a lot of smoke
6:48 am
is drifting into the bay area. visible smoke. i saw it yesterday in san jose. you probably did as well. this morning we have low ceilings out of san francisco with the low clouds mixing with that smoke. you want to keep that in mind. good news is everybody else right on time except for chicago, o'hare. you want to check ahead. midwest is going to see potent weather as we head throughout the day. laguardia, looks like you've got fly delays out there as well due to the same system. 56 in san jose to start. campbell, 59 degrees, 60 in santa teresa to kickoff a tuesday. this is what we're expecting in terms of the fog. a.m., low cloud cover extending all through your inland valleys. by 9:00, 10:00, most of the fog will clear. we'll see nice filtered sunshine for the second half of the day. the reason why is because of the smoke drifting into the bay area. we have unhealthy air quality for the central bay. typically it's the inland city that have the air quality problems this time of year. that's not the case.
6:49 am
i did some highlighting here to give you a better idea of the areas where, if you do have respiratory issues, you want to limit your outdoor activity if you can. the good news is, it's going to be so comfortable dwrournths need to and you can stay indoors. in napa, 77 for fremont, 70 degrees on the way to santa cruz. as we see high pressure build in towards the end of the week, our flow will switch and that means we're going to see some of the smoke clear out of here. as the caveat goes, you got to give, you got to take. we're going to lose that beautiful, beautiful mild pattern and trade it in for some summer heat, but not too bad, only 89 degrees saturday into sunday. yeah, the good news s mike, averages, statistically we by pass the hottest point of the summertime. >> that's good. i like that. i'm willing to give away a little bit of the cool because we want clearer skies. thank you, christine. we want clearer roads as well. not going to happen. this is traffic tuesday. the bulk of the traffic during the summer between 7:30 and
6:50 am
9:30. we have it here already at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup past west grand making its way past the berkeley curve. let's show you the maps and tell you the story of how the traffic flows. caldecott tunnel not a problem. 580 and 880. speeds in the upper 50s at their worst. the flow all the way over here. this is the eastshore freeway coming off the carquinez bridge. speeds start to dip. there's the merge past the race track. typical pattern over here and in fact a little lighter for being a traffic tuesday. south 880 slows into hayward and into union city. slow coming off the castro valley y as well. no incidents to report. west over the san mateo bridge a smooth drive over to the peninsula as well. it moves smoothly without delay for 280 and 101. we have an issue east 92, a two-by-four in the lanes. no one got hurt. they have cleared that from lanes and a good easy drive over to the east bay side. dumbarton bridge, highway 84
6:51 am
also clear. the south bay, your northbound routes are starting to slow down. coming up 85 up into cupertino, we have slowing off highway 17. north 280 and 87 we have seen speeds coming into the upper 50s from curtner into downtown. 101 showing slowdowns approaching capital expressway and tullie road. 680 to the g typical pattern. the concert tonight, one direction is downtown. watch for pedestrian traffic. some of our younger crowd big fans there. the live look for 880 in fremont shows the volume building. speeds are not yet a concern as you travel through there. it is 6:51 right now. funeral services reportedly being held today for an 8-year-old girl shotl3 and kill in oakland. alicia carradine was at a sleepover on july 18 when someone fired right through the front door of the apartment.
6:52 am
that shooter has never been caught. we're learning carradine's funeral will be at 11:00 this morning at the mcnary, morgan, green and jackson mortuary near macarthur boulevard. the family asking for help in trying to raise $4200 to help pay for the funeral services. we checked in this morning and they have so far managed to raise more than $5,000. >> good. a generous community there. 6:52. closing arguments set for today in the trial of a woman accused of drunk driving in a crash that killed her husband and daughter. stacy lawnberg is charged in the roll over crash. her her 1-year-old gand son was also in the car and not hurt. pro can you tellers say she was driving under the influence when she sideswiped a car and crashed in january of 2012. a town hall meeting for victims of a massive apartment
6:53 am
complex fire in redwood city t. six-alarm fire ripped through the hallmark apartments on woodside road. one person died, 20 others hurt in this fire. about 100 people were left homeless. the cause of this fire remains under investigation. a bay area soldier who disappeared in the korean war more than 60 years ago is finally coming home. the soldier's remains are on their way to san jose airport right now. "today in the bay's" bob redell just spoke to the soldier's niece at the airport waiting for the plane to touch down. got to be emotional. >> reporter: it's a mix of happiness and sadness. the niece of army sergeant first class joseph steinberg. his niece in san jose says it's a miracle after more than 62 years that his remains are finally coming back home here to the bay area, a place where he was raised before being sent off to war.
6:54 am
a live look over norman mineta right now, alaska airlines jet where we believe his remains just arrived at the airport. they should be taking him off in a coffin very soon, putting them into a hearse and escorted to a funeral home. the patriot guard riders, a voluntary group of vets an non-vets who ride motorcycles who escort in events such as this. they'll be taking him to a funeral home later this morning. on thursday his remains will be reburied at the golden gate national cemetery at a ceremony there. sergeant first class joseph steinberg born in san francisco. he was serving in japan when his infantry unit became the first unit to be deployed to the war in korea. he was captured during combat in february of 1951 during a battle known as the hong song massacre. they call it that because roughly 200 of his comrades were killed in that action. he died ofjñ exposure and malnutrition a couple months later at a p.o.w. camp located in what is now known as north
6:55 am
korea. reportedly handed over his remains in boxes mixed with the remains of other servicemen. in 20 of the military asked his family for blood samples. a couple months ago the military notified his tamly, surviving relatives that they did have a dna match. >> it's hard to describe in words what it feels like. i'm happy that it's over with. i wish i could tell all of our relatives, but they're all gone. i'm the oldest left in the family. i want to tell my grandmother, i want to tell my mother, my aunts, my other uncles, he's home. that's how i feel, but i can't do that. i'm hoping they know somewhere. and i'm hoping he knows that he's home. >> reporter: army sergeant first class joseph steinberg was just 31 years old when he was killed in korea.
6:56 am
it's been again over 62 years and he's finally now coming home, back here to norman mineta, back to the bay area. reporting live at norman mineta, bob redell, "today in the bay." it's 6:56. in matter of minutes polls will open for santa clara county district two senate seat. the race between labor leader cindy chavez and water district manager has drawn more than 17,000 vote-by-mail ballots so far. there are more than 120,000 registered voters. polls will open in a matter of minutes at 7:00 and close to night at 8:00. we can tell you those two women are running to decide who will replaced disgraced supervisor george shirakawa junior. he's right now scheduled to be sentenced on friday. talks between b.a.r.t. and
6:57 am
its largest labor unions are expected to resume in hours. b.a.r.t. says talks are expected to pick back up again about 9:00 this morning. they'll be talking about wages, benefits and work rules. it's also possible they'll talk about a work-around to keep workers on the job even after the contract extension expires on monday. yesterday b.a.r.t. said if it caved to the union demands and offered pay raises above 20% over the next three years, riders would be the ones to suffer. the agency says it would have to raise fares 18% to compensate. union leaders say b.a.r.t.'s math does not add up. meantime, laura, all the other mass transit companies in the bay area meeting today to talk about what to do in the event of a b.a.r.t. strike. the strike earlier this month snarled up traffic and crammed other bus and ferry lines. we'll be continuing to follow this story and have updates this evening on nbc bay area news at 5 clob and 6:00. >> if a strike happens, you'll want to turn to us monday
6:58 am
morning. >> lit be bananas. scott mcgrew, you promised us new information on housing prices. >> time is up. >> time is up. good morning. we've got all kind of housing information. there's a zillow report in the new housing and existing home reports. the one we like to follow is case-shiller. it shows houses in the san francisco metro market jumped more than 4% last month. the area we're talking about is san francisco county over to the east bay, not the south bay. on a year-to-year basis, prices are up 24%. that's the most in the nation. twitter this morning has posted a job for a person to do the kind of financial reports the company would need if it needed to do financial reports. in other words, a company which has a stock that trades on public markets. from that we can reasonably conclude twitter is edging closer and closer to an initial public offering or ipo. we will continue to keep an eye
6:59 am
on that. jon and laura? >> thanks so much. 6:58. a final check on today's top stories. san francisco firefighters uncovered a marijuana grow operation inside a burning home. the fire broke out in the visitacion valley neighborhood overnight. investigators say they found about 60 small marijuana plants in that home. family members in china honoring three girls last night killed in the asiana airlines crash at sfo. those girls were killed after that jet crashed right into the runway earlier this month. today a military judge will announce a verdict in the bradley manning court-martial. the army private is accused of aiding the enemy by sending more than 700,000 government documents to the anti-secrecy website wikileaks. if convicted, manning faces life in prison without patrol. finally, we have a chopper shot of san jose international airports where the remains of a korean war veteran is returning home today.
7:00 am
joseph david steinberg arriving at the airport where his family will receive him. a nice tribute this morning. 6:59. another local news update in half an hour. buenos días, noticias recientes, at least three people critically injured. nearby homeowners forced to evacuate. we'll be there live. this morning, the highest ranking catholic official weighs in. >> and summer smash, blurred lines is the number one song on the planet. seven straight weeks in counting atop the billboard charts and robin thicke is here to perform it on our plaza today tuesday,


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