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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is 4:30. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> right now we have breaking news to tell you about in san francisco where firefighters are working right now on a grass fire threatening the san francisco national cemetery inside the presidio. that fire started near the intersection of park and lincoln boulevard. that happened about 2:00 this morning. this is the very first video of that fire into our newsroom. you can see there, this one creeping up on some of the head stones inside of that cemetery. our bob redell right now on his way to that scene. as soon as he arrives, we'll bring you an update in our 5:00 newscast. in the meantime a man is dead a driver under arrest after an overnight crash in san jose. according to chp the car was
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taking the bascom avenue commit around 10:40 last night. the driveer lost control on the curve and the car flipped across the concrete barrier and onto the on-ramp to northbound 880. officers say the car rolled at tleeft lee times before landing upside down on the on-ramp. the passenger inside the car died on the scene. the 23-year-old driver was take tone the hospital with minor injuries. he's now been arrested on suspicion of dui. an amber alert out of san diego county has been extended to the bay area. authorities searching for james lee demadge you, believed to have kidnapped 16-year-old hannah anderson and her 8-year-old brother ethan from the rural town near the u.s.-mexico burger. he's driving a blue nissan versa with california license plates and may be headed to texas or possibly canada. the alert was issued after the children's mother and another child were found dead inside a
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home 60 miles east of san diego. authorities say dimaggio owned that home and lived there alone. they also say he had a, close, platonic relationship with the woman but they would not elaborate further. authorities say dimaggio is driving a blue nissan versa with plate 6wcu986. if you happen to see this car and license plate, you're asked to please call 911. that alert was issued just before 11:00 last night, startling a lot of people as they were getting ready for bed or already in bed. that's because their mobile phones emitted a loud warning sound and then received a text about the statewide amber alert. the system was put into place actually at the beginning of this year. for some people in the bay area, this marks the very first time they have received a text alert. the amber alert program says if your phone happens to be on vibrate only, you will not hear
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the audible signal. an investigative unit exclusive. after the recent deadly limo fire in san mateo, the industry has been under greater scrutiny. the investigative unit found many local companies are dodging safety inspections. investigative reporter elise kerr-er in went undercover to find out high. >> for many companies it's easy to ignore the rules, some never get proper insurance, get their license revoked but are also openly operating. some limo companies underreport how many passengers they carry allowing them to avoid certain safety inspections. limo companies operating legally say the current system makes it dangerous for everyone on our roads. >> the illegal operator knows the system. it's the cost of doing business. if they get a citation or they get a ticket or a fine, they're right back out there on the road. >> the california public utilities commission is the agency that oversees carriers that transport ten or fewer
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passengers. they declined our interview request. but representatives tell us there is oversite. tonight at 11:00, we'll have more on that and we go undercover. hear from illegal limo companies that tried to get our business. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. america's cup racing continuing on the san francisco bay. sweden's team art muss set to compete for the first time since that deadly training accident. team artemis taking on the italian team luna rossa. that's is people zem my finals of the louis vuitton cup. you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. the winner will face oracle. that team, the team from usa, in the finals taking place last month. team artemis missed several races after andrew bart simpson when the team's boat capsized back in may. america's cup officials say the investigation into his death is
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continuing. it is 4:34. lit soon be illegal for people to sleep in their car in palo alto. the city council passed a controversial ordinance that bans vehicle dwelling. most cities in the region already have similar bans. the enforcement will be gradual. police in the city will start with an outreach effort to inform people of the new rule. then warnings will bish used before actual citations. the plan is to have the ban in full effect in six months. we can tell you flights at bay area airports expected to be back on track this morning after a nationwide outage with a computer system. the same one that a lot of airlines use to check in passengers. representatives from the san jose mineta international say the sabre system was back online before 11:00 last night. it was down for several hours forcing a lot of passengers at sfo, san jose and oakland to check in manually. that, in turn, caused flight delays. hundreds of neighbors across the bay area taking part in national night out tonight.
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more than 100 events planned tonight throughout oakland. in san francisco each police station will host a block party with the police chief stopping by at each event. on the peninsula, san mateo police had more than 50 block parties last year and expect a similar number this year. national night out is to heighten drug prevention and prevent crime. for more information, head to our website, >> block parties. a lot of good vibrations and good eats. christina loren, if you're out there tonight, you might want to take a jacket. it could be chilly. >> a little on the cool side. good morning to you, jon and laura, of course to you at home. we want to talk about a couple of things when it comes to your weather forecast. this morning it is rather crisp out there. we do have a blanket of low clouds overhead making it feel more comfortable than it actually could if we lose the cloud cover. that's a good way to start the day. want to talk a little about the presidio fire. we have winds this morning and they are going to continue to play a factor as we head through the next couple hours. so that could definitely hinder
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what they're trying to do in terms of knocking that fire down. nonetheless, san francisco today is only going to hit a high of 59 degrees. 69 for fremont, 80 in livermore. we're going into our second week of unseasonably cool conditions. i'll let you know how much longer this really spectacular weather will last. that's coming up in my full forecast. first want to take a look at the roads this morning. good morning, anthony. >> we are starting to see slowdowns on 880 northbound. this past the lake mary area into oakland. we can see in the distance that's where construction is going on. some crews still doing some paving on the roadways there. and only two lanes are open. this is already causing slowdowns. if you look at our traffic maps, you can see lots of green on the maps this morning. not a lot of congestion. at least right now really the only trouble spot as you can see it's sticking out like a sore thumb on the map. you can see right into oakland, 880 approaching the bay bridge. once you get past the area of
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construction, things are moving smoothly. the good news, no major accidents to report as of right now. jon and laura, back to you. >> anthony, thank you very much. six days and counting. the cold, hard reality the clock ticking to the next possible b.a.r.t. strike. we now know when a special board will convene. take a close look at this issue. the independent review board appointed by governor jerry brown set to hold a public meeting tomorrow morning starting at 10:30. during that time the panel will hear arguments from both sides on this issue about exactly what's holding up these contract talks. it will then put together a fact-finding report for the governor who will decide if a cooling-off period is necessary. >> commuters have another concern besides the b.a.r.t. strike. ac transit workers have issued a strike to the agency's board of directors. if there's no contract in place, workers will hit the pickett lines tomorrow morning.
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we'll keep tabs on that one for you. >> we certainly will. facebook ceo and billionaire taking a national stand on immigration. four years later. the trial of army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at a texas army base finally starts this morning. we'll tell you about the new details we're learning this morning about what may have moat vaelted a man to walk right into a pennsylvania town council, a meeting there, and open fire. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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welcome back everyone, and a good, bright, ill lum nated look at the bay bridge this morning. maybe a bright day in the forecast. >> i like the optimism. >> let's keep it that way, right. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg speaking about immigration reform, addressing people at the screening of the film "documented" in san francisco. it looks at the plight of the millions of undocumented immigrants in america. zuckerberg formed an advocacy group called
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>> i asked the kids what they were worried about. one of the students raised his hands and said i'm not sure i'm going to be to go to college because i'm undocumented. and this really touched me. >> the bay area, specifically the tech industry has a strong stake in what happens to immigration on capitol hill. reform would help make more h1v cease sales available and allow them to high more skilled workers outside the u.s. chevy lowering the price of its electric car to try and inties drivers. bertha coombs live at cnbc headquarters has details on that, plus her morning look at how futures are trading. >> good morning, jon. not too much of a direction on futures. stocks yesterday taking a breather despite better-than-expected data on
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u.s. services. we're going to get data this morning on the trade deficit and earnings from dish network, disney and 20th century fox. the dow starts at 15,612 after dropping 46 points, the biggest one-day point drop since late june. the nasdaq, though, up for five days in a row, looking for a six-pete, starting at 3,693. jeff bezos is a publisher and owner of one of the most stories newspapers. buying "the washington post" for $250 million out of his own pocket. the sales end 80 years of ownership by the graham family. bezos says this is a personal accusation and the post will remain completely separate from amazon. he tells the post readers he'll strive to maintain the journalistic tradition. he says the paper has struggled
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as has many other publications in the industry with declining circulation and ad revenue. gm is knocking 12% off the sticker price of the chevy volt. the 2015 model will be $5,000 less than the current version. automakers have been forced to cut prices on electric cars to move them off dealer lots as relatively stable gas prices and more efficient gas engines have kept sales kind of under wraps. gm has sold more than 11,000 voltions this year, up 9% this year. the sales of the nissan leaf have tripled after they cut some features and lowered the base price. i guess it's price to gets people to take the leap and go electric. >> that would be the first step. bertha, for the record, i think you can trademark six-pete. pat riley did wit the lakers with three-pete. >> i'm going to try.
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brush fire in southern california has burned more than 1,500 acres that prompted the evacuations and road closures in that area. so-called falls fire started yesterday morning in the decker canyon area near lake eleanor in riverside county. two firefighters were injured battling that fire. one structure has burned. highway 74 is closed in the area for the morning commute. and the cause of that fire so far is unknown. right now they're trying to get it under control. over the summer we saw quite a few fires with all the heat. i woke up this morning thinking, wait, are we in february? >> it's hard to believe because it's been so long like this. 74 is the same place where they had just had the mountain fire. we're definitely keeping tabs on that. good tuesday morning to you. you made it through monday. typically the hardest day of the week to get to work. what i can tell you is the weather is going to make you want to get home and enjoy the beautiful conditions, especially if you've been meaning to have a barbecue because we're talking
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about fantastic, i mean fantastic barbecue weather inland. cool conditions. it's going to be a cool, cloudy day at the immediate coast. there's a give and take. beautiful conditions inland mean cool conditions right at the coast, only breaking to the upper 50s today. we'll have to wait for that sunshine possibly until about noon. temperatures this morning are nice and comfortable. sunnyvale at 61. 58 in san jose. 57 degrees to start the day in livermore. here is the deal. jet stream right over us. area of low pressure sitting and spinning right offshore. for us that's going to keep the low clouds and drizzle in the forecast at least for today, tomorrow and it looks like we'll hold on to that for the first part of the weekend, too. there is heat on the seven-day forecast. unseasonably cool for now. it has been more of the same. even cooler today than it was yesterday. 80 degrees on the way to livermore, 69 in fremont, 77. beautiful conditions in the garlic capital, gilroy. 74 in santa teresa. coming up, not only are we going to talk about what's happening across the bay area this
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weekend. it's not too early to start making the plans. i want to tell you about the heat that will return, but not for long. saturday into sunday, a little warmup, on sunday up to 88 degrees. by monday we start to cool off again. still watching for a heat wave right when the kids go back to school for the third week of august. that's the way it goes around here. 4:48. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> back to school time, christina, thank you very much. 4:48. we're getting an idea of what may have caused a man to walk into a pennsylvania town council meeting, opening firing, killing two people and injuring three others. this happened in ross township, 85 miles north of philadelphia. rock any newell had an ongoing dispute about a condemned piece of property. yesterday newell apparently approached the building and began shooting through the windows. when he got inside that building, somebody tackled him and shot him with his own gun.
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newell reportedly survived and right now is in police custody. opening statements begin today in the trial of a u.s. army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting spree at ft. hood, texas. major nadal hasan is accused of killing 13 people, injuring 32 others in the shooting on the base in 20 09d. if convicted, officials say hasan would face the death penalty. the court-martial was supposed to happen last year but was delayed because of a last-minute fight over whether hasan should be allowed to have a beard which is against military regulations. a new judge eventually took over the case. it was a pretty scary scene at an airport in japan as a south korean passenger jet overshoots a runway. fortunately we're learning nobody was hurt. korean airlines flight 763 departed from seoul and arrived at negata airport last night. during the landing it overran the runway and came to a stop on a grassy area beyond the landing
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strip. at least 19 flilts were canceled at that airport because of this incident. an investigation under way into exactly what caused the accident. also in japan, authorities suspending their search for a missing crew member in a u.s. military helicopter crash. searchers say human remains have been found at that site but they have not been positively identified. the helicopter went down yesterday at camp hanson, a marine base on okinawa. three other crew members were found alive in the wreckage and are being treated at the hospital. japan's prime minister has grounded all u.s. helicopters while this crash is investigated. today marks the 68th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing. protests are planning a rally. meanwhile across the world in hiroshima, hundreds of people gather for memorial peace ceremony at the epicenter of the 1945 blast that destroyed most of that city. the mayor of hiroshima called
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for a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons. the bomb killed an estimated 140,000 people. it is 4:51 right now. the warriors, time to talk late nba hoop. steph curry shows what he does to keep the jumper working like magic. we'll tell you how our local boys are doing in that little league world series. this morning anthony slaughter in the traffic center for mike inouye keeping an eye on things on the roadways. we have incidents to tell you about. we'll get right to that on the other side of this break. stay with us.
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♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ >> soak it all in and the healing power of the grateful dead, seemed to inspire the giants yesterday. original bob member along with tim flannery and his brother tom sing that lovely rendition of the national anthem. jerry garcia's daughter tricks xi was on the mound. the giants fed off the good vibrations and beat the brewers, they win it 4-2. >> that takes some harmonizing. nice. giants will get much-needed
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help when pitcher ryan vogelsong returns to the rotation. the right-hander hasn't pitched since he fractured his right pinky two months ago. you get a little water. i'll hang on from here. boys from belmont redwood shores continue making the bay area very proud at the little legal world series west. way to go, gentlemen. they put together a victory, the final 13-3. little guys take today off and will return to play southern california tomorrow evenings. >> you ready for this one? warriors' curry doing some sooum ba. he tweeted this with the hash tag no days off. >> have you ever taken a sooum ba class? >> i have not. >> they're quite fun. >> stef has a little rhythm.
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>> got to get j.k. there. anthony, are you in. >> we'll do it. i've never done it before. put a little salsa on there. turn on seven, that's all i know. >> you can teach us. >> i'm here to do traffic. obviously i wasn't hired for my dance moves. outside on 880 northbound we're tracking slowdowns because of construction right past the oakland coliseum. the good news is that the lanes have been open. so it looks like the construction is done with, at least in that curve. so traffic has started to move smoothly a little bit ago. you can see according to our traffic maps a little slowdown. once you get past the curve approaching lake mary, things are smooth. things are starting to slow down because of overnight construction getting cleared from the roadway on 580. if you use the altamont pass, things are improving at least for the time being, but no major accidents to report in that area as well. good news there. makes you want to do a little
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salsa. >> there you go. never too early. >> 4:56. we continue following breaking news in san francisco, a fire burninging in the presidio. this one spreading toward a cemetery as we speak. bob redell on scene, gathering latest information from firefighters. a live update in a matter of minutes. police in one peninsula city on high alert after a string of home burglaries. right now give you a live look at that golden gate bridge. a little haze out there, christina will talk about the weather, crispy, cooler temperatures out there. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye giving you the traffic report. we're back on "today in the bay."
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right now we're keeping an eye on breaking news. a brush fire in the preside i don't. bob redell will have a live update in just a minute.
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>> it already feels like fall out there. temperatures today much cooler than average. we'll tack on a sea breeze making it feel even cooler. i'll let you know when we return to summertime norms. >> traffic is starting to pick up just a minute. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. we'll get you out the door on time. you're watching "today in the bay." a live look outside this morning from the south bay. feels like fall. but you know it's not just yet. it's tuesday, august 6th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everyone. let's get right to the breaking news in san francisco. firefighters there are putting out hot spots at a grass fire that's right now in the presidio. this one is


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