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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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up. >> and just knocked down, we have a live picture of the cleveland home of ariel castro, now reduced to rubble. this is happening moments ago as it continues before our very eyes. one of the women held captive on hand to see this ripped down. and gusty wind and light showers, typically not what you associate with august but it's the case this morning. your full forecast in moments. ac transit strike averted but folks probably made plans to car pool. cash lanes starting to pile up. we'll get you out the door on time this morning. a live look outside. golden gate bridge. not a lot of folks out there, as well. it's wednesday, halfway through your work week august 7th. this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. breaking news in oakland. investigators out at the scene of a shooting where sadly a 1-year-old killed with an adult. this happened at a home on ghormley avenue from the 98th avenue exit off of interstate 880. that's where christie smith is live in oakland with latest details. what a sad scene, christie. >> reporter: good morning. homicide investigators just arrived on scene. they were briefed by the sergeant and then headed into this home where a 1-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man shot and killed. a father and son. the house is the one with the porch light on and the gate open the baby taken to children's hospital and pronounced dead there. the man died inside the home. a man and woman walked up in tears asking if their son and grandson were okay. they've been speaking with police this morning.
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it was just before 3:00 this morning, calls started coming in from ghormley street in brookfield village in east oakland. there were several people inside the home at the time. it's believed that the shooter fired into the rear of the home, possibly a bedroom of that 20-year-old. at this point, police say they have no suspect information, no arrest, and we are in touch with them. of course if we get any new information, we'll bring it to you. christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:02. just about 30 minutes ago one of castro's victims returned to the home where she was held captive for nearly a decade. that's michelle knight, several neighbors of hers releasing balloons into the air before demolition started on castro's home. the balloons represent the children abducted and never found.
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marla tellez joins us with more on the emotional day for victims. they're tearing that house down. >> they are. in the past hour the demolition has begun and it's still under way on seymour avenue in cleveland, live pictures from the street. the crane doing its thing as it works to tear this house down. i do want to show you the moment the teardown began on the second floor. if we can cut to that now. here we go. we found out that inside the cab of this excavator, when it took this first chomp of castro's home, gina dejesus' aunt peggy was there. this part is where gina and michelle were held captive for a decade. amanda berry held in another portion of the house of horrors. neighbor, city, state leaders and michelle knight outside the home witnessing the demolition.
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when they released the yellow balloons, each representing a missing child. >> why it was important to be here today nobody was there for me when i was missing. and i want the people out there to know, including the mothers, that they can have strength, they can have hope and their child will come back. >> knight present and spoke in court last week when castro sentenced to life in prison, plus a thousand years. he gave up his home as part of the plea deal. soon it will be nothing more than a memory. it's already gone. look at this, google earth blurring out satellite of the home before the demolition even began. so what's next for the lot at 2207 seymour? what michelle knight hopes and what city leaders are saying about the property at 5:43. it is 5:04. sailboat skipper accused of
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leading the coast guard on a chase of the san francisco bay is in court today. expected to be arraigned on these criminal charges, accused of sending out a false distress call, failing to stop his boat in response to coast guard orders and assaulting a coast guard officer trying to board his boat. the coast guard says mccormack told officers, quote, any attempt to board my vessel is an act of war. a new club in downtown san jose has some residents squirming. the a gentleman's club with promises of new dances. bob redell in san jose, with what one city leader is trying to do to fight back. >> reporter: later this afternoon san jose city council's committee will consider the proposed rule to regulate the gold club here at market and santa clara. it's a new gentleman's club supposed to open tomorrow in the old savings and loan association
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building. nudity is banned within city limits, the so-called bikini bars are not. he's concerned the goal club will push the envelope. something he doesn't want to see happening here in the heart of the downtown. he's proposed new rules with the hopes of reigning what's happening inside the walls. proposing customers not able to touch dancers, a minimum distance between women and customer, no table dancing, minimal amount of lighting required and early closing hour. ultimately, he'd like to see this venue shut down. >> it appears to be the case they're going to need to renew the conditional use permit in a few months and when that comes forward to council i expect plenty of public outcry about this. i will be pushing to find every way conceivable of constraining this activity. this isn't what we want in downtown or anywhere else.
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>> reporter: we have reached out to the owners of the gold club for comment but so far nothing yet. the downtown san jose association had said the gold club would be gogood neighbors other businesses in the area. bob redell "today in the bay." good news for commuters and everybody in the bay area. ac transit buses are running after union workers avoid a strike after working a deal with the agency. the two sides coming to a tentative agreement last night, including pay raise and better health and safety provisions, according to the union. the deal needs to be finalized and approval from both sides. that is expected to happen later this month. now, with ac transit strike averted the focus back to b.a.r.t. a state-appointed board holding a hearing where b.a.r.t. management and labor unions state why they have not been able to strike a deal for a brand-new contract. the board will pass its report
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on to governor brown who will then decide if a cooling off period will be needed. the hearing starts at 10:30 at the state building in downtown oakland. this one, yes, open to the public. >> you have your chance to speak about that. want to check in with anthony slaughter. he's in for mike. we thank you for that. >> yes. good to be here. wednesday morning. we were talking about the ac transit strike that was going to be something we were going to be dealing with. folks may have made plans to leave early. we were seeing our cash lanes in the area were starting to pile up, starting to thin out. that is good news. we're also starting to find a few more accidents especially as we get into the san francisco side. quick heads up. if you're using 880, they're doing construction, starting to see slowdowns. bay bridge=/% on the lower deck off-ramp, there was a stall, that's causing slowdowns as you can see from the map.
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280 in san francisco, san jose avenue an accident, still getting more information about this now. good news, it's not impending traffic. still moving smoothly. check of morning weather. >> good morning. glad you're with us. glad you're with us at home this morning. i'm happeny to tell you, we were getting purification in air quality because we've got light showers. area of low pressure creating widespread rainfall in the sacramento valley to kick off wednesday. yeah, hasn't felt like august sense we started the month. today, more of the same. that cool ocean air. stronger sea breeze. that means, yeah, breeze, beautiful conditions. open up windows in livermore. 78 in livermore. 76 gilroy. 73 san jose. summer heat is soon to return. i'll have your seven-day forecast in my next report. back to you. 5:09. controversial kid's t-shirt just
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welcome back. live to cleveland now where the home of deviant and monster ariel castro being ripped down. live pictures. he pleaded guilty in court, sentenced to life in prison along with 1,000 years on top of that holding three women captive for a decade in his home. just a horrendous scene. people in the area very happy to see that home smashed to the ground. they called it the house of horrors. we'll have more on that. 5:12. a warning this morning for people who eat ginger candies. hard candies imported from
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vietnam from san jose based company. recalled after testing positive for lead. the california department of public health says the amount of lead found in the sweets is, quote, far exceeding state guidelines. the candy, if you have any, sold in 12-ounce clear plastic containers with a white label red lettering spelling out the word ginger candy. facebook wants to make your news feed more interesting. the most popular stories, ones with the most likes show up on top, even if they're older posts. posts from friends or brands considered boring would be pushed down in the lineup. the move would create an interesting problem for advertisers who have to make their pages more interesting or pay to promote they're posts. airline passengers liking news from virgin america this morning. scott mcgrew says it's something
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rare. >> profits. the san jose-based company made a profit in the last quarter. it's likely going to make a profit in the current quarter too. san francisco-based, my mistake. you could be under the impression making a profit is the point of running a company. you'd be right. but in the airline business, that's really difficult and rare. in virgin america's case, it's only happened once before. virgin recently scaled back expansion plans, canceled plane purchases so it could knuckle down, concentrate on making money on the routes it already has. that appears to have worked this morning. let's check in on the day's trading. bertha coombs is live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning. the futures pointing to a lower start, stocks falling yesterday and comments from fed officials some of whom say the central bank could start trimming purchases of bonds as soon as next month. that policy helped the interest
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rates low but folks thought after the jobs report they'd put it off. hear from more fed officials later on. we're going to get data on consumer credit and earnings from time warner looking good. excuse me, earnings not so good. revenue came up light and seems nobody went to see "the lone ranger" at the box office. they're taking a write-down. dow starts at 155118 after dropping 93. nasdaq ending the day at 3665, down 27 points. wells fargo teaming up with american express to issue credit cards to its companies. wells fargo the biggest mortgage lender but has a small credit card business for a bank of its size. only a third of its customers have a credit card. losses in credit cards are at
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historic lows. consumers are doing a better job of paying bills on time. that may be a silver lining of the financial crisis. back to you. >> thank you. 5:16. civil libertarians taking issue with president obama after his appearance on jay leno in which the president said the following -- >> we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. >> critics say the president may be defining spying in a din way, indeed some in congress call it spying. what the nsa, it was revealed the dea is doing, spying when they make a document of who you called. i think you can make the argument, if i go over to your desk and look at your call log on your cell phone and write that down, i don't know what you call it, but spying is probably
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a pretty good word. >> snooping, at this point matter of semantics. >> hr will get involved one way or another. >> president obama, serious, a somber tone, taking serious issues with all going on in the world, made sense. christina loren is back. we're at middle of the week. >> that weekend can't get here soon enough for me. weather is going to be nice all the way throughout this upcoming within. 5:17. thanks for waking up with us each and every weekday especially mondays and wednesdays. those can typically be the most difficult to wake up especially at this hour. 5:17. hey, want to give yourself extra time in places in the north bay, especially sonoma county. north most sonoma county along 101, keep in that mind. throughout the day comfortable conditions for august. running cooler than average for the month so far.
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and as we head through today more of the same. cooler afternoon shaping up. cool at coast. mild conditions inland. talking about the 70s. this is what we're looking at. 69 in fremont. 73 san jose. 76 in the garlic capital gilroy. beautiful conditions when you consider august is one of the hottest months of the summertime in the bay area. we should see highs closer to 90 as averages but we could be soaring to triple digits. fall-like day in san francisco. 57 out there for today. this is what we're looking at. towards the end of the week, starting to climb into the low 80s. saturday and sunday. then the upper 80s headed our way, starting to feel like summertime. irish jig out of anthony slaughter. i was thinking i don't want to lose my summer. >> looks good. hit the beach with that weather. we are starting to see traffic pile up on 880 in oakland. you can see, lanes going
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southbound heavy. even northbound towards the bay bridge. you can see some of the cash lanes starting to pile up just guessing here that folks made plans to at least try to avert the ac transit strike themselves. but you can see now, it has thin out quite a bit. heads up as we were showing you the area on 880. construction. lots of congestion in the area. also right now, word, mass transit, caltrans experiencing 45-men delays. that is system wide. if you use caltrans, heads up they are experiencing minor delays. as far as the rest of the traffic, stall right on the off-ramp on the lower deck of the bay bridge. that's causing slowdowns there. a tree branch blocking the slow lane on 280 at san jose. that's in san francisco headed towards bailey city. otherwise, things are quiet. we averted the ac strike, that is really, really good
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considering the east bay, how would you get around, especially with b.a.r.t. >> what if they would have went on strike in would have been crazy. you would have mike and me. >> we have you, and we're thankful. 5:20. controversial shirt is now off of store shelves after shoppers called it sexist. children's place pulled shirt after thousands complains. the shirt shows a check list citing the girl's best subjects as shopping, music, dancing but not math because, quote, nobody's perfect. pleasant tonight and san jose areas. if you live in los altos, the water is safe to drink despite that musty smell. cal water which serves 65,000 people has received a dozen complaints about a strange odor in the water. but the company assures its customers water is safe to
5:21 am
drink. officials blaming that smell on all of the algae from the sacramento, san joaquin delta. algae, common this time of year when the weather gets hot. one person says that smell is so bad he has to use extra soap and shampoo to mask that strength. >> when i turn on the faucet to hot you can smell it more. more of a distinct smell. >> ensure all customers whether it's safe to drink, this is purely aesthetic issue. it doesn't affect public health, public safety. >> easy to say if you don't live there. the water district adding powder activated carbon into a treatment plan hoping that will help fix the problem. big-time funk phenomenon going on there. at least it's safe to consume. >> i think a lot of people buy bottled. what the president has to say about a possible hillary run
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welcome back. big morning in cleveland, ohio, with the home, i guess now the former home of ariel castro. completely ripped down. we have live pictures for you of all of the rubble. ariel castro pleading guilty to a long list of just despicable charges, sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years for holding three women captive in the former house of horrors. the neighborhood, people gathering to watch this come down. people could not see this get ripped to shreds fast enough and try to erase the vision. the memory will stick around for a long time. we'll keep you posted on that. president obama waking up in southern california this morning, fresh off an appearance on "the tonight show" with jay leno. the president touching on a number of topics, including his
5:25 am
disappointment in russia's choice to give asylum to accused nsa leaker edward snowden. talked about a lunch with hillary clinton, admitting two got close during her term as secretary of state. >> did you notice her measuring the drapes or anything like that? >> keep in mine, she's been there before. >> that's true there she doesn't have to measure them. >> she spent time there, like eight years. the president did not say anything directly about hillary's possible run at presidency and white house in 2016. he also didn't say anything about a possible run for his vice president, joe biden. fans of downton abbey will have to wait until next year to watch the next season on cbs. the head of cbs has no plans to change the schedule of the series aired in the u.s. every year after the uk season concludes. allowing plot twists to spill online. pbs says spoilers and chatter
5:26 am
from uk watchers helped create buzz for promotion for the u.s. airing. season four of downton abbey stars january 5th. i, for one, cannot wait. >> i have to get with the program. you and our producer are hooked. they talk every day about the episodes. i need to get involved. >> you do. we need to take the show to the uk to watch it there. >> it's not downtown abby. >> no. a common mistake. >> with an accent. christina loren, are you a fan? >> a little bit. we've got a good looking day shaping up. as you make your way out the front door, you have interesting weather elements to drive through especially up into sonoma county. a live picture. showers coming down across northern california. highly unusual for this time of year. but it is in fact the case. what i can tell you is, they aren't monsoonal showers.
5:27 am
an area of low pressure off the pacific. a cool day today. full forecast in moments. back to you. >> 5:27. update on our breaking news coming up. a 1-year-old killed, as well as the child's father. christie smith talking to police in oakland. what she's hearing in a live report. also tell you about a major airport in africa, simply destroyed following a massive fire. new details and what we're learning next. all we know is that my sister is missing. we suspect foul play because this is entirely unlike her. >> a bay area woman looking for her missing dog is now missing herself. the clues her family says she left behind.
5:28 am
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. breaking news out of oakland. a 1-year-old boy and his 20-year-old father shot and killed inside a home. what police are saying, coming up in a live report. into plus, up in flames.
5:30 am
new video of a massive fire at a major airport in kenya. the latest details, next. look for another unseasonably cool summer day. i'll let you know when the hot august nights return. your full forecast in moments. this morning, traffic already starting to pile up at the bay bridge approach. you think it's a tuesday, but no, it is a wednesday. out the door in time. little thick on the bridge, anthony. the golden gate bridge. looks smoother there with lights from the headlights coming our way. can't see a lot in the dark. but that is the golden gate bridge. closer to the weekend on this wednesday, august 7th. this is "today in the bay." 5:30. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. update to the breaking news we're following in oakland this morning. investigators are trying to figure out how a 1-year-old was shot and killed inside a home.
5:31 am
it happened early on ghormley avenue a few blocks from the 98th avenue exit off of interstate 880. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland where officers also found a young man we understand shot to death. any new details? >> reporter: good morning to you. this story is just awful. a 1-year-old boy and his 20-year-old father shot and killed. now oakland police are telling me those bullets went right into a back bedroom of the home, possibly the bedroom of the 20-year-old man been we're seeing police go up and down the street with flashlights looking for potential evidence while homicide investigators talk to people inside the home when the gunfire started overflight. neighbors on ghormley started calling in around 2:45 about shots fired. police believe six to eight shots fired into the back of the home. the baby taken to children's hospital in oakland, pronounced dead. the man died on the scene.
5:32 am
a while ago, a man and woman walked up and asked police if their son and grantson were okay. then they started crying. a woman with them distraught said this was intentional. at this point, no one arrested but i can tell you, police are speaking with neighbors, as well. we are told that a spokesperson for oakland police is on the way. as soon as we hear from her, we'll let you know what she had to say. christie smith, "today in the bay." brand-new video of a massive fire that is east africa's largest airport shut down. you can see the huge flames and black smoke going up from kenya's main international airport. quite the inferno. located in the capital city of nairobi. authorities say the fire gutted the arrival at the terminal where passengers passed through immigration and go on to get their luggage. the fire broke out on the 15th anniversary of the u.s. embassy
5:33 am
bombings in nairobi. officials telling us there are no immediate signs of terrorism. the airport is closed now until further notice. no shocker there. emergency crews can continue to fight this one and battle the fire. so far, good news here, no injuries reported. a morgan hill teen accused of raping a drunk woman expected to be in court this morning. the 16-year-old will appear in you've nile court but could be tried as an adult. the teen and his mother helped a woman intoxicated into her home. the teen allegedly went back to the home later that night, raping the woman, and then robbing her. police arrested the man after he admitted to having sex with the woman. family and friends of a missing oakland mother are desperate for any answers. sandra coke leaving her home in a mini cooper. she told her 15-year-old daughter she was going to meet someone who had information about the family's missing dog.
5:34 am
coke never returned. police found her car in oakland and her sister says two cell phones were found on the one on the oakland emeriville border and the other in richmond. >> we just need everybody's help in making sure that she comes home safely. and if there's anybody who has her who has any information about her, we ask you to please let her come home. her daughter needs her. we need her. >> such a tragedy. the family says somebody stole their dog in may and tried to get sandra to pay for the pet's safe return. sandra coke is a death penalty appeals investigate for the office of the federal defender in cram. family members say they know something is very wrong. commuters able to take ac transit. the agency and unions reached a tentative agreement, averting a strike. the agreement needs to be
5:35 am
approved by both sides but would include a raise and bert health and safety provisions acocordin to the union. ac transit serves 180,000 riders every day. charged with look into contract talks between b.a.r.t. and the union, the board will hear arguments from both sides why they have not been able to strike a deal. it will pass its report on to the governor who will decide if a cooling off period is necessary about. hearing starts at 10:30, downtown oakland state building. city council considering new regulations for adult-themed clubs. this is a discussion being prompted by a new bikini bar moving into the downtown area. been roy debob redell live. >> reporter: yes. later this afternoon around 2:00, the city's rules and open governor committee consider the
5:36 am
proposed new regulation to regulate the gold club here at market and santa clara. a gentleman's club that's supposed to open tomorrow in the old san jose savings and loan association building. even though nudity and strip clubs are banned within city limits the so-called bikini bars are not banned. concerned that the gold club would be pushing the envelope, something he doesn't want to see happen in the heart of the downtown. he's proposed new rules with hopes of reining what he fears will be happening behind the walls. proposal, no physical contact between the customer and dancers, a minimum distance between the two, no dancing on the tables, men minimum amount of lighting and early closing hour. ultimately they'd like to see this venue shut down. >> we won't allow nudity. other cities allow greater states of undress. other cities allow for doors to
5:37 am
be open to strip clubs, we will not. we don't allow strip clubs in the city. >> reporter: we have reached out to owners of the gold club for comment but nothing yet. the downtown san jose association told the "mercury news" they believe the new business will be good neighbors to the other businesses in the downtown area. bob redell, "today in the bay." time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking today? >> an interesting forecast. good morning, laura and jon. want to start with radar picture. quite a bit of shower activity coming down over northern california. this might catch some people off guard. headed towards sacramento, use your windshield wipers. you can see light shower activity coming down near santa rosa to sonoma. you can see widespread low cloud cover. throughout the first part of the morning. stop the clock at 11:00.
5:38 am
plenty of low clouds on the inner bay through the south bay. by 1:00, we'll see the sunshine and a cool day shaping up. temperatures, beautiful. no ac needed so far this month. it's been really mild. 73 in san jose. 57 for san francisco with a warm-up around the corner. maybe you're ready to go to work. anthony's here to help you out. >> you can see the fast cash lane starting to pile up, the move through the cash lanes are starting to pile up there. and down into 880 past the coliseum notice that traffic is heavy there. that's because there was overnight construction where two lanes closed. you can see on the traffic map that's causing slowing from lake merit down to the oakland coliseum. an accident in the castro valley at 580 and 150th street causing
5:39 am
slowdown. the vehicle to right hand shoulder. if you use the altamont pass that is starting to bog down. also 4 through ante cog. once through pittsburg, things are slow going. 5:39. a terror threat foiled. new word out of yemen hours after president obama addresses the issue of terror on "the tonight show." details in a live report. >> the so-called house of horrors in cleveland is no longer. as crews tore down ariel castro's home in less than two hours this morning. this is a live look as crews spray the rubble that's left behind. i'll tell you what could be next for the property. the thing is bee,
5:40 am
i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
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president obama heading to camp pendleton to meet with u.s. troops and family. this will be the final stop on the president's california trip which in case you missed it,
5:42 am
included a visit to "the tonight show" with jay leno. during the interview he covered controversial issues including the current terror threats overseas. >> it's a reminder that for all of the progress we've made, getting bin laden, putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on the field, that this radical, violent extremism is still out there. >> the president talked about tracie potts live in washington where we're getting word of a foiled terror plot in yem yemen. what are you hearing? >> reporter: new information on this, jon, in the last few hours. yemeni officials say there was a terror plot to take over their oil and gas facilities and they foiled that plot before it ever happened. this coming from a spokesman for the prime minister in yemen. they say that al qaeda members planned to dress up in uniforms
5:43 am
of yemen soldiers and storm those facilities and hold them on last sunday which would have been the 27th day of ramadan, to be concerned about the terror threat has been something happening on or around the observance of ramadan. but this is something that they now foiled. just releasing details about it this morning. the yemen government saying they're miffed, quite frankly, the united states pulled 100 people out of yemen of our embassy there, evacuated them when they were doing all they could to keep foreigners safe. they said by doing so, they think the united states may and played into the interests of those terrorists. >> what a day. tracie potts, thank you. an emotional day in cleveland where the home of ariel castro is officially wiped out. the so-called house of horrors where michelle knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus held
5:44 am
captive for a decade. one of the women was on the scene to witness the teardown and pay tribute to other missing persons. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us with what we're learning about what's next for the property. >> the teardown is complete as of a few minutes ago. we've just learned that the contractor who handled the demolition is doing all the work for free. and says all of the building materials will be shredded to nothing today. in less than 90 minutes, ariel castro's home on seymour avenue reduced to rubble. michelle knight was the only victim who showed up to watch, saying it was important for her to be there, to give hope to other missing people. moments before the demolition began, knight and neighbors released yellow balloons into the gray skies above, each balloon representing someone who has yet to find their way home. >> dear lord, give the missing people strength and power to know that they are loved. we hear their cries.
5:45 am
they are never forgotten in my heart. >> and we also just learned two adjacent, abandoned homes will be torn down, of ariel castro, as we give you a live look. you can see the crane, excavating picking up rubble. that will be completely gone by day's in. together, those demolished homes next door and the vacant lot will be turned into something good. this is according to county officials. michelle knight wants to turn the space into a garden with an angel. ultimately the victims and neighbors will decide what comes of 2207 seymour avenue. when castro signed over deed in court, he cried. when crews were clearing out the home earlier this week they found $22,000 in the basement. that money was offered to the three women but turned it down, saying they wanted that money to go to the neighborhood instead.
5:46 am
>> such an amazing story. thank you, marla. switching gears. 5:46. check in with the weather department. christina loren to tell us what's happening outside. what are you seeing? >> a little bit of everything this morning. good morning. you know what, we have interesting stuff happening. area of low pressure has moved in. we're getting light shower activity out there this morning over parts of the bay area. start with radar, nice looking radar. 6th day of august. are you kidding me? temperatures continue to rise slowly but surely. only going to see the mid to upper 70s. warmest cities across the bay. once that sun starts to make an appearance, we'll have to wait on that, possibly until 11:00 a.m. to noon. here what happens we're working with. showers start last night and continuing today. getting into the first full week of august, temperatures much cooler than average. they have been all month long.
5:47 am
win will play a factor. starting to see gusty conditions. hold on to your steering wheel tight. right to the science, area of low pressure sitting and spinning, got a push from the jet stream. that means we're going to see just a very, very edge of it move on shore today. that's going to bring about a cool day. we'll keep the drizzle in the forecast at least until 11:00 a.m. 57 degrees, that's it today in san francisco. maybe you have been wanting to get to the beach. santa cruz the warmest. you'll see sunshine there. better beach conditions headed our way as we get into the all-important upcoming weekend. 80 degrees it inland. 71 bay side. 57 coast. upper 70s for friday. starting to warm up slowly saturday into sunday. just a hint warmer. month into tuesday much warmer. great start tuesday. looking pretty good. we'll keep track of the showers.
5:48 am
he's tracking your drive minute by minute. >> good news. warming for the one. using the castro valley, if you use 580 through this area 150th, there's an accident on the right hand on the northbound side. once you get past it, things slow down headed towards livermore and eventually through altamont pass. good news if you use the altamont pass it's not too slow. it does tart to improve past livermore. and also highway 4, if you use this route through antioch, slow spot. once you get into pittsburg, things improve into the bay ridge bridge approach. if you've been using mass transit, a quick heads up. cal trans experiencing minor delays up to 45 minutes. everything else good to go. b.a.r.t. and of course muni. ac transit is in effect today, so no strike for that if you've been planning to use ac transit. south bay, green on the map.
5:49 am
things moving smoothly in the santa clara valley. >> 5:48. u.s. justice department filed the first criminal charges in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the sealed complaint filed in washington against an unspecified number of people. yesterday we learned name of one of the men charges, the head of the libyan militia. u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens and three other americans died in the attacks september 11th of last year. former president george w. bush expected to go home after undergoing heart surgery. doctors discovering a blockage in an artery in his heart during a routine examine this week. and they took immediate action and a stent was put in. procedure called successful with no complications. mr. bush, as you know, active, likes to run, ride his bike, expected to resume his normal schedule as early as tomorrow. a warrior there, getting back to
5:50 am
it. >> there you go. 5:49. speaking of warriors, they're going prime time, talking basketball. nba recognizing how fun that team is to watch. using technology to remean you to take a drink. what kind of drink? you to take a drink. female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. hearty oatmeal now softly baked with a drizzle of cinnamon. it's a brand-new take on a morning classic. soft-baked oatmeal squares. new from nature valley. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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5:52 am
welcome back. i like to start the day like that. picturesque. bay bridge. at this time, perfect colors bouncing all over the place. a kaleidoscope. a smorgasbord of look. 5:52. water right there that you're looking at, this is where the america's cup action taking place in the san francisco bay. sweden, artemus racing back on the water looking to get its very first win of the louis vuitton cup. yesterday the team not a great one, lost to the luna rossa in the race in one of the best of seven semifinal series.
5:53 am
artemus racing's very first race. the boat capsized in may which killed one of the crew members. the winner of the series will face the emirates team from new zealand in the louis vuitton cup fine. catch the day's action here on nbc bay area. bringing it to you live 1:00 this afternoon. that will shift our television schedule because of the race, days of our lives, make note, shifts up an hour earlier, get drama and insight and good stuff that they do. steve harvey and ellen will follow. how about this? basketball, war getting national love surrounding the upcoming season. prime time tv. thanks to the playoff run the gentlemen were looking at feeling good, golden state will play 17 nationally televised game is this season. that's a franchise record. warriors open at oracle taking
5:54 am
on the lakers. mark this one, the huge marquee game, christmas day, how about that? nba leather wrapped in a big red ribbon, clippers taking on warriors on espn. >> consider that your gift? >> might as well. it will top last year's. >> be quiet. 5:54. bank of america faces accusations it knowingly sold lousy loans to investors. not the first time b of a has gotten into this trouble. >> it inherited troubles when it bought countrywide during the collapse. this time the federal government is suing b of a for not telling the truth about the value of certain mortgage-backed securities. these are bundles of home loans that the bank collected and then resold as investments to outside investors. the claim is, among other things, the bank didn't tell people buying mortgages most of the mortgage holders were self-employed which was a credit
5:55 am
risk or the bank didn't even check the salaries of some of those mortgage holders, at least that's the claim. the bank denied wrong doing. here's a sign of the times. general electric one of the biggest companies in america, particularly interested in green energy will no longer make solar panels. the business just not profitable enough. it's not profitable at all. ge will sell the manufacturing business to first solar. several silicon valley companies jumped into the solar manufacturing business only to find it was a race to the bottom. are you familiar with camelback? they have a new app for do the glass which will remind you of messages, it's hot out, you need to hydrate. or hydrate, it's hot. i don't want to sound like a cranky old man, but you really need your google glass to tell you, you know you're thirsty. we called it having a drink of
5:56 am
watter. >> out of the hose. >> out of the hose. >> get off my lawn! >> 2,000 google glasses remind you to drink water. a bag on your back. >> it will tell your eyeball. are you listening? >> winking at me? >> happy to see you. check in with meteorologist christina loren. a look at the forecast. >> hey, good morning to you, laura and jon. temperatures looking good. 73 san jose. 57 san francisco. 69 degrees on the way to oakland. i always wondered how the water fountains at playgrounds get the sand in them. how does that happen? that's what i remember as a kid. how about you, anthony? >> yes. i'm tracking traffic here. i'm running back and forth. don't you see me running? i don't have time to be list listening to your weather forecast. i love you. i'm focused we lost our bay
5:57 am
bridge camera. we've got issues with that camera now. so that's what i was distracted with. but you can see, free month, things are moving smoothly. br bay bridge lights are not on. that's why i was distracted. otherwise, we'll show you, san jose, south bay, 101, things are looking good. palo alto, things are smoothly running along. we'll welcome the bay bridge camera. >> smoothly, running along, running along like you are as well. >> anthony slaughter a smart man when asked a he hears from a woman doesn't know the answer, always say yes. >> breaking news. a 1-year-old gunned down in oakland overnight. christie smith gathering the latest information from police. a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
see in break news, 1-year-old
6:00 am
and his father shot and killed inside an oakland home. new details ahead in a live report. a house of horrors torn down in cleveland. what a woman held captive there for almost a decade is saying as she watches her prison ripped to the ground. a raging fire shutting down the busiest airport in eastern africa for hours. why today's date is fueling speculation about the cause of the fire. we've been unseasonably cool all month. happy to report, showers on the radar this morning. we need those. unseasonably cool. but finally the heat's going to crank. we will tell you when. the metering lights turned on. things are starting to bog down at the bay bridge approach. out the door and quick check of the traffic around the bay. let's take a live look from the south bay. blue skies, waiting for the


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