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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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have done this three times. to protect your family by remembering the four ds, drain standing water. limit time outdoors at dawn and dusk and defend yourself by using bug repellent and covering your legs and arms. so far this year in california 18 people have been diagnosed with west nile virus and two of those people died. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the tips. there is no west nile fogging scheduled as a result of today's news. vector control said they need to find mosquitos that test positive for the disease before it sprays and human cases aren't always a good indicator because the disease can sit in your system for up to six weeks
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before you get sick. a follow up now to a story. a gentleman's club will open as planned tomorrow in the south bay. the san jose city council met today to discuss the grand opening of the gold club. the council agreed it will meet in the future to discuss whether or not it will consider tight rules and regulations for the business. the gold club is set to open a few blocks from city hall and described as a bikini bar meaning no nudity and no topless dancing. friends and family of a missing oakland woman are working to uncover more clues in the disappearance. police left with two bags of evidence. she hasn't been seen since sunday evening when she went to the store. both of her cell phones were found and her car was found in oakland. so far no signs of her.
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>> i just don't know who, you know, might have done her harm like this. you know, we have encouraged the police to follow every lead and to talk to everybody who, you know, she has been in contact with. >> today more than a dozen investigator colleagues joined the search posting flyers and adding expertise to the investigation. a life ended before it barely began. a 1-year-old boy shot and killed in oakland overnight. the murder has outraged the community. will it bring a change on the streets of oakland? cheryl hurd has more on the 61st homicide. >> i opened the door and my sister saying the baby was shot. >> reporter: she was asleep at 2:46 this morning when she realized someone was shooting in the back bedroom of her home. >> all i thought about was the kids. i didn't really think about
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myself. it wasn't about me. it was about the kids. >> reporter: 20-year-old andrew thomas and his 1-year-old son, drew, were sleeping in that back bedroom. they were both killed by gun fire. >> the suspect entered the yard and shot through the rear of the residence striking a 20-year-old male and also a 1 is-year-old child. >> reporter: oakland police are not releasing information about the motive but his aunt believes it could be in retaliation of another relative shot and killed last saturday. in oakland the children are the innocent victims. >> several children have been shot and killed within this last year. and itsier not only concerning but troubling. is the chief aware of it? absolutely. >> reporter: community members say they are fed up. >> the tipping point was a year ago when the first child got
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murdered and the first child was shot. ten years ago when the murder was out of control. in other news tonight a special panel appointed by governor jerry brown heard from both sides of the bart negotiations today. in the hearing bart and the unions laid out the laundry list of disagreements in the on going labor dispute. bart says there is currently a $62 million gap between the transit agency's proposal and the two largest unions. the unions say the number is 56 million. bart says it is offering a 9% pay increase over four years. the union wants 20%. bart says it is trying to reach a deal with money left over to invest in the future. >> everything they have done since april this year has been to delay, stall and impede the
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bargaining process. >> it is the district's pposition that modest wage increases for employees accompanied with increase employee share and medical costs are essential elements of a successful contract. >> governor brown will decide whether to enact a 60-day cooling off period otherwise bart workers could strike on monday. bart continues negotiations another major transportation agency successfully managed to avoid a strike without any outside help. late last night ac transit and union reached a tentative three-year agreement. the union says it includes a raise and better health and safety provisions. the agreement still needs to be approved by both sides. ac transit serves roughly 130,000 riders each day. the lunar boat was out on the water taking on artemis racing this afternoon in a race that featured high speed and high drama.
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nbc bay area live. folks cannot get over the beauty of the pictures you have and the daring action cht. >> reporter: it is great to see on our broadcast the graphics package put in by ac. it helps bring you inside the racing. you see the delta the differences between the two boats. those differences grew again today between artemis racing as they trailed for much of the race. last night we were out here and the wind was whipping around something fierce. tonight very low winds. today pretty low winds on the bay. some sluggish turns on the bay because of it. but they did get the race underway. right now lunar rosea looking pretty good. take a look. >> reporter: day two of the challenger series certainly challenging for the two teams matching up. trying to make a strong go of it in light wind on the bay. with the prestart relatively conservative around mark one
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luna rosa grabbing a lead. today not without its share of mistakes for the italian team. a hole in the prada boat taking a deep dip. both teams trudging with luna rosea taking the second straight win. here is luna rosa crew member. >> the boat is performing pretty well. some areas we can improve. i think we have it pretty much. >> reporter: artemis racing still looking at the positives to be had after back-to-back days of competition. >> arriving just under ten minutes behind. i think we performed better than we did yesterday. now we are looking for the next round. >> reporter: certainly disappointed. at 6:00 we will hear from that
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man we saw yesterday up on top of luna rosa's wing repairing it. and these visuals that we are getting out here during these broadcasts, something very, very special to see. >> i got to ask you a question. we are seeing some of these shots you are talking about, the bird's eye view. how are we getting those shots? >> reporter: well, it is not just the video but also the audio. on board these boats there are several cameras. five cameras on the boats themselves. you have helicopters in the air and chase boats bringing you the visuals. then there is about 13 different microphones and you can hear it with the artemis boat today as the wing kept bellowing throughout the day and it kept bellowing. when it gets down to it the america's cup television the vision as the defender of the america's cup wanting to host the event not just for
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spectatorers here but people around the world seeing the sights, what the crew members go through, the grinding and everything else that goes into helming this boat and what it takes to be on an ac 72. you feel like you are there. that is the scene here at the america's cup. >> thanks very much. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. looks like an improving wind forecast for friday's action on nbc bay area. clear skies in san jose. we'll have more on the gray days and your fog factor forecast. talk about going green. learn how one bay area company is turning algae into makeup. why it was important to be here today is because nobody was there for me when i was missing. >> a victim speaks. ariel castro's house of horrors is reduced to rubble. the story is next.
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the house of horrors is no more. the cleveland home where ariel castro held and tortured three young women for nearly ten years has been destroyed. the victims in the city continue to try to move forward. jay gray is live in cleveland. one of the victims was actually there today. >> reporter: terry, the house was reduced to a pile of rubble just less than two hours is all it took contractors to tear it down. as they now continue with the healing, the recovery process that is going to take quite some time here. as these walls that has kept such a horrific secret for so long crumbled to the ground
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church bells rang out and yellow balloons floated to the sky, symbols of courage and strength defined by the three women who survived unthinkable abuse for almost ten years inside. >> it was important to be here today because nobody was there for me when i was missing. i want the people out there to know including the mothers that they can have strength and hope and their child will come back. >> reporter: as the backhoe took the first swipe at the house gina de jesus aunt was in the cab. >> the house went down and now the community can live. >> reporter: evil inflicted by ariel castro who confessed to kidnapping and torturing de jesus, amanda berry and michele knight daily for close to a decade. >> he will sit in prison the rest of his life, the rest of his days.
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>> reporter: it only took a day to tear the house down and haul away the pieces. it will, of course, take much longer to pick up the pieces. for the three women held hostage and a community still reeling from what happened here. now that the debris has been completely cleared away it is up to the victims in this neighborhood as to what they do with that empty lot. most say they would like to see a memorial garden and park on the site. that is the latest live here in cleveland. in overseas news leave it to vladimir putin to create bipartisan support for president obama. lawmakers support the president's decision to cancel an upcoming meeting after russia granted asylum to edward snowden. the president's move sends a stern message of disapproval.
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president obama will still attend the g-20 summit. in health matters news you can use. a small study of older adults without dementia suggest chocolate could help keep brains sharp as they age. blood flow to the brain is key to memory. researchers at harvard medical school had 60 adults drink two cups of hot chocolate every day for a month. participants experienced increased blood flow. only four percent of women deliver on their due date. even when researchers know the exact day an embryo implants in the wound. they found hormones could indicate an early delivery while older women tended to deliver later than average.
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the study published today in the journal found the average time from ovulation to birth is 238 days. another study shows women who live in urban areas face an increased risk for post partum depression. researchers in canada found those who lived in rural areas, about seven percent suffered the baby blues. ten percent of new mothers living in big cities suffered urban areas have more immigrants who may have less social support. knee replacement surgery often as an injury decades earlier. nearly double the number from ten years ago. doctors say it is possible major knee replacement surgery can be avoided later in life when
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preservuation techniques are performed. >> surrounding cartilage suffers. if it is sewn back together the surrounding cartilage becomes maintained. >> orthopedic surgeons point out the best things you can do is to stay physically active and maintain a healthy weight. tonight dr. nancy snyderman looks at the procedures for total knee replacement. another unusually cool day. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> temperatures down ten to 15 degrees. we are tracking nearby showers. doppler radar continues to remain dry at this hour. let's get a look at cool numbers. 60s in the north bay. 68 in santa rosa. below average for the east bay. 74 in livermore and 73 in san jose. cooler than average weather i thought would take a look at how hot it can get.
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some of the hottest weather on this day back in history. gilroy topping out at 107. santa rosa 99. san francisco at 92. still can get very hot here in the beginning of august but, again, we have been lucky the past couple of days. throughout thursday the cooler th average weather is going to continue. cloud cover at the coast, by the bay and inland. temperatures starting in the mid to upper 50s. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow we get the sun in here. temperatures just in the upper 60s. let's get you to the live high definition network. plenty of sunshine. in about three to four hour period this afternoon we did see about 15 degrees warming off to the north. fog line is present across the coastal mountains continuing to move in for tonight. looks like part of the marine layer is weakening. you can see how strong it is in san francisco. that is a sign of another foggy
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and milder day for tomorrow. let's get a look at your fog factor forecast for thursday. all counties highlighted back to the trivalley and at the coast line. thick fog there with areas of drizzle. by the afternoon wide spread sunshine inland. if you are headed to the coast line do expect the fog to remain present. here is the one thing as we are starting to see the pattern break down you can see we get a little clearing here. that is a sign of the pattern starting to break down and some warmer temperatures on the way for this weekend. otherwise for tomorrow we stay below average. 79 in san jose. a few 80s. for the east bay 76 in pleasanton. 76 in walnut creek. still mid 70s. hop over to almeida and hayward mid to upper 60s for you. cool, breezy and blustery at the coast line. upper 50s and low 60s.
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75 in napa with 69 in oakland. upper level low pressure stays offshore over the next 48 hours. gradually it is going to produce rainfall real close to us. here is the thing. as we head throughout thursday also friday looks like most of the rainfall to the north. any kind of green you can see here across the north bay will likely translate to drizzle as we head throughout thursday, friday and saturday's forecast. across the north bay do expect areas of drizzle that will have the wind shield wiper going on your car. this weekend temperatures start to warm up but not too hot. mid to upper 80s coming our way as we head throughout sunday and into next week. >> summer next week. >> finally. >> yes. coming up the high cost of love. how much money it will run you to say i do in one bay area city.
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do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
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today san jose celebrated five years since it installed the first electric vehicle charging station. charge point gave san jose the 50th station. the largest independently owned electric vehicle charging stations in the world. back in 2008 the city of san jose was charge point's first customer. san jose was the first in the country to install charging stations. tonight's powerball jackpot is up to $425 million. after no winners this weekend the jackpot jumped to the third largest in powerball history.
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stores known for selling winning tickets seeing a jump in business. the lump sum payout is $244 million after taxes. if there is no winner tonight jackpot will go to world record highs largest ever 590 million earlier this year. looks like you need to win the powerball in order to pay for a wedding in the bay area. san francisco is the 12th priciest place to say i do according to the knot real wedding survey it costs more than $35,000 to throw a wedding in the city. in new york city the average price cost was $76,000. what kind of wedding is that? >> must be very fancy and memorable. makeup goes green. the bay area company behind a under water adventure that ends up on your face.
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery.
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and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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it's a skin care product made from algae. it is coming to a store near you from a silicon valley bio tech company. >> the latest innovation in the green space. scott budman who looks younger already i think spent the day in the lab. is it for real? >> it is green as in algae. i have some for you to try in a minute. first a new opportunity to take algae and turn it into something commercial. this is one way to make
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cosmetics. anna is taking algae and several processes later turning it into skin care products. it is part of what south san francisco bio tech company is able to do with algae, shake it, refine it and eventually let you wear it. >> our product development team has identified out of all of the strains specific ones that are actually producing compounds that are very good for the skin. >> reporter: good for the skin, good for her bottom line, already known for turning algae into fuel it has the deal to sell the line of cosmetics through skin care giant sephora. >> cellular regeneration benefits to the skin, hydration benefits to the skin. you get antiaging products that actually really work. >> reporter: from the lab to a
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cosmetics store near you. and it all starts here with a strain of algae. >> so algae into cosmetics. it is here. it goes on sale tomorrow. 79 each. >> that is not bad. >> it has a green tint to it. >> that is probably the algae. >> it is a little bit oily. >> pass it over here. it feels good, actually. it blends right into the skin. it is antiaging. give me some more. i need it all over my face. >> you look amazing. >> another word for algae. >> wouldn't it turn people off a little bit? >> for the fuel so far so good. they sell a lot of fuel derived from algae. as far as cosmetics we don't know yet. >> it smells good. >> it is not all that green and doesn't look like algae. it is green which a lot of people in the bay area like that. >> people eat algae for better
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health so it must be good for your skin, too. >> see what i look like in six weeks. on the broadcast tonight, chilling effect for the u.s. and russia after president obama abruptly cancels a summit with vladimir putin. tonight, what's behind the decision and what it means. moving on. a house of horrors where three women were held captive is torn down as one of the victims rises up to start a new life. pool safety. tonight the issue getting urgent new attention over those drain covers at the bottom of the pool. and must-see tv. more than 30 cameras capturing their every moves in one of the best new shows in black and white. "nightly news" begins now.


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