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tv   Today  NBC  August 12, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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nobody was hurt. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 6:25 with a live local news update. >> have a great day. we will see you tomorrow. good morning, breaking news, good morning. breaking news, a sinkhole swallows part of a resort near disneyworld overnight as officials worry it's only just the beginning. we'll be live at the scene. reunited, 16-year-old hannah anderson back with her father this morning after the dramatic end to her kidnapping ordeal. this morning, new details on her rescue. a tearful tribute. lea michele makes her first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend, corey monteith. >> he was very special to me and also to the world. >> her emotional message to their fans today, monday, august >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
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and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm david gregory in for matt today along with natalie morales. that was very nice to hear from lea michele. first time we saw her in public. had to be very hard for her to do. >> i thought she was so poised last night knowing eyes of the world were upon her. this is the first we heard from her since her boyfriend died and we'll have more on her a little bit later. and there is a controversy at the state fair pap rodeo clown donned a president obama mask and then announcers openly mocked. well, residents and policies on both sides of the aisle are not happy. details on that.
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breaking news near orlando this morning. a sinkhole causing a resort to partially collapse. our nbc affiliate is in orlando this morning. marina, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. quite the scare for guests here. this resort is about 6 miles out from walt disneyworld. many of the guests coming back from the night after spending all day at the parks and once they got into their room they reported hearing popping noises, window shattering. emergency crews here in minutes and evacuating all 36 guest from two buildings affected by this sinkhole, and all of them accounted for and thankfully no injuries reported. the elevator was the first part to go once the ground gave way and about 3:00 this morning the west wing of one of the buildings also tearing away from the rest of the structure. >> what are you hearing from officials about their concerns of some of the surrounding buildings at this point? >> reporter: well at this point,
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david, emergency crews deemed the surrounding structures as stable, and that sinkhole 40 to 60 feet in diameter, and 20 feet deep, but luckily everybody is accounted for and surroundsing buildsings are stable. >> all right. marina, thank you very much. david, thank you. new details this morning on the dramatic rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson. the missing california teen found in the back country of idaho over the weekend. idaho over the weekend. her alleged abductor shot and killed by the fbi. joe friar is in boise for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. hannah anderson beginning the process of reuniting with her family thanks in part to a group of horseback riders that shifted the focus here to idaho. deep inside idaho's harsh wilderness, four veterans of the outdoors knew something wasn't right. >> just a gut feeling. like they didn't belong.
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>> mark and christa john and mike and mary young were riding their horses in the backcountry when they stumbled upon two strangers from california. >> they were like a square peg going into a round hole. they didn't fit. he might have been an outdoors in california but he was not an outdoorsman in idaho. >> reporter: what they didn't realize is they were talking to hannah anderson and james dimaggio. the man suspected of murdering her mother and brother. >> they didn't want to talk to us whatsoever. >> reporter: it all made sense when they got home. >> the amber alert was on the television and i told my wife that was the girl we saw on the mountain. >> reporter: by friday they saw the heavy camouflaged car and fbi agents led them to the campsite deep in the mountains. it took 2 1/2 hours to find the spot. >> they waited until the two
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were separate ensuring hannah's safety. >> reporter: they are not saying what transpired when dimaggio was shot and killed. hannah was reunited with her father sunday. welcome news to her grandmother. >> i'm excited for my son who gets to have her. he lost his wife and my beautiful, handsome grandson. we have to work at getting closure from now on. >> reporter: for hannah's safety and privacy, authorities are not releasing any information about her whereabouts. at this point it's unclear when she is going to return to southern california but we can tell you her family there is anxiously waiting, savannah. >> joe, thank you. the two couples that encountered hannah and were instrumental in her rescue are with us now. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> mark, let me start with you. what were some of the red flags for you if you could reel them off? >> oh it was the fact that they
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were totally out of place when they was up there. they wasn't dressed for the occasion and they just looked like one of them was scared and the other one was just blank. didn't want to talk to nobody. that's quite unusual. >> yes, indeed. mike, i know you tried to engage with them. did you think that she looked under distress at all, mike? >> well, when i seen her she had a fearful look in her eyes. and that put up a red flag for me. >> krista as i understand it, you in that moment felt there was something wrong. you even wanted to talk to hannah but there was concern that something terrible might happen if you tried to confront them right then and there. can you tell me about that experience? >> yeah. that happened later at the lake when she was sitting there soaking her feet. we just kind of watched her and
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i was talking to jim prior to that telling him that whatever possessed them to come way out here in the wilderness. and he said that she picked where they went last year on a trip which was hollywood and los angeles. so this year was his turn to pick the trip. so that was a plausible, you know, explanation to why they would be there. >> mary, what was your impression of mr. dimaggio? do you think he was acting like her father or something else? what did you think that relationship was? >> when we passed them the first time, he had his arm around her waist and was kind of holding her close. i felt that he was doing that to try and protect her from the horses as they were going past on the trail. she did look a little frightened at the time. >> and finally, mike, very
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quickly, the more i read about this area, how remote it is. the more astonishing it is that she was ever found. in your mind, what are the chances? >> very, very small. i spent a lot of time in the back country and chances like that just don't happen. >> well, thank you so much. i know you were very instrumental and we really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> she said earlier it was a one in a trillion chance that they would have run across them and made that connection. >> i was shocked to hear in the back country like that, but just the power of being observant. they looked like they didn't belong there. >> trying to engage in conversation and the little hints that came out in the conversation. >> got to trust your gut. absolutely. meantime mounting tension in egypt this morning. >> that's right. topping our news this morning.
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supporters of egypt's ousted president are digging in this morning in cairo. security officials threatened to crack down on protestors setting the stage for more confrontations. nbc's richard engle is in cairo with the latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. several thousand protestors, supporters of the ousted president morsi barricaded themselves into the square not far from egypt's international airport. they blocked off all streets leading to the square using brick walls and sandbags. they say they won't leave until president mohammed morsi from the muslim brother hood is reinstated to office. the egyptian army and police called on the demonstrators to disperse. in fact, egyptian forces were expected to move against the demonstrations with tear gas and maybe even sending in tanks. so far that hasn't happened.
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it's unclear right now if the egyptian government is going to use force knowing that could trigger violence that would be hard to contain or might just try and wait this out. natalie? >> richard engle in cairo, thank you. president obama begins his third day of vacation on martha's vineyard today but he won't be able to leave his work completely behind. kristen welker is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. this is a working vacation for president obama but there will be plenty of time for r and r as well. on sunday president obama played golf. cameras captured him expressing a moment of frustration after missing a putt, but he hasn't been able to escape the debate over his government surveillance program. on friday, president obama announced new steps aimed at increasing transparency. republicans have typically been
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supportive but on sunday michael mccall said on "meet the press" that the steps were window dressing. he said mr. obama hasn't done a good enough job of explaining the program to the public. democrats welcomed the steps, most of them that the president announced but some including the senator continue to express concerns about privacy rights. any major changes to the surveillance program will have to wait until september when congress is back in session. natalie? >> thank you so much. >> now on what's moving the markets. kayla is here with more. good morning, a mix of reports on a global economy will steer the stock market into the red this morning even with investors on vacation. she has been cashing in her hard earn facebook stock. she has $91 million last week by selling facebook stock as the company neared it's highest point since going public.
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and snail mail is staying afloat for now. the u.s. postal service lost 700 $40 million in the last three months. that's a lot less than it did a year ago. the reason, consumers are sending fewer and fewer letters but more expensive packages. natalie. thank you so much. a vermont man hailed as a hero for his athletic on the ball field. take a look. looks like a home run, but check out this catch. he grabs the ball with one hand and goes flying -- if you you can see it in the back, zoom in. >> now his teammates go crazy. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> there's the catch. you can see it better. now if it looks a little familiar in that green monster there it's because it is a mini-replica of fenway park in boston. he took one for the team. >> do you think he'll be feeling sore at all today? >> no, the glory is worth it.
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he won't walk for a week. >> he'll be living off that for a long time. >> they did go on to win the game. >> that's important. >> nice. >> bill karins is in for al today. good morning to you. what can we expect for the weather. >> first, i have a reel for you. this was yesterday, last night in moscow, this is a picture of bolt, just finished, just won the championship and look in the background above the stadium. the lightning bolt went off just as he finished the race. his name is usain bolt. >> i'm going to say real. >> it is real. it's from the agency free press. that's one of the posters you want on your wall. as far as downpours go, who has the worst commute? i am go with kansas city this morning. showers, thunderstorms and downpours over the top of you. we had a heavy downpour roll right through manhattan here in new york city. it's still summertime and humid and you can get this hit and miss showers.
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over the next three days. broken record, the southeast and tennessee valley you once again had a best chance of getting the downpours. another soggy summer for you guys. that's your national forecast. a look at the weather outside your window in just 30 seconds. . over a thousand styles hundreds of fits dozens of washes and one very happy you. sears has the brands you love. so you found a few yeah, a few and only at sears, do shop your way members get an extra 20% back in points. this is the jean scene. this is sears. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to start with this foggy shot over san francisco. flight delays of about an hour and 15 minutes. otherwise looking good all across the nation. evything out of your major airports right on time. we'll keep you updated all morning long. temperatures will be a touch
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warmer, 86 degrees for you today in livermore. 73 in fremont. look for temperatures to climb all the way through the end of the week. we'll be in the upper 90s by sunday. the heat is back. at's your monday forecast. david? >> bill, thanks. now to politics and the idea that it's never too early and some big names in the republican party already appear to be making a play for voters in 2016. nbc's peter alexander is in the washington newsroom this morning with more on that. good morning. >> good morning to you. the iowa caucass are 28 months away. they're so far off they haven't set a date yet but the next round of presidential wannabes are not wasting anytime. they're converging on the states that will cast the first vote in 2016. >> it's great to be back in iowa. >> get back to the constitution. >> this country has to be brought back from the edge.
7:16 am
>> as a famous iowan once said, if you build it he will come. >> if you build it, he will come. >> that applies to politics too. drawing some of the republican parties heavy hitters. all potential 2016 hopefuls. like rick santorum that won the iowa caucuses just last year. >> i have a lot of faith for the andidate on either
7:17 am
side has declared that they're running. they're dropping plenty of hints. that include vice president joe biden. savannah, aides confirm that he will be the keynote speaker at an annual steak fry in iowa next month. >> get used to iowa, peter. thank you very much. appreciate it. here at home, good news at the pump. the average in for a gallon of gas dipping to $3.55. down six cents in a week. experts predicting prices rest of the year. will keep comin tom costello is at a gas statiof the year. tom costello at a gas station in bethesda with the story. good mor in bethesda, maryland this this morning with the story, an. >> reporter: hi, savannah. experts say that's because refineries
7:18 am
good morning to you. that were maintenance are >> reporter: that's because up running. we're finding down on the summer travel refineries are back up and seas. in a few weeks, in september, we'll be running and we're winding down winter gasoline blend. on the summer travel season, and why couldn't we have gotten in a few weeks in september s news a few we'll be switching over to the ? just as our great family summer getaways are windi winter gasoline down c news that why couldn't we gas prices are have gotten this news a few months ago?ming down. >> they have to come down sometime. >> reporter: price just as our great family summery get aways are winding down comes news that gas prices are also coming down. >> they have to come down $3.79 in la sometime. te february. they fell in the spring only to >> reporter: prices actually peaked with a national average of $3.79 in late february. they fell in the spring to climb in egypt ne and july amid the and u.s. refineries going offline for maintenance. with demand unrest in egypt and u.s. startw in august, prices have refineries going off-line for maintenance but now prices haves started to drop again with analysts saying they will keep predictsing they'll -- predicting they'll keep going down as the country prepares to switch to a cheaper going down as we switch to a le winter gasoline. cheaper winter blend of >> prices could drop between gasoline. >> prices could drop to 20 cent ace gallon from the start of september to the start of t of of october. >> reporter: by october. december, he says, the average in could drop >> reporter: by december the $3.
7:19 am
at this station in l.a. where national average could drop to $3.20 a gallon..07 a gallon, it can't in this station in l.a. where enou unleaded is going for $4.70 a gallon it's can't come soon enough. >> it's a hassle. you you're planning your week tart plannin because you can't drive as muchr week. as you want to because you can' want to because you can't spend as much as you want spend as much as you want to. t. ♪ >> reporter: for now, the trend lower >> but for now the trend lower is good news for mike who owns owns a fleet of ice cream trucks in l.a. and has held his fleet of ice cream trucks in ever since california l.a. and who has held his wallet since california averaged $4.67 $4.67 last october. >> businesswise, this is definitely a matter of life or death. as it gets closer to last october. $5 a gallon, i have >> business wise, this is thin doing something else with debt -- definitely a matter of trucks. >> reporter: here is the big variable -- life and death. in hurricane season right now. experts say if even one storm as it gets closer to $5 a approaches the gulf coast, gallon, i have to think about doing something else with my pe trucks. pump >> reporter: here is the big variable. we are in hurricane season right now and if even one storm 20 ev approaches the gulf coast we could see prices at the pump jump by 10, 20, 40 cents a gallon. 2guys, they are predicting we c however come 2014 they're ould predicting we could see gas gast prices hit three year lows. thr lows. back to you.back to you. >> that's what we want to hear.
7:20 am
tom costello in bethesda, maryland. >> that's what we want to hear. com tom, thank you. here coming up -- >> don't you move, he's going t. he's going to get you, get you, get you. you get you. >> the rodeo >> the rodeo at the missouri t state fair state fair drawing outrage for openly mocking president obama. and lea michele's first public appearance since the death of corey montieth. her emotional tribute to her boyf openly mocking president obama. andlylee" >> and lea michele's first but f public appearance since the a n death of cory monteith. her emotional tribute to her boyfriend and glee costar. but first on a monday morning,
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coming up, crime. crooks targeting and selling your pet. >> first your local news. that targets and sells your pets. your pet. >> first your local news. ♪ tonight, it's family style.
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turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. ♪ the time is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. the chp investigating a deadly party bus crash that happened overnight the bus ran off 280 near alpine road. the driver lost control and hit a tree. a passenger on board died at that scene. another person, possibly the driver, was found injured wandering around that area of the crash. crews busy putting out a big house fire in the neighborhood on poplar road near the vacaville premium outlets. a witness says flames got as high as the trees throughout in the area. there were several loud explosions coming from the home during this fire. good news to report, nobody was
7:27 am
hurt but three buildings and several cars were destroyed. b.a.r.t. trains are up and running today, despite no labor agreement between the trance sit agency and the unions. today marks the start of the 60-day cooling off period ordered by governor brown. both sides will be meeting again later this week. if no deal is reached by the end of that 60-day cooling off period, workers will have the right to strike at any time. around near the bay area, that cooling-off period, christina loren tells us it is over, going to be hot. >> it is. unfortunately we've been so nice, unseasonal cool for the month of august. today temperatures close to average, 57 in livermore, at noon about 75 degrees. rounding out the day in the mid 80s. hey, that means better beach conditions. 78 for los gatos. that goes for redwood city as well. as we head through the next couple days, temperatures will heat up. the real heat wave starts as we head to the second half of the wooengd. we want to make sure you're
7:28 am
aware because it's also the time when a lot of kids are heading back to school. >> traffic will change one schools come back into session, especially the colleges. right now 101 moves nicely. we see slowing around capital expressway, starting 680 past the airport, 280 and 87 showing the shift in traffic flow northbound. 580 showing slowing, but starting to sort itself out. a new issue west toward san marrone. debris in the roadway, south 880 toward san mateo some slowing.
7:29 am
7:30 am
for all of you out there who loved and admired corey as much as i did i promise that with your love we're going to get through this together. >> what a moment at last night's teen choice awards as lea michele paid tribute to her boyfriend cory monteith who passed away. we'll hear more from her in a moment. 7:30 on a monday morning. it's the 12th of august, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie alongside david gregory in for matt and natalie morales. >> a warning to pet owners about something called pet flipping. criminals who find your lost dog and sell him or her for quick cash. one victim is going to share her story. >> if you need a reason to reach out to your grandparents, you're going to want to stick around. there's a new study that shows it's important to have that relationship for your health. >> very interesting story. we'll begin with a controversy at the missouri state fair where
7:31 am
an announcer and rodeo clown are under fire for mocking the president. >> reporter: caught on camera, a rodeo clown wearing a president obama mask getting jeered by announcers at the missouri state fair on saturday. >> don't you move. he's going to get you, get you, get you. >> fair goers say the crowd cheered as the other clowns prodded him and played with his lips while one of the announcers asked if they wanted to see the president run down by a bull. >> he's going to get you obama, he's going to get you. >> perry dean was in the audience and filmed it on his cell phone. >> like an effigy at a klan rally. there would have been no reason to mess with his lips if he was a white president. >> he calls it partisan for an event that receives taxpayer money. >> i know i'm a clown. he just run around acting like
7:32 am
one and doesn't know he is one. >> missouri politicians from both parties expressed outrage over the incident. the democratic senator issued a statement on sunday calling the rodeo act shameful and unacceptable urging her home state to be, quote, better than this. the lieutenant governor, a republican tweeted i condemn the actions disrespectful and ask the governor to hold people responsible for the other night accountable. for "today," nbc news, new york. well, fair organizers released a statement that says the performance by one of the rodeo clowns at saturday's event was inappropriate and disrespectful and does not reflect the opinions or standards of the missouri state fair. we strive to be a family friendly event and regret that saturday's rodeo badly missed that mark. >> that's pretty crazy. >> it is, indeed. we'll take a turn now and get a check of the weather from bill that's in for al. today's weather is brought
7:33 am
to you by new so slimming dresses, skirts and pants only at chico's. well, this sign has tears on it as the rain drops have fallen on the plaza. why is that? >> this is my first day of retirement. >> all your friends teachers are back at school. >> yes, they are. >> smiling and laughing. >> ann, sorry. >> really heart felt, right? as she's on vacation too to rub it in more. let's talk about what we're going to deal with as we're going throughout the weather story. globally let's talk. this was the strongest storm of the year globally. 140 miles per hour winds. this was a typhoon. this is utor. went to the philippines last night. 22 fishermen are missing. we're trying to get news of the damage that took place in the northern philippines. in the atlantic here at home, have you noticed we haven't had a hurricane yet this season? i have to knock on wood somewhere. usually at the beginning of august we get our first hurricane. there's none in sight.
7:34 am
let's keep the good luck coming. as far as today's forecast, a lot of rain out there. downpours from new york city into the appalachians. i'm worried about flooding and the possibility of flash flooding. i'm watching wichita to little rock. that's the best chance of getting too much rain too fast. that's a local at your national forecast. now, here's a thanks, bill. 7:34. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is sunol. a little low cloud cover left over. mostly clear sky already. that means a warm day inland and a really comfortable day at the beach. 70 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in santa cruz. elsewhere forecasting about 86 in livermore, 84 in concord. we keep the heat coming the next few days. in the 90s by saturday. upper 90s and a heat wave expected schb through wednesday of next week. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and you my good friends, if you ever want your hour by hour forecast you can get that at
7:35 am
natalie, david and savannah, back to you. >> now to lea michele's first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend and glee costar cory monteith. >> she appeared on last night's teen choice awards breaking her silence with a tearful and touching speech. >> i just wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell everyone out there how much all of you love and support has meant to me over these very difficult seasons. thank you. not that i had any doubt before, but you guys are most certainly the greatest fans in the world. >> breaking her silence, an emotional lea michele took the stage last night tearfully thanking the audience during an acceptance speech at the teen choice awards. >> for all of you out there who loved and admired corey as much as i did, i promise that with your love, we're going to get through this together. he was very special to me and
7:36 am
also to the world and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile, and his beautiful, beautiful heart. >> people have been waiting to hear from lea michele for several weeks. and when she emerged on stage and spoke from her heart about how important her boyfriend and her cast mate was to the show it really resinated with the audience. >> fans reacted to the speech instantly across social media. does anyone else really want to give lea michele a hug right now? that was truly incredible. lea michele was such a strong person. her speech made me cry my eyes out. the speech marks her first public comments since her boyfriend was found dead last month. he died from a combination of heroin and alcohol. >> the choice tv show comedy is
7:37 am
"glee". >> the show that made him a star won the award last night for choice tv show comedy giving other cast members a chance to remember their friend. >> we lost someone that we really loved and that all of you guys loved too. we are very fortunate to come back to a show where we feel the love of family and corey was like a brother to us and like a dad. >> but the words from lea michele wearing a necklace with corey's name on it had the deepest impact. >> so whether you knew him personally or just as finn hudson, corey reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts. and that's where he'll stay forever. so thank you guys so much. thank you. >> now michelle is already back to work on the set. the show is preparing a special tribute episode to monteith. it will address the issue of drug abuse. important. >> did a beautiful job. it's nice that the show won as well. >> absolutely. >> well, coming up next, we will switch gears, a new low for criminals.
7:38 am
finding your lost pet and then selling it for crash. >> and a little later on, an unexpected bump in the road for the woman attempting to recreate amelia earhart's final flight. but first, these messages. ♪ now, meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. ♪ they slim, smooth, and shamelessly flatter, exactly where it matters. the so slimming collection. so fabulous. only at chico's and vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? back now at 7:42. this morning on rossen reports, a new crime that will anger pet owners. jeff rossen is here with more. >> this is going to anger a lot of people actually. when you think criminals can't stoop any lower, they surprise you. if you ever lost a pet you know how heart wrenching it is, and scary too. but now police say thieves are preying on the lost animals. it's called pet flipping. they find lost dogs and instead of returning them, sell them for a quick buck. that ball of energy, that's rosy, huge and feisty. it's why lisa wagner loves her
7:43 am
so much. >> that's a girl. >> reporter: but this summer, rosie got loose. lost on the streets of indianapolis. >> it's almost as if you lose a child. they got lost. well, a dog's not much better and they can't talk. >> reporter: you were scared? >> yes we were very scared. >> reporter: desperate for help she posted these flyers all over the website. when she went to a lost dog website, great news, rosie was found but this con artist already claimed her. posing as rosie's owner. >> she knew it wasn't her dog but she claimed her and next thing we knew, she listed her for sale on craigslist. >> reporter: that's right. this poor missing dog was being pawned online. price, $50. >> it's just despicable. >> reporter: it's called pet flipping. crooks finding lost pets and selling them for cash. at least 10 cases in indianapolis this year alone and police fear it's growing.
7:44 am
>> how are these criminals doing it? >> sometimes they'll just find a missing pet. sometimes they'll answer a found ad and claim to be the owner of that pet or sometimes they'll steal it right out of your yard. >> reporter: it can get worse. when lisa tracked down the woman trying to pawn rosie she said the thief tried to extort her. >> she texted us and said if we gave her a $250 reward she would give our dog back to us. >> a ransom. >> basically. >> meanwhile you called the cop ises. >> yeah, and they were on their way to her house. >> reporter: police arrested the woman that fled guilty to fell t -- felony theft. >> do you feel bad about what you did? >> no, why am i supposed to. >> do you? >> i feel bad for the person but not the person, no. >> she wouldn't apologize saying she needed the cash. >> i'm a single mom, i have fraternal twins on the way and i
7:45 am
have a one-year-old and the economy is hard nowadays. >> you did it for the money. >> for diapers for my kid. >> you were going to use the money from the sale of the dog to pay for diapers. >> yeah. >> whatever the reason, lisa says there's no excuse for stealing a member of her family for money. >> what is your message to the pet flippers? >> you will get caught. it is awful that people would put other people through that kind of agony. >> we are just glad rosie is back home with lisa. police say crooks can make anywhere from $50 to $1,000 on one dog depending on the breed. how can you avoid becoming a victim? police say don't leave your pet unattended outside even in your own yard, even if you have a fence. if your dog goes missing check the pet section of craigslist to see if someone is trying to sell it and get your pets microchiped. if someone finds your dog it's an easy way to prove you're the true owner. you can get it done at the local
7:46 am
vet pretty cheap, pretty quick. >> it's a shame you have to go to those lengths but people are doing that now. >> can't believe we're saying that. >> jeff rossen, thank you so much. when we come back, the pay-to-stay jail in california that's raising eyebrows. does it make time too easy? after this. >> it's -- i don't know, it's like she loves to get her -- thank you so much. the corner of "taking in the scenery" and "hey, they're taking our stuff," no need to panic. walgreens has over 8,000 stores across the country with all your prescriptions on file and just about anything else you might need along the way. because you never know what the road will bring. so swing by walgreens today for all your summer must-haves like snacks and sunscreen, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy. kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪
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7:49 am
ten luscious colors. try new almay liquid lip balm. it feels great on my lips. only from almay. you got to try it we are back at 7:49 with a jail in california that found a controversial way to make money. inmates playing for premium cells with flat screen
7:50 am
televisions and new mattresses. >> he asked that we call him robert. not his real name. convicted of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. >> this is my first time doing any time. >> reporter: he'll serve at least two years but robert and his family paid $72,000, 100 a day to spend those years here. it's the so-called pay-to-stay jail. there's no gangs, there's no violence, nothing to fear. >> in the end it came down to i'd rather spend the money and be safer. >> reporter: the money also buys flat screen tvs, a computer and media center and an environment pristine by comparison to county and state lockups where movies like violence seems almost a cliche. it's atm justice. >> if you have a lot of money that that somehow will translate into how the judiciary streets you. that's un-american and wrong. >> reporter: but it was right
7:51 am
for a small seaside city hemorrhaging $700,000 a year to run it's 30-bed jail. so they ran ads looking for convicted criminals that will be paying customers and found plenty. >> we'll make up 4 to $500,000 in revenue. >> reporter:n his crime novels he'll have them boasting. the tough guy in the toughest prisons knows first and foremost how to stay alive. this is not that kind of jail. >> but it's still a cage. >> it's not disney land. >> still a lockup. alone with whatever torments you. >> regardless of how nice the place or safe is you're always locked in your own head. >> but he admits he's doing easier time because of a stacked deck. >> it's always stacked one way or another. some people have better access to resources. >> reporter: exactly what the critics of pay-to-stay jails are saying. for today, nbc news, california. >> that's going to start some
7:52 am
debate. >> i wouldn't call that hard times. >> no. >> not exactly hard times but you also have these cash strapped cities. >> yeah and jail overcrowding as well. >> interesting story. >> i don't know. straight ahead here, no minivan for her. beyonce shows off how she rolls with her family. >> then from the office to a night on the town. the art of wearing a white shirt. after your local news. ♪ [ bats squealing ] we weren't really morning people. we're vampires after all. then we tried this nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains. now, we love mornings. it's amazing what we're getting done. [ laughs ] whoa. slow down, boy.
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7:56 am
it is 7:56. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. attorney general eric holder set to be in san francisco this morning, expected to announce major changes to the criminal justice system. holder speaking at the american bar association national meeting starting at 10:00. nbc bay area has a preview of the speech which will suggest scaling back harsh prison sentences for some drug-related crimes, also releasing elderly non-violent offenders. also attending that conference, former secretary of state hillary clinton. she is the guest of honor this afternoon where the aba will recognize her for her legal career and her help in advancing women lawyers. clinton did work in private practice in arkansas and graduated from yale law. right now let's take it outside. meteorologist here to give us a look at monday and beyond. >> a little foggy here, 7:56,
7:57 am
san francisco. lepts show you sunol, quite an improvement over the past 15, 20 minutes. blue sky overhead, a little cloud cover sticking the the hills here. overall this is going to be the sky that we all get to enjoy later today. as a result, warmer weather headed our way, 86 in livermore, 78 in fremont and 78 on the way to san jose. comfortable conditions around the inner bay, a little on the warm side as well out in the extreme east bay. temperatures keep climbing as we head through wednesday. by the end of the weekend near triple digit heat returns to the bay area. >> slow drivingwise. northbound 880 past the coliseum. you see in the gray area that christina talked about, we have a slow dive as well from the coliseum into downtown. same stretch on the match shows 580, that's a great ultimate westbound. north toward the bay bridge, an earlier stall just cleared from the connector as you make the overpass. the nimitz approaching the toll plaza as well. also farther south, an earlier
7:58 am
crash, sounds like things are moving to the shoulder. still activity slow on 880 from mill pete dass.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ music playing ] >> we're from katy, texas. >> it's my birthday. >> and we're spending it with the "today" show. >> we love the "today" show. >> hey mom in pennsylvania. >> i'm spending my first day of retirement on the "today" show. well, thank you for spending your day with us. 8:00 now on a monday morning. it's the 12th of august, 2013. nice start to the week for the folks at rockefeller plaza. but looking at the grey skies above, we may see rain later tonight. i'm san van guthrie along side david gregory. matt has morning off today but you were saying hello to the nice folks in rehabilitation
8:01 am
center -- in rockefeller plaza. >> it's nice and cool. >> i don't think there will be rain later. >> you don't forecast a bad hair day. >> no. >> coming up on trending, nobody would want to get fired. can you imagine if your boss decided to let you go and fire you on the spot while 1,000 coworkers were listening in on a conference call. >> the circumstances are interesting there. and more on our on going series, the art of -- this morning it's about how to wear the white shirt. my wife doesn't think i look good in a white shirt. says i should avoid it. it's a wardrobe staple we know. >> i don't know how to tell you this, but we're doing white shirts for women. >> i realize that but i'm just speaking from where i'm standing. >> maybe it will be a follow up segment we can do. >> very good. >> tomorrow we want to remind you about our interview with jimmy fallon. he'll open up about his baby girl winnie, using a surrogate
8:02 am
to have her. his plans for the tonight show and more. >> he's a great guy. winning guy. we'll go back inside to natalie. she has the top stories. good morning everyone. the international backlash against antigay legislation in russia is spreading ahead of next year's winter olympics. we're getting a chance to see how athletes will handle it as mass cow hosts the track and field championships. michelle kosinski is in moscow. michelle, good morning. >> right, this law passed unanimously in june is propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to children. it's clear in intent w. the winter olympics in sochi right around the country we're hearing strong reaction from top leaders in government, arts, and sports. it's a glorious olympic replay. going to distance.
8:03 am
usain bolt riling up the crowd. but outside the stadium what spread is anger. protests in england, scotland, belgium, canada, the u.s. where owners of gay bars dumped russian vodka. >> it means you can be arrested if you say something even positive, simply positive about being gay. >> that includes on the internet. no one is really sure how or how much this will be enforced but there have been arrests at protests and dutch film makers interviewed a teenager about the gay community. it's drawn celebrities from celebrities like lady gaga. why didn't you arrest me when you had the chance russia? because you didn't want to answer to the world? and president obama said something twice. >> nobody is more offended than me. >> but says the boycott that many are calling for would hurt athletes. >> the former diving champion
8:04 am
who is gay agrees. >> make a statement that way. let them shine. >> some are already making statements. runner nick simmons competing now in russia wrote in a ray with a russian athlete i'll shake his hand and thank him for his country's generous hospitality and then after kicking his [ bleep ] in the race talk about my friends back home. >> they say the russian leaders assured them that the law would not affect athletes or attendees but everybody has to obey russian laws so now they're asking russia for more clarificati clarification. >> thank you michelle. the california teen kidnapped after her mother and brother were killed has been reunited with her father. 16-year-old hannah anderson was rescued saturday at a camp site in the idaho backcountry.
8:05 am
an fbi agent shot and killed the suspect, 40-year-old james dimaggio. the pair was located after they encountered a group of horseback riders that called police. a 2-year-old boy abducted after a double homicide in rhode island was found safe on sunday. he was wandering alone on a street in providence rhode island. he is the son of one of the two women found dead inside a house sunday morning. two suspects are now under arrest. a tennessee mother is a peeling a judge's ruling that changed her baby's first name. she was in court because she and her baby's father could not agree on a last name for their infant son. but the judge didn't approve of the baby's first name and changed it to martin declaring that messiah is received only for jesus. >> well, dozens of people were evacuated overnight when a giant sinkhole began sexual loeg up a resort villa near disneyworld.
8:06 am
guests heard loud noises and windows cracking as one building partially collapsed and another began sinking. >> the world's fastest man usain bolt has a fitting photo to go with that name. just as he reclaimed the world 100 meters title in moscow last night, a bolt of lightning flashed right overhead. that perfect number captured by a french photographer. it's a beautiful shot. >> norway's prime minister went under cover as a taxi driver for a campaign video stunt. he chatted with potential voters as he drove them around. passengers were surprised when they were finally told who was behind the wheel. especially a person who apparently had complained about his driving skills. well, that will show you. it's 8:06 right now. let's go back outside to savannah and david. >> pretty clever idea. you might hear things as a candidate you don't want to hear. >> let's go across the plaza. bill is here for al. good morning again. >> what if it was taxi
8:07 am
confessions? that would have been interesting. parker is one of three boys in this little picture here. which one is you buddy. >> this one. >> yeah, that one. we knew that. who is your baby brother. >> hudson. >> who is this? >> logan. >> logan. very good. cute little family. congratulations to you, mom. let's talk about your pick city of the day today. let's go down to where we're dealing with the rainy weather in mississippi. tupelo today, scattered storms in the forecast. yes, your blue suede shoes, elvis from tupelo, mississippi. the worst of the weather by far right over the top of kansas city. if you're down from interstate 70 or down to arkansas that's where the heavy rain will be from showers and storms. we're looking dry in the west. this weather pattern hasn't changed for three or four weeks. hot and dry in the west and in the east relatively cool and every now and then just like this mor
8:08 am
thanks, bill. 8:07 now. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, what you can make out here. i can tell you right now the low clouds are going to be with us for most of the daylplp in san francisco, but you will get gel a couple of bits ofñi sunshine. most comfortable conditions right around the innerq xdbay. 75 for instance in oakland. then the heshu is on as we head through tomorrow climbing by 90s return wednesday. upper 90ed by that's your monday forecast. savannah, david. >> thank you so much. coming up next, trending, while the name sake of amelia earhart recreating her flight has explaining to do this morning. >> tracy morgan will give us a tour of his shark themed man cave. it's outrageous. first, these messages.
8:09 am
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now with blue fig & orange blossom scent. when freshness meets care, your skin will sing. bright, rich. new blue fig & orange blossom. it's fresh at its best. we are back at 8:12 with what is trending today. trending on twitter, a morale boost that didn't go we are back at 8:12 with what is trending today. trending on twitter, a morale boost that didn't go that way. aol ceo tim armstrong was trying
8:13 am
to rally his troops. the focus was the company's patch local news service which was bracing for cut backs. it was going to be a tough call but with about 1,000 people listening in armstrong unleashed an outburst that has a lot of people talking. >> if you think what's going on right now is a joke and you want to joke around about it, you should pick your stuff up and leave patch today. and the reason is and i'm going to be very specific about this is patch from an appearance, abel put that camera down right now. abel, you're fired. get out. she the creative director. he took photos to post them on a company's internal website. he said he had no comment on the matter. >> you can understand the boss being mad when he takes out a cell phone to take a picture but it's part of the services they offer. so -- >> it's just a little strange.
8:14 am
maybe there's more of a back story to it. >> he seemed to react fast too. he fired him right away. >> he didn't hesitate. that's for sure. certainly made his point. you're fired is like a donald trump you're fired. >> right. >> also trending on facebook, are they related? we brought you the story about amelia rose earhart. she is the reporter who will recreate her name sake's epic journey around the world. one of the most common questions she gets is are you related to amelia earhart? after hiring a team of researchers amelia rose has a definitive answer. >> discovering who i am not has lead me to fully and finally understand who i really am. in the last 24 hours new information from a team of researchers that i hired shows what while i share a name and passion for flying with the first amelia earhart. we're not from the same family. nothing in life as ever as
8:15 am
simple as we want it to be. >> amelia rose went on to say she shares a common ancestry with the aimed aviator that dates back to the 18th century but they are not from the same family. so was this deception or just not giving the full picture. >> i think she honestly didn't know. i think when she was here on our show she did say perhaps a distant relative. >> she never tried to say -- >> it was her great grandmother of something. >> right. >> when it got to the point where she was getting closer to the flight she was like let me know for sure. >> the great thing is it launched her on this new journey and she is going to stick with that and by next summer she'll be launching on her journey around the world. >> she has the name, after all. >> right. >> we'll be following. >> exactly. >> also trending on yahoo, diamond in the rough. here's a story sure to give hope to treasure hunters everywhere. the 12-year-old had been searching for 10 minutes when he stumbled across a 15.16 carat
8:16 am
stumbled across a 5.16 carat diamond. he was vacations with his family in arkansas when he found the brown jewel and named it god's glory diamond. the size of a jelly bean it's the 27th largest diamond found at the park. and the policy is finders keepers. they find about 2 diamonds a day there on average. i'm thinking next summer, here i come. >> the crowd will all go that way. >> a piece of trivia, the 25th largest diamond in the world is -- it's right here. >> get out of here david. oh my gosh. >> right. >> trending on google, who needs a minivan? cameras captured beyonce herself driving back from the hamptons in nice wheels. vintage rolls royce. daughter blue ivy in a car seat
8:17 am
in the back. the ride was a gift from jay-z and while the music super stars are generous they know how to spread the wealth. they gave out $4 million in bonuses to their staff of 80 people. >> she had long hair there. maybe that was pre-hair cut. >> maybe it was a wig all along. >> that's nice. >> i don't think there was a dvd player or anything. >> a little shade in the backseat there. a little shaded baby seat. >> it's a little confined. >> they'll muttle through. >> that looks like a sweet ride. >> straight ahead, new research that shows a surprising benefit to building a strong relationship with your grandparents, but first, the new push in oklahoma to put storm shelters in every school. it's being lead by the parents of children that were skilled in may's devastating tornado in moore, oklahoma. gabe gutierrez is there with the
8:18 am
story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. students in moore preparing to head back to school on friday. but as they deal with the pain of what happened here nearly three months ago a debate is raging over how to make sure that students across tornado alley are safe. when the tornado sliced through moore on that frightening may afternoon, residents took cover, but some couldn't escape. >> nothing feels like it's supposed to. >> reporter: dan and nicole still can't escape. >> i don't know how to call a place a home without her. >> reporter: their 9-year-old daughter was one of the seven killed at the elementary school when the twister rolled through. >> does it make you angry? >> absolutely. every day, all day angry. >> reporter: the school did not have storm shelters and many here have been asking why. >> do you think a shelter would have saved sidney?
8:19 am
>> absolutely. >> it is not a question of if tornadoes will come. it say question of when. >> reporter: local attorney john hunt is trying to come up with an answer. he brought together volunteers to raise private money forming a nonprofit organization called shelter oklahoma schools, sos. >> our goal is to put a shelter in every oklahoma school. there's over 1600 schools in oklahoma without shelters and we need to change that. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle, cost. hunt estimates the price tag would be upwards of $1 billion. since may, questions swirled about who should be responsible? the federal government? states? or local districts already strapped for cash? school officials say it should be all three plus donors. >> all that matters is that the students are safe and we provide the safe structures for them. >> many relatives are channelling their grief into sos raising more than $2 million so far.
8:20 am
>> no parent should wonder about their child's safety at school with weather. something like a tornado it shouldn't -- it shouldn't take kids. they're supposed to be safe at school. >> reporter: still sos has an uphill battle. since 1999 with another massive tornado tore through moore, fema grants funded the construction of 1300 safe rooms across the country, but only one state, alabama, requires storm shelters. and that's only for new schools. gabe, thank you very much. >> now to a new reason to call grandma. new study by researchers at boston college found grandparents and adult grand children who are close are less likely to be depressed. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this is a very interesting
8:21 am
story and it goes both ways and it's not just about thinking of grand kids as children, but thinking about how they grow up. talk a little bit, judith, about the study itself and what it found. >> so the study took grandparents and adult grandchildren and said what do they have to do with each other? let's look at two things. first, emotional support. they asked each person, how close are you? how would you rate this relationship and they compared that to depression scores and then more important they said how much instrumental support, meaning, how much stuff do you do for each other? household chores? financial support? advice? life decisions? and what they found was depression scores are lower when adult grand children, average age 31 and grandparents are closer and depression scores are lower for the grandparents only when the grandparents also give back. so if you give to grandma and
8:22 am
you take care of grandma but she didn't give back to you, she feels bad. >> that's the headline of this study. it goes to the wisdom it's better to give than receive. but a lot of us with our grandparents might say don't give us your money or you don't need to do significant for me but it's helpful. it's good if they're able to feel like they're giving you something. >> it is. normally we think of kids as the only ones that have the developmental milestones, walking or talking on time but adults have it too. for grandparents, their milestone is having that sense of purpose and to feel like their life mattered. to be able to give back and be useful and guide that next generation. it's a huge deal. >> not everybody so lucky to have living grandparents. i have my cousin here in new york who is a great grandmother who has an incredible relationship with with her grand kids. but she is the active participant. she's not just being cared for
8:23 am
and there has to be something unique. our relationship with our parents is one thing but as an adult with a grandparent you encourage us to ask them about life. >> well, ask them about life. you're 30 years old, show grandpa your resume. he's had a job. >> i'm actually 32. >> well, these have very simple but they're real. if your grandmother has the dishes she wants to give you and you really don't want them, take them. the number one thing we see is volunteerism. people that give and are connected have less depression and they live longer. this is medicine for all of us. >> it speaks to the point that all of us want to feel we have a purpose or a function. it struck me as i was reading the research on this, if you have older parents, i would think this lesson extends to them as well.
8:24 am
>> absolutely. one of the big things about it is we all learn -- we get through life by learning. we see it and do it. if you have the link where you can see somebody that's been there, done that and came out on the other side. it goes to make sense that we all feel better in knowing that we're going to be okay at the end of the day. it's a big reassurance. >> the short message is take the check. when they're offering you the check, take the check. >> take the check, take the pillows, take the dishes, but mostly take the advice. >> take the advice. >> thank you. >> thank you both very much. >> great discussion. appreciate it. coming up, dressing your best. david, this segment is not for you. actually -- >> i love the white shirt. >> who doesn't love a white shirt? you know there's an art to it. we'll get into that. a lot of different looks from casual to dressy. we'll have that after your local news. from casual to dressy. we'll have that after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
goo good monday morning to you. it's ñr8:26. we could find out if the body found belongs to a missing oakland woman. they say they could release the results later today. the body was found in the lower they were lookinge1 for 50-year-old sandra cope. she[isappeared on august 4th. police are talking to randy alano, former bokfpiend in kicks they say he is a person of interest in this case. want to check the morning commute. how's it looking? slower drive north past e coliseum. not unexpected but it is there.
8:27 am
visibilities okay here. we look at the map. we see a slower drive cominge1 out. really bog youçó downw3 headingó downtown. west 580, clear and a great option,'r you. bart is an option for oakland. richmond ise1 having delays. keep that in mind if you hit the rales. trains are running. there's your south bay drive, northbound çólp101 from 680 downtown. 237 clearing after an earlier crash, laura. thank you very much, mike. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming upq in a half an hour. hope to see you then.çó look at 'em.
8:28 am
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rethink possible. 8:30 now on this monday morning. the 12th of august 2013. we say hello to a great crowd out here on the plaza. they wave hello to the folks watching back home. i'm savannah guthrie along side david gregory in for matt and natalie morales. coming up, one of our favorite looks. the must have white shirt. you have to have it in your wardrobe. >> you ladies have all about color this morning. >> this morning we are. but we like a white shirt.
8:31 am
there's a lot of different ways you can style it. we'll show you one that will work for the office. one for a date. one for a big night out on the town. >> can you wear it past summertime, though? the crisp white shirt. >> first of all, it's me giving fashion advice but i say yes. we'll see what our expert says. >> we'll take you inside tracy morgan's over the top man cave. the main attraction is a shark tank. i have goldfish, he has sharks. but the point is they're both man caves. >> who gets in there and feeds them. >> also a reminder, we have not one but two big concerts for you here this week on the plaza. jimmy buffet, one of our all time favorites. he'll be here on thursday and then on friday country super star luke brian and he is letting you pick his final song. here are your choices. country girl shake it for me, drunk on you, or rain is a good thing. to vote just head to our website. you'll find out on friday.
8:32 am
>> i vote for drunk on you. >> no, it's a good song too. let's get a check of the weather. bill is here for al today. hey, bill; all right. ella is behind me here. i talked to her three or four times. if she doesn't do it this time, it's going to be trouble. hi ella. there you go. see, that was the reward. beautiful little princess. congratulations. and this group from iowa is trouble here. a lot of trouble. happy 60th birthday to this one right here. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this forecast across the country. the jet stream has been dominating the weather as it usual will you does but this summer it's a little unusual. it hasn't moved much. we have watched the below normal temperatures, a lot of wet weather in the southeast. in the west, seems like we're getting new fires popping up every day now. still very dry and the temperatures are very warm. the weather pattern doesn't change this week. it's more of the same. it's not raining every day in these area of the east up to the
8:33 am
tennessee valley but we see one or two or three days a week. as we go through tomorrow the heavier rains will shift to the mid-atlantic. we may get one or two stronger thunderstorms there where we could deal with heavy rain. >> if you happen to be having a wonderful 50th birthday and you need to know your forecast for the day today, you can get that at for more birthday news, let's go to willard scott. >> nobody in the world does it
8:34 am
like sara lee. that's what they say. if you've had their cookies, and wonderful sara lee pound cake, you know what i mean. providence, rhode island. unbelievable. some of the best lobsters you'll ever eat. we have a birthday buddy there. pearl nathan. happy birthday. she loves the ocean and loves to swim. even though it's 110 below zero in the ocean there. it's cold water. i know. and we have another birthday buddy, kenneth gibson from bethany, oklahoma. an old bible name. not oklahoma, bethany. you know that. 101 years old today. we have a beautiful lady named bubba oglesby and she is from panama city, florida. she 100 years old today. we wish her a happy birthday. you can't beat it. it's the best in town. waldo johnson, portland, oregon. another great town. a lot of good seafood up there.
8:35 am
i love the smoked salmon, delicious. >> lida sodora. 100 years old today and she is a piece of work. her favorite is olive oil. loves to put it in salads. can't beat olive oil. always good. flander dunham from baltimore, maryland. right over there. about 35 miles by amtrak. can't miss it. wish him a happy birthday. he is 100 years old today. loves the circus. been going since he was a kid. i mean a kid. happy birthday to you all in tv land. we love you. now back to the big apple in new york. >> willard, thank you very much. >> coming up next, that wardrobe staple, the art of wearing a white shirt from business to casual to business casual. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back at 8:38 with our on going series the art of. this morning, the art of wearing the classic white shirt, whether you're sporting trousers or a skirt. she is a today news contributor and e news fashion correspondence and senior fashion editor for marie clare magazine. how do you have time for this segment? we love the white shirt. do you think every wardrobe should have this? >> absolutely. you can wear the white shirt for every occasion. you could wear it for the office, the weekend, you can wear it for the red carpet, you could wear it to bed. you can wear it absolutely everywhere. >> to natalie's question, you can wear it year round. >> absolutely. >> the first look is what we're calling the on duty look. this is a white shirt for the office. tell us about what general is wearing. >> general is wearing obviously this great white shirt. this is a fitted white shirt.
8:39 am
so crisp and clean and buttoned up literally and metaphorically when you're at work. this is a great shirt and it's all about -- you want something you have to put it on and make sure it's flush to the skin and bend back excess fabric at the side and put the pants on after. >> spanks? tuck it into the spanks? >> definitely. a fitted shirt should not be skin tight. the buttons should not be gaping at the front. it should shut flush to the skin. >> i noticed you had it buttoned up to the collar which reminds me of the 80s. >> it's a new trend happening right now. instead of a tie. so you're doing the female version. >> thank you. we'll see you in a few minutes. now the flirty fun style. this could be date night and we have britney as our model. >> yes, britney in this fun pocket shirt. it should fit a little bit looser. soft to the touch. really soft to wear. and we put this underneath which
8:40 am
is a little flirty with it. >> what's that fabric? it looks like silk or something. >> yes, exactly. it's silk. you can find these everywhere now. it's a fpopular fabric. >> i guess she is wearing a cute, i guess pink bra or something. if you're wearing a white shirt and you don't want your bra to show, nude is what you want. not a white bra. >> nude bras. >> britney, thank you very much. you look fabulous. next, the cool weekend look. tell us about this look. this is jess. >> we have jess. a very cool look. she is a little bit rock and roll. the shirt is almost oversized. you want it to look a little borrowed from if boys. the half tuck which has become a fashion craze, you just grab the front of the shirt and tuck a couple of inches in the front and leave the rest out. >> can you turn around so we see the full half tuck. it's hanging out in the back there so you only want to tuck
8:41 am
the front. >> absolutely. it's funny. i use these on so many shoots and people ask for the half tuck. >> i love the denim shorts but what's an alternative with this kind of look? >> a clean skinny jean would look great. >> if she wore her leather jacket would she keep the shirt the same? >> absolutely. it says i'm a cool girl. >> jess, thank you so much. finally, we have the show stopper. when i see women do this on the red carpet i think it's amazing but how do you pull it off as a normal person. >> well, she is doing it so well. it's such a sheik look. you see helen miren do it. it's a tight shirt and pop the collar. it is the ubber glam. this is the very fitted shirt on top. >> i see you have the tough turned up a little bit. that looks good too. >> it's all about pops and details. >> then you have statement jewelry. would you keep the accessories
8:42 am
to the minimum other than the big piece? >> if you have that that's all you need to do. the skirt in itself is a big statement. >> should we have all of our models come out one more time? all right. take a look. thank you very much. savannah, if you don't have a white shirt in your closet, your advice is -- >> buy one. >> no, buy four. buy four right now. >> all right models. thank you so much. >> thanks girls. still ahead, a best selling author opens up about his brush with madness. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44 with the best selling author and journalist, the professor and the madman, now simon winchester is opening up about nearly losing his own mind with his new
8:45 am
e-book. >> how are you? >> talk about this episode. you were a perfectly happy guy going about your life. you first had an episode way back in 1965. you were reading this book which is right here on the table. tell me what happened. >> well, i was at oxford, second year. had just finished an essay at 2:00 in the morning, went to bed about 2:15. picked up this book, which i never read before. this was the copy i was reading. i got to page 32, bookmarked it and put it down beside the bed and went to sleep and in the morning everything had changed. everything was -- it's so difficult to explain even this removed but everything that was familiar suddenly seemed frightening. there was a picture on my wall, with the two cedar trees and the bridge, everything about it looked insane. i couldn't explain it. kept looking at this book, for instance and thinking bondage.
8:46 am
what does that mean? >> you were disoriented. >> i was utterly disoriented and got out of bed and walked up -- there was no one in the house. i pelt so depressed and i went back to bed, got up and found the clock says 4:00. i thought the clocks were wrong. everything was wrong. but it wasn't. i had slept for 8 hours thinking it was ten minutes. i remembered i had to go somewhere in the car. i found the car. couldn't remember how to drive it. crashed it. >> we're getting this picture and this happened -- you had multiple episodes of this where you're disoriented and you're afraid at certain levels. even on your wedding day this happened. as this progresses as they go away, these episodes go away you decide to have electro convulsive therapy. what did that do? >> first of all, i didn't decide. but a doctor said you have to do this. my wife at the time who tolerated all of this for the previous four years said okay
8:47 am
sign him into an asylum. i was then a newspaper reporter in this particular asylum in the north of england. i remember as i was wheeled in that reporter colleagues had written stories about how this was a place where patients were abused. i am hisable and disoriented and then they put these electrodes on my head. strap me down. >> one things of jack nicholson in one flew over the coo coo's nest. >> yeah. there were six of them. after six i never had an episode again. >> do you know why it worked? >> no one does. they say these are storms of complicatio complications. it's like rebooting a computer. you don't know why it works but it does. >> thank god the condition has not returned. >> it's never -- it's been now
8:48 am
48 years. >> why open up about this now? what are you hoping people come away with? >> one reason why i did is my parents that both died last year had been tremendously conservative old school british people and my father thought mental illness is for sissy. if you feel mentally ill go dig the garden. pull yourself together. they died, the ridicule was over and i was able to talk about it and i thought people that suffer from this kind of a condition should be aware that electro convulsive therapy, stigmatized as it may be, actually in some cases worked. >> it's to point out it's not for everyone. ernest hemingway had it as well. >> yes and others. it worked for me and you should go out and tell the world that for some people it does work and should not be stigmatized.
8:49 am
>> but one level of superstitious, do you ever read this book? >> i never have. i've seen the film on television. one of these days i will. but at the moment i'm keeping it at age 32. >> the e-book is the man with the electrified brain. thank you so much for sharing your story. coming up next, tracy morgan shares his story as well but in a different way. he shows us a tour of his house including the shark infested man cave you're not going to want to miss. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> people don't know this side of you. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly-baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon.
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[ camera shutter snaps ] we are back at 8:51 with a look inside the outrageous man cave of comedian tracy morgan. jill got a tour. i won't ask how you do that. just like your man cave. >> pretty much. >> pretty much the same. he was on 30 rock for seven seasons and welcomed me into his home to share his very own shark tale. >> reporter: we know tracy morgan best as tracy jordan, the fast talking funny man on 30 rock. >> there's a garbage bag in the hallway. >> even though his character is over the top. >> i love this corn bred so much i want to take it behind the middle school and it get pregnant. >> this is my man room. >> reporter: it's nothing
8:52 am
compared to how the real tracy lives. >> richard pryor and up there, lucille ball. she's an angel. >> reporter: but it's in his basement that he has more bite than you think. >> let me show you my sharks. >> reporter: this is the first man that ever says to me, let me show you my sharks. last year tracy decided to transform this empty wall. >> this is the room that walks and i want to change this whole wall. >> reporter: into his dream tank. >> this is jaws and this is the boat. >> were you scared of jaws first time you saw it. >> yeah. i was a kid. that's what inspired me to do this. i love marine life since being a young person. i was always fascinated with
8:53 am
marine life. so when i had the resources, i wanted to build a nice big shark tank in my house. >> reporter: with exotic fish and sharks flown in as far away as bali. >> how much does a shark cost? 65 or $80,000. depends on which shark you want. yeah, pretty expensive. >> reporter: what do you feed them? >> jumbo shrimp. take the tail off and they eat. everyone gets fed well. >> jumbo shrimp, i'd like to come for dinner. >> reporter: seven sharks, two sting rays, an eel, two tiger fish, corral and over 3500 gallons of water. the price tag, over $400,000. >> you said your water bill is not nuts. it's hard to believe. >> no, i don't think so. >> i don't think you know the water bill price. >> no, i don't. >> you see how i know he's thinking. >> this is outrageous. we're standing in your basement in a shark tank. >> yeah. >> that doesn't strike you at
8:54 am
all as -- >> i don't think it's normal but hey, i love it. >> he's the best. we should say a big congratulations to tracy and his fiancee megan. they just had a baby girl. doesn't it look like his face was super imposed into this photo. looks just like him. >> oh my gosh. >> look at this photo. she showed me this last night. she has not seen the sharks. >> yeah. >> there's a reason they call it man cave and not baby cave. >> ayman cave but he is hysterical and how hysterical that this is his basement. >> i have to say it's really cool. don't you think. >> i have imagines of jaws 3-d when they break through the tank. >> i know. >> really? the maintenance of it is huge. it looks great but i don't know, one of those -- >> fish food, you think? >> what are the big chairs of your favorite baseball team?
8:55 am
>> the lazy boy and remote. >> what will shave years off your look after your local news.
8:56 am
8:56. monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the giants are looking at surveillance footage from çó yesterday's game after an orioles player says he was the victim of a racist attack.ñi center fielderñi adam joneslp s the fan threw a banana at him in the ninth inning. jones is african-american. switch gears and check thee
8:57 am
forecast withw3 meteorologist. >> çó8:56. live look at san jose. forecast works like this for today. we're going to see plenty of mid 80s. plenty of mid 70s around the bay. midt( 60s headed your way. the bigñr story is the warmup. feeling very summer like. upper 90s by sunday.çó ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
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from nbc news, this is today's take from al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this monday morning, august 12th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. al has the day off. that's rock and roll by avril levine. before we get into our news today let's look at the new york daily news. anthony weiner. >> a picture that caught our eye. given all the troubles of anthony weiner. >> open up to page 4. this is at the dominican day parade yesterday right out here on 6th avenue. >> look at this picture right here. i don't know if you can see it. he's making like this goggly
9:01 am
eyed face and his tongue is sticking out. looks kind of crazy man. >> right. >> but even better than that is the picture right there which again very small -- i don't know if you can see it all that well -- but he is wealded a giant plantain. >> he is holding a plantain. >> didn't we talk about not holding produce or anything else. do not peel carrots. do not hold bananas. giant green plantains. >> you're at the dominican day parade. what do you reject it? >> you don't catch it. >> you know what, just stay away. >> he could probably use your help running that campaign. >> wow. >> moving on to a touching story. thank goodness, good news in all the bad news but this weekend they found hannah anderson alive and well. >> a little bit of good news in a terrible story. a 6 day hostage ordeal. the teenager found, 16 years old
9:02 am
as natalie said. her captor, jim dimaggio, 40 years on the floor a years of age was shot dead in idaho early saturday evening. he is believed responsible for killing hannah's mother christina and her 8-year-old brother ethan. hannah owes her rescue to this eagle-eyed group of horse riders. they were out riding the trails in idaho and saw a couple that didn't quite fit. it was an idaho man named mark john, his wife and another couple, mike and mary young. they happened upon dimaggio and hannah twice. mark john said they were like a square peg going into a round hole. they didn't fit. he might have been an outdoors in california but not in idaho. he didn't fit. >> they did engage in the conversation. there were a lot of red flags
9:03 am
that didn't quite fit the story. they said they were headed in one direction but they were in the opposite direction and a lot of other things that didn't add up and that and also hannah actually looked scared a couple of times. >> right. >> good for hannah and to have these people. they saved her life. >> after the fact they watched the news and they said wait a minute, those are the people we saw. we need to call this in and the effort from that point forward incredible. you have helicopters that spot a camp site and then they had to go back and land two and a half hours away. and hike in before they reached him and were able to take out the suspect, dimaggio and save hannah and authorities say not only did they save her life but she looks like she is in pretty good health. >> it's a remarkable and happy ending. but a lot of bizarre circumstances to this story. we'll find out a lot more about the relationship he had with this long time girl. >> long time family friend. the good news is that hannah was
9:04 am
reunited with her father breatt anderson. they'll have to cope with the loss of his wife and young son. another story that caught our eye this morning. a judge in eastern tennessee ruled that a woman needs to change the name of her baby. this woman was in court appealing this decision. it was a custody hearing about the last name. >> the last name was the issue. >> they couldn't agree on what the last name of the baby should be. >> but the judge said it's not the last name that's a problem. it's the first name because the baby's first name is messiah. >> and the judge did not approve of the first name messiah and ordered the woman to change the first name of the baby. this is the mother. here's what she had to say. >> never intended on naming my son messiah because it means god and i didn't think a judge could make me change my baby's name because of her religious
9:05 am
believes. >> of course she can't. of course she cannot. >> no but here's the child support magistrate's view on this case. she is the judge. >> the word messiah is a title and it's a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is jesus christ. it could put him at odds with a lot of people and at this point, he has had no choice in what his name is. >> what are your thoughts for children who are named jesus or jesus? >> well, i thought about that as well. and that is not relevant to this case. >> not relevant? jesus and is messiah is one in the same. >> a judge wants to speak to you about josh and luke.
9:06 am
>> actually joseph. it's joseph. so it's truly -- yeah, they're very biblical names. >> yeah. my view on this is i think the judge is probably good at what she does in terms of child dust custody, stay in your lane. >> i like that she says i didn't think about what when they ask the question about jesus. i don't think it really applies here in this case. whatsoever. not at all. >> a judge up the chain with good sense will review that decision and the woman is going to call her baby messiah either way. >> it's an odd name, though. >> a new study here shows that two out of three men think women should help pay for -- >> do you agree with that? >> i do not. most men say they feel guilty about accepting woman for the woman. they want them to pay but feel bad about it. of the 64% of men that want to split the bill, 44% say they would ditch a date that never contributed to the cost. >> well, here's the thing.
9:07 am
if i woman says obviously you have only been with christina all your life. >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> we pretend they don't exist. >> but if you had gone out on many, many dates. i guess there would come a time when you kind of agree on a certain formula that works. >> right. >> but also, if the guy is not going to pay, who reaches for the wallet? it's an awkward moment. >> think about yourself as the woman. >> i always offered. >> if he invites you to dinner and the check goes down on the table and the guy just sit there is, are you going out on another date with that guy. >> no. >> what if before the date he says this is going to be fun, do we agree we're going to split this? >> then it's not a date f. he asks you out then you would expect he is going to offer to pay, right. >> yeah, that's what i think. >> when i dated i have to offer
9:08 am
to pay or i'll buy you a drink at the bar or a dessert or something elsewhere. so i think there's other things that you can make up for it. when i first started dating joe we were already pretty seriously together and i wanted to surprise him with a trip and i ended up saving my money and buying the trip to spain and paying for everything. >> amazing. >> well, because -- >> the best date of all time. you took him to spain. >> it's where i grew up and i wanted him to know where i was from. it was a nice thing. i felt like i wanted to do it for him. >> so on the date, would you do the fake reach for the purse? >> no, i would also offer hey let me at least get something else and i would do the reach for the purse but it's not fake. i'd actually pull out my wallet and be like no let me. >> do the gesture in here -- >> wait, oh i forgot my wallet. just go to the bathroom and let him take care of it. >> that's a good way to do it. come back and oh, okay. >> i know guys that do that.
9:09 am
we like this video. i want to show it to you. burning up this web. this is a pretty great way to tell your mother that your due. this is a grandma in north carolina that got the good news she was about to be a grandma. >> we got your surprise for your birthday because we're not going to be here so we wanted to give it to you. >> am i having a birthday party right now? >> a little bit. so we're going to look -- we put it somewhere in the kitchen and you have to go find it. >> what is that? >> oh my god. >> what is it? >> what is it? >> what is it? >> oh, it's a bun. >> where is it? >> it's in the -- [ screaming ] >> it's a bun in the oven. >> that's a great reaction.
9:10 am
>> it's a like three camera shoot. >> they had cameras everywhere and they kept stumbling. they did this treasure hunt throughout the kitchen. not that camera mom. not that camera mom. she pulled out the camera and was like oh my gosh trying to be excited about whatever this is. and then she saw the bun in the oven. >> that is an awesome way to do it. >> so cute. >> congratulations to them. >> let's get a check of the weather. bill is in this morning for al. >> i need the follow up video where she meets the baby for the first time. let's talk about cool temperature and who zbeting the rain this morning. if you're on your morning commuted in mitt west this is the worst of it. rolling through kansas city, see the flashes on the map, those are live lightning strikes. all the heavy rain this morning from kansas city down to wichita is all going to shift in the next couple of days down to the southeast. sorry, one of those summers. kind of cool and more rain t 9:10 now. happy monday morning to you.
9:11 am
i'm meteorologist christina loren. clear sky. we have plenty of low cloud cover hugging the coast line and plenty of delays out of sfo. 86 on the way to livermore, 83 degrees in gilroy with that heat really cranking up. as we head through the mid section of the week and then this weekend we have near record highs. hope you have a fantastic day. 82 and sunny chicago. no complaints from you guys. your not there. you're here in new york. back to you willie and natalie. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up next, is the rising cost of college and the debt that often comes with it worth it? we'll do the math to help you plan for the future. we'llhey!the math to help you yummm! totally got it all! don't forget your favorites, girls. hey girls! the good ol'days when we could eat as we wanted. yes, but we are not 18 anymore. sometimes if i eat as i used to my digestive system gets out of whack.
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9:14 am
if you're a parent you probably had this thought at one time or another. how am i ever going to pay for college? it's a good question considering the average cost of tuition fees, room and board for one year at a public four year school is $17,860. for a private school the price jumps to $39,518. >> if that wasn't enough, heres more sticker shock for you. at 6% inflation, parent of a newborn need to put aside $463 a month for the next 18 years to cover the cost of a public college and here's what it is
9:15 am
for private college, $1,024 a month. >> here to serve up reality are two current college students. she's a senior at florida international in miami and julie mayfield is lindsey's mother who blogs about family finances. >> with us is senior vice president for say yes to education. good morning to all of you. >> good morning guys. >> hey there. natalie, let's start with your personal situation first. you're going to fiu and in your senior year. you'll pay $16,255 for tuition, books and transportation. you plan to pay for that. you got financial aid, about $9,000. you did get $7,500 in school loans as well that you're taking out but you feel like the cost of college is under control this year. >> based on my financial aid package from florida international university i feel confident i can go into my senior year almost debt free. >> you did take two years off,
9:16 am
is that right. >> yeah. >> to think things over for a bit and at that point and time your cost of college, you had $63,000 in student loans already, right? just for your first year. >> my first two years. >> as a first generation college student in my family, i had no guidance. so i had to rely on like scholarships and grants. however, loan hearss had to mak the difference for me. >> go back to your freshman year as you're entering college. what would you have done differently knowing what you know now. >> i would research schools like fiu and see that with a complete package to pay the funding i wouldn't have any college debt. >> let's move on to lindsey who is a senior at kansas. and your mother julie as well. let's go through some of the numbers. julie, you and your husband paid $44,542 in cash. lindsey paid $15,000 with scholarships she earned. lindsey worked to pay $11,000 for her personal expenses.
9:17 am
that adds up to 70,504. the goal here was to go to college and pay for it without debt. have you been able to do that? >> we have. through a lot of different avenues we have been able to do that and through my process we were very communicative as a family about finances which helps a lot and my parents made it clear to me that i had a couple of things to cover including being diligent about scholarships. a lot of students don't consider scholarships. there's something out there for everyone and after that it becomes a matter of keeping up the academic standards. you can keep your renewable scholarships and saving money even when in high school helps. >> nice to have a daughter willing to check in. >> wonderful. >> you raised her well. will you graduate without any debt for the most part. >> we are. we were able to pay for it as we went along. i'll be able to graduate with now debt. >> let's talk about the lessons from these scenarios.
9:18 am
a lot of students are facing thousands of dollars of debt but it's the only way they know they'll get an education. is it worth the debt in order to get that degree? >> i mean, there are certainly studies that show it's worth the bachelor's degree. that can be the difference. i love the word she used as communicative. this is the first time as a parent you're going to share with your child what you make for a living. how much you save. how much is available for college and what an appropriate time to do that as they're transitioning to adulthood and by having that conversation you can work backwards and fit the education to what you can swing. >> you thought it was worth it or you wouldn't have gone through this. >> how important was it to figure out a way that your daughter could get a four year degree. >> it was pornimportant that sh able to go to college and do it debt free. we wanted her to be able to start a business or live in a
9:19 am
high cost of living city or go to grad school. we wanted her to do any of those things. >> and quickly to wrap it up, lindsey got sclips holarships o own. that's an avenue -- there's so many different scholarships. you have to be your own guidance counselor. huge cut backs on guidance counselors in this country. two websites are great ways to get your feet wet learning about financial aid and scholarships available. >> community college is a great option for people. >> start for two years of community college and then switch to a school that will accept your credits. >> thank you so much. coming up next, who wouldn't want to look younger? we'll show you how three women shaved years off their age with simple beauty secrets. but first, these messages. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step.
9:20 am
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a huge sinkhole swallowed a resort villa in central florida. the three story building started sinking sunday night. guests heard cracking noises and windows were blowing out. resort staff immediately started evacuating dozens of part-time. the resort is about ten miles west of disney world. the sink hole is about 50 feet wide. fortunately, no one was injured. good news for drivers this morning. finally relief at the pump. gas prices fell nearly 8 cents a gallon on average over the past two weeks. the nationwide average for regular is now $3.60 a gallon.
9:24 am
experts credit an abundant supply and a cut in wholesale prices. we do have an important recall to tell you about. 30,000 of the light up toys are being recalled because the metal conductor pin can come out cause a choking hazard. they were sold between july 2012 and june 2013. if you do have one, you can return it to the store. a sci-fi thriller starring matt damon was the big winner this weekend at the box office. elysium brought in $30.5 million in the opening weekend. we're the millers was second with 26.6 million and disney's planes was third. a vermont man getting the star treatment this morning after his game-savoring catch on the wiffle ball field. take a look at this. looks like a home run goes out over the outfield, over the green monster there, but connor fleming managed to grab the ball
9:25 am
with one hand, went flying over the wall himself. if the field looks familiar, it's because it's the mini replica of the green monster in fenway. >> those guys are hardcore. >> be right back of your local news. unlimited breadsticks. unlimited salad. never ending bowls of pasta for just $9.99. did i mention it's all unlimited? never ending combinations of pasta and sauce. like new asiago garlic alfredo and even unlimited meatballs, sausage or new chicken fritta for $2.99. the never ending pasta bowl is back. it's all unlimited, but not for long. go olive garden! we're all family here. yep. how'd that happen? um... [ female announcer ] some things are hard for kids to digest.
9:26 am
rice krispies are easy. because they're made of rice, which is gentle on tummies. it's simple as... ♪ snap! crackle! pop! good monday morning to you. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the chp is investigating a deadly party bus crash on the santa klara freeway. the bus ran off interstate 280 near alpine road. the driver lost control and hit a tree. a passenger died at the scene. a driver found injured wandering around the area of the crash. crews have put out a big house fire in is he llano county. it broke out 2 miles north of the vacaville neighborhood. flames got as high as trees. there were several loud explosions coming from the home during the fire. no one was hurt but three buildings and several cars were
9:27 am
destroy destroyed. bart trains are running. today is the start of the 60-day cooling off period ordered by governor brown. both sides will meet again later this week. if no deal is reached, workers will have the right to strike at any time. we're going to have a look at the forecast and your morning commute after this. [ female announcer ] with box tops for education and safeway's ten percent back to school program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kid's school. from august 14 through september 10, look for products marked with the 10% apple tag. and earn even more by signing up for ebox tops
9:28 am
at almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one... ah, forgot jack's cereal! [ son ] what's for breakfast? um... try the...number one. yeah, it's pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. 9:28. welcome back. i'm christina loren. most of the low cloud cover has cleared san jose and that goes for the entire east way. through the afternoon, temperatures are warmer. 64 in san francisco and tonight, what a treat we have in store for you. the august perseid meet i don't remember meteor shower. right here in san jose, a nice shot as we head throughout the week. let's check on your drive. good morning.
9:29 am
perseid meteor shower. north 880 still slow right here at the coliseum. bogging down as you get into high street high rise. much calmer than a half hour ago. area.e show you the maps in the travel slow at the coliseum. actually, not so bad out of san leanne droe. 580 west has not been a problem. nice drive over the bay bridge. metering lig:7k are on but only a technicality atjrj point. we're looking at the bart system some delays. we recover from some problems. all trains are running. that's good news. thank you very much. the local news update coming up in a half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
[ music playing ] >> welcome back to today on this monday morning, august 12th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. j.lo, pitbull. >> i didn't recognize it was them. >> getting back together. >> good song. >> as we know in this business, there's nothing worse than spelling and grammer mistakes. we thought we would show you a few classics. they check for more than 50 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. some facebook fans submitted photos of public spelling mistakes. this is from nancy moran.
9:31 am
>> we're missing a d. >> that was a dg trouble. >> that's hard to see, carlsbad caverns. >> it's a grammar error. >> we can't see it. >> it's like the anthony weiner photograph. we just can't see it. >> seen it all. >> seen it all. >> saw it all. >> okay. how about this one from tim thompson. >> 12th street. don't get that confused. next one submitted by lee an lawrence. >> wow, in a school zone, that's right. >> see, i believe someone closed the c on that one. >> yes. >> you can almost see that that's the case.
9:32 am
>> all right. >> this one here, dride apples. >> that was pretty elementary. if we didn't get those we should probably re-sign on the air. >> our careers are okay for now. >> let's get a check of the weather from bill. he's in for al this morning. >> he gets it right all the time. >> science and math all the way. how many english teachers were cringing watching that segment. >> how about ifcould i pull tha shirt off? >> no. >> what color is that? you look like a highlighter. mom can find you. >> overall it's a quite weekend. we didn't have picture to show you devastating weather. that's great news. but we're still stuck in the same old weather pattern. we'll continue as we go throughout the rest of the week. still looking cool in the great lakes and still period of rain and thunderstorms down through the tennessee valley to the
9:33 am
southeast. the heaviest rains this morning are by kansas city and will shift later today in arkansas and then shift to the east coast. a little bit drier weather by thursday or friday. we don't have any tornado outbreaks coming or hurricanes coming. i've had people dare me to stick the mike in his mouth. do you know him? >> unfortunately. >> that's the way i like it.
9:34 am
stay quite. >> what did he just say? bill, thanks. this morning we're kicking off a new series the secret to. this morning we're tackling the secret to looking younger. >> fashion and beauty expert is going to show us how to shave years off our look with the help of three very brave women waiting in the wings. good morning. >> hey guys. >> we'll play a game with them and they allowed us to do this where we're going to play guess their age. >> are you ready? >> yeah i'm a little uncomfortable. i'll say everybody looks 20. let's get going. let's start off with a first photo of this lovely lady. delores. >> what do you think. >> i'm thinking 39. >> 37? >> delores come out. there's the big reveal. >> take off your age. do you want to do the big reveal. >> what? come on. >> no way. >> amazing. >> she has youthful hair. that's a sign of looking younger. so key ways you can get younger
9:35 am
hair is take a biotin supplement. that will help you get fuller locks and beautiful shine. if you have thinning hair you can use something called topic. these are hair building fibers that you put into the hair, you push it in and then you comb it through. the fiber sticks to your existing hair and make it look fuller and then you wash them out. >> she has such thick gorgeous hair. she doesn't need that much. >> she doesn't. you can spray shine on with this product. you think of these shine sprays and serums almost like shoe polish for your hair. this is a gloss that gives you the leave in look and then do this with a curling iron or velcro rollers. >> you can tell somebody's age sometimes by the hair. >> movement, shine, fullness, those are shine of youthful hair. >> true that you're single as
9:36 am
well. sell us. >> single and ready to mingle. >> you look great. thank you. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. moving on over here. let's take a look at the next photo first. let's try to guess the age. >> sonya. >> what do you guys think? >> we were so wrong last time. >> that's pretty young. >> i'm going to say 45. >> i was going to say 42. >> okay. always go lower. i see how you work. >> let's see what we got here. >> come on out sonya. >> oh, i'm right. >> i think you're right. >> okay. ready for the reveal. >> 46. >> 46. >> very good. >> i think i won that one. >> she looks fabulous. one of her secrets is beautiful skin, flawless make up. make up is something that can make you look instantly older. so you want to do a few key things. don't od on the foundation. that makes you look older. this is a beauty blender. >> i swrun of these.
9:37 am
>> aren't they the best? >> yeah. >> prevents you from overdoing it. keeps your make up looking caky. you want to define your brows. i'm going to demo on her. it stays on your brows. >> she has nice brows to begin with. >> it does. it gives you the look of a lift when you have a defined brow. just put on the brow and a super glossy formula. stay away from the dark vampy colors. they're going to age you. >> we have a minute left. >> okay. let's see the photo. >> let's see if we can get marnie's age. >> i'm thinking 31. >> i'm going to go 33. >> come on over. >> see i went lower this time. >> here's marnie. also single and ready to mingle. do your reveal. >> stop it. >> 43. >> wow, she looks fantastic and one of the really key look younger tricks for her with fashion is dress appropriately.
9:38 am
she could wear her 14-year-old daughter's clothes because she has such a great figure. keep it simple. a beautiful blue palate is age defying. >> those are great pants. >> the nude heel also elongates the leg and keep the trends minimal and if all nails you can go to a classic wrap dress like this. >> don't raid the 14-year-old daughter's closet. >> they're both single america. let's make this happen. >> thank you. >> you all look great. rebecca george, thank you so much. >> thanks rebecca. >> tomorrow, the secrets to finding love. ladies, come on. if you're going to love what we got also, coming up next, wild times with unusual animals. >> you're in trouble. times with unusual animals. >> you're in trouble. >> something i'm very ♪ over a thousand styles hundreds of fits dozens of washes and one very happy you. sears has the brands you love.
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mmmm... delicious! with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, activia helps regulate your digestive system. put a smile back in your day! ♪ activia ♪ dannon [ bats squealing ] we weren't really morning people. we're vampires after all. then we tried this nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains. now, we love mornings. it's amazing what we're getting done. [ laughs ] whoa. slow down, boy. mornings. who knew? kellogg's nutri-grain fruit crunch. love the morning. we've seen our shares of weasels and snakes come to the studio but nothing like this. >> david is back. he brought along lizards toads
9:43 am
and a flying squirrel. good morning. >> hey guys. >> let's start with this guy. >> this is a lizard from south america. it's called a cayman lizard because it looks like a crocodile tail. there's several that have a similar tail. >> he looks crocodile like. >> when they swim in the water people mistake them for caymans but they're not eating big animals the way a cayman would. they are snail specialists. they have strong jaws that will crush them right down. >> how is the hand doing? >> he has sharp -- they actually help them climb trees. they like to hang in the trees above the water. but let's go on to our next animal. we have a few cool ones. >> so this one you want to back,
9:44 am
this is an animal so amazing. members of north america. they're members of the weasel family and live in the northern forest. but they're declining because we cut down the forest. they're starting to come back. an amazing animal. this is one of the only animals that feeds on porcipines. >> how does it do it. >> they flip them over and get at their stomach. it's an amazing animal because it has that adaptation. they eat squirrels and birds. >> it will bite your face and eat your belly. >> all right. why don't we go on to our next critter here. >> this one is one of my favorites. it's a three banded armadillo. those little front feet are like lady gaga shoes. >> they are. >> triple platform. >> they dig in the ground for
9:45 am
aunts and termites. they are the only armadillo species that can totally close up. you see this hinged shell. others can't do that. that protects them from predators. even a big dog or big cat like a puma are not going to be able to get in. >> you're so chilly aren't you? >> go warm up. >> we look at the flying squirrel. does a flying squirrel fly? >> they don't truly fly. >> they don't? >> one of the cutest on the planet. >> is this one sweet? a little skittish so we're not going to touch. they don't actually fly. i'm going to try to pull out the skin flap here. >> the tail. >> you see that? they actually glide. i don't think he's pulling it in tight there. they use that to glide. they jump off the tree and open up their front and back legs. they glide and then they steer with this tail. they can glide down and then go up like that to catch on to the tree. what they do is they're nocturnal they hang otolaryngology nut trees at
9:46 am
night and owls like to eat them. they'll hit the side and immediately zip to the other side. they want to get out of the way. >> is this the average size. >> yeah. look how adorable. >> tiny. >> they live all over the u.s. and they're as common as grey squirrels but since they're nocturnal and live high up in the trees at night, you don't see them. >> fun pet for the boy. >> this is the toad native to south america. this is a species that was introduced. >> you should put that in savannah's dressing room. >> it's awesome. these guys were introduced in australia. it's a great example of an invase tif exotic species. they were released to control pests. but they ate the wildlife. so don't release animals where they don't belong. >> david thanks. coming up next, i know a place ♪
9:47 am
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9:51 am
but over the weekend it leaked online. a lot of people wanted to listen to it. it has a different feel and sound to it than her previous songs. she went to great lengths to distance herself from her former self- >> we can hear it now as we go through this bit here. >> also people searching john mayer. what's the status there? >> i think they're on. >> on again. that's what i read. >> there are rumors of them proten shl protenially getting married. they did record a romantic duet. >> frank ocean is going to be on the new album as well. >> exactly. >> all right. other searches, ferris bueller and specifically the home. >> the home. anybody can remember this cringe worthy moment when the red ferari backs out and crashes through the window and lands on the ground. this home is in highland park, illinois.
9:52 am
it was for sale in 2009 for 2.3 million dollar. now it's for sale for 1 million. people are curious about how much is it going to go for? they remember the scene and want to see what it looks like. >> next up, courtney kardashian was hit with a paternity suit. >> she has been. her and her boyfriend scott disick alleged this model had a relationship with her back in 2009, about nine months before the birth of their son mason. she claiming to be the father. they're in the news for that reason. people are curious about this story as well. >> all right. and chris brown, he had his share of troubles and this time around there was a health problem or scare. >> he apparently suffered from seizur seizures. people wanted to find out what this is about. they said they related to emotional stress and negativity. he went online and posted about
9:53 am
it briefly. he has a new album coming out. he actually said this maybe his last album. so there maybe some concern on behalf of folks here too. >> all right. and finally, the big bang thrri actress also known as blossom. >> she announced her divorce in 2012 and made comments about that experience and how it's tough on the kids but she is trying to get through. >> all right daniel, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪
9:55 am
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9:56 am
yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. it is 9:56. good morning now. i am marla tellez. attorney general eric holder is in the bay. holder is speaking at the american bar association's national meeting in about an
9:57 am
hour. nbc bay area has a preview of his speech which will suggest scaling back harsh prison sentences for some drug-related crimes. it would also release some elderly nonviolent offenders. also attending today's conference, secretary of state -- former secretary of state, hillary clinton. she is the guest of honor this afternoon. the aba will recognize her legal career and also her help in advancing women lawyers. clinton worked in private practice in arkansas and graduated from yale law. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> thanks, marla. the micro climates are making an impact for today. even more so, we'll see the temperature separation from the coast and the inland cities. the heat cranks for today. plenty of 60s and 70s when i the immediate coast. temperatures are going to climb close to that century mark by the end of the weekend. we are looking towards a pretty
9:58 am
potent heat wave. enjoy the mid 80s today. 86 degrees on the way to livermore. tomorrow, closer to 90 degrees. let's check that drive. good morning, mike. good morning. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. nice, easy drive. the bay bridge to the north, the metering lights are off. easy flow across that span. 101, 92 westbound, we saw that coming towards us. over onto the map moving into the red area. south 101 towards san mateo, belmont, hills dale is where things start letting up. south 880, still a good amount of traffic but nothing major through the area. a little slow south past mission boulevard. west 270, crash moving towards the shoulder. >> we'll be back with the next news update at 10:26. see you then. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, erybody. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's fun day monday, august 12th. so happy you're here with us. >> this is the beginning of a huge celebration. these -- >> not for me. >> these balloons represent -- >> are the beginning of your -- we're doing a week-long celebration. >> why? yours was one day. >> you are turning 60. >> no! i refuse. refuse. >> not today. but it's coming up. >> why are we rushing this? >> because every day of the
10:01 am
week -- >> i have five more days. >> there's your countdown. >> look here. look closely at your cartoon. >> i can't see that far. i'm almost 60. >> the breasts -- the breasts and the arms -- >> watch as it gradually progresses throughout the course of the week. >> degresses. >> how are you feeling on your birthday week? >> not good. i heard over the weekend that eydie gorme would have been 85 this august 15th. beautiful, beautiful lady. that's her husband steve lawrence. i adore those two. and steve is -- steve still looks the same. it's unbelievable. he's one of the funniest people on the planet. but, you know, you start to moan and groan about your birthday and then realize there will come a day you won't be having them anymore. he wrote she's been my partner in life and on stage.
10:02 am
i fell in love with her the first time i met her and even more when i first heard her sing. the world has lost one of the greatest pop vocalists of all time. honestly, she is and she will live on in her writings. long before barbra streisand was hitting those notes, gorme was doing it, too. a great sense of history. i'm celebrate with my hoda on her kotb. yeah, yeah. it's on fire, hoda. >> i do have to say your birthday song has legs. okay? >> i write this piece of garbage with david and it goes viral. >> you were ridiculous. >> they're 9 1/2. >> yeah, right. >> that song has really got -- >> you know it was nice to open up the paper on a sunday. >> i missed this.
10:03 am
>> that was in nantucket. >> i didn't write all over your -- >> no, that would be nasty. >> he added his own bit. >> i love that guy. he's a good guy. >> in honor of your 60th. >> just say birthday. it's the number that bothers me. >> we're doing ambush makeovers all week. >> with really old people. much older than i am. >> we're looking for women 60 and older. please come down to the plaza around 6:30, 7:00. that's the latest, really, and then wru can get picked. >> can we have a drinking game all week? >> every time hoda says the word 60, she has to take a shot. >> i have to? >> yes, yes. i love it, and maybe it will keep you from saying 60. >> i have an old boyfriend here today. he thought i was still in my 20s. >> i love that. >> now when i went to nashville this weekend just to enjoy like a fun weekend. it was my friend janie's -- it was a surprise party birthday party for her. she turns 50 later this month.
10:04 am
>> oh, sure, 50. >> look at the surprise. >> such a sweetheart. >> and she saw everybody and she -- >> how many people came? >> about 60 people. janie is the co-writer on my book and the greatest friend and a doll. happy birthday early to janie. we had a lot of fun. >> i'm so glad. nashville is one of the great, great, great cities in this whole country. it was great. >> one of the few places i could live that's not on water. it's that much fun. people are that sweet and -- >> the music and the barbecue. >> you had to be in hog heaven. >> i was. i was in heaven. >> hog heaven. >> all right. >> so i was in nantucket visiting with a family that i've grown to love very, very much. the kitridge family. they had a tragedy in their family last november when mike had a very serious stroke. but he's doing so much better. sending him our love to lisa and mike and kiley and casey. and, you know, you start to
10:05 am
celebrate what you still have, not what you've lost. you concentrate on what you've lost, you know, you're going to be -- the rooter bitterness can take root. and that just impacts not only your whole life but everybody else's. so, remember, you can be bitter or better. nall the letter "i." i'm going to write a song. oh, yeah, i already did. a lot of people have been waiting to see how lea michele was doing after the death of her boyfriend. and this is one of those moments where you sort of wonder how she's going to be. they had the teen choice awards last night. and lea michele got up to accept an award for the cast of "glee" for best comedy. >> actually, she got it for best act -- her speech, i think, was after she got the award, which was kind of a surprise for best actress in a comedy. >> what she did after that was very, very poignant. she spoke about her boyfriend and co-star cory monteith. let's take a look.
10:06 am
>> i wanted to dedicate this award to cory. for all of you out there who loved and admired cory as much as i did, i promise that with your love, we're going to get through this together. he was very special to me and also to the world. and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. whether you knew him personally or just as finn hudson, cory reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts. and that's where he'll stay forever so thank you guys so much. thank you. >> oh, my god. that was -- >> if you want to know the definition of heartfelt in the dictionary, look up that. >> to stand in people and to share that has to be difficult. >> so we were paging through "the new york times" over the weekend and there's that social column. so there was a question that got our attention. it said we live next door to
10:07 am
neighbors from hell. on monday, after living through yet another weekend of an all-night of all night partying. >> that they weren't invited to. >> i saw a basket of sweets from a local gourmet shop at their door. i took it without a second's remorse and i ate the contents. in my view it was simply compensatory. my boyfriend disagrees. what do you think? >> sorry. >> here's the thing. first of all, if you live next to an annoying neighbor, whatever it is, their lawn is too long, they are loud, the kids are screaming, the dog is barking, you get annoyed. >> of course. >> but i don't get the going so far as to take something from their doorstep. that's a little -- don't you think that's a little -- >> it's theft. >> i'm so sorry. >> i like that one the best. >> i love this. >> yeah, you don't do that. the way you communicate to the neighbor is you let them -- you call the cops. if they aren't listening. >> parties going all night long.
10:08 am
let it be someone else anonymously called the police but don't take -- no, he's write. as usual -- >> excellent. his advice was replace the goody basket. but when you don't have any remorse. sometimes you feel so wronged, it's like if someone cuts you off, in traffic you want to zoom up and cut them off. >> you do. >> i know. >> and i do. >> hoda is a bird lover if you know what i mean. okay. do you remember when we talked a couple of weeks ago about this trip that they are selling, people who want to go in 2022, and join a mars settlement. now there's a one-way ticket. >> you go to mars in 2022. >> no return flight. >> 100,000 people raised their hands and said pick me. i want to go and form a small colony on mars. and of the 100,000 they're going to narrow it down ultimately to 4. >> it's a reality series.
10:09 am
>> they all get a rose on mars. >> can you even imagine? >> no, no. >> they must have nothing to live for. either you are crazy adventurous. >> go ahead and offend 100,000 people, hoda. i doubt they're watching our show. we're too high brow. not. but if you are willing to leave everything behind, your kids, family or maybe don't have -- there's nothing really at home to live for. >> if you are a total loser and want to go to mars is what she is basically saying. >> it's weird. >> unless you have enormous sense of adventure. how do you think that lewis and clark got to the grand tetons. >> don't say tetons again. >> they probably didn't watch our show last time. >> sorry. >> what is it about the grand tetons. >> that's how they got their name. they were going -- this is true. they were going across the country, google it and they saw two huge mountains that reminded them of, shall we say, home, in'd they called it -- look.
10:10 am
the grand tetons. >> they named them after ta-tas? >> it was really the grand ta-tas. >> was it really? >> what is your favorite thing. >> by the way, i miss sara. i was in nantucket. i collect books about nantucket. there is a beautiful new one called "a nantucket experience." it's a year in the life. shelly and dan dunlap work for a really estate company there and they've been going to nantucket as summer residents for 18 years. suddenly they live there all year round. so she started writing a blog about it. and it just took off like crazy. and it was her bloggers who said please, please make it a book. most of the pictures with her cell phone and self published it. so it's a real great story of don't let -- don't let the people in the world who say you can't do something with your cell phone, a dream and a little
10:11 am
knowledge about how to self publish. you can do it. $36 at or a nantucket, i believe. so good for her. i was in the airport flying back from nashville and wanted a book to read. and i picked up the ja jack & jackie book. this is about the final years of jack & jackie. and a lot of books are being published around now because it's the 50th anniversary of the assassination. i picked this up in the airport. it's such a page turner. the author used a lot of resources and people who he promised he wouldn't write the book until 50 years after. >> so it's -- because there's a lot of new stuff. a lot of this is rehashed stuff and this is new. >> it's really, really juicy. >> we are going to like them more after or no? >> i do. so we'll see. >> oh, good. >> this, by the way is for you. >> oh, it is? coming up, an entire week of ambush makeovers in honor of kathie lee's birthday. >> oh. two women from the plaza who are
10:12 am
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10:16 am
anniversary? >> from being engaged. and so a lot of people thought this was like they are getting married maybe but, no, just a big, awesome party. >> at their house? >> at her $21 million abode. >> when are they getting married? >> good question. i mean, this to me seems like she's putting some pressure on him like see this awesome party i'm throwing you. you better -- let's get moving on this. >> you think so? >> i think so. she's not get anything younger. >> i mean come on. >> this is my job. >> anybody good go to the party? >> yeah it was cool. i wasn't there, but -- i snuck in. i was in the linen closet. no, ellen jen res, portia de rossi, emily blunt, all, tons of cool people, fun people. >> talk about chris brown. he had some sort of medical issue. >> chris brown on friday had a seizure while in a recording studio. >> he's so young. >> i know.
10:17 am
who knows what's going on there. but he -- >> it says a nonepileptic seizure. >> i am also not a doctor. i don't know -- >> yeah, apparently why are you here with all the buzz on stuff you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. >> he was treated by his doctor the next day because he refused treatment apparently that night. but his publicist blamed it on the ongoing legal battles and negative -- >> fatigue and intense emotional stress. >> and all the negative publicity. >> stop reading it. make music. have a life and quit -- >> making a drama out of it. >> what everyone is talking about and kathie lee and i have yet to see this, "breaking bad." >> this is the final season. >> it's the final season. >> too late for us. >> i don't watch it either because i only like tv shows that involve attractive people. and it is kind of like -- >> i never met a crystal meth person yet.
10:18 am
>> meth is not good for the skin. >> and your teeth fall out. >> i need tv shows where people are attractive so that i can aspire. that's why i watch this show. happy birthday! that's my gift. >> by the way, he's medicated. >> my elbow is broken. >> fire island. we get the idea. >> we bring it home. the box office. the box office, elysium was number one with matt damon and jodie foster and "meet the millers" came in second and did really, really well. surprisingly. >> any other comedy out there right now? >> no, but, you know what also is doing really well, it's been trending is "hoda on my kotb ♪ >> i want to hoda on your kotb ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah >> hoda, did i tell you it would just catch on fire. >> it's a gay anthem now.
10:19 am
oh, my god, hoda, please, all weekend. i have been hoda'ing on my kotb all weekend. or on your kotb. >> oh, on his own. that's sad. >> any who. >> that's how he broke his wrist. that's all i'm saying. >> thank you, tim. thank you, tim. he's one of the country's most -- >> happy birthday. >> we love this man. want to know what your man is thinking? want to know what your man is thinking? we're [ silverware clinks ] ♪ [ dad ] what are you doing? she was full. i could tell. come on, she's not full! what? where'd you learn this? uh. who taught you how to do this stuff? you! all right! i learned it by watching you! [ male announcer ] parents who skim mac and cheese have kids who skim mac and cheese. gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni & cheese.
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no wonder the number one whitening brand hey! totally got it all!m! don't forget your favorites, girls. hey girls! the good ol'days when we could eat as we wanted. yes, but we are not 18 anymore. sometimes if i eat as i used to my digestive system gets out of whack. it's not easy keeping it working as it should. it's easy if you enjoy an activia everyday. mmmm... delicious! with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, activia helps regulate your digestive system. put a smile back in your day! ♪ activia ♪ dannon we're back with "guys tell all." we gather some handsome guys ready to answer your burning questions about love and relationships. first is jason turner who is
10:23 am
divorced with two children. >> so sad. >> oh, wow. next, kai henderson from the ask him anything column. and our steady married man is comedian, actor and dad rick younger. and single guy and attorney ryan shenavia. we have two newbies. >> fresh blood we like to call it. >> we're going across the street to the crowd for our first question. >> hello. i'm elaine from cedar falls, iowa. and my question is what is the first thing you notice when you look at a woman. >> teeth. >> teeth? >> you do? >> i definitely am a tooth guy, definitely. >> all right. let's go down the line. first thing. don't be thinking too much. >> first thing, for tv, would be her eyes. >> on tv, i'd say her eyes. >> that's pc -- >> you have to say the truth. you have to be real. >> i'm an eyes and butt man. >> i want a welcoming smile.
10:24 am
absolutely. >> cannot lie. tammy asks, what kind of little surprises do men like from women, and do you appreciate them? >> i really, now being divorced and being a single parent, i definitely appreciate the fact that i now don't have automatically folded clean underwear in my drawer. i didn't appreciate that when i had it. >> if somebody came over to your house right now and folded your underwear it would change your life? >> well, they have to get washed first. >> that's the thing. if they aren't folded how do you know if they are clean. >> all i know it used to happen and now it doesn't. >> as far as surprises, i just like being treated nice. you can buy me a bag of cheetohs, 2 for $1. it's just a surprise that you wanted to treat me nice. just the gesture of doing something. >> getting something little would be like sending a sexy text. >> we're going to be back in a
10:25 am
second. we're going to give you a chance to make up for. we're going to give you a chance to[ boy ] the first day is when you tell people -- okay, someone who you really are. you don't want to look like you're trying too hard, but you do want to look cool. i heard from my friend's cousin that someone was shopping at jcpenney. so you know she's gonna bring it. guess i better bring it, too. how are you gonna handle your first day? [ school bell rings ] [ female announcer ] this weekend, buy more and save more with your jcpenney coupon. come find your first day look at jcpenney. ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious [announcer] there's no hiding the beneful baked delights.from new heartfuls are made with real bacon... ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection.
10:26 am
new heartfuls from beneful baked delights. for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] aveeno® with soy helps reduce the look of brown spots in 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results. aveeno®. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. i'm huge. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> announcer: you're watching today in the bay. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. the chp is investigating a deadly party bus crash on a major south bay roadway. this happened overnight. the van lost control off interstate 280 near alpine road and hit a tree.
10:27 am
this right here is the aftermath. a passenger died at the scene. another person, possibly the driver, was found injured wandering around the area of that crash. we'll take a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
good morning, to you. the time now, 10:28. temperatures are warming nicely out there. we're going to be close to 90 degrees in some of the warmest cities across the bay. 86 for fairfield and livermore. 84 for concord.
10:29 am
the real heat takes you through the week. let's check your drive with mike. >> heat, christina. all right. over here, we have 880 through fremont. past the truck scales in tesla, coming nicely through here. farther south on the map past mission it slows a bit. pretty typical to west 237 with a crash at zanker is over on the shoulder. still recovering from the early backup on that crash as well as a second one at north first. we have a smooth drive, 85 the northbound side. we have a crash over at homestead. slowing up toward 101. not unusual. here's southbound 101. pretty typical build down past 9 to steele there. standard. top story at 11:00 coming up. attorney general eric holder is in san francisco right now announcing some major changes to the criminal justice system. this right here is a live look inside. bob riddell is on scene. he's speaking to the national bar association suggesting the
10:30 am
u.s. scale back harsh prison sentences for drug-related crimes. we will have reaction from holder. that's coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. ♪ macho macho we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. >> today's guys are jason turner, the single kai henderson, rick younger and our bachelor ryan. hello, kids. >> now it's going to get tough. get ready. we're going to go across the street. >> we're warmed up now. >> hi. i'm doran from new hampton, iowa. i want to know what you are really thinking about when i ask you what you are thinking about and you say nothing. >> what happens if you ask me what i'm thinking about and it makes you forget what i was thinking about. every time. >> really? >> yes. >> i'm thinking about, when is this conversation going to end. >> and my question is, do you really want to know what i'm thinking about? >> kai? >> we might be thinking about nothing or we might be thinking about football or a song we just heard or, man, i don't want to be with you right now.
10:31 am
>> oh. >> this is a very -- >> i'm sorry i asked him to tell the truth. >> here's something from dee. she asks, how do you get your husband to stand up to his parents for you? >> yes. >> great. >> well, see, the thing is that i -- my wife and my parents got along just fine. >> how about you with her parents? >> fine. see, this is what happened. i met their parents and i said grace. once i said grace, i was in. >> fine, godly young man. >> my father had a great sense of humor. my wife is white. he nicknamed her light skinned and they were cool. >> you really have to get with it early. you don't want to wait until you are married and now try to form the relationship, right? you want to get to know the parent ahead of time. every guy knows you want to meet the dad, get that relationship. with women, it's the same way. >> if you are really hot for some guy and meet the parents and they are like --
10:32 am
>> if she's hot. >> you are marrying the family. >> it's something to think about. if you are having problems, it could be an indication of some problems. >> if you aren't going to -- he's not going to do it, you're going to do it. >> let's go back across the street. >> i'm cynthia from california. i would like to know if men notice when women get their eyebrows waxed, their hair blown out or get their nails done. >> that's a great question. >> we don't want to -- >> you want them to notice. >> hair, i usually notice. eyebrows, no. >> when the unibrow is gone, something has been done. >> we notice if you point it out. >> your eyebrows have to be pretty bushy for us to notice. if you walk around looking shocked all the time, we notice that. >> if it's a tiny bit of stubble because you didn't shave your legs that day, do you care? >> those big eyelashes they
10:33 am
stick on like -- >> you like those fake ones? >> no, no. >> keep it real. >> one time i got the best blowout ever and walked up to my husband and he goes like this. your hair looks puffy. puffy? it was -- come on. >> got divorced. you don't like my hair, it's out. >> here's -- not that she's not still bitter. >> okay. do guys mess up things on purpose -- this is from crystal -- cleaning jobs, home repairs, et cetera, hoping to get out of doing them in the future. >> you say no? >> no, i think what happens is you mess up something one time by mistake and you see the positive results from it. then you are like, oh. i don't think that we're like, i'm going to mess this up intentionally. >> i've messed up cleaning but i've never messed up -- well, i have messed up home improvement, but not on purpose. i've messed up cleaning on purpose. >> i'm the worst cook in the world because i don't know how to do it. i mess it up on purpose. >> there's benefits of knowing
10:34 am
how to wash dishes proactively. you get the benefits of that. >> gentlemen, very proud of you. >> you all performed very, very well. >> and you made up for it, buddy. kai. "time" magazine called him america's best preacher. you'll find out why we love this man. >> this is t.d. jakes on his mega event that puts family first. great guy. coming up after this. jamie to checkout, please.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
the most talked about preachers in the country known for his charitable work and an empire that spans film, tv and radio. >> bishop jakes is the chief pastor of the potter's house, a nondenominational mega church in dallas with one big message -- bring back the american family. he is hoping to do that again through an event he's hosting called mega fest 2014. he's going to do it this time in dallas, your hometown. >> i'm excited about bringing it to dallas. >> we're so glad you are back with us today. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> it's a huge event. we should tell people that we are talking about, not just thousands of people, right? more than, what, 100,000? >> the last time we had it in america, we broke all records at the georgia dome of about 100,000 people per day. we've had it in johannesburg as well. so it's an international meeting, and people come from all over the world. >> i would say, maybe i'm wrong, the biggest problem in our entire culture is the breakdown of the american family. am i close to being right? >> i think it is. and the stats bear that out. and we're really trying to strengthen the family on all
10:39 am
levels. they don't have to be perfect families to come. they can be broken families, mixed families, blended families. but whatever you got left, you can't build on what you lost. you have to build on what you have left. >> with a mega fest, a few day event, how does that transform someone, do you think? >> i think it gets the ball started. it doesn't finish the process. it's a life-long process trying to figure out how to get through this world. one thing that we're going to do is focus on -- oprah is doing her life class. we're going to focus -- i'm going to be teaching from a class on fatherlessness because some of the big problems is with us guys. and finding a way to get back in our children's lives, even if we're not in the lives of their mothers. >> that's a huge problem in the african-american community as well. >> 70% of african-american children are born in this country without a father, and it's escalating amongst caucasians as well. so it's a huge issue. and hispanics, it's across the board. >> what are the words you say then? what do you say to start the healing process there? >> i think men -- first of all,
10:40 am
fatherhood is not modeled to men. women grow up playing with dolls and playing house. you had a lot of experience with that. >> i never thought about that. >> it's never been modeled to us. and i think we have to model it to men in such a way that they see the benefit of it and they aren't intimidated to develop a relationship with the child outside of the mother because sometimes the relationship with the mother doesn't work, but you can't divorce the kid. >> right. >> it's going to be a huge event. jennifer hudson is going to be there. steve harvey hosting it. i mean, it's going to have a lot of joy and fun. >> it will be absolutely amazing. we've got all kinds of fun for little kids. special events for teenagers. empowerment sessions. it's going to be a film festival that's going to be a part of it. comedy show. cedric the entertainer. can you believe it? you know we're going to laugh if cedric is there. >> he has quite a testimony himself. that's great. we wish you a great, great time. and let us know when your movie "heaven is for real" comes out. are you acting or producing? >> i'm the producer. they won't let me in front of the screen.
10:41 am
>> how is that -- >> that's wrong on every level. >> well, you're not 60. >> they're over 60 and sexy. our ambush makeovers from two ladies off the plaza. >> the before and afters coming up after this. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
10:42 am
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at almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one... ah, forgot jack's cereal! [ son ] what's for breakfast? um... try the...number one. yeah, it's pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. we're back on this fun day monday kicking off our special plaza ambush makeover week in honor of kathie lee turning the big 6-0. i didn't say it. we're giving makeovers to women over 6-0 every day this week. >> this is the worst idea ever. our first two ladies are ready to show off their gorgeous new looks courtesy of -- let's sing it, everybody -- ♪ luis lacari la, la, la, la la, ♪ "today" contributor and for "people style watch" and an author, jill martin. sprinkling, but you were able to find some lovely ladies?
10:46 am
we were like -- it wasn't easy >> it was pouring. to find people because -- it wasn't easy to find people. everyone was covered. >> e.d. litwhack. i love her. 66 years old from new york. she's been cancer-free for two years. she decided it was time to celebrate a brand new look. let's take a listen. >> these are some of the most creative signs i've ever seen. you are an art teacher, so you had to do that, right? >> i felt it necessary. >> so why do you want this so badly? >> i haven't done anything, and this is a new millennium in 13 years plus, so i think it's time, and, you know, i don't want my -- >> check out this sign before we wrap this up. i'm still in mom's womb but i'll see granny's makeover very soon. we love it. your ready to see a new mom? >> indeed. >> happy birthday, klg.
10:47 am
>> happy birthday, kathie lee! >> thanks for reminding me. >> yes, indeed. and we'll continue that all week long. she's here with her son richard, daughter-in-law blanca and friend martha. okay. everybody please keep your blind folds on. here is edie before. all right, edie, let's see the new you. >> bring it, edie. >> all right! all right! >> all right, guys. take off your blindfolds. >> mother! mother! >> are you ready to see yourself? are you ready? turn right around here and look into this camera. step up. step right up close so you can see yourself. >> you look awesome. >> you look adorable. >> look right there. tell us about that. >> this is a great -- >> look right here. >> again, shaped around her face. uplift her features which we
10:48 am
wanted to do. and she had her hair light and dark. i made it more -- a little more monochromatic which was softer for her face. >> guys, what do you think? >> mom looks hot. >> that's disturbing to hear you say that. >> jill, tell us about that dress. it's perfect. >> i love it. this is a wrap dress day because wrap dresses are great at any age. this is by maggie london. she doesn't wear red and brown so that's why we picked this. >> you look great. >> a big round of applause for edie. >> our second lady is robin rule. she told us she stopped wearing makeup when her friend stopped working in the cosmetic industry. she's decided now was a great time to get a glam new look. let's listen to her story. >> you told me you are the only one who pays $14 for a haircut in new york city. >> i go to a little barbershop on amsterdam avenue. i've been satisfied with it but i'm sure i could do something better. >> you are here with your
10:49 am
closest friends. your excited for this? you seem really nervous when we picked you. >> i'm a little nervous, yeah. i'm not used to publicity. >> well, you are going to be a big star very soon. >> i guess so. my mother will be very happy. >> all right. robin is here with her friends judy and miriam. let's take one last look at robin rule. and bring her out. the new one. here she is. >> okay. all right. judy, miriam, you want to take them off. take a look. >> oh, my god. >> you ready, robin? turn around, sweetie. >> oh, wow. a whole different me. >> look at you. >> a beautiful you. >> you look gorgeous. >> spin right around here. >> you've made her a red head. i knew you would. >> she's naturally a red head. she started to go a little gray which made it that blond no
10:50 am
color color. i immediately put the red back. >> which is beautiful. >> this is your natural color what you were born with. the haircut with a touch of makeup emphasizing the lashes. she's very monochromatic before. and $14 for a haircut, you are breaking my heart. >> he has a salon on fifth avenue. >> i know. >> i almost fell off this chair. >> tell us about the outfit. >> you know what it looked like. >> you get what you pay for, right? ladies, what do you think? >> gorgeous. really you look so sophisticated. >> i have never seen you in a dress. >> she said she hasn't worn a dress in 50 years. so i said let's put her in a dress. a wrap dress. really accentuates her waist by maggie london. >> thanks so much. all right. how to turn life's unexpected events into a new wave of possibilities. >> from surfing legend shawn thompson. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
world champion surfer shaun tomson is considered one of the greatest surfers of all time. and one of the most influential of the century. >> after the tragic loss of his teenaged son, shaun set out to help young people realize their potential and inspire hope through a new book called "the code: the power of i will." >> this is a beautiful book. it's got everything. it's so heartfelt. and tell us basically for those who haven't read it, what is it? >> the code is a series of 12 promises that one can write to themselves. and i think just the act of sitting down and thinking about what you want to do with your life and writhe down 12 promises is incredibly empowering. and i'm hoping that kids all over the world are going to be doing this at school.
10:55 am
once a year they sit down and decide what they are going to do with their future. in 12 lines, every line begin with i will, they write what they are going to be doing. how they're going to make change happen. >> what are some of your 12? i will -- be myself. >> i will be myself is the first chapter. i think that's the most important of all. i talked about an incident when i was a 19-year-old kid when someone offered me heroin. i was a professional. just starting on my journey as a pro surfer and that decision i had to make. young people today are faced with these incredibly dangerous decisions every single moment of their lives. and i think that little statement, i will be myself is so powerful. it came from a young child in santa barbara. >> after the loss of your son was it incredibly difficult to try to right something uplifting like this? >> yes, i think it was, you know, that loss just devastated me and my wife. it destroyed us. but i never -- >> temporarily. >> but i never lost my faith, and i never lost my optimism and faith for the future.
10:56 am
i knew the sun would rise again. and rising this book was a powerful part. >> were you thinking about him as you were writing it? was that the main driving force? >> every chapter, every line in this book is all about my beautiful late son. and now i have a 4-year-old. i have a new son luke. >> he's almost 4. >> he's 4, yes. >> so those were the last words you heard from your son about there is a light. tell us about that. >> a half an hour, or about an hour before i heard the news my son died i had been on the phone with him. we were talking about something he'd written for life. and one thing he wrote in this essay was the light shines ahead. those lines for me have been a beacon in my life. >> we wish you the best. >> it's a beautiful, beautiful book. >> uplifting and powerful. >> and it will really have an impact if you have a child struggle with their own identity. there are still some heroes flft the world. real sports heroes. shaun, great to see you. tomorrow, what's up, hoda, besides --
10:57 am
>> united families that are going to bring tears of joy to your eyes. >> and more ambush makeovers for women
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. the jury has just reached a verdict in the trial of james whitey bulger. we will soon find out what exactly that verdict is. the 83-year-old waszv arrested june of 2011 after more than 16 years on the run. he's charged with 32 counts of racketeering and money laundering along with 19 murders. bulger has pled not guilty. the jury verdict will be read. when it comes down, we will bring it to you. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. happening now, eric holder is in the bay


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