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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on the right side of his face from his forehead to his eye, across his ear was basically removed. >> a mother's heroing tale, her son attacked by a pit bull right in front of her. what she's telling us from the hospital next. south bay hospital is told to be on the lookout for a woman pretending to be a nurse. despite her arrest, she's back on the street. what one bay area school district is thinking of doing after it was flagged by the state for possible cheating during starr testing. >> that is your bay bridge, a little traffic starting to flow. a good day ahead. get ready for tuesday, august
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13. this is "today in the bay." >> it is 4:31 right on the nose. thanks for joining us. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's first check the forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning, laura and jon. good morning to you at home. thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday. you know what that means? it's traffic tuesday. we'll get to mike's report in a moment. 58 degrees to kickoff a tuesday in livermore. it's mild out there. you still have about an hour and a half to check out that august perseid meteor shower. hopefully you'll be able to see the shooting stars. san jose has a clear shot but you are fogged in in san francisco. we're heating up to day. here's mike inouye. >> it is traffic tuesday. so we're on the lookout for a heavier flow of traffic. starting next week, i know a lot of schools will be in session by that tuesday. that's goings to be annish yuchlt here we're looking at san
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jose, 101 moves smoothly. the maps will show you the entire south bay flow looking really good right now. we have spots of construction for 880 southbound heading towards stevens creek boulevard, annual down to about 60 miles per hour. here is south 280 at saratoga. report of a large plastic crash can. chp is heading out there. we'll check it out. bay area hospitals on high alert after a woman was arrested for impersonating a nurse. sheriff's deputies arrested 29-year-old crystal cook on friday at valley medical center in san jose. they say she was wearing hospital scrubs with a fake rn badge and carrying a stethoscope. cook has no medical background. she's facing charges of impersonating a county employee and possessing a fictitious id card. >> as soon as this was brought to the nurt's attention, protocols were followed, alerts were made and the person was apprehended the very next day.
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>> at this point deputies do not think cook treated anyone during her alleged roos, but since she's no longer in jail, deputies are warning hospitals to be on the lookout. officials in contra costa county discussing what went wrong with the emergency alert system and ultimately sent an evacuation notice to those not in danger. it was after a gas leak in alamo last week. but the alerts went to some people outside of that affected area. the text message telling people to evacuate immediately, but did not say why. today the county board of supervisors will have a report -- hear a report from the sheriff's department on that incident and exactly what caused the glitch. sentencing is scheduled for a former livermore high school teacher who had a sexual relationship with a student. marie johnson pleaded no contest to nine felony charges for
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sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. she taught math at grenada high and had a six-month relationship beginning in 2010. police say the boy later told a coach about the relationship. she faces up to nine years behind bars. a young martinez boy mauled by a pit bull is set to have another surgery. 10-year-old hunter kylborn was mauled on sunday. hunter and his friend were running upstairs when two dogs knocked him over and one of them started biting his face and arm. his mother was next door when the neighbor came running and told her to call 911. >> the neighbor, the owner of the dog, had a towel on his head. i walk over there and i grab the towel and i'm holding it on his face. he said, mommy, am i going to die? it was almost made me cry.
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i said no, you're not going to die. you'll be fine. >> what a terrifying scene. hunter was rushed to the uc davis trauma center where he had his first surgery sunday night. his mother says he will need skin grafts and several more surgeries to repair his injuries. she now wants to see both of those dogs put down. >> 4:35 right now. a followup to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. a man is in jail connected to the party van crash in the alpine road exit on 280 that happened sunday night. officers say they arrested 43-year-old jason quinones for felly man slaut i and hit-and-run. the only passenger in the fan died at the scene. oakland police say they could reveal the identity of a body found in solana county today. search crews found the body on friday in ville while searching for 50-year-old sandra coke who disappeared on august 4.
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her boyfriend, randy alana is considered a person of interest in her disappearance. workers at the santa clara county courts will vote today on a potential three-day strike. the sciu represents about 9,000 court clerks. they're voting on whether to strike at the end of the month. about half of the workers voted last night. the rest will do the same today. meantime hayward city employees will be walking off the job today. more than 280 employees expected to start a three-day strike this morning. but the city is fighting back. it has reported the union to the state saying the strike is, in fact, illegal t. union's contract expired back in april. just last month negotiators for the city declared an impasse. hayward says it has a contingency plan in place to keep city services running during the strike. a local school district talking about changing testing policies after a security breach earlier this year. amador valley hospital says it
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may require students to turn in their cell phones before taking the test next year. the school was one of 246 flagged statewide for security breaches during starr testing. a student snapped a photo of another student taking the test and posted it on social media. the state determined no cheating was involved and the student was stole to take down the photo. we told you the state was taking a close look at 16 schools for possible cheating, including san francisco's lowell high school. lowell now possibly faces a state investigation. they didn't have cell phones when we took tests. >> barely had microwaves when i was in school. >> let's check in with christina loren. you said it was going to be warmer all week long. i can tell the difference this morning. >> i bet you can. good morning to you at home. thanks for waking up on tuesday. this morning we actually have
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clear skies in places like fairfield and novato. as a result you're running from two to seven degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. but here is the deal. we have a warm day ahead. in fact, we're going to jump right back into the 90s inland today. we're going to keep that heat coming as we progress through the latter portion of this week. want to give you an hour by hour look at what we're expecting today. by about noon, 60 degrees on the way to san francisco. so a great day for lunch out there on the water. you'll see more sunshine at the coast to day and as a result 73 degrees is the forecasted high for santa cruz. 82 for san jose and 78 along the east shore in fremont. 79 for oakland. this is looking like the warm day for the next three. then the heat skyrockets getting into this upcoming weekend. kids, many of the san jose children heading back to school tomorrow. we'll take a look at the forecast for the first day of school there and beyond your seven day in my next report.
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let's get you out on a good note. here is mike inouye. >> turning the camera toward the mission boulevard off-ramp. this is 880 right now. both 680 and 880 have flashing lights as they have work on the connection going on overnight. still staged there. you can't exit. use auto mall parkway. this is the area for 680 and 880 to cut over. very light traffic i just saw on the shot. north 880 toward tasmin road. reports of a minor crash heading northbound as you head toward the great mall parkway and 237. that should be moving over to the shoulder very quickly. no slowing there. south 280 at saratoga, it was debris, a plastic crash can that is in lanes. it should be moved to the shoulder very quickly. we do have an issue there heading southbound over the next couple minutes, there may be a traffic break. oakland, 880 no problems past the coliseum. there is construction both directions between the coliseum and downtown oakland. back to you.
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mike, thank you very much. there are new signs this morning the opening of the new bay bridge may not be delayed at all. the "contra costa times" reports chp still signing up extra officers to staff over time shifts planned for the end of this month when crews were supposed to shut down the bridge and realign i-80 with that brand new span. chp says it wants to be prepared in case the original construction timeline is restored. just last month the toll bridge oversight committee announced it would delay the bridge opening until at least december to install new steel parts where bolts snapped earlier this year. the original opening date was labor day weekend. meantime lights on the new eastern span will be turned on tonight. those lights are being installed on the roadway and the span's main suspension cable. the lights, if you want to check it out, go on tonight after 8:00 p.m. >> quite a show. 4:40. facebook helping you get that friday night dinner reservation.
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we've got details next. plus what one bay area transportation leader is saying this morning about elon musk's proposed hyper loop. the new video from the idaho wilderness where the man at the center of a nationwide amber alert was gunned down over the weekend.
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welcome back everyone, and a good tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> close to the weekend. >> it's just flying by, isn't it? maybe not so. we'll help you get through the morning. live look outside palo alto. bay area transportation leader giving the thumbs up to elon musk's idea of a high speed pod to get you from san francisco to los angeles in 30 minutes. ron dear dorn says he would love to see the hyper loop system to succeed and would need a prototype built before anyone takes it seriously. >> you need the demonstration system because you have to see how much it will cost to build it, how much it will cost to operate it and whether or not it can meet safety requirements. >> dear don't says it would take 30 years for high-speed pods to become a reality because it would take that long to go through all the financing, government and safety hurdles. the hyper loop would involve sleek pods that would travel on
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a cushion of air at almost 800 miles per hour. 30 years. musk says he doesn't have time to explore the concept itself, but hopes someone else will take that idea and run with it. >> i hope i'm around 30 years to check that out. 4:45 right now. facebook trying to help you out on date night. plus we'll tell you what warren buffett and willy wonka has in common. seema mody with the details along with the rest of the news before the bell. good tuesday morning. >> good morning to you. futures right now are higher after stocks ended mixed on monday in light trading volume. look for data today on retail sales which could offer clues on the spending appetite of the consumer as well as import prices and business inventories. the dow slipping six points in yesterday's trade, the nasdaq rising by ten. facebook may be able to help you book that last-minute dinner
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reservation. gentlemen, listen up. the social networking site teamed up with open table to let users get seats at their favorite restaurants through facebook's mobile app. warren buffett may be a modern day willy wonka. today is the last day to bit on an all you can eat tour of the cease candy factory. he bought the company in 1972. after the tour there will be a meet and greet with the billionaire investor who will show you the only acceptable way to eat a bon bon. the estimated value is $275,000. the current bid is $42,500. >> that's a big-time now. any time you can bring up willy wonka is a good day for me. >> bon bones. >> there you go. >> life is very good. i loved that movie and love what it's all about. >> me, too. as a kid, the chocolate river. we all wished to swim in it. >> the wallpaper you could lick.
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>> the kids, their summertime fun coming to a screeching halt as of tomorrow for some kids. i want to start with your highs for today. things are going to change. we've got some really strong heat headed our way. temperatures today are jumping up by about five to eight degrees from yesterday. if you want to have one last hurrah with the kids today and take them to the beach, finally getting great beach weather down in santa cruz. 73 degrees out there, 82 in los gatos, 82 in redwood city. they close up the boardwalk as we get into the keerl months. make sure you get out there while you can. temperatures today will be warm, right around the inner bay looking good. i want to get to your seven-day forecast. for today, 92 inland, 75 bay sirksd 70 degrees at the coast. summer stays with us only dropping temps by a couple degrees. as we head through friday and saturday, that's when we'll get a little bit of a break. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, talking
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triple digit heat in the hottest cities across the bay, near record warmth. right when many kids across the bay area start to get to school, that's when the real summertime heat is going to kick in. it's one of the heat waves you want to prepare yourself for. make sure you make those beach plans. we'll take a look coming up pretty soon in your back to school forecast. there are some things the kids need to know before heading out the front door tomorrow morning. speaking of which, i know three little ones going to school for the first time. back to you, laura and jon. >> not till september. i'm going to take a whole week off just to cry. thank you very much. 4:48 right now. new video into our newsroom of the s.w.a.t. team dropping into the remote wilderness in idaho friday morning searching for missing teen hannah anderson. 20 members of the s.w.a.t. team were the first tactical team on the ground looking for jim dimaggio and hannah. they spent 24 hours securing the
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area, checking nearby cabins and river banks. a few hours later they received words that hannah was safe and dimaggio was dead. hannah's father says she's back home in southern california and he's asking for privacy as his family grieves and tries to heal. investigators say it wasn't until she was rescued that she learned her mother and brother had been killed. investigators trying to figure out if weather played the part in the deadly fall of a baseball fan at atlanta's turner field. atlanta police say the man fell from an upper level platform onto the parking lot during last night's game between the braves and the philadelphia phillies. witnesses say this one appeared to be accidental and now police are investigating if the wet conditions down there contributed to the fall. heavy rains caused a nearby two-hour game delay. lawyers for army private bradley manning are arguing for a lighter sentence in the wikileaks case saying he was unstable and shouldn't have been in iraq.
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manning's lawyers are set to call two former supervisors to the witness stand. they're trying to convince a judge that his leaks could be partially attributed to the army's poor oversight. manning faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking 700,000 military and diplomatic cables and other classified materials. state lawmakers say they want to go after doctors who recklessly prescribe oxycontin to drug dealers and addicts. they think the drugmaker may be able to help out. an article saying perdue farmer has been releasing names of potentially reckless prescribers, reporting some to law enforcement. there was a letter sent to purdue asking the company to turn over names of california doctors in its database. the company has not yet commented on the request. there will be a major change for students in the upcoming school year. starting in january, california schools will be required to allow transgender students to
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use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice and to play for whatever sports team, male or female, they identify with. transgender team ashton lee fought for the changes at the state capital and says it will make finishing school easier. >> i'm excited for people who are younger than i am. they're going to grow up in this system. they're going to grow up knowing it's normal. >> the law is modeled after policy already in effect in san francisco schools. physical changes won't be required, just access changes monitored by school staff. it's 4:51. we'll tell you about the million dollar mistake. the mixup that cost one casino an extra million bucks. why officials in china say this rooftop mansion has to go immediately. and we're looking over here in the north bay, a nice easy drive. there was a burst of traffic. i checked it out. nothing big, now it's calmed
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down. we'll talk about traffic across the bay in a couple of spots where i see some slowing coming up. sglfrnlths sglooufrnlths
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. welcome back everybody. an ohio casino making a major mistake to the tune of $1 million. here is the deal. it ends out paying the same prizes two times after two men with the same name come forward. kevin lewis of cincinnati won $1 million in the summer giveaway promotion.
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the problem here, when the casino was doing final verification check, it discovered there was another kevin lewis living in cincinnati. he, in fact, was the actual winner of the drawing. the casino's general manager decided to do the right thing say, yes, it was the casino's mistake and decided to give both men $1 million each saying it is the fair way to go. >> that is a lucky name. will the real kevin lewis stand snup. >> yes, big-time winners. officials in china ordering a man to tear down his multimillion dollar apartment. >> a man built his own mountain peak in beijing. >> residents complained for years it's damaging the building's structural integrity and piping system. the owner has 15 days to tear it down or prove he has the proper permits. >> that would make you think why would he do it?
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>> we know why. because he's rich and he can. >> wipe it out and build another one. as far as road and dirt and things, how is it looking on the commute? >> a little less activity. scrape it off the top, i guess. over here looking at the lower deck, the flashing lights as you cross over from san francisco to oakland. lower deck typical. we have a couple left lanes blocked heading towards treasure island. you see the span is okay. look over on the oakland side, south 880 as you're approaching the downtown area and heading toward the coliseum. we do see slowing right now kicking in over the last few. road construction crews probably clearing from that area. it's what's indicated by our sensors although we have to get confirmation from chp t. san mateo bridge, nice easy flow. back to you. this was the trend happening a little bit that would not make our favorite teachers proud. city workers in bakersfield may want to head back to work. workers mispainted a sign
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putting a backwards c in the sign. county crews went out to change the sign, but not before people started snapping shots and posting them all over social media. how do you put the c backwards? someone was messing around. >> bakersfield cannot get a break. i'm sorry. >> someone out there is right now out of a job. >> 4:57. new parking restrictions passed overnight on the peninsula where drivers will be able to park and when and where they won't be able to park as well all coming up next. >> we'll clear all that up and get it straight for you. plus the new trouble at the america's cup. why defending champion team oracle usa is now being accused of cheating. sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always,
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there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪
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coordinated monthly test of the emergency alert system. if had been an actual emergency, you would have received timely emergency information. this concludes this test of the emergency alert system. >> reporter: a santa cruz county woman was arrested for impersonating a nurse at this hospital in san jose. she was taken into custody, so why are bay area hospitals being told to be on high alert today. i'm marla tellez.
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i'll have that story still ahead. plus the new efforts for transparency by supervisors in santa clara county. it's a cool start to your tuesday morning. plenty of upper 50s out there. but hey, we've got a hotter afternoon ahead. i'll take you through your full forecast. plus three incidents, two crashes to report for 880. we'll give you the latest on the nimitz coming up. we'll give you a view of the golden gate bridge early on this tuesday morning, august 13. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. bay area hospitals right now on high alert this morning after a woman was caught impersonating a nurse. deputies this morning are still concerned because she's now back on the streets. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joining us from valley


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