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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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in egypt between security forces and supporters of the country's ousted president. more than a dozen people killed, and almost 200 injured. we'll have the latest developments next. coming to a close. trial of accused serial killer moving into a new phase this morning. and why one of the big vt community colleges in california could get to keep it's accreditation. a live look from the south bay. get ready, everybody, students in san jose unified heading back to school this morning. class is in session. it is wednesday, august 14th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> yes, yes, first day of school, reminiscent, thinking of the good old days. a long time for me, not so long for you. good morning, 4:31. i'm jon kelley. >> he's being very kind. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. folks, kids, dressing for the first day of school. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren what to expect. >> good morning. 54 degrees to start you out in gilroy. 60 livermore. 60 san jose. take a look at first day of school traffic. watch out for the school zones with mike inouye. >> 101, you see the speed sensors are not a problem. we do have a crash reported north. this is around center standardville exit. so far no slowing. 101, watch on southbound side. earlier slowing across the san raphael bridge. no issues coming out of
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richmond. we'll watch the traffic through oakland coming up in next report. following breaking news this morning out of alabama. a u.p.s. cargo plane crashed in birmingham. marla taye welleztellez. >> getting a look at scene, compelling pictures just into our newsroom. let's roll that tape so we can show folks what we're dealing with. this is the aftermath. explosions and you can hear it as well. coming from nbc affiliate wvtm, reporting the plane is burning. so far two explosions heard from the scene. here what happens nbc has confirmed so far for is. u.p.s. cargo plane is airbus 330. it crashed very close to the birmingham airport where it was scheduled to land. this happened 6:00 a.m. local time, so just within the last 45 minutes.
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a pok spokeswoman said the plan crash on the outskirts of birmingham shuttlesworth airport. no homes are affected or compromised by any of this this morning. the crash has not affected airport operations. this information coming from our nbc affiliate. u.p.s. has been notified of the incident. we are checking their twitter feed to get latest from the u.p.s. official twitter feed. that is the latest from here. of course, the other thing i want to mention, so far, no injuries reported. also there are no passengers on the plane, just the crew and thousands of packages meant to be delivered in alabama. i say no injuries so far because nothing has been confirmed. of course, we can certainly expect fatalities considering the explosions we were seeing from pictures just into our newsroom. >> we'll keep checking back in. violence erupting in the
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streets of cairo. a source with the egyptian security force telling nbc reporter four egyptian policemen killed and 12 injured. all the violence started when security forces moved in to clear protest camps. police were seen firing tear gas and removing roadblock. you can see the mayhem in the street. u.s. in kir cairo closed early. u.s. officials are warning americans to avoid large gathers in that country. it's time to head back to school. a lot of you are probably up early with us, at least parents grabbing a cup of coffee before kids get up, getting ready for the first day of class. people headed out and about, students at san jose unified return this morning. a look at all of the schools
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very crowded today with kids. more people in crosswalks, more cars on the road. please be careful out there. >> a big day. 4:35. classes at city college of san francisco also starting today, but the future of the school unclear this morning. the college set to lose its accreditation and likely to shut its doors next year. but now the u.s. department of education says the commission that decided to revoke that accreditation broke several federal laws when it reviewed that school. it is unclear what impact, if any, this new information will have on the school's future. the california federal -- federation of teachers and city college of san francisco will be holding a teleconference set for 11:00 this morning. in that situation, talking about the new findings. we could learn the identity of a woman killed during a construction accident at san jose city college. hit by a front loader walking on
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a sidewalk by the construction project yesterday. investigators say the massive vehicle was backing up to move a load of dirt when it hit her. preston pipeline, the company on the job, says the driver has more than 35 years' experience in the driveer accused of crash ago party bus on 280 and then running from the scene is expected to be in court today. the 43-year-old facing felony, dui, manslaughter, hit-and-run charges. investigators believe he was behind the wheel of the party bus when it veered off the freeway, hit a tree, flipped near alpine road sunday. the only passenger in the van, 38-year-old adam bloomquist, he died at the scene. closing arguments expected in the trial of accused serial killer, charged with murdering four northern california women between 1997 and 1994. acting as his own attorney in the trial. prosecutors expected to begin final arguments.
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his closing arguments are scheduled friday. friends and family of a baby girl in oakland missing for more on that a month gathering to hold a walk for her today. daphne webb reported missing july 10th. her father say his left the girl inside of his car while he went into a corner market and when he got back to the car minutes later, daphne was gone. friends organizing a love walk to support the family and keep daphne's story alive and in the media. the walk will start at 1:00 p.m. at oakland police station on 7th and broadway and continue on to oakland city hall. >> let's hope they find her. debate over california's shark fin ban heading to court. the ban took full effect last month. the groups claim the law infringes on their cultural heritage. shark fin soup traditionally eaten in chinese celebrations dating back to 2006 b.c.
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the court of appeals will hear arguments today. a dog rescued in dramatic fashion in san francisco bay looking for its owner. the italian massive had a collar on but no tags and no microchip. adam cone snapped the photo from his boat here on monday evening. if you look closely, you see the dog in the middle of the windsurfers. one of the windsurfers spotted the dog in the bay and stopped to help. when cone motored up in his boat they asked him to take her ashore. >> the dog into the boat, because it was so rough, they couldn't -- the wind was blowing -- they couldn't swim to the boat. we couldn't back the boat up to them. >> the dog has been nicknamed richard parker after the tiger on the boat in the movie "life of pi." and the dog's doing well. getting a lot of tlc. the family asking anybody who happens to have any information about who the dog belongs to, is
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asked to call berkeley dog and cat hospital. >> pretty dog, too. maybe he has found a new home. >> sad eyes, where's my owner? >> all right. check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good wednesday morning to you. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. a big day for kids all across the south bay. i remember first day of school, i could hardly sleep the night before. temperatures are comfortable. if you send little ones off this morning, they will not need a jacket. 60 to start you out in san jose. it was a scorcher inland yesterday. another one headed our way for today. back to school forecast, noon, 77 degrees. as you hit the cafeteria, 84 at 4:00 p.m. it's kind of a warm day. just depends what end of the south bay you live on. of course, further to the south you live, the hotter the temperatures get. 90 gilroy today. 95 in livermore. and 70 degrees coming into the city today.
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full forecast, seven day ready to go in the next report. first, your drive on a wednesday. mike inouye. >> good morning. start with the golden gate bridge, you see easy drive here. only a few people driving. we have a clear view of the span itself as well. we'll get you over to the maps. approaching the area, marina boulevard, that's where we have one crash in san francisco. sounds like all lanes are cleared heading over to the golden gate and 19th avenue. nice easy drive. light traffic there now. update for the crash northbound 101 past the exit, it was a car stuck into the slow lane for a couple of minutes. it was cleared. no slowing coming off the san raphael bridge. north, counter commute. the south bay, laura told you about the school systems coming back in in effect part of the san jose school districts. that means a lot of traffic heading to the freeway but not
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on the freeway. watch that. we have pedestrians walking around the ars as well. towards the peninsula, a company more weeks for these schools but soon traffic shift will happen as well. largely the commute will start later as folks will stick around to drop kids au off to school hit the roadway close to 8:30. watch the shift. >> 4:41. outside lands music fess sal brought tens of thousands to golden gate park. organizers say they left a lot of stuff behind besides good moves. >> feeling the magic. >> maybe that's why they forgot it. they were lost themselves. lost and found set up at bill graham civic auditorium where people can claim everything they may have misplaced. >> there we go. >> keys, wallets, smartphones. let me slow down so you can enjoy the action. >> take it in. >> they recovered a few german passports only hold on to the
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stuff friday at 5:00 p.m. >> the guy with the sunglasses on twice, look at you. starting, it is wednesday. we're getting warmed up. coming up, the tweet that sends apple stocks skyrocketing next. former congressman jesse jackson jr. gets ready to learn his fate after stealing money from his campaign fund. what he's asking a judge for this morning. a fire on a submarine in indian traps a group of sailors overnight. details just released by the indian government. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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welcome back, everyone. 4:45. it's unclear how many sails are died in a massive explosion on board an indian navy submarine. you can see the huge fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the air. the submarine docked in the port city of mumbai when the explosion happened overnight. an official says 18 sailors were on board at the time. some justified into the water to escape the flames. the navy official believes some died but not sure how many. the cause under investigation. new this morning, here in the united states, a deadly end to a tense 12-hour stand-off in louisiana. just before midnight, police
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stormed the bank where an armed gunman holding three employees hostage. the suspect reportedly shot two of the hostages. officers then shot and killed the gunman. this morning, we are learning one hostage has died. the condition of the or hostage is unknown today. a third was not hurt. officials say they fond a book on hostage negotiations at the suspect's apartment. they say the man believed a device implanted inside of his brain and the situation was a planned attack. 4:46. the southern california teenager at center of the nationwide amber alert is opening up about the horrifying ordeal on social media. 16-year-old hannah anderson is now answering questions on the teen website anderson called her captor a psycho and wrote about fearing for her life if she tried to escape. when asked what she did when she learned her mother and brother were killed, hannah replied, quote, cried all night.
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hannah was rescued saturday from the idaho wilderness. her alleged captor james dimaggio shot and killed by fbi agents. 4:47. in the business scene a tweet, just a tweet, all it took for apple stock to skyrocket. the question today, will it keep rising? seema mody live at cnbc world headquarters. she has detail on that and the rest of the news before the bell. >> good morning to you. this is a very interesting story. let's start with apple. the stock had its second best day of the year, up 5%, here's why. after billionaire investor carl icahn tweeted he bought a sizable stake in the iphone maker. iphone says he had a friendly chat with tim cook urging him to return more of the company's cash to shareholders. he says the move has potential to push apple stock up as high as $700. futures are lower after stocks recovered from early losses on tuesday with the dow managing to avoid a three-day losing streak.
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data on wholesale inflation, producer prices, earnings from the likes of de. deere and cisco. coca-cola will run its first ads defending the safety of artificial sweeteners. it will run in the "atlanta-journal constitution" and "chicago tribune." coke is trying to stem falling sales of diet sodas which dropped 3% last year versus 1% decline for regular soda. the company says diet soda can help people manage their weight and evidence shows aspartame is safe. back to you. >> thank you. i'm no health expert, i don't know about diet soda, how about good exercise and good diet? >> eat less, exercise more maybe. let's see if you can get out and
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enjoy great weather today. >> you know if you want that exercise in today, do it early. do it early. especially inland. do you notice that heat yesterday? >> yes. thank you very much. >> a little bit warmer. you know what? there's a give and take. san francisco was stuck in the fog for most of the month until yesterday. finally that fog cleared up. we had a beautiful day in the city. no flight delays yesterday. that was the first time out of all month in the morning without those delays due to the thick fog. yeah, good, good improvement at the coast. a trade-off and have the hot weather inland. temperatures are going to stay hot throughout the end of the week. we'll get a break. for this morning, high pressure still stays with us. sizzle is going to continue for today. headed back to school today or kids who are, make sure they're ready for the heat, spf-30 plus. you can send them out to school without a jacket by 9:00 a.m., at 65 degrees rounding out the
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day in san jose. san jose unified goes back at 87 degrees. 90 gilroy. extreme east bay, the hot, hot readings, 95 in livermore. when i checked the temperature at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, it was 98 degrees in livermore. really a warm day shaping up. 70 san francisco. you're warmer today than yesterday. more sunshine coming in early. clear to start. expecting a bit of patchy fog. clear conditions over the bay again. 89 by friday. there's that brief cooldown just for friday into saturday. those are seasonal averages. we climb back up. i've been warning everybody about next week, looking so hot. i have not had to use that century mark for a while. but it's back. it's staring you in the eyes like snake eyes this morning. >> dreading it. got to admit, we've been spoiled. 4:50. former congressman jesse jackson jr. will be sentenced for using campaign funds for personal vacation and extravagant
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jewelry. jackson will appear in a washington, d.c., federal courtroom alongside his wife sandra. he pleaded guilty to stealing roughly three-quarters of a million dollars from his campaign fund and asking a judge to put him on probation. if that doesn't happen, he's indicated he'd like to serve time at a federal prison camp in alabama. his wife will be sentenced today for failing to report income on her tax return. back in court, reality tv star theresa guidice and her husband joe getting a dose of reality. arraigned on 39 counts including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud. video of the couple arriving at first court appearance last month. some confrontations with the paparaz paparazzi. the indictment says two overstated income when they applied for loans before the debut of "the real housewive." that was back in 2009. a rough ride for that couple.
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>> drama continues. >> sometimes that works for real tv. >> very real. 4:51. saying good-bye to man every fan attending at shark tank. the secret society inside the the guys organization that has perks that go with it. looking here towards fr s fremont, 880, transition. that has reopened. but also an issue for the nimitz part north, oakland slowing.
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welcome back. on a wednesday morning you may not have known his name but ever attended a shark's game you knew his face and sound. ♪ sweet cairoline good times♪ >> you want to sing along there. that's jeffrey, he i doed in june according to the "mercury news." for the past 20 years, he played guitar almost religiously outside the center before and after the game. he performed throughout the bay area. he's at the milpitas farmer's market in 2011. special celebration of his life held monday at santa clara elks lodge. hes and 62. thanks for all of the music. >> video that his spirit will live on. an exclusive club opened at
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at&t park but only select fans can gain entry. comcast sports reporting two-lane bowling alley open on the suite level at at&t park, it's the so-called gotham club, a bar, pool tables, game room. behind a well-guarded door. only season ticket holders able to get in with members at a premium club that allow entry as well as anybody who has played for the giants. exclusive. images posted on instagram. there will be three gotham themed areas by next season. if you're curious about the gotham, it's a throwback to the new york goth a.m.s that was a team name in the 1800s. >> very cool. want to check in with mike. a look at the morning commute. >> batman fans thinking of gotham city.
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880, traffic flows smoothly, easy drive past the coliseum. farther north, slowing in both directions, right at the 5th slowing over the ten minutes indicating crews from both directions are tarting to get on the move and that's what's going on for oakland. casto valley, earlier debris cleared from the reports. 4:57. breaking news. a plane crash in alabama early this morning. we're starting to get new details and images into our newsroom. a live record coming up continue to follow verying news in egypt. more than a dozen people killed in clashes in cairo. dozens others injured. details coming up next. bre
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birmingham, alabama a u.p.s. cargo plane has crashed. brand-new images into the newsroom. we'll have the latest coming up.
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not your ordinary bike. stolen from a blind man, it was part of his plan to help blind people all over the world. we want to help you get out the front door, prepared for the summer heat today. starting out in upper 50s to low 60s headed towards the mid 90s. we'll let you know how long the summer sizzle stays in your full forecast. and smooth drive right now heading over the bay. but we have crews picking up, causing slowdowns in the east bay and south. we'll talk about those spots coming up things looking extremely smooth on the golden gate bridge. yes, welcome to midweek. is it wednesday, august 14th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we continue following breaking news out of alabama there is morning where we are


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