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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of morsi clash with police. back-to-school time for thousands of students in san jose unified. we will be there live with the superintendent who has new information every parent should know. that's right. that fall semester starts today. but summer heat is going to crank. we'll let you know how long this heat wave will stay in the bay area. plus, bay bridge metering lights turns on early. a backup here and even backup through livermore. we'll give you update for that significant alert coming up. lots of live looks outside. look of the day progressing here in the south bay. san jose. thanks for joining us onnanwedn, baug 14th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good wednesday morning. breaking news right now, down in alabama this morning. two crew members now confirmed
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dead in this u.p.s. cargo plane crash outside birmingham airport. officials there say the victims were the pilot and co-pilot and they were the only twoembers on board. "today in the bay's" marla tellez following the story all morning long since it happened three hours ago. now with the latest information and very, very dramatic images. >> we've just learned the plane crashed a half mile north of runway 18 at birmingham shuttlesworth international where it was set to land. what went wrong exactly is of course the bigg question this morning. did weather play a part? at the time of the crash, new information into our newsroom shows it was cloudy, overcast conditions, some rain was reported in the area. but it is still too early to tell what caused this deadly scene. this compelling video showing aftermath giving fire crews there a run for their money this morning. tough job putting out violent flames. the airbus 300 went down at 5:00
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a.m., this is birmingham local time. in an open feel, no homes are on the property. believe it or not, this is not affecting airport operations though it's within close range of the runways there. we've just learned a nearby neighborhood evacuated, a half mile away. isolated scene there. the plane was coming from louisville, kentucky and u.p.s. has 53 of these airbus 300 presumablies now just 52. right now we are waiting on the ntsb set to hold a news conference on the east coast at 6:15 our time. we will bring this live. once the presser is finished and ntsb team is getting on a plane bound for birmingham where the investigation into the cause of this deadly crash will begin. >> thank you. 6:02. developing story, deadly confrontation in cairo, where security forces are moving in to
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clear two camps full of supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi. egyptian state television seas egyptian security forces are firing tear gas and reports at the sound of gunfire heard. forces are backed by bulldozers and armored cars. latest number, the death toll at demonstrations nationwide at 56. and it says at least 625 people are hurt. we do have a live look this morning at the streets of cairo for you. it is still very active there. one of the sit-in sites it was close to a mob. the other is outside the other cairo university campus. protesters gathers sites for over a month now since mohamed morsi was overthrown by the military in early july. morsi was egypt's first freely elected civilian president. new details for you in the tragic ending to a hostage situation at a bank in st.
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joseph, louisiana. police telling us a gunman shot two bank employees when officers stormed into that bank. one of the employees is reported dead. the condition of the or within is unknown. a third hostage was released late last night. police shot and kill the gunman who has been identified as 20-year-old fuaded abdo ahmed. police say ahmed was mentally unstable and written a letter in advance, detailing what he was doing, what he was going to do, what he would do in the attack. police say he had a full duffel bag of items he was going to use to torture his hostages. investigators also telling us he was not trying to rob that bank and that there's no indication he had any history with any of those bank employees. today we could learn the identity of a woman killed during a construction accident at san jose city college. the woman was hit by a front loader walking on a sidewalk by the cop instruction project yesterday. investigators say the massive
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vehicle was backing up to move a load of dirt went it hit her. preston pipeline, the company on the job, says the driver has more than 35 years' experience. a list of santa clara county workers threatening they will go on strike if necessary. local 521 counting the ballots last night. 9 6% of members voted to reject the latest contract offer and authorize the bargaining team to call a strike if a deal is not reached. contract expires at the end of the month. the on union represents 9,000 worker a lot of satisfy staffers. doctors and nurses are not part of the on on. >> this morning, back to school for lots of students in the south bay several school districts in session. east side union district and san jose unified school district. for more on the first day of school, bob redell at trace
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elementary school in san jose where students start classes this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you look over the next couple of weeks here in the bay area, it's a marathon of back-to-schools. east side unified, san jose unified today. and then it goes fremont and san mateo, foster city august 28th. you'll see traffic picking up throughout the different towns and in our area. we have dr. vincent matthews, superintendent of san jose unified school district. how is it to be back to school for you? >> it's exciting. this is my 28th back to school. one of my favorite days, students come back, back to their future. i'm excited to see all of the 33,000 students in san jose unified welcoming you back. >> reporter: this year, it's a big year for you. your focus on implementation of the common core standards. 45 states have adopted these, benchmarks for english and math, things that people have to know by each grade level. and different districts have different time lines for
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implementation. your implementations by this year what are the common core standards? >> they're a set of standards that you said, 45 states will be implementing standards and to make us more competitive internationally and give us c common standards across the states, skills like creative thinking, how they communicate, collaborate, having skills to e comprehensive in the 2 1 century. they're more rigorous. it's how we teach students and it's getting ready for jobs that haven't been created yet. >> reporter: the challenge? >> getting people to change how we teach, how we assess which is coming, looking at students' skills and basically getting people to change. we have taught in a certain way for centuries now and we have to change the way we're doing things because the skills that students need are absolutely different. >> reporter: thank you very much. appreciate you being up bright and early. where do you have to be?
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>> head to a number of schools and i'm excited about that. >> reporter: thank you. live here outside trace elementary where school should be starting within the next couple of hours. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> hey, bob, since it is back to school day, we thought we'd take a look back at, well -- look at that smile. your yearbook photo from fifth grade. >> a young, strapping bob redell. >> reporter: that was the year people started wearing open collared golf shirts and corduroys and i set that trend. you look happy in that shot. >> reporter: i was very happy. you should have seen me in sixth grade, downhill. >> how would you describe the haircut? that curl rolled up in the front? >> reporter: i woke up, took a towel, hear on there. >> what happen to the curl? >> reporter: it's called a rescission. >> we love you, bob. >> reporter: it's retreating to the back of the neck. >> tough crowd here.
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>> reporter: five more years. >> thank you, bob. reminiscent -- >> don't make me feel bad. i'm going to get payback. we'll show photos of everyone. >> slowly reveal them as the day goes on. hang tight. >> wait until you see christina, she's adorable. >> 6:09. my favorite part of back to school, recess. temperatures looking good today. as kids make their way out for recesser for lunch in the cafeteria, it's a warm day. san jose clear to start. an indication we have no low clouds to keep us cool. noon 77 degrees as you break for lunch. 87 at 4:00 p.m. that's a warm day for san jose. elsewhere, i'm forecasting mid 90s in livermore. east bay the hottest, 95 up inland. bay side 92. the coast, forecasting 71 in san francisco and 75 santa cruz.
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warmer days ahead, i'll let you know when the triple dij tgits e into the mix. >> 6:10, we see the east bay and the south bay kick in as far as volume of traffic. peninsula that's the last of the areas. looking here towards the bay bridge. smooth driver here. backup because of the metering lights the toll plaza. 101, volume picking up. looks all right but as i turn the camera, blocked by trees but i did catch glimpse of flashing lights. a dump truck, i understand. look at the map-before the 680, there's another crash)!2ñ invol four vehicles, that has to be moved as well. no major injury reported from the chp now. slowing on the approach and that's meetering things heading up to the second of the accidents. we'll watch the corridor and past the 680/280 inter-kang from
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north 101. 87 looking all right. we're watching roadways that bob was talking about, school zones. those for san jose unified border around 87. extra careful through the school zones. here, we have the sig ahertz. all lanes cleared for 580. westbound blocking two lanes. but all lanes opens. out of the altamont, dragging below ten miles per hour but that's making things better for folks closer to the dublin interchange and 84, gentle slowing through livermore. we'll end with the bay bridge toll plaza shot in the backup here as we look to the roadways. there you go. we have a backup, typical over there as you're approaching the west grand avenue overcross. 6:11. more ahead on "today in the bay." update to breaking news we're following. cargo plane crashes to the ground and bursts into flames in alabama. we will show you new video
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coming into our newsroom and new details.
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breaking news out of alabama where a large u.p.s. cargo plane has crashes near the birmingham airport. this is video of the plane on fire moments after impact. the pilot and co-pilot killed. no other passenger on board. lots of cargo. ntsb scheduled to hold a briefing about that crash in just a few minutes. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. right now, other top story we're covering today. violence erupting overnight in streets of cairo as security forces there clear two protest camps, camps were formed by supports of ousted president morsi. egypt's health minister says 56 people reported dead. another 625 people have been hurt in nationwide clashes. police have shot and killed a louisiana plan who was holding
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three people hostage in aiá# l bank. the man shot two of the hostages as police entered that building. one died. police believe the man had been planning that attack for some time. closer to home, thousands of students all over san jose heading back to school today. the east side union high school district, very first day yesterday. the san jose unified school district back in session starting this morning. be aware, watch out for little ones. 6:15. a corporate raiders storing up apple stock. >> not first first time a visit from carl icahn. >> last time he was in town he bought share of yahoo! by the time the dust settled there, jerry yang was out of a job. icahn tweeted about his stock by tuesday. he already talked to apple ceo tim cook. not sure how much stock icahn has. whatever is it, it's enough to get the company's ceo to take your phone calls.
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now, when people like icahn buy shares in companies like apple it's for one of two reasons. one they think the stock is undervalued or, two, they think they can make some change that will force that stock to go higher. in apple's case it would appear he wants an toll borrow money to buy back more of its stock which would increase the value of shareholders' share holdings including mr. icahn's. a stock to watch this morning, macy's trades under the symbol m. sales have slowed and it will miss wall street'sing pecktations for profits. the quarter that they're talking about was the start of august. i don't think we're seeing an issue in back-to-school shopping, not there. i think we'll see that next quarter. speaking of back to school, the parent internet viewer earlier. here's the iphone version of the seam thing. parents in san jose use to keep tabs on their kids. san jose, as you mentioned, back to school this morning.
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absolute power. did you do your homework? let me check. >> wow. >> keeping close tabs. >> amazing now. >> scott, we've been talking about all morning long, you mentions it yes, people going back to school. we wanted to do sharing. >> my turn now? >> we showed bob redell. a picture of you from your school days. >> go ahead. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> quite the stud. >> it's not there? >> we don't have it. >> talk about a stud. >> it was a great photo. we'll get it. >> hair flowing in the breeze. >> fair enough. >> like bob redell, he and i have the same barber. >> no i don't think. let's not talk about that. everyone's making me feel really bad. >> talking about his hair in. >> let's move on. thanks so much. >> appreciate it. check in with christina loren. we will also have a picture coming up. >> we don't have to do that again.
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once was enough. >> there we go. >> that's adorable. >> a sweet heart. >> the same bangs. >> i like that. fashion, got something in your hair. >> i went by chrissie. >> different, huh? four years of braces for those chompers. these kids, they get invisiline. san jose, kids are out and about, watch school zones mike is busy. we'll see how that volume is increasing. as you know, we've had it easy in the traffic department because of summertime. that changes as of today. 6:18. starting to see the sun m makin an appearance. beautiful start to the day. hardly low cloud cover. the golden gate bridge, we are seeing low clouds moving in. a sliver here of clear sky.
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this will start to drop off as we head throughout the next couple of hours. a squished, compresses marine layer. as a result, we'll see clearing quickly. sun comes out, warms up top layer and fog clears from the top down. expecting today, good to moderate air quality. air quality will suffer as the big ridge of high pressure stays put for the next couple of days. temperatures going to be unseasonably warm. 95 degrees in livermore. 79 fremont. 87 san jose. and 90 in gilroy. that's the hot part of the bay area. but it's great to live here because it takes an hour to get right to the water where it's comfortable. today at beach, fantastic conditions. 70 san francisco. 75 on the way to santa cruz. get into the next couple of days, temperatures are going to stay unseasonably warm. a break by friday and saturday, with more low clouds to kick off the day. we lose that cloud cover offshore flow picks up. sunday, monday, and tuesday. there it is, mike, tuesday, 100
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degrees. over to you. >> i'm averting my eyes. don't look at the 100. look at this, tri-valley. the big slowdown, you've got to know about there is. out of the altamont pass really held up because of the traffic that is jammed past the scene of the crash that i'll talk about in a second. averaging to below 20 miles an hour from the stretch from here and grant line road over the dublin interchange. it's jammed up as you're approaching the vasco crash scene. westbound right here, you see things are breaking up. our sensors will recover over the next few. the average of course to recompute. smoother drive. here's vasco road. traffic through liver more and toward that 580 interchange, you will see more traffic here.
6:21 am
going to see more congestion through pleasanton as well. we gave you a warning. south bay looks smooth as far as north bound route, the big deal here is northbound as you're approaching 680, a crash at story. activity off to the shoulder. there were four vehicles involved. approaching 680. another crash involving a dump truck as you pass by mckee. focusing on the roadways 101 and 87. approaching both the freeways because this is east side union school district here and this is san jose unified and those are the two areas kicking in over yesterday and today. tomorrow we'll hit the peninsula and palo alto. so we'll take a look there for live look. 101 moves smoothly. watch the school zone as you're approaching the area. even if you don't have kids you have to get to the freeways. those folks hit towards 8:30 as parents stick around for the first day of school. we get you another shot outside. san rafael, southbound on the right, easy drive. volume building out of navato.
6:22 am
good speeds through san rafael, toward the bridge. another shot, the east shore freeway, berkeley west bound 80, smooth drive. no problems with you picking up volume through rich month and berkeley, you get slowing. toward the bay bridge toll plaza, where you do have metering lights on. >> city streets, be careful, you want to slow down. it's back to school. we're not forgetting about plik. when it comes to back to school. looking at fun school pictures. >> there we go. >> i was military school. cub scouts. this is a weebelo picture. >> how long? >> the allotted two years. got my arrow of light but i quit. >> do you know how old? >> i think 8, 8 years old. >> good looking kid. >> by the length of my kid. >> give us a smile. >> there. >> i'll put the ban dan fdannba >> he knew then women love a man
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in uniform. we will update you on the breaking news as cargo plane crashes in alabama turning field into a fire ball. we'll have all of the breaking details ahead.
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right now, we want to update you on breaking news. a big crash down in alabama, u.p.s. plane crashed. this is video from washington, d.c., at the reagan
6:26 am
international airport there. the reagan national airport, i should say, getting set to hold a media press conference. we will keep you posted on that as soon as it happens. we'll listen as they update at ntsb. video of the crash down in alabama. near birmingham, birmingham airport there. the u.p.s. plane crashes down there. both the pilot and the co-pilot, they have been killed. the plane immediately went up in flames, big explosions down there. a devastating scene to say the least. >> video of the fire just moments after impact. and there were no other passengers that we know of on board. just the pilot and the co-pilot. it was a cargo plane for u.p.s. we know a lot of cargo damaged and destroyed. ntsb scheduled to hold a briefing about that crash, what we know so far, before they actually head out to the crash site near the birmingham airport. in just a few minutes the ntsb will be gathering to hold more info. we'll of course bring that live to you as it happens.
6:27 am
devastation this morning. 6:26. a bay area mother desperate for answers in the death of her son. we'll tell you how she's taking a one-on-one approach today to urge anyone with information to come forward. more on breaking news, the u.p.s. plane crash right out in the field, again, near the airport in birmingham. down in alabama. marla tellez monitoring all of the breaking news details for us. she's gathering that up as we speak. a live report with her coming up in minutes. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ you can find them on sale now at your local safeway store. break news as a plane crashes and becomes a fireball in a alabama field. marla tellez joining us with new details and video in a live report. a live look over san jose with the sun coming up. yes, school back in session in the south bay. mike and christina taking a look at back to school commute and
6:30 am
forecast. >> scott mcgrew monitoring the markets. a live look. there's that bell. envision health care ringing it for us wednesday august 14th. this is "today in the bay." 6:30. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. update to that breaking news we've been following all morning long for you in alabama this morning where two crew members are now confirmed dead in the u.p.s. cargo plane crash that happened just outside the birmingham airport. ntsb is set to start a news conference this morning. now a go team headed to the scene to start its investigation. "today in the bay's" marla tellez following the story since it happened and joins us with the latest details. >> waiting for the news conference to start. it was supposed to start at 6:15 our time, podium is set up, a look live from newsroom.
6:31 am
but no one taking the podium yet. once it wraps up in arlington, virginia, that's when this go team from the ntsb will head to birmingham, set to arrive 10:00 a.m. local time. that's when the investigation into what exactly went wrong will officially begin. we've also just heard from the president of the u.p.s. airlines who says his company will work directly with the ntsb. mitch nickels saying, this incident is very unfortunate and our thoughts and prayers are with those involved. we place the utmost value on the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public, end quote. video showing the burning airbus 300 moments after it crashed in an open field shy of the birmingham international airport where it was set to land. two crew members pronounced dead. no our injuries in the area despite a debris field that stretches a half mile close it a
6:32 am
nearby neighborhood flight 354 -9ñ at time of the crash, cloudy overcast conditions reported in the area. looking at national radar. i collected in with meteorology christina loren, she says it's till cal for thunderstorms to be happening in birmingham this time of year. in fact, on the wires it said that lightning strikes were visible at the time of the crash. we'll see if weather at all plays into this deadly crash there. immediately following the crash, explosions were heard. media on scene told to to move back as it was an extremely dangerous sights to be near. waiting on the presser from ntsb tl& arlington, virginia, at reagan national airport. once that start, we will bring live pictures to you. jon? >> thanks for the update. 6:32. the southern california teenager center of the nation wide amber alert opening up on social media about her horrifying ordeal. 16-year-old hannah anderson
6:33 am
answering questions on anderson call her captor, quote, a psycho and wrote about fearing for her life if she tried to escape. when asked what she did when she learned her mother and her brother were both killed, hannah replied, quote, cried all night. hannah if you remember, rescued saturday from the idaho wilderness, alleged kidnapper, james dimaggio, he was shot and killed by fbi agents. closing arguments expects in the trial of accused serial killer joseph naso, charges with murdering four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. he's acting as his own attorney in the trial. prosecutors are expected to begin their final arguments today. his closing arguments are scheduled for friday. the mer of a teenager killed in san francisco several years ago will be out today asking for help in solving her son's murder. 17-year-old aubrey was shot and
6:34 am
killed seven years ago. this happened in the corner of grove street and baker street, and the shooter was never found. today aubrey's mother will return to that scene oflav her son's death to hand out flyers and help raise awareness for this cold case. san francisco police are also renewing their call for any kind of new information. 6:34. we give you a live look outside. can you make it out, jon kelley? >> let me guess. no. i don't know where that is. >> san francisco. there okay. >> got to love the bay area's microclimate. christina loren telling us what's happening where. >> yeah. something different going on, just about everywhere. microclimates across the bay area, separation between your inland highs versus those by the water. you'll get the best of the best by the water today. kind of a hot day shaping up in livermore. starting out 59 degrees. as we head throughout the afternoon, hour by hour forecast works like this. today in the bay, 82 at noon.
6:35 am
up to 95 inland. 28 bay side at coast. 71 degrees. now we're going to get hotter, i'll show you when and how long this heat wave is going to last for the bay area. might be longer than you'd like. that's coming up. first a look at your drive. how that volume is changing. back to school in san jose. >> take you out there. first i want to talk about bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on. check. now we'll go to the south bay, with northbound 101, i've angled it, able to see, one of two crashes for north 110 through a major congestion spot for the commute. approaching that 680 overcrossing to north 101. two middle lanes blocked by two tow trucks. word i have two of the vehicles, two of the four vehicles involved in the crash that happened some time ago stuck together and they have to remove them from each other before they can remove them from the roadway. one of those i believe a plat bed tow truck. you see cars holding up before
6:36 am
they can get by. now they're starting to move one of the vehicles there is it with the smashed up front end, over to the shoulder. hopefully they can clear lanes. i want to show you the backup approaching slow from capitol expressway up to the scene i just shows you. mckee, other crash involving a dump truck. flashing lights. it's causing a slowdown for the slow lane. stay to the lef t as you pass b. watching 101 and 87, approaching freeways because east side and union and san jose unified school district flank the freeways and that could affect traffic flow through school zones. 6:36 right now. more ahead on "today in the bay." we continue to follow breaking news this morning that is happening in alabama where a field now a fireball after a cargo plane crashes to the ground. we've got new video of the wreckage, new details about the investigation coming up for you.
6:37 am
right now live pictures. press conference speaking to the media, ntsb talking about this crash down in alabama. that is being held at reagan national airport. they're going to discuss that crash in detail. we'll be covering that press conference. >> everybody ready? >> good morning. good morning. i am robert somwalt a board member with national transportation safety board. the ntsb is just now launching to investigate, towm+ begin th investigation of a u.p.s. crash involving a u.p.s. airbus a-300-600. this airplane was flying from li louisville, crashes on approach
6:38 am
to 18 at birminghamiññ innate airport. before i go further, on behalf of the ntsb, i would like to express our sincere condolences to those who have been affected by the tragic accident. we will be launching here from the washington national airport in just a matter of minutes. and in addition to our go-team, we have an investigator from atlanta who should be arriving on scene any minute now. we will be arriving before noon birmingham time. the ntsb investigation will be led by an investigator in charge, dr. dan bower, and he in the area of structures, power plants, systems, air traffic control, human performance,
6:39 am
aircraft performance, and a number of other disciplines.
6:40 am
6:41 am
breaking news that happened in birmingham, alabama. live pictures from a press conference held by the ntsb. this is at the reagan national airport. they were talking about the plane crash, again near birmingham, alabama, a u.p.s. plane crashed down there just a fire in the flames, big explosion there. two crew members from u.p.s. on
6:42 am
board. both dead at the scene. they talked about the crash happened during the approach to the runway at the birmingham airport. they are sending down a go team and investigator from atlanta will be flying over there. expected to land by noon today eastern time. >> that's right. already on their way there to begin the investigation. of course, everyone sending out condolences to two people who have already lost their lives in the u.p.s. crash. 6:42. more news ahead. stay with us. 6:44, we begin
6:43 am
6:44 am
of solid news with an update to breaking news we've been following this morning in alabama where two crew members confirmed dead in this u.p.s.
6:45 am
cargo plane crash. it happened just outside the birmingham airport. ntsb just wrapped up a news conference this morning. now a go team will be headed to the scene to start its investigation. "today in the bay's" marla tellez following the story since it happened and joins us with latest details. >> we heard from a board member with the ntsb. he spoke to reporters from arlingt arlington, virginia. the mission over the coming weeks and months to find out what we want to know, what caused the airbus a-300 to go down half a mile shy from the runway at birmingham international airport. this happened four hours ago. the immediate aftermooth, the fuselage in flames here. he did say on behalf of the ntsb offer everyone's condolences to those involved in the accident.
6:46 am
of course the co-pilot and pilot dead at scene there. talked about who is going to lead the investigation once they arrive in birmingham, that is supposed to arrive just about 9:00 a.m. our time. a couple hours from now. he says that accompanying the go team disaster relief team to help with family members who may be there on site. one of the team's main priorities is searching for those all-important black boxes. >> but i will tell you that the board has very good success rate with being able to recover the recorders. so at this point, i'm optimistic we will be able to recover those. >> the airbus a-300 was taking off from louisville, kentucky this morning, bound for birmingham international. again, two crew members on board, both dead at the scene there. no other injuries to report. the debris feel said to be a half mile wide in the area. a neighborhood close to the site
6:47 am
but no one affected in that area. that is the latest from the newsroom. back to you. >> very sad. developing story here, deadly confrontation over in cairo now. just out of control. security forces moving into clear two camps full of supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi. egyptian state tv says egyptian security forces are now firing tear gas and there are reports the sounds of gunfire can be heard out there. the security forces are backed by bulldozers and armored cars. a serious and intense scene. the latest numbers, putting the death toll at demonstrations nation wide 56 people dead, including a sky news television camera person. it says at least a tote of 60 -- 625 people so far have been injured. 647. we've got to take a look at the forecast. here's meteorologist christina
6:48 am
loren. >> a warm one. you have time to put the water bottle in the freezer if kids are headed back to school. make sure you have the spf-30. temperatures comfortable in concord. look at 40s, those, et cetera chilly start in sonoma and marin county. clear sky overhead. we don't have a lot of fog this morning. no flight delays out of sfo, 56 there. there is plenty of low cloud cover starting to develop and push over the bay. that's our natural cool ant. not making its way to san jose or livermore. this was we are expecting when it comes to the fog. stop the clock on futurecast. between 6:00 and 7:00, a fair amount of cloud cover roll back in. this will keep temperatures cooler. we'll drop mid 90s into the low 90s. when we wake up tomorrow morning we'll see more of the low cloud cover but not quite here in san jose. not making its way through the delta, antioch, livermore
6:49 am
tomorrow. starting out clear. if your kids are heading back to schooling mack sure they're ready for summer warmth. 87 at 4:00 p.m., warm day shaping up. as we head throughout the area, 90s expecting, 97 degrees in fair feeli fair feel. another beautiful day in san francisco with fog burning off 9:00 a.m. 75 degrees on the way to santa cruz. next few days, temperatures aren't too hot. there's that slight cooldown thursday into friday. temperatures soar sunday, monday, tuesday. mike had a traffic alert earlier. let's get the latest with him. >> traffic alert even worse for north 101. looking here at jam. here's the better side of things all lanes cleared heading northbound 101 underneath the 680/280 interchange. all lanes cleared. but look at the map. it's backed up heading into the area. jammed in northbound 101 as
6:50 am
you're approaching capital expressway a 16 registering on the speed sensor. toward 30, passing by the scene, but speed and recover ripples back capital expressway, jammed north to 680 and north of there, mckee, another crash. three in this area all in your commute direction. speeds recovering now heading towards 880. volume builds for 87. xli indicating things, schools, san jose unified and east side union, both taking effect, san jose unified today's their first day, flanking freeways. folks will have a lot of pedestrians and parents in a rush, if we don't have kids we can watch for parents as well give them right after way. commute will kick in later for the south bay. parents want to stick around for the first day. if you don't have kids, get on the freeway earlier, you might be able to beat the rush. tri-valley backup here. not for livermore but come into
6:51 am
the libber mr out of the altamont pass. second big crash. first one cleared at vasco. new one grant line road, we're following this to find out about injuries. sounds like one lane blocked but maybe more. drama out of the altamont, not affecting most of our viewers, though. head over the san mateo bridge to the peninsula side things very nice. 92 foster city side, a big bump up in volume over the last ten minutes here, highway 92. san mateo doesn't start for ten days. palo alto to south, we'll be watching those areas. this will affect the flow around the bay. 6:51. friends and family of a baby girl in oakland missing now for more than a month will hole a walk for her today. daphne webb reported missing july 10th. her father says he left the girl in his car while he went into a corner market and when he returned minutes later daphne
6:52 am
was gone. today, friends are organizing a love walk to support the family and keep daphne's story alive. the walk will start at 1:00 p.m. at oakland police station on 7 there and broadway and continue to oakland city hall. martinez boy mauls by a pit bull undergoing another surgery in a series he'll be facing. the dog attacks the 10-year-old visiting friends over the weekend. the dog knock him down and jumped on him, bit him in the face and on the arm. hunter was rushes to uc davis trauma center where he had his very first surgery that very flight. pit bull now remains unquarantine. investigators say if the owner of the dog does not agree to ooutsennize it, a hearing will be hel. driver accused of crashing a part bus on 280, then running from the scene is expected to be court today. he's facing felony, dui, man slaughter, hit and run charges. investigators are believe he was
6:53 am
behind the wheel of the bus when it veers off the freeway, hitting a tree, slipping near al peen road. the only passenger died at scene. crews doing cleanup work near the henry coe state park. discovers outside the park northeast of morgan hill. latest discovery coming after another pot bust last month deep inside henry coe state park. in that raid authorities confiscated 10,000 maun marijuana plants with a street value of $40 million. >> checking the numbers with scott. >> dow industrials down 50 points. watching macy's after that company reported lower sales. we have kids on the nasdaq. other breaking financial news, fbi filed charges against two men at jpmorgan. the london whale loss, criminal
6:54 am
charges in that. new video from space-x of the latest test of the grasshopper rocket, it can land where it started. got it to fly sideways which is new. it's quite the successful week for south african entrepreneur elon musk. speaking of success, congratulations to tech blogger who is now an american citizen. took the oath in oakland. put this up on instagram. he's the guy behind gigae)kñ om back to school for students in the south bay. >> love this day. >> they really do, too. several school districts in san jose going back to schooling. two back in session, east side union high school district startediestart yesterday and san jose unified.
6:55 am
bob redell live in san jose where students start classes. good morning. >> reporter: yes. just about over an hour a half, good morning to you, laura. within thing that students will notice different this year at san jose unified school districts is the common core standards are fully implemented at all schools, whether in high school, elementary, middle school. if you're not familiar, ha 45 states including california adopt the standards, benchmarks for what students should know and should be able to do after completion of each grade. they're much more rigorous. designed to make students creative and critical in thinking, better prepare for 21st century jobs and make the united states competitive with other countries especially europe and asia where students perform better than american students. and the challenge and implementing this would be. >> getting people to change how
6:56 am
we teach, how we assess, which is coming, looking at student skills and basically getting people to change. we have taught in a certain way for centuries now and we have to change the way we're doing thing because of the skills that students need are absolutely different. >> reporter: and in sthetheory students who go to school with common course standard get the same education. if you went to school san jose and went to another state with the common course standards you'd be at par. if you happened to catch it, bob redell's schooling picture. first day of school we figures we'd roll out others. we have to get everybody involved. one of you, there's one of me as well. also i believe scott mcgrew somewhere. >> yes. >> we dusted one off. >> the football star that he was. perhaps still is.
6:57 am
>> i've soon scott move around the newsroom. + legs. >> left hanging? >> you're going to leave me -- >> maybe a heisman pose. >> give us something. >> do we have your photos? let's see yours. >> i'm not sure. talking about -- >> it's locked up. best laid plans. we'll put them up on facebook and twitter. >> check in with christina loren. >> good morning. i'm going to put them up on my facebook page, make sure everybody gets a taste of that. laura had flare back then and she's still got it. good morning. temperatures hot today, 95 inland. bay side 82. 71 at coast. temperatures continue to climb. if you missed that seven day outlook, i'll have it every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. let's check on that drive traffic alert in the south bay. >> i'm giving the alert. it's so heavy as far as flow of
6:58 am
traffic. we look here, north of san jose, just fine. san jose itself, 101 riddled with accidents. crashes caused quite a slowdown approaching 680 interchanging. now that all cleared, ewoo have the slowing and ripping effect. speeds below 40 heading up capital expressway. bogging down the interchange, below 20. how it's affecting the rest of freeways as well, 87ing more folks heading there via capital expressway. heading up to the curve, 680 north bound, folks using capital, more slowing traffic. easy drive to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. go team with the ntsb on its way to birmingham, alabama, right now to investigate an early morning cargo plane crash at the city's international airport. the airbus 330 crashed down around 5:00 this morning local
6:59 am
time. it just exploded. take a look. a fireball. two people died, the pilot and co-pilot. no other passengers on board. it was a cargo plane. ntsb says its team will thereby in just two hours from now. right now, 6:59. day's other top stories. violence erupting in cairo. security forces had to clear two protest camps, the camps forms by supporters of ousted president morsi. egy egypt's health minister saying 56 people dead, 625 people hurt in clashes nation wide. >> police have shot and killed a louisiana man who was holding through people hostage in the local bank. the man shot two of the hostages as police enters the building, one of them dies. police believe the man had been planning that attack for some time. >> thousands in san jose back to school. east side school district. san jose unified back in session
7:00 am
this morning. i did tiny stick figures, that's lawyer and me. good morning. breaking news, a ups cargo plane crashes near the airport in birmingham, alabama. the pilot and co-pilot killed. this morning, dramatic images from the scene and the investigation now underway. he deserved what he got. hannah anderson speaks out, writing about her ordeal online. this morning, what she's revealing for the first time. and oceans 16. those powerball winners from new jersey step forward, and one guy steals the show. >> my fellow americans -- and he's celebrating his newfound wealth and fame with us today, wednesday, august 14th,


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