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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 14, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, thanks for being with us. >> reporter: frames from the burning wreckage of ups cargo flight 1354 lit up the early morning sky. the plane was en route from louisville, kentucky, when it
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crashed on approach to the airport, a half mile from a runway into an open field. >> we saw smoke and debris, straight across the field. it was quite scary. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard a loud explosion before the plane hit the ground. >> i heard one. thin i heard the sputtering over the house and the loud boom when the plane crashed or hit the ground. but it was -- it was terrifying. >> reporter: the "today" show this morning, birmingham's mayor says the only victims of the crash were the crew on the plane. >> it's my understanding that the only individuals involved a pilot and co-pilot. >> reporter: local police say both were killed. ups has not released their names. in the morning light, what remains of the plane's fuselage can be seen strewn across the hillside. ntsb go team left washington this morning to begin its initial investigation into the
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crash. weather in the birmingham area is not believed to have been a factor. erica edwards, nbc news. now to the developing story in egypt where the government has slapped a month-long night time curfew on cairo and ten provinces. today's decision was announced shortly after the country's interim president declared a month-long nationwide state of emergency and ordered the army to back the police in efforts to restore order. violence spreading across much of the country after police swept in with armored vehicles you see there, bulldozers and helicopters clear two encampments of supporters of ousted president mohammad morsi. at least 149 people have been killed, another 1400 said to be injured. happening right now closer to home, crew doing some major cleanup work after discovering a large marijuana grow in the south bay. authority there is found that grow site outside henry coe state park. that's northeast of morgan hill. nbc bay area's bob redell live
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on scene right now at the sheriff's department in san jose with the latest on this ongoing operation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. you know, the illegal marijuana farms aren't just a headache for law enforcement, like the santa clara county sheriff's office, which is involved in this operation, but also a problem for the environment, which is why the california department of fish and wildlife is also involved. we just spoke with a dfw officer who is about to clean up this site in a remote part of eastern santa clara county, on the other side of mount hamilton, the lick observatory. he tells us this particular grow site is threaten willing eight endangered piece is and already damaged part of our waterways. turns thought site is locate ted headquarters of coyote creek, which if you're not familiar, ultimately runs into the bay. the particular growers dammed part of the water for irrigation and used fertilizers and pesticides to nurture their grow hundreds of empty bags of fertilizer are found with that asuch us that made its way into
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the water. among other chemicals found, they found fer dan, an illegal pesticide that's highly toxic. the dfw knows of bear who died after drinking water laced with fer dan, how potent it s a private landowner tipped off about this garden. the eradication team secured it yesterday, not clear anyone is arrested. they are certain it is illicit, not grown for medical use. >> they are not legitimate. we will continue to go out there and fight these problems st. a profit making ability for mexican drug cartels and we want to make sure we can disrupt that war on drugs. >> reporter: california national guard is also assisting this morning with one of their helicopters this area so remote they need a helicopter to haul out all that debris and trash at the site. of course, if you are a drug grower around doing something illegal, being secretive in the middle of nowhere is the best place to do it, hence the reason is it is so hard to get to this location.
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live near san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. friends and family of baby girl in oakland missing now more than a month will hold a walk for her in just a matter of hours. daphne webb was reported missing on july 10th. her father says he left the girl in his car while he went into a corner market and when he returned just a few minutes later, daphne was gone. today, friends are organizing a love walk to support the family and keep daphne's story alive. the walk will start at 1:00 at the oakland police station on 7th and broadway and continue to oakland city hall. >> hope they find that cute little girl. the driver accused of crashing a party bus on 280 then run from that scene is expected to be in court today. 43-year-old jason quinones facing felony dui manslaughter around hit and run charges. investigators believe he was behind the wheel of the party bus when it veered right off of the freeway, hit a tree and then flipped over near alpine road on sunday night. the only passenger in that van,
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38-year-old adam bloomquist, died at the scene. closing arguments are expected today in the trial of accused serial killer joseph neigh sew, neigh sew is charged with murdering four northern california women between 1977 and '94. he is acting as his own attorney in the trial. prosecutors are expected to begin their final arguments today. naso's closing arguments are scheduled friday. a fairfield man accused of intentionally drowning his father's dog is now expected in court some time today. brian cavanaugh set to be afrirnd arraigned for animal cruelty and probation violation. he repeatededly pushed the dog under water sunday morning. the dog eventually drowned. police say cavanaugh did admit to doing it but says he doesn't know why at the did t cavanaugh was already, for the record, on probation for assault with a deadly weapon. the debate over california's shark fin ban heads to federal
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court today two asian-american groups are challenging the state ban on possession and sale of shark fins which took effect last month. the groups claim the law infringes on their cultural heritage. shark fin soup is traditionally eaten in chinese celebrations dating back to 206 bc. the ninth circuit court of appeals will hear arguments in this case today. today, another difficult one for a martinez boy undergoing another round of surgery after being mauled by a pitbull. 10-year-old hunter kill born was attacked on sunday while visiting a friend in antioch. he was rushed to uc davis trauma center that night where he had his very first surgery. hunter's mother says the pitbull knocked him down then bit him in the face and the arm. you can see the results after surgery here. that dog right now is under quarantine. investigators say if the owner does not agree to euthanize the dog, a hearing will be held. just into our newsroom a few minutes ago, the coroner has identified the woman killed
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during a construction accident at san jose city college. 49-year-old magna gonzalez was hit by a front lowered while walk october sidewalk by the construction project yesterday. investigators say the massive vehicle was backing up to move a load of dirt when it hit her. preston pipeline, the company on the john, says the driver has more than 35 years' experience. like a lot of schools around the bay area, classes at city college of san francisco do start today but the future of that school still very unclear this morning. the college set to lose its accreditation and it's likely to shut its doors some time next year. but right now the u.s. department of education says the commission that decided to revoke that accreditation, it broke several federal laws when it reviewed the school. this morning, it is unclear what impact, if any, this new information will actually have on the school's future. still ahead, this one here is not your ordinary theft. a specialized bike stolen from a
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blind man. he says it was part of his plan to help blind people all over the world. also, we will show you about a dramatic rescue in the san francisco bay and we will show you that pooch that definitely needs some serious tlc after randomly being found out on the waters. apple stock crosses back over $500 a share and why are grandmas driving hipster cars? we will take a look in business and tech. looking forward to that scott. good morning to you. temperatures are already warming nicely,s if the's not hot enough for you yet, wait until you see this 7-day forecast, now including triple-digit heat. we will see you in a few moments on nbc bay area news at 11:00.
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welcome back. right now, giving you a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. guess what, by this time tomorrow, we should be finding out if it will be open in time for the labor day weekend.
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the federal highway administration says it sees no reason to delay the opening of that bridge once a retrofit of nearly 100 defective bolts is finally completed. tomorrow, an oversight committee made up of the top execs from the toll authority, caltrans and the california transportation commission, they will be making an official decision. meantime, engineers turning on the brand new l.e.d. lights on the new eastern span late last night and they look very good, very, very nice out there the lights, they are custom built for that bridge, each having its very own lens to focus the light exactly where engineers want that light to shine. >> they will be brighter than the old bridge and much, much more uniform than the old bridge. >> more lights will be turned on when the bridge actually opens up, lighting up that tower around all those suspension cables. the outside lands music festival brought tens of thousands of people to golden gate park over the weekend and organizers say they left a lot
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of stuff behind. >> they also had their groove going. how about that guy? >> the lost and found set up at the bill graham civic auditorium this week where people can come to claim everything they may have misplaced during all the festivities. organizers say they have found keys, wallets, smartphones, even a few german passports. there is a deadline. they are only going to hold onto the goods until friday at 5:00. a dog rescued in a very dramatic fashion san francisco bay is now left looking for its owner. the italian mastive had a collar on when she was pulled out of the water but no tags and no microchips. adam cohen snapped this photo from his boat coming up here, monday evening. if you look real closely you can kind of see the dog huddled up there the middle of the windsurfers. one of the windsurfers spotted the dog out in the bay all by itself, stopped to help there when cone motor his boat up,
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they asked him to take her ashore. >> took a while to get the dog into the boat, because it was so rough. they couldn't -- the wind was blowing, they couldn't swim to the boat. and we couldn't back the boat up to them. >> again, the dog didn't have any tags so they ended up nicknaming the dog richard parker after the tyinger on the boat in the movie "life of pi." the dog, happy to report, doing well, resting in cone's home in berkeley, the family asking any information where this beautiful dog might belong, asked to please call the berkeley dog and cat hospital. those eyes will melt you. >> little puppy eyes. a man's dream of helping blind people ride bicycles has been put on hold because of a thief. brian higgins of los altos says someone stole his $3,000 light speed titanium bike. higgins, who is 98% blind, was using it as part of his research to help other blind people get around. he has invented ultrasonic
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sensors placed on top of the handle bars for help someone know what's in front of them but without his special bike, his research has been called off. >> i'm gonna have to really do some soul searching and sort of decide what i want to do from here but i think that's what was taken away from me is more than the bike. >> higgins says he may buy a cheaper bing some ti eer bike s future. with the proper funding, he is two years away from his research. workers say they will go on strike if necessary. seiu local 521 counted those ballots late last night. 96% of its members voting to reject the county's latest contract offer and then authorize its bargaining team to call a strike if a deal is not reached. that contract does expire at the end of this month. the union represents about 9,000 workers total. many of them, staffers at santa clara county courts and valley medical center.
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we can tell you doctors and nurses, they are not part of this union. so when it comes to raising a kid, for the first year there are two local cities actually pricier than the big apple. real estate blog red fin says san jose is the most expensive city in america to raise a child. the site says it will cost you a whopping $41,600 after paying for housing and child care. second on the list, santa cruz, where parents paid almost $39,000. new york city is third on the list of almost 37,000. san francisco is fourth at almost 36,000 and boston placed fifth. >> expensive diapers. >> you feel so bad about not having any kids. >> saving money, right? >> i guess so. well, shares in apple crossed back over $500, shares on news an activist shareholder had bought $1 billion worth of stock. >> wow. stock mcgrew, activist, shareholder or you say corporate
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raider. >> well, tomato, tomato, called both, right? not sure how much stock carl icahn has. bloomberg says it is more than $1 billion worth. but whatever it is, it is enough to get the company's ceo to take your phone calls. icahn says he has talked on the phone with apple ceo tim cook, encouraging cook to authorize a bigger apple stock buy back, which would drive apple share prices up even further. and that's basically how activist shareholders work, they see a change that needs to be made, they buy the stock, they force the change and they profit. activism for you right there. other news, new video from space x of the latest test of the grasshopper rocket. this one can land right where it started. the guys fly side ways in this test. quite the successful week for south african entrepreneur, elon musk. take a look at this. is this a young person's car? certainly that was the plan.
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"the wall street journal" says that morning that automakers have been taken by surprise after this designed several lines of cars for young people, like the scion, you know, some of those box-shaped cars as well. the most likely buyer, it turns out, are seensens. the kia soul, with the dancing hamsters? it is easy for senior citizens to get in and out of the kia soul and they love it. not quite what they had in the mind in the car making business. >> as long as it is a success. >> nice to help out the silver crowd. all right. hey, tonight a cool night, a chance to find out if a local act on "america's got talent" will move on to that illustrious next round. ♪ >> they call this thrilling act aerial ice. it's a mix of skating, dance and aerial acrobatics. >> kind of sexy, i like it. >> on the stage, two employees from great america and perform as happiness snoopy ice show.
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one dancer described it as dangerous but graceful. you can watch it. see if they make this next round here on nbc bay area tonight at 8:00. i love nick cannon. >> dangerous and graceful. >> describes nick cannon. >> a little bit. yeah. lucky. married to mariah carey. lucky dope. meteorologist christina loren with the forecast. >> beautiful day. kind of describes mariah carey as well. good morning to you. 11:19. taking a live look here. this is san francisco, very compressed marine layer, what happened when high pressure comes in, takes that moisture, forces it right to the surface, that's all we have left of that marine layer this morning. temperatures are warming up nicely. we are at 77 degrees right now in livermore, 76 in sunny vachl however, i am happy to point out, we have coastal cloud cover clinging right to the immediate coast and for us, that's going to mean a little bit of a cool down for some cities but not much, just about as hot as we were yesterday. so, this is what we are working with. area of low pressure drop to the
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south. for us that will bring more of an onshore flow. by 7 p.m., mostly cloudy conditions, fog will roll back in the clock tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. and that's when we are going to see widespread cloud cover. as a result, tomorrow, high pressure still firmly in control of our weather pattern, however, not quite as hot. we will continue that cooling, just slight cooling as we head through friday into saturday. told you before, triple digits, not far off now. take a look where what we are expecting, temperatures 80s and 90s, head inland. upper 80s, friday into saturday. 91 by sunday. take a look monday, 96 degrees and then the triple digits come through. now, quo see some changes. we might actually see this big ridge of high pressure start to break down and weaken. if that is the case, not going to be quite as hot as forecasting right now. i don't see anything, guys, in the near future that is going to cool us off, spoil sod far this month, expect is that heat to come in strong next week.
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back to you two. >> just in time for the new school year. >> that is right. we are ready. going to be toasty out there. still to come, we absolutely know this guy is a stud on the field. >> let me guess who you're talking about? colin kaepernick? >> maybe. >> colin kaepernick. we know what he can do on the field but what about in the world of fashion? he looks good. we will explain after the break.
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here we go with the marla tellez segment. that is colin kaepernick. check him out right there. >> i am. >> all right. get yourself a towel. he is the frontman for the magazine's nfl kickoff issue coming up in september. the profile doesn't take on any new territory in kaepernick's biography, marla doesn't care. the shot enough. covered everything since he
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burst onto the scene, the kid did it last year, leading the niners to the super bowl. again, when you're built like that and a track record like that you get a a lot of good things now a little sneak peek in the quarterback sense of style. i guess that is not a card began sweat there a leather jacket, i guess inside he is wearing a card began with football pants. >> not much going on there, but a whole lot of ab work. don't mind that at all. >> the boy is blessed. >> yes. all right. an exclusive club is opened at at&t park but only select fans can gain entry. comcast sports net reports there's a two-lane bowling alley now open on the suite level at at&t park. >> cool. >> the so-called gotham club includes a bar, pool tables and a game room. it's behind a well-guarded door around only season ticketholders who are members of the premium club can enter, as well as anyone who has ever played for the giants. these images were posted on instagram. there will be three areas at the park by next season. gotham is a throwback to the new york gothams, a team name in the
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1800s. >> i love that mascot name. >> go bowling at at&t park. >> gotham room. sounds very cool. an exotic bird on the lam in central valley. >> show what you it took to actually wrangle that thing back to safety. we got that coming up. ♪
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finally this morning, an exotic bird on the loose creating a scene outside the bakersfield memorial hospital. >> the colderful gold and blue macau was perched in a tree when the hospital worker tried capture it and it slid away. didn't slide far. it took fire crews able to come in to grab the parrot from a second tree nearby. one firefighter did the deed, climbed up, draped the bird with a sheet, as you see here, grabbed it and brought it on down. the bird was then taken to the fur and feathers luxury pet resort. >> the luxury pet resort. >> in bakersfield. >> awesome. awesome. >> efforts are under way to find out who ounce part rot. usually find firefighters
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rescuing cats in trees. >> toucan sam.
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thanks for coming out. thanks for watching. love, peace, and hair grease. [applause] hey, liz. me, lutz, toofer, and josh are gonna go to that bar where the waiters are dressed like ninjas. you in? no, i'm just gonna go to the 24-hour donut place and go home. all right. donuts and then bed. what are you depressed about or celebrating? it's this endless adoption process. it took me three months-- liz. i am totally humiliated. how could you cut diaper chicken? wait, i know. because tracy's the star. oh, brother, she's feeling neglected. how's she gonna act out this time? my ankle! ah! oh, imaginary injury. i would have said death of a voice coach. her birthday's on tuesday. maybe all that attention will make her ankle feel better. hey, jack! what are you still doing here? it's friday night. i need something to do.


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