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tv   Today  NBC  August 17, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ isn't she lovely ♪ isn't she wonderful ♪ isn't she special >> oh, yes, yes. sit is down and bring it up here. >> i've never been so miserable in my life. thank you. they're my age, i know! >> 60-year-old models are here!
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you guys, thank you so much. thank you so much. >> hello. >> it is try day friday, august 16th, 2013. and happy birthday, kathie lee gifford! >> i always remember it's the day that elvis died. and now i know how he feels. >> look, we've been building to this day -- no, we've been building to this moment when you turn 60. >> yeah? >> okay, just drinking. >> oh, this could be fun. >> we're going to take one final look at the countdown calendar. >> oh, where are my boobs today? >> and yes. all right. so we'll take a little stroll down memory lane so we can have a look at how things were with you. this was your birth announcement we dug up out of the archives. the pride of the epsteins starring the glamorous kathryn lee, august 16th. >> you don't have to --
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>> in paris. >> i told you i wasn't lying. produced by leon and joan epstein. >> here's you and your mom right after you were born. >> yeah. oh. >> and this is you when you were a few months old. oh, my god, i've never seen that. >> that's my real hair color. >> and finally with the family photo. >> that was on -- you know what that was on? we were going from europe to america on a ship. >> yeah. >> and because my daddy was based -- thanks. you made me cry looking at my daddy. >> well, okay, we'll -- >> what are you looking at? >> we're going to turn the beat around. >> turn it around, hoda. >> one of the favorite commercials is -- >> e-trade the little baby -- no, we don't have that one. this is the kraft zest y commercial. >> oh, i love that. >> let's roll that. >> why? oh, him! oh, that guy. >> it's not just about how well
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you roast, it's how good you look while roasting. [ bell ] oh. what's your style? in the mood to show off a little leg. maybe like me you have a signature look. or perhaps au naturel. >> my birthday is looking up. >> so wait, can i ask a question? are you hungry? >> i am for zesty man! where is he? >> zesty man. >> oh, my gosh. >> hello! >> hello, kathie, i brought you a salad. it's kraft italian zesty salad. >> oh, thank you. >> happy birthday. >> linger. linger. linger. thank you, sweetie. and because you noticed i'm overweight, you gave me greens. >> i brought you a bowl of health. >> a bowl of health. the very first commercial i did in my whole life was for kraft
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foods. we have a lot in common. >> you know what his name is? anderson davis. >> are you trying to cause trouble in my life? >> no, i just -- >> how old are you, anderson? >> 31. probably far too old for you. i'm very -- you look far too beautiful -- >> oh, you know what? now good-bye. >> -- an aging man like myself. >> you know what, good-bye. thank you, sweetheart. >> i have to tell you, ladies, if you love the commercials, august 20th we're doing a competition for all of the zesty fans out there. one lady and three friends to come to l.a. >> all right. >> and we'll have dinner. we'll have dinner. >> oh, okay. >> fly them out. >> are you cooking? >> would love for you ladies to come. >> he's adorable. >> of course, you would. >> can you turn around? >> you know what, five minutes with you and -- >> oh, my goodness. >> for hoda, because i could care less. >> okay. i'll turn around. >> oh, okay. >> thank you, anderson. thank you for letting us sexually objectify you.
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>> that is fine. i don't mind it. i hope you don't mind i'm stroking your -- >> i don't. i'm going to give hoda a smooch her, since her birthday was last week. >> oh. >> oh, okay. and you as well. >> thank you, very zesty. >> adorable. >> yes. >> your commercial -- get back to the gym. you're late. >> by the way, you share your birthday with quite a few people. one of them is madonna. >> right. >> and now, there is steve carell. >> steve carell. >> angela bassett. >> do you know who gave me this without the zesty kraft -- >> there's a lot of calories in that -- >> oh. you, also? >> and you share the birthday with the one and only frank gifford. >> frank gifford. >> how could a day go by without us having frank gifford here? >> i hope he's here. i hope he is. [ applause ] >> hey, zesty! zesty, you better pray you look this good at 83. >> hi, sweetheart. i'm proud of you. and we have a chair for your --
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thank you, sweetheart. >> by the way, also frank gifford's birthday, so we got you -- >> 82 -- >> don't go there. if i'd known i was going to live this long, i would have taken better care of myself. >> i know. me, too. if i was going to live this long. >> is it fun sharing a birthday? >> i say that to frank every day. i never thought you'd live this long. we laugh about it, though, don't we? >> i believe the dog's home. >> is bambino here? >> no, bambino wanted to come. >> by the way, a lot of people did want to wish you a happy birthday. so let's take a look. ♪ happy birthday to you >> happy birthday, kathie lee. i heard you're turning 40. and i can't believe that. you don't look a day over 39. you're gorgeous. >> hey, kathie lee, happy 90th birthday. oh. what? -- you have -- >> hi, kathie. you know, i'm flo-and happy
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birthday. >> happy birthday, kathie lee. it's barry. may you always have a song in your heart. ♪ kathie, kathie >> happy birthday, baby. ♪ happy birthday to you >> happy birthday! >> what can i get kathie lee that she doesn't already have? i could simply say happy birthday and enjoy 60. >> happy 47th birthday. >> you're just getting started. it's diaper rash. it's still diaper rash, my dear. you have at least until 120 to make it all work. >> kathie lee, i want to wish you a happy 50th birthday. i know. ♪ >> technically you're my boss, but you're such a cherished friend. i love you. happy birthday. >> happy 60th birthday, kathie lee. and once again, another year rolls by, and you are still older than me. >> 60?
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60? wait a minute, let me figure this out. you spent 15 years with me. 15 of your best years! and then, you took five years to redecorate the house and frank. that was fine. and now, what, eight, nine years with hoda? i mean, i -- let me add this up. 88 i guess. no, i'm kidding. i'm kidding. you're 60. you're beautiful. and i still love you. happy birthday, kathie. >> happy birthday, mom. i hope you have the most special day in the entire world, and i'm glad that i actually get to be home to celebrate it with you this year, and i love you, and i can't wait to see you. >> happy birthday from california, mom. miss you. love you. ♪ >> heartfelt birthday greetings, may you have many, many more. >> happy birthday, kathie lee. 60 has never looked so hot. >> klg, we love you. happy 60th.
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>> you said 60! shot time. >> willard is about to do a smucker's jar for you. yeah, the jar spins and there you are. wow, that's great. >> are you such a role model. you are absolutely beautiful. everyone knows that. but your heart really blows me away, and i really look up to you, especially your face. so happy birthday to you. enjoy. >> kathie lee, i know a lot of people who will be involved in this tape will talk about the obvious things. your excessive drinks, your use of profanity, your propensity for casual anonymous sex. that's too easy. so what i would like to say to you on the occasion of your 60th birthday is you have a heart bigger than the entire universe, and you have been such a dear friend to me, the years we've known each other. i'm sure you've been a dear friend to people throughout your 60 years. i love you. happy birthday. >> what am i supposed to do? thank you, everybody. thank you. >> everybody, your kids, your
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people, lovin' on you. >> it really is so nice. thank you, everybody. i thought for sure that, you know what, from pennsylvania was going to win. [ laughter ] but, no, it's finally my time. i don't care who i've walked over to get here! i'll get another grandmother. >> oh, you know what? >> oh, my gosh, you know what, it's so sweet. thank you, everybody. i've been teasing all week long about how, you know, i hate all of this and everything. but all of the lovely things you all have said have meant a lot to me. i just -- i thought as usual it was excessive around here. but i really am very grateful to all of you for your kindness to me and for bringing me out of retirement, because i was really, really unhappy and bored at home. frank was only making love to me five times a day and i was so over it. >> now we're down to three. >> i love it.
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kath, one more thing, one last little thing. remember how you gave me such a beautiful song for my birthday -- >> oh, no. you didn't. >> i love that song so much that i decided i wanted to return the favor. and i picked one of your favorites. >> oh, dear. >> i picked one of your favorites. so pay close attention. here's a gift for you. >> yo, ready to get down? ♪ a glass full of wine low hangin' boobs ♪ ♪ she lets it all hang on the tube ♪ ♪ she hits the floor ♪ kathy got low low low low ♪ kathie got low, low, low manicured nails ♪ ♪ fashion every day everyone thinks we're moving to l.a. ♪ ♪ low kathie got low ♪ kathie got low, low, low loaded ♪
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♪ frank is her guy cody and kath are her fans ♪ ♪ but everyone knows bambino is her man ♪ ♪ come on, sing along ♪ kathie got low, low, low, low, loaded ♪ ♪ the fans in the crowd on the weekend ♪ ♪ she's down on her knees in the yard ♪ ♪ working hard kathie got low, low, low loaded ♪ ♪ blond, blown-out hair everyone has a story ♪ ♪ but who really cares she got low ♪ ♪ kathie got low, low, low loaded designer high heels ♪ ♪ botox is her friend turning 70 ♪ ♪ just around the bend she hits the floor ♪ ♪ kathie got low kathie got low, low, low low, low loaded ♪ ♪ having a great show
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[ cheers and applause ] >> awesome! oh, my gosh! >> we want to thank ally, matt, pop star parties, downtown studios. >> you have a future, hoda. that was awesome. >> oh, my gosh, honey. thank you. are we not doing johnson's babies today? we flew right past that. we'll do them next week. >> we'll do them next week. >> wow. that was your glass and -- >> i love that! >> we love you, kath. >> and i'm sorry about all of the anonymous sex mentioned. it's true, but i've repented. >> we're coming back with bobby. we have a lot of stuff. stick around, everybody. >> wow! wow. ♪
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it is the final day of our "ambush makeovers for women over 60." in honor of her birthday week, it's a whole new look. >> and today is no different. our resident makeover team and stylist of the stars luis lacari, lalalalala. the contributor and stylist to the stars, lois, lah, lah, lah, lah, "today" show contributor, and contributing editor for "people"/"style watch." you have been hard at it all week long. >> oh, yes. happy birthday to you. >> thank you, precious. >> a great week. >> let's make two ladies happy, also, today, okay? here we go. today, a little different than other days. oh, dear. >> okay. we decided we would break the mold, we're going to do something different. so the very first -- you know both of the ladies. so i'm going to tell you a little bit about them, and you're going to try to guess who they are. >> okay. >> okay?
2:22 am
the first one is -- that's one. and there's the other. they look very -- >> those are my two crazy cousins. >> the first ones. some hints. first of all, 60 years old, you sang at her wedding. you both loved the same man. wisely. she loves to bake. especially cinnamon rolls. >> sandy. sandy epstein. >> her name is sandy epstein. >> my brother's wife. yes, i love sandy. >> she is 60 years old. >> she'll be 61 in november. >> so she's older than you. >> okay, i get it. so here is sandy's before picture. all right, sandy. >> oh, sandy. >> let's see the new you. >> she's awesome. i love my sandy. i love you! wow! oh, my, i love it. >> what do you think? >> i think it's sensational. sandy, you have to look. >> sandy, spin right here. >> oh, my goodness. >> look how beautiful you look. unfortunately, her husband,
2:23 am
dave, is in india. oh, wait until he gets home and give him a present, honey. >> he is -- stand right here. just stand a look right there. tell us about the haircut. >> i love it. thank you. >> oh, thank you. thanks, vanessa, for doing this great cut. you shaped it up, and it makes all of the difference. the color is a little deeper. showing off the beautiful eye color. >> sandy is one of the sweetest people in the whole world. i love her. we do love the same man, dave. happy birthday. you look beautiful. >> well, and i thought, but i didn't sing at their wedding. okay, i did sing at your wedding. that's right. i love you, doll. you're still -- >> we picked it out together. maggie london. jewelry by h and m. >> it's been 40 years. >> jewelry. >> okay. a big round of applause for sandy. why are you standing over there? >> all right. ready for the next one? >> i am. here's some clues for the next makeover person. okay.
2:24 am
the two of you met 15 years ago in new york. >> 15 years ago? >> yes, we'll see her in a second. >> you travelled through israel together. she often says chardonnay is better for you than water. she's 62. she shares your enthusiasm for the biker bar alabama jack's. >> is it karen? >> it is karen hicks. >> here is karen's before picture. >> i love karen. >> all right. karen, let's see the new you. oh, my gosh! >> oh, my god! you look amazing! has wade seen you? >> not yet. i just lost my shoe. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh, karen, you look gorgeous. >> he's in the green room. >> right here. >> oh, my, who is that? >> you look awesome! >> you look so sexy! >> whew, whew. >> karen, keep right there.
2:25 am
tell us -- >> oh, my god, what a lovely surprise. >> yeah, we did less gray, and you -- >> you had to mention that. >> reshaping. >> that dress, gorgeous. >> the wrap dress to show off the fabulous legs. >> oh, come on over, sandy. >> oh, my god, sandy. >> coming up, you guys, more birthday fun. >> it's your best birthday! [ applause ] easo why do you feel exso tired afterward? instead of refueled and focused, you're foggy and sluggish. it's that 2:30 feeling again. so how do you get your clear, alert feeling back? have a coffee... then another?
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60 and sensational. >> lynda carter, morgan fairchild, share their secrets after the local news. >> all: happy birthday, kathie lee! ♪
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♪ raise your glass ♪ raise your glass
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>> happy birthday, kathie lee! ♪ i'm coming up so you better get the party started ♪ >> oh, the party just rolls on. we're back on this friday with more of "today" celebrating somebody's special birthday. yes, i say this at the risk of having to take a shot. she's 60. >> i know. >> it's different than it used to be, isn't it? >> you know what, i always felt 28. now, i have to admit i feel 29 now. today's 60 looks like this. morgan fairchild, lynda carter, also in the 60 and sensational club, and they're here to welcome me. thanks, ladies, nice of you to take time out of your aarp meeting -- [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. >> let's start with a toast to 60. come on. >> to these ladies, really. thank you for being here.
2:33 am
>> thank you for coming. thanks, guys. >> oh, you're still wonder woman. you really are. >> our pleasure. happy birthday. you, what a rapper. >> did you like that? >> a rapper. >> you were very, very cool. >> very, very cool. >> tell us, 60 is -- >> it sounds different. >> yeah, well, you know, and our mothers' generation, there was always -- every decade you have a had a certain way you dressed and a certain responsibility. >> and woe to you who breaks the rules. >> exactly. it became increasingly matronly with peter pan collars. >> i have to tell you, this is 60. this is it. we've proceeded to grow up. >> people tell you all the time, it's time to cut your hair. >> no, no, they don't. >> you're wonder woman. of course -- >> they don't have the nerve. >> we're professional. what kinds of things are you noticing? you're obviously still in the professional world. what's it like? >> well, for me, i think that -- i'm always surprised when people
2:34 am
recognize me, because it was so long ago. but i'm -- you know, still working. >> yeah. >> you know what? it is what it is. >> right. >> it's going to happen if you're blessed enough to still be here, right? >> it is what it is. and i love it. >> i started off as a child in the theaters. so for years, anytime i did a show, i was the youngest person on the set. >> yeah. >> then one day you realize, i'm not the youngest anymore. and then one day, you realize i'm the oldest one here. >> yeah, i feel like -- well, thank god for willard scott. because if willard scott weren't around, i'm the oldest person on the "today" show. live strong and well, willard! i want my own smucker's jar. >> it's actually i've felt like every five years -- >> huh? >> oh. >> that was just joe yelling. >> you have to reintroduce yourself to an audience in our business. i've always tried to pick projects that i thought would also appeal to young people -- younger people.
2:35 am
that's why i took the old navy job, you know, target. >> right. great commercials. >> "friends," chandler's mom on "friends." the target demographic. >> they're discovering you for the first time. you're right. >> you feel like -- you don't feel like you worry so much about what people think -- >> i do not -- i have a different attitude. it's, like, don't sweat the small stuff. >> yeah. >> i really don't. i don't care. i just don't care. i care about having this great relationship with my adult children, watching their lives. >> it's about them now. >> watching their lives. >> oh, they're beautiful, lynda. >> watching their lives. >> it's about their dreams in a way. >> that's an old picture. they're 25 and -- >> a screenplay written or something, a treatment i'm -- you know, it lives out of my daughter. we do auditions together. she wrapped a film. you kind of go, they're living it now. and i used to like it when it was about me. you know, i don't enjoy the show very much. >> yeah. it is.
2:36 am
>> thank you for coming to share the happy day. >> happy birthday. >> you're beautiful. both of you are gorgeous. >> pleasure to be invited, and you really are great. >> thank you. >> very special. >> she was searching for the words to say. >> i know. she got it. >> the new faces. dressed up with lots of places to go? >> i want to nap! >> no, you can't. no napping. ♪ you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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of kathie lee's birthday blowout bonanza, and playing up your age of 60 to show off the fabulous woman you really are. >> that's right. getting a year older doesn't mean you can't look hotter than ever. -- i didn't write this. >> yes, you did. >> i did not -- it's sizzling styles, the editor of "more" susan swimmer. >> how are you? >> because she's really good at it. >> yes, you are. hey, girl. >> hi.
2:41 am
good to see you. >> it's important to have the right kind of fashions, right, at 60. >> it's important to keep yourself up to date and modern. >> absolutely. >> not inappropriate, right? >> but not inappropriate. >> right. >> yes. not too low, not too tight. >> low, low, low. ♪ low, low, low loaded. >> yeah, we get it. >> so first up, date night. pamela is coming out. >> come on, pamela. >> ooh, pamela. nice. >> yes. okay. so we have a peplum top from vince and we have these fabulous jeans. jennifer lopez from kohl's. everything is under $100. here's the peplum top, very sexy and very feminine. and it also, if you have a little bit of a lower belly, it hides it perfectly. >> careful. >> looking cheerful. >> i know i do! all right. >> listen, you have to update your jeans into a skinnier leg. get the size right. they're a higher waist. plenty of stretch. >> why does it go all the way up and cover the boobys, too?
2:42 am
while you're at it. >> pamela is a newlywed, so she's ready for a date night. >> ah, congratulations. thank you. >> patricia has something office appropriate. and even a little sexy in the office. >> for sure. >> hello! >> we're not wearing suits to the office anymore. this is a wrap dress. it's kind of a faux wrap dress, because it's stitched in place. it's by normal. the culture. and it's available at kohl's. it's $98. it's got all of the details, the rucheing and stitching that gives it shape. it's great for a curvy figure. it's an appropriate length. i don't like -- i don't love to see up around the thighs, you know what i'm saying? >> unless you gisele bundchen's thighs. >> right. and i think she looks great. >> yes. thank you. >> you look elegant, sweetie. >> thank you. >> let's move on to weekend casual, shall we?
2:43 am
we have lu. ♪ lu, lu, lu >> this is often a difficult category. >> nice. i love that top. >> yeah, i do, too. >> i'm obsessed with the top. lane bryant collection. it has the beautiful draping, the wows of color. the pants are by listette. >> i love listette. >> i know. >> we discovered it -- >> yeah, they are a little more, $127. >> they're worth it. you'll never buy another pair of pants. >> right. the necklace is iris, the philanthropist, 91 years old, a great design career. and i'm loving it coming in different colors. >> you have keratin in your hair? >> you're obsessed. >> it feels like keratin. all right. you look gorgeous. >> the bag and the shoes are the sole society, a great line, a great, great price point. >> love it, love it. thank you.
2:44 am
>> and then an evening look with susan. >> yeah. okay. >> pretty. >> beautiful! don't get lost. >> i love the black dress. >> love it. >> everyone wears a little black dress. this is a beautiful dress from h and m, $59.95. >> are you kidding me? >> look at the construction. >> very high-end details. >> i know. it's very sweet and feminine. the clutch is by kate landry. and i have to say that she just -- she has the perfect body for this. >> she does. just gorgeous. >> again, a full flirty skirt is very lovely. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> finally, our sexiest look of all. the vacation look. >> linda. >> linda. >> she's got a swimsuit on. >> whoa. >> yes. >> wow. >> whew! >> look at the body on this woman. she can wear it. >> linda is a runner and she has her running and parents to thank for the great genes. if you're going to get a swimsuit, get it with some
2:45 am
support. this is by ann paul. it's a terrific suit. it has the cups in it which gives you a little bit of shape and support, which you all need, and ruching in the midsection. >> the pants are adorable. >> i know. the pants are swim systems. and it's a nice alternative to a sarong, but obviously, if you like a sarong, you can put a sarong on this. >> yes. >> at least the bottom gives you some -- >> who makes this? >> tony systems. they're awesome. $74. >> let's bring all of the ladies out. >> thank you. nice job! >> thank you, honey. great to see you. >> all of the great outfits and great bodies make you want to eat. >> yes! we've only got three famous restaurants making the favorites. >> your favorites are here. the party continues. >> we're not looking. surprise. >> surprise, surprise.
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all right. what's better than going out for a birthday dinner at a great restaurant? >> having three of them stop by to prepare your favorite foods for you. >> oh. >> they are jimmy, dear friend jimmy, neri's pub, and frankie, johnny's steakhouse, both here in new york city. and way off from baltimore, maryland, baby, pete. >> that's wonderful. >> perfect. >> from the costas inn in baltimore. >> by the way, you have the best-tasting food, kath. >> i do. >> i've tried every one of the places. >> and frankie john's? but you had crabs before. so delicious. >> and you'll be at my house on saturday. >> yes, yes. >> saturday evening, a little crab. okay. >> these are the best. >> tell us. >> it starts with the meat. >> it does. actually, the meat is from colorado. >> okay. >> it's american and it's where -- >> and all with salt and pepper. >> a little bit of lemon. >> and somehow, something on the grill is unique, though.
2:51 am
it's amazing. >> it's a cast iron stove, and the heat in there is tremendous. >> these are the sides. >> we get mashed potatoes and the corn and the spinach. >> the spinach. >> when do we get to eat it? >> in a minute. >> now, we go on to this recipe, peter. >> this is your -- mine, too. favorite dish. >> we used to go on wednesdays before the theater. tell us about this. >> well, the same, you do the butterfly, but the sauce is different. >> the sauce is what makes it. >> what is it? >> a secret. i have all spices, just big flavor. >> i knew they weren't as healthy as -- oh, they're so delicious. >> unbelievable. >> come on down. pete? pete from costas -- >> okay. this is your favorite dish. >> oh, crabs. >> from baltimore. >> steamed crab. >> thank you, honey. >> just cooked up the way you
2:52 am
like it. >> oh, my goodness. >> the heavier the crab, the better. the more fat. you want a nice, heavy one. >> these are nice -- >> oh, my. where do i begin? >> come back here. let's try some. >> i don't want cake, hoda. >> what should we try first? >> oh, we'll have the -- >> ooh, i love the lambchops! >> how long do you cook these on -- you know, on the grill in. >> roughly 15 minutes. >> about 15 minutes. >> seven a side. >> oh, my gosh. >> they melt in your mouth. >> hold on. let's try it. >> delicious? >> oh, my gosh. but then, also, hoda, take a little of this and a little of that and a little of that, and stick it in your mouth at the same time. mm. >> mm, mm. >> okay. come on. >> i like the segment where we just eat and eat. >> sure. >> oh, my gosh. mm. that's so awesome. >> oh, i'm sorry.
2:53 am
all right. and the last one -- >> exactly. we brought the crab cakes up that you enjoy so much. traditional baltimore crab cake. >> we used to order them all -- all winter. >> fedex out to you anytime during the week. we send them out all over the country. >> you guys, thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> i love, love, love. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love you. thank you. >> kathie and i will compete on who can decorate the best cake. we have a judge that you're going to love. >> huh-oh. >> judging the cake-decorating contest. >> is that karen -- >> it's karen. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
all right. to celebrate kathie lee's 60th birthday, we're going head-to-head a cake-decorating competition. >> and here to judge is the author of "cupcakes, cookies & pie, oh, my." love you! ask. >> love her. no one's better. >> when you decorate, allen and i love to use candy. you have a lot of candy.
2:57 am
think candy, color, texture, and lots of frosting to use as your glue. >> okay. >> those are the hints. you'll have 60 seconds. >> okay. >> okay? so ready? set. decorate. >> huh-oh. >> where are you going? what are you doing? ♪ >> okay. using that as glue. >> you're putting on eyelashes. that's good. we want it to be edible. >> too bad. too late. >> okay. >> making hair. >> okay, love that. >> i mean, something that just -- >> some frosting there. >> what else? >> i need lips. >> stop helping her. stop helping her. >> what do you need? >> i don't need anything. i've got it goin' on. >> she's got it under control. >> my lips are -- >> looking good. looking good. oh, okay. >> shoot! >> oh, i'm sorry. i can't help it. i've got -- >> 60 seconds. >> here, use a little glue. >> 20 seconds to go. >> oh, this is awful. this is awful. i wanted to do well. >> well, you didn't and -- >> that's supposed to be lips. oh, shoot.
2:58 am
help me, frank. put some hair on it. >> we're down to the last six seconds. >> i like my -- >> it's gorgeous. >> no, it is -- what -- [ buzzer ] >> okay, come around. come around. >> what the heck is that? >> from the top? get the overhead cam to get my shot. can we get the overhead cam to get this shot? >> ohh! >> aww! >> you were going after the same thing. >> somebody -- you guys, thank you. karen, who's the winner? >> you're both winners in my book. >> no, i'm not. >> kathie -- >> what? >> it's your birthday. >> not your thing. >> karen, love you. >> thank you so much. we'll say good-bye to this setup, and we're going to bring in the birthday cake! [ applause ] >> wow! >> this is your cake, kath. wow. >> funny girl, hollywood. >> look.
2:59 am
>> we want you to make -- we want you to make a big wish. we have firemen on stand-by in case everything burns down. make a wish and blow out your candle. >> should i -- >> yes. >> i wish for everybody in this room and everybody watching the same happiness, the same joy and the same kinds of friends that i've been blessed to have, that's what i wish. >> let me help you -- >> ready? [ cheers and applause ] love you. oh, it's okay. have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> raise your glasses. >> thank you, everybody. god bless. >> love you, kath. >> love you, hoda. >> love you, kath. >> love you, hoda. thank you. -- captions by vitac --
3:00 am
jeff: a special day on "the jeff probst show" as we turn the show over to yvette. >> i'm so grateful that you're entrusting me. jeff: with r & b star lalah hathaway and an in-depth look at the music, the media and today's kids. >> there's a lot of push to oversex young women. >> if you really pay attention to it, it makes you uncomfortable. [applause] [captioning made possible by cbs television distribution] jeff: hello, hello. all right a littleability me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show and i'm learning how to be a dad with two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a


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