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tv   Today  NBC  August 22, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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richlt that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll see you back here at 7:26. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. sgloovrnlths sglfrnlths today exclusive, hannah anderson speaks out for the first time since her kidnapping and rescue ordeal in idaho. >> this was a hard time, and there is going to be harder times in life, but if i can get through thisi'm sure i can get through a lot more. >> why she said she wants to set the record straight. 35 years, that is bradley manning's sentence for the biggest leak of classified material in u.s. history. this morning his attorney joins us exclusively with a bombshell announcement about his client's and no ordinary day at the beach. a military hovercraft makes an unexpected landing giving beach-goers the surprise of the life.
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where it happened and why. "today," thursday, august 22nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. and i'm matt lauer. i'm alongside al roker and natalie morales. you're on the cell phone at the beach and saying, wait a second there's a military hovercraft, you're probably going to get told to lay off the beer and get into the shade. >> exactly. it's to say the least unexpected. people were wondering what the heck is that about. we'll tell you about it in a few moments. we have a lot of news to get to. we're hearing for the first time, the 911 calls from that brave bookkeeper who talked the gunman into giving up, this as students return to the school
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for the first time since the incident. today we'll be there live. let's begin with 16-year-old hannah anderson talking for the first time since her kidnapping ordeal, as she prepares to bury her mother and brother this weekend. nbc's correspondent kate snow is in san diego. kate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hannah anderson isn't prepared yet to talk about the details of her kidnapping, but she did want to clarify a few things, including why she had communication with the man she knew as uncle jim before he kidnapped her. search warrants filed by the sheriff's department showed that he wrote letters to the man, and she exchanged text messages or phone calls 13 times on the very day she was abducted. hannah says there's a good explanation for all of it. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls, they were texts, because he was picking me up from cheer camp, and he didn't know the address or like where i was, so i had to tell him the address and tell him i was going to be in the gym, not in front of the
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school, just so he knew where to come get me. >> reporter: that's 16-year-old hannah anderson describing her final hours of freedom before james dimaggio abducted her and led authorities on a cross-country chase. dimaggio's violent rampage started at his own home in the san diego neighborhood of boulevard, where he killed her mother kristina and her 8-year-old brother ethan, then he set fire to his home, where san diego sheriff's detectives later found letters from hannah written to dimaggio. >> and the letters were from like a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along very well, me and him would talk about how to deal with it. i would tell him how i felt about it. he helped me through it. they weren't anything bad. they were just to help me through tough times. >> reporter: as the lone survivor who knows what happened, hannah is now the subject of intense scrutiny. and online criticism. >> they don't really know the
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story, so they kind of have their own opinion on what they hear. >> car wash. >> hannah's friends and neighbors are showing support, raising money to help pay for this weekend's funeral for her mother and brother. >> he had a really big heart, and -- >> reporter: hannah struggled as she tried to talk about her ethan, but says her mother instilled a strong spirit within her that's helping her through tough times. >> she was strong-hearted, very tough. she knew how to handle things. tonight an amber alert spreading across several states and a growing manhunt. >> reporter: hannah says she had no idea there was a nationwide search going on for her and never even heard of an amber alert. >> i didn't really know what it was, but i know it helped people find me and made them realize that it's hard to find people out there. but with everyone's support, it
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can help a lot. >> reporter: despite all the law enforcement resources dedicated to the amber alert, which was a it was a chance encounter in idaho that led to hannah's rescues from a place called the river of no return. >> i would like to say thank you, because without them, i probably wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: after the riders notified authorities, it was only a matter of hours before an fbi tactical team confronted dimaggio, killing him in a shootout. >> i would like to thank the horsemen, and the amber alert, and the sheriff and fbi, with everyone that put in their time to find me. and my dad and my friends and my family, and just all my supporters that helped spread the word and the news, because the news helped get out there fast. >> reporter: today hannah is
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trying to get back to her life as a daughter, a dancer, a high school student, and leave her past and her critics behind. >> you are who you are. i mean, you shouldn't let people change that, and you have your own opinion on yourself and other people's opinions shouldn't matter. >> reporter: important to remember. this is a girl who just turned 16 recently. she was scared and nervous to talk with us, but she said she wanted to, because she wanted to say thank you to all those people who helped find her, and she believes helped save her life. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we'll have more of our interview with hannah anderson, including why she decided to go online and share her thoughts with the world just after being rescuerescued. >> kate, thank you very much. obviously so emotional at the time when she was talking ethan and her mom, but overall incredibly composed given what she's been through. >> absolutely, and to come home and find out the terrible news about her mother and brother,
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who she now has to help bury. to see her composure is quite remarkable. we'll hear from hannah in a bit. we'll have more in a "dateline" full hour in this case tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central time on nbc. meantime, we're learning more about the troubled past of the alleged gunman who opened fire in an atlanta-area elementary school. that building reopening this morning as we hear 911 calls from the frightening incident for the first time. nbc's gabe gheitiers is on the story this morning. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: after a day at the local hospital while police processed this scene, students and parents are hoping to get back to normal, this as we're hearing more about what the suspect's lawyer calls his long history of mental health issues. throughout a chilling 911 call. >> ooh, can i run?
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>> reporter: antoinette tough somehow stayed calm. eventually convincing him to surrender. >> we all go through something in life. >> reporter: today a clear portrait is emerging of 20-year-old michael hill, who friends and family say was haunted by mental illness, and nearly died in a fire earlier this year. last december hill threatened on facebook to shoot his brother in the head and not think twice about it. that led to felony charges and three years' probation. >> i don't want anybody to think that he's a monster. >> reporter: natasha knot says she and other church members helped take care of hill since his mother died almost three years ago. >> he always protected those he loved. >> reporter: which is why they were so shocked on tuesday when police say hill took an ak-47 and close to 500 rounds of ammunition into mcnair discovery learning academy. >> what i noticed about him is a
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blank stare on his face. >> teacher harold grant acted fast. >> we kept texting back and forth. the texts in rapid succession. keep the kids quiet. i'm cared. don't panic. remarkably no one was hurt, thanks in part to a calm bookkeeper, now being called a hero. >> i've never been so scared in all the days of my life. >> but you did great. >> ooh jesus. >> you did great. >> police say the suspect got his weapon from an acquaintance, so they're still investigating exactly how. hill has waived his first court appearance. savannah? >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thanks very much. natalie is here with the latest on an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. the video is very disturbing and the images out of syria this morning as well as the rising death toll. after reports of chemical weapon attacks, the syrian government is denying allegations that it gassed its own people, but if confirmed, it is the worst chemical weapons attack anywhere in decades. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in cairo with
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the latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. funerals are being held today in syria for what rebels say were the hundreds, if not perhaps more than 1,000 victims from yesterday's attacks. rebels say they were chemical weapons attacks. 35 nations now are calling for a full u.n. investigation. here in egypt, the former president hosni mubarak, who was overthrown in 2011, been in prison since then, today was flown out of jail, taken out by a military helicopter, flown to a military hospital here in cairo. he is not entirely a freeman. he's still technically under house arrest, about you he has been acquitted of a series of, from corruption to murdering protesters. he'll have to face one more retile, but out of jail. >> richard edged in cairo, thank
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you. 6 the obama administration is releasing acknowledging that the nsa was ordered by a federal judge in 2011 to stop scooping up thousands of communication from americans with no connection to terrorism. the court ruled the nsa's actions were unconstitutional and ordered the agency to fix the problem. embattled san diego mayor bob filner has reached a tentative deal involving a sexual harassment lawsuit. the 70-year-old mayor is facing allegations from at least 17 women. this is amateur video of filner leaving city hall on wednesday night. san diego city attorney says a proposed resolution has been reached, and will be presented to city council on friday. fire fighting resources are being stretched to the limits, as crews continue to battle 50 fires, and out-of-control fire is threatening about 2500 structures near yosemite in california. and in idaho, the beaver creek has now burned more than 100,000 acres.
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nbc's miguel almaguer was given rare access, with the bird's-eye view with a veteran helicopter. >> reporter: this is just so critical. what makes it blaze so concerning after burning for two weeks is how much vegetation and forest land still surrounds the heart of this fire. it could burn for weeks. >> the u.s. forest service says it has spent almost $1 billion so far this year. now to wall street and what is moving the markets. jacky deangelis join us. good morning. >> the stock market rebounding a before after logging the sixth straight days of loss. showing that the central bank could reduce its easing money policies as soon as this year. meantime, all eyes on the profitable of major retailers and what that says about consumers. lowe's was upbait target with a murky outlook, staples and sears both missed the mark. natalie back over to you.
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>> jackie, thank you. >> now to that video we showed you at the top of the show. it wasn't just another day at the beach. a day of sunbathing, swimming and volleyball suddenly interrupted by that thing. the russian ship, an amphibious landing craft called bison, appropriate, i suppose. the ship did not seem to slow as it approached the shore. it eventually landed on the beach, as people scrambled to get out of the way. no one was hurt in the incident. russian officials say the ship was out for a regular training exercise and that the beach is actually part of a military firing range. >> wow. >> probably not the place you want to go sunbathing. >> what you can't see in the picture is the captain of that ship's kids are tubing on the back of it. fantastic. >> they all needed to reapply sunscreen after that splash. >> thank you. sandra bullock and keanu reeves. how is the weather looking? i have some amazing video. this is assumption parish, louisiana.
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this is a sinkhole in -- it's now consumed 25 acres, and if you're looking for an all-natural weed whacker, this is it. man, that thing just takes these trees down. it's part of a series of underground caverns are collapsing. they call these a series of burps. well, excuse me. all right. let's show you what else we've got as far as your weather is concerned. here in the northeast we have some showers moving in. we may see rain on the plaza in just a bit, part of this coffee that is going to be bringing some showers and thunderstorms throughout the northeast. some storms could produce some locally heavy rainfall, and then it pushes on out. and we've got cooler weather coming. we'll get to your local forecast in just 30 seconds. your local forecast in just 30 seconds. re. and so is giving him real tasty food. now there's new so good! dog food from iams. some leading brands contain sugar, or dyes, or artificial preservatives. ♪ [ dog whimpers ] but so good! from iams has 100% wholesome ingredients and none of those other things. now that's real love.
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and so is that. new so good! from iams. learn more at . good thursday morning to you. close to the weekend now and temperatures will feel really comfortable for today just about everywhere. starting in the 50s and 60s. 61 right now in san jose. jet stream will take a dip to the south. that means we are done with that triple digit heat, at least for the next five to six days. temperatures staying nice and comfortable. 84 for concord, closer to the ocean, the cooler it gets. 76 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. as we head through the next couple days, temperatures stay steady. latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. we have new information on the health of vice president joe biden's son, beau. he's expected to be discharged from a houston hospital after undergoing what's described as a successful procedure.
7:16 am
nancy snyderman is here. we are speculating. >> we are using our language in guarded waste. >> he's expected to be discharged today. at least this tells us this was a diagnostic procedure as opposed to a treatment? >> yes. we know he had a seizure several years ago. he has continued to have neurologic problems. was seen at northwestern hospital, then at a hospital in jefferson in philadelphia, then at md anderson. you put the pieces together and say, okay, it went from finding something to needing a diagnostic procedure. the word we got was that he underwent a complicated biopsy of a brain mass. >> what would they be zmog what would the patient be going through during a complicated biopsy? >> they're looking for tissue. once you see something on a ct scan that shouldn't be there, it's called a mass. it's taking up room. you have to figure out what it was. could this have any relationship to what joe biden went through
7:17 am
20 years later when he had two hemangiomas, when he had aneurysms that burst, and the answer is no. >> this is an invasive procedure. >> it is. >> the vice president said it was successful. does that mean they got the tissue they were looking for and the patient came through okay? >> when i heard the word successful, i hear no complications, resting well, discharged. when i hear complicated procedure, i think maybe a little bleeding, maybe not, but perhaps not getting all the tissue but a biopsy. whenever you go in to get tissue, you can get a little, you can get all of it, or sometimes you just have to figure out is it enough. in brain surgery, perfection is not the goal. good is the goal. >> how long will it take to get results of a biopsy like this? >> if this is an easy thing to read, it could be 48 hours. if this is a complicated thing to read and they send tissue out to various specialists across the country, it could be weeks.
7:18 am
we send them our best. >> nancy, thanks as always. >> you bet. matt, we are hearing a final batch of secretly recorded phone calls and meetings from president nixon's white house as he deals with the white house and the watergate scandal. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. 39 years have passed since president nixon abruptly resigned. still his life fuels our fascination. these tapes, more than 340 hours worth, give us an unparalleled window into an unprecedented time of presidential turmoil. >> the following program is brought to you in living color on nbc. >> reporter: it was the spring of '73. >> i'm going to make him an offer he can't refew. >> reporter: the "god father" was the best picture, tony orlando and dawn topped the charts. ♪ tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree ♪ >> reporter: and the wheels were
7:19 am
starting to come off richard nixon's presidency. >> the man at the top must bear the responsibility. >> reporter: after his first major address on the topic announcing the resignations of his closest advisors, nixon, who apparently had a few drinks, spoke with hollerman by phone unsensors. >> i'm [ bleep ] never going to discuss this [ bleep ] again, never, never, never, never. >> reporter: that night governor ronald regan called in his support. >> we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know you're in our prayers. >> each of us has a different religion. >> yeah. >> but god [ bleep ] ron we have to build peace in the world. >> how did you ever mary such a pretty girl? my god. >> well, i'm lucky. >> you're lucky? that's right. >> reporter: by july with the senate in the midst of its watergate investigation, nixon was fuming about his attorney general being called to testify.
7:20 am
>> they bring him before the stinking committee on a stinking little crappy thing like this. >> it's a component of his arrogance that he thought, you know, he didn't know i'm doing this. no one will ever know. >> reporter: and those tapes end in july of '73 when they were publicly revealed. that secret recording system was publicly revealed. matt and savannah, before he resigned in disgrace. >> peter alexander, thank you. how extraordinary to hear it in real time. >> think about these recordings of what was made back then. 50 years ago it will be a mime that they're listening to. >> only 6 seconds. >> ground breaking stuff. >> incredible to hear that. coming up, an exclusive on "today." bradley manning's attorney speaks out. you will not look at bradley
7:21 am
manning the same. our discussion with 16-year-old kidnapping victim, hannah anderson. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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when the chocolate is hershey's life is delicious. it is 7:k6. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we're getting new numbers on the massive wildfire burning near yosemite national park. as of last check, flames scorching more than 53,000 c'ñ acres. crews have downgraded containment to just 2%. several strike teams from the bay area are there helping fight the flames. firefighters battling a house fire in hayward making an unexpected surprise. hundreds of marijuana plants. no one was home at the time of the fire. investigators are looking into the cause. union city police are looking for a man they say exposed himself in front of a mother and daughter, all three of her daughters inside a busy burger king last month.
7:27 am
police releasing this sketch of that suspect. detectives seem to think he may be involved in other similar incidents around the bay area. the martinez boy mauled by two pit bulls will return to uc davis children's hospital to see if he will need another surgery. 10-year-old hunter kilbourn has already had two surgeries since being attacked by a dog while playing at a friend's house in antioch 11 days ago. right now let's check in with christina loren, a big deal with the yosemite fire down there. >> certainly. you know what? this is the first morning all week long, jon, we've woken up without any red flag warnings for the bay area. part of the reason is the thick fog over the immediate coast. we have flight delays out of sfo. if you're trying to travel, check with your carrier. we're expecting major delays. you can see chalk and new york city posting delays. 87 degrees in livermore for us, 73 in fremont.
7:28 am
here in san jose we'll hit about 78 degrees. comfortable conditions in san francisco, 63 degrees, nice and sunny all the way through the upcoming weekend. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza. of course you have the backup here. look at the maps on the approach, a smoother drive, still bogging down toward berkeley. south of the bridge, that's the problem. heading away from there, jamming toward oak streak where there is a big rig with two trailers stalled in lanes. sounds like about 8:15 is when chp thinks they can move that. they have to clear the slowing in both directions as you head downtown towards the nimitz. back to the "today" show.
7:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ who can forget that scene from november, 2012? that was the last time one direction took over our plaza, and they are getting ready to do it again tomorrow. take a look at the line that is already forming here at rockefeller plaza. this line already goes up to 48th street to 5th avenue and then around the block. you can imagine how it will be 24 hours from now when 1d takes our stage. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie high above the plaza. a bird's eye view. in a few moments, matt, al, and natalie, i'll have an interview with bradley manning's lawyer who has a bombshell
7:31 am
all right. we look forward to that, savannah. when the one direction song started to play here. >> you can't hear the crowd cheering. they're going to get wet in about half an hour. >> raining? >> but it will be beautiful tomorrow. >> or as we call them, a great way to lose a lot of friends here, disappointing people who couldn't get tickets. coming up this morning, dr. phil is causing a storm online, asking if it's okay to have sex with a drunk girl. what the show is saying and what dr. phil is saying. a quick programming note. tomorrow we'll have a live interview with nancy kerrigan. she's opening up for the first time since her brother was convicted in connection with their father's death. that's nancy kerrigan tomorrow morning right here on "today." is a van in a we will begin this half hour -- he was
7:32 am
sentenced to 35 years. it's an incident that caused a diplomatic nightmare for the united states. we will have an exclusive live interview with manning's attorney general in a month, but first here is jim miklaszewski. >> the shot heard around the world. >> he's been sentenced to 35 years in prison. >> reporter: at her home in wales, manning's mother was devastated by the news. manning was sentenced to 35 years on 20 charges, including espionage, with parole he could be free in as little as seven, but it was manning who tried to cheer up his defense attorney david coombs. >> he looks to me and says it's okay, it's9 all right, don't -- don't worry about it, it's all right. >> reporter: manning claimed to be a whistle-blower when he leaked 700,000 u.s. secrets to the wikileaks website, including gun camera video of a u.s. helicopter attack in baghdad that killed innocent civilians.
7:33 am
but defense testimony revealed that manning, seen near in a woman's wig and lip stick suffered from gender identity disorder and other personal issues. civil rights activists fear that his conviction will have a chilling effect on future whistle-blowers. >> the publicko whistle-blowers and a free press in order to inform0 the public. much of this information should never have been secret in the first place. >> reporter: he will serve his sentence immediately, while supporters askjov the white hou for a pardon. bradley manning's attorney david coombs is with us. good morning. >> good to be here. >> first question is about this issue of parole. assuming good behavior, do you expect him to be out of prison in seven years? >> i expect him to be out, but  actually expect him to get pardoned. at least that's my hope, that the president will pardon mr. manning. >> i will asking about that in a
7:34 am
moment, but first let's talk about the case. during the sentencing phase, he stood up and said he was sorry, sorry for hurting the united states. julian assange said the apology is a statement extorted from him from the overbearing weight of the united states military justice system. is assange right about it, or is bradley manning truly sorry? >> he's sorry if anything he did harmed anybody, because that was never his intent. his sbhent was to give information to the american public. he wanted to help people, not hurt people. the government brought some evidence in that was speculative at best, and said there was potential harm. for that, he said, if that's true, he's sorry. >> let me put it this way. would he take the same actions today? illustrates i think he has a very strong moral compass, so my answer would be yes, he would. >> do you think in any way he was used or persuaded or manipulated by wick i leaks and assange? i ask you that, because during
7:35 am
this trial, particularly in the sentencing phase, you portrayed him as somebody under extreme duress, psychologically damaged dealing with a host of issues. do you have any concerns about that? >> no, the stress that he was under was mostly to give context to what was going on at the time. it was never an excuse for his actions, because that was not what drove his actions. what drove his actions was a strong moral compass. wikileaks had nothing to do with bringing information out of him. he gave information to wikileaks. >> you mention that moral compass. on the other hand if he wanted to expos wrongdoing, how does he justified the discriminate leak of so many documents that el -- >> if you look at one document and say by itself, he -- he can't read 700,000 documents, but the documents are pretty much the same thing. so you can get through a lot of
7:36 am
documents realizing there's not going to be harmful information in these documents, and there wasn't. >> let's talk about mr. manning personally. he has providedo a statement tht he wants us to read, and this is part of it -- as i transition into this next face of my life, i want everyone to know the real me. i am chelsea manning, a female. i want to beginning hormone therapy as soon as possible. i also question that starting today you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronounce. why did she choose this moment to announce this? >> chelsea didn't want to have this to be something that overshadowed the case, wanted to wait until the case was done to move forward. >> she wants hormone therapy, ft. leavenworth does not provide that. are you going to sue to try to force the government to give her hormone therapy and perhaps reassignment surgery? >> i don't know about the surgery. chelsea hasn't indicated that
7:37 am
would be her desire, but as far as the hormone therapy, yes, i'm hoping ft. leavenworth would do the right thing and provide that. if it did not, i'm going 20 do everything in my power to make sure they are forced to do so. >> is the ultimate goal here for her to be in a female population? >> no, i think the ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin and to be the person she's never had an opportunity to be. >> do you have any fear for her being in a general male population, number one, for the crimes for which she's been convicted, and also saying i want to live as a female? do you fear for her safety? >> i don't, and the reason why is everyone that's in a military prison is a first-time offender, soldiers who have done something wrong action have gone to prison, and are just trying to do their time and get out. >> is the bottom line you don't think she wants sex reassignment surgery or she doesn't think she'll be able to get it? >> i haven't really discussed that aspect of it with her.
7:38 am
really it's more about getting the hormone therapy. so at this point, i don't know the answer to that. >> one of the defense psychiatrists at trial testified that manning has narcissistic tendencies. i wonder if there is anything to that, in the sense she's announcing this in this very big public way. >> no, i think this is really trying to let people have the answer they wanted. she never really wanted this to be public to begin with. when the information came out, you need to understand she gave it to adrian le meau in a private setting, in a one on one chat, not expecting it to be public. now that it is, you have to deal with it in a public way. >> some supporters chanted that you are a hero. does she consider herself a hero? >> no, she didn't. she felt it was something mobilely obligated to do. >> no regrets?
7:39 am
>> no regrets. david cooperation, thank you very much. we'll have a check of the weather with al. >> guys, this is the crowd on 48th street going all the way down to fifth avenue. some of these folks down here, and you can see they're about ten deep all the way coming up to rockefeller plaza. they're all camped out, hanging out. in fact they're playing one direction songs. when did you guys get here? >> tuesday. >> tuesday morning where are you from? >> from queens. >> all the way from queens. unbelievable. it's like a tsunami of teenage girls. speak of something that looks like a tsunami, take a look at this video. this is from larkspur in n newfoundla newfoundland. it's fog coming over the mountains. it's not sped up. that's amazing stuff. let's go out west. we have over 50 fires burning
7:40 am
across eight states. that's bad news. you can see the fire watches and the red flag warnings going on, and in fact we've got good news/bad news. moisture is flowing in with a storm system coming in there. you can see we're going to start to see stuff firing up. the good news is there's more moisture. the bad new is there will be lightning strikes that could set 7:40 now. yes, we do think you're beautiful, al. temperatures are looking good today. we have plenty of low cloud cover at the immediate coast. it's going to feel more like the bay area today. we're done with the dry lightning strikes, at least for the time being. the let humidity, you'll notice that when you walk out your door. 73 for fremont. we have read flag warnings posted for the ukiah clearlake region. otherwise we continue to dry out through the up coming weekend and temperatures drop off. our latest weather.
7:41 am
matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. up next, the tweet tied to drinking and sex that's landed dr. phil in a bit of a hot seat this morning. we'll explain that. then, why did hannah anderson open up about her kidnapping ordeal online just days after her rescue. we'll have much more of our exclusive conversation with her, but first these messages. [ male announcer ] once in a while, everything falls into perfect harmony. [ engine revs ] and you find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time. just be sure you're in the right car when it happens. the 2013 c-class sports sedan. power, performance and style in total alignment. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. a blt with best foods is the best. ♪ ♪ bring out the unmistakable taste that can only be best foods.
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7:46 am
reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused. although the tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted. >> the tweet sounded like it was an advertise am. it came across completely wrong, completely dry and completely offensive. >> reporter: while its phrasing has angered many, even sparking a petition on, others have come to his defense. >> it is a serious issue. for them to raise it as a subject on their show, i don't see what the problem is. it should be discussed. >> reporter: dr. phil is hardly the first celebrity to face backlash over a questionably worded tweet. from ashton kutcher to designer kenneth cole making light of egypt's arab spring. and while he hasn't spoken publicly about the incident, dr. phil's show released a lengthy statement wednesday saying in part, quote, this tweet was intended to evoke discussion
7:47 am
into a very serious show topic. this was not a personal post and dr. phil deleted it the second he saw it. it was clearly ill-advised. >> when you're a doctor, you're trusted. he has the face on tv. he has that recognition. he has responsibility to be politically correct. he really did not do that this time. >> the wording of the statement suggests that dr. phil was one to personally delete the tweet but not the one to send it out in the first place. this whole statement can be found on our website kristen, thank you very much. coming up, we're going to talk to kris jenner as she gets set to debut the very first picture of her granddaughter on her show. we'll tell you more about that, but first these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:52 am
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it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres will be in a san jose kroot courtroom this morning. his hearing was postponed last month after prosecutors said evidence was still being delivered to his attorney. garcia torres is charged with the murder and kidnapping of 15-year-old sierra lamar. the mountain view police department crediting one of its canines with a major meth bust. a picture of the canine named zeus sitting next to the staff. police say zeus sniffed out two pounds of meth while searching a residence in san jose yesterday. zeus apparently found that meth inside a hidden compartment inside a vehicle. right now let's go outside with a look at your thursday forecast and say good morning to christina loren. >> good morning, jon. good morning to you at home. i have great news in the weather
7:57 am
department. we have no red flag warnings posted for the bay area. just to our north is where we're expecting thrmgs later today. that's in the ukiah clearlake region. however here in the north bay, south bay, east bay, of course in the peninsula looking much better, less humidity today. 87 in livermore, 63 headed our way in san francisco. 70 straight up in santa cruz today. comfortable conditions. a little warmer tomorrow. not as humid as it has been. wheel start to feel the dry heat again friday, saturday, into sunday. 86 by sunday. >> looking toward fremont southbound, speeds are continuing to slow toward mission boulevard. heavy volume of1+ traffic is th only thing going on here. we'll look at the maps. a slower drive as well through out northbound. routes in the south bay, especially 280. 87 coming into downtown, slow south 880 from fremont. north through oakland typical. southbound 880 slow from seventh toward the disabled big rig
7:58 am
still in the lanes at oak street, hopefully just another 20 minutes before they can clear that. back to the "today" show.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ >> 8:00 on thursday morning, the 22nd day of august, 2013. one direction eve. tomorrow this plaza will be transformed into something approximating a stadium full of screaming teenagers and their parents. >> something like that. pretty good description actually. 99% of the people tomorrow morning have no idea who we are which is okay. we talked about weather tomorrow? >> should be okay. may be cloudy but no rain. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer and al roker. >> more of our conversation with 16iard hannah anderson as she speaks out for the first time since her kidnapping ordeal. a lot of people wondering why
8:01 am
she turned so quickly to social media. >> first we want to take a moment to congratulate our own jenna wolfe and stephanie gosk on the birth of their daughter, harper estelle, born last night, 7:31 p.m., 7 pounds 13 ounces. and they are joining us live. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> only for you would we get up at 7 something in the morning and try to look halfway decent which we failed miserably at. you see this precious thing. >> harper, is he is a morning person? >> fast asleep. >> there you go. >> how do you feel, jenna? >> i got to tell you, the only thing they tell you about child birth is you are going to walk . . all
8:02 am
i keep saying is wow. i can't find the words. >> by the way, i see that harper is already on social media and chosen uncle al's favorite form, a vine. take a look. >> wait a minute. that's not harper. why didn't you think of that? >> i love this vine. >> once she does that then she'll do -- some push-ups, lift a couple weights. we'll get her on the treadmill. >> explain harper estelle how you came up with that? >> estelle is my grandmother's name, no matter what we were going to have estelle in the name. we fell in love with harper, the perfect combination of athleticism and gentleness and kindness and beauty and tv moxie. >> thank goodness you were having a girl and not a boy.
8:03 am
it would have been hard if he was estelle. >> and her last name, for people don't know wofell is your last name. >> yep. my actual last name. she's not ready for a tv name yet. if she wakes up and starts doing something tv related perhaps we can give her something. >> actually spell it. >> never wake a sleeping baby. >> both of you, congratulations, i can see an adorable halloween costume on harper. we can't wait to meet her in person. >> thank you very much. appreciate you guys. >> let's get a check of the headlines. >> i like to add my congratulation as well. in the news this morning 16-year-old hannah anderson is speaking out for the first time since her kidnapping. she was rescued earlier this month in idaho. search warrants indicated that she had exchanged 13 phone calls with family friend james lee dimaggio the day he abducted
8:04 am
her. hannah spoke about that and set the record straight. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls, they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp, and he didn't know the address or like where i was so i had to tell him the address and tell him i was going to be in the gym and not in front of the school so he knew where to come get me. >> dimaggio was shot and killed in idaho. we're going to hear more from hannah. we learned this morning that convicted army private bradley manning wants to live as a woman. he was sentenced to 35 years. in the last hour on "today" savannah asked bradley manning's attorney if he expects the government to help manning change from a man to a woman known as chelsea? >> well, i don't know about the sex reassignment surgery. chelsea hasn't indicated if that were her desire. as far as the hormone therapy, yes. i'm hoping fort leavenworth
8:05 am
provide that. if not i'm going to do everything to make sure that they are forced to do so. >> manning's attorney said he will ask president obama for a pardon. new calls for a strong response to syria's alleged use of chemical weapons. rebels release shocking video they say shows the horrific result of wednesday's attack. they claim hundreds of people including children were killed by toxic gas, fired by the assad regime troops. president obama has joined 35 nations cling for a u.n. investigation. france today proposed military action if the chemical attacks are proven. president obama hits the road today on a two-day bus tour to push for radical changes in the way college is paid for. the president calls for a new ranking system he hopes will tie federal aid to college perform earns, holding students and schools responsible for progress and capping loan payments at 10% of monthly income.
8:06 am
beau biden could be heading home to delaware today. biden underwent a biopsy of his brain in houston tuesday but results may not be known for several weeks. the vice president released a statement saying his son is in great shape and will be discharged today. 44-year-old beau biden had a mild stroke three years ago. nbc news learned that san tag mayor bob filner has apparently reached a tentative deal over harassment allegations. video shows him leaving city hall after talks with more than a dozen women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. no details have been made public. and new trouble for david cassidy. the teen idol was arrested for felony dui in upstate new york wednesday. police say his blood alcohol level was .1, the speed limit .08. cassidy was charged with a felony because of previous dui in florida two years ago. two extremely brave 9-year-olds take a walk on the wild side in the uk, rose and
8:07 am
flame may be the youngest wing walkers. that's what they call the people who stand on the wing of a plane as it flies through the air as these young girls did. it's popular in the early days of flying. the grandfather is an accomplished wing walker. they did it to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy. it's a listening time until basketball season starts but never too early to get warmed up. check this out. this is the spirit squad member, kevin from washington state university. you saw there, he took a backwards shot while doing a back flip. he sank it all the way from the three-point line at the other end of the court. i wonder how many tries that took to get that picture perfect. 8:07. back across the way to matt and savannah >> it was only one try. first try. all right. let's get a check of the weather. mr. roker. >> thanks, guys.
8:08 am
close out here. your 30th anniversary. first time in new york city. congratulations. >> a great time. >> good. we're glad. let's roll the video and show you what's going on. we don't have video to roll. wilmington, wect nbc wilmington, nbc 6. scattered showers and storms. temperature of 88 degrees. you can see we're looking at some heat in texas on into the mid-mississippi river valley. 90s in interior sections of the southwest. some showers making their way from northeast new england on into the ohio valley. monsoonal moisture into the 8:08 only a thursday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are warming up nicely. we are at 64 right now in sunnyvale. 61, san jose, 61 to kick off the day in livermore. as we take you through the hour by hour changes, about 77 in livermore, 65 in oakland. so, running about three to five degrees cooler this afternoon.
8:09 am
also, you will probably notice less humidity out there, so it feels more true to the temperatures that we are accustomed to here in the bay area this time of year. hold onto those norms as we get into the upcoming weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right. al, thanks so much. more new of our exclusive conversation with california kidnapping survivor hannah anderson as she speaks out for first time. nbc's national correspondent kate snow is out in san diego. good morning again. >> reporter: matt, good morning. hannah anderson is at home with her father after spending nearly a week held hostage by a family friend, james dimaggio, who held her in the back woods of idaho. earlier, you heard her talk about the amber alert that notified people, that led to her rescue and how thankful she is for the supporters. she shares why she doesn't consider herself a victim. >> in the beginning i was a victim, but now knowing everyone out there tells me i consider myself a survivor instead.
8:10 am
>> reporter: hannah anderson is a survivor enduring a week-long night mare at the hands of james dimaggio, who was shot and killed by fbi agents right in front of hannah's eyes. >> my mom raised me to be strong. >> reporter: hannah's mother christina along with 8-year-old brother ethan were found dead at dimaggio's home. now, with the funeral planned for this weekend, hannah is paying tribute to her family, wearing her support. >> i got my nails done to help support my mom and brother. the blue is for ethan and the pink is for my mom. and my toes, they say ethan and tina on them. >> reporter: now she leans on her father, brett anderson, who has been by her side since his rescue. >> he flew out to the hospital to come visit me. it helped us get closer. >> reporter: she was online posting comments about her ordeal. the response from total strangers was immediate. >> it was a little overwhelming, but it also felt good to know
8:11 am
that people prayed for me. >> reporter: but some found her demeanor disturbing. writing things like this is so bizarre. and her behavior is a little fishy. >> i didn't know people could be so cruel. >> reporter: but hannah says that's how she talks to friends. >> i connect with them through facebook and instagram. it helps me grieve, like post pictures. to show how i'm feeling. and i'm a teenager. i'm going to go on it. >> reporter: her teen days are moving ahead as the school year quickly approaches, hannah is looking forward to spending time with friends. >> but it's going to be a little overwhelming with everyone and their opinions. >> reporter: still she knows she has friends who will look out for her. >> yeah, a lot of my friends have my back. >> reporter: she dreams of making the gymnastics team. >> i'm going to try out this year and try to make the varsity team. >> reporter: as for her goals, hannah hopes to give others a chance at survival. >> i want to be a firefighter for san diego.
8:12 am
this was a hard time and there's going to be harder times in life. but if i could get through this, i'm sure i can get through a lot more. >> reporter: hannah told us she'll never forget what she's been through, but she thinks she can move on from here. tonight we'll have more on "nbc nightly news" including what hannah said she's learned out of this experience. matt, back to you. >> all right, kate snow out in san diego, kate, thanks so much. snoop jen hartsteen is a psychologist and specializes in adolescent issues. good morning. good idea she is speaking out, even before her funerals for her mom and brother? is it therapeutic? >> i think it's helpful to say thank you. this is a public forum and search. how else can she thank the people. to say thank you for their efforts in helping her. >> she got very emotional when talking about her brother ethan and her mom.
8:13 am
but for the most part we see a self-assured, composed young lady. any parent of a teenager will tell you it's hard to know what's going on inside based on the exterior. >> absolutely. there's much more going on underneath the surface, understandably. we don't know all that's happening. we know that there's a lot of sadness. we know that this was a big trauma. we know that she's going to keep herself together on the surface. i'm sure she allows herself to fall apart at different times but her composure is impressive. hopefully she is getting help. >> this decision to label herself a survivor, as opposed to a decade. we saw this from the ladies held by ariel castro. >> this is strength. i survived this, i won't let it ruin my life, but it will build me up for the future. >> how important is it for this young lady if at all possible to get back to some routine and sense of normalcy as again, if that's possible? >> it will be a different sense of normalcy because she's an
8:14 am
instant celebrity. didn't ask for it, but here it is. being able to be with her friends, go back to school. be on the gymnastics team. create the life she knew will give her a foundation and some grounding that she needs. >> jen, thanks very much. appreciate it. you can see more of hannah's story on "dateline" tomorrow night. savannah? >> thank you. coming up on "trending" we are about to get our first glimpse of little north west. we'll talk about that with kris jenn jenner, right after this. won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ female announcer ] eggo waffles can win over the pickiest of eaters so everyone can enjoy breakfast...together. can't touch this. ♪ [ girl ] l'eggo my eggo™.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
fear itself. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're back now. it's 17 minutes after the hour. we've got what's trending today. the items that are causing a bit of discussion online. trending from reuters, breaking his silence. pope emeritus benedict is now speaking out for the first time since he resigned. he's speaking out about why he stepped down. according to a catholic news
8:18 am
agency report, benedict says he reached the decision because god told me to. the former pope told an unnamed person that god didn't speak to him in a vision but in what benedict called a mystical experience. apparently it was enough to inspire the 86-year-old to resign and dedicate his life to prayer rather than to continue as the pope. i think a lot of people have been wondering about that. >> fascinating. wish we could know more about it, but obviously to do something so extraordinary and almost unprecedented. >> speaks for him. >> there's hope for us who perhaps are not the neatest people. trending on yahoo!, a new study from the university of minnesota, looks at having a clean or messy office. the neat nicks tended to fulfill expectations by doing what was expected of them. they were also more likely to be generous. the folks surrounded by clutter were more likely to demonstrate
8:19 am
creative thinking and develop new ideas. researchers say messy environments have them break free. >> the way you just read that, you said people who are neat freaks, well, they learn to be -- sounded like boring. however, people who are clutter people tend to be more creative. >> i wasn't trying to convey that boring, neat people -- like yourself. >> boring, neat people. >> for example, i do think we have a live shot of your office, matt. i think we will see there is not anything out of place. >> right. >> that's the matt lauer dressing room. >> right. >> the camera operator, don't move. >> can we go down one door to savannah's? >> all right. pull out. pull out. >> there you go. >> my dirty clothes aren't on the door. >> you're very clean. >> that's your dressing room. your office at "30 rock" is completely pristine. >> yes. except i don't work there. nothing out of place. >> let's see miss natalie's. >> mine is a mess. i will say i'm going to own up
8:20 am
to being creative. >> what's that on your floor? >> gift wrap. >> presents. >> natalie makes coffee for everyone. >> i do. >> everybody goes to me on that office. >> now al roker. what did we save for last? >> also neat. >> al. >> very nice. you know what, somebody trashed -- al -- >> all right. okay. >> charlie sheen trashed your office. >> wow. >> that explains why you're so creative. that's so funny. >> ha ha ha. >> trending also on twitter, a former president like we have never seen him before. we're used to seeing our commanders in chief enjoying a little golf now and then. time on the green seems like a way to escape. but president clinton took a different approach recently. he tweeted this photo to rory mcilroy telling the golf champ, i'm working on my short game. only a few strokes behind my niece fiona and nephew simon.
8:21 am
apparently president clinton enjoys mini golf just like all of us do. >> how does he do it in a window? >> trending right here on "today," we can all rest easy very soon. that's because the rest of us are all going to get our first look at kim kardashian's baby with kanye west. kanye himself will unveil the photo on the kris jenner show, hosted of course by kim's mom. on the program he addressed head-on criticism of his relationship with kim. >> i don't care. i love this woman. someone can say, you know, when the paparazzi surround you, people, everyone knows you don't like paparazzi. why would you -- you know, why would you be with this person? i'm saying i'm being with this person because, you know, i love this person and she's -- she's worth it to me. she's my joy. she brought my new joy into the world. >> chris christie joins -- kris joins us on the phone.
8:22 am
>> good morning. >> tough booking. >> well, you know, he is my roommate. >> that's true. was it hard to sit down and talk to con yeah almost like you'll do any other interview even though he's your son-in-law and you're talking about your daughter? >> you know, i think what surprised me about the interview was i learned things that i didn't have any idea about him. so, yeah, as it evolved i was discovering and learning new things about him, and i think everybody will be super surprised to see this other side of kanye west. >> well, we really want to see, if you get right to it, chris, the picture of little northwest. did you bring that with you today? >> oh, i don't know. you're going to have to tune in and see if that appears somewhere. >> give it up. what does she look like? >> she looks like -- she's a beautiful combination of the both of them. she is so adorable. not that it's -- you know, has anything to do with the fact that she's my granddaughter.
8:23 am
she's cute. >> chris christkris, i know you what it was like to join the family chaos. >> it's like noise that's happening. i just think it's something where you don't -- i wasn't used to it and now when i'm out, you know, i try to get home early just to be around, you know, my family. >> oh, that makes me feel really good. really good. >> i think what's interesting there, kris, is that kanye says he wasn't used to that type of a lifestyle. let's be honest, he was pretty famous befe he joined your family. >> yeah. well, i think that, you know, there's a lot of love there and there's a lot of us, as you guys know, and there's always something going on. and i think that he has blended in to our family in such a big way that when we are away from each other, we miss each other.
8:24 am
and i think that we give him this safe haven and a place where he feels really, you know, loved and safe. >> that's nice. well, kris, thanks for waking up early and talking to us. we appreciate it. >> well, i wish i was there for you guys but thanks so much for having me on. don't forget to tune in and watch the show. >> tell people that the special episode of the kris jenner show airs tomorrow and you should be checking your local listings. >> and that is what's trending today. still ahead on the show this morning, one family's ultimate road trip to all 50 states. natalie has some wonderful memories. we'll get into that. first on a thursday morning, we'll give you a check of your local news and weather. snoitsz ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning to you it is 8:26. i'm ma la tell lez. we have admired the new bay bridge from afar for years now but are we actually ready to drive it in the new span is scheduled to open in less than two weeks and cal trans says it will be a completely different driving experience than the old bridge. to avoid confusion for drivers, the agency has released this animation of what the new trip across the bridge will feel like. caltrans is warning drivers no to pull over on the shoulders of the bridge to take photos. those shoulders are for emergencies only. we are talking now about the san mateo bridge, doesn't look very good there this morning, huh, mike? >> did not look great and despite the fact it has shoulders did put that in a while back, not able to clear that vehicle stalled, look at
8:27 am
folks coming to the bottom of the screen, westbound off of the high rise, very slow approaching that foster city exit, i don't think that vehicle cleared from that span there it is from 92. 880 slow past the coliseum, jamming because of the morning commute, kicking around the bend, all the schools the last week, get the last of those schools back and look at the maps slow north from san leandro, coliseum take a look, south 880, still in lanes, past when they thought it would get cleared. hopefully by 9. send it back to you. >> see you after 9:00. we will be back at 8:56 with our next update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
missed you guys in london. we're here today. >> celebrating my 40th birthday. >> i am college bound. >> do you like red hair? oh, good. >> hoot for howie. >> you rock. >> no, you rock. >> i'm so excited for one direction!
8:31 am
stay tuned now for your local news. t-minus 24. enormous summer concert on the plaza from the sensational group one direction. 8:30 half hour tomorrow morning. if you want to see the show, come on down here four days ago. it's already getting crowded here. that's tomorrow morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and natalie moralis. >> this is fan appreciation week. this morning we are giving everybody in the plaza an assortment of "today" show items. remember, tomorrow we will introduce you to "today's" biggest fan who, among other things, is getting to attend the one d concert. >> we have this stuff as well. here you go. i get to give it all away. >> all right.
8:32 am
also coming up tomorrow morning, we're going to tell you where you can find the dress worn by michelle obama, this dress perhaps or the dresses worn by duchess kate and her official family photo shown on our model. >> then the ultimate family road trip. we're going to meet a couple who took a sabbatical from work, packed up the kids, get this, they hit all 50 states. >> i love that. they're still talking to each other. >> let's do it. road trip. can we take a second here? we want to say good-bye to one of our favorite members of the "today" show staff. this is his last day here at nbc after 43 years. he's our lighting director. he's our buddy. he's our pal. he is the guy who worked in sports, at the soaps. he had some amazing thanksgiving
8:33 am
day parades. >> he's an amazing dancer and he's got the greatest laugh in the world. it's kind of a hoot. now with the moustache he kind of looks like uncle money bags from mon nop poly. >> speaking of money bags, he's handled the "today" show lottery for over 20 years. >> which we have never won. >> he's done the "today" show ncaa pools, world series pools, football pools. all that money we've donated he's retiring on. he's taking off. howie, we love you. we have a message from somebody, howie. >> hi, dad. i love you and congratulations on such an amazing job. >> i love you, too. >> thank you for always being there and always lighting up my life! >> i've got to say, howie, we know how hard you work here. this is a great life's work right here, this beautiful daughter. congratulations to you and thank
8:34 am
you. >> thanks for everything. >> i love you, howie. >> i love you too, al. >> one last -- >> perfect. >> it's like curly howard was scared by a car. >> all right. that's what's going on around 8:34. thank you, al. good morning to you. we have got an interesting day shaping up. plenty of low clouds over most of the bay area. this is san raffaele, but looks the same in san jose, all the way through the east bay this morning, 87 degrees. later on today in livermore, hit about 84 in gilroy, 79, santa theresa and 67 on the way to san francisco. staying comfort adjust about everywhere, getting to the all-important weekend, temperatures will be warm for friday, saturday, start to drop off, 86 degrees by sunday. and that's your latest weather. meantime, our friends at toyota
8:35 am
have partnered with teen vogue and it's called arrive in style. marjorie is here from toyota. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> what is going on here? >> we are so excited to be here today. i don't know a parent, grand parent out there who isn't concerned about the safety of their teenager on the roads today. it's really personally relevant for me because my 16-year-old just got his permit and is learning to drive. >> oh, boy. >> so we have a great program, toyota and teen vogue, have partnered together to make sure we're keeping teens safer on the roads and encouraging conversations between parents and their teens about being safer drivers. >> and in a sense you're kind of targeting moms and daughters? >> that's correct. so we know that when parents and teens park together, when moms and daughters park together about safer driving, they exhibit safe driving behaviors, we as parents need to model safe driving behaviors for our children behind the wheel.
8:36 am
wou we know that from the moment the child's car seat is facing forward, they're watching us. don't text and drive. don't speed. keep your hands on the wheel. don't pick up your cell phone in the car because your child is going to be watching you every step of the way. >> folks want to get involved, how do they do it? >> if you want to get involved go to when you get on you'll drive more safely with your parent. you can take a cool air driving photo like this mom and daughter are doing here. when you post that photo to the site you'll be entered into a contest to win great prizes including an opportunity to come here to new york city to be issued in a feature of teen vogue. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> toyota and teen vogue. thank you, ladies. now let's go back to matt. >> al, thanks very much. coming up, one woman's difficult battle with food and body image. >> why folks say she waited too long to get help. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
they're built alln summer long during the emirates airline us open series. tune in every week as strength is tested and the stars of tennis emerge. follow the action from coast to coast for ten tournaments over five weeks. don't miss your opportunity to watch the greatest story in tennis unfold right before your eyes. for complete tv listings go to
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8:39 am
we're back at 8:38 with an interesting new take on people, their relationships with food, weight and body image. nbc's erica hill has more on that. hi, erica. >> matt good morning. in a new book "almost anorexic" two women and a woman who battled to overcome an eating disorder come together to write about a dangerous gray area that a lot of people fall into. >> reporter: looking at these pictures, it's hard to imagine anyone finding fault with this budding ballerina, but for jenny schaeffer, this is when her problems began. >> i remember being 4 years old. i remember being in dance class. i remember at that young age already hearing a voice in my head saying, you're not good enough, you're fat. >> reporter: it was the start of a nearly 20-year struggle with food, weight, and body image.
8:40 am
>> i wanted to look like my barbie doll. if the number on the scale changed, i was afraid of eating that day. >> reporter: in her mind, jenny didn't have a problem, yet for years she remained a slave to the scales and to food. still, she didn't appear unhealthy or overly thin until she got to college and her weight loss became more noticeable. at one point jenny even saw a doctor who told her she was fine. >> i didn't realize that this restricting, this overeating pattern i had with food was wrong because that's so expected and oftentimes embraced in our society. >> reporter: it would be four years before jenny saw another physician. by then she was severely under weight, falling 15% below the average body weight. she now met the official criteria to be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. >> what's really sad to me is that it took nearly 20 years for
8:41 am
that light bulb to come on. i should have gotten help so much sooner. >> reporter: now nearly ten years later jenny is determined to help others avoid that fate. while 1 in 200 adults will struggle with anorexia nervosa in their lifetime, many more suffer from similar symptoms like severely restricting their food or exercising excessively, but they don't meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. psychologist jenny thomas treats many of them in her practice. in a new book she co-authored with jenny schaefer, she calls them almost anorexic because they fall into a gray area of having no eating disorder at all and full blown anorexia nervosa. as many as 1 in 20 people are affected. >> it's not just dieting to fit into your prom dress, it's finding that your relationship with food or your shape and weight has really gotten in the waof you being able to live the life that you truly want to live. >> reporter: which is exactly
8:42 am
how jenny's journey began. but after much hard work, she says she's now fully cured. recording what she ate, how it made her feel was a big step toward her recovery. >> if you looked across my food journals, it's really quite amazing to see how my relationship with food was. >> reporter: dr. thomas who didn't treat jenny stresses there is hope and there can be a happy ending, just like jebby, who's getting married in the fall. >> never, never give up. full recovery is possible. one thing we try to teach folks is how to become their own therapist so that they can start talking back against the eating disorder voice even without leaving the room. >> one of the things they're really hoping to do with this book is obviously start this discussion so that more people, if they need help, can get it. >> i think a lot of people are going to identify with that, i really do. >> absolutely. >> erica, thanks. appreciate it. up next, we're going to take a little bit of a turn. we're going to show you how to bargain shop like a celebrity
8:43 am
but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back today with al. this morning, celebrity chic on the cheap. from some a-listers who love a good bargain. eva is the editor in chief of "lucky" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> stars are like us. they like a good bargain, really? >> who doesn't love a good bargain? we the "lucky" editors love a bargain. >> we have five looks. kate middleton sells out what she wears. technically this is a maternity dress. >> this is a dress that kate middleton wore in her first portrait taken by an artist. we saw this at a website called mine for 9. this is a rental website? >> yes. it sold out instantaneously.
8:46 am
we hunted it down on the site. it's a great concept. it's maternity clothes. you don't need them for nine months. you can rent them for nine months at a time. >> you can rent it for a month, send it back. >> exactly. if you have a special occasion, a shower, anything, you can wear it and send it on back. >> i think that is a fabulous idea. thank you so much to our model. our next look, michelle obama always a fashion trendsetter. tell us about this particular dress. >> the "lucky" editors love michelle obama. she stepped off of air force one wearing this amazing talbott's dress. she always belts her dresses, which is really flattering for a silhouette. >> so this dress is how much at talbott's. >> just 55.99. we think it looks best with the belt. >> we added that. >> our next is vanessa hutch
8:47 am
chins. she's a young actress. she knows how to rock the jeans. >> these jeans are under $100. we love this look that vanessa hutchins wore at an american eagle party. the thing about the crop top is it can be a little bit polarizing. if you put a shirt on over it, it covers it up. this is a per week end style. >> it helps to have a flat stomach. >> tell me how you got the jeans? cuffing the genes, is that in style? >> it makes it look a little more casual, a little more dressy. >> and the tank is 20 bucks, american eagle. >> exactly. >> the jeans are $59.99. >> this whole look is under $150. >> it looks as good if not better. jennifer lawrence, i love her. she rocks one of the most fabulous trends. tell us about this look. >> this is what we call a burnout tank. it's a velvet tank.
8:48 am
we have little daisies on it. the top is $52. this was a banana republic skirt. this tank is versatile. you can put a blazer on over it and wear it to work or you can wear it with jeans and the perfect date night shirt. >> i love how you can put a blazer on it, you go out with your friends and you can have this cute look. is it see-through. >> it is. we did put a camisole underneath it. a lot of the young starlets are wearing it with a bra underneath so it's a little bit sexier. >> thank you so much. your hair is adorable as well. thanks so much. finally, denim shorts. you're saying jennifer aniston rocks this look. >> to me, jennifer aniston is the jean queen. she always looks amazing in her jeans before they're boyfriend or skinny. lately she's been wearing jean shorts everywhere in los angeles. we love the look, paired it with a shirt and heels.
8:49 am
she look s perfect in this weekend outfit. >> the jeans are short. is that why you get a loose fitting shirt. >> yes, something more billowy so it's not tight on top and teeny on the bottom. if you're wearing smaller on the bottom, wear it with something bigger on top. >> and a wedge is a good idea. >> it's more wearable, more sporty, less sexy. when you're wearing short shorts, you want to balance it out. >> exactly. thanks to our gorgeous models. coming up next, one family's 50-state road trip. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back now at 8:51. you may have taken a road trip with your children this summer, i'm guessing it's not going to compare to the adventures of one family from west palm beach, florida. kerry sanders as their story. >> hi, south florida. >> boy we've had an exciting week. >> we're at graceland. >> connecticut, massachusetts. >> jamestown, virginia. >> yeah, go, buddy! >> reporter: randy and heidi martin took their kids, christy and kyle, on the trip of a lifetime. >> we packed the rv. >> reporter: their mission, to
8:52 am
see all 50 states. >> it's going to be so much fun. >> we went up through new england. >> reporter: after nine months from planning they took sabbaticals, sold their home, pulled the kids out of school. >> seeing all of america and seeing how good people are and the different regions and cultures of america. >> reporter: traveling by rv, the martins traveled for 13 months, more than 67,000 miles, through all 50 states. driving across the lower 48, flying to hawaii, and sailing to alaska. >> here we are at the state capitol budding in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the martins went to every state capitol as well as presidential libraries and historic sites. >> we learned a ton about politics, places that i see in textbooks, we actually crossed the mississippi, got to go on the battlefields where george washington walked. >> hi, we're here in the rocky nationals. >> reporter: highlights from the road trip. >> my favorite memory is some of the snowed in times we've had. >> philadelphia is like awesome. >> boston was cool. >> d.c.
8:53 am
>> new jersey state park at liberty house. >> i like new york city. >> colorado is really cool. >> i think i was most impressed by flying down into the grand canyon. >> reporter: the best souvenirs from the trips. >> puppies from pet city in wyoming. >> two awesome puppies named trip and libby bell. >> reporter: as you can probably imagine, a year on the road in an rv can get tough. >> you have to have a close-knit family to survive a trip like this. >> when the toilet gets clogged -- >> that was terrible. >> the kids would love this. >> what their kids learned from this trip made it worth it for the martins. >> just get out there and show them america. it's amazing.
8:54 am
>> for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> by the way, in terms of school, the martin kids did online classes during the trip. they're now back in florida, living in a rental home. they say it was worth it. >> so cool. you have an epic road trip. >> yes, when i was about 4 or ayears old we took a trip from new jersey to panama. >> you drove? >> yes. yes, we drove the whole way. it was over a month-long trip. we had many stops along the way. >> how did you get along by the end of that trip? >> that's why we have such sibling rivalries. >> fighting over the good chair or whatever. >> i have shotgun. >> we went from tucson to kentucky. my whole family, five of us and then my awn the, uncle and three kids, ten people in a van, camper driving across the country. >> memorable. >> exactly. >> thinking of camping out, we have people that have been camping out for one direction.
8:55 am
erica hill is with the crowd. it's about to pour, erica. >> i may not tell them that right now. i don't want to dampen their spirits. everyone is excited for one direction tomorrow. you may have seen hash tag broken heart. trending this morning, news of the engagement, one of the members of one direction is getting hitched. he apparently popped the question on sunday which we thought was going to have people running for their pillows crying. a lot of these ladies here waiting, you feel pretty good about this. so you're okay with this zane and perry getting engaged? >> yes. >> are you saying he chose well even if he didn't choose you. >> yes. >> he did. >> you met her twice. >>? yes. >> does she know how lucky she is? >> yes. >> what do you want to hear tomorrow from one direction? >> the best song ever. >> is it going to be the best concert ever. >> yes. >> because we have the best fans ever.
8:56 am
[ cheers ] >> you want to cheer them on. a lot of them have been camped out here. i left work last friday night and i saw people camped out here, guys. i heard one girl say i wish it was friday morning already. you have less than 24 hours until your boys are here. we'll send it back to you guys. >> the bad news is, it's about to have a torrential downpour. >> people will get a shower. it is 8:56 now. good morning. i'm ma la tell lez. stanford satellite campus is getting the go-ahead in redwood city 395-acre campus would be boardered by highway 101, douglas avenue, bay road and second avenue. eight buildings will be demolished to make way for the new campus and 13 buildings will be built in their place. let's go ahead and look that the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla.
8:57 am
this is a live look here at sunol. you can see plenty of low clouds to start the day, a good-looking day shaping up, cooler than average for most cities, 85 inland, 67 at the coast today. a little bit warmer tomorrow and then we drop you right back off, get nothing that all-important weekend, comfortable conditions sunday through tuesday. [ female announcer ] no other system integrates holistic care with advanced technology
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie moralis and willie guise live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> he's missing, really. >> that's so inappropriate. >> welcome. good morning on this thursday morning, august -- >> you know, it's a sad day when i'm the voice of reason. >> oh, my, really. >> just because she said it, doesn't mean you had to repeat it. because she said it, we didn't hear it. she said it. >> but i thought it was funny so i had to say it. good morning, everyone. here is melbie, "america's got talent", in for willie who we are miss being and al roker as
9:01 am
well. a story we're all talking about in the news this morning, hannah anderson finally speaking out. we heard her giving this interview. just shows remarkable strength for a just recently turned 16-year-old. she sat down and talked about her ordeal. she spoke about her kidnapper, james dimaggio, the man accused of killing her mom and her little brother. there have been a lot of speculation, a lot of people who have even criticized her online the second she went online and also the letters hannah had apparently written to dimaggio apparently a couple of months before the tragedy. and so she wanted to go on the record, and that's why she wanted to give this interview, and also to thank everyone who supported her and helped her through -- >> he was a family friend. >> she called him uncle. in fact, here's what she had to say. >> the letters were from a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along very well. me and him would talk about how to deal with it. i'd tell him how i felt about it
9:02 am
and he'd help me through it. they weren't anything bad. they were just to help me through tough times. >> that's the sad part, that people immediately go to a dark place about something not knowing anything about this young woman or whatever. >> exactly. and criticizing her. >> and here's this young girl who's going through all of this and the whole time has no idea that her mom and brother are dead. she got obviously really emotional when she talked about it. take a look. >> he had a really big heart and she was strong hearted and very tough. she knew how to handle things. >> talking about her brother ethan and her mom as well. you're just so heart broken for her. >> yes. >> you know this is perhaps part of the healing process, being
9:03 am
able to talk about this, but, still, you know, it just breaks your heart to think at 16, to have gone through so much already. >> that's a lot to handle. we'll be rooting for her obviously. now talk about changing subjects, dr. phil. a little hot water. >> little hot water yesterday. >> there was a message that was tweeted from dr. phil's account that sparked a lot of outrage. the tweet read, if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no to @dr.phil hau #teenaccused. >> well, as you read the statement that was put out by his people, it sounds more and moore that it was -- he personally took the tweet down once he saw it and saw the reaction, but it sounds like he did not himself post the tweet. perhaps it was somebody from his staff. in his statement, his camp said this tweet was intended to evoke discussion leading into a very
9:04 am
serious show topic. it was a poll question, not a statement or a joke. it was clearly ill-advised. we sincerely apologize that it suggested anything other than what was intended. data gathering. as you can imagine, dr. phil is very upset that it happened. >> he should know about that. >> he put it out. the show tease. >> i'm sure. >> still, what a question. >> i know. >> it's wrong. as soon as somebody saw it, probably when they saw the reaction because i'm sure it was instantaneous they realized there was a mistake. >> right. >> you know, i think what a lot of people are saying, why is dr. phil not speaking personally about this? when is he going to come out and say something about it? should he say something about it? >> i think he should address it. >> publicly apologize for it. >> do a show on rape victims. >> we're so serious this morning. >> we're going to change that up there. >> don't worry. >> don't worry. there's this poll. >> okay. there's a new poll. >> i saw this.
9:05 am
i'm going to talk about this. >> this is by murine, the eye drop company. they did a study and asked men and women alike what they first notice when they meet the opposite sex, and apparently eyes, smile and breasts. >> in that order. >> you work your way down. >> you start at the top and work your way down. >> i think it's the other way around, i think it's breasts, smile and then eyes. >> no. no. no. no! that's great, high, who i are you, nice to see you. >> no. >> well, we do -- let's go to the videotape. >> that's right. >> let's go to the videotape. >> this was on tuesday. all i kept thinking to myself was -- >> wait, no, no, no. first. this is -- >> get a good look, costanza. >> looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun.
9:06 am
you don't stare at it. too risky. you get a sense of it and then you look away. >> so that's it. that's seinfeld. >> right. >> but our own al roker had a moment tuesday here on the show. >> yes. >> well, melbie was wearing a -- something that highlighted her declotage. >> all i kept saying was look at her eyes, look at her eyes, look at her eyes. >> it doesn't help when you're leaning over applying the lipstick. >> there was one there. i was looking. i was looking at the lipstick because we were talking about the color of the lipstick but now it looks like -- >> al. >> today you're cord up. >> i am completely. >> do you feel like your retinas have burned? >> yes, but what a great lasting image. >> back to school time.
9:07 am
our kids are getting ready to head back ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> that staples commercial, i think it is. >> we're asking for you all to send us pictures of your little once. video, however you like to do it. we're looking especially for the most awkward back to school photos. actually, we do have one from a viewer who send it in to us. this is from -- >> look at that. >> as you see, this is what every parent is feeling as they take their kids to the bus. >> i love the daughter in the middle. >> really, mom? heather. >> that is the beth. >> you are doing what we all feel this time of year. >> from left to right. vivica, natasha and gunner. >> i was so excited for the first day of school but my children apparently were not. >> all right. and we want to say happy anniversary to natalie and joe. >> thank you.
9:08 am
thanks. >> your 15 years. >> 15 years. yeah. >> infamous picture of your dad. >> yeah. yeah. >> my eyes are burning every time i see that photo. >> yeah. >> what's amazing, besides how beautiful you two look, is how much you look like your mom. i mean, it is -- it is stunning. yeah, of course it's your mom but, i mean, it's like you look and you know how beautiful you're going to be. >> gosh, thank you. my mom thanks you for that. that's so sweet. >> terrific people. >> we have a little gift here from jerry, the anniversary gift fairy. >> is that what they call you these days? >> 15 is crystal. >> it is? >> yes. >> i didn't know. >> wow. thank you. >> open it up. >> crystal light! >> nice. >> happy? >> it's so light. >> all that for you. >> very classy. my favorite flavor.
9:09 am
fruit punch. >> happy anniversary. >> i went to baba. mr. roker, a check of the weather. let's show you what you have. in the northeast, showers and thunderstorms moving through the metropolitan area here. it's part of a frontal system that will be bringing cooler air through the northeast and midwest. we have showers making their way along the western florida coast line. monsoonal moisture. another warm day today. seattle, 84 degrees. almost as warm as la. good morning to you. the time now, 9:09, i'm meteorologist christina loren. this, of course, the beautiful golden gate bridge, which you can actually see. we still have plenty of low clouds overhead. you will notice that camera shaking the breeze, picking up, 63, livermore, 61, san francisco. temperatures are going to climb nicely, by noon today, 75 degrees. in livermore, you will round out
9:10 am
the day at 3:30, 4:00, about 87 degrees inland today. 75 on the way, bay side and up the coast, 67 degrees headed your way. getting a little bit of a warmup for friday, then cool you back off for the weekend. t your latest weather. we should also mention, mel, we should call you otis. you do an elevator eye thing. >> i do. you look up and down. >> you look down up. >> you start down and work your way up? >> yes. >> why? you look at their feet first? >> yes. you know. >> what? the shoe size? >> the feet size. >> oh, you didn't know. >> we did. you ever hear the saying about trying to put toothpaste back in the tube? >> like we said, leave it to melbie. >> look you're so innocent. >> you're doing it. >> i don't do it all the way up. >> you're the one that goaded to
9:11 am
go there. >> she did say she missed her willie. >> okay. >> we're all in trouble. >> not all of us. >> is all that information mixed up? is the healthy eating information driving you nuts? we're going to crack some wide open. oh, great, right after this. >> we've all done that, really. >> wow. not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color for the perfect wave? i mean surf's up. stop with the sacrificing, start here. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, and dude twice the protein and 80 calories. tastes satisfying right? it's awesome. hey, you wanna go surfing? light & fit greek! ♪ dannon! oh! something bit me! fragile, breaking, falling hair? not for me. l'oreal triple resist haircare with arginine.
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i've noticed a huge improvement. [ male announcer ] go pro. for a clean that's up to four times better, try these crest pro-health products together. the toothpaste is really awesome. it cleans a lot. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects not just some, but all these areas dentists check most. this is gonna be a very good checkup. i feel it. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health toothpaste. always triclosan free. after using crest pro-health for a few weeks, i just feel brighter, fresher, cleaner. back now with a little friendly competition we're calling nuts about health. we're trying to get the facts. >> contributing editor of "health" magazine. cynthia, good morning. >> you're going to ask us stuff and we're going to crack nuts. >> i'm going to make a statement and the first person who buzzes will tell me if it's a fact or a myth.
9:15 am
the buzzer will crack the walnut. the first person to crack the nut answers the question. first up, myth or fact. orange juice has been shown to be the number one source of antioxidants in the american diet. >> al. >> false. >> you're correct, but what is it, do you know? >> oh, blueberries. >> it's actually coffee. >> really? >> most people start the day with a cup of coffee. one point for al. it's okay to drink that coffee. next up, myth or fact. four medium celery stocks contain more potassium than a small banana. >> natalie. >> watch it! >> i'm going to go with fact. >> you are correct and potassium is important because it helps reduce blood pressure. a lot of people are surprised that sell ris is such a good source. >> i think bananas. >> next up, myth or fact. when you're retaining water and feeling a little bloated, you should curb your water intake.
9:16 am
>> al. >> myth. >> you're correct. >> why are we cracking nuts? >> because we can. >> okay. >> apparently you have a thing for cracking nuts. >> i heard it's because you love cracking nuts. >> no. >> we love to hear her say nuts. what's the next one? we have to find out about the water. >> you should retain more water when you're retaining water to flush it out. another point for al. next up, breakfast skippers are twice as likely to be overweight. myth or fact? >> fact. >> actually, it's a trick question. they're 4 1/2 times more likely to be overweight. >> you're still right. >> i'm right. >> yes. i'm right. >> you know what, we might have to give you that point. >> okay. next up. popcorn has been shown to pass mo ain't at this oxidants than fruits or vegetables. >> false. >> it's true. >> you get another nut. >> why don't you listen to the
9:17 am
question, natalie. >> i was listening to it. >> especially the hollow part that you get stuck in your teeth. >> how do we know you're telling us the truth? >> i'm an expert. >> okay. i'm just checking. >> next up, our last question, research has shown that people who eat -- >> okay. answer. >> people who eat. >> fact. >> she says fact. >> mel gets the point. you are correct. >> there you go. >> let's hear the question. >> the question was people who eat more fruits and vegetables have been rated as more attractive than people who eat less and that's because the ain't at this oxidants give their skin a nice glow and you get more circulation to your skin to help you look better. >> fantastic. >> al is the winner. >> you're the winner. >> that's right. >> you're the one who made the biggest mess. >> oh, look at that. >> all sorts of nuts. i have nuts. >> my gosh.
9:18 am
>> fantastic. >> thank you, cynthia. >> thank you so much. >> up next, all of the news you need before you head out the door. >> plus, the summer styles on sale right now that you can wear straight through the fall right check it out -- a new way to clean, from windex. get outta here! [ female announcer ] introducing the windex touch-up cleaner. dab it... clean it... done. it's a oneanded clean from windex... ♪ ...that stays out to kill 99.9% of bacteria... ♪ ...and quickly clean so you keep moving. what do we call this new dance move? the windex tush-up. [ female announcer ] the all-new windex touch-up cleaner. sc johnson. a family company. don't blame him. instead, rely on the number one choice of vets for their pets, frontline plus. the killing force of frontline plus uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks,
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9:22 am
take a look at the headlines. a new study finds that being young and in debt can be bad for your health. a study by northwestern university looks at 8,000 young professionals and it found that those with high debt are more likely to report poor mental and physical health and have a greater amount of stress and depression. if they sold everything that they owned including their home, 20% of them would still be in debt. today president obama unveils a plan he hopes might make colleges more affordable. it's a plan to rate colleges and universities based on several factors, including average tuition and student loan debt. he hopes the rating system will be linked to the way federal students money is awarded. georgia is the most expensive state. the study by looked at gas, insurance, repairs and fees and it found that georgia
9:23 am
residents average $4,000 per year per car. it found oregon is the least expensive state at just over 2200 bucks. the national average is 3200. again, that survey according to two artists are teaming up to zebra zil's new slums. showing what talent and a fresh coat of paint can make. they're hoping to dress the area up for the olympics in rio de janeiro. two extremely brave young girls taking a walk on the wild side. they may be the world's youngest wing walkers, that's what they call the people who stand on the wings of a plane as it flies throughout the air. this was a popular stunt back in the early days of flying. the girls' grandfather is an accomplished wing walker. they did it to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy. it was anything but a relacking day at the beach in western russia. they were minding their own business working on tans when
9:24 am
this comes ashore, a russian amphibious ship stormed out of the water up on the beach. fortunately no one was hurt. i guess they had a little advance time to get out of the way, but this ship, apparently it is a live range there. the military says they train exercises there. >> it's great to be flad mir putin. moon to present our latest innovation, tempur choice. it features an adjustable support system that can be personalized with a touch of a button. so both of you can get the best sleep possible...together. goodnight love chickens. ...excuse my english, love birds.. [ female announcer ] hey, ladies. you love it. you've gotta have it. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch.
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9:26 am
good morning to you it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. firefighters battling a house fire in hayward make an unexpected discovery. their surprise? hundreds of marijuana plants. crews were called out to reports of a garage fire on laurie way after 10 k3 0 last night. when they went inside, fire officials say they found what appeared to be a large marijuana grow. no one was home at the time of the fire. union city police are looking for a man they say exposed himself in front of a mother and her three daughters inside a busy burger king last month. police releasing this sketch of the suspect. detectives think he may be involved in other similar incidents in the bay area. the martinez boy mauled by two pitbulls will return to the hospital today for a checkup.
9:27 am
10-year-old hunter kill born is expected to be back at uc davis children's hospital to see if he needs yet another surgery. hunters a already had two surgeries since he was attacked by the dogs while playing at a friend's house in antioch. that happened 11 days ago. we will take a look at weather and traffic after the break. ♪ all right, let's go ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate
9:28 am
with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho, ho... it's the honey sweetness i...i mean, [ female announcer ] and with all these great cheerios flavors, the love just keeps on coming. welcome back. happy thursday to you. show you live different cameras over the bay area. san jose, mostly cloudy, lead to a cooler-than-average day here. sunol start to get some sunshine and temperatures today are going to be comfortable, not as humid, you can really tell that difference as you make your way out that front door. 87 in livermore, 86, fairfield, 76 degrees today in oakland. just beautiful along the eastshore today. now, temperatures going to creep up just a touch, we get into your friday and then going to drop you right back off saturday into sunday, temperatures feeling really comfortable for this time of year. let's take a look at your drive with mike inway. >> good stuff. i just hit refresh. i will tell you in a second. right now, first, we look at the
9:29 am
current status, northbound 880 past the coliseum, things are still slow from 98 past high street, heading into down town, the maps show you the same thing as far as the speed sensors go, considerably better than half an hour ago. southbound side, what i'm excited about, we just got the refreshed update from chp. they say all lanes are now open, south 880 passing by oak street that rig has been removed but very slow from 7th around the bend, out of the maze, heading through the area. north bored rounds through san jose looking good, 101 slow from here to the airport. >> thanks so much. we will be back with the next local news update at 9:56. we will see you then.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on what is now a rainy thursday morning, august 22nd. >> soaking. >> 2013. it held off while we were outside. now we're indoors. >> we got lucky this morning. >> yeah. >> did we ever. >> played that funk. >> we got lucky. >> hanging out with natalie and mb. that was michael frankie singing "closer to you." we saw an interesting survey in "business insider." it asked people questions with their states. one of them was which state has the weirdest accent, which one do you think? >> we know the answer. >> i would have suggested texas. >> y'all. >> yeah. that i think was in there. but let's just say how do you park your car. park your car.
9:31 am
>> boston. >> massachusetts. >> that's right. actress julianne moore did a funny boston accent when she was on "30 rock." >> i'll give you two words. >> ten. >> four. final offer. >> i'll wait. not forever. >> i'll try. wicked hard. >> everything is wicked. wicked hard. >> i've always wondered how did accents develop? everybody came from, you know, england. >> right. >> most of us. others of us, somebody came and got us. whether we wanted to or not. >> can you do an english accent? >> al is the best. >> do it. >> all right. well, i don't know. if you've got the notes right with me. i don't want to get my nickers
9:32 am
in a twist. i don't see the problem! >> that's like an accent. >> she's not going to hold! close behind louisiana, alabama, minnesota, new york, and new jersey. >> and then there's mel b. >> her own country. >> my country accent. >> where are you from in england? >> lee, four hours out of london. >> it's not the -- >> no. no. mine is yorkshire. >> where did the pudding come from? >> i don't know. >> i do mike a killer yorkshire pudding. >> really? we should have you make one. no. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow we should all do accent recipe. >> all right. yorkshire pudding tomorrow. >> yorkshire pudding for
9:33 am
everybody. >> it's like eggs, flour. >> no. >> by the way, one thing we take issue with the "business insider" pole is new york is also the rudest state. >> what the hell are you talking about? >> i have an issue with that. that's wrong. we're not rude. >> new york is down to earth. >> we're real. we're honest. you tell it like it is. if people don't like it, then so we're rude. >> and we go to the locals, she's going to flip me off. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. temperatures are nice and comfortable out there right now we are in the upper 50s to low 60s, taking a live look, mostly cloudy here. flight delays out of sfo. looks like they are doing a little traffic break out there. on the golden gate bridge, traffic report from mike inouye in just moments. temperatures today are going to
9:34 am
be comfortable. today's style is brought to you by dove cleartone development. good-bye, dark mark, hello, beautiful underarm. this morning on today's style, the styles you do not want to miss. summer likes because you can wear them straight into fall. >> yes. here to show us how is "in style" expert jen hallick. >> how are you zmog. >> great. doing a lot of end of season shopping. >> you look great. >> thank you so much. thank you for noticing. >> end of season sales. it's that time of year. a lot of women i know, you go and buy something deeply discounted that you think you like for now. next summer we won't wear it anymore. you need to buy with an eye towards fall. look at the september issues, look at the trends, then you can go online.
9:35 am
use resources like shop it to find deeply discounted things. >> for example, the white blazer you found 50% off. >> this white blazer, white is a huge trend we'll see for fall. we took this white blazer that we found for 50% off. and over here we have it with a coral dress. very summery dress. this is how you can wear it. layer necklaces. love the white bubble enamel neck class. then on the other side we have our fall look. we paired the exact same white jacket with this color block cami, skinny jeans, pull shoes and oversize clutch. by playing off that gold tone and warming up the whole work, the white works perfectly in fall. >> nice. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you. now next we've got another white -- oh, look at this. >> yes. >> now we have the crazy floral print. so dresses, just like blazers, dresses are deeply discounted. >> you don't like that, al? >> no, i do. it's very colorful.
9:36 am
you can wear anything with that. >> these are crazy floral prints. >> like me. >> you have that crazy print on now, that's the big thing we're seeing. >> i'm into that. >> you are in fashion for now and for later. these we found 80% off, these dresses. >> wow. >> it was originally over $300, it came in at 80. we access sore rised them. for the summer, great sunglasses, michael stars. bubble neck class from charlie charlies. a little faux fur collar. zip up cardigan jersey sweater. >> that's fake fur? >> fake fur. then a fun spring bag from day bay. >> that is fun. that's a fun fringe bag. >> two seasons. then the last trend, leopard print. >> i love a good print. >> love leopard print. that's the thing. >> it never goes out of fashion, does it? >> never goes out of fashion. we're going to see a lot of it. this sweater we found for 50% off. sweaters are deeply discounted
9:37 am
in august. for summer we did it with a flouncy skort. you can chase him around. she played off the hot pink. leopard works well with the bright. the hot pink purse. then to take it into the fall, red. red's a great compliment. we get the leopard top, red blazer and then black pants. they redesigned their whole pant collection so it's all about the fit. these are great fitting pants if you wear a patterned top. it works nicely together. shoes and a black bag. she's ready for the office. >> something for the guys. we always think sear sucker, guess again. >> you make fun of stripes. >> yes, i like that. >> this is al roker's final. if you want to wear your blazer all the way into fall, you can. >> i never thought so. >> blazer 50% off from benobo's.
9:38 am
how am i going to style this for fall? this is the way to do it. >> you should have called him. >> now you have the outfit all ready to go. >> you look smashing. smashing. barnaby street. >> you can wear it all year round. fantastic, jen, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, from avoiding scammers to getting the best price, what you need to know before the movers show up right after these messages. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
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already? my sister... and that was my mother. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt, too delicious to be so nutritious. and try new rich creamy dannon oikos dips. so dippin' good. ♪ dannon. the peak moving season. whether you're moving into a new home, aside from all the boxes you have to pack up, find the right mover. taking care of your stuff can be overwhelming. >> it certainly can. here with important advice elaine griffin. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have to learn to trust these moving companies. start off first, how do you know which companies are legit. >> you want to avoid scams. do your research, ask your friends, check reviews online. you can also use great sites like unpacked, which is a really good one. you put in your info, get great ideas. their apps like my move, you put
9:42 am
in where you're moving to, the zip post, helps you with checklists. all sorts of good stuff. >> shouldn't we be getting insurance? >> yes. you always want to be sufficiently insured. know what your homeowners covers and doesn't. know what the moving insurance company covers and doesn't. also if they with have workmen's co comp. >> what do you do if stuff is missing? >> check with them immediately because the movers need to be informed within the first 24 hours if something is broken so their insurance can cover it. >> when you're thinking about hiring movers, it's the type of move you're making as well. >> that -- who packs and how much it costs. you can have the movers pack it sometimes for not that much more. you'd be surprised. you can pack it yourself and you can rent great bins. now we have plastic bins that we rented from bin, they brought them up and picked them up. another great economical movers, have the movers pack the heavy
9:43 am
stuff and you pack and move the light stuff. >> not just the light stuff but what are some things you want to park yourself? >> always pack your jewelry yourself, heirlooms yourself, photographs, important documents, your banking stuff. pack all that yourself. i also think you want to take the contents of your refrigerator, all your snacks, al, the day before. >> movers don't pack alcohol, right? >> there you go. they drink it first. >> learned that the hard way. >> should you be standing there? >> yes. yes. that's a whole other story. >> should you be supervising the move? just stay there? >> you know what, it depends. if you have a really fantastic company, always do your valuables and your essentials yourself and they can do the rest. >> important to get an estimate. there's a difference between binding and nonbinding. >> nonbinding is a number that can change. it's rarely in your favor that it changes. binding is a number that you're set so it doesn't change.
9:44 am
then binding not to exceed is the best option. that's an upper limit if your stuff weighs more but if it weighs less. >> you pay more for binding not to exceed. >> you set a limit. >> that's it. that's the most you're going to pay. >> yes. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up next, need some help with some homework? there's an app for that. yeah, there is. we'll show you the back to school tools for students and parents right after this. 6 children, 44 years...
9:45 am
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9:48 am
>> announcer: today's classroom is brought to you by kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. in today's classroom, apps. meredith sinclair is here with some digital and diy tips to make our life easier. >> she's a contributor for time to play good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. we've got the digital version and the analog version. >> absolutely. >> it's so important for our kids to get organized and the family as a whole. >> yes. i think there's nothing better than a calendar. even if you're a digital calendar family, it's great to have something for everybody to see. we're starting out with these great wallies. they're removable from your wall. they're a chalkboard. everybody gets a color. you can color code the event. >> mom red dad blue charlie
9:49 am
green. >> i'm lost. >> the digital version. >> if you're the digital kind of family, you'll love this new app and website called spring pad. it's a way to organize your life through digital notebooks. you create these notebooks that are all the things you do in your life. fall sports schedule, it could be your weekly menu. it syncs up to your mobile device. you have your shopping list. >> can this sync to different accounts? >> yes. you can do collaborative things with people who you're organizing a party with. >> homework help. >> it can be the bein of a parents' existence. i use these shower caddies. you put in there everything they need for their homework, snacks, pencil, paper, homework, they come home and bang it out and they're done. >> digital version. >> for older kids it's called heap note student. our teens are much more
9:50 am
comfortable with the digital age. it lets them put in their class schedules, all of their homework assignments. they can tag their assignments with level of difficulty, severity. it helps to organize digitally. >> artwork, it can come in like a flood all year. >> we've only got one refrigerator. >> right. >> after it's out there, at diy they're the beautiful boxes that we got at the container store. have your kids decorate them, right, with their artwork. help them sort through their things. now for the digital people, you want to get this app. it's artkive. this is for your phone. you snapshots of your kids' artwork. then you keep it. >> that's a good idea. >> print it into beautiful books. they're fantastic. >> last stop? >> we're going to talk about a couple apps. >> educational apps. >> learn with homework is a beautiful early literacy app for
9:51 am
kids. it's all designed by experts in literacy. then my favorite is vocabudor. it's a wrestling match. and then you have all of these devices, right? what do you do with them? well, you're going to make a -- this is my diy charging dock so that you know where your kids devices are at the end of the day. not in the bedroom texting. this is simple. martha stewart and i only share initials. i am not crafty but i am creative. i went and got boxes. >> this is a little bit rocky. >> a little bit what? >> wilty. >> dodgy. i like dodgy. that's good. >> it has a nice homemade feel. >> it's homemade, diy. this is a charging station you can buy. it keeps all of your devices together. >> meredith, thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up next, hollywood game night in the morning. play along. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:52 am
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9:54 am
on the nbc show hollywood game night, celebrities test skill and knowledge. tonight's episode has inspired us to play our own version of the game. we're calling it cast of characters. i'm going to be the moderator. natalie and mel b going head to head. 60 seconds on the clock. i'm going to read some characters. >> do we have to say tv show or band? >> no, i'm going to read it. okay. so here we go. rachel green, monica -- >> tv show, "friends". >> norm peterson, woody peterson. >> yes. >> tv show. >> yes. >> honeymooners? cheers. cliff. >> cheers. >> norm. norm. >> here we go, chris kirkpatrick -- >> nsync. >> mr. carson, mrs. hughes,
9:55 am
matthew cally. >> downing ton abbey. >> come on, mel b. >> i'm not very good at this at all. >> here we go. emma bunkton. >> spice girls! >> yeah. >> joey gladstone, danny tanner, d.j. tanner. >> "full house". >> all right. natalie is our winner. don't forget, hollywood game night is -- >> that was not a fair game. >> okay. one more time. a.j. mcclean, holley doro. nick carter. >> oh. >> yes. >> nsync. >> back street boys. >> okay. >> i should know that. >> kathie lee, hoda, al. >> yeah. coming up next. >> your local triple again. do you see the 10% back in points, plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah.
9:56 am
you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho, ho... it's the honey sweetness i...i mean, [ female announcer ] and with all these great cheerios flavors, the love just keeps on coming. it is 9:56 now, good morning, i'm marla tell lechlz the man charged in the disappearance of sierra lamar is expected back in court today. 21-year-old man will be in the san jose courtroom this afternoon. his hearing was postponed last month after prosecutors said
9:57 am
evidence was still being delivered to his attorneys. garcia torres charged with the murder and kidnapping of 15-year-old sierra lamar. the mountain view police department is crediting one of its k-9s with a major meth bust. here is picture of the dog named zeus sitting next to the stash. police say zeus sniffed out two pounds of meth while searching a home in san jose yesterday. zeus apparently found the meth inside a vehicle's hidden compartment. meteorologist christina loren standing by now with a look at your thursday forecast. good morning. >> hey, thanks, marla. good morning to you. well, we have some improvement in the weather department, especially when it comes to that fire danger. most of that thunder activity moving well to our north. this is the first day without any red flag warnings posted up for the bay area. that's good news. going to feel more like the bay area as we head throughout this afternoon. 87, dry heat in livermore, 73, fremont. 63 in san francisco. getting into the all-important weekend, just around the corner now, temperatures will start to dron off, feeling comfortable
9:58 am
sunday into monday. let's check on that drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. looking at the bay bridge, some of the folks, the last time we drive across incline, countdown is on, still open and backed up for the cash lane lanes, the ma show you slower through berklism slow from the bay bridge and the maze, oak street where the lanes have cleared but it's still very slow, taking quite a while to recover from the earlier sigg alert where the stalled big rig was for three hours. northbound side recovering nicely, smooth drive from 880 through 580, south bay, not any problems, slowing around the airport for north 101, back to you. >> back with our next local news update at 10:26. we hope to see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" dedicated to protecting yourself, your home, your image and your hard-earned cash with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we look tough in that. >> don't mess with us. we have handcuffs. it's booze day tuesday. it's june 18th. we've got something special in store for you. we're going to show you how to be safe in your life. >> i think we've been hearing a lot about people whose identities get stolen and there are things that you can do to help prevent that. i wonder every time i'm online shopping i have to say, because i buy dresses online and things. >> i know. you do everything there. >> i actually even bought online on a cone.
10:01 am
you know, one of those cones like the traffic cones. >> why? >> because blake likes to use those. >> likes to use those to what? >> to -- >> to potty on? >> yes. >> so i got it to put -- >> he's 6 months old and already has a fetish. >> i put it on the balcony. >> that's smart. >> he'll use it. i bought it on amazon. you can buy anything. but i do wond ear. >> that cone will probably come in really candy for other things as well, hoda. >> oh! >> we're going to talk about how you can protect yourself, your reputation. if someone starts slamming you online and making a fool out of you, what are you supposed to do? >> i don't know. i don't know. that's why i avoid it like the plague, although i, by mistake, googled for the first time ever the other day and it is so surprising and then i thought another sobering thought, which is rare for me. now the nsa knows where i am. i was the only person left in america that they couldn't find.
10:02 am
and now they can. >> was googling a rush? >> i was stunned how easy it was and then stunned how great -- what a wonderful tool it was. >> all right. >> but haven't done it since. >> so if you were home last night, "the voice" is on. now it's getting down to it. the last night the final three performed. so the winner is going to obviously be from this group. two of them are team blake. one of them is team usher. >> that means adam and shakira are out. >> just cheerleading. they are probably, like, so angry. >> first the swann brothers from team blake. ♪ even though we ain't got money i'm so in love with you honey everything will bring a chain of love ♪ ♪ in the morning when i rise bring a tear of joy to my eyes and tell me everything
10:03 am
is going to be all right ♪ >> okay. a great advantage when you sing a song like that that everybody knows and everybody loves. the trouble is -- >> what? >> when you are in that singing competition, everybody starts singing the song. >> i know. >> and i can't hear it. >> but can i say something? that song, even though it's an old song, it seemed like kids would want to download it again. it's like one of those songs -- >> a great, great kenny loggins song. >> and team usher. >> any time. ♪ burning inside out turning inside out ♪ ♪ tell me why a book i never read these are the words i never
10:04 am
said ♪ ♪ this is a path i'll never take ♪ >> she's got a very interesting voice. >> she's unique. i don't know if she has mass appeal. that's yet to be seen. but she's got -- she's talented. >> one who definitely has mass appeal is this last young lady danielle bradbury from team blake. let's listen. ♪ how do you wait for ever who has that much time but how do you keep your feet on the ground ♪ ♪ when you know you were born yeah, you were born ♪ ♪ you were born to fly >> she's just only 16 years old. she's really, really talented. has a huge career ahead of her. >> let's write down our picks for who is going to win.
10:05 am
>> okay. somebody was grousing about the fact that do only country people vote on this thing, you know? >> no, it's -- >> i know, but that's that -- >> well it is blake shelton's birthday today. not that i'm stalking and looking online. >> happy birthday. >> i think he's 37. oh, by the way, something else that got a lot of buzz last night. there was a duet that blake sang with danielle, the girl on his team, and there was a lot of buzz about it. let's just watch and see if you can figure out what the buzz was about. ♪ look so pretty look so sweet your love is sweeping me off of my feet ♪ ♪ you're the only one i'm dreaming of i can't believe that i'm falling in love ♪ ♪ you know how it starts i woke up with you in my heart ♪
10:06 am
♪ i'm falling in love ♪ timber i'm falling in love >> timber, i'm falling in love. >> how old is blake exactly today? 30 -- >> because it is his birthday. let's do the math. if he's within what frank and i are, 22 years, he's okay. he's all right. it's fine. although she's not of age yet. >> a little weird it was. they are singing a country song. >> it wasn't really weird. >> we're going to hold up our winners. >> i'm going with the swon brothers. >> i'm just going to go with danielle. >> either one. >> so we're going to find out. >> either way, blake wins. >> and that means we win. all right. >> "the voice" finale airs tonight at 8:00, 9:00 central. >> there are some special performances also. christina aguilera will be there. >> and bruno mars.
10:07 am
>> cher! >> we are going to see one of the first -- i guess it's the first live performance -- >> since she retired. >> which time? >> the third time. >> i love cher. >> one person isn't watching for the winner. they aren't watching for bruno mars or christina aguilera. they are only watching for cher and that person's initials are joanne lamarca. enjoy. >> joanne, you promised to give us a little surprise tomorrow. we tried to get joanne to go out to l.a. for the finale and be there with cher. so here is your thing. >> there's a picture of joanne on the side. >> she's the biggest cher fan ever. ever, ever, ever. so she is not doing that but she's promised tomorrow to come in her full cher regalia. you promised it. >> she said she was going to watch the show in it. >> no, you have to show up tomorrow. >> oh, now everything changes. >> take one for the team. >> because there used to be a
10:08 am
shop in l.a. called, what was it called? >> a star is born. >> a star is worn. and at the time she was dating like a really rich guy who bought her a ton of cher stuff. >> she said -- >> if you can fit into cher's stuff all these years later, hon, i'd be wearing it every day. >> i didn't say i could fit into it. >> we'll be the judge of that tomorrow. tune in to see joanne lamarca, who shall remain nameless in full cher regalia. yesterday we showed you a sound bite from miss utah. third runner-up in the miss usa pageant and she had some difficulty with an answer. >> she went to the hoda zone. >> i've done it. i know you have, too. you are in the middle of speaking and you are lost and it's your own voice you are hearing and you are like, what am i saying? where am i? >> but you look great. >> we're going to have the answer she did in case you missed it and then how she redeemed herself today on the "today" show.
10:09 am
>> we want to know if you think she redeemed herself. >> right. >> a recent report shows that in 40% of american families with children, women are the primary earners. yet they continue to earn less than men. what does this is a about society. >> i think we can relate this to the fact of education and how we are continuing to try to strive to figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem. and i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> thank you, utah. >> here was the question. a recent report shows in 40% of american families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. what does this is a about
10:10 am
society? >> so this is not okay. it needs to be equal pay for equal work. and it's hard enough already to earn a living and it shouldn't be harder just because you are a woman. >> that was very well done. >> thank you. >> she is sitting there, obviously, with the winner of the miss usa pageant, miss connecticut, who had a little of her thunder taken from her. hello. i won it. remember? hey, first time ever from connecticut. i know it's a little state, but, hey. >> this is like her third time in the pageant she finally won. we're talking about the other one. >> let us know if you think she redeemed herself. what a gorgeous girl she is. >> she is gorgeous. they both are. >> i've seen it happen to hoda on many occasions. it's the hoda zone. >> not when you oar sometimes it happens when you are talking. sometimes it happens when i'm talking which is even scarier because you are literally -- >> that's what i mean. when you are talking and you then zone out. you zone out all the time on me.
10:11 am
that's nothing. when you zone out on yourself it might be because you're not getting enough sleep. >> it could be. it could be. >> there's yet another study. >> we don't have time. we have to go. it's time to go. >> we're going to tell you how to take care of your possessions, your identity. >> show them this. >> this is aquanet. >> you think it's aquanet. you can stash your keys in here when you are in a hotel. >> we've got all kinds of tips for you. >> if you googled your own name do you know what word would come up? >> that's why i don't google my own name. >> what you might know may actually help you protect your reputation. >> no it says rep-u-ation and that's what it says if it's on there. your repu-ation. we're going to show you. >> no one reads the prompter but us. they don't even know there is a prompter. >> we'll be right back. ♪ na na na na na na na na na ♪
10:12 am
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10:15 am
♪ rumor has it we're kicking off our special hour called "protect yourself today," and how to keep your repu-ation intact. whether you've been the victim of a rumor or have spread one about somebody else, the aftereffects can live on forever, especially on that testy thing called the internet. >> absolutely. here with some help are randy zuckerberg, founder of zuckerberg media and editor in chief of dotcomplicated and valerie burton, the author of "successful women think differently." hello, ladies. good to see you. >> we start off by saying googling your own name will tell you a lot about what's out there. >> better eat your cheerios beforehand, though. >> if you google it and see something weird, what your supposed to do anyway? >> i think parents these days, one of their worst nightmares like when their 2-year-old kids are old enough to google their name what they're going to see. i think it's a good idea to
10:16 am
google yourself. it feels a little vain but it is the first thing a boss or a potential first date is going to do. they're going to turn to internet, and it is good to know it is out there. >> forgive my ignorance. is every single human being born being googled? >> it depends on your name. if you have a common name -- but if it is hoda, for example, it is going to be really easy. >> i bet you don't even need a last name for hoda. >> what if there is, let's say, a picture of you that was compromised at a party somewhere and it pops up as one of the google images and all you want to do is get that removed? is it possible or do you have to live with it up there? >> there are a lot of firms out there, like, others, that for a large fee can help you bring things up or down -- >> how large a fee are we talking? >> gosh, i don't know. >> so it is pricey. >> it is pricey. in some cases of crisis management, it is worth the fee. but there are a lot of things that you can do. you can just start blogging a little more.
10:17 am
you can put more links in your twitter account, things like that that can start to push any naughty photos a little further down. >> same thing with wikipedia. which i understand if you go on wikipedia, can anyone say anything. anyone can edit. >> you have to constantly monitor that. which is really important. the world we live in today, we're all a brand and at work you are a brand. your reputation is your brand. what does your reputation say about you is a really important question. and then in the end when if comes to looking for a job or getting job offers, your reputation can make a big difference between getting the big job offer or not getting it at all. >> sounds like you have to be careful at a party. sometimes you get lathered up in all the fun. you get in a picture and suddenly you look at the thing and think, i can't believe i was there and then suddenly it's everywhere. >> that's important. your reputation isn't just what you post, it is what your friends post about you, too. >> how many times have you told you that? no, i no. if you're a well known person and people just come and take
10:18 am
pictures with you, that person later -- you see a serial killer and he's going off to -- i was just standing there and he said can i have a picture? you are guilty by association is my point. >> absolutely. you talked before about people who have the same name as you in google. there's something called digital doppelganger now where you have to look at who are the people online that you share a name with. if someone's really seedy, you might consider using a nickname or throwing a middle initial in there. >> all right, ladies. thank you for all of that. >> don't google yourself. >> i won't. before you take off for vacation, how to stop thieves from taking off with your identity. if you are planning on going hiking with your kids, sara shows you how to protect your family. we're here at the university of colorado with master griller and pro-tailgater, matt connor who's secretly serving steaks from walmart. it's a steak over! dude, it's so good. it's juicy. it's nice and tender. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium steak.
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10:22 am
she is actually out sick today. >> we hope you are feeling better, sara. but when she was well she went out in the wilderness to learn how to survive in the great outdoors. whether your car gets stuck on the side of the road or you find yourself off the trail in a family hike. >> sara enrolled in the mountain scout survival school in upstate new york so we could all learn a few lessons. >> on the discovery channel show "man versus wild," adventurer bear grills puts his survival skills to the test. that wasn't me just yet. i needed to start with the basics. i headed into the woods to meet survival guru shane hobo and learn the rules about roughing it. what are you going to teach me today? >> there are four basic steps. shelter, water, fire, food. so, we're going to start with shelter. >> i was thinking food but -- actually, now that it's raining, maybe we should start with shelter. >> this is what's known as a debris hut. the trick is, it is very small, low lying. we shouldn't be able to sit up in this shelter.
10:23 am
>> living in new york, i was used to small spaces but this was my first time building a home out of sticks, mud and moss. >> shelter -- check. >> reporter: getting thirsty, i wondered -- what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here? apparently, you have to dig a hole, cut a water bottle in half, cover it with a garbage bag and wait until morning. >> the earth will evaporate that water moisture in the form of vapor. it has no place to go. it's trapped inside the hole. >> that's what the rock does, it directs it into the cup. >> correct. >> why do i even buy bottled water when i can drink like this? using three sticks and a few bandanas, shane tried to teach me how to filter rain water, but i got a little distracted. >> are the bugs getting you? >> i'm okay. >> reporter: next on my checklist -- fire. whoa, whoa, whoa! what's happening? rubbing two sticks together we created coal and placed it in the tinder made out of bark.
10:24 am
>> yeah! nice! there it is. now we clearly want to be out of the line of smoke. >> no, i want to be in it because it is giving me bug repellant. >> reporter: i learned that smoke is a natural bug repellant. so of course i bathed in it. and finally, food. we were going vegetarian. sampling a plant called the soldier's foot? >> it's very rich green. it's a hearty green. got a little bitter snap to it. >> lot of bitter snap to it. i promise i will take these lessons with me. but my five things i pack are food, food, food, food and more food. so i brought something -- >> woman after my own heart. >> don't leave home without them. >> ow! it's still on fire! >> so crazy. >> good for her. >> love it. the shocking ways you could
10:25 am
be putting yourself at risk for identity theft. and learning how to fight back with a lesson in self-defense. all after your local news. ore and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. show-stopping glamour. a little leopard, a lot of roar. our most fabulous jacket collection. only at chico's and ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
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♪ hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. good morning. it is 10:26, i'm marla tellez. firefighters battling a house fire in hayward making an unexpected discovery. the surprise, hundreds of marijuana plants. crews were called out to reports of a garage fire on laurie way after 10:30 last night.
10:27 am
when they went inside, fire officials found what appears to be a marijuana grow operation. no one was home at the time of that fire. we will have a look at weather and traffic after the break. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪
10:28 am
♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. welcome back, time 10:28, plenty of low clouds hanging out over. looks like this is coming in from san bruno, most of the bay area this is still the sky that we're getting. as a result of those low clouds and onshore flow temperatures really comfortable today, just about everybody, 87 headed our
10:29 am
way in livermore, 76, oakland, 67 in san francisco. let you know what the weekend holds today at 11:00. first, let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> bay bridge toll plaza, like yesterday, we have a pretty heavy drive right now, coming over from the oakland side, just filling in again all the fast track lanes, slowed the metering lights, no issues for the bridge itself. this has been heavier flow. yesterday, a giants game, today, not a game for the midday it is in the evening. look at the easy drive through berkeley and oakland southbound, finally starting to show a nice recovery after the earlier sigg alert has cleared, northbound also recovering through that corridor, 238 at the bottom of the screen slow, marla. the mountain view public library is set to welcome authentic pieces of world history today. crews will start installing these pieces of the berlin wall in front of the public library on franklin street. the ten-foot-tall slabs are moving from an office park in mountain view owned by a frankfurt native who bought the segments after the wall fell in 1989.
10:30 am
we will have more on that and other local stories coming up in 30 minutes 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. we're back with a special hour we're calling "protect yourself today," talking about one of the biggest problems we face these days -- identity theft. >> it can be costly to correct both in time and money and it can happen when you least expect it or even happen to your kids. >> how do you keep your identity from being ripped off? jim is a cyber security expert. good to see you. >> looks very smart, doesn't he? >> yeah. >> something tells me we better listen to you. >> sure, why not? >> okay. >> sometimes you know when someone's broken into your home, obviously things are missing. but other times you would have no idea. explain that. >> really creepy. criminals actually pick a lock on your home, go into your house, then use your cell phone, start taking pictures of confidential documents, find irs tax filings, loan apps, social security cards, take pictures of those thing, then leave your house.
10:31 am
they never know you've been there and you're a victim of identity theft. >> how soon would that start to manifest itself? >> you'd probably notice it in a couple of months. they have to go out, open those accounts and then start to default on those accounts. >> to unring that bell, how long can that take? >> several months to several years. >> how do you get your credit rating during that time. >> it's terrible. that's the problem, it is destroyed. if you're trying to do anything -- buy a new house, refinance -- good luck. >> it's pervasive, too. it happens all the time. >> it's so creepy. >> let's talk about vacation rentals. you go online, craigslist somewhere and you see, i might like to rent that home. how can that be a trap? >> sure. these criminal goes out and post these ads anywhere online and say we're renting this house, it's a vacation home. maybe in san diego, a beach house. and the reality is they don't own the home. they found a picture online of a house. they post it out there. you think you are renting a house. in reality you aren't getting
10:32 am
anything. they'll either try to steal money by having you make a down payment or try to steal your information by saying we need to do a credit check on you before you rent the house. >> how do you know if they are legitimate? >> type the number into google and see what comes up. >> if they have a no identification i.d. then they are blocking it, then there's -- >> or sometimes they won't even give a phone number. e-mail address only. that's a really big sign. also don't pay with cash. never wire money for something like this. >> exact opposite of everything my father ever taught me. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. sometimes people go on vacation and like to post photos. we're enjoying the bahamas. having fun at the cape. >> wait until you get home. >> so bad. it's saying, please rob my house. >> they don't know if somebody is there staying at your house while you are gone or you have adt or some other -- >> it's worth taking a shot. >> a lot of people like to be on
10:33 am
that do not call registry because you are sick of phone calls. but sometimes that's a trap, too, right? >> criminals have started doing this where they'll call you up and say, we're going to help you get on the do not call list or help update your information. they pretend they are with the government and to do this we need your name, address, and your social security number for security purposes. and people are falling for this left and right. >> they are sick of the phone calls at dinner. >> go to do not, the website. that's the best way to get on there. >> we did that. they still call us. >> this is probably most important. you are shopping online and -- >> hoda. >> i do that a lot. is your stuff secure when you do that? >> if you are going to a legitimate company. the problem is sometimes you don't know -- you find a really great deal from some unknown place. whatever the domain name. whatever it is, actually search the domain name on google or wherever and she what comes back. if you don't see anything at all
10:34 am
it probably doesn't exist. if it has a bunch of information out there about people talking about it, good or bad, at least you know what's going on. >> but the reputable ones are fine. like the nordstrom. >> the elderly are really at risk. >> they don't understand the technology and so they'll fall victim to it -- >> that's when you are supposed to say, you look great. never mind. >> thank you. very sweet. the gadgets and goodies that will keep your family safe and sound wherever they may roam. you are fine. right after this. young women are sacrificing so much today not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color for the perfect wave? i mean surf's up. stop with the sacrificing, start here. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, and dude twice the protein and 80 calories. tastes satisfying right? it's awesome. hey, you wanna go surfing? light & fit greek!
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10:38 am
ask your doctor about lyrica today. ♪ ♪ our house we've been talking about protecting everything from your reputation to your identity. now it is time to tell you what's most important to keep you safe and sound -- your family. >> whether you are out for the day or hitting the road for vacation, kathleen beatty has
10:39 am
items you won't want to leave home without. you always bring us the best stuff. so what's cooking, good lookin'? >> it's really important to think ahead. depending what vacation you are taking, you need certain things. this is a portable safe from a lot of times hotels don't have safes. this is just thinking ahead, putting your valuables in here. you lock it to your -- something in the room, like a bed post -- >> they could take it. >> that's why you have the chain and the lock. >> i have to keep you honest. rfid, radio frequency i.d. everything we have, credit cards, driver's license, passports has a bar code on them with all our personal information. now identity thieves can download a scanner on their cell phones and within five to ten feet can see right through and get all your personal information. >> what do you do? >> see right through? through clothing and -- >> yes, with a scanner. bar code. pack safe once again has wallet covers, wallets, passports, purses, everything, impenetrable. >> wow.
10:40 am
>> move on to wi-fi -- >> can you believe we live in a world like this? >> wi-fi is one of the ones i pick up a freebie whenever i can. >> free wi-fi is a hacker's dream. simpler, safest way to surf the internet when you're on vacation. get your own personal hotspot. >> there's no room in my purse for that. >> you can do it on your cell phone. >> how much is that? >> it varies from company to company but it is very cost effective. that's mine. >> you carry it with you. >> stack it up against your identity, it's worth it. >> when you are at a hotel if you use a hotel computer, close out of your e-mail and all documents that you pull up, erase them. >> but they're still there in cyberspace. i know that. somebody could find them. >> yes, they are. >> thank you. cruise ships. there was a study done that you are twice as likely -- twice as likely to be a victim of a sexual assault on a cruise ship than on land. i think it is because -- no, i think it is because people have
10:41 am
a false sense of security when they get on a cruise ship. >> there's a lot of drinking. >> that's right. drink safe technology has these date rape coasters that test for the two top date rape drugs. you keep this in your purse. >> show us how it works. >> i can't, because i don't have the straw. how it works, you take a drop and you put it on each test pad. if the test pad turns blue, your drink's been tampered with and you need to get to a hospital immediately. get help immediately. >> okay. those are good to have. >> scary. >> moving forward. >> moving on to the hotel. kids, toddlers. i can't tell you how many times i begin taking a shower all the sudden my kids would be out the front. the latches and doorknobs, when you unlock them it unlocks the dead bolts on a hotel room. this is a door anchor from a door anchor that makes the door hard to open and the kids can't get out. safety tabs. this is if your kid gets lost, you put that in an amusement
10:42 am
park. put it on. your phone number is right there. this is mommy i'm here. it's a locator you can hit a key fob if your child gets 40 feet away. it goes off. our friends at aaa, going on a road trip please make sure to have the safety kit and your roadside assistance. >> what do you have in your kit? >> all kinds of things. batteries. make sure you have water if you break down. protein bars. that kind of thing. >> last, but not least. >> absolutely. aaa has a fantastic app that's out. you download on your phone. if you break down on the side of the road, you can hit roadside assistance. you can call right from your car. and the person in the car -- doesn't have to be the driver. anybody that has aaa in the car you can use it. >> a lot more features., it's fantastic. >> they've always been awesome. thank you. take a bite out of this -- find out which foods best protect your health. >> which one of us knows more
10:43 am
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we are back with more advice on how to protect yourself. now it is time to take a look at the best foods you can eat to protect your health. >> whether diabetes or high blood pressure, you can cut your risk for a lot of diseases by eating -- >> or drink -- >> the right things. dr. malina is the author of the calendar diet and is here to put us to the test. >> we are. >> i am handcuffing you before we get started because we are talking about protection. >> careful. >> now i can't get pregnant. >> here we go. ladies, ready. first question -- which of these spices can reduce your risk of arthritis? rosemary, cinnamon or curry. >> i was first. curry.
10:48 am
>> you're 100% right. curry is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. >> did you know that? >> guess. >> that was a great guess. moving on. which of these foods can help reduce cholesterol by up to 30%? oats, almonds, tofu, okra or all of the above. >> oh, that was tricky. >> you have to answer. >> all of the above. >> that's not fair. >> that's correct, too. >> why is that not fair? >> you didn't know all of the above was an option. >> until then i was going to say almonds. >> with the combination, 30%, that's a popular cholesterol lowering drug. >> replacing white rice with whole grains like quinoa and barley can reduce your risk of diabetes by what percentage? 14%, 24%, or 34%? hoda? >> 24%. >> wrong. >> 34%. >> 34%.
10:49 am
just making that one switch -- that's pretty impressive. >> that's huge. that's very impressive. >> that is impressive. >> eat more whole grains. next question -- don't try to move to the wine too fast. which vitamin is more commonly deficient in people who are overweight -- vitamin c, vitamin d or b-12. >> b-12. >> wrong answer. >> d. >> that's right. because vitamin d is actually stored in our fat. if you have more fat, there's less in your blood stream. >> why do i take extra then? >> because as you age your ability to convert it in the skin also decreases. >> careful. >> as you barely age -- okay. true or false. excess alcohol consumption can increase your risk of breast cancer. >> true. >> we got that one right. >> that was me. i got it. i rang in first. >> more than three drinks a week increases the risk by 15%. if you have a family history of
10:50 am
breast cancer, you have to cut back. sorry to say. which food combinations protect your eyesight -- spinach and avocado, salmon and carrots, oysters and eggs or all of the above. >> all of the above. oysters. >> you can't say that. i'm going to say even though it is probably not right, carrots and salmon. >> actually, it is all of the above. we know that carrots are good for your eyes. great sources of beta carotene. spinach also has beta carotene. avocado has lutein. >> so all this is good. >> zinc. zinc! >> we only have time for the tiebreaker. >> which type of red wine is highest in nutrients which protect the heart. pinot noir, cabernet or shiraz. >> pinot. >> do you know why? >> no, i guessed. >> they protect the plants and pino grapes are the hardest to
10:51 am
grow and they need the most protection. >> kath won. i got three, she got four. >> here is your grand prize. >> how does it feel? >> i'm overwhelmed. >> thank you very much. hoda and i are going to learn to kick a little you know what when we come back. >> i want this off. >> self-defense moves every woman should know. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we are wrapping up our special hour of "protect yourself today" with some self-defense moves to help you fight back. >> something every woman should know especially when you're alone. here to teach us some street smart moves are defense experts steve cardian and gabrielle ruben, founder of the female awareness self-defense program. hello. >> hello. >> it's one of those things that you actually project some kind of an image when you are walking down the street, whether you are a target or whether you are sort
10:55 am
of strong, right? >> does it have a lot to do with confidence? >> absolutely. >> one of the most important things that i could teach a young woman is to put them in touch with their good gifted intuition. we all have it. you often put it aside. >> you feel something bad is happening. >> we don't want to be rude or hurt people's feelings. >> in every society men are more violent than women, therefore women have a better gift of intuition. other thing to do is create a plan, blueprint, of everything that can go wrong in your life. in law enforcement we call it visualization. in the military they call it imaging. what you want to do when you create that, i am walking to my car and someone comes at me you create a file for that. >> is it how you walk? people listen to headphones. >> they're texting while they're walking. >> bad guys aren't looking for a type so much as a target. we can avoid that by not as much as we love our phones, not using it out on the street because they love that element of surprise. we can't hear a bad guy approaching us at all if you're on our phones. >> or have headphones on. >> when you're walking is there
10:56 am
any way you can carry yourself that will make someone less likely -- >> confidence is a huge deterrence for a bad guy. when you are walking, walk straight ahead. don't be afraid to make eye contact. if anything, let him know i know what you look, i could pick you out of a lineup. >> that gives them more reason to kill you. >> there's a difference between looking at one or doing this. >> give us tips of some things we can do. one, if someone is approaching you from behind, what do you calling call it? kicking your own butt? >> since you are both wearing heels and we don't have the luxury of changing on the street, use what you have. if someone comes up behind you, we tend to focus, it's being grabbed. focus on what's free. if she were to kick from her own butt, kick up your heel, you would hurt the bad guy, hit their shin, hit their knee, possibly their groin. >> grind the instep.
10:57 am
>> touch my heel and drive it all the way down to the floor. >> i don't want to hurt you. >> right. and also, what about our vocal chords which could scare the hell out of anybody. >> draw attention. you can't rely on somebody coming to your aid but the bad guy doesn't know that. >> let us watch you all. show us a couple of scenarios. >> rear blitz. common. gabrielle, i'm going to grab her, her arms come up, she'll step and turn into me and throw me down to the ground. >> what -- >> she's going to kick the crap out of you! >> what if you're a lot smaller than your attacker. >> it doesn't matter on size. just depends on the situation. >> we just have a couple of seconds. we just want to say thanks, you guys. >> she doesn't want to get on the mat. see you tomorrow, everybody. ♪
10:58 am
[ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto.
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and that breaking news is happening near l.a. right now. this is a live look at the backup that is the result of a bus, a tour bus, that has overturned on the 210 freeway in the inland everybody fire area, specifically in irwin dale. fire crews on scene tell us there are between 30 and 40 victims. the bus apparently crashed into a big rig. this happened less than an hour ago. chopper above the scene this is a live look here, you just see the backup this is in the east bound direction. >> wow. >> the cars on the right side of your screen, westbound, moving looks like nearly at the limit but we have video earlier of the accident and it shows dozens of fire and


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