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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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burning. you can see smoke and things so with the dry timber and weather conditions everything is still a risk. >> reporter: san francisco fire strike team got their assignments. protect homes in the city area an area the rim fire is edging toward. >> right now our focus is life and structure. yosemite and national treasure. the firefighters here, that's where we're putting them to slow the fire. >> reporter: governor jerry brown paid a visit to the fire base camp this morning. the rierm fire is not just a state but a national priority. resources continue to pour in. and for folks whose hierms aomen harm's way it's comforting. >> its nice to know everyone is behind us. everyone in all of california. it's a good feeling, you know? >> reporter: and we're back here live. again, you are looking at some of the destruction, once again, nearly 150,000 acres have burned
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so far. but there is an awful lot of help out here. now, there are about 3700 firefighters out here battling with more crews still arriving. one resident told me it seems like there's a fire truck for every house and residents here are truly, truly grateful. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. longtime campers mourn if loss of the family camp. the state fire officials i were formed the officials that the camp had been destroyed. the camp has operated outside of yosemite since 1922. it's an escape for many bay area families who spend their time fishing, sitting around the camp fires and playing bingo. many long-time campers news of the fire marked a huge loss. >> the last news we heard was the camp was saved and put a big row of fire retardant so it was really sad this morning to find out it was gone.
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>> city of berkeley makes a profit off the camp and a city spokesperson said they don't have. specific figures but says a family of four pays 2500 a week to camp there but the city is still evaluating the next step. the nearly camp loss a building over the weekend but a piece of jew within history was saved. a camp counselor was able to retreef the torah and to bring it to safety at the camp san francisco headquarters. it travelled from evergreen loje near the rim fire and then to the camp office after a right on b.a.r.t. this particular torah is a remnant from the holocaust originally saved from a small czech village dirg world war ii. the weather is a critical factor for where the smoke is going. here's our meteorologist rob mayeda who's in the weather center. >> right now raj and jessica we continue to see smierk spilling in and into the yosemite national park areas. both locations is an air quality alert again today and the fire itself, the updated chart from cal fire shows us the expansion
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yo on the southeastern corner. staying south of the reservoir but some spread did get close to the south side of the reservoir today but the rate of spread certainly has decreased quite a bit from the last two to three days. wind speeds have come down. you saw that in live pictures from jodi, live on the scene. temperatures still in the 80s. humidity at 20%. winds southwest at 5 to 15 miles an hour. what's interesting throughout the day is the radar is scanning through the smoke particle and it looks like a thunderstorm on radar. those are the smoke column plumeleplume le s showing up on weather radar. the area in green, those are flash floodwatches going into effect as moisture from southern california potentially could bring wetting rain to the southern end of the rim fire. we'll watch it closely right around the time tomorrow afternoon. you may see some moisture head
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that way. we could use the moisture but what we don't need to see are gusty winds which also company thunderstorms. back to you. >> thanks, rob. the rain would be a big gift. we'll have continuing coverage of the rim fire on air and online. we also have continuous updates on social media. follow us on facebook and twitter. search for nbc bay area. breaking news happening in the east bay in pleasanton. a ruptured better line on portions of black avenue. you're looking at a live picture of our chopper over there. east of 680 and south of the sports park in pleasanton. hop yard is a busy street. utility crews are going to be on the scene working for this broken water line. but you should avoid the area if you can. there are going to be disruptions in water service to those homes surrounding black avenue and businesses in the area as well. and again, they're asking people to try to avoid the area because utility crews are working there. no word yet on when the water
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line will be restored. south bay, murder caught on tape, hoping to find a gunman response,able for the 33rd homicide of the year. we edited the video to show the moments before and after. victim riding bicycle, see him there, pulls into a parking lot at 3rd and julian street on saturday near st. james park. the gunman is seen republicaning up to the victim, shooting him and running away. a witness tells nbc bay area that he saw the gunman shoot the victim at least three times. into the newsroom, a former child psychiatrist, renowned inle san mateo who pled no contest to molesting boys in the 1990s has been sentenced to eight years in prison. willi will yooimpbl ampblt yers.
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they said you used you're status to prey on children. his attorney tried to get the proceedings suspended on the grounds that his client is now mentally incompetent. however, a judge ruled against that motion. our continuing coverage now of the bay bridge closure carries more than a quarter million vehicles every day. so the impact already significant. the bay bridge closes this wednesday evening until the day after labor day which is next tuesday. when it re-opens so will the eastern span of the bridge. getting around is challenging later this week and into the weekends. we'll bring in our business and tech roerpt scott budman. we wanted to find out where where the quarter million drivers might end up so we tracked some possible routes. we started timing just ahead of the bay bridge to give you a sense of how convenient it is to have it opened. as for the bridge itself, by the
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time we got on, traffic had subsided and the ride was smooth. it took us just over ten minutes to cross. if you commute it takes you longer but then you're here on the other side. starting on wednesday, that won't be an option. if you need to drive from one side of the bay to the other, what's your best bet? here's what we found. while the bridge is closed, if you're determined to drive, heading south on 880 from oakland is likely to be the fastest but it will take a while. by the time we got to 92, across the san mateo bridge, yes, san francisco way in the distance -- headed north on 101 and reached candlestick point, 47 minutes had passed. >> that we should say also without the bumper to bumper commute traffic our advice, carpool. you must drive and give b.a.r.t. and the ferry a shot.
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either way, give yourself extra time because a lot of people are trying to do whatever it is you're trying to do as a solution. >> and on this holiday weekend. >> exactly. >> thank you. we're here to help. go to and click on the bay bridge closure guide at the top of the page and the page includes information on a map of alternate bridges and routes, links to our traffic map, live video and how to sign up for alerts for the status of the closure around scheduled reopening. a valuable web page. new details on the crisis in syria. earlier this afternoon, secretary of state john kerry i should a statement which many foreign policy experts believe signal it was united states is now willing to use military action in response to what's now believed to be syrian government using chemical weapons. nbc steve handelsman has more. >> a dramatic change of tone. secretary of state john kerry angrily asserted the syrian government used chemical weapons.
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>> it's inexcusable and despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. >> reporter: ker riff said he watched the unverified video one for gut-wraenching time. >> as a father i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead k450ish8d wailing as chaos swirled around him. >> reporter: he indicated the syrian government will pay. >> president obama believe there is must be accountability for those who would eyes the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> reporter: president obama kept to his schedule awarding a medal of honor and every indication says he'll order u.s. military action against sear you. options are sending in u.s. fighters or yierzing cruise missiles or both. u.n. inspectors in syria were shot at but finally allowed to the scenes of the two suspected chemical weapons attacks. experts worry so much time has passed any tests might be
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inconclusive. but some kind of military action seems sure to be ordered by the commander-in-chief. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> nbc news will have team coverage of the situation in syria including reports from the region and political pressure facing president obama here at 5:30. >> i'm maryann favreau where investigators warn you not to fall for scam artists warning to look for poisonous snakes. >> ladies and gentlemen, take the time to learn about the invisible wounds of war. >> a soldier with bay area ties gets the nation's highest honor. not for what he did during the war that caught president obama's attention. the emotional story is next. a fairly comfortable day. right now in the 80s with the sea breeze fires up but we're about to see changes in the forecast, no doubt you'll notice, especially if you're in some of our east bay and south
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bay valleys. more about that in our seven-day forecast coming up.
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a soldier with bay area ties received the nation's highest military honor but president obama wasn't only impressed with his duty during the war but what he did after the war. it's a sensitive to topic for many people. danielle lee joins us from washington with details. danielle? >> reporter: hi, raj, one of the things he's doing is talking openly about the emotional and mental wounds that he suffered following the war. you know, this medal of honor is reserved for those who distribute and show the clearest examples of bravery and selflessness. today, fewer than 3500 soldiers have received it it around the battle for which army staff czar subsequent t yiempblt carter is
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getting this award ask described as one of the fiercest in the war in afghanistan. >> from the white house, the brooirn described ty carter who refused to give up the fight. >> the true heroism. >> the president gooifr carter the medal of honor for his actions of the '2009 battle over combat united states post keating. insurgents attacked and surrounded the outnumbered blooirn soldiers on all four sides. carter repeatedly riern through enemy fire obtaining more am mo and rescued ap wounded soldier. >> ty ran, not once or twice or a few times, but perhaps, ten times. >> reporter: eight soldiered died and many more were injured. carter said the credit belonged to them. >> i give these men and their families all my respect, my humility and honor. >> reporter: the california native said the experience left
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him with post traumatic stress. >> take the time to learn about the invisible wounds of war. >> reporter: he says he hopes to use this rare award as an opportunity to rep dues the stigma surrounding the often unseen mental and emeerotional wounds of war. we spoke to his dad in antioch and he recalled how his son described the attack. >> he rolled down the window and pop pop shoots two of them and rolls up the window and pop pop pop. it hit the bullet-proof glass where he had been shooting so he described it as they were well funded, well trained -- >> and carter ask the second soldier to be recognized for courage during that battle. reporting live in washington, danielle lee, nbc bay area news. the golden state warriors plan to build a brand new san francisco arena. courting to the chronicle they
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say the repair costs have increased by as much as $50 million! warriors wanted to build the new rooempb on the 'arenas on the aging piers. the representatives of the warriors deny the reports. the complex is planned for 30 and 32 and would serve not only as a sports arena but would host concerts and convention. snakes in the grass and snakes at your door. two bay area police departments investigate reports of robbers 'posing as animal control workers. they ring your door pell, warn of poisonous zblooimpx and then the real crime. maryann faf row joins us. look out for someone posing as a animal control officer 'who is not driving an facial vehicle. the suspect claimed there were
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rattlesnakes like this one roaming her nashd and asked a 70-year-old victim to help measure the back yord to place traps. the work of a snake all right, but the human kind. >> while they were doing the yard search and helping the animal control officer and with her measurements, root unknown suspect entered from the front of the home and removed a significant amount of jewelry and cash from the home. >> police say the snake scam happened saturday evening between 56 and 6:00 in fremont. officers are also investigating a similar scam attempt earlier the same day. but in that case, the neighbor got us suspicious and didn't le the woman in. this man said he would do the same thing. >> if i didn't call them they don't belong there. >> reporter: in both cases, the suspect, a woman with brown
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khakis claimed to be with the animal control. the real animal control have a i.d. like this and driver vehicleless marked with the city's emblem. police say the scams are an important reminder to ask questions. >> ask for a supervisor. you can ask for a phone number or call to confirm. before letting someone in your door. normally city employee would never ask to come in your home without you having an appointment or knowing they were coming. >> reporter: police are still looking for the suspects and believe they may be roaming the bay area, a similar snake scam was reported last week in union city. and fremont police say they are also believed that the same suspect may have been involved in another scam where they went door-to-door knocking on doors and asking people if they wanted to sell their old vehicles. reporting live in fremont. and here's rob mayeda in the
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weather center. it didn't look like a summer day. it was cloudy, dark and windy. i assume you want it to be warmer? >> i do. >> yes, a bit more like august out decide. we'll get there. over the next couple of days temperatures out toward some of the trivalley locationless closer to 90 but not the case today. strong ocean air conditioning bringing in low clouds and only 8 the inial livemore. and the sea breeze is strong getting into the fairfield and livermore. but we have to watch for fire danger concerns around the east bay hills out toward the delta, you'll see some of the drier air setting up as high pressure tries to settle up leading to east bay and south bay valleys to warm up a few more degrees. sunshine in san francisco around the golden gate bridge down the peninsula to san jose and will likely only see patches of low
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clouds along the coast. see some approaching the coast. some of that will spill locally inland as we get to tomorrow morning. interesting on the west coast loop, two plumeless of moisture moving through southern california tossing showers south of the rim fire. and miesh good news around yosemite. and a trough to the west keeping rain in the pacific northwest between the two. the bay area which will see drier air aloft. high pressure nudging in enough to give us warmer days inland. no threat of dry lightning or theerms for us. the southern sierra will have to watch that area. around san francisco tonight, patches of low clouds. 58 overnight and closer to 60 in fremont. our high around the south bay, closer to late august standards. back to the low 80s in san jose. morgan hill up to 90.
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pleasanton, close to 90 for the afternoon. that's about a five to seven-degree jump from today. mid-to-upper 80s and into san francisco, not much change will continue to see enough of a sea breeze to keep temperatures from san francisco to oakland in the 60s to mid iernts and low 80s across the north bay. some of the changes we'll see over the next two to three days are for mainly inland valleys where we have a chance for upper 80s and low 90s. getting to the weekend, it looks like temperatures will cool down once more. a little warmup coming up over the next few days to finish off the work week. getting to the weekend here come low clouds and cooling. moving to the the unofficial end of summer with labor day weekend, the weather is warming up. >> can we extend summer? >> that would have been great. today was the first day of school. we should have not all gone back. >> thanks, rob, see you later. a dramatic increase in
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ratings for last night's mt virginia video music award. a star studded night featuring jaw zin timberlake quarterback lady gaga and katy periand stanford grad, collins, the first openly gay nba player. >> before i came out my grandmother told me she was afraid i would encounter the same proej disand bigotry she experienced growing up in the segregated south. i knew that hating someone for their sexual orientation is the same thing allegation hating them for the color of their skin. and the only way things change is when you stand up for what you believe in. >> it was a powerful part of the program. calls appeared before off hip-hop duo performed which worn best video with a social message raising a which wereness for lbgt rights. and the performance a lot of people are talking and shaking
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their heads about is this one from miley cyrus acting as a backup dancer for robin thick. we did creative editing around her performance. some say it was too edgy and others say it was just rain in goofy. plenty of jaws dropped. this shot is going viral. will smith, along with jayden and willow. keeping the word cancer out of your diagnosis, could that change your treatment options? that story is next.
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in health matters, does taging the word "cancer "out of terminology influence the treatment decision. >> massachusetts general
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hospital looked at 400 woman without a history of cancer. this is described as nonen have aive breast cancer. not life-threatening on its own but with greatly increase the risk of breast cancer. half opted for surgery rather than medication or active surveillance. that percentage shrank when doctors said breast lee leen. >> or abnormal cell. a new thames for ovarian cancer could catch it in the beginning stageless. it's often deadly because of few symptoms and 70% of cases aren't diagnosed until it's too late. researchers at university of texas leak lt at 4,000 post men pausal women looking for krechlt ampblt-125. a known tumor marker. of the seven women whose cancers were diagnosed as a result of the test, all cancers were detected at an early stage. back in a moment with the
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take a look. monterrey bay aquarium releases photos of the newest edition. this penguin chick born 11 days ago. the fourth ever to be born at the aquarium. he or she is currently on display in the splash zone but will be moved behind the scene when he leaves the nest. i love the splash zone. i could spend the whole day there. >> time to go back to school now, so -- >> thanks for joining us at
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5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye! on the broadcast tonight -- plan of attack? the u.s. now says it is undeniable that syria used chemical weapons on its own people. the secretary of state calling it a moral obscenity. is america about to strike? the burn zone, now the size of chicago. one of the biggest fires ever in california. and is san francisco's threatened water and power supply out of the woods? >> early detection of ovarian cancer, one with of the deadliest and hardest to diagnosis. tonight a simple blood test that could save thousands of lives. >> and, about last night. the performance that left no doubt she is not hannah montana anymore. did she go too far? or was that exactly the point? "nightly news" begins now.


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