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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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interstate 880 in oakland. not bad. maybe lots of people left early. some green on that green. some yellow. but mostly green. a lot of people trying to move home quickly. there is some traffic around the peninsula and the east bay though. so when will the bridge open on time, for the $6 billion question, we turn to jodi hernandez, live at the bay bridge toll plaza with more on the progress of construction crews there. >> reporter: and they're making a lot of progress. cal tran says they will be 40% done with this project. and by our calculations, if they continue with that pace, they will be finished ahead of schedule. as you can see, they have finished paving all the way up to the toll plaza. and now crews are working on striping the lanes. this project is definitely on the fast track.
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>> after the holliday weekend, we want this bridge open by 5:00 on tuesday, september 3rd for the commute traffic. >> reporter: and by the look of thing, construction crews are set to make that deadlines. they are making big progress. the paving is nearly complete up to the toll plaza. they have nearly demolished a 1,000 foot section of the old bridge. and a polyester section has been laid into the tunnel. crews are also doing some sprucing up, cleaning up the face of the tunnel and replacing light bulbs inside. but workers aren't just focused on the eastern span. cal tran is taking advantage of the closure to do work on the western span as well. >> bridge painting, electrical work. replacing all the burned out lights that we possibly can, clearing drains, any kind of deck work, pothole repair.
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>> they are taking the unique opportunity to do about four months of maintenance during the four days of the closure. >> reporter: they are inspecting to make sure it's in good working order. they are painting using compressors, repair work that would normally impact traffic in a major way. >> it helps cal tran get work done. >> this is going to be in great shape, a good compliment to the brandt newbridge. it's an exciting day for everybody. >> reporter: workers have t eer to finish up work that needs to be done to get the toll plaza open for opening day. they are replacing the light bulbs with led bulbs.
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they are hoping to be ahead of schedule. thanks a lot. they can't use that bridge. so they're using that bridge. the san mateo bridge. and things moving along bretty smoothly. certainly coming westbound, slow going eastbound. it's much better than it was not that long ago. now to a nbc bay area follow up. just days before the new span is set to open, cal trans has truck driver who died in 2009 who failed to navigate an s-curve. cal tran settled for $700,000. the lawsuit accused cal trans of not warning drivers about the sharp curve. state officials said he was traveling too fast and carrying more weight than he should have. the bridge is set to reopen at
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5:00 tuesday morning. we've put a link on the top left hand corner of our home page. that's where you'll find the bridge closure guide. they are the first killings in the last two years. a small east bay town dealing with a double homicide tonight. happened this morning along the 11th block of tara hills drieflt we have the details. >> reporter: good evening. this is not the first time police say they've been to this house here on this block. they say they had an issue reported here before at this house. investigators believe they have the right man in custody for the double homicide, but they've been interviewing the suspect all day, trying to determine a motive. >> it's a little odd. it's not typical of what takes place. >> reporter: the 25 year old man suspected of killing his two older relatives who he lived with was the same person who led police straight to the bodies. that's according to the
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commander. >> he said there's people inside. you need to go in. follow me, and i'll show you where they're at. >> reporter: calm and collected. >> he was calm, there was no indication that he was frantic or trying to get away at all. >> reporter: officers began searching the two story home. the home is cluttered, making it difficult for police to collect evidence. >> no one heard anything or no one saw anything. >> reporter: neighbors who live just a few houses away also told us they didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary, expressing only surprise as they watched officers walking around their neighborhood. >> it was devastating. really devastating. neighbors come to check on us to make sure we were okay. >> you can't really say what's going to happen where. and you just hope nothing like this happens to somebody that's close to you. >> reporter: some homicide detectives have just arrived in the last couple minutes.
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and the coroner's office has come here. the drive is expected to be shut down for another hour or two. nbc bay area news. not once, but twice. san jose police officers were forced to shoot at robbery suspects in two separate incidents on opposite sides of town. it all happened in the span of four hours. the first shooting was around 1:00 this morning. the second near west san carlos street and meridian. an officer shot a robbery suspect who police say tried to run him over with his car. the suspect robbed a woman overnight and the suspect is now in the hospital. police fired at a man who held up somebody at gunpoint. an officer fired his gun at the 18 year old after he refused to give up his weapon and pointed it at officers. the shot missed, and the man
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surrendered. a grandmother was critically hurt in a fire in her home in san jose. it happened at 2039 commodore drive. the smoke alarm woke up a boy. and the grandmother was trapped inside. again, in critical condition. the fear department arrived within six minutes. cause of the fire under investigation. firefighters still working around the crock on what's become the fifth largest fire in state history, the rim fire. it has burned more than 200,000 acres. but there is some good news. it's 32% contained. san francisco public utilities commission says crew also start sampling water from the hetch hetchy reservoir today. but the fire still has not had an impact on drinking water in
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san jose. now to the crisis in syria. today, secretary of state john kerry addressed the american people directly, citing proof of that chemical attack. in tonight's reality check, sam brock exams that proof. and sam, what is the secretary using to make the claim? >> good question, jessica. there was a federal report that was just declassified their week that outlines the u.s. intelligence from phone calls and communications within the assad regime to the actual location of the rocket launch that the u.s. says carried chemical weapons. here's the thing. the proof, is of the presence of chemical weapons. but if we could prove that the syrian regime deployed those weapons, we'd have 100% confirmation and we don't have that. there's no final decision yet on u.s. military intervention in syria. but five destroyers currently sit in the sea.
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and john kerry made the case for forceful action, accusing president assad of using chemical weapons on his.own people. >> the american intelligence community has high confidence, high confidence. this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts. >> reporter: but what exactly qualifies as fact? >> okay. chemicals were used. that is where the most forceful statements have been made. >> reporter: but dr. thomas fenger of stanford who served at nation's first deputy director of national af intelligence for analysis says the question of who dough employed the chemicals hasn't been proven yet. so as u.n. inspectors continue to collect evidence -- >> there's going to be much less evidence than there was on the usage of it.
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it's going to be lodge eck of the situation. >> it woulds are be wrong -- >> reporter: the british parliament, the lack of surefire evidence linking the weapons to assad was enough to lack support. you heard the secretary of state indicate high confidence among u.s. officials. dr. finger says that's only possible with agreement among different intelligence agencies. they just can't prove with 100% certainty that assad ordered the chemical weapons to be used. and that's not going to change, regardless of what the inspectors find. still ahead tonight at 6:00, a first for same sex marriage in the u.s. the history making wedding takes place tomorrow. also ahead, an important ruling on california's ban on a
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delicacy. and wine, good for your health, but it might treat a serious mental disorder. don't forget the giants coming up at 6:30. there is some severe weather right around the ballpark. and your cooling labor day forecast in just a few.
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new at 6:00. supreme court justice ruth baiter ginsberg will make history. she'll be the first supreme court justice to conduct the same sex marriage at a wedding of her friend. she thinks none were asked to officiate before because it might complicate things if an issue came before the court. now a nbc bay area follow up. california can keep its ban on
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the sale of fogg wau. the less lature found force-feeding ducks to be cruel. they plan on appealing that ruling. in health matters, are you depressed? a glass of wine may take care of that. people over the age of 55 who had two to seven glasses of wean a week were less depressed than their non-drinking peers. compounds in wine may protect certain parts. brain. since the time of the gold rush, marshlands have been filled in or developed. they are trying to restore marshes in between napa and
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sonoma. nbc joe risotto junior has the story. >> reporter: the fields are alive with this year's grapes. but among the vines is an area so dead that nothing can live on it. >> when the salt gets here it's so concentrated that nothing can survive. >> reporter: among these ven yards, 1,000 acre salt flats left over from salt operations of the '50s sit like moonscapes. >> were we to have a levee breach in the winter, this could create a toxic mess and harm san francisco bay. >> reporter: an effort is underway to restore what was once theriving marshlands. a pipeline has been complete thad their carry recycled water to these flats. >> all the way through the vineyards and the roadways down to this pond, to be able to use it to be bringing back this pond
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for wildlife purposes. >> reporter: the water will begin its journey eight miles away at the sonoma county water treatment plant. along the way, it will turn water into wine by watering the vineyards. >> i ask produce top quality grapes and grow a balanced vine and know that water's there. >> reporter: the water is expected to begin flowing in the fall. wildlife experts say it will still take another decade for the healing waters to fully bring the dead back to life. joe risotto junior, nbc bay area news. we've got some sun in here with temperatures also a little cooling off from that heat for today. we did have 90s across parts of the tri valley. a little more comfortable at this hour. 89 in livermore and 81 in san jose. mild tonight. you might want to take advantage of that and get outside as we head throughout the next couple
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of hours. it will still be very comfortable. for saturday we'll see numbers dropping off. it's not going to be a fog in by any means. a little bit here as we head through 5:00. then by 11:00 we'll be popping to the upper 70s. live sky kwam ra network, the best eyes across the bay area. you'll see the golden gate bridge is currently clear. plenty of blue sky. and we'll take to you a wider view from emoriville, looking across the bay. and there's a small sliver of fog, but it's not very extensive, only about 700 feet. so fog at the coastline, but not major event expected for tomorrow morning. as you get a look at the daytime highs for saturday, all areas will be cooling off by about three to five degrees. 82 in palo alto. upper 80s and low 90s in the extreme south bay. it's just so close to some of that hot interior air in the central valley, it's going to be
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hard for you to cool down a bit. 88 in danville. 71 in san francisco, 87 in napa and 78 for oakland. the next large change is monsoonal mose tour coming by sunday. that will bring us a thunderstorm threat primarily across the see area. also into monday a slight chance, about 20% right now of some isolated lightning strikes in the north bay. do expect modal fluctuations. you're going to want to stay tuned throughout this weekend. as we head throughout sunday, mid-80s. our best shot of stray lightning shots would come on monty point. but again, stay tuned to for more updates in that weather section. still ahead at 6:00. keeping up with the 49ers, not easy to do. and not a new reality show, but
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one of the hotst blogs on the internet.
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okay. it's football season under way. so it's football blogging season. >> we caught up with niner the blogger credits his family. and he treats his blog like a start up, which means long hours writing, chasing scoops and posting on social media sites. >> i think it's very important that any start up use social media, because before, you had to hustle business and go to th audience. and hand out your business cards and whatnot. nowadays, they come to you. >> he does a lot of watching football, too. he admits that his girlfriend is often amazed at how much
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football he has, quote, has, to p watch to keep up the blogging. right. we're back with sports in a moment. watch to keep up the blo. right. we're back with sports in a moment.
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sports time has arrived. let's send it out to the casually dressed jim. what's going on? >> well done, sweens. it's wear your college colors day. i'm a michigan state graduate. we'll have more on this in just a moment. but baseball on the brain. a's and rays, but i've got the giants on the mind. it's the giants, it's tim lincecum on the mound. why don't you update us. >> all right. here in the desert with the roof closed. the giants and the d backs ready
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to play ball. >> it feels pretty good. if you go back to may 25th, the last time he played, it was the extra inning inside the home park run that was a walk off or i guess you could call it a run off. and that was the last time we saw angel. tied for first place with the diamondbacks, and we're thinking this is going to be a special year. since that time they've gone 32-52. >> the giants have lost 25 games in the standings for the dodgers at that time which is almost impossible to believe. so he's back in there tonight. that's coming up. t minus five minutes from now. a number of a's players sporting their college colors. our kate long worth catching up. >> reporter: you guys still have pride in your college colors?
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>> we do. i'm not going to get into war words. first game of the sunny dikes area. i live right down the road. maybe get thrown out of the game early so i can go see the second half. >> we are, are you saying yes, do it? let's move to some pro football news out of santa clara, michael james is going to miss three weeks after sustaining an mcl sprain. james expected to take puntss, and he'll return them this year. so busy night of baseball and respecting your school, bop melvin, jet lowry of the a's, just want to be even on this thing. i'm ready for the giants, guys, don't know about you, that's coming at the bottom of the hour. >> thattes a coming up right here on nbc bay area. can cockpit computers confuse pilots and lead to
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crashes. we showed you how some pie hots can become addicted to ought make in the cockpit. tonight we're going to take you into a 737 flight simulator and show you how an experienced pilot can be lulled into crashing an airplane. veteran pilots say it can catch people unprepared. >> and as the pilot pulls back on the yolk to level off, expecting the throttles to come up, they don't. speed decreases, and he runs out of airspeed. >> tonight, our investigative reporter takes us to the trap to show us. that's tonight on nbc bay area. but first, the game. >> the game's coming up. but how about the labor day weekend forecast. >> we don't have time. >> we don't have time? >> no. i'm ready for the game, people. >> i know you want that forecast. >> thanks for watching.
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