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tv   Today  NBC  September 3, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's not so fun day monday, september 2nd. >> no. >> i'm so sorry. >> last official day of summer. happy labor day, everybody. >> but you're home. >> sorry. >> and this is the end of summer. >> i apologize. >> we hope you're enjoying it. >> we're so sorry. >> stop it. stop it! >> today is the first monday of september, which means it is --
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we know that. so the question is, did the summer go? >> the summer went like that. >> we completely wasted it. >> the weather was so mixed up this summer. >> we had a tough time with all of that. >> but a lot of people tonight are going to be driving home, back to their homes from whatever last gasp they had of summer. >> many, many millions are going to be traveling. we're going to let you know the worst time to travel. do not get in your car between 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> it's the worst traffic ever. >> so either leave after 7:00 or leave before 5:00. >> here's the thing. i think that what they should do if they really want to be very, very like sure of it, the minute our show is done, you get in that automobile and don't watch anything else. >> nothing else matters. >> my bad. >> uh-huh. >> all right. so here's the thing. if you don't like sitting in traffic and we've all been there. >> who does. >> sometimes when it's a spectacular day on the beach you decide you'll wait and go at the last second.
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if you sat in traffic -- if you wondered how many hours do i sit in traffic every year? >> depends on where you live. >> but the average is 38 hours. you spend 38 hours of your life, a day and a half sitting in traffic. >> no, i know. and most of the time you aren't happy. so imagine the stress that's having on your psyche. but if you live in l.a., there's even worse, worse, worse. you spend 42 hours in traffic. >> and sometimes it feels like the whole 42 hours. if you have to be somewhere -- that's the thing. it's always when you don't have to be somewhere that everything flies. >> that's the thing that surprised me. when i first moved to new york city and i was trying to get six blocks to go somewhere. >> you learn you are better off walking. >> you can't believe -- and it was pouring. i remember thinking -- >> my hair! >> exactly. i'd rather sit for 35 minutes in a car -- >> 38 hours. >> even in that stretch, i had to wait longer than a half hour to go six blocks. when you are in manhattan, i
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over underestimate or overestimate how quickly i can get somewhere. >> that's when you learned about the subway properly, which is still the best way to get around town. >> i rarely take it, but i hear -- i don't do a lot of -- i come in in the morning and i go home. and, yes, i am wearing white on labor day, okay. >> so there. >> because i want to know who they are that says you can't wear it. they say you can't wear white after labor day. who are they? if you know who they is, would you please let us know? >> they be. >> who they be. >> let us know. we'd like to know. all right. so if you've ever been driving, you may be driving home with a gps -- >> although it does enhance me quite a bit. >> she's been admiring herself. >> there's something about me today. >> her tetons. her grand tetons. ♪ oh, memories like the corner of my mind ♪ >> if you have been driving home
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and you have a gps -- do you like those? >> no. i don't know who she is, god bless her, but i hate her voice. second, she's often wrong. >> she tells you at the last second when you've already missed it. >> which causes some accidents. >> i think sometimes there are three turns and she says turn right and you are like, i can turn right here, here or here. which one? you take one and then she tells you reconfiguring route. turn around. >> reconfigure this, missy because it's based on old data. >> data sounds smarter. >> people are always doing construction projects, laws are changed. all of a sudden -- in nantucket they said you can't go -- why am i talking to joe of all people when hoda is here. >> anyhoo. joe is good to talk to. >> i'm wearing white. >> no you're not. >> i've got white shoes.
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>> that's your bvds. you know what i'm saying? they don't know that there's construction going on. they don't know that a one-way street has now been changed to the other way. the street we live on here in new york city will tell you to go down it, you can't. >> decided to have fun with people getting in a car and going somewhere with somebody who was driving them. they kind of messed with the gps. take a look. >> take a right on to kent avenue. take a left on to green point avenue. i mean right. take a right on to green point avenue. >> wow, they make mistakes. >> continue straight on to bedford avenue. want to know something interesting about that phone? rough night last night, buddy? turn right on to what did you do to get her? >> what did he just say? >> it is my first day. can you tell? did you buy that shirt in, a, the '80s, b, the '80s, or c, the 80s. turn right.
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>> so, really, what did you do to get her? >> i told you i'm not bugging. i told you i'm not bugging. >> remember to buckle your seat belt. life is precious and so are you. >> i wish i could be a polka dot on your shirt. >> where did they get this. >> i can't believe i'm being dissed by a computer. >> that is what i am talking about. >> you have made my day. this is actually a human being talking behind you in a car that is following you. we are following behind you and videotaping everything. >> that's very, very cute. >> you know what, i like that because it's adorable and nobody gets hurt and it's not mean spirited. so much of that stuff is. >> i like it. >> we'd love to know. what do you think? is it distracting? we'd love to know some horrible story. it told you to go somewhere and you went over a cliff. stuff like that. >> here's a note from phil and his social q's. are you ready? >> i am. >> it read, i'm a young lawyer and a man. i work with a more senior female
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lawyer who refers to the secretaries in our office as girls. she'll say please give these papers to the girl outside or the girl at reception has a package for you. these are mostly middle aged women and usually older than my lawyer colleagues. still the women she's talking about don't seem to mind. isn't this behavior sexist? should i say something? philip says it's always wrong to refer to them as girls. i disagree. i don't mind. at 60, feels good to be called a girl. believe me. it's relative. >> i think it depends on who is doing it. what tone. >> give it to the girl out front. >> if it's very dismissive like that, nobody is interested. >> i think for a woman doing it to women, i don't think it's as offensive. >> i like the word broad. give it to the broad in the front desk. i like that. that says it all. >> it does. >> frank calls them gals. it's not his fault. but gals is generational. you have to cut people a little slack.
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>> cut them some slack. i don't think anybody means it mean-spiritedly. if they do, you know it when they say it. so if you are one of these moms out there who likes to share pictures of their children on social media. >> inappropriately and who cares. >> but, anyway, a survey of huggies found 67% of new moms share pictures from the delivery room. so the baby is being born and people are snapping pictures. so amanda, one of our producers asked people on social media, do you do this? she was inundated. the pictures -- >> everybody is so proud of their children and so thrilled they are actually able to give birth. >> here is baby cordelia making her entrance. >> cordel arks, is what i said if you were listening. so here is melissa, minutes after. >> maybe that's her last name. >> you're right.
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it's melissa minutes after giving birth. >> or it's melissa minutes. we don't care. here she is. next is this picture. sabrina second. i'm kidding. sabrina moxley -- >> hoda. >>ere's robby and christina with their brand new twins. >> there's my shower cap. i have that one. that's a beautiful picture. and finally, if facebook was around in 1978, this picture would have been posted online. remember i told you amanda our producer. >> that's amanda, baby. >> she came in with a screech. >> she was way ahead of the trend because that's what she is. she's a social media phenom. >> freak! >> do you mind the word girl? gal? broad? >> let's do favorite things. >> i'm happy to do it because -- we get asked to endorse a lot of different books and stuff like that.
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this particular book, i fell in love with this. it's called "freddy the frogcaster" by janice dean, the weather machine. $10 on it's just adorable. it really is precious. i was dlietd to gave blush v -- i was delighted to give a blurb. what did i say there? >> you wrote, even amphibians should allow their dreams and janice has written a charming whimsical story that will appeal to the inner frog in all of us. i see sunny skies ahead for freddy the frogcaster. >> i want ella and hannah to hannah to have it have it because they will adore it. >> if you are looking for a great face cleanser -- >> you sold this a couple of weeks ago from a segment. >> no, that was something else. this one i love. this is soy face cleanser by fresh. it's 38 bucks. this is one of those that you put a little bit of water on your face and it gets rid of all the makeup. nothing gets rid of the makeup. this thing is crazy.
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>> and it doesn't burn your eyes. >> no, it doesn't. it gently cleanses face and eyes. >> you don't want to lick your face or feel like soy sauce. it has the soy. it is soy based. >> it's like -- >> may i smell it, please? because i don't actually believe you. ooh. it's nice. >> and it's a great little -- see? that's actually really, really great. they live up to their name, fresh. could you be the lucky winner? run to your phones. we're going to reveal our fans of the week. >> probably not you. >> and guess who is back? >> that dynamic duo. e. jean carroll and matthew hussey. something is going on with those two. >> they are a match made in heaven, right after this.
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we all know relationships can be tricky. especially if you have a hard time reading the opposite sex. we've enlisted some excellent help. >> back by popular demand are two people who have a lot to say.
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e. jean carroll and love life strategist and author of "et the guy," matthew hussey. they are an odd couple and we love them. >> jackie says different parenting styles is our biggest problem. i'm the stern one, always the bad guy. where is the meet in the middle? >> you are asking two people who do not have children. you are the experts here. i say if you're going to have children, have a child to enjoy the child. don't fight over the child. >> but there's a discipline issue that can fracture -- >> even if you are disciplining, can't you enjoy and enjoy each other? >> no. thank you. but thanks for asking. next, matthew. >> to our next expert. >> that was a good start. >> you have two parents firstly going for the kid is the lowt point of leverage. go for your partner. in communication, the kids say you have two demigods.
2:20 am
the kid's looking up to the mom and father and they are gods in that world. you are only as strong as your weakest link in that scenario. if one of the parents is not going to be strong, it affects the whole thing. i believe two parents have to get in a situation where they actually say to each other, what's our vision for this child? what's our vision -- >> before the children even come to the planet is a good time to have that conversation. >> the vision for the child's growth and the environment of love we want to create of how easy is it to -- for that child to be who they want to be. that's the important thing. then every action has to follow that vision. >> don't you wish you'd said that? >> here's the important thing. as two parents, if one of them is being stern and someone not, the distinction you have to make is between tone and message. it's okay for tone to be different. not okay for message to be different. >> you're going to take 20 minutes with the next answer, too? >> it's going to be easy and stern.
2:21 am
>> ready. here's from susan. my husband and i disagree about his lack of grooming. >> ew. >> he refuses to cut his hair. it's very long. he wears it in ponytails. plural. i hate it. what should i do? >> those are called pigtails when there's two of them. >> you can't say that for a man, though. >> it's like willie nelson. it's his head. his hair. leave him alone. if he came up and said to you, honey, i think you'd look better if you lost 15 pounds, it's the same thing. >> but it's cleanliness, though, isn't it? >> she's talking about cleanliness. >> grooming. >> i hate it when women and men start to tell each other how to look, how to behave. how much to wear. how -- it's his hair. >> how little to wear. >> exactly. honey, put on a little garter belt tonight to come to bed. >> let him have his own hair. >> let them be who they are. >> but what if they stink? >> in any case, none of that,
2:22 am
what you guys just said is right. >> oh, really? >> if you are going to be -- >> how are you enjoying your last time on the show? is it good for you? >> i'm going to enjoy it now. your job as someone's partner is to be their sexual pleasure, is to be the person they are attracted to. if you aren't providing that for them, then who is going to. if you aren't attracted to long hair you better be bold and tell him. you don't have to tell him by saying i don't like long hair but be positive in your reinforcement and be bold about what you would like. >> they don't often start out that way. they start at -- after 30 years, they go -- they get lazy and stop washing. >> where does it stop after this. first it's the hair. then it's what he's wearing. then his jeans, butt. >> here's the only caveat i'd add to the person that asked this question. if you are going to be bold about what you want, be okay with it the other way around, too. >> be fair. >> that's the way it has to be.
2:23 am
if he wants you to look a certain way, you have to be open to that, too. but if you want a hairstyle that i'm not attracted to, what, i'm not going to be attracted to you for the rest of my life? >> i just look at you the minute you open your mouth i want to go down on my knees. that's how good looking you are. >> that's a special scenario. >> well, all righty. >> you think you know a person, but apparently not. thanks, kids. >> happy labor day. >> it's crowded down there. are we putting your face -- why do we have to say that? we'll meet our lucky fan of the week after this. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who?
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it's fun day monday, hoda. >> you know what that means? we get to announce our fan of the week! >> who is it going to be? >> let's spin the globe. can we have a drum roll please?
2:28 am
our winner, sheila buckner from brooksville, florida. >> i love her. >> she watches us on channel 8. we have sheila on the phone. congratulations. >> hi. how are you? >> we're good, but you're better. >> yes, you are. >> seriously. >> we want to tell everybody why you are the fan of the week, why you love us and adore us and emulate us. here's why. >> she watches with her daughter brynn over the summer during live or on tape. also watching the fourth hour has brought the two of them closer. how cute is that? >> they're adorable. >> they could co-host for us if they're not here. they even made a pilgrimage here to see the show. >> had we known, we would have invited them. >> and sheila, do you want to hear where you are going, doll? >> oh, sure. >> pack your bags because you and a guest are going to the
2:29 am
fabulous city of chicago. you'll get five days, four nights in the windy city at the hard rock hotel in chicago. >> get ready to unwind and relax because you and a guest, maybe your daughter, that would be nice, will indulge in a spa treatment right in your room. hotel and airfare accommodations provided by the hard rock hotel in chicago. are you excited? who are you going to take? >> my hands are shaking. of course, i'm going to take her. she's actually sitting right here with me. >> oh, awesome. >> you guys have a great time. >> and post some pictures of you so we can see. have a great time. >> absolutely. thank you very, very much. we love you. >> you, too. if you think you deserve to be our fan of the week, go to it's time to induct someone into the joy fit club. she's less than half of her size after losing 185 pounds. find out how she did it. and how to kick off the fall season with how to wear those ankle boots. it's fall, baby. >> i'm going kicking and screaming. it's not fall.
2:30 am
2:31 am
2:32 am
we are kicking off this labor day fun day monday with the fall's hottest boots and how to wear them. >> those ankle boots are everywhere. but which ones can you wear with a dress or your jeans, get them tucked in or not. it gets kind of confusing. >> amy is here from "instyle" and is about to enlighten us. >> so the ankle boots are all in this season? >> ankle boots are all the rage. we have so many new styles. there's really something for everyone. >> okay. good. >> we start off with sachal. is that how you pronounce her name? these are fall boots. these are $99 we hear. >> exactly. these are from nine west. this is the split front booty. this is a great update on the booty friend we've been seeing for a few seasons because it's so wearable with the v shape in front. it gives you a little leg cleavage, we'll call it, which is much more flattering than a traditional ankle boot that can
2:33 am
cut off your leg at the ankle. >> it can shorten you very much. >> great with cropped pants, skirts, dresses. easy way to update your look. >> and they are $99. >> $99 from nine west. >> thank you. kristen is coming out next with the next set of hot fall boots. and these come from french connection. >> french connection, yes. these are what we're calling the peek-a-boo bootie. they have beautiful cutouts. look at the detailing. it shows a little bit of skin, which lightens up the boot. it's not as heavy like some boots in the past were kind of very heavy and again, this gives it a lightness. makes it a little more feminine. it's a great matchup with this dress if you can believe it, is vegan. it adds a femininity to this edgy dress. and also looks great with cropped pants. >> so what should you not wear those boots with? >> your grandmother. >> although if your grandmother
2:34 am
is really hip. i think can pull it off. but she should not wear tights. you don't want to wear tights with this look because you won't be able to see the detailing. also wear it with tapered pants so you can see the beauty of the shoe. and intrickcy of the detail. >> thank you. next up is kathryn. she's got a flat boot. >> this is the men's wear trend. this is huge for fall. this is a really cute go-to weekend look because it's so comfortable. we've paired it here with some polka dot cute denim jeans, rolled up at the cuff and a little men's wear tweed jacket. super comfortable. you can also dress up this trend for more fashion forward look. pair it with a flowy dress. there are lots of different ways to wear this. >> i like it with jeans, and they are $99. >> steve madden. amazing bargain. >> very cute. >> that's for women of any age? >> any age, especially on the weekends, wearing it in the country or the city.
2:35 am
it's a great versatile look. >> thank you so much. our next is the knee-high boots. hello, finally. here comes sarah. >> we love this trend. this actually was a huge trend -- >> miley cyrus. >> exactly. >> work it, sarah. so she is wearing these h & m boots $149 if you can believe it. that's an amazing deal. really beautiful. >> is it real leather? >> yes, exactly. real leather. really nice cut. and that's a great thing about this trend. originally this high end designer. now a much more accessible price point. people were originally were a little intimidated by this. people think "pretty woman" scary. but the new way to wear it is to play down the sexiness of it by pairing it with something more casual like this chunky knitted sweater. >> that look is adorable. i love that. >> you can wear it to the office with a longer skirt. >> is that a huge color for fall? that is a huge olive.
2:36 am
green is the pantone color of the fall. >> our last look is danielle. >> what is she wearing? >> let's see. >> she has the ankle strap bootie. >> ankle straps have been huge. this is the fall update for women who feel really good about their legs. this is often the thinnest part of your leg. looks really good with skirts, dresses. also if you are subconscious about your legs, this is a great look with a pair of dark tights. >> let's bring all the ladies out. thank you. >> good see you. thank you all of our beautiful models. tired of all those things around the house that need fixing? >> we asked our man lou manfredini for some answers. coming up right after this. an. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains
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you've got your own cartoon. >> time to ask lou about all those pesky problems around the house you wish you could take care of yourself, but you just can't. >> "today" contributor lou manfredini host of the syndicated show "how smart."
2:41 am
he's got the answer for all your at-home repairs. >> what is the best way to remove latex paint? mistakes or smudges without having to damage the trim? >> you have to damage it, but it's easy to repair. if this is a piece of trim, you take one of these sanding sponges and lightly go over those mistakes you have to level it. >> lightly. >> don't go too heavily. it's going to degloss that surface a little bit. all these paint and primer paints throughout right now kind of increase -- or decrease the step you have to take. then you'll coat it again. it's going to be the primer and finish coat in one and then let it dry and you're done. in particular if you are doing the same color, then it's a piece of cake. but you will have to do a little bit of sanding to even it all out. one of these paint and primers will do a great job of sealing it, grabbing on and holding it very well. >> okay, lou.
2:42 am
>> why wouldn't we believe you? >> next question is from sandra. sandra says, my bedroom window is next to a very busy street. anything i can do to kind of get some of the noise out? >> this is not a perfect fix but it does work. this is a peel away calking that's used for weather stripping. what you do with this is that window, hopefully she doesn't want to open it a lot. you'll take this. even though this is white, it's clear. and you'll go and calk this window shut. but now because she wants to sleep at night. this, when it dries, i can peel it away like string cheese. it gets better. because that's not going to do that much. this is a piece of plexiglas. >> let me help you. >> up we go. >> vanna white. vanna kotb. >> i put some double sided tape and velcro on this. and it's going to stay. >> velcro it in. >> it's going to stay.
2:43 am
this will give that air break that's going to cut the sound down by up to 20%. >> it's not perfect, but -- >> and it ain't pretty. >> when it's on, but, i mean, when you want to sleep and you live by a busy street and that's all you want. >> shut eye. >> you just want to sleep. >> sorry! >> all right. finally, meg has a question about her fireplace. okay. she says, i have an ugly white painted fireplace in our summer house. can i strip the paint and go back to the brick? >> you can. you're going to use a stripper. this is an interior stripper. >> is his name kurt? >> and he loves to dance. and what you're going to do with this is you apply this to the brick. you apply this to the brick. after a little while, maybe about an hour, it's going to start to move that paint. this is a little brass stripping brush. you'll start to work this paint away. this is a huge job. >> how long does it take? >> a lifetime.
2:44 am
but when it's done if she takes her time, you'll be able to wipe this away and get it off. >> you know how long that's going to take? >> but she doesn't like the brick that color and as someone that's been married a long time if you don't like it, she doesn't like it, you're going to fix it. >> she doesn't like you. >> happy wife, happy life. >> i like that. >> thank you, lou. >> and we love you. >> yes, we do. >> i love it when he does that. >> it can be a jungle out there. how animals care for their young in the wild. she lost more than half her weight. see what the latest inductee into the joy fit club looks like right now right after this.
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we are back with "look at me now, the joy fit club" and our newest member who was fed up with her weight and decided to get healthy. >> she lost 185 pounds and changed her life. we'll meet her in just a minute. first, let's listen to athena's story.
2:49 am
>> i have struggled with my weight my entire life. even as a child, i was overweight. i was always the biggest kid in my class and was bullied all the time. i began dieting in the sixth grade and my weight fluctuated throughout junior high and high school. i was never able to keep the weight off. i graduated high school at 270 pounds. by the time i graduated from college, i gained another 60 pounds. my turning point game when i saw cruise pictures. i decided to join weight watchers online. after a month of focusing on my eating habits, i started walking and joined a zumba class. soon i was running 5ks and working out four to five times a week. the first year i lost 100 pounds and after 2 1/2 years lost 185 pounds. i've never felt more confident and i am finally the fit person i was always meant to be. >> and our joy bauer is here. she's "today's nutritionist.
2:50 am
leader of the joy fit club. >> remarkable woman. >> doesn't feel like exercising. >> before you know it, you've burned thousands of calories. this is a remarkable woman with a remarkable weight loss. she's so inspiring because she talks about having setbacks and plateauing. she did not let anything dis-sway her. we talk a lot about fast food in previous segments but we've never taken an up close and personal look at the fast food milk shakes. and that was her fat track. >> that was her favorite thing. >> she would get a medium at sonic or one of the blizzards at dairy queen. >> thinking you are doing a good thing because you're just getting a medium. >> it's a peanut butter fudge. over 12,000 calories. >> what? >> i'm sorry. 1200. >> that's still a day's worth of food in a lot of diets. >> definitely is. >> she had a few throughout the week. when you look at the month's worth, she had 14 of them. so i did a little bit of math.
2:51 am
14 of these milk shakes is the fat equivalent of seven cups of mayonnaise and eight cups of pure sugar. so this is what she was taking in. >> great visual. >> at the end of the month. that equates to 5 pounds worth of fat gain. >> i wondered where that went. >> let me see what it feels like. >> when you put five pounds on. feel what that feels like. it's weird when you think about carrying around five pounds or ten pounds or 20 pounds. >> and how many of these she lost when you consider she lost 185 pounds. >> that's amazing. >> good for her. let's bring her out. >> here's athena's before picture. all right. come join the joy fit club. come on out. >> oh, my god! >> wow. wow, wow, wow. >> in skinny jeans. >> skinny jeans. athena. >> you look gorgeous. >> you look awesome. >> thank you.
2:52 am
>> and she's wearing the right little boot for fall. >> you are so cute. >> everything worked. you started the walking and zumba. did it just fall off or -- did it take a long time to come off? >> at first it did and then it started to even out to one or two pounds a week. i'd hit the plateaus. >> you get frustrated but you keep going. >> your exactly where you want to be? >> you look better than perfect. >> how many times do you do zumba a week? >> three to four. >> one day at a time, one pound at a time. >> you are living proof. >> congratulations. you look terrific. >> it's a labor of love. >> how animals take care of their young in the wild. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> you look so unbelievable!
2:53 am
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2:55 am
now on "today's" call of the wild, it's not the real reason we call it labor day. >> seaworld and busch gardens animal ambassador is here to tell us about the sometimes surprising labor efforts many go through giving birth and raising their offspring. >> they all want julie. >> you know, i felt it would be best to start -- >> don't worry.
2:56 am
>> i'm going to have horrors by the time this is over. >> you look like davey crocket's wife. >> are you guys good? >> okay. i got one. i got two. i got two. >> wait. it's stuck. >> his little foot -- >> talking about labor day. >> oh, my gosh. >> tell us about -- i got two. i got two. okay. >> sorry, julie. >> i'll leave him there because i think it's better. >> all right. let's talk about these guys. >> talk about having triplets, right? >> grab that one. grab that one. >> talking about how much work it takes for parents to raise their babies, right? nothing can -- >> i'm having fun. >> nothing can be more work than triplets.
2:57 am
>> one is urinating. you figure it out. >> the female is so dependent or the babies are so dependent on the female because -- >> they have to feed them. >> feed them, right. >> ow! >> which one? >> all of them. >> which animal is next. we have learned everything we need to know. >> dad is here because dad helps with them. it's a fortunate thing dad helps with them. >> dad is doing nothing. >> dad guards them. >> okay. >> and we're going to go to the bird family, okay. the bird family right here -- >> where is the bird? >> right here. >> flamingo baby. >> tell us about this one. >> the neat thing about flamingos -- >> will it bite? >> no, they are very gentle because they feed that way. and if you want, you can try to feed him by holding it up like this and dribble it down into his beak. >> okay. >> now push very lightly on the end.
2:58 am
>> nothing is coming out? >> just a little harder. >> there you go. there you go. and that's just how mama and dad feed the chicks. they actually produce a milk that is -- >> sounds like he is drowning. >> it is coming out. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. >> okay. >> it's basically produced by both the male and the female until they are old enough to eat. >> how old is she because -- >> hey, hey, hey. >> now the other one on the floor might want some, too. we can put him down. >> and we have another one. >> you can get the second one. go ahead and try that one on the ground there. he's eating from his pan. they are getting old enough. at this age they are old enough to eat from the pan. that's why they have that really unusual bill. they are hatched out at seaworld so we have very successful breeding. >> don't drown him. >> one more on the ground. you can go over to your little
2:59 am
buddy there. >> we bring out some -- now reptiles don't have the -- oh, look. he's peeing, too. we're getting them all to pee on the show. reptiles don't have the reputation for caring for their young, do they? >> no, they don't. >> they don't. but this guy -- >> he's following me. >> she has about 25 offspring. she doesn't care for him. but also the alligator does as well. so you hold this guy. >> has he already peed? >> yes, he's done peeing. >> and the alligator does. >> this guy, of course, builds a nest. oh, you can hold him with two hands. >> no, i can't because he just peed. >> you hold him with two. >> he doesn't want to held out like that. >> i'm not putting my hand near that area. >> just think of labor day.
3:00 am
>> happy labor day, everybody. appy labor day all you mothers. jeff: they battled with the unimaginable. >> i was looking at myself in the mirror and i did not recognize myself. jeff: from brittle bones to diseases. >> i will never remember your face. jeff: so it will shock you to know that your mom and dad are in the front row. >> we can't give your daughter a bear hug. give yours a bear hug. jeff: hello. hello. roll it. >> a little bit about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure.


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