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tv   Today  NBC  September 4, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. open up! >> gerard, let us in. >> open up. >> this is not funny. >> this is our first day back. we have to be in the studio. >> hello, gerard. >> i know where you live, gerard. >> okay, so this is the deal. this is the refurbed studio. it's not all the way ready because it was supposed to be, wasn't it? >> i can't take my eyes off your hat. >> it's a traffic construction site. >> it sits right on top.
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>> we are going to have a beautiful studio. we just don't have it today. >> that's what they say. >> so we'll see you later, gerard. >> we'll go to our little studio. this is where we usually go when we climb up the stairs anyway. >> this is where we go all the time when we are pre-empted, which is pretty much every day. [ playing the theme to "rocky" ] >> did you have a nice holiday, hodi? what did you do? good. >> i went hiking, which this seems much more difficult. >> you don't hike. >> i know. i don't even do outdoors stuff. >> hiking where? >> in the colorado rockies. >> excuse us. excuse us. >> this is the wrong way, ladies. >> are we on the list? >> good. we can go home. >> good. >> just like the last two weeks. >> we can go in the kitchen and climb over like that. >> let them in. >> it's freezing in here.
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>> thank you. >> let's do it. >> i think it's been dark all around. >> anything going on the last two weeks or what? >> here you go, pat. thank you, honey. jerry, i did miss you though. >> hello. >> hi, hoda. >> welcome back. >> thank you, honey. and you too. it's booze day, tuesday. everybody -- >> let's have a direct. >> did you miss us? we missed you. september 3rd. it is now officially september. not happy about that. not happy at all. >> the summer flew. it's completely over. >> almost 61 is the way i see it. >> how have those few days being 60 been? >> not good. not good at all. >> we just showed you downstairs. they are redoing our whole studio. it's supposed to be spectacular, something in the round and all kind of video walls. >> wasn't it supposed to be ready today for us to be back? the one instruction. if you've got pictures of a renovation of a before and
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after, i guess we want to see it. i have no idea. they never told us what the plans are going to be. we have no idea. >> it will be a nice surprise. what? is this -- >> bambino is a cover dog again. >> what is this? >> this is a really lovely new magazine. it's called "called." and it's for women of faith. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i thought it a couple of months ago. there is a lovely, lovely young lady, but bambino. it's his third cover, i think. the other dogs don't even talk to him. >> oh, wait. hold on, let's see. >> no, no, we don't -- >> i'd like to see. >> there's you and me. regis was over the other day and was not happy. region was over the other day. he was not happy. he was not happy to see. hoda is much bigger than he was, but anyway. >> how sweet. >> that's a lovely young name. her name was marcia dufil.
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marcia dufil. i like this shot of you. >> i'm kind of into that. anyway, it's new, as i said, new this past year, and they do a beautiful, beautiful job there. so anyway, what did you do? tell me everything. >> so i went to colorado. >> yes. >> i'm not a hiker. i don't even -- i'm not familiar with mountains, i like the beach. i'm that kind of a girl. >> you like the beach. >> so i went with a friend and we went -- i actually was on a mountain which was wild. we did a two-mile hike straight up a mountain, okay? and when you get even midway through, it looks like -- this doesn't even show. >> ♪ the hills are alive with the sounds of hoda ♪ >> you can't breathe. your chest is about to explode because of the air. >> how great you look, though. wow! >> i went with this really nice friend. i met him a few months ago. and i'm going to show you his picture. here it is.
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you know what bums me out about that? look at my shoe size and his shoe size. >> i think you're made for each other. >> mine is just a teeny bit bigger. >> that's all you are going to tell us? i met him, and he's very, very cute. i like him. >> he's a nice guy. >> you know what i liked right off the bat with him? beautiful smile. >> yeah. >> very genuine smile. >> he does. >> what does he see in you? >> let me tell you what -- >> what does he like about you? hoda, what does he like about you? >> i don't know. you know what i did do -- >> she is blushing. >> i did make one meal. >> you made a fish dish. >> can i tell you something -- >> that's all you ever make is a fish dish. >> no, this one, if you don't know how to cook, i promise this is the dish to make. you go to the store and buy a piece of sea bass or cod and you only buy one other ingredient. you by ponzu sauce. p-o-n-z-u. take a frying pan, put the fish in, add ponzu sauce so it's 1/4
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of the way up, put it in the oven, 350. it's the most buttery fish. >> you really think that's what everybody wants to hear about, the fish? they want to know about this guy. >> on the way home when we were flying home, guess who i saw on the plane? >> regis. >> nope. ♪ if you want -- >> aaron neville. >> oh, aaron, wow. i can't believe it, hoda. wow! >> can you believe the guy still likes me after that? >> you're brave. you didn't get a blowout in colorado, did you? >> that was sort of my fire. >> if you're still talking to each other and if he still likes you after a week in colorado -- there is no humidity in colorado. >> no, but it was raining a lot. it rained a lot. >> this could be it. >> it was interesting. but he knew. he was like, need an umbrella? drizzling out. he gets it. >> i'm happy for you. >> anyway -- >> i knew there was a little glow but. you know who is not glowing
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right now but she is extremely triumphant? diana nyad. >> number one she is 64 years old. number two, she tried it the first time when she was 28 and was never able to complete it because of exhaustion and stuff and jellyfish. >> everything. she did something at 64 she wasn't able to do at 28 which just shows you what she is made of. >> how remarkable is that, if you think i couldn't do it when what is 28, what makes me think -- here is the cool thing about her. each attempt which failed, she learned something brand new each time that she applied the next time. >> right, right, right. >> which ultimately gave her her triumph. i think that's the real story. >> i think so, too. imagine if you tried something at 63 a year ago and you can't do it and you try it again at 64. this woman has got it. and she does make you feel when
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you're complaining about stuff or you're too tired to try something, you think if she could swim that far at 64. >> her great challenge now is now what do you do? if she's -- if you have -- >> i know. >> if you have achieved that one thing, that one thing that eluded you all those -- now, what -- >> what are you going to do? her face, by the way, because she had a mask on to protect her from jellyfish and salt and she had all these cuts in her mouth. she was having trouble speaking. i mean, that's amazing she was able to do that. i'm sorry. i couldn't do that. >> i have a great facialist in southern california. her name is re beck ba. she will be back to good in no time. nobody is as good as rebecca. i'm telling you. >> anyway, she did -- >> she is going to need a good -- a little massage and a long facial. >> here it is. if you are a "fifty shades of
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grey" reader -- >> i'm ed the only one in the wd who didn't read it. >> i don't want to read it. >> you'll like it. it's good. >> right after i put down my bible, i'll pick it up. >> dakota johnson who is melanie griffith and don johnson's daughter. she's an actress. >> not a well-known one yet. her parents are far well known than she is. her beautiful parents. the guy is charlie hunnam, who i also have not heard of. >> i was expecting more for the guy, more of a gordon gecko type, more like michael douglas when he was younger. >> you're seeing him from "sons of anarchy" i think. >> right, right. >> so they'll darken him up. they'll slick him up. they'll make him look more like gordon gekko. >> that's who i pictured in my
2:15 am
head. >> which the way, i hope that is not true about michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. he's towing that back and said, we are taking a separation. i really like both of them and hope that is not true. >> we have a whole bunch of topics in the scoop we'll talk to about. michelle beadle is on with us today. >> you know what i was watching when i read that these two kids were going to be doing -- my daughter is an actress, but i don't know what i would do if cassidy wanted to do that role. because you know there's going to be tons -- it's just about all sex. >> it's all about, yeah, doing things that you're not sure. >> i wouldn't want her to do it and would like to think she wouldn't do it, personally. but once you let your children fly -- >> you never know what they're going to do. >> you love them anyway, but there are certain choices you wish they wouldn't make. >> that would be a hard one, i think. >> i always told them if you want to go into show business, fine, but i draw the line at
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porn. >> so we are doing something on this program called "be bold today." >> yes. you were bold. you went -- >> i climbed the mountains. >> and you took that picture with aaron neville. that was really bold of you. sorry, hoda. wow. wow! whoo! >> i didn't even realize how weird it was until i saw the picture. >> bad. >> bold of you. >> hey, hey! at least my roots are done. >> actually, okay, you look adorable. you look happy. were you drunk? >> no. it's 6:00 in the morning. >> doesn't matter. hoda, were you drunk? >> maybe a little. so, anyway, we have a big show coming up for you dies. it involves -- we're going to have all the latest gossip and stuff. >> first, you know what it's time for, hoda? >> what is it? >> you're going to tell me. what is it? >> i'm not going to but let's listen to what he has to say. >> it's time for "be bold today" sponsored by progresso heart healthy, bold flavors for the bold hearted. >> all right. we had to go to les for that?
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>> all right. together we are ready to spice up your life. >> so now is your chance to be bold today, to try something you always wanted to do but have always been afraid to do it. fear no more. >> we are going to help two lucky people bring on the bold and achieve something right off your bucket list right here on "today," so send us a one-minute video about your goal to be bold. what you would like to do and why you should be chosen. why we should choose you, but probably not. >> go to and we'll give you all the info. >> jamie had a second little baby over the weekend. >> we love you. >> yeah. >> all righty, we're going to have all the holiday weekend buzz. >> michelle beadle is going to be here. >> there is the new little one. how precious. >> we'll be back after this.
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you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. ♪ if you're ready -- >> it's time for "today's buzz" and getting you caught up on the celebrity news you missed while you were out having labor day fun. >> from michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones and "50 shades of grey" casting news you missed out on. michelle beadle. has all the inside scoop. you're crazy. >> it's monday to me. >> you're a goofball. >> talk "50 shades." >> i have heard a lot of people not really excited about dakota johnson and charlie hunnam. the book is a big book you needed relatively unknowns. they are both sexy. they have to be willing to be sexy on screen, which
2:21 am
don't ask me but that's going to be tough. once you wash him up and take off the "sons of anarchy" scruff, i think he will be a sexy beast. this one. >> do you? >> yeah, you have to be for this show. >> aren't they both brunettes in the book? >> they are. i think we'll see some hair color which happens. and, you know -- >> there's lots of ways. >> the original thing was people saying the author wanted robert pattinson. he's already known for one part. >> hoda. >> you know what? we're not his type either. >> you don't know that. >> let's talk michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. what is the story there? >> the story is they are separated. he has spoken out, not saying anything as far as getting divorced, but saying we are having a separation. it's no big deal. there is not a big crisis, not a lot of drama. but that is what you expect a celebrity, a star to say at this point in the relationship. what happens down the line, who knows? but as of right now -- >> they have individual things big time. you know who else too,
2:22 am
deanna and cliff eastwood. i'm so sorry to hear about that marriage breaking up. >> i'm such a realist. i think they've been together 17 years, which in this day and age, you are beating the odds. i don't want to be a downer on a lovely morning show, but it is tough to make a marriage work. it's 17 years and you raised some children. and who know what is happens. >> we need to talk about that reality show which was another sort of weird wrinkle. >> i can't see a guy like that with a reality show. adele. make a -- she's beautiful regardless. >> let's slow down on the makeup free. >> she has make-up on, but not the kind we are used to. she does the cat eyes. and the very dramatic '50s mod. this is more like -- she's unrecognizable. i think she looks lovely. >> i think she looks great. >> she's got lipstick on, people. it's just a look. she just looks normal is what it is. >> she looks like somebody caught her when she wasn't expecting it. lack of sleep from nursing her baby.
2:23 am
all night long. >> she's got the rosy cheeks. >> i think she's adorable. >> >> if that's what i look like without make-up, i would love it. >> seth meyers got married. >> now that i said marriage doesn't work, oh, seth meyers. >> it works really well for a week or two. got married in martha's vineyard which i imagine was lovely. the wedding list of guests were obviously a who's who of celebrity world. >> why is olivia munn at everybody's wedding? >> you know what i think. i think olivia munn is that cool chick everyone wants to get drunk with. she is fun, she is gorgeous and sexy. >> and she's willing. you know what -- >> when she came on our show, she downed it. downed it. >> she is like a real human. in that world it's tough. >> she's like waldo. she's at everybody's wedding. >> she was at mine. that was 27 years ago and she
2:24 am
was there now that i'm thinking about it. >> the weekend box office, "the butler" number one. >> i loved the movie. it was a cast for all casts. well, it's oprah. i mean, i think a lot of us were excited to see oprah. >> you can never discount it. >> even when you're not expecting it. the guys playing the president was unexpected if you weren't ready. and "one direction" don't ask me why. >> they are 12 and 13 years old. "hard day's night" with the beatles. >> that's how crazy we were. morgan per lock. that's who directed the one direction movie. still blows my mind. a number two movie out. >> who is morgan per lock -- >> "supersize me." >> that's the name. >> these two call themselves the kathie lee and hoda of late night. >> we'll have to see about that. nikki and sara are here to
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i was supposed to be here for a kathie lee and hoda situation. what is going on here? >> look, willie, you need to get on board with this. >> yeah. i'm sara schafer. this is nikki -- >> don't worry about them. >> we paid a lot of money to get them out of here and this is our chance. >> hey, hey, hey! get out of here, out of here right now! >> i thought you paid him. >> no. >> let's start spanking willie. >> "shades of grey." christian grey. >> pretend you're christian grey. >> we'll talk -- >> we missed you. >> you're going to be with us in a little bit.
2:30 am
2:31 am
♪ i know about popular we are back on this booze day tuesday with more of "today" and two young ladies that have been called late night's best kept secrets. >> nikki and sara are the hosts
2:32 am
of mtv's "nikki and sara live." and they haven't known each other very long but you could never tell by watching them. take a look. >> the arm touch is the gesture that suggests a familiarity between the host and the star while also allowing the host to touch someone way more famous. >> ladies and gentlemen, he's perfect. >> keep going. i mean i love him. >> did you guys coordinate your outfits for tonight? >> no, actually. >> love this. love this. >> we found out we were going to be here a couple of days ago. >> oh, yeah. yeah. uh-huh. hello, ladies. >> you guys are crazy. you started about a year ago. such a good time. wasn't sure what to expect. but what did i say when i came back? >> no, she loved you guys. >> you guys are ridiculous. >> there you go. >> oh, yeah, uh-huh. >> we made it up as we went along. and that's what i loved about you guys. >> you are hilarious. >> i know. >> you killed it. >> you've only known each other since 2010.
2:33 am
so not that long. >> yeah. >> hoe how do you account for the kind of familiarity and clicking? >> we just bonded right away. >> over -- >> >> sleeping together will do that. >> no, i mean it's like i compare it to like falling in love. you meet someone and it's like your soulmate. she is my comedic soulmate. we just immediately clicked. >> you both have backgrounds in comedy. >> yes. >> which one came from jimmy fallon -- >> i ran jimmy fallon's website and wrote for the website and twitter and all that stuff. >> you both do stand-up comedy. >> you guys are big on pop culture. you always have opinions, strong, strong strong opinions. we have this young lady on the plaza today. >> oh, we know. >> you do? tell me what you know about her. >> arianna grande. >> everyone loved her. >> it sounds like something you would get at starbucks. tell us about her. >> she is just a vision. >> she has the voice of this like mature, sensual woman.
2:34 am
>> you were the first to put her on the map basically. on the map? >> we like to think so. she was on our show. we had her come in and fire some people for us by singing to them. it was a segment we did. it was really funny. she is just great. just being around her in the green room and i realized i'll never have my own backup dancers, and it made me sad. >> and she might not have what you've got. >> yes. >> you guys claim you're like >> you guys claim you're like us, the kathie lee and hold day after nighttime. we are going to put you to a little test. willie geist is our master of ceremonies. he is going to quiz us on how well you know one another. >> called the newly friend game. >> newly friend game. >> okay. >> i'm going to start with hoda and kathie. hoda, what was your co-host wearing the first time you met? >> she was wearing something tight and her boobs were hanging out.
2:35 am
>> correct? >> no. >> what were you wearing? >> hold up your card. >> it wasn't that tight. >> a dress. >> yes. a dress. that's right. >> i don't remember. >> full credit. >> what was your co-host wearing the first time? >> i don't remember because i was drunk. >> okay. >> yes. let's see. what's the right answer? >> i said she was wearing glasses. i said i have no idea. >> full credit. >> they got a point for that? >> yeah. >> oh, god. >> this is my answer for sara. >> this was my answer for nikki. >> fine. >> okay. hoda, what is your co-host's guilty pleasure? >> chardonnay. >> be careful. >> does she really feel guilty about it? >> no, it isn't. >> what is it? >> it's the new chardonnay i will tell you about. >> i'll hear bit. >> i'm very fond of -- i'll tell you later. i said sweets. >> you don't love sweets. >> no, you. >> i don't understand the game.
2:36 am
>> your co-host's guilty pleasure is? >> i said she does not have a guilty pleasure. and she said -- >> i don't believe in them. >> you're right. >> don't give them a point. >> i said -- i would say either kardashians or frappuccinos. >> oh, i said watching youtube videos of people combing their hair. >> that is weird. they're as dumb as we are. >> fabulous. >> oh. >> next time we'll rehearse. >> you can catch nikki and sara live tonight on mtv. >> they are adorable. ever wonder why certain styles never look good on you? >> you know why? it's about your torso. bobbie thomas has all the answers coming up after this. >> why is she taping up alice? instead of refueled and focused, you're foggy and sluggish. it's that 2:30 feeling again. so how do you get your clear, alert feeling back?
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all right. before you go shopping or get dressed, we have help to get you dressed.
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>> it's all about dressing according to your body proportions. bobbie thomas, author of "the power style" says there is no better way to figure out your figure with tape. >> instead of worrying about the 3d body shape, your hips, your boobs, look at your proportions. this is body blocking. this is the x-factor in my book. something you and i talked about is your torso. torso trumps your body shape. my hip bones start here. let's see celebrity silhouettes. we have some pictures of three celebrities i traced. rachel bilson, cameron diaz and katie beckinsdale. you'll notice they are all about the same size but their stomachs, their torso sections have different lengths. hoda, you would think a balanced torso like myself is ideal. it's not. a short torso and long legs is what our society kind of holds
2:42 am
up there, models, mannequins. >> i don't think anything ever fits right when you have a short torso. >> belts don't. >> right. >> but they don't on me either because i'm long waisted. >> this is exactly why we are doing this segment before fall shopping. if you want to figure out what you are at home, we have -- >> ridiculous. >> i know. we have a graphic so you can check out what you have. it's about where your rib cage and pelvis have that gap. some of us have more space if you have a long torso. if you're short, you're barely going to get your hands in between your ribs and hipbone. if you're balanced like me, you'll get in between your ribs and hipbone, nuzzle it in there one hand. you'll get in between your ribs and hip bone, one hand. if you get more hands, you're longer. hoda, you can probably only get a few fingers in there. what i wanted to show you is we have a graphic, hoda that you're our star in. someone with a short torso. tips when you go shopping is all about where you cut yourself off. you want to make sure even though ideally you want those long legs, avoid tucking in tops.
2:43 am
let it hang out. also for you, which i can't imagine ever doing, cropped pants and showing an ankle strap or something is good because it will actually crop your legs and balance you out. >> why would you want to balance your long, gorgeous legs? she's got the legs everybody wants. >> it's all about balance. okay, now, if you have a long torso at home and saying you have short legs, that's a great thing sometimes. you can play around with accessories. but something that you should see in this graphic, maggie, who is in my office, she had -- again, she is the opposite where you really don't want to leave something untucked. you want to tuck it in to elongate the legs. hoda, a trick for you outside of that is just using a belt like you see on this mannequin. cheat the belt so it is a lower hip belt. like what you're doing today is really great because you have a really thin belt. and that thin belt is great. kathie, i didn't leave you out.
2:44 am
>> no, leave me out. >> i have a graphic of you, as well. even if you're balanced, you want to be careful of fashions you see this fall that are shape-shifting. so your boots, you know, there's a lot of longer boots out there, but be careful. you want to make sure you elongate your leg by getting it right at the point underneath your knee unless you have longer legs, then a taller boot, hoda, you would do well with the longer boot. >> those are not my boots. >> no, i photo many shopped you. >> i like that whole outfit. >> i do, too. >> i don't look anywhere near my age. >> not at all. >> we love our bobbie girl. >> love you. thank you. >> by the way, this past weekend went to poughkeepsie. >> yes, she did. >> did you ever have trouble finding the perfect make-up product? who needs make-up when you look like i do? >> of course. award-winning cosmetics. it doesn't even say that. you just said that right after this.
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ have you ever run out to the
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drugstore for mascara and lipstick and 30 minutes later can't figure out what to buy? >> the folks at "prevention" magazine have done all the work for you. they tried out over 1,500 makeup products and they narrowed down the very best in every category. >> here to reveal the annual beauty award winners is "prevention's" show shoban o'connor. >> that means these are science-backed and deliver results. so first category is concealer. worth the money. >> best concealer. it's a tie. so the first is a crayon, a concealer crayon which is great for precision. >> never used one of those. >> from l'oreal paris. costs $8. >> it's creamy. >> feel this. hoda, look at that.
2:50 am
>> it's like butter. >> what is the other one? >> for under eyes, this is from dr. perricone, great for under eye, it doesn't cake and creases which for an eye concealer is key. >> yeah. >> you dab it on. >> exactly. >> okay, good, nice. >> next up we have primer. this is your essential base coat if you don't have slip and slide face. this one from sonja and it contains an ingredient called nylon 12 which acts like a sponge on your day and absorbs oil throughout the day. like a drugstore or something? >> it's available at target. >> widely available, there you go. >> widely available. >> as for foundation, it was a bb cream. bb means beauty baum from tarte. if you feel like it, it feels like you have meringue. it feels like you have nothing on at all, but you're getting spf 30. >> this is a foundation. >> feel how light that is. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's like -- it's like
2:51 am
nothing is there. >> better than butter. better than butter. >> that's too light for you. >> you need a darker -- >> in the blush category, the winner was from elizabeth arden. this is a beautiful blush. and it's mineral based so it goes on -- it's very easy to blend into your skin. >> more people like the mineral stuff. they don't like putting any kind of cream in/oily stuff on your face and it stands up to sweat. >> best mascara. what is it? >> this is your desert island staple. you know, there are a million mascaras out. check out that wand. this is widely available and it's a great product. it's very widely available. it goes on clutch-free. you won't have raccoon eyes by noon. >> it's called the rocket volume. >> rocket, i like it. >> okay. next. >> so we found the holy grail of nail care. once you've applied your top coat and dried for a couple of
2:52 am
minutes, put these on. these drops will mean the difference between your manicure drying in 10, 20, 30 minutes or 2 to 5. >> that is crazy. >> it's great. >> sally hansen's dry and go. this is an eye liner that goes on really clean and smooth. >> you look good, girl. you're demo'ing. you look good, girl. >> the line isn't too harsh. it's goof proof. the formula lasts. >> soften that line or you will look older than you actually are. >> last but not least, these are from bare minerals. they're called marvelous moxie. it goes on and feels almost like a gloss but the pigment is quite bright. >> very pretty. thank you. you're awesome. you're great. >> we love to shop. >> need some help with snack ideas when the kids get home from school?
2:53 am
first this is "today" on nbc. come on, free food. ♪ back, back to school again
2:54 am
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♪ and if the lights are all
2:57 am
out ♪ it is time for "today's kitchen," what's cookin'. and easy and healthy goodies you can throw in your kids' lunch box. >> i feel like reed alexander has grown up with us. his cookbook has fun recipes your kids can help you make in the kitchen. >> i love you. >> good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> we've got jazzed-up back to school lunch. are you guys excited? are you hungry? >> we are excited. >> reinventing the traditional wrap. rice paper into warm water. what do you say? dunk these. we want it to become pliable. >> it's not warm. is that a problem? >> we've got some premade for tasting. it's really simple. kids are going to love to do this at home because ahead of time you can do this the night before. set up your favorite toppings. we've got all fresh veggies here. >> i love all this stuff. >> me too. >> awesome. >> totally awesome to the max. >> love cilantro. it's all fresh and easy.
2:58 am
once you got your favorite, hoda, you got it. like a salad in a roll. roll these up tightly. >> did you put shrimp in there, hoda? >> yes, i did some protein to stay satisfied. a little dough. heave, you want to give this one a shot? give it a test drive. beautifully done and then actually why don't you take a taste with the oriental dipping sauce, lemongrass, ginger. >> what do you guys think? do you like to take out chinese? this is at home. it's really easy. >> dunk it in the sauce. >> dunk it in. it's so much lighter. it's fresh. it's with sesame seeds, a little canola oil, some soy sauce. its fresh. >> i love that. >> delicious, right? >> awesome. >> i'm so glad. oh, my gosh. totally. let's swing around back. it's totally portable. peanut butter chocolate cookie bars. cross between a candy bar and a cookie cake. >> that's for you, hoda. >> whisk our dry ingredients. i'll turn on our mixer. we've got our wet ingredients. in there you've got some whole wheat flour, some white
2:59 am
flour, you've got some espresso powder, salt and baking powder. and basically we just incorporate this. very well done. totally. you're such a pro chef. you're learning. then you incorporate. you can add if you want. but you know what, 350 degrees, 35 minutes. go ahead and fill it with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. dig in. >> why are those better for you? >> i cut back on the saturated fat with peanut butter, lightened it up with egg white, and i've got some whole wheat flour to boost fiber. you are getting an indulgent treat. >> so into this. >> homemade take on an energy bar. >> now that you're here as a student in new york, you have to come back and see us much more often. >> i would be honored. >> we'd love it. >> thank you, guys. >> tomorrow, "hot in cleveland" star valerie bertinelli is with us. >> plus, the 90-year-old love birds sweeping the nation in the swiffer commercial. they're adorable. >> see you tomorrow. >> this is awesome. >> tastes like a ricci's cup. >> i'm so thrilled. >> oh, my god, reed.
3:00 am
oh, my god. >> i'm so happy you love this. >> my favorite. jeff: leaving a legacy of kindness. how one young man's last wish -- >> a $15 tip turned into a $500 tip. jeff: so people are just sending money in. >> people have already sent in $6,500. >> i am overwhelmed that someone changed my life. [cheers and applause] jeff: all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show, and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because


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