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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the man who kidnapped three cleveland girls, holding them captive for more than a decade, found dead inside his prison cell. new developments overnight in the death of ariel castro. a 49ers star accused of shooting a partygoer at his south bay home. the new exclusive details. and santa clara county could be without an ambulance provider, what the current provider's saying about it's contract. a live look outside this morning. you can see the bay bridge. not the new part, but a beautiful part. light show going on now. wednesday, september 4th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it's 4:30.
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i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. breaking news. we have a live picture from san leandro, live crews on the scene of a deadly fire at the trailer park. one person confirmed dead. christie smith is on the scene gathering information. she's going to have a live report coming up in a little bit. first, we want to turn things over to meteorologist rob in for christina loren. it's cooler today than the last couple of days. >> right on. a couple degrees cooler. 50s and low 60s. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures in the 70s low 80s inland, 60s for san francisco. towards the weekend, talking 90s in the forecast. now, a check of your commute, here's mike. >> looking toward oakland 880. it may seem borg at coliseum, but that's good because there's a lot of activity farther north
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from the shot. the southbound side, you'll get slowing as you come down off of 980 and head through downtown. slow down through downtown oakland. south of the coliseum, as you approach the transition, folks head toward the right as you head toward 92, construction heading into the left. moved you toward highway 92 -- darn it i moved it too far -- traffic's okay. bridge is in the same spot, it's the camera's that moved. traffic running smoothly. a view of the bridge coming up. 4:32. happening now, president obama in sweden for the first stop of a three-day trip overseas. he arrived in stockholm three hours ago. there, the president is expected to address issues such as climate change, trade, and technology. he will be meeting with the prime minister of sweden. this is the first bilateral
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visit by a sitting u.s. president to weeden. tomorrow he'll head to russia for the g-20. ariel castro, the man convicted of holding three women captive for nearly a decade is dead this morning. investigators say he committed suicide from his prison cell. >> reporter: good morning. we have learned overnight ariel castro has killed himself. he was found in his prison cell in southern ohio around 9:20 last night. authorities performed cpr, brought him up to a columbus area hospital, where he died around 11:00 p.m. tuesday evening. he was in protective custody, meaning monitored every 30 minutes in a cell all to his own. it's unclear how he did this, what he may have used. an investigation is under way. consider how fast this has happened, four months ago three women he kidnapped, raped and tortured were living in a home, now replaced by a park on the
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west side. this morning in the community, many are applauding, others are questioning how could there be a lapse in the system. again, an investigation under way as word spreads across the country that ariel castro, the man who was put away for 1,000 years, killed himself just weeks into his prison sentence. back to you. >> much closer to home now, sentencing for convicted killer joseph nasoset to begin today. he was found guilty last month of killing four women. the murders happened in the 19 0s and 1990s in northern california. he acted as his own attorney during the trial. family members of one of the victims said they hope he gets death penalty. back to our breaking news out of san leandro. firefighters on the scene of a trailer fire. we've received confirmation someone inside that trailer has died. the fire erupted less than an hour ago on grand avenue off
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interstate 580. christie smith just got to the scene. what can you tell us. >> reporter: a had a chance to talk to the chief for alameda county and fire, neighbors were knocking on the trailer, trying to weak the person up but it was too late. firefighters found this trailer that you see behind me, i'm going to step aside, you can see the very top of this, they call this trailer number one at a mobile home park here on grand avenue. they say when they arrived it was fully involved, there was smoke and flames coming from the trailer itself. when they got inside, they found one person deceased at this point. firefighters don't know if it's a male or a female. but they say heavy smoke and flames pouring out of it. we saw them inside again spraying water on it. they done know if the person was asleep or trapped or why they weren't able to get out. that will all be part of their investigation. at this point, the cause is
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still under investigation. they think there was one person inside. reporting live in san leandro, christie smith, "today in the bay." 4:36. a story only on nbc bay area news. just four days before the 49ers kick off their season, one of the defensive stars is in legal trouble. it's a story our investigative unit first broke last night. a civil lawsuit filed yesterday makes strong accusations against all-pro linebacker aldon smith and the tight end walker. walker's now with the titans. the lawsuit stems from out of control party that ended in gunfire at smith's home in june 2012. the attorney says his clients and one of two people shot that night. the lawsuit claims smith and walker repeatedly and illegally fired weapons on numerous occasions night of the party. it also claims the two were intoxicated. the suit claims walker made his
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way to the driveway and fired shots into the air and toward people attending the party. the plaintiff says he was shot twice but did not know exactly who the gunman was member sustained serious and permanent injuries. aldon smith's attorney says smith will have no comment on the pending litigation. the investigative unit rereached out to the titans but got no response. more details at 5:00. santa clara county's ambulance provider wants out of its contract. rural metro corp is preparing a plan to cut short its five-year contract. the company, facing bankruptcy, claims to be losing $5 million a year. rural metro's operation chief says the company would likely bid on a new contract if freed from the current one with the county. officials will not consider any kind of rebidding unless the board of supervisors agrees. rural metro has come under fire for late response times and poorly maintained ambulances.
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vector control crews in full force fighting the spread of the deadly west nile virus. crews fogging for moss skeet toes in north san jose. between lundy avenue, highway 101, north in milpitas, fog along 680. santa clara county officials say adult moss ske amosquitoes tested positive for the west nile virus. fogging start at 11:00 tonight. let's check in with rob. my friend from the weekends. we generally work together then. >> nice to have you both. >> someone's messing with our alarm clocks again. here superearly. 50s and 60s now. 61 in san jose. if you're keeping close attention, 24 hours ago, we are cooler than yesterday. we've lost the tropical humidity, replaced it with
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cooler pacific ocean or marine layer humanity that swept inland with the sea breeze and patchy, low clouds. there you see the temperature change, cooler than yesterday. the weather short term is mild, a weather system here passing by to the north. will not bring us showers but it's going it reinforce the sea breeze through tomorrow. the weekend and friday, temperatures climb up. through 8:00, 50s and 60s. lunchtime temperatures in the 0s. we'll manage 70s and 80s innland. things turning breezy by 4:00. we will see that on shore wind. keep us mile through thursday. friday and the weekend, numbers in the valleys, midst to upper 90s for the bay area for our valleys and 70s and 80s closer to the coast. >> maybe we'll be closer to the coast perhaps. water's edge, i told you i'd show you a clear view of the san mateo bridge, here it is. wasn't it worth waiting for? good stuff. almost 4:40.
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look at that, smooth flow of traffic. san mateo bridge less popular now that the bay bridge opened without indianapolcident. hayward, smooth transition off of 238. sensors have a tad bit of slowing. fas-trak, slow down to 25. there's that construction zone i told you about on southbound side. from 980 into downtown oakland. speeds are starting to recover a bit. whatever movement for the equipment, it's moving clear. we'll have speeds getting restored as well. farther south, again, san mateo bridge, go south because from there it's the commute to decoto, dumbarton bridge. average speed close to the limit. a look at caltrans camera, no one's there. roads are open. 980 at 101, smooth. 17 smooth flow as well. chp is trying to clear up confusion on fas-trak passes and
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toll lanes. according to the "mercury news," the chp says drivers must have their transresponder attached to their windshield to make sure it's read properly. it's important in the express lanes on 237, 680 and 880. there are no cameras to record the license plates of possible offenders on the highways. bay area bridges do have cameras to record license plates. got that? in i need to get a as if track in the first place. >> drop mike's name. they'll led you slide. everybody, just use it. >> 4:41. new cell phone law headed to the governor's desk. amazing, new video out of japan. a pair of tornados have touched down. look at that. one sent students running for cover at a school. as the president gets ready for the g-20 summit, capitol hill lawmakers poised to make a key decision on military action in syria.
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good morning. a live look at the former site of ariel castro's home in cleveland, ohio. if you haven't heard, ariel castro was found dead. he hanged himself in his prison cell late last night. this is the story we're following today. of course, he's the man who was
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convicted of holding three women captive in his home for more than a decade. we'll have more on the story coming up. 4:45. the president could get key backing for a military strike in syria. the senate foreign relations committee expected to approve a measure supporting a military strike today. key senate democrats and republicans have agreed to back a no troops on the ground action in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons attacks. the obama administration says there have been more than a dozen chemical weapon strike business the syrian government on its own people. rebels say that number's higher. yesterday secretary of state john kerry told the senate foreign relations committee, syrian president assad's regime would continue to use chemical weapons against its people unless people take action. putten is warning the west from taking action in support. he'll support a resolution on military strikes if there's evidence to back it up but will not support one-sided action by the u.s.
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putin hopes he and president obama will have serious discussions on syria during the g-20 summit in st. petersburg this week. the crisis in syria continues to have an effect on our markets. good morning, bertha. >> good morning. the markets are jittery about the uncertainty over syria. futures this morning are lower, after the market started off september with a modest rally. stocks rose early on upbeat manufacturing data out of the u.s. and europe. but then we did see a lot of the gains taken back after president obama called for a quick congressional vote on his plan for limited military trikes? syria. john boehner offering support to that plan. today data on the trade deficit and report from the fed on regional economic conditions. the dow starts 14833 after rising 23 points. the nasdaq, at 3612 after rising 22. and samsung plans to announce
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it's going to install security software on new android phones. the move aimed aed at business customers than the average consumer. hackers found ways to steal corporate date. americans are getting less paid vacation days than they did 20 years ago. report by the labor day says 1993, 82% workers got paid days off. na number down to 77%. the biggest declines for people who work part time and those who companies with fewer than 100 employees. you can't find a full-time job and work part time, you never turn down work. i never did as a freelancer. hard to take off time if you're not going to get paid. >> right. japan overnight hit with another round of strong tornadoes. this amateur video shows debris crashing against windows of a school, sending students running
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for cover. twists are tore apart homes and buildings and tore apart cars there are no immediate reports of injuries. monday tornadoes tore through eastern japan, destroying buildings and injuring dozens of people. let's check in with rob mayeda. of all of 0 the numbers mentioned, earlier update, i remember the number 98. >> yeah. temperatures soaring in our inland valley. if you like cooler weather, enjoy the next couple of days. big changes coming our way. right now, low 50s in the north bay. one of the cooler starts to the morning we've seen so far this week. low 60s in san jose. sea breeze strong. that will continue to be the case at least through tomorrow, before it backs off. temperatures start to climb up moving into the weekend. oakland a's take on the rangers. you'll see the game time after noon. should be gorgeous for baseball. and or an a's win to get back newspaper first place. weather system here passing by
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to the north. it will not bring us rain but reinforce onshore winds. strong sea breeze, heat held in check for the next two days. high pressure back towards california, 70s and 80s towards the coast. there's the place to escape the heat. inland, all weekend, 90s in our valleys. patches of low clouds coming back to the seashore. as we head into tomorrow morning, we'll look at temperatures around the south bay. close to 80 in san jose. low to mid-80s around the tri-valley. and temperatures back towards san francisco in the upper 60s. mid-70s near oakland. low 80s in the north bay. temperatures are looking comfortable. they may drop tomorrow. look at friday. that's almost 10-degree jump in inland temperatures. 90 free. once here, you'll find they're going to stick around through the beginning of next week. mid to upper 90s inland. there's that 98. saturday afternoon. mid 90s for the weekend ahead mr. thanks a lot. a new bill banning teens
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from texting and driving even if they use hand hfz free method is is headed to the governor's desk. the new one would clarify drivers under 18 are prohibited from using a cell phone while driving, no matter what. the california supreme court will hear arguments on whether an undocumented immigrant can get his law license in the state. sergio garcia of chico passed the bar exam four years ago but not able to get his law license because he came to the u.s. illegally as a child. garcia has taken the issue to the california supreme court and has the backing of attorney general harris and the state board of bar examiners but the obama administration, despite calling for immigration reform, has urges the court not to grant garcia a law license, saying it would conflict with current immigration laws. good news coming out of
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tuolumne county. as advisories lifted when it comes to the rim fire. now 80 percent contains, barely spreading. steady at 236,000 acres burns. started august 17th. the cause of the fire under investigation. 4:51. more than 1,000 rescues chickens on the way to east coast where they're put up for adoption. video of the hens from the animal place sanctuary. the hens are from a california egg farm who said the animals had outlived their youthfulness and about to be slaughtered. the sanctuary has a range for 1100 of the birds to be flown to upstate new york where they're distributed to other animal rescue groups. operation chicken airlift, as it's called, takes flight tonight 5:00. 4:51. nfl veteran seneca wallace taking shots at 49ers after leaving the team last week. what he's accusing the coaches of doing into plus, a community
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coming together. a south bay high school gets much-needed help from unexpects sources to make sure the football season goes on as planned. a nice, easy drive right now through the north bay. the weekend saw a lot of traffic for the richmond bridge. yesterday, things got back to normal. smooth flow for 101.
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former 49ers seneca wallace is not pulling any punches when talking about his old team. >> only played for the niners for a few weeks before leaving the preseason. he quickly realized the reason the 49ers signed him had nothing do with football. and everything to do with getting backup colt mccoy to tack a pay cut. he's backing up former cal qb aaron rodgers. the niners host the packers sunday. a great story for you here. great news for san jose's gunderson high school football team. there will be a season after all the junior varsity season was in jeopardy when the team could not come up with enough equipment for 20 players. help came from all over, including rivals. gunderson alum and green bay packer james jones helped out. 4:5. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is open.
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day two. >> was it closed? yeah that whole weekend thing. exactly. here, look, this is beautiful. i want to show this to you over my shoulder. the new span, the older span not getting the highlight, but that's a smooth flow across the bridge. toll plaza as well. look, they've got a fresh coat of pavement, put in new lines and dividers. smooth, easy drive. adjustment at metering lights. there's a reconfiguration as you make the merge, heads up for folks. to the maps, smooth flow of traffic. back towards this map. a lot of slowing past cal. that may be because classes are back in session and folks need to get there before the other folks arrive for school. there you go through cal and the area. no problems interstate 880, east shore freeway. in the construction zone, they pulled over a big rig into the lane as well. as they move the cones, they have to move the big rig taking
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additional time. fender bender went on there. slow in both directions 83 downtown oakland for the time being. no delayser fots tri-valley. little bit of slowing off the mrj with 205. the sound of sirens expected to sound on the peninsula today. special test and why you should not be worried. new intrigue in the america's cup. finals ready to start. why defending champ team oracle could have a tough time repeating.
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overnight fire claims the life of an elderly woman in the east bay. what neighbors did to try to help. >> reporter: live here to the south bay where a lawsuit is making strong accusations against 49ers' aldon smith. that story coming up. nice start to the morning. 50 and 60s for now. mid to upper 90s. back in the seven day forecast.
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we'll let you know when the heat's going to arrive, coming up. early in the commute. something that may be an issue as you come off the carquinez bridge. upper east shore, that's where my focus is now. live look outside at the bay bridge. neglected half of the bay bridge. the one that has the light show. the one that nobody's looking at anymore. i don't know why. it's wednesday, september 4th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. ninkz joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. laura and 0 jon have the morning off. breaking news in san leandro. despite desperate efforts by neighbors, one person has died in an overnight fire in a trailer home. fire started an hour ago at a trailer at grand avenue off interstate 580. "today in e


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