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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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an exchange of gunfire erupts in san mateo. i'm arturo santiago live on the scene where police are investigating. we'll have the latest details coming up. in the south bay san jose police make a series of artests in connection to two violent homicides. >> and the unseen side effect of the bay bridge closure. while the b.a.r.t. service is struggling even though the bridge is back open. we take you live outside and give you a look at the western span of the bay bridge as the sparkling lights do their thing early on this thursday, september 45th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. jon and laura are off the morning. we begin in the peninsula where a home invasion robbery ended in gunfire. it happened just off highway 101 in san mateo. there's at least one person shot. authorities say they're looking for more vic tills. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago joins us with more information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terry. police got the call around 1:00 this morning. they responded to a home on the 1500 block of lodi avenue. when officers arrived, there was a 24-year-old man in the street who had been shot. he was taken to the hospital with what's considered to be non-life threatening injury. san mateo police had been in here for several hours now and appears they're going to be in here for several more as they continue to collect evidence and process the scene. at this point police are only saying there was an exchange of
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gunfire. police say there may also be other victims, but they did not elaborate. >> at this time i can't disclose that information. we're still in the preliminary stages of the investigation. the last thing we want to do at this point is jeopardize the investigation. >> reporter: also overnight there was a report of a victim with multiple gunshot wounds who walked into the regional medical center in san jose. police here are not commenting on whether or not these two shootings are related. again, police will be on the scene for several more hours as they continue their investigation. we're live in san mateo. i'm arturo santiago, "today in the bay." >> arturo, thanks so much. now we turn things over to meteorologist christina loren who is back today. so nice to see you. >> hey there, terry mcsweeney. hi, marla. happy to be back. temperatures are really comfortable out there this morning. we are in the 60s and upper 50s just about everywhere except in wine country. you might need to pull out a
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coat in novato. weather story rolls like this. we'll see a brief cooldown today and tomorrow and we rank that heat for the all-important weekend which is so close. i'll have the forecast coming up in a few moments. let's check your drive on a thursday with mike inouye. >> this thursday we're looking good. partially because you're here, christina. thank you for coming back. it brings some energy to the newsroom. we're looking towards the san mateo bridge bringing folks over to the peninsula with the headlights. a smooth drive. look at the map as folks get off 92 at 101. approaching north 101 at hillsdale, an earlier crash might have activity on the off-ramp. the other issue arturo is reporting is near kehoe off the freeway as well. again, not a problem for 101. on the east side, a second issue there. we'll look farther south past palo alto. university the only slower spot. we're looking at a nice easy drive there for 101 and 280.
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back to you. 4:33. happening now, president obama has just arrived in russia. here he is, getting off air force one. not too long ago, continuing his overseas trip. he landed in st. petersburg within the past hour and a half. right now he's holding a bilateral meeting with the prime minister of japan. just about an hour from now, about 5:30, mr. obama will meet with leaders from 19 other countries for the start of the g-20 summit. the president's push for a military strike against syria is certain to overshadow this event as he will try to win over world leaders to get their support for punishing syrian president bashar al assad's regime. a san jose family is searching for answers after the sudden death of her mother. reyna figueroa was found in east san jose tuesday afternoon.
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police say it's a homicide. figueroa worked as a school yard supervisor at an elementary school near her home. san jose police made two additional arrests in connection with a shooting death of a san jose state nursing student. jonna lozano, care ris warren and jesse grant were involved in a gang-related shootout near third and san salvador. 19-year-old kimberly chico was hit by a stray bullet. walmart workers in san francisco and a dozen other cities are expected to hit the picket line this morning. organizers of the protest say the company missed a labor day deadline to respond to their demands. their demands include reinstating workers they say were illegally fired and a commitment to improve jobs nationwide. the company, however, say the protests are stunts orchestrated by union members and activists and do not represent the views of most of their associates.
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the california public utilities commission is considering cracking down on popular app-based ride-sharing services like uber, lift and side car. today the commission is expected to vote on proposed regulations that would apply to any company using the internet to connect riders with non-commercial drivers. under the proposal drivers would have to undergo background checks and a driver training program. there also would be a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and a strict insurance policy. the cpuc says the regulations are designed to keep riders safe. it comes one day after the nfl players association announced it's seeming up with uber to help players get around safely. every active player will get a personalized key chain card with $ $ 200 in ride credits.
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4:36. traffic is moving smoothly over the bay bridge and the eastern span. a live look at the new span all lit up. as we have reported, caltrans closed the bij for five days to get the new span ready for traffic by tuesday's morning commute. but doing so had an unforeseen consequence for bavrmt during the closure you may recall b.a.r.t. ran trains around the clock and now many of those trains need some maintenance work done. now b.a.r.t. says more than a dozen cars are out of commission for things like door trouble, overheating and stuck windshield wipers. let's check what's going on forecastwise. i'm thinking about it already. i know christina is. >> you know, the weekend. everybody deserves those two days of sleep in here in america. we work really hard. this weekend is one of our final weekends of summertime and the conditions are going to be perfect for the beach. 64 in livermore, 61 in san jose. good morning in sunnyvale, 59.
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at 63 degrees to kickoff the day in oakland. by noon today temperatures are going to climb nicely. we're talking about the upper 70s in antioch at lunchtime. here is the deal, about three to five degrees cooler in most cities than where we ended up yesterday. that results in 86 for livermore, 77 in fremont and 69 degrees on the way to san francisco. you're still getting spoiled in the city by the bay even with that brief cooldown. mike, i'm curious, have you had a chance to drive over the new span of the bay bridge yet? >> i have not had a chance to. during the evening hours when i might get up there, it has been packed back and forth. everybody is trying to drive across that span just for the heck of it. we'll admire it from our wonderful cameras. i may wait a little while, at least a few more days. at 880 this is the big backup past the coliseum. construction crews typically clear just before 5:00. that's when we see the traffic break.
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you see the flashing lights the don't of your screen, removing the closure. that's what's causing the backup right now. we see the slow drive on our system here north of the coliseum where there's a game tonight, the a's play the astros. 580 not a problem toward the maze. down the eastshore freeway as well, west 80 has been a proble pour the last couple days. a lot of folks heading the the bay bridge who might not normally cross the span. the slower drive across because folks are admiring that. no incidents, at least no big accidents. that's good news as far as the flow on the span. looking over toward the san rafael area. southbound 101, no delays novato down to the richmond-san rafael bridge. getting through security at the bay area's biggest airports is about to get faster. oakland, san jose and sfo are part of the tsa's expedited screening program which is expanding to include 100 airports around the country. it allows preapproved passengers to keep their shoes and belts on and keep laptops and liquids in their bags as they go through
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screening. not everyone qualifies for the program. with more people in the fast lanes, the regular security lines could get shorter as well. it is 4:40 now. let the watch wars begin. the day after samsung unveiled its first smart watch this morning, a new contender already on the market. a possible second chance for one of california's biggest junior colleges. a little known rule that could save city college of san francisco. plus the head of the u.n. calls on world leaders about the crisis in syria. we'll have the new developments overnight.
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welcome back everybody at 4:43. looking at a live picture of san jose and we've got a nice warming trend on the way. a great weekend in front of us. aren't they all great? i think they are. >> i agree. it is 4:43. now to the latest on the crisis in syria. the u.n. secretary general is calling for an international conference on syria to resolve the conflict. in a statement overnight, ban ki moon said, quote, a political solution is the only way to end the bloodshed in syria, end quote. this comes as the u.s. congress votes on launching a military strike against syria in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons, president
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obama just landed in russia for the g-20 summit where syria is expected to be a topic of discussion. china's g-20 delegation says a u.s.-led military strike could have global consequences, particularly for the economy. meantime syria's government continues to blame rebel forces for the deadly attacks on civilians last month. during a political meeting yesterday, the political adviser called the attack a massacre and blamed it on terrorists and the extremists. she also criticized the u.s. and other governments for considering military action before revealing the results of the u.n. investigation on the alleged use of chemical weapons t. full senate is expected to take a vote on military action next week. the senate foreign relations committee approved a plan to launch a limited air strike against syria. lawmakers from the house and senate will be briefed by white house officials in a closed door meeting today. the people who hemp get you
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up in the morning are trying to help you get through lunch. a popular coffee company making a deal with campbell's soup. plus the watch wars are under way. seema mody live at cnbc world headquarters with a look at how futures are trading. >> good morning. stocks are off to a rocky start but managed to close near session highs yesterday after the fed gave an upbeat regional assessment of the u.s. economy and even as the white house continued to make its case for military action in syria. we get data today on factory orders and chain store sales. ahead of the open futures are mixed. let the smart watch wars begin, samsung beat apple to the wrist when it unveiled the new galaxy smart watch which comes equipped with voice capability and a big speaker. qualcomm announced their own toq device ahead of an event next week at which apple is expected to reveal the new i watch
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technology. if you're thinking about getting a french press, you may want to rethink the idea. company's soup announced it will sell soup k cups to keurig brewers as campbell looks to make soup more convenient. the new one-minute dish which will include a k cup of broth that can be brood over a pact of dried noodles and vegetables will be marketed and offer three flavors including chicken both and noodles. we'll have to watch out for that. >> seema, thanks so much. >> love it. >> you do? >> yeah. do you know what one is? >> makes a cup at a time. it's nice for me being on my own. he's not interested in what i'm having to say. meteorologist christina loren, we're so happy you're back. you brought nice temperatures with you, too. >> i did. i prefer about three to four cups at a time waking up at this hour. good morning, terry and marla.
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you know what? we're getting a little cool down before we crank the heat over the course of the weekend. saturday and sunday looking hot, near triple digits in your inland cities. i'll show you the seven day in just a minute. starting out nice and mild, no jacket in livermore, 64 degrees, 66 in san jose. gilroy is kicking off a thursday at 55 degrees. even the outlying cities getting cool temperatures, but not too cold out there. we have a wind factor this morning, a little windchill from fairfield all the way through concord and livermore. you'll find sustained winds between eight and 23 miles per hour. hold on to your steering wheels, a little gusty out there with an area of low pressure kicking up a bit of a pressure gradient. starting tomorrow afternoon into the all morning weekend, let's take a look at the fog factor. we stop the clock at 7:00 a.m. not expecting a whole lot. but the slow clouds will span all the way inland. between 7:00 and 10:00 we'll get
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clearing. temperatures are looking down right comfortable with all the sunshine coming in so early. here we go. take you into the afternoon hours, 86 for livermore, 83 in santa teresa, 69 degrees, you can't beat that in the city by the bay. here it is, the all-important weekend forecast, want to start your mind thinking about the fact that we're transitioning from summer into fall pretty rapidly. temperatures next week overall are looking to run quite a bit cooler. might get showers towards the end of next week. take advantage of our final beach days. beautiful beach weather saturday into sunday. hot inland, but one of the last weeks of summer. so embrace it, enjoy it. >> where does time go? >> back to you. >> it is 4:48. a deal just announced by governor brown should keep hundreds of millions of dollars flowing. a dispute of the state's public employee pension law prompted the federal government to halt more than $1.5 billion in grants
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that were supposed to go to the state's public transit agencies. in the bay area alone an estimated $600 million would have been at risk. that includes almost $1450 million for b.a.r.t.'s extension to san jose. the agency will get the funds once the bill passes as expected. city college of san francisco is turning to one last lifeline in the fight to keep its accreditation. the college is asking for a review by the accreditation commission. they're citing a little-known buy law to allow them to reverse the decision. they're set to lose its accreditation in july after the commission decided the college hadn't done enough to reform financial policies an management. a bay area congressman will pay a visit to san jose state to talk about the federal sequestration cuts. congressman mike honda will meet with students and faculty members in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. many of the students are part of a program that receives federal funding, but that funding was
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slashed as part of the sequestration cuts. honda says he wants to find out how the cuts are impacting students. san jose's martin luther king, junior library celebrates its tenth anniversary in its current location. mayor chuck reed will speak at a celebration this morning. the celebration will include the opening of a time capsule buried at the old main library in 1970. inside that time capsule is a letter from former mayor ron james. james is expected to be at the ceremony today. time is 4:50. new surveillance photos of the woman police are calling the snake scam artist. are you ready for football? the broncos and havens get ready to kickoff the season tonight. we have an early prediction of who will win. if i have wings at home, i'm the winner. looking at fremont. a smooth drive here, mission boulevard. that connector has opened.
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we'll talk about that closure or the slowdown we saw in oakland coming up.
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welcome back. we have new images of the prime suspect in what police are calling a snake scam. police say this woman poses as an animal control officer and tells homeowners to go into their back yard while she looks for snakes inside.
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when they do, her accomplice cases the house. police say she has hit homes in belmont, burmg game, san mateo and fremont. an update on hens sent cross country. they tell us the birds are on their way to a farm in new york to be distributed to the farms taking them in. the hens flew out of grass valley yesterday as part of operation chicken rescue. the california group rescued the hence from a farmer who planned to kill them. they were distributed across the country thanks to an anonymous donor. beekeepers say they're losing tens of thousands of dollars because the honey is turning out red. state inspectors say it's likely the result of one bee keeping operation that apparently was feeding its bees a syrup made of crushed candy canes. oth the red /* they say the honey
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not only looks bad, it also tastes pretty terrible as well. >> that could be a problem. >> i don't get it. >> christina, red honey, gold honey, what's your choice? >> let's talk to mike first. >> just call me honey, that's fine. >> i almost called you christina. >> that happens all the time, terry. also called a honey boo-boo, that's what happened. a smooth drive through san jose. no slowing at the limit. that's pretty much the situation. south 880 toward 208 we had the construction zone but the freeway is open. an earlier crash at 17 and hamilton. not a problem for lanes. paperwork if anything at all at this point. looking at a smooth drive through the tri-valley as well. a little slowing off the dublin interchange. it's east 580. there's also often construction going on picking up about now. we'll track it. only down to 58 through the area. a look at oakland 4880 where i saw the earlier traffic break.
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we showed that through high street. no delay into downtown. back to you. >> thank you, mike or christina. >> or honey. >> i didn't call him honey. football season is final lie here. the defending super bowl champion baltimore ravens face peyton manning of the denver broncos. game time is 5:30. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. a lot of people predicting who will win tonight's game. puppies are predicting the winner on jimmy fallon. this is a non-scientific survey. earlier this morning the puppies picked the broncos by a 4-3 margin. because of tonight's game we have scheduling changes. tune in at 4:00 p.m. for a special edition of nbc bay area news followed by football night in america. then kickoff at 5:30. your local news immediately following the game. the raiders an 9ers don't start their season until sunday. the 9ers host the packers in a repeat of last year's play-off
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game. they say they're ready to win and they know just how to stop kaepernick if he steps out of the pocket. we'll see about that! >> that's a strange thing to say. >> what? >> that they're going to stop him this time. because they're not going to. >> that's right. they're not going to. 4:57. a family grieving after what appears to be a tragic accident in an oakland parking lot. a young 2-year-old boy killed. we'll tell you what police think happened. san mateo investigating a home invasion robbery this morning. one gunshot victim found. police are look for more victims. arturo santiago on the scene getting the latest details from police. we have a live report coming up next.
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after an exchange of gunfire, police find one victim and they're looking for more. i'm arturo santiago live in san mateo. i'll have the latest details coming up. also a new warning from police on one bay area college campus after a pair of indecent
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exposure incidents. today looks like a fantastic day for your outdoor plans. you're just getting to work, comfortable. upper 50s, low 60s right now. just three weekends of summertime before the official kickoff of fall. i'm looking at the san mateo bridge for what's not going on or what you'll have to get going around for highway 92. we'll give you the update going up. you've got the san mateo bridge. i've got the western span of the bay bridge, everyone talking about the eastern span. the lights are fantastic. they seem to be working really well. you can see the lights reflecting on the bay. a gorgeous morning out there. it is thursday, september 45th. this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. good to be here with you, marla. >> nice to have you. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez


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