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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a san francisco parks worker accused of running over a mother, killing her and then leaving the scene. why neighbors say they aren't surprised. new details on an nbc bay area exclusive. a second lawsuit has been filed against 49ers star aldon smith. happening now, president obama meeting with the top world leaders at that g-20 summit. what he's doing behind the scenes to try to get support for military action in syria. a live look outside this morning, looking at san francisco. it looks pretty darn clear. nice weekend, very warm. it's friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning everyone. it's 4:30. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. jon and laura have the day off. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. you saw the clear skies, dark skies but we're in for a significant warmup. >> let's get to the good stuff. happy friday to both of you and to you at home you made it to the end of the week. although it will be hot, you made it. i can tell you right now there are some choice places where you can celebrate that heat across the bay area. 58 degrees in livermore to kickoff the day, 59 in san jose, and we're at 58 degrees in san francisco. so how hot will it be where you live? i'll show you that in just a minute. but first a check of the drive with mike. >> we're looking at the speeds, at that time limit. good stuff through fremont. had a little trouble getting on
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there, the ardenwood on-ramp from east 84 to south 880 still closed. held me up a little bit. that's why i'm late. made it for the show. >> that's all that matters. >> 880 toward the coliseum, the traffic flows nicely as well. losing a couple lanes through downtown and southbound you also lose a couple lanes heading down toward a street. president obama is wrapping up his two-day visit in russia as the g-20 summit is coming the a close. the president is still trying to gain support for that military strike against syria. earlier this morning he, along with dozens of other world leaders took a few minutes to pose for a group photo in st. petersburg. overnight the president met with chinese president xi jinping. the two talked about several issues ranging from the economy to north korea's nuclear program, but the crisis in syria was not addressed. china indicated it will not
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support military action against the syrian government. world leaders at the g-20 summit say they agree with president obama that chemical weapons were used in syria last month, but a french official says many of the leaders are still unsure who was behind the attack, the syrian government or the rebels. the u.s. and france are preparing a possible military strike against syria and hoping to gain support from other world leaders. the u.s. senate will begin the process today of debating whether to authorize the military strike on syria. senate majority leader hairy read says he'll briefly convene the senate today to discuss the proposal. president obama says he'll wait for congressional approval before a strike. members of congress return from their summer vacation and begin to hold briefings and hearings to gather information on the alleged chemical weapons attack. a san francisco neighborhood is mourning the loss of a mother hit and killed right in front of her baby. this happened at holly park yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a park worker was driving a maintenance truck down
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the paved path when he suddenly turned on to the lawn, driving right over the woman who was laying in the grass with her baby and also dog. she died from her injuries. witnesses say the driver kept going even as people yelled at him to stop. police tracked him down minutes later and arrested him for leaving the scene of an accident. park goers say workers cutting through the grass of this crowded park is nothing new. >> a tragedy, not paying attention. being out of control, doing what they want to do. >> the baby and dog were not hurt. the identity of this driver is not being released. police say he is cooperating with investigators and will be tested for drugs and alcohol. the person accused of killing a san jose mother is expected to be formally charged today. san jose police say reyna figueroa knew her killer. they won't say how. she was found inside her mini van outside san antonio elementary school on tuesday. her husband says her throat was
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slashed. she worked as a yard duty supervisor at an elementary school for 12 years. bri . just two days until the 49ers kickoff the seasons against the green bay packers. the nbc bay area investigative unit has confirmed a second lawsuit has now been filed in santa clara county against defensive star aldon smith and former tight end delanie walker. the suit was filed on behalf of aaron reyes. both plaintiffs paint a similar picture of a wild and out-of-control party with guns, gangs and drugs in smith's san jose home in june of last year. reyes says he received, quote, serious, catastrophic and permanent injuries at the party. he accuses smith and walker of knowing gang members at the home and he says drugs were used in the wide open. no word on whether criminal charges will be filed.
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aldon smith's legal team has emphasized there will be no further comment. he's expected to play sunday against the packers. the driver who hit and killed a man at a mountain view bus stop is scheduled to go to trial. matthew pumar is charged with speeding through a red light, swerved and lost control onto his car. he careened onto the sidewalk, hitting and killing william ware. his defense team argues the light was not red and he was not speeding. the landlords from hell are expected to be sentenced. kipp and nicole macy pleaded guilty to residential burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft. they've been charged with stealing the belongings, even cutting a hole in the floor of one of the units. meteorologist christina loren, you have to forgive us. how could we not mention the
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fact that it's friday right out of the gate. >> i know, right? i was like what's going on? is it not friday. good morning to you. we've got a good looking day shaping up, especially when you put things into perspective. record breaking heat potentially as we get through the next couple days. all right today you will notice the difference as temperatures creep up by about five to ten degrees on average. 58 degrees to kickoff the day in livermore, 62 in oakland, 58 in san francisco. we'll take you into your lunchtime hour. we're talking about 80 degrees at noon in san jose, closer to 90 here to finish the day. 91 for gilroy, 96 in livermore and 94 in fairfield. i'll let you know who is going to see 102 to 105 degrees as we get into the weekend. that's coming up in my next report. first let's check the drive with mike. >> good morning, christina. it's not going to be me. wherever you show 102, i'm not going there. looking at the bay bridge, if you have to cross here, smooth drive, bottom of your screen the
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new span. top of the screen the existing. want to give both sides a little attention. both sides have no problems. approaching the area down the eastshore freeway and across the arrow marking, into san francisco a smooth drive. giants play tonight at 7:15. you'll have post work traffic there. also coming up past the coliseum, no big deal except for a patch past the coliseum and up past fifth, we have construction causing slowing. there's a bull rider's association going on and an a's game. looking at the peninsula side, palo alto, 101, the brightest thing there is the sign. at the limit off 101 and 280. thanks, mike. it's 4:38. a weekend full of racing is slated for the san francisco bay with a little intrigue. the america's cup finals start tomorrow, team oracle usa will start with a negative two wins. that's not good. an international committee punished oracle earlier this week for illegally modifying
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their boats during the world series regatta series last year and earlier this year. this means oracle must win 11 races to regain its title while challenger emirates new zealand must only win nine. all of the races will air right here on nbc bay area. it's 4:39. an alarming new trend among teenagers, e cigarettes. details of a new study next. plus as firefighters start to wrap up work on the rim fire in yosemite, we're learning more about what caused it, also a look at how badly a bay area family camp was damaged by the fire. back in court. a former nfl player, aaron hernandez, expected to officially be arraigned this morning on homicide charges.
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former nfl star now accused murderer aaron hernandez will be back in court this morning. a massachusetts grand jury indicted hernandez on first degree murder and weapons charges last month. he's accused of orchestrating the murder of semi pro football player, 27-year-old oden lloyd. he was found shot to death near hernandez's home in june. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the murder. the former new england patriots
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tight end could face life in prison if convicted. the body of kidnapper and rapist ariel castro is expected to be released to his family this morning. once the paperwork is processed his body will be sent to a funeral home. the department of corrections is still investigating how he was able to kill himself. on tuesday night he was found hanging in his prison cell even though guards were to check on him every 30 minutes. the monthly jobs report will be released in just about an hour, but we have an idea on what to expect. seema mody is live at cnbc world headquarters on that plus with a look at how the markets are reacting. >> the payroll report will be released at 8:30 eastern. xhifkists expect the u.s. economy to have added 180,000
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new jobs in the month of august up from 162,000 in the previous month. the unemployment rate is expected to hold steady at 7.4%, this coming after a series of stronger than expected jobs figures on thursday. today's non-farm payroll data could be a make or break number as it is the latest report we'll get before the fed meets in two weeks and will likely dictate when the fed intends to taper back the bond buying program. futures are mixed. stocks eked out a modest gain for a third consecutive session yesterday as investors released a flurry of reports and ahead of the monthly jobs report. the non-form payroll data will likely set the tone for much of the day's market action. lastly, a new cigarette shows e cigarette use has doubled in middle and high school students. the battery powered devices
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deliver nicotine in an aerosol mist. their growing popularity has sparked concerns among health officials that the new devices could be creating as many health problems as they're solving. doctors say young people's brains are more acceptable to nicotine. >> just say no to any type of cigarette. all right, seema. thanks so much. we've established that it is, in fact, friday. >> yes, it is. thank goodness, as they say. you want me to toss it over meteorologist christina loren. >> let me. less go meteorologist christina loren. >> hello, good morning to you. it's friday. thank god it's friday. temperatures are looking pretty good today. 58 degrees to kickoff the day in sacramento. look at this. you're at 93 down in palm springs. this is an indication of the heat wave headed our way. high pressure right now localized right over so cal. so for us it is going to be a
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very warm day and not even close to as hot as it's going to be in the upcoming weekend. 58 in san francisco, 62 in oakland and 55 in sunnyvale. temperatures work like this, a big ridge of high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern. what that means for us is get ready we'll get one last blast of summertime weather that will stick around for a while. high pressure moves in. area of high pressure takes a hike to the north. this ridge is packing so much energy, we're talking about potential records for this time of year. so go figure. about 16 days now away from the official kickoff of fall. talking a heat wave in the bay area. 75 in pacifica. winds out of the north at five to ten miles an hour. that's when the locals sweat and say it's hot in here. 77 in half moon bay. wind out of the north five to ten miles per hour. a lot of people don't have their air conditioning in santa cruz. close the blinds in your household before you leave for work today. then between about 7:00 and 8
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clob, you can open up the windows. that's when the sun starts to set and you can let the nice cool ocean air come back in, because it will cool off rapidly as we head throughout the evening hours. 96 in livermore. 78 in san francisco. here in san jose, hotter than i like it at 88 degrees. saturday to sunday, those will be the two hottest days, temperatures creeping up by an additional five to eight degrees from today's highs. near records, potentially sunday. monday into tuesday we'll start to cool off a touch, back to you guys. >> the massive rim fire burning in yosemite is 80% contained this morning and now we know what started it all. the fire investigators think a hunter's illegal campfire sparked the wildfire in a remote part of the stanislaus national forest. it was believed it was started during a marijuana grow operation. not the case. the rim fire has burned more than 237,000 acres, an area larger than new york city.
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about 1900 homes are still threat evened by the fire. at its peak, the fire started 111 buildings including most of tuolumne family camp. they say the camp's main buildings have been destroyed including the dining, recreation hall and the amphitheater. some of the cabins remain but all damaged to one degree or another. the city says it's too early to tell what it will do with the camp in the future. that camp was established in 1922. 4:48. a prominent gay rights activate, believed to be the first openly gay person in the country to run for public office will be laid forest. jose saria died last month. he worked as a wait are and a drag performer at a gay bar in north beach. he also ran for a seat on the board of supervisors, bringing attention to the gay rights
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movement. a funeral for saria will be held at gray's cathedral in san francisco. a yellow fever mosquito found on the peninsula is prompting a new warning in palo alto. the santa clara county vector control district says the mosquito was discovered in menlo park. the district is asking residents in north palo alto to take steps to prevent any breeding grounds for the insect, including dumping any standing water. officials say the yellow fever mosquito is most active during the day. they're asking residents to report any daytime mosquito bites to the san mateo or santa clara county vector control districts. a new apple store is getting ready to open its doors on the peninsula tomorrow. the new 12,000 square foot store will open at stanford shopping center at 10:00 tomorrow morning next door to neechl man marcus. project officials say the store was supposed to open last november, but construction was slowed because of the store's complicated glass design. the new store seven times bigger than the former one at stanford shopping center.
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4:49 right now. why this weekend's bill walsh legacy game between stanford and san jose state may be the last. the adorable viral video bringing new found fame to a south bay 9-year-old. it's pretty cute. we're looking over here over the water, the san mateo bridge moving smoothly between the peninsula and the east bay. we'll check the south bay flow.
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welcome back everybody. the time is 4:53. we're looking at a live picture of san jose. crystal clear and the heat, it's not on right now but it is on the way. triple digits inland. more on that in just a moment. the nfl season starts off with a bang. seven of them, and a game that will make many 9er fans smiling, the broncos demolished the super bowl champion ravens. manning threw seven touchdowns. the broncos won 49-27. the last time someone threw seven in the game, it was 1969 when former cal start joe did it for the vikings. espn is picking the 9ers to win but only by two points.
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>> you picked the 9ers by 17. >> i have. i did that. as for the raiders, they start off on the road in indianapolis on sunday. kickoff 10:00 our time, even though oakland has not officially announced who will start at quarterback, reports indicate terrelle pryor will lead the offense. former san francisco quarterback andrew luck will start for the colts. stanford starts their season tomorrow night against san jose state. the event known as the bill walsh legacy game has happened 66 times over the years. it's a tradition that may not continue much longer. so far there are no games scheduled for future seasons. earlier this week the spartans head coach expressed his desire for balanced distribution of who hosted the game. tomorrow night will be the 63rd time stan 230rd had home-field advantage. let's talk about if, in fact, it is friday light. >> it's friday light.
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smooth traffic across the bay bridge. the south bay also a very smooth drive. no major issues as far as on the chp incident report. one did just pop up. i'll talk about that for the tri-valley. looking over here north 101. on the maps, entire south bay. these sensors showing green for the most part. the little bits of yellow are just at 69 at the very worst. we have north 680 on fremont, a little slowing shows up there. as you head over the hill towards sunol, no active construction scheduled in that direction and no crashes. i'll track that, likely just sensor averaging that's going on there. what we do have in the area, a crash south 680 reporting around stoneridge drive. two cars involved, no injuries, should be off to the shoulder. but i'm watching that. the folks out of the altamont. no slowing through livermore. you're at the limit. look at that. into pittsburgh. this is a very rare occasion even on a friday up until 5:00. we usually don't see this clear
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of a drive. we have a riddle for you. what do you get when you pair a 9-year-old girl and a cute horned puffin. >> people ask me that a lot. >> we have an answer. >> a viral video. dakota wood of los gatos is featured in the video shot by her mom at the monterey bay aquarium. for 49 seconds she runs around with the puffin. the video has thousands of hits on youtube making dakota an internet sensation. she's just happy to have made a new friend. >> i think it's really cool and i think i realized i made a new friend at the aquarium. >> i think it's the animal interacting so closely with humans. there's so many people who would love to have an experience like that. and it's just amazing because it doesn't happen. you don't see that very often. >> marla was just telling me, the horned puffin is a bird found in the islands and the waters in the north pacific ocean. >> right, because i know all
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about aquarium animals. that's for sure. it is 4:56. the new pilot program that launches this morning to try to make sure contra costa county is safer. new details this morning about a violent home invasion robbery on the peninsula. what we're now learning about the gun battle that killed one person and sent two others to the hospital.
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a mother out at the park with her baby in san francisco allegedly killed by a parks and rec worker. why witnesses say they're not surprised. plus new work this weekend on the b.a.r.t. extension into san jose. the major road that will soon be a lot busier. we're checking the major freeways through fremont because one of them has unusual slowing, and coming into the area a crash. we'll give you updates on both coming up. with just two weeks of the season left, summer will sizzle this weekend. it's going to be a hot one. i'll show you the places to cool off with your family if you don't have an air conditioner. i'll let you know when that heat
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is going to break. your forecast is moments away. we take you live to san francisco, give you a nice shot of that bay bridge, the dwiningaling lights are off this frt friday. that's okay because it's friday, september 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm marla tellez. both laura and jon are off. crews in san jose are on the scene of a water main break on pearl avenue between capital expressway and branham. this is across the street from terrell elementary school. bob redell arrived on scene. bob, it looks like you're not alone out there. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the water main is at terrell elementary. that's the school's main water supply.


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