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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc has a look at the health impact. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is watching the winds. we begin with jodi hernandez. >> reporter: raj, this fire has more than tripled in size and it just keeps growing. as you mentioned, you can see the smoky hillside behind me. we've actually been watching lottelot e helicopters and planes dropping water on this today. you see patches of bright orange. no those are flames. tonight the fire is just 20% contained. >> biggest challenge is access, trying to get the resources to where the fire is is actually burning and doing it in a safe manner. >> reporter: firefighters are facing huge challenges as they work to get a handle on the biggest fire mt. diablo's seen in years. more than 3,700 acreses have burned since the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. hot weather, steep terrain, and dry vegetation are making it tough to tackle. >> we know that there's been a
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lot of growth out there. it's been a very long time since that has actually burned. so right now we're trying to be cautious, protect what we can and control where the fire is spreading to. >> reporter: 100 houses are at risk. while the fire's come close, so far it hasn't destroyed any homes. >> you know, the first thought you have is, what should i pack? even though, you know, it's not like there's a flood coming toward me, i have a while to think about it, you freeze up wondering what do you do? what's the most precious thing to take with you? >> reporter: paul seman lives five miles from the frontline but fears if the winds shift his home could end up in the fire's path. >> like the yosemite fire, they say it's 10%, 20% out, but it keeps getting bigger. 20% of what, right? that's what's scary. >> reporter: we're back here live. you can see that thick smoke and flames are actually burning just beyond these trees. now, in addition to the homes
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that are at risk, there are also some important infrastructure that's at risk out here. there's a pg&e power lines and on the top of mt. diablo there are important communications towers used by the contra cost ra county fire department, by the sheriffs department and by the american medical response. there are also television transmission towers including our own on top of mt. diablo. now, crews are working very hard to protect the homes and the infrastructure, but again, so far, just 20% contained. there are about 700 firefighters out here working very hard to get control of this fast-moving fire. reporting live at mt. diablo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area use. >> if you can see some of the fire, that means a lot of people know you can smell some of that fire. a live picture of the fire. there's smoke you can see billowing into the air. at one point the smoke was so
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intense you could see it in many places in the east bay even all the way to san ramon. mary ann favro is live. even today you could hear a lot of people in the east bay coughing. >> reporter: you could, jessica. i was one of them. we talked to several people in% pleasanton who complained they were coughing a lot more than usual and complained about having irritated eyes all because of the smoke. doctors say the smoke can cause much more serious health problems. the thick smoke funneling up into the sky in the east bay isn't just something your eyes can clearly see. wrr e your eyes can feel it, too. >> we're beginning to get a sense of it, beginning to kind of work on the eyes a bit. create a little bit of itchine s itchiness. >> reporter: that's not the only problem smoke from the mt. diablo fire is causing. >> i might have been coughing more than usual. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district has issued a smoke advisory in
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contra costa, alameda and sant it clara counties urging people to stay inside if they can. this pulmonologist says theticu matter. >> if you can see smoke, we're inhaling the particles and microscopic particles we don't see, we're inhaling those and serve as triggers were issues like asthma. >> reporter: people are asthma, the elderly and children are most at risk. the doctor says the smoke is a health concern for everyone. >> some of those very microscopic particles actually go through the lungs into the bloodstream. it's been shown when there are smoke advisories increased problems with heart attacks, with strokes. >> reporter: he says if you can see this, set the air in your car to recirculate. same with your ac at home. don't try to exercise outdoors in these conditions. the risks outweigh the benefits. air quality experts say the
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winds today have actually helped carry the smoke up into the air and away from populated areas. but tonight they're concerned that the wind are going to die down a little bit and that may cause the particulate matter to drop and that could pose a greater health risk to all of us. reporting live in pleasanton, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new information we want to share with you. some new video as well just into our newsroom. this shows the fire fight from the south side of mt. diablo. this was loser to danville and dub list. this is high up on summit road inside mt. diablo state park. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the weather that could give firefighters a break soon. not just firefighters but all the residents in the tri valley and santa clara county. >> that's right. as we heard in jodi hernandez's piece it's about the access for the firefighters. the very steep terrain, they are all the more dependent on any kind of weather shift we are going to see. see, of course, that locator showing this fire on the eastern
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as we pull out, the largest change, the next 24 hours, no doubt, is the cooling marine layer that's already building back to the coastline. this is great news for firefighters because it will help to import not only cooler temperatures but you can also see increasing humidity over the next 24 hours. that forecast does have winds gusting tomorrow 20 to 30 miles per hour but humidity levels 25% to 35% is better news and instead of widespread upper 90s we go for an upper 80s scenario at this point. we also heard about the air quality. see the doppler radar shows the areas of green typically with rain. as it's been sending out its beams today in the atmosphere, as that radar beam bounces off the smoke, it's detecting it as the green blobs. see a lot of that headed over the south, the tri valley, rather, off to the south over livermore, where our air quality will likely be the worst for tonight and we've seen ash reports from san ramon all the way down to dublin.
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i do want to also underscore one point, you guys. the wind will stay in the same general direction over the next 24 hours. folks that are really close to some of those flames, at this point we're not expecting an abrupt shift in the winds that would take it off to the east. so that is good news. it will be more consistent at least in the way that it is burning, but remember, these fires all have a mind of their own. so, you know, watch this very closely and heed those warnings. >> okay, jeff. encouragining news there in ter of the marine layer. thank you. images are chilling of the fire. over the past 24 hours viewers have been sending us incredible photos from the fire from various vantage points. if you're in a safe location and can snap a photo, send it to us via qzañfacebook, twitter, e-ma directly at happening right now, it's been a year since a deadly explosion in san bruno. eight people died when a pg&e pipeline exploded. with extraordinary images shown as far away as germany. tonight a remembrance to nose
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who lost their lives and a welcome home to those who rebuild. san bruno, that was the heart of the impact right there. >> reporter: yeah, right here, jessica. they juf hst had a moment of silence behind me five minutes ago. the victims i've spoken with tell me it's been a long three years for them. they decided to rebuild while others did not return. the images were dramatic. nancy hansel saw them while she was vacationing in europe. her home was engulfed. >> oh, i didn't know what to think. i said, how am i going to get out of here? i want to go home. >> reporter: her husband was home and made it out okay. today nancy spends her time caring for her new home. >> it's not the same. it's built almost the same. my husband wanted it built just the same, so we did, but you can't build it the same.
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>> reporter: they remember that day. >> it's been tough. it's been tough. you don't even have enough clothes for yourself. >> reporter: all along the hill above the cliff canyon, crews have spent the last three years rebuilding. eduardo says he seems to be adding a bit more care to his work, knowing it might bring some comfort to a family who lost it all in 2010. but even as there seems to be a rebirth of the neighborhood, there are still the symbols of those who lost their lives"ifñ the blast. one empty lot adorned with the flag of the united states marine corps. a dozen other lots also sit vacant. victims who decided this could never be home again. i just spoke with the mayor of the city of san bruno. he tells me that pg&e is not off the hook yet. he's still seeking billions of dollars in fines for them, and
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his words to me, quote, we want them to hurt. we're live in san bruno, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00, a former employee of stanford hospital is accused of sexually assaulting a patient. this a 35-year-old david bradford of fremont. palo alto police say he touched a female patient inappropriately while she was sedated during a hospital stay back in february. bradford was arrested yesterday. right now police don't think there are any additional victims. tragedy marred the 49ers game against green bay packers. police say a hayward man died after he fell from an elevated walkway just outside the park. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. with what police think happened. >> kaepernick. >> reporter: it was a day of celebration inside candlestick park as the 49ers beat the packers on the stadium's last opening day. just as the game was twinning, tragedy struck outside. police say a man now identified as 32-year-old kevin hayes of hayward fell from a crowded
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pedestrian walkway outside the park. he died of his injuries a short time later. >> certainly marred an otherwise fairly happy day for a lot of fans that know this is the last opening game that we'll see at& candlestick. >> reporter: witnesses told police hayess appeared to be intoxicated at the time. a maintenance worker who didn't want to be identified say hayess may have been hanging from the outside of the railing before he fell. police chief greg suhr says g if alcohol was a factor. >> looks like it was just an accidental fall. alcohol may or may not have played a role to some varying degree. but right now it just looks like a very sad, tragic accident. >> reporter: although the aging stadium is in its twilight, entering its last season, the city says there opportunity appear to be any structural problems related to the fall. >> we'll see exactly where the route was and what may have been the conditions upon which that accident occurred.
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>> reporter: for now this historic last season at the stick is under way. already marked by elements of victory and tragedy. joe row rosato jr. fighting crime faster. the new technology that's allowing bay area police to keep the streets safe using their smartphones. and speaking of crime, san jose state university police are investigating a homicide that happened on their campus. what it has to do with the student body and how students are receiving the news. i'm scott budman. from mobile to 3-d, education to travel, we've got a first look at the startups of the future. disrupting big business, coming up. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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take a look inu/j fremont tonight. police and firefighters among the seven people recovering from injuries during a house fire near mowry avenue.
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cell phone video shot by a neighbor and retired firefighter shows the home engulfed by flames. the roar of the fire woke up several neighbors at 4:30 this morning. a teenage boy and his parents were pulled from a side window. they remain in hospital this evening. two firefighters and two police officers were treated and later released. still no word on the cause of this fire. so is the city's growing violent crime trend spilling on to the san jose state campus? university police say they're investigating a homicide that likely has nothing to do with their students but that it did take place where many university athletes spend long hours. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from san bw jose state. are the snutudents unnerved by this? >> reporter: they're feeling nervous so they're taking it in stride, jess. san jose city stats are on the rise in terms of homicide. this is the first homicide since 2011 on the san jose state campus. overall, though, the number of assaults are down both in the
6:16 pm
city and on campus as well. and yet the students say they understand that there is danger around them, but they're taking it all in stride. san jose state university police investigators say whomever killed a man whose body was found in a parked jeep near the university's tennis courts sunday is no danger to students. >> we can pretty much say there is no connection to the university. no threat to our university community. >> reporter: but students' concerns wouldn't be unfoundeded. one of their classmates was found murdered not far from campus in august and twice in july the university sent text messages about violent assaults on campus, one as a result of a fight, the other a laptop robbery in which the victim was pistol whipped. lulu watched from cross country practice nearby. >> it wasn't on campus, it was at the athletic department but
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we didn't sevreceiven nany aler about it. >> reporter: students have to be aware. danny mclean came to san jose from richmond hoping to escape the violence he saw there fwr growing up. he realizes crime happens everywhere. >> we live in a city. you can't run from it. we try to stay away from things that don't look too good. >> reporter: according to the university police department, overall crime is down as of july and in the 21 assaults reported on campus up to that point, only a third of the victims were studented. >> i don't think it makes a difference, if it was a student or wasn't a student, it still happened. you know, like i said, it's our environment and it's our community. >> reporter: he does say that no matter who the victim is, it does impact them because he lives near campus. i will say, though, that the san jose state university police force not releasing a lot of details on who this victim is. nor who the suspect might be. bullet they say they have some promising leads and they don't
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want to compromise the investigation. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. soon criminals who end up behind bars in san francisco might say there was an app for that. the san francisco pd announced it's equipping officers with now smartphones, the first in the state with an app connecting them to the state's justice department database. they'll be able to instantly access criminal records, stolen vehicles, crime reports and mugshots. police chief greg suhr says this is just the beginning. >> thetheoretically, officers c view the inside of a bank while the crime is in process making it safer for everybody. >> in past this kind of information would require a radio call or trip back to the station. the department plans to equip 1,600 officers with the new homes by the end of this year. a morgan hill preschool teacher who put sleep medication into a student's sippy cup is going to jail. deborah gratz was sentenced to
6:19 pm
jail after the woman pled no contest over the summer. investigators say gratz put an over the counter sleep medication in sippy cups at the kiddie academy adair. another worker actually saw her to do it and reported it. the cups were taken away before the kids had a chance to drink it. no resolution in the effort to name the bay bridge in honor of former san francisco mayor willie brown. today's meeting at the senate transportation and housing committee, opponents said it's inappropriate to name the span, the western span, after someone who's still alive. spir supports of the brown bridge say his service as the first african-american mayor of san francisco and assembly speaker make him well worthy of the honor. some want to name the bridge for emperor joshua norton, san francisco's self-proclaimed emperor who called for such a bridge in 1872. >> i don't need to necessarily talk about emperor norton, but he was not the mayor of san francisco, wasn't the speaker of
6:20 pm
the assembly. his accomplishments wouldn't even fit in mr. brown's, you know, top dresser drawer. >> so here's where we stand. the transportation committee may vote as early as tonight on whether to pass the bill naming the bridge for willie brown. it would then move on to the full senate. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. very hot temperatures outside. low humidity. it's been a tough going for the last 24 hours for those firefighters. >> yeah, certainly has. we have better news on thorizon. hottest spot, tri valley. third day locked in the triple digit heat. 100, fairfield. 93 san jose. the key difference today in san francisco dropping to 68 degrees. sign of the onshore flow begin to build. three days of triple digits saturday, sunday, and today, parts of the east bay as one of the hottest summers since 2009. we're tied right now for the amount of triple digits we had
6:21 pm
in 2009. likely this could be one of the hottest summers maybe in about five or six years. when we're finished with summer in a few weeks. let's take you outside to the high definition view. here's the key difference today as opposed to yesterday. that is the fog. you're feeling it in san francisco with areas of drizzle. that is also moving in right now. for tomorrow morning, the biggest thing you should know is most of us will wake up clear. 7 5% of us near the bay and inland. at the coast line, areas of fog, bay bridge, and golden gate bridge commuters. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, not quite as hot. instead of 8 0s inlavnd, we'll o with upper 70s. signals better weather for the firefighters. air quality improving in the north and central bay. moderate levels in the east bay and south bay as fire smoke from the morgan fire pushes off toward the south. on the three-day forecast, temperatures stay about near average. slightly above as we head throughout wednesday and thursday. we'll keep those 60s at the
6:22 pm
coastline. we'll have more coming up in that seven-day forecast, and details if it has any showers in it in just a little bit. are rivals teaming up? up next, google and yahoo! joining forces. also, las vegas a brand new look for its skyline. and a wardrobe malfunction on the sideline. how 49ers coach jim harbaugh is explaining a mistake that could cost him big bucks. [ male announcer ] at sizzler...
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facebook, google and yahoo! are telling the nsa they want to go public. the three local tech giants have all filed separate motions asking to disclose details about the requests they get from the national security agency. they presented those motions today. the companies are asking for permission to reveal the number and nature of the requests regarding national intelligence. internet companies claim they do not give direct access to
6:25 pm
intelligence officials. a woman who was fired from her job flee years ago may now be in line for a payday. a san francisco federal judge ruled 21-year-old was discriminated against when he was fired from a hollister store. the owner of the store abercrombie & fitch claims the head scarf violated its policy for how the employees should work. it is par of her muslim faith. a trial will determine what damages kahn will receive. two other workers have filed similar suits against abercrombie for wrongful termination over the head czale issue as well. still iablo fire. this has doubled in size is one day. air quality remains poor in part of the tri valley and santa clara county. we'll go back out live to the fire where people and animals are being forced from their home. a new idea to help solve the crisis in syria. an unscripted remark by
6:26 pm
secretary of state john kerry now has the white house, syria and russia considering a possible deal to avoid a u.s. attack. plus, george zimmerman back in the news after a run-in with police. what he's accused of doing to his wife that had the cops called in.
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our top story at 6:30, a full day. the fire raging on mt. diablo showing no signs of slowing down. broke out yesterday around 1:00
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on the eastern side of the mountain. flames have torn through 3,700 acres, almost at 4,000. the fire only 20% contained. jodi hernandez joins us live in clayton with the very latest. >> reporter: jessica, we're expecting an update from calfire at any moment now. last check this fire we have told had tripled in size. and it is still burning out of control. you can see this smoky hillside behind me. you an can also see the patches of bright orange. those are flames. it's been a very scary couple of days for folks who live on and around mt. diablo. firefighters are conducting a full-on aerial attack on mt. diablo. >> three helicopters. one fixed wing with two more on the way. all doing dumps and drops trying to, you know, try to control exactly where the fire is going
6:30 pm
to be going to. >> reporter: the morgan fire which started yesterday afternoon has now burned more than 3,700 acres. 100 houses are at risk. while the fire's come close, so far it hasn't destroyed any homes. >> we just sit in the lounge chairs and watch the mountain go up and pray the wind doesn't shift. that's our whole thing is we're hoping it doesn't shift. >> reporter: pam loftis is keeping a very close eye on things. the fire's just a stone's throw away from her property. >> you don't sleep. you don't really rest. i mean, you do, but it's with one eye open and i'm tired. >> reporter: many aren't waiting to be told to clear out. she took out her horses to the heather farm equestrian center, a horse evacuation center, yesterday. >> they're not just pets. they're member s of our family. i saw the flame, felt the smoke. i was breathing it. ash was coming down on my head. that was enough nr me. i said, let's get the horses out. we have a place to two and lego
6:31 pm
go. >> people are evacuated to different areas. their horses, animals, pets and the people. we ordered a evacuation and it's up to them to get out and get away from the incident. >> reporter: and we're back here live. you can see the flames on this hillside here. that despite the constant air attack on this hillside. all day we've been seeing helicopters and fixed-wing planes dumping water on this literally all afternoon. but, again, the fire is 20% contained. we are expecting an update any moment now from calfire. last check it had burned more than 3,700 acres but certainly that figure will go up. reporting live at mt. diablo, jodi hernandez, nbcq @÷ bay are news. >> thank you very much, jodi. for all the latest updates on the fire, go to our website, all you need to do is serge diablo wildfire. syria.
6:32 pm
a new offer is on the table. russia is suggesting seyria tur over its chemical weapons and in return the u.s. will not attack. janelle wang joins us. on the eve of president obama's national address. >> he'll be speaking less than 24 hours from right now. the white house says this whole thing could be a stall tactic but it's an idea the obama administration is seriously considering. in an off the cuff remark, secretary of state john kerry answered a reporter's question about what syria's president could do to avoid a possible u.s. attack. >> sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. turn it over. all of it. >> reporter: in a surprising move, russia foreign minister said it would help persuade syria to do so. former secretary of state hillary clinton voiced her id news conference on fighting wildlife trafficking. >> now, if the regime immediately surrendered its stockpile to international
6:33 pm
control, as was suggested by secretary kerry, and the russians, that would be an important step. >> reporter: but the white house is doubtful the assad regime would turn over its chemical weapons so continues to press on with its proposal to attack. and time is running out. lawmakers returning to capitol hill, the senate expected to take its first vote on wednesday. where some will say yes. and some will say no. >> if this is just about firing some missiles to punish assad and then that's it, i think we make a serious mistake. >> reporter: most are undecided. >> can you have the limited strike that doesn't have unlimited koconsequences or consequences that make things worse, not better? >> reporter: to answer those questions, president obama addresses the nation tomorrow. president obama told nbc news that if congress fails to pass a resolution to attack syria, he still may consider an attack anyway. and if the u.s. does launch a limited air strike, president
6:34 pm
bashar al assad says he will retaliate. >> thank you. we mentioned president obama's national address. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. beginning tomorrow evening at 6:00. president obama is getting some unlikely support from republicans. he says he wants to spend more on early childhood education and they agree. this sheriff says students who get ahfh head start don't end un jail. he runs the nation's largest jail system. future is in the classroom say 5,000 law enforcement leaders. they're backing the president's plan to educate every 4-year-old from low and moderate income families. >> we can continue to spend a lot of money on incarceration and see high school dropouts or go the other direction and really a change for the better. >> i'm the guy you pay later for incarcerating them if we don't invest in them now. >> the group, fight crime, invest in kids claim the obama plan could pay for itself and
6:35 pm
lead to fewer prisoners every year. the campaign kicks off tomorrow with rallies all across the country. a new deal tonight in sacramento. lawmakers reach a compromise in addressing california's prison population. governor brown and top legislative leaders today agreed to ask federal judges to extend the december 31st deadline for releasing thousands of inmates. the judges are enforcing a court order to reduce prison overcrowding. the governor wants to spend $300 million moving these prisoners to private and out of state prisons rather than releasing them early. lawmakers say that money is better spent on drug and rehab programs and agreed to back brown's plan if the judges refuse to move that deadline. another run-in for police for george zimmerman. he's the florida man acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin. zimmerman's estranged wife called police to her father's house in lake hmer merion, flor. on the 911 call, you could hear he say zimmerman threatened them with a gun. he's been released.
6:36 pm
zimmerman filed for divorce last week. she and her father say they don't want to press any charges. a giant ferris wheel is changing the look of the las vegas skyline. the 55-story ferris wheel called the high roller, of course, is in place tonight. when finished it will be the world's largest ferris wheel. 100 feet taller than the london eye. you'll be able to see it right across the street from cesar's palace, but won't be able to ride it until early next year. coming up, the wait almost over. apple poised to do something, but what is it? what we're expecting in that big announcement tomorrow. and he led the way musically. now he's breaking barriers in science. bay area musician's new passion. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. the nbc bay area weather center. the third day now of this hot air. 101 in livermore. a live look outside of our sky camera network. still shows those clear skies. we'll talk more about these cooling changes coming up in just a few minutes.
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health matters tonight, conflicting information about when women could get mammograms. women considered too young for early mammograms may be the ones that need them the most. the american cancer society recommends yearly mammograms at age 40, a task force concluded women don't need to start them until age 50. researchers at harvard medical studtied hundreds of women who died from the disease. more than half were under the age of 50. doctors say the results indicate most of the deaths are occurring when women aren't getting screened because they're considered too young. researchers think breast cancer is more aggressive when it strikes younger women. not all doctors agree on the effectiveness of mammograms, though. a long, strange trip it's been.
6:40 pm
former grateful dead drummer lighting up his latest tour with brainpower. mickey will wear a cap fitted with electrodes that record his brain activity and direct the movement of a light show while performing on stage. neuroscientists are studying cognitive decline and prevention. so far the scientists say the cap has been more entertainment than scientific in terms of value but hope that will soon change. art world buzzing with news of the discovery of a previously unknown painting by vincent van gogh. it's the first full-sized canvass attributed to the artist since 1928. van gogh museum in amsterdam isn't going into detail how the painting surfaced but it was owned by a norwegian man who was told it wasn't a real van gogh. he exiled the painting to the family attic for years. it was authenticated in part by a letter van gogh wrote to his letter about the painting.
6:41 pm
that painting that came out of the attic now valued about $50 million. i want to start searching my attic see if i have anything in there even worth $50. >> that van gogh you have is worth something. >> exactly. >> my gosh. >> we're talking about the fire on the east bay, of course, and a cooling week for us. >> which is good news. after the fire danger we had this weekend, we're looking at a cooling trend coming our way. here's a live look at oakland. the smoke was visible from the morgan fire earlier on this shot. the fog, the wind pattern is pushing it out. we'll have more on that cooler forecast in a few minutes. man, jeff, i keep playing that "million second quiz" and keep losing. dang you, that game. let's get to sports. elvis presley night at the yard for the giants and rockies. jim harbaugh gets a call from the fashion police. that was really -- and does the packers clay matthews deserve to be punished for his actions against colin kaepernick and the 49ers yesterday? could you tell that was a question? that's all coming up in sports.
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will it be a game changer? apple will announce its next big thing tomorrow morning at its cupertino headquarters. everyone is speculating it's a new iphone or two new iphones. some expect an i-watch or update to the ipad. we'll know tomorrow morning around 10:00. among those watches what apple is doing, mobile startups that create apps for you to put oun on your next phone. >> the early look at the next generation of startups. business and tech reporter scott budman is here with a sneak peek. >> a little look ahead at startups of the future. they are the lifeblood of silicon valley and attract people from all over the globe to work here and attract big money. first at events like today's tech crunch disrupt, they have to convince you to give them a
6:45 pm
shot. the good news from this year's tech crunch disrupt -- >> it's an activity-based platform. >> reporter: startup life in the tech industry is still hot. >> it will connect you to a local when you arrive in a city you don't know. >> reporter: dozens of startups from all over the world coming here to show off and raise money. offering new ways to blend technology and education. >> any kind, you can go in there and type in i want nba under $50,000 within 100 miles from palo alto and it will give you the courses. >> reporter: along with new ways to apply crowd funding to philanthro philanthropy. >> you take a pledge basically to raise money for the cause then you just do the activity that you choose to do. it can be, go for a hike, go for a run. >> reporter: the main theme here, going mobile. it's no longer step two in a startup's life. it's step one. >> being mobile first, i think,
6:46 pm
is the most important in today's day and age because nobody is going back to their computer and asking questions. nobody is opening up laptop and asking where are the best, you know, sushi is down the street? it's on your mobile. >> guests get to be active on the two and, you know, have to allow them. so, sure, mobile is very, very crucial for startups like us. >> reporter: all good ideas, all coming to your mobile devices. which brings up the hardest part of tech crunch disrupt. getting noticed. >> all right. which will stand out? event? urban buddy? tech crunch disrupt runs through wednesday at the san francisco design center. lots of venture capitalists checking out who to fund. lots of techies hoping to get jobs. >> what if i don't have a phone? >> then you're not paying attention to any of this. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri.
6:47 pm
meteorologist. you have to come up with a fancy name for your meteorology. >> i know. i have a list. i'm waiting to pick the right one and trademark it. it's under wraps, you guys. let's get a look here. the fire near mt. diablo. i want to give you an update when it comes to the weather and how it's impacting this fire that, again, has burned over 3,000 acres. 20% contained. on the eastern side of mt. diablo. what we're going to see for tomorrow, primarily, is some cooler weather. starting to move in. also increased humidity coming in from the coastline. those temperatures likely dropping into the 80s. the great news for anyone living around this fire at this point, we are not expecting an abrupt shift in overall large-scale shift in the winds. that would turn the flames in, let's say, the exact opposite direction. so the way those flames have been moving, the way firefighters are battling it should be how they contend with that for tomorrow. a lot of fog and also marine layer building up at the coastline. that is going to bring us cloud cover for tomorrow at the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s.
6:48 pm
also low 60s. little bit of cloud cover by the by. inland, we're going to wake up mainly clear with temperatures in the 60s. key thing to note by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, instead of dealing with 80s inland like in the east bay, numbers primarily in the 70s. not quite a hot day like the past three days coming our way. let's get you outside to the changes here. see in palo alto the fog line is in full effect. we have not seen it this strong in four days. that, again, great news for the firefighters. we'll take you off to emeryville. i do want to stress this is not smoke from the morgan fire. this is actually fog with the marine layer that is building up to 2,000 and 3,000 feet. this is exactly what we want, again, helping to increase that humidity for those firefighters. they are looking at that closely and breathing a little sigh of relief at least now with that scenario. 88 in san jose. 78 in sunnyvale. 90, morgan hill. tomorrow, 91 in gilroy. in the east bay, instead of low 100s like saturday, sunday, also
6:49 pm
today, we're going to back temperatures off. 5 to 7 degrees. we'll have the 94 in walnut creek. mt. diablo, upper 80 to 90. at the coastline, anywhere from 60s at the immediate coastline to low 70s in downtown san francisco. 85 in sonoma. 76 also in berkeley. overall high pressure begins to weaken. that's going to allow all of this hot air we have been feeling with to fade on out. we're going to go more with a warm wording on the seven-day forecast instead of completely hot. wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees with areas of morning fog building back into the forecast. by next monday with six days until fall, no raindrops on the seven-day forecast right now. the way the pattern's been going this summer it looks at least a little bit promise to get us some rain drops over the next two to three weeks certainly. >> thank you, jeff. >> no problem. a look at sports.
6:50 pm
>> okay. let's bring in jim from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. we should add legal stuff you're supposed to dreaddress. you're waving josepjoseph, but e sponsored by amani. >> let me do my sports while you make fun of me. jim harbaugh was forced to change for sporting his old reebok microfiber fleece instead of his new nike one. no word as to whether or not harbaugh is going to be fined but one guy who is likely to be fined, packers linebacker clay matthews. >> reporter: jim harbaugh is pleased nfl's vice president of officiating saw what he saw. a left tackle protecting his quarterback to prevent any further possible incident. he's not pleased with a few other things he saw during the confrontation instigated by matthews' illegal hit. >> i looked at it with my own eyes. i could see, you know, two
6:51 pm
punches thrown, you know, to joe's head and, well, one punch and one open slap. which, you know, that was just -- if you're going to go to the face, come with some knuckles. you know, not an open slap. so i think that young man works very hard on being a tough guy. he'll have some repairing to do to his image. like i said last week, i mean, usually a man will tell you his bad intentions if you just listen, and that's certainly, it was a cheap shot. >> reporter: after the game, matthews admitted his late hit on kaepernick was not very smart and may also be very costly. the linebacker can expect to see a fedex envelope in his locker from the league near the end of the week with a fine for his actions. >> thanks very much. let's go to the raiders side of things.
6:52 pm
two interceptions at the end of yesterday's game. loss to the colts. also ran for over 100 yards. the raiders had a lead in the fourth quarter. charles woodson lauded pryor's win. >> the way he played, he gave us a chance to win. that's all we can ask of him. you know, there's a lot of people that don't think much of terrelle pryor and don't think much of a lot of people on this team but he gave us a chance to win. offense gave us a chance to win. they made a lot of play s today. we were up in that game. we have to pull it off. this season has been mostly heartbreak hotel for the giants fans. yesterday angel had them shook up with an 11-inning walk-off single. it's elvis presley night tonight at at&t. amy g. asked what the return of angel pagan has meant to the team. >> reporter: yesterday's walk-off win, the tenth so far this season for the san
6:53 pm
francisco giants, and the man making everyone happy after 11 innings, angel pagan, it was his third walk-off hit this season. his sixth so far of his career. he's an impactful player and his teammates are glad he's returned. >> out there on a daily basis, you know, what they do defens e defensively or even at the plate. angel, it's just impressive. >> he's a guy that you love to have at the top of your order because he's got the, you know, potential to drive the ball and gets on base, he can take the extra base, he can steal bags. he's definitely a game changer. >> reporter: fans are going to want to keep their eyes on hunter pence this evening, one home run shy of the coveted mark. he's stolen 21 bases so far this season. if he does hit 20 home runs it will be the first 20-20 season
6:54 pm
of his career and he'll be the first giant to hit 20 homers and field 20 bags since barry bonds did it in 1998. reporting from at&t park, amy gutierrez for nbc bay area. did you see this following the 49ers game? you may have seen this pursuit the gentleman photo bombing erin andrews. that guy has been identified. brock, he has a friends named hans. those are not made up names. 25 wr 25-year-old from pennsylvania. wandering around new york looking for something to do. it's pretty amazing. in our business, you don't know what goes on behind you because you're doing your job. people watching, and they could be doing weird things. >> are those cardboard cutouts? >> it is good to know we're a professional newsroom. we don't have slackers looking goofy like they do on a network show. >> are those your only two friends? >> we are professionals. i have no idea what you're speaking of. that's it from the xfinity sports desk. >> the two guys that clean his
6:55 pm
pool. very nice. thanks, jim. for a full half hour of sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. you never know who's going
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, anniversary of the deadly san bruno explosion, the investigate if unit looks at the relationship between the city and head of public utilities company. alleged behavior by the president at a meeting. that's tonight at 11:00, after "siberia." >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. hope to see you later tonight. >> bye-bye. unbelievable.
6:58 pm
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for $199 a month. ♪ >> gwyneth paltrow and her daughter nearly crushed between two buses and it's all caught on tape. now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> daring new video. gwyneth and apple on a tiny -- then howard stern's sidepick says robin quivers breaks her silence about cancer. >> 911 emergency for simon cowell. why paramedics rush to his house just hours after our sit-down about his baby on the way. >> it really is a miracle. >> from the depths of baby to the scandal luis headlines. >> she was married. people were saying that she tricked me.


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